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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 20, 2018 2:00am-3:00am +03

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when east investigates in the region hold the secrets to a long and healthy life. on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian finnegan this is the news live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes human rights council is a poor defender of human rights the united states pulls out of the u.n. human rights council saying the organization is not worth its name. as anger grows over the trumpet ministrations immigration policy to separate children from their parents the president meets politicians on capitol hill ahead
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of a crucial vote on the issue. fierce fighting at the airports of the yemeni city of her data as government forces take on who thief isis. and why the world health organization is comparing videogaming to crack cocaine. a cesspool of political bias that's how the u.s. described the u.n. human rights council and justified withdrawing from the un body its ambassador to the un nikki haley made the announcement with secretary of state mike pompei o haley accused the council of chronic bias against israel and called it a hypocritical and self-serving organization the us joined the u.n.h.c.r. in two thousand and nine under the obama administration the united states is officially withdrawing from the un human rights council. in doing so i want to make
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it crystal clear that this step is not a retreat from human rights commitments on the contrary we take this step because our commitment does not allow us to remain a part of a hypocritical and self-serving organization that makes a mockery of human rights we did not make this decision lightly the human rights council is a poor defender of human rights. worse than that the human rights council has become an exercise in shameless hypocrisy with many of the world's worst human rights abuses going ignored and some of the world's most serious offenders sitting on the council itself. the only thing worse than a council that does almost nothing to protect human rights is a council that covers for human rights abuses abuses and is therefore an obstacle to progress and an impediment to change roslyn jordan reports now from washington. the trumpet ministration is arguing that it had to leave the human rights council
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because nearly a year and a half of lobbying has not worked in its view the council is still allowing countries with very poor human rights records to sit in judgment of other countries and their treatment of their citizens the u.s. is also still very concerned that even though the number of resolutions condemning israeli treatment of palestinians has gone down that it's still being unfairly targeted and the u.s. has valve that it's going to try to protect israel from what it considers an anti israeli bias across the u.n. system what's not clear is whether the u.s. decision is going to have a financial impact the trumpet ministration has long talked about trying to cut the number of dues that it pays to the overall u.n. system because it says that u.s. values are not being respected it's also not clear how long the u.s. is going to avoid membership on the council itself it may have to change once a new president comes to office well the un human rights chief responded on twitter
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shortly after the announcement was a drug the same said the decision was disappointing it's not really surprising given the state of human rights in today's world he said the u.s. should be stepping up and not stepping back will the united nations human rights council was founded in two thousand and six to investigate human rights violations in member states it's made up of forty seven member countries they're elected by the un general assembly for a three year term and conserve only two terms in a row a specific number of seats is allocated for each region of the globe the u.s. could revert to observe a status like some other countries if it does it would be able to speak on rights abuses but not to vote let's get a view on this now from if the ca who is a human rights lawyer fellow at georgetown university joins us now via skype from busking ridge new jersey good to have you with us so a cesspool of political bias not worthy of its name ambassador haley said what's
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your take on this issue right. well i think that minister. well i think it's absolutely critical. if you're right that they are. right every day because the. order. or to date again this. is going to make. it right. by us law and i'm so i'm sorry i'm going to have to interrupt you that we've got problems with the sound we can't really hear what you're saying we'll try and come back to you will sort out the sound problems and come back to you in a few minutes in the meantime let's move on u.s. president donald trump is has been meeting with republicans on capitol hill to can try to convince them to pass legislation to overhaul the immigration system trump
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is considering two bills one proposes a crackdown on asylum seekers on funding for a border wall a second ball moderate bill provides a path to citizenship for young people known as dreamers who came to the u.s. illegally as children images like these of migrant children separated from their families have sparked anger against trump's immigration agenda but he's defending the practice despite mounting criticism when you prosecute the parents for coming in illegally which should happen you have to take the children away. now we don't have to prosecute them but then when not prosecuting them for coming in illegally that's not. we want to end the border crisis by finally giving us the legal authorities and the resources to detain and remove illegal immigrant families altogether and bring them back to their country trumps
