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tv   Mohsen Lihidheb Searcher  Al Jazeera  June 19, 2018 12:32pm-1:00pm +03

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in assisting the enemy in a war. more than fifteen hundred migrants have tried to cross from africa to spain over the weekend it is the largest single influx of migrants to the area since two thousand and fourteen on sunday more than six hundred migrants arrived in the spanish city of after their ship was turned away from italy and malta. indonesian rescue workers have been battling heavy rains and high waves in the search for thirty nine people still missing after a ferry sank the wind carrying eighty people went down on lake toba that's a popular tourist destination in northern sumatra happen monday eighteen people have been rescued or so the headlines keep it here my tunisia is next. china's one she province has become famous for its large number of elderly many aged one hundred or older when used investigates if the region called the secrets to a long and healthy life when one east on al-jazeera. borders
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he. told his. story here at the ramadan as a media. behind of the other donors. he . was in the leave a move that could hold an election in a look. less a crusade in a look we have half of the electorate out parlance and all that i had been.
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when i meant that sami would clifford say he would be a force award for so. little back. would hold her that it is summer. to be a company competitor by. live in a manner. they did. over the buildings with little or no word of the. city of big premier shows at the weekly but they are met just with it would have a good massage if we are pretty sure to be the show through the iraqi. so silent on one hundred you saw martin on a metal detector and a party that he be. sure
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to. be adepts on one on a man. who sees obvious issues you've. recorded a. serious because i've edited to delete don't use i'm not. illegitimacy. and can't you know made a deal you sued. that you need. to. remove or may be. made. that it is and. maybe it could be you for. to do this you know that i'm
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a take. we varied. the same. but they were. just for the two new songs already have these names. to shame although we do shop the power. over him and i don't really think. we were a movie. that uses only leave. his automobile and then wow let me use that as your key theme of you not see much of a fair movie. this is the.
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two of them of them going to because those are the. seven hundred thirty. thousand words. the second most were going in were the. first if. the clue or no one here sort of looked at the album the. irony is that they're not tara has to bear the rear or has. the hook up. on america them are about. the last way it was. about a train. when it's a live. but ok word so maverick. and
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they don't have the cleverness do you want to get there is most of us wouldn't map out the rest me. from could really. grab all of them. coming. it's a longer argument and credibility but he is saying on then the quote on the well. read this on. this on the. three three six you threw a lot really really sickly artistic. war and terror leaders. so the masculine not to add to word. where so tough another mile should be upon they are both.
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that's only have you really got to work that way and no no. will. have seen it illegitimately know that the two will the use of malena.
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yeah. i bet i'm sort of one. of the near surface. yeah yeah yeah. lower back some of them and looks. as. if you've led the case of. this family. from. looking. for how to minister to. a fairly good at the moment the king at the. end of that has had little visions and. i mean he can. feel.
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any enjoyment not let up on time. he's gentle but how to. love i mean. but there isn't a hell or the earth when i carry it yet again this isn't it this way you know that i was one of the south is that it so. there's a. tiny break in. you know. that he will delete. a don't give a couple bellow how they can. lend a minute. enough when they can amend billion for that i hear.
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we need. i want to go bury my head and i think. somehow. he. did it to be the nazi. boss when he's on a visit if you don't please don't just don't is this a poor move looters pass a parcel we see. land. on the. sun they can figure some of us here this want to be this young. do but there are some of the just to get three comes out.
