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the fight for her date as airport fierce battles between the saudi i'm ready coalition and with the rebels. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the new arrivals more than fifteen hundred refugees land in spain is seeking a new home. the united states will not be a migrant camp the u.s. president defends his harsh immigration policies and points the blame squarely at democrats. markets in the far east take a hit as donald trump ratchets up the trade war with china.
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government forces in yemen backed by a saudi iraqi military coalition have entered the airport in who data are trying to retake it from who think rebels because it would be a key way of resupplying military forces today to also holes host a major seaport and there are fears the fighting could disrupt the flow of much needed aid to millions in security council has been meeting to discuss the fighting the region raises there coal for the ports of hadid and salif to be kept open and operating safely given the continuing reask to the humanitarian situation they regenerates it's their call for the full implementation of security council resolutions including resolution twenty two sixteen. and urged all size to uphold their obligations under international humanitarian law sami hyundai from
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international interest in online news magazine says and taking back the airport issues they significant for the sat him iraqi military coalition and yemen we have to remember credit has been a very key city in terms of supply and who has really exactly what they need in order to be able to sustain this war of attrition that they've been conducting in yemen there who think gamble has always been that as long as they can get inside our lungs they can stay where they then international pressure will force saudi arabia to the table to discuss negotiations that use the airport and the seaport to receive the aid to impose taxes on the aid that has resulted in prices seeing more than one hundred percent and to them which is a great hardship on her data so the work in terms of taking the airport and taking the port are absolutely fundamental for the coalition forces it's because if this is the battle that will cut off the right flank hoofy if who didn't is taken there will be a civilian weakening the who this position and it may well force these into
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a fight for survival that will mean that they take negotiations with peace much more seriously of course the problem is that the who things have have gathered most of their forces into the data as a sign of just how important it is we didn't see this in the other cities that the coalition were trying to take who these are desperate to make sure they don't lose it so it's a fierce battle for the airport it will be a fierce battle for the port more than fifteen hundred migrants who try to cross from africa to spain over the weekend it's the largest single influx of migrants to that area and four years it comes days after more than six hundred migrants arrived in the spanish city of the landsea after that ship was turned away from italy and malta hall has more from an area on spain's southeastern coast. in the last four days spain's marine rescue services plucked more than fifteen hundred migrants and refugees from the seas of the western mediterranean and brought them ashore to ports like here in el maria and points further south with this latest influx that
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effectively means that the number of new my going to rivals has more than doubled compared to the same time last year in the last four days more than a hundred fishing vessels and row boats and even child rubber dinghies have been detected as they cross from northern morocco from here and now maria that's a distance of about one hundred miles or one hundred sixty kilometers because of these new arrivals the national police and immigration services say they are overwhelmed they say that there is simply no space to house and give these migrants the services and help that they may need and so in practice what is happening is that once the migrants and refugees have been processed the gates of the port are being thrown open and they're free to continue their journey into spain or deeper into europe meanwhile the german chancellor angela merkel is facing a growing immigration crisis of her own and she's been given
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a two week ultimatum by one of her coalition partners to tighten asylum rules or lose support that could bring down merkel's government and force new elections. that are more refugees in the world today than ever before the latest u.n. refugee agency report finds more than sixty eight and a half million people are displaced worldwide around the hand of a closer look at the numbers. every two seconds a person is forced from their home over a day that's forty four and a half thousand people over a year more than sixty million this is the un figure for newly displaced people in two thousand and seventeen the un's refugee agency says it's part of a worrying upward trend a number that's risen every year for the last five years and is fueled by war violence and persecution crises like those in the democratic republic of congo war in south sudan the hundreds of thousands of muslim or head injury flooding into