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family separation policy has sparked protests and drawn condemnation from across the political spectrum republicans worried about the damage that it could do ahead of midterm elections in the event but want to pass legislation to work and the practice let's go live now to capitol hill i was here as alan fisher is with us live allan i understand that donald trump just left capitol hill what happened. well he was on the hill for an hour he was speaking to republicans we thought there'd be much more of a turn for all but according to people are coming out of the meeting this was donald trump essentially speaking for most of the time he didn't take questions he talked about immigration a little bit he also talked about tax cuts and more he done with the tax code and they also of course mentioned the russian vest a geisha and said how it was a witch hunt no afterwards there were congressmen who say that he's going to approve any bill that comes out of the house and the senate that goes back to the position he held at the beginning of last week but flipped on friday because he
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said anything that came out of the house and senate he wanted to see it would have his input and then would send it back that would slow everything down what does this mean for the position down on the border wall while republicans think they may have enough votes to pass what is considered a moderate immigration bill which would give money for donald trump's border wall even though he said mexico would pay for it it would change legal immigration as well and would also according to some put a stop to the separation of families in the borders here's the difficulty with that not all democrats are ready to sign up particularly here in the senate they see that this is a crisis that donald trump has created because of donald trump's justice department policies and he could change it by picking up the phone. and and so they're not really keen to work on some sort of legislative fix if there were something that also dealt with the dreamers on immigration in a much wider immigration question then there is the possibility that democrats could get behind that but at the moment they're not very keen on helping donald
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trump out of what they see is a crisis that he himself has created even though he continues to blame others for it and with this growing chorus of condemnation over this crisis and with one eye on the on the mid terms is there a sense of. urgency panic among among the republicans have to get some sort of deal done. while there's a not quite a panic but they're certainly they want to get a deal done quickly this week because they see the problem on the border and there is not playing well for the republicans and they want people to have forgotten this by the time the midterms come around in november if this is still going on through the summer it becomes a much bigger problem for donald trump particularly if he doesn't change course and we know that donald trump isn't terribly good at saying you know something got that wrong let's just change that we saw that when he was in singapore when asked what happens if the meeting with kim jong un goes wrong he said well i'll say it was
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a mistake or wait a minute i want to see that i think of something else so he is in this quandary that republicans and democrats are no what king feverish sleep feel feverish plea to try and come up with some sort of immigration bill that first of all gets a lot of support in both the house and the senate which is difficult and then the additional problem is of course that it comes out of here untouched a relatively untouched and goes to the president's desk and gets his signatures well so they could sort this so by the end of the week but this is twenty eighteen in washington don't hold your breath here in many thanks indeed alan fischer live in washington well as allan was saying trump has repeatedly and falsely blamed democrats for his family said. aeration policy he says it can only be fixed with a law change but there is no law requiring families to be split up as reports. as the crisis on the u.s. border with mexico asking late donald trump is defiant lamie his political
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opponents for a problem he says can only be fixed through legislation as a result of democrat supported loopholes in our federal laws most illegal immigrant families and minors from central america who arrive on a lawfully at the border cannot be detained together or removed together only released these are crippling loopholes that cause family separation which we don't want speaking at a meeting of independent business owners trump also blamed mexico for encouraging illegal crossings into the united states they come up through mexico mexico does nothing for us you hear it here they do nothing for us they could stop it democrats say the president has the power to stop separating children from parents being prosecuted for entering the u.s. illegally cuse him of putting children into internment camps there's nothing moral
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or even acceptable of hearing children crying and screaming for their daddies and their mommies. in the land that calls itself the land of the free and the home of the brain trump is meeting with republican lawmakers lobbying for broad immigration changes to end separations and provide billions to erect his promised border wall the bills are unlikely to pass instead senators are considering narrower legislation to keep families together well parents' immigration status is determined congress can step in and pass this this week i'm an urgent congress we can fix this problem we can fix this and i've been speaking with both republicans and democrats we can come together we are all be united and say of course kids should be with their parents the images of weeping children and desperate parents potentially moving a u.s. congress to take action after years of failing to compromise to reform u.s.
