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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 19, 2018 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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fierce fighting rages at the airport of the yemeni city of her data as pro-government forces take on hoofy fighters. and this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. the harrowing cries of children forced to be separated from their families under the trumpet ministrations zero tolerance migration policy. suffering in silence the u.n. calls for action on what it calls the forgotten victims of war. and it's the new disease for the first time addiction to video games that's an official health
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warning. fellow fierce fighting is raging around the airport of the yemeni city of her data thousands of pro-government forces backed by a saudi led coalition a battle against hoofy rebels the airport is considered a key resupply base by the saudi and coalition which is trying to recapture the strategic port city held by the rebels for the past three years more than two hundred people have been killed and thousands more displaced since the military offensive began last wednesday mohammed atta is on the other side of the red sea in djibouti where much of the aid bound for yemen is routed. heavy fighting is still going on inside. despite claims by the soda they have taken control off the albert residents of the city say the coalition troops off so far taken the main
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runway and i'm now fighting for control of the passenger tunnels as well as the flight control tower for the fighters still holed up in the airport are safe to be putting up stiff resistance the door marked. with past by somebody positions before the coalition troops and militias allied to them calmed from at least three different fronts now there was panic in neighborhoods surrounding the airport once the barrage of missiles started hitting the apples making many people leave their homes in such a shelter from the falling missiles it was the same case on monday when attack helicopters special targeted. snipers who sees my perspective on the roofs of mosques schools as well as residential buildings in neighborhoods around. the child has an uri is a professor of international relations and security issues at sultan qaboos
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university he says losing her data would be a serious blow to the who he revels. if auto and or he's going to be a big boss for the ford it will be fine it could be. five days he says. consequently some kind of a certain segment of the who has it is also before the airport is extremely important psychologically important problem is. if you've got a movie is important also. that next would be off with a if that was a far. far as that would be true if you can both afford it he's always cause of. days. consequently more pressure on then it would be very potentially catastrophic the patience for timid above or examined
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it. would be a very very big if it situation continued this space and it would be go to mark a three day might be forced to be calm and wind it up forced. to conduct a different type of war against the soviet time to causation. didn't . want to oil terminals set on fire during clashes in the libyan port of rest i know of has collapsed in to the damage could affect the country's struggling economy lies heavily on oil production for revenue honey for have to send reinforcements to help his troops clean a rival group for control of the refineries watches with him gendron seized to put oil plants from have to on the first day. to head in tripoli set sounds quite
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serious the collapse of this to tell us more about what's going on. well that storage tank that has just collapsed has been on fire for the last two years alongside another storage tank and see that is the national oil corporation based here in tripoli just has expressed fear of that it is. see is water that fire could be could catch other storage tanks and invites the north terminal as the head of the chief of the n o c announces speaking to one of the local divisions here in libya saying that the loss of our oil production and ruslan of is estimated at around four hundred thousand barrels
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a day because of the lost crude and burning get tanks in rosslyn of terminal terminal currently the most of us and i love the chief of the n o c the national oil corporation has just demanded a man and his forces to leave the oil christen to immediately and one of the local television here has shown a video of have to his forces reading the new for terminal from. craft now this is to ation is very tense in the oil crescent area and have to his forces are mobilizing security source of their say they have to his forces are mobilizing and their infantry brigades are being get sent to for to increase enforcement in the recent area. to head thank you very much indeed. is syria as trikes are reported in opposition held areas in the southern province
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of daraa the government forces have been prepared to recapture the region south of damascus from the rebels in recent weeks there are borders jordan and is near the israeli occupied golan heights is also part of a so-called deescalation zone agreed in mid twenty seventeen by russia turkey and iran. yes president donald trump will meet republicans later on tuesday to discuss immigration amid mounting criticism over the policy of separating migrant children from their parents at the border pro publica an investigative journalism organization has managed to recall disturbing or you children from inside detention centers where you can clearly hear their distress. there are some. people who are of the mayor. the i don't think of the money. i think the. context of the on the level.