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bangladesh from neighboring me and most of them a children fifty three percent of the world's displaced and often unaccompanied or separated from their families one in every one hundred ten people is a refugee internally displaced or seeking asylum that adds up to more than sixty eight and a half million people to put that in perspective if the world's refugees for a single nation that roughly equal the population of the united kingdom and in the time i've been talking at least thirty four people more than half of them children have been forced from their homes over on day as the high commissioner for refugees at the united nations there is a sense of urgency but the response is continue to be too fragmented and to isolate this is a global phenomenon that requires international so be very thin cooperation on
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a global scale and this is what these raise the rising figures and the world's response to these political positions are not right. refugees are fleeing violence war persecution we have an obligation to help them and they're not even effective you can see easily you just reported on a few close avenues on the one side they open on another we need to look at the root causes we need to address the reasons why these people leave beilenson or we need to help the countries where they are in majority let's not forget that the sixty eight million refugees and displaced eighty five percent are not the rich countries that are in poor middle income developing countries and then we need to maintain asylum systems that are effective that receive those in need of protection of refuge and give other options other solutions for those that move for
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different reasons and the u.n. secretary general antonio de terrace is warning that gaza is on the brink of war as support has been sent to the security council had a meeting on tuesday on the israeli palestinian peace process our diplomatic editor james faces more. this is a report that israel and the trumpet ministration won't want to read it's from the un secretary general and tony a good terrorist to the security council most of the points he makes in here have been made by the un before but the fact that they're all here in the same place at this time is significant he is critical on garza of the violence of the deaths of palestinians he says that gaza is on the brink of full scale war and already has faced economic collapse on the west bank he says that israel's settlement building is a flagrant violation of international law and he's critical even though the trumpet
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ministration is undergoing consultations on a middle east peace plan led by the president's son in law jared kirshner he's critical of the international community saying he's greatly concerned with the state of our collective efforts to advance peace and urges international and regional partners to reengage the report ends the current trajectory is not sustainable. fighting has escalated and libya's so-called oil crescent forces loyal to warlord khalifa haftar are attempting to retake oil terminals lost to a rival armed group on thursday that area has been under control of half tars libyan national army since two thousand and sixteen but i have reports from tripoli . the damage to libya's largest oil refinery is being described as catastrophic fighting between rival militias has destroyed have the capacity for us learn of terminal libya's national oil corporation says oil leaks could cause more
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fires and blames the damage on fighters loyal to abroad. the main and most important goal is to lift the i'm just as our tribe some families of the past. children run the poor to and other facilities in the so-called oil crescent until late two thousand and sixteen when the warlords seized control his forces are now battling hard to regain lost territory there were so has been quick to condemn the attacks at ras lanuf in a statement from the us embassy in tripoli it's for an immediate end to the violence which it's as is damaging libya's vital national infrastructure i think we've lost somewhere in the region of four hundred thousand barrels per day in an export capacity which roughly translates to a hundred million a month so i think it's a substantial loss in terms of libya's economic ability libya's oil exports have reached more than one million barrels
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a day in the past year bringing in vital income that's despite the country being grown by rival governments one in tripoli which is backed by the united nations the other based in the eastern city of al brega and backed by have turned the damage to ras lanuf is already likely to cost eight hundred million dollars a month in lost revenue exports have halted the question is for how long. tripoli. and in asian rescue workers have been battling heavy rains and high waves in the search for survivors after a ferry sank with eighty people on board a wooden boat went down on lake toba that's a popular tourist destination in northern sumatra that happened monday eighteen people have been rescued there is one confirmed death the ferry had a capacity of the sixty passengers staff has more from jakarta. so an after departing samo sea island. would impact on your boat started to sway badly not long
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after that it capsized completely throwing all its passengers into the lake for it to say the accident happened amidst bad weather. island lies in lake talk about which is the largest chemical leak in the world and also one of the deep is it's one of main tourist attractions most of the passengers were returning from the eat holly days. this dramatic footage seems to have been captured by one of the passengers would be verify it's not clear how many passengers were on the boat exactly because it's common practice in indonesia for these kinds of boats to not have any passengers manifest nor any official ticket sales it also seems there were no life available rescue workers are now searching the lake to look for more so five. thailand has carried out its first execution in nine years