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immigration law and now pushing back against the administration refusing to back down can really help get al-jazeera washington or let's get back to our top story this how the u.s. has to sit to withdraw from the u.n. human rights council i think we've sorted the the problems with our guest a salon if the cause of human rights lawyer and fellow georgetown university he's on skype from busking ridge new jersey asked on a few minutes ago i was asking you whether ambassador hailey was right when she said that the u.n. human rights council is a cesspool of political bias not worthy of its name. well adrian i think that the trumpet ministration is the cesspool of political bias to leave the un human rights council since they clearly violate human rights each and every day with the egregious immigration border policy separating children from their families of the trump muslim travel ban which the supreme court will decide on shortly because this is just an isolationist move that is really just moving the united states away from
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its democratic allies but hang on a minute two weeks ago said that being a member of the council is a privilege new country has a human rights violator should be allowed a seat at the table venezuela cuba china egypt saudi arabia and she has a point doesn't she. well if you know what you focus is really fixates on israel but as humanoids human rights watch director can or cannot trust recently said the u.s. human rights council has played an important role in dealing with issues in countries like north korea syria me and mar of south sudan but again the us used to be fixated on israel doesn't israel is a big country they can stand up for themselves the council's current membership includes fourteen countries that are ranked not free by freedom house i mean they've had enough warning why hasn't the un heeded. the warnings from the u.s. and from from britain which is the u.s. view of the council and change the rules over who is allowed to sit on it.
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well you know it and i think it has less to do with membership and more to do with teeth you know i think that the u.n. human rights council doesn't really have any teeth when it comes to enforcing resolutions or or recommending resolutions to the u.n. security council so you know their internal infrastructure issues you know are something that really have a lot to do with in terms of how effective u.n. human rights council can be good still see many thanks to you for being with us. it with the news out from of zero still to come on the program immigration sparks debate in europe as well with germany's chancellor given an ultimatum on the issue . of violence in nicaragua as the latest round of talks between the government and protest leaders failed. added support woke up hosts russia are on the brink of reaching the knockout stage with victory against egypt.
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france and germany have called for a joint european approach to migration the german chancellor is under intense pressure over the issue of how a coalition partner the c.s.u. has given her two weeks to reach an e.u. why deal or it will withdraw its support stomach came reports from berlin. of all the other e.u. leaders emanuel mcconnell is the one i'm going to america will have heard shares her views on how to deal with the continent's migration crisis the issue has dominated the debate this past week in berlin on choose day the french president made clear his determination to act. that meant that the minister it is with this same determination that we believe very strongly in the european response to the migration challenge we have not just discovered this challenge we did not discover it last week but we have very clearly determined together to act and the european and coordinated why such friendly sentiments from the french president are
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exactly what angle america would have been wanting to hear from this meeting because in the past few days she's had to concede on immigration policy to her to mystic c.s.u. allies promising a european solution the price for not seeing her coalition toppled in this document which purports to be a draft of what e.u. leaders will deliberate over in brussels next week much of the policies the c.s.u. have been speaking about are discussed so what are the prospects for an e.u. wide solution this is the school is the team over the topic which currently concerns us or is the topic of migration we understand to as a common challenge we first have to make sure that the cause for migration is eliminated that's we support the plans of the commission and the austrian presidency to strengthen the protection of outer borders which means nothing else but a significant increase in personnel from tax but despite her apparent confidence some
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analysts are less convinced a wide agreement is possible and i don't see twenty eight solution coming so i will definitely be a bilateral or multilateral coalition from those or within those countries actually in the e.u. which are most affected. it will be a coalition of the willing in berlin this. weak parts of machall coalition has appeared to be willing to put her in an impossible position the question now is how willing other e.u. member states to help her answers dominic came out zero in the german capital. the international organization for migration says the number of people either crossing the mediterranean to europe or dying on the way has dropped sharply over the last few months forty thousand people have made the journey so far this year compared to double that number the same period last year but there is a big increase in those trying to reach spain al-jazeera skull pan hole reports now