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but i'm going to call net. to put out their. condo employee elefant do you you put it all over him or do you don't. want to take. the. you can. make an international in. the. little get
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a house and we're not going to have a real lack. of belief. of the mistake then move them to. bush is the vision as michael has. been of course of the movie do a term other question certainly easy enough. see. look at the spiritual that the only is on the end. of them are there in the ne seafood designed. this way that even the monday as a for not. see all of us but those those are the well of the family if i could just keep going to
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this he's but. i mean look what i did was not in the book because you know the cops don't want to have them understood but they didn't have to do is that good motive not going to. be skittish to him i do need to see it. would stop it and the minister would be the people that that being the catalyst that. sitting. these many with you know their missing link on the manhunt. going to try to find a chemistry just right now i'm just kind of the decisions never assume it's nothing that i must look at that. night i was never taught her shop. how i should be at yet i see for thirty or if a mission is a good national but not going to get out of duration of an issue i know that you shouldn't have you feel did not well you must but that's not. the message fundamentally being the couple should have to in that you know it'll be difficult
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but leg a the net. gen you know one of the good minister looking up. to me i was watching is never going to go yeah i'm going to do the follow up but at the models about me but i don't think of the congressman table but it's inevitable some sort of a no he's a little bit miffed because he the fact. look what i did got the sort of player that would go on. you look at any of us and look up to him how would you keep mission. of cards read them. and. the in the future then you. well how we were and the visit as the
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number leaky yet they were. going to through their. whole found me in the hospital morgue and i'm alone have a number not bad jesus localism at the just a little. going to be sort of one for the whole was a half. hour where. they were at the heart of a god i'm here. on the committed. how would. they kill. a has a will have had a. only receptionist one. mark mark. can come about oh my you know that was frozen in the beginning when the happy
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little salon i should. go to there with told me and i like a boost your will has i'm annoyed at the love sponge my lola b.o.c. over there were only the power oprah never was a close to a little. girl in the shop a girl who shared could have a shared love of a record of one time because of the would hold the book which of course very little is a policeman or. a magician of the some mad girl or well a machine even them are going to she works. orders out the auxiliary and the. i mean do the. believe that when you get. sued if you. feed him out of the i pod lots you are a part of the isa but that makes him look too dizzy to see him to sign.
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right. before i saw you not to you know he that you men know what i'm very he cannot believe i study men under fire out west side of them and then one thing is. the security needs of the. oh well the level of the must have a little nobody. and. i'm not gonna know your way to go listen to helen of the league. again lovi the visit with. the still had that hazy day at it at the time for me
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because norman as. they considered this. was going to give them a call we're going to has in. fact i often wondered at. it's a myth that had a few thought of how to come to be a machine that mccain couldn't assess something to him to get to the not a funny thing if somebody has a. minute that she was going to give when i thought if not i make an. awesome video of the white house and with. friends of the downside the man has said that he that agenda. you know you're one of the below. that level of content that i know. well and you know with the most fun.
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as you can much. less spam and it. isn't being houman is. it wasn't just a moment a minute is a comedy and you see this man. says. well you're here and wanted to ask him. a way. that. a man and love a new ally sheedy. or somebody. to talk about the new school the best will change.
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i am out of a pickup. truck or our listeners or our could do. you know what medication so what i'm saying. take it at the bottom. from a one of. them with intermittent head again. and you know i say cut only pull ahead a girl is mad. about you're one of many here who are below realistic if either of them i mean any. one of others any of us anybody else man well if i'm a. leg in order to be considered how to go how she would lead the mandibles it traditionally for the.
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other would not all of them and it's going. to get men when i know maybe. there is even. better with them a little bit of that over the early. show to. the start of the first since it. was sort of the you got that which will tell you look at it look at them in a school of a bushel of. and then. when the last one in front of her.
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and. yet. to have had that. done to after. we have this is. an innocent because it hasn't been a man this particular woman for the when i. thought a bit of. luck on the border. and the. weird to say how go from there there were no. about that comment on the.
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but it's them all it's memory. and one matter that's right it's not me who's not have almost as out of this russia or is with iran and if you could join her and you know who look. ok and those who have. no idea should honor her and have just asked. what a haiku she has done i can feel the the she young man has yet to show they are looking to look for that now how come no one.
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said them for a boy because he could read to. this idiot on a matter. of a new element. of your own is wrong on this is on the ground for it evokes a lot of. thought that kanye is too little she being the. village with the dean dean. to dean. dean. to go mono warney doing doing. doing ding. ding ding me. doing.
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you know just young ding ding. ding ding. ding ding so i got a dollar they thought they were dealing doing. as he's doing more. doing it today as the dean is ding ding. ding ding ding ding. on the amount of pay legs at the mo it is not a matter of you did a man u.t.d. only about them. he got a d. is it t. the more blue the reason he is outside is the only because he didn't just like
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throws you know. ill they were told. to lose it people felt almost too hot elizabeth. had remained the intersection of reality and comedy and post revolution tennessee our. mission to entertain educate and provoke debate through satire. how weapon of choice. and internet look at what inspires one of today's year's most popular comedians to make people laugh. my tune is yeah hang on al-jazeera. business.
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model. business.
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this is. the change in this is the new life and coming up in the next sixty minutes. ongoing fighting at the head a the airport between the rebels and yemeni government forces backed by the saudi m a r t coalition. wise southern spain is an increasingly popular destination for refugees and migrants the number of people arriving by sea has doubled this year. china says it's not afraid of a trade war after president tom's latest terror straight.


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