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a twenty six year old time man convicted of murder was killed by lethal injection and bring an end into the unofficial moratorium on the death penalty when he reports. the decision to carry out this execution was very much unexpected particularly given the hadn't been one in thailand since two thousand and nine it's not clear why it was carried out at this particular time it's also not known whether this was a one off or whether there could be more to come but of course it will be of great concern to the five hundred plus people who remain on death row in thailand most of them for drug offenses we do know the name of the man that was executed he is twenty six year old to the long gee who was convicted and sentenced to death for a two thousand and twelve murder obviously rights groups are very concerned about this development and they're also worried about the would being in the statement issued by the corrections department following this execution it says that many countries in the world still have the death penalty it singles out thailand of
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course but as well china and the united states countries the corrections department says that prioritize the protection of the public rather than the rights and freedoms of the wrongdoer and the statement from the corrections department goes on to say that it hopes this execution serves as a lesson to anyone thinking of carrying out a committing a serious crime but what it does not answer is why now particularly when the government had been working towards abolishing the death penalty altogether. still ahead on al-jazeera if your favorite video game has taken precedence over more important activities. with a mental health condition. and wide lead to a court and all strictly a finding out for a misleading customers. and
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that is great fun game in. the weather sponsored by cattle. we've got some color and fresher weather coming into northern parts of europe as we make a way to the second half of the week towards the weekend but for the here are now what blustery across the northern areas but a lot of warm down towards the southwest in kona little area of low pressure swirling away off the coast of portugal here but the heat thirty three cells just in madrid getting up into the low twenty's high twenty's for a zero eight but the low twenty's for london and for passionate about while making its way into a lot of that will continue to drift further east was plain as shallow still in place just around the balkans at the moment southern parts of italy doubts will sicily greece seeing some of those shops as the law in the shabby rainy nights just pushing up towards moscow twenty six celsius was starting to nudge its way and as we go on into thursday it's wednesday so we get up to around twenty two degrees at
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that stage and notice somewhat to whether they're scum in northern parts of denmark southern areas of sweden twenty five for london most of that it will get cooler as we go on into the weekend no the parts of africa generally looking fine and dry a little bits and pieces a fair weather cloud to shine there had a hot one for the car a thirty eight degrees celsius some pleasant sunshine repat with a high of twenty five. the weather sponsored by cattle i always. unpack it for us what were you here and what were you saying whether online horrendous things humans will disturb as i was looking for doubt about that or if you join us on sacked a lot of the major countries in the commonwealth how far bigger fish to fry and chips to eat bass is a dialogue talk to us about some of this success if perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making the decision join the colobus conversation.
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you're watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories for you emmons government their government forces backed by saudi amorality military coalition forces have entered the airport in her data the saudis say they are now in control of the facility and they were trying to retake it from who the rebels because it would be a key way every supplying military forces. more than fifteen hundred migrants have tried to cross from africa to spain over the weekend it is the largest single influx of migrants to the area since two thousand and fourteen on sunday and more than six hundred migrants arrived in the spanish city of the lens here after their ship was turned away from italy in malta. fighting is escalated in libya's
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so-called oil crescent forces loyal to warlord khalifa haftar are attempting to retake oil terminals lost to a rival armed group on thursday some facilities have been damaged sparking fears about the impact on the country's already struggling a condom a. child ministration is not backing down from its controversial policy of splitting up families to try to cross the us mexico border without documentation the practice has drawn criticism from across the political spectrum a president trump says he will not allow america to become a migrant camp castro's report begins with an audio recording of crying children who have been separated from their parents. the children are heard crying for their mom and pop ha over and over and over again this audio recording released by a civil rights lawyer reportedly comes from the inside of a u.s.