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from the southeastern coast of spain. we're here in the control room of spain's marine rescue center in the port of ameria and personnel here in front of screens in a radar are on high alert for the possible arrival of more refugees and migrants aboard these rickety fishing vessels they call pâté others now if you look out that way that's one hundred miles or one hundred sixty kilometers to the coast of morocco and that is from where in the last four days fifteen hundred refugees and migrants have headed towards both our maria and points further south personnel here say that they have seen nothing like it that level of arrivals in such a short period of time is really putting them under pressure already figures this year at twice as high as at the same period last year what generally happens in this control room is that they will get their first alert perhaps by telephone perhaps by radio from an ngo from another vessel or directly from the potato
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itself and they will call and say they are in distress from here they make a call to helicopter a helicopter will be up into the air searching the area trying to locate the migrant vessel and then from there the characteristic orange search and rescue vessels will head out trying to locate and pick up those migrants and refugees and bring them back here to shore over the weekend personnel here say that there was a ship wreck they managed to pluck four survivors from the sea but they say that somewhere out there there is still at least forty bodies of migrants and refugees that simply didn't make it. in yemen saudi embassy coalition forces have taken control of parts of her datas airport as they continue to fight hooty rebels in the area and the yemeni army has taken control of the road between her data province and the capital that would cost who think militia supply lines and stop any
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reinforcements coming from sun are. out is on the other side of the red sea in djibouti through which much of the aid bound for yemen comes thanks. to the intensity of the bottle for the the international airport captured in a mobile form the u.s. backed sodium are to coalition has been fighting for control of the airport for a week while calling on the fighters holding them back to settle down condition that the hose the response has been one of defiance prompting fears the bottle will spread into the town until a humanitarian catastrophe the problem or always is highly densely populated areas trying to clear these areas from non-state actors who are embedded in the civilian population who are dug in and have nothing to lose and then you have a semi conventional military trying to clear these areas and that's always going to
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be difficult. pictures of entirely displaced people in who they are continue to emerge the united arab emirates red cross and ses it's sending an aid convoy north from aden it's a just around league criticized outside yemen. i think time national rescue committee says the relief plan announced by secretary be on the united arab emirates to protect civilians living in the data as they all talk the port city is a publicity stunt meant to draw attention away from the and do suffering the offensive his cause the united nations special envoy for human martin cliff it's just left some after three days of meetings with the whole of the rebels who control large parts of the country he failed to secure any peace deal the u.n. envoy to yemen ask him the same request. but if you're. a u.n. envoy to yemen would. like for a cease fire or
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a truce in a data atlanta over the border to. the united nations says more than five thousand two hundred families have fled in the past three weeks here in djibouti aid just watching the enforcing situation in that they are with increasing alarm they've not been able to deliver aid to say that since the offensive began civilians to have been caught in the crossfire earlier on tuesday the whole the health official claimed that six people had been killed after the boss they were traveling in was bombed by the coalition forces yet despite all the fighting the portal for the a lifeline for millions of yemenis remains open the question is for how long we are planning to be doing to should be. tomorrow. we heard of her from others i think through brace for the. destruction to. the day that is yemen's main port on the only entry for international aid this growing concern that millions of
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yemenis will of so far more than three years a war hunger and disease could now face starvation mohammed at all just djibouti. i have a german is a regional editor for the out goods out of the newspaper a member of the yemeni national dialogue conference he says that losing her data would be a serious blow to the who. calls it means a lot of things they have a lot of. financial support and more data is the main port in this in the country might be percent of the military and supply goes to the country through this important call. it supported. like. women's and open smuggling smuggling goes through this whole. it is very important for them because it's the main port in yemen and ninety percent of the trade trade goes to yemen and from outside them and it goes from
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this port. in addition to the fact that what they do is the last important position the last important city by the red sea called in the hand of the host is so if they lose them then that means that where they will leave the whole course the whole more than three hundred kilometers on the course of that it's in libya at least one of two all storage tanks has collapsed after being set ablaze during the fighting for control of the country's oil fields faces loyal to the warlords for hafter trying to drive out a rival group from the area it's feared that the fighting is damaging oil infrastructure causing environmental contamination that impacting the country's already struggling economy al-jazeera. had reports from tripoli. libya's national oil corporation has said it has lost two storage tanks in. oil terminal that is one of the two major oil ports that has been taken control