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i think that i call them. every way i meet and we're coming back the. pro publica has also managed to record the mocking response of a border patrol agent. where i remember we're told that. the. the white house has been defending the administration's zero tolerance policy and its treatment of the children. yes. there's no child we now care for them we have high standards we give them meals we give them education we give them medical care there's videos there's t.v.'s i visited the detention centers myself that would be my answer to that much that. was going to cover those under who's in
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brownsville texas outside a former wal-mart store which is now being used to house migrant children what's happening where you are. yeah this is really the front lines of the immigration debate and this is a former wal-mart that you see behind me huge huge facility and inside are about fifteen hundred kids all boys and out of those fifteen hundred we're told by a local lawmaker that toured it yesterday that about one hundred and ten are children that were separated and are currently separated from their parents or legal guardians because of this new zero tolerance policy that's been put in place the facility that you see behind me is a private facility run by a private organization a private company basically but it's over the auspices of the whole health and human services department essentially the u.s. government and business is the facility that's really overflowing with young
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migrant children right now these are children that cross the border with their parents children usually between ten to eighteen years old roughly in that range across the border. seeking asylum with their parents and instead of being detained in a civil matter which was how it used to be done in years past it's now under tolerance considered a criminal matter and they're treated as criminal criminals the parents and they are taken away and separated from their kids their parents are put in one detention facility as they go through the court system and see a judge immediately the kids are brought here to this facility and just to give you an idea there's been about two thousand children not just boys but girls as well that have been separated from their parents in the last two months or so and a lot of people just simply don't know where all these kids are we know some of them are here but even when the local lawmaker came in here and spoke to some officials he couldn't even get a complete answers on where some of the other kids rats spread out invisibility in
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facilities just like this all over the southwest and gave them brownsville very much on the front lines of the story is it unwanted attention. yeah i mean this is the front lines here in brownsville just on the other side of the border on the bridge essentially is mexico this has been on the front lines of the immigration debate for a long time but i got to tell you even people did agree with kind of a zero tolerance policy so to speak are still a little uncomfortable with the idea that children are separated from their parents even republicans many here from donald trump's own party that sort of agree with what he's trying to do on the immigration debate close the borders still there's an uneasiness year that children are being separated from their parents no doubt about it. thank you very much indeed still to come on the program we'll take you inside spain's marine rescue center for people coming on boats from africa fifteen hundred
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to arrived over the past four days. also apple is fined millions of dollars in australia after phones and tablets stopped working. with peds party. however we got plenty of rain in the forecast for central and southern parts of china now lots of clouds showing up on the satellite picture and you can see these big and fun to read downpours sundry downpours to into the southeastern corner into taiwan more of that as we go on through wednesday central part seeing some lively showers wednesday added into thursday and if if anything thursday looks like the showers to become even more widespread hong kong said these things and big downpours with that on shore south westerly wind pushing through the southwest monsoon there continuing to bring plenty of showers in across the region through
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into india china aims to thailand into me in ma pushing up towards bangladesh and right up the western gas lots of cloud still showing up on the satellite picture here and as one would expect the seasonal rains continues to go on through wednesday further north we're getting up to forty celsius still in new delhi could potentially forty two as we go on into thursday with the heat very much on showers continuing to the other side of the goal not too many showers in the forecast to recross the arabian peninsula more warm sunshine here still came from our wind blowing just around that eastern side of the arabian peninsula temperatures in doha hitting forty three degrees celsius. the diagnosis he has been sick for a long six months now the challenge ahead one of these ninety six could be
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a new cure or a basis of a new cure for color in your. disability al-jazeera examines me. so this is the. yes it's basically a wearable robot. revisited. the top stories. fierce fighting is raging outside the airport of the yemeni city where thousands of pro-government forces backed by a saudi that coalition a battling the rebels. an oil terminal set on fire during clashes in the libyan
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port. has collapsed the damage could impact the country's a struggling economy all production for revenue. and the release of a recording of illegal migrant children crying after being separated from their parents as pressure on president donald trump's zero tolerance immigration policy. the german chancellor angela merkel has called for a joint european approach to immigration she's been holding talks with french president. ahead of a crucial e.u. summit next week macko is under intense pressure over the issue of coalition partners the c.s.u. have given her until the summit to achieve an e.u. wide deal or they'll take action to reverse her open door policy on refugees. but you have your other guests on with us migration is a common challenge and the reasons for migration have to be removed we need to work towards peace in countries that are involved in war like syria and even ukraine we also need to help with development aid for african countries we need to act in
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accordance to fashion that is often very difficult our goal is for a common approach in europe we do not want europe to be divided. the international organization for migration says the number of people either crossing the mediterranean to europe or dying on the way is sharply down over the last few months forty thousand people so far this year compared to double that for the same period in twenty seventeen despite the overall fall the numbers trying to cross to spain a sharply up panel has more from a marea on the south east coast. we're here in the control room of spain's marine rescue center in the port of ameria and personnel here in front of screens in a radar are on high alert for the possible arrival of more refugees and migrants aboard these rickety fishing vessels they call pâté others now if you look out that way that's one hundred miles or one hundred sixty kilometers to the coast of