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border patrol detention facility it purports to be the first uncensored glimpse of what children forcibly separated from their parents at the border are experiencing at the hands of the american government. there are some. people who. were the this is so heartbreaking it's so challenges the conscience of the country that it must be changed must be changed immediately the trumpet ministration has separated at least two thousand children from their parents since mid april the kids are sent to detention centers to wait asylum hearings while the adults are processed through the criminal system sentenced and sometimes deported they are fleeing such horrific violence and rape. the kinds of conditions that every single one of us would run from in order to protect our
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children and our families responding to the growing criticism from democrats and civil rights leaders trump remained defiant asian in a tweet the president referenced the refugee crisis overseas both lee claiming crime in germany is way up big mistake all over europe in allowing millions of people in who have so strongly in violently changed their culture in fact the number of crimes in germany last year fell to the lowest in twenty five years but administration officials further defended the hardline border measure with homeland security secretary cares to nelson putting the blame back on the immigrant parents parents who entered illegally are by definition criminals illegal entry is a crime as determined by congress by entering their country illegally often in dangerous circumstances egal immigrants have put their children at risk republicans insisted democrats must enjoy them to fund
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a traumas border wall and drastically reduce the number of illegal immigrants admitted to the country trump says as long as democrats resist the border separations will continue. castro al-jazeera washington. by national markets in hong kong and shanghai have fallen after u.s. president arnold trump right in term pose a new tariffs against china trump says if they zhang goes ahead with the new taxes against u.s. kids washington or introduce a ten percent tariff on chinese imports worth two hundred billion dollars it is the latest step in the escalating trade dispute between the two countries beijing says it will respond with strong counter measures are china correspondent adrian brown has more from beijing. well in this dangerous game of bluff president donald trump has raised the stakes once more and on tuesday china's government hit back accusing the u.s. side of blackmail now president donald trump is threatening to impose additional
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tariffs on some two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese exports on top of fifty billion dollars worth of other chinese exports that identified for penalties at the end of last week now the u.s. side has said that china has been engaging in unfair trading practices it's accused chinese companies of the century stealing u.s. technology and forcing u.s. companies here in china to basically hand over sensitive know how in return for being able to do business in this country now negotiations between the u.s. and chinese have stalled there is no sign at the moment over those negotiations resuming the chinese still hope that can happen these new tariffs a jew to kick in on july the six so it's still possible the between now and then the two sides might yet get round the table and start talking again. colombia's president elect van ticket has call for unity after winning sunday's runoff
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election he wants to rewrite the peace deal with fark rebels and revive the economy the forty two year old they colombia's youngest ever leader when he takes office in august and he gallagher reports on. the headlines on the streets of baqubah talk talk of unification in victory the face of president elected van dyk a stares back from every page but this political unknown faces decades old challenges he campaigned on law and order and boosting the economy but he's politically untested. acetylene as i found out about him less than eight months ago i don't know who he is or who he's going to be but i hope he puts his hand on his conscience. i feel that behind him is the old political machinery that will not let him govern well so it will be more of the same i predict of decay accuse him of being a puppet of former president alberto hardline who is as popular as he is polarizing the behind pick duke it was noticeably absent from sunday night celebrations. in
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august and decay will move here to the presidential palace replacing kwan manuel santos the man responsible for putting together the twenty sixteen peace accords with the fog rebels that ended fifty years of conflict the question for many colombians is what do pay a critic of those accords will do next. duke is talked about rewriting the peace accord saying the treatment of rebels has been too lenient colombia's constitutional court has ruled the agreement can't be tampered with so that may not be easy form a high commissioner for peace daniel garcia penya says dukie is already softening his rhetoric an indication the bulk of the agreement may remain it will be very interesting to see to what degree we will see a president who could take. up positions against the process sort of effect what we saw last night is an indication over the war veteran. that will in fact be able to allow the peace process to continue. by the sea duke a status as
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a newcomer and they would can his favor. not the administrative experience that many of our prior presidents have that those will means that he isn't painted by any of these scandals of corruption or any dealings with former shadows of our own past so in a way it's a blank slate that he has which represents both risk and opportunities. if this is a new era in colombian politics it may be than duke a that defines it he's promised to govern for all this is a nation that remains divided about its future. and gallacher al-jazeera colombia. apple has been fined six and a half million dollars for misinforming australian customers about their faulty i phones the tech giant refused to fix phones and i pads that had been serviced by third parties but it failed to tell australian customers apple admitted misleading hundreds of them entered thomas's in sydney with more. this was an issue that