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of by forces loyal to the former chief of the petroleum facilities guards brahim gibran also the chief of the libya's national oil corporation said that they have lost around four hundred thousand barrels per day. in those two burning storage tanks and now it's to made at around eight hundred million dollars a month that's the loss because of the burning oil in the north terminal now has that its forces have been they have been mobilizing in the oil christened area and security sources there say that they have been they have been receiving infantry brigades from the east of libya in order to launch a new offensive to recapture the two major oil ports of and sidra and russ and move that have been taken control of by forces loyal to the former chief of the
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petroleum facilities god's. children now the situation and the oil christians area is very tense and red crescent members say that they have received twenty eight bodies of fighters loyal to. have dead and two but is of two girls they were killed by an airstrike on should by fighter jets belonging to a warlord or have to look at a weather update next here on the. new recruits arrive in kenya to give the country's health system a shot in the arm but not everyone's happy about it. a bad apple in australia find out why the tech giants run into trouble the. plus. i'm paul recent copenhagen why danes will be hoping that an antiviolence fun movement and a player who used to be a refugee can help their team be a success at the world cup. welcome
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back we'll take a look at the weather across the americas this time in north america it's a bit of a messy picture really we've got some fairly heavy rain from washington down towards dallas texas there and parts of the midwest also seen spells of heavy rain and would like to find that continuing as he had on through into thursday more northern areas fine drawn to the sunshine in twenty one twenty two degrees and that across the western areas well we'd like to see some showers for the pacific northwest but first san francisco los angeles it should be fine in denver should be quite bright as well twenty eight degrees in the sunshine those he had down into central parts of america the rain which has been affecting the pacific coast line in mexico is beginning to ease away there's still some showers around from
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a disorganized area of showers which is affecting the yucatan peninsula and the gulf of mexico reaching generally we have got quite a bit of rain developing across more central parts of the caribbean two in the course of wednesday into thursday so kingston jamaica probably seen some showers at times into south america and soon across northern areas plenty of showers across venezuela through towards ecuador because it comes south was jerry weather conditions are looking draw and find that continues through into thursday a warm day in asuncion empowered why highs of thirty. afghanistan has the best geology both mentally resources and under her why are they so poor measuring you guys when finally form the government. of the tocsin when essentially now when the more we would close down the more they push back we knew it was coming to question was do we sit back and wait or do we surprised them
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with a preemptive strike on the part of the analogy. we here to jews can be to cover the israeli palestinian affairs we cover this story with a lot of internet normal to recover include that we don't dip in and out of this story we have a presence here all the time apart from being a cameraman it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and global diplomacy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks happen and what happens here matters.
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and again it's good to have you with us adrian for going to here in doha with the news out from al-jazeera the top stories this hour the u.s. is withdrawing from the united nations human rights council accusing it of chronic bias against israel washington this long threatening to quit if the right spot he was told before. u.s. president donald trump has been easing republicans on capitol hill to discuss passing legislation to of the whole the immigration system trump says that something needs to be done to illegal immigration and he plans to sign either of them public and bills that the house passes. saudi and iraqi coalition forces and taken control upon. as of who data's airports in yemen as they continue to fight the rebels the u.n. and aid agencies are worried that the battle would spread to the city and cause a humanitarian disaster. there's been more violence in nicaragua after the latest round of talks between the government and protesters failed. at least two people died in the southern city of. after police and paramilitary
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confronted demonstrators earlier protest leaders abandon talks mediated by the catholic church the opposition is accusing the government of not keeping its promises to invite international monitors to investigate the violence which began in april nearly one hundred eighty people have died since then anger of a pension reforms started the unrest manuel ra polo as the latest from the capital managua. a national dialogue hosted by the nicaraguan catholic church began one sedan last friday under the condition that president ortega meet a set of conditions one of which was for him to invite a delegation from the united nations from the european union and from the inner american commission on human rights to come to get i want to observe the ongoing humanitarian crisis another one of those conditions was for an end to hostilities for the government to end its violent attacks against the civilian population