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morocco and that is from where in the last four days fifteen hundred refugees and migrants have headed towards both our maria and points further south personnel here say that they have seen nothing like it that level of arrivals in such a short period of time is really putting them under pressure already figures this year are twice as high as at the same period last year what generally happens in this control room is that they will get their first alert perhaps by telephone perhaps by radio from an ngo from another vessel or directly from the paterno itself and they will call and say they are in distress from here they make the call to helicopter a helicopter will be up into the air searching the area trying to locate the migrant vessel and then from there the characteristic orange search and rescue vessels will head out trying to locate and pick up those migrants and refugees and bring them back here to shore over the weekend personnel here say that there was
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a ship wreck they managed to pluck four survivors from the sea but they say that somewhere out there there is still at least forty bodies of migrants and refugees that simply didn't make it war violence and persecution have forced more people to become refugees than ever before the latest u.n. refugee agency report finds that more than sixty eight and a half million people are displaced worldwide as of last year is marion hunt with a closer look at the numbers. every two seconds a person is forced from their home over a day that's forty four and a half thousand people over a year more than sixty million this is the un figure for newly displaced people in two thousand and seventeen the un's refugee agency says it's part of a worrying upward trend a number that's risen every year for the last five years and is fueled by war violence and persecution crises like those in the democratic republic of congo war
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in south sudan the hundreds of thousands of muslim or hinge are flooding into bangladesh from neighboring me and mom most of them children fifty three percent of the world's displaced and often unaccompanied or separated from their families one in every one hundred ten people is a refugee internally displaced or seeking asylum that adds up to more than sixty eight and a half million people to put that in perspective if the world's refugees were single nation that roughly equal the population of the united kingdom and in the time of being talking at least thirty four people more than half of them children have been forced from their homes people grundy is the high commissioner for refugees at the un he's currently in tripoli he says the findings sure the need to be international unity in a crisis. there is the urgency but the response has
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continued to be too fragmented and too isolated this is a global phenomenon that requires international solidarity and cooperation on a global scale and this is what this raises rising figures of the world's response to these political positions are not. rights refugees are fleeing violence war persecution we have an obligation to help them and they're not even effective you can see easily you just reported on a few close avenues on the one side they open on another we need to look at the root causes we need to address the reasons why these people leave violence or we need to help the countries where they are in majority let's not forget that the sixty eight million refugees and displaced eighty five percent are not the rich country they are in poor middle income developing countries and then we need to
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maintain asylum systems that are effective that receive those in need of protection of refuge and give other options other solutions for those that move for a different reason. stock markets in asia and europe have taken a hit as physical a chance for a trade war between the u.s. and china the u.s. president has stressed in beijing with tariffs on an additional two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods donald trump says that to retaliate china stopping terrorists on fifty billion dollars of imports from the us i turned around has more from beijing. well both beijing and washington do appear to be trapped in a downward tit for tat spiral and the markets don't like it the shanghai index on chews day closing down almost four percent although the falls in the rest of asia weren't quite as sharp that said there does now really appear to be a growing realisation that we are in fact on the verge of an all out trade war
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between the world's two largest economies now on tuesday the language coming from china's government was much stronger the commerce ministry accused washington of blackmail the foreign ministry said that the united states was harming the interests not just of china but also the rest of the world a spokesman saying that while china did not want a trade war it was quite prepared to fight what now at the moment china exports far more to the united states than the other way around that means that the u.s. has far more potential terrorist targets than china does but it's quite possible that china could stop punishing washington in other ways by focusing on big u.s. companies based here in china now at the moment president trump appears to be saying to the chinese government i want you to change the way that you can talk business with the united states that means possibly president cheating thing having
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to roll back his made in china twenty twenty five strategy this is one of his pet projects to move china up the value chain by focusing much more on high tech but china has absolutely no intention of doing that so given we have just seventeen days before the first of these tariffs are jus to kick in it's fair to assume that the chances of a negotiated settlement now are very slim indeed because china has no intention of giving up on that china twenty twenty five strategy. india's routing b j p has pulled out of the coalition governing indian administered kashmir from minister narendra modi's hindu nationalist party entered into an alliance with regional party p.d.p. after an inconclusive election in twenty fourteen chief of p.d.p. member moved he has resigned following the announcement according to unicef more than a thousand children in south sudan were sexually assaulted during the first three
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years of the conflict there and around seventy two percent of women living in so-called protected sites in the capital juba say they've been raped mostly by police and soldiers to morgan spoke to one of the victims. selling firewood is a lifeline for. it's the only commodity to sustain herself and her five children the twenty seven year old is one of the forty thousand displaced persons in this united nations camp but collecting firewood outside the camp can be dangerous. we were a group of women and went to collect firewood outside the camp five soldiers found us and we ran i fell and they pointed their guns at me and then raped me and left me when i came back to the camp and was too ashamed to get treatment. is one of thousands of women in the camp who have been raped during the five year war since president salva kiir accused his former vice president riek machar of attempting