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affected five thousand people in australia in twenty fifteen or twenty sixty they have. pirates they downloaded the lights of software only to find that that immediately generated an era fifty three message which stopped their device from what you taught when those people took their products into an apple shop like this one they were told that they'd go on the air at fifty three minutes because it revealed that they had taken the device at some point so an unauthorized repair of an apple said that as a result of that right i had no ability to repair it or replace it will strike me as can see a regular said no just because somebody types of run for months when on with their eyes a pair of does not invalidate a little fright it's been seen over text messages like that about apple as a result house to a place only broken bones and pay no mind million australian dollar and that's about six million u.s. dollars going well this was an issue that affected people all over the world so a struggle is unlikely to be the last place rockall by such
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a point. addiction to video games has been recognized as a disease by the world health organization doctors can now recognize persistent and compulsive gaming behavior as a mental health disorder some gamers play for up to twenty hours a day they forget to sleep eat to work and has more. in this virtual universe made up of zeros and ones dense purple storm clouds shroud the planet ninety eight percent of the world's population is disappeared and zombies rise to tuck remaining humans. it's very fast paced it keeps you engaged the whole. so much fun that the mass online phenomenon called for tonight is consuming hundreds of millions of players around the world while the goal of the game is to battle for the survival of humanity some people's fragile psyche may not survive these all consuming digital games. we have been
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reviewing the evidence for. the gaming behavior as it is sort of the last several years. the world health organization's decision to label addiction to digital and video games as a mental health disorder puts it at odds with gaming industry organizations it's reference guide of recognized and diagnosable diseases describes the addiction as a pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behavior that becomes so extensive it takes precedence over other life interests the question whose is going through or over the gaming and ignore other things in activities like sneak like eating like. education or and and that harms the person and in spite of the harm that wasn't continues. parents have been concerned about the endless hours their children have spent in
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front of their console's since the advent of atari and pong now they have signs as their weapon to limit the time their children spend gaming the w.h.o. says only a small number of people who play digital and video games would develop a mental health disorder but early warning signs can help prevent it and while the makers of fortnight are expected to earn more than four billion dollars this year addiction to gaming the screen getting much gaming addiction treatment programs which may even be more lucrative for insurance companies and health care providers now that gaming addiction is considered a mental health disorder. baulch under john al-jazeera. following his heroic rescue of the baby and france the migrant from mali nickname spiderman has been honored back home president congratulated mamadou gossamer for his bravery remember this the twenty two year old climbed up the side of a apartment building in paris to save a child dangling from the balcony i miss climbing skills will be needed for his new
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job he's training to become a fireman. take a quick look at the headlines on al-jazeera and many government forces backed by the saudi military coalition have entered the airport in who data the saudis say they are now in control of the facility they've been trying to retake it from who the rebels because it would be a key way every supplying military forces the region reaches their coal for the ports of hadid and salif to be kept open and operating safely given the continuing risk to the humanitarian situation they reach reach it's their call for the full implementation of security council resolutions including resolution twenty two sixteen and urged all sides to uphold their obligations under
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international humanitarian law fighting has escalated in libya's so-called oil crescent forces loyal to warlord khalifa haftar are attempting to retake oil terminals lost to a rival armed group on thursday some facilities had been damaged sparking fears about the impact on the country's already struggling economy. more than fifteen hundred migrants have tried to cross from africa to spain over the weekend and it's the largest single influx of migrants to the area since two thousand and fourteen on sunday more than six hundred migrants arrived in the spanish city of a lengthy after their ship was turned away from italy and malta. and a nation rescue workers have been battling heavy rains and high waves in search of survivors after a ferry sank are now searching for about one hundred twenty missing passengers this wooden boat went down on lake toba that is a popular tourist destination in northern sumatra and happened monday eighteen people have been rescued there is one confirmed death the ferry had
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a capacity of sixty passengers. anshul markets in hong kong and shanghai have fallen after the u.s. president donald trump threatened to impose new tariffs against china. beijing goes ahead with new taxes against u.s. goods washington will introduce a ten percent tariff on chinese imports worth two hundred billion dollars it is the latest step and the escalating trade dispute between the two countries beijing says that it will respond with quote strong counter measures. those are the headlines to keep it here on al-jazeera for news throughout the day the strain this next. getting to the heart of the matter if. people calls you today and says that's how you do except realities what do you think reunification would look like if you were to people the peaceful unification is the only option for prosperity you. hear their story on.
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hi amalie could be. and you're in the stream now live on you tube today can native americans change u.s. politics as an unprecedented number of indigenous politicians run for office we ask why. november's midterm elections could be a pivotal moment in the united states not only could the balance of power in congress shift but the representation of native americans in politics could grow significantly there are more than one hundred indigenous politicians running for state or in ash so what do they hope to achieve here to discuss this from albuquerque new mexico deb holland a member of the blow of laguna tribe in the democratic nominee for u.s. congress in oklahoma joseph blancher.


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