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against anti-government demonstrators and at the workshop that is part of this national dialogue that's taking place. people there sort of gave us a sense that that the national dialogue is on shaky ground because these conditions as they say have not been met and this comes up on the heels of a national strike that took place last week that nearly brought the entire country to a commercial standstill and this was certainly a message from both the civilian population and the private sector to the government that what people want are for national elections to be sped up now as far as the demonstrations that are ongoing it's now of the second month of this political crisis the violence continues in fact over the weekend we saw one of the deadliest attacks take place on a building killing burning alive a family of six including two young children neighbors and survivors say that this was yet another attack by pro-government forces but the government here continues to deny any involvement they can keep a person or thing i maintain that the dissent against his government is part of
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a of a right wing conspiracy and in the absence of an independent in the investigation in the absence of national of this national dialogue that remains on shaky ground there really seems to be no end in sight to the violence human rights groups say that both in one thousand villages in northeastern mozambique have been left homeless by a surge in attacks by groups that people say that they're not only terrified of the gangs behind the attacks but also of the obvious response. nadeem barber reports. beginning the process of rebuilding their homes and their lives these people lost everything when attackers set fire to their village in mozambique's northeastern province of kabul their god it was part of a series of attacks that began last october just since last month around forty people are thought to have been killed in the area which is predominantly muslim and more than a thousand people have fled their villages the mayor of this district seen here
2:35 am
meeting soldiers deployed after the latest violence says there's been a strong response thing. as you see here the people of many cutlass wood to help the people of nigh on day to build their homes we've also brought in other supplies like buckets and clothes i think. the government said that we'll have to clean up the wreckage of our homes then we will get help to get wood and bamby to rebuild them local residents call the people behind the attacks but they're not thought to have any links with the somali fighters about name researches say there are a local group who want to establish islamic law or sharia after initially attacking police stations they've gone after a wide range of targets as well as destroying villages and livestock they've burned down mosques and killed local religious leaders there was a situation where they asked for the local community and when the men. they were looking for tried to run away the group chased him down. and
2:36 am
cut off their in front of everybody to see human rights watch is accused mozambique security forces of a heavy handed response hundreds of people suspected of being linked to the attacks have been detained without charge there also rumors of summary executions. campaigners say until this congress of fear and villages won't feel safe enough to return home. al-jazeera. a course in kenya has refused to allow local doctors to block an attempt by the government to employ medics from cuba the doctors say the cuban recruits will be paid more than them but the government defended its plans saying that state hospitals are in desperate need of staff catherine sawyer reports from nairobi. he's a cain years new government doctor is cuban medical specialists will be deployed to some of the country's most and is stuffed and ill equipped public hospitals local
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doctors are angry one took action saying the process was flawed and adding there are almost two hundred specialists in kenya who are unemployed and even those in work and not being paid as much as the cubans but each of these kind as we are speaking they have their name is country they question the argues it is about numbers that is why we even agree that hundred doctors cannot help the whole process that is true but what we are seeing in the process of hiring these doctors at higher skill or salary it is because if two doctors. the decision to hire foreign doctors stems from the government's frustration over frequent doctors strikes including one last year that lasted one hundred days and crossed major disruption to services in public hospitals. george muti saw struggles to get the specialized care he needs he often has to travel from his rural home to this hospital on the outskirts of the capital he told us it has taken him four days
2:38 am
to see a specialist the situation is worse in with he says hometown some rural hospitals have not had a specialist in years the doctor patient ration the country is one to seven and a half thousand that's seven times more than the double heechul recommendation of one to a thousand. a member. you know. before you know. the court has dismissed the case by the da to block the hiring of the specialists from the doctors' fees that he's going to appeal some kenyans are happy with the new arrivals they say that patients who can only afford public health care need all the help they can get but they also know that this doctors need medical supplies and probably meant to be able to do their jobs well
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cathy zoi al-jazeera nairobi malaysia's prime minister says that investigators will follow multiple charges against his predecessor is being investigated in a massive corruption case mahathir mohamad reopened an investigation into nudgee braszczok after winning last month's election the former prime minister is accused of stealing billions of dollars from a state farm known as one m d b during his nine year tenure has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing he was the leader responsible for one and nothing can be done and we thought he. and we he signature on all the deans and. therefore he just wants a book we have the checks we have the letters signed by him so he can see that i had nothing to do with the reader and have each of the at them by and by working as possible. theories. if you like