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a groom thousands have been killed and four million displaced that's a third of the population. although thousands of women have reported rape and other sexual atrocities in south sudan sewer rats are going to say the figure is likely much higher that's because many don't report out of fear many children have been sexually assaulted to nearly all the warring sides in south sudan's conflicts have been accused of committing sexual violence the african union and the u.n. say the attacks in some cases amount to crimes against humanity. there's a massive program of violence. they displaced people themselves as well as those who are subject to atrocious levels of sexual exploitation and abuse and killings are rampant. al-jazeera received no response when we asked army commanders for comment despite the risks says she'll continue to venture out of the camp in search of firewood and along with the thousands of other victims of sexual violence she
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hopes that one day she'll get justice for the crimes committed against her people morgan al-jazeera. an australian court has fined apple six and a half million dollars accusing the tech giant of disabling i phones and i pads repaired by third party companies apple says it compensated customers when it was first alerted to the problem but is not commented on the nation's court ruling under thomas has details from sydney. this is an issue that affects a five thousand people in australia twenty fifteen or twenty sixty they have phones or i pads they downloaded the lights of software only to find that that immediately generated an era fifty three message which stopped their device from what when those people took their products into an apple shop like this one they were told that they got the error of fifty three minutes it's because it revealed that they had taken a device at some point so an unauthorized repair of an apple said that as a result of that they had no bill a geisha interrupt parrots or replacing can see
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a regular said no just because somebody takes a branded products on the rise a parrot does not invalidate a little slight it's been seen over text messages like that about apple as a result master apply all the broken phones and pay nine million australian dollars and that's about six million u.s. dollars boy while this was an issue that affected people all over the world so australia is unlikely to be the last place by such a point. the world health organization has added addiction to video games to its latest list of diseases doctors now recognize persistent and compulsive gaming behavior as a mental health disorder they say it can result in players forgetting about other important parts of life such as eating and sleeping for try to john has more. in this virtual universe made up of zeros and ones dense purple storm clouds shroud the planet ninety eight percent of the world's population has disappeared and
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zombies rise to attack remaining humans it's a very fast piece to keep she still. so much fun that the mass online phenomenon called for tonight is consuming hundreds of millions of players around the world while the goal of the game is to battle for the survival of humanity some people's fragile psyche may not survive these all consuming digital games. we have been reviewing evidence for. the gaming behavior disorder of the last several years. the world health organization's decision to label addiction to digital and video games as a mental health disorder puts it at odds with gaming industry organizations it's reference guide of recognized and diagnosable diseases describes the addiction as a pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behavior that becomes so extensive it takes precedence over other life interests the question whose is. over the gaming
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and ignores the other distinction activities like like eating like. education or and and that harms the person and in spite of the harm that wasn't continues the. parents have been concerned about the endless hours their children have spent in front of their console's since the advent of atari and pong now they have signs as their weapon to limit the time their children spend gaming the w.h.o. says only a small number of people who play digital and video games would develop a mental health disorder but early warning signs can help prevent it and while the makers of fortnight are expected to earn more than four billion dollars this year addiction to gaming the screeding nice gaming addiction treatment programs which may even be more lucrative for insurance companies and health care providers now
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that gaming addiction is considered a mental health disorder. called on al jazeera. and one of the top stories here is their fist fighting is raging outside the airport of the yemeni city of data thousands of pro-government fighters backed by a sounding led coalition a battling against the rebels the airport is considered a key resupply base by the saudi and coalition which is trying to recapture the strategic port city held by the rebels for the past three is more than two hundred people are being killed and thousands more displaced since the minute she offensive began last wednesday. one of two oil terminals set on fire during clashes in the libyan port of ruslan ouf has collapsed it's fear the damage could affect the country's struggling economy which relies on oil production for revenue world holy
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for have to assent reinforcements to help his troops battling a rival armed group for control of the refineries u.s. president donald trump will meet republicans later on tuesday to discuss immigration amid mounting criticism over the policy of separating migrant children from their parents at the border reese of a recording of the children crying by investigative journalism organization pro publica has run a top pressure on trump's zero tolerance policy for the german chancellor angela merkel has called for a joint european approach to immigration she's been holding talks with the french president emmanuel mccall ahead of a crucial e.u. summit next week america has been given a two week deadline by her coalition partners the c.s.u. to achieve an e.u. wide deal but your view of yes some of those migration is a common challenge and the reasons for migration have to be removed we need to work towards peace in countries that aren't gulf war like syria and even ukraine we also
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need to help with development aid for african countries we need to act in accordance to fashion that is often very difficult our goal is for a common approach in europe we do not want europe to be divided stock markets in asia and europe have taken a hit as fears escalate over a trade war between the u.s. and china the u.s. president has threatened beijing with tariffs on an additional two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods donald trump says that's in retaliation for china slapping terrorists on fifty billion dollars of imports from the u.s. those are the headlines to stay with us next up it's the cure revisited thanks for watching.
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plus think of this story as it's. ten years. wow. so this is the explosive yes it's basically a wearable robot. research and development for a new medicine.


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