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and we think that we already have. almost a perfect piece. the ruling coalition in india than minister of kashmir has collapsed india's prime minister narendra modi's party has the b j p has withdrawn its support the b j p wants federal control of the states where at least one hundred thirty people have been killed in protests and attacks this year paul brennan reports indian security forces fought hundreds of muslim protesters at the weekend one demonstrator was killed and at least twelve more injured in just the latest episode in years of anti india anger it's the deteriorating security situation in kashmir which is being blamed for the collapse of this coalition government the hindu nationalist b j p has withdrawn its support for the p.d.p. coalition partner and surging government leaders in new delhi to impose direct rule to be thought a categorical that those in charge of the state were not completely successful in
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dealing with the situation we don't question their result but in reality the state government was unable to fulfill its obligations in terms of improving the situation in kashmir valley and ministers faced a lot of difficulties from the p.d.p. the b j p p.d.p. coalition was often seen as an unlikely alliance in india's only muslim majority state p j p's perceived hardline stance against kashmiri rebels is opposed by the p.d.p. which advocates a more conciliatory approach to address underlying grievances from what i am a fair man that we've always said that in jammu and kashmir a muscular policy will not work we can treat and kashmir as enemy territory. direct rule is not a welcome prospect for many kashmiris if it is imposed by delhi that would give the b j p a free hand to crack down before the general election which must be called within a year people are suffering here that's why people are not concerned they are least
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bothered about this whether egypt be aligned with. any other political party they just wanted to get result of what we did he adds. why did the game of pain be mostly beach pressure meeting nobody except nor did. both india and pakistan claim kashmir is theirs and for two wars since indian independence from britain in one nine hundred forty seven the indian army's organized military exercises in the disputed region this week the un has accused india of using excessive force against kashmiris which india denies and pakistan denies indian accusations of arming kashmiri separatists but the government collapse the warning signs a clear paul brennan al jazeera north korea's leader is in china again just a week after his historic meeting with u.s. president donald trump kim met chinese president xi jinping in beijing on his third trip there since march according to china's state television kim briefed president
2:43 am
xi on his meeting with donald trump and the pair agreed to push for peace on the korean peninsula china is north korea's largest and closest ally the central african republic has rejected tennis star boris becker claims of diplomatic immunity and says the official passport that he has is a fake becker says he was appointed a sports attash a for the central african republic in april of this year with diplomatic travel documents he says that gives him immunity against bankruptcy proceedings in london but cia as foreign minister has denied his claim and says the passport is from a batch that was stolen four years ago a british court has agreed to the backers bankruptcy case pending a decision on his claim of immunity. apple spent five and six and a half million dollars for misinforming astray and customers about their faulty i phones the tech giant refuses to fix phones die pads that had been serviced by
2:44 am
third parties but it failed to tell a story in customers about the policy apple that mrs misleading hundreds of them andrew thomas reports from sydney. this was an issue that affected five thousand people in australia in twenty fifteen or twenty sixty they have apple i phones or i pads they downloaded the lights of software only to find that that immediately generated an era fifty three message which stopped their device from what you toddy when those people took their products into an apple shop like this one they were told that they'd go on the air at fifty three minutes each because it revealed that they had taken a device at some point so an unauthorized repair of an apple said that as a result of that they had no obligation to repair it or replacing will strike me as can see regulates said no just because somebody takes a branded products when on all of their eyes repair does not invalidate a little strike it's because you never text me just like them about apple as a result cost for a place all the broken bones and a nine million australian dollar fine that's about six million us dollars going
2:45 am
well this was an issue that affected people all over the world so australia is unlikely to be the last place rockpool by such a point take a look at this norway has tested a two seater electric airplane in the hope of starting passenger flights by twenty twenty five the country's transport minister and the head of the airport's operator took the debut flight around all slow the government wants to make all domestic flights electric by the year twenty four c. weakens the world's top bias of electric cars my nine hundred eighty percent of the country's electricity comes from hydro power. this is kind of the first example that we are moving past clover we do have to make sure that it's safe people will not fly if they don't trust it but twenty years from now it is twenty years it's both really short term in one way but it also gives us twenty year old development for trying it out and i think when we come to twenty forty this is
2:46 am
going to be a reality just ahead on news how all the sporting clothing former tennis world number one andy murray making his long awaited return. details coming up.
2:47 am
hello again the world health organization has added addiction to video games to its latest this disease this doctors cannot diagnose persistent and compulsive gaming behavior as a mental health disorder it's estimated that some game is play for up to twenty hours
2:48 am
a day poll chata jan reports. in this virtual universe made up of zeros and ones dense purple storm clouds shroud the planet ninety eight percent of the world's population has disappeared and zombies rise to attack remaining humans it's very fast paced it keeps you going to age the whole. so much fun that the mass online phenomenon called fortnight is consuming hundreds of millions of players around the world while the goal of the game is to battle for the survival of humanity some people's fragile psyche may not survive these all consuming digital games. we have be reviewing evidence for. the gaming behavior and it is sort of like last year's. the world health organization's decision to label addiction to digital and video games as a mental health disorder puts it at odds with gaming industry organizations its
2:49 am
reference guide of recognized and diagnosable diseases describes the addiction as a pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behavior that becomes so extensive it takes precedence over other life interests the question whose is going through or over the gaming and ignore other things in activities like sneak like eating like. education or and and that harms the person and why did the harm that wasn't continues. parents have been concerned about the endless hours their children have spent in front of the console's since the advent of atari and pong now they have signs as their weapon to limit the time their children spend gaming the w.h.o. says only a small number of people who play digital and video games would develop a mental health disorder but early warning signs can help prevent it and while the
2:50 am
makers of fortnight are expected to earn more than four billion dollars this year addiction to gaming screeding militia gaming addiction treatment programs which may even be more lucrative for insurance companies and health care providers now that gaming addiction is considered a mental health disorder. paul judge on al-jazeera let's hear from a colson has an associate professor in psychology at middlesex university specializing in the impact of video games he says that it's premature to label compulsive gaming as a disorder. anything that you do and enjoy is something which can be abused which you can become addicted to no cost one of the things about games they're designed to make us play that designed for us to enjoy them for us to have fun and as such there obviously are psychological tricks the game design is yours i think one of the interesting things is that one of the reasons why games are so popular is that they actually tap into some of our fundamental human motivations some of
2:51 am
the reasons we enjoy life and one of my very serious concerns is that if we start treating people with gaming disorder we quite possibly take them away from the gaming environment but we will find some things that games were satisfying in their lives while they're missing amanda worse off than they were before and i think whenever this come up in legislative environments everything challenge in the courts has been defeated the link between the kinds of things that happen in video games and the kinds of things that happen in the real world is pretty much entirely an illusion there is no real link between. killing your friends or killing monsters in a digital environment all in crime if there was a link between these things we would have expected to see an enormous rise and fall on the last twenty years when the use of that you're going to tremendously well of course we do actually see as a reduction of this point where it's about relationships just simply aren't there.
2:52 am
at the. naacp. was. our actions in iraq. and. when the news breaks. on the mail man city and the story builds to be forced to leave. when people need to be heard women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring new award winning documentaries and live news and an al-jazeera i got to commend you
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candid testimonies from the binny's women who are staying single longer. what's causing this cultural shift in a society already be set by religious and social tensions. and are there
2:59 am
implications for the arab world as a whole. single by choice on al-jazeera. a new poll ranks mexico city is the pull for worst in the world for sexual violence many women are attacked while moving in the crowded spaces of the metro buses and even at the hands of taxi drivers the conversation starts with do you have a boyfriend you're very pretty and young you feel unsafe threatened you think about how to react what do i do if this gets west's no money on a uses a new service it's called lal drive it's for women passages only and drawn by women drivers the apple for some extra features like a panic button and twenty four seven monitoring of drivers getting to the heart of the matter if well stuff i can see that such a supreme leader calls you today and says let's have talks would you accept facing realities what do you think reunification of look like there are two people think
3:00 am
the peace corps unification is the only option for prosperity of south korea hear their story on talk to al-jazeera. the human rights council is a poor defender of human rights the united states pulls out of the un human rights council saying that the organization is not worth its name. hello i'm adrian finighan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. as anger grows over the trumpet ministrations immigration policy to separate children from their parents the president meets politicians at a vote on the issue.


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