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except facing the realities what do you think reunification of look like there are to people think the peaceful unification is the only option for prosperity of south korea hear their story on talk to al-jazeera. the human rights council is a poor defender of human rights the united states pulls out of the un human rights council saying that the organization is not worth its name. hello i'm adrian finighan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. as anger grows over the trumpet ministrations immigration policy to separate children from their parents the president meets politicians at a vote on the issues. face fighting at the airport in the yemeni city if the data
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as pro-government forces take on hooty rebels plus. the russian gold rush that's getting home fans so excited at the world cup. a cesspool of political bias that's how the u.s. has described the un human rights council and that's its justification for pulling out of the un body president donald trump has been threatening to quit the rights party if it wasn't reforms of zeros ruslan jordan reports. a year ago the u.s. ambassador to the united nations criticize the u.n. human rights council for what she called its hypocritical behavior and nikki haley said the u.s. would quit the council if it didn't change its ways it's hard to accept that this council has never can see. a resolution on venezuela and yet adopted five biased
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resolutions in march against a single country israel it is essential that this council address it's chronic anti israel bias if it is to have any credibility it is correct to criticize the state of israel for its actions as said by rabbi law you can you can challenge the israeli government's policies we thought being a mighty comet such as this a permanent agenda item investigating israel's treatment of palestinians and the us is recent failure to prevent the un general assembly from condemning israel's use of force in gaza finally made the trumpet ministration say enough on tuesday but when organizations undermine our national interests and our allies we will not be complicit when they seek to infringe on our national sovereignty we will not be silent we take this step because our commitment does not allow us to remain a part of a hypocritical and self-serving organization that makes
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a mockery of human rights we could have withdrawn immediately we did not do that instead we made a good faith effort to resolve the problems the us has had a troubled relationship with the council when it was set up in two thousand and six president george bush refused to join because he feared countries with poor human rights records would be able to sit on a panel intended to punish human rights violators key in bush's decision making the us ambassador to the u.n. at the time john bolton he's now president trumps national security advisor to president barack obama then joined the council in two thousand and nine argued the u.s. would have more influence and give israel more protection from negative resolutions in the process now the u.s. is leaving the council again and that has human rights groups around the world very concerned they fear that without the press american. since on the council it will
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be much less able to hold countries such as russia syria or north korea accountable for the mistreatment of their citizens it's also not clear how long washington plans to stay away from the human rights council rosalyn jordan al-jazeera the state department and u.s. president trump has been meeting republicans on capitol hill to discuss passing legislation to of the whole the immigration system trump says he's willing to back up one of two bills one proposes a crackdown on the side of sikhism funding for the border wall a more moderate second bill provides a path to citizenship for young people known as dreamers who came to the u.s. illegally as children trump has been on the fierce criticism for its policy of separating migrant families at the mexico border which he continues to defend. when you prosecute the parents for coming in illegally which should happen you have to take the children away now we don't have to prosecute them but then when not
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prosecuting them for coming in illegally that's not good we want to end the border crisis by finally giving us the legal authorities and the resources to detain and remove illegal immigrant families altogether and bring them back to their country. lived out of washington i was there as alan fisher is on capitol hill allan the president came to the capitol. and left what happened. but he spent an hour with fellow republicans he was talking about immigration but don't trumping donald trump also wandered off script and started talking about his tax cuts from at the end of last year and also went on to see surprise surprise that the russian investigation is a witch hunt at the end of the meeting he was only in there for an hour some republican said it was a good meeting donald trump says he's going to saying anything that comes out of
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the house and the senate needs to go through both chambers of course but there's a difficulty there here's the difficulty that there's a couple of bills that are floating around here but there's no consensus on the best way forward that would manage to get through the house and the senate and because of that those in the senate republicans in the senate are what he wanted very narrow legislative fix to see that children would be separated from the parents on the southern border but the democrats aren't keen to help on that because they think it doesn't need a legislative fix this is something that donald trump has introduced through his justice department and he could fix by calling picking up the phone calling the justice department saying stop that and stop it now so they're not very keen to get involved in a legislative fix here is another problem as well donald trump said last week that if there's a good immigration bill that comes out of the house in the senate if addresses things that the border wall and legal immigration i know also deals with the issue of separating children from their families he will sign it but he said that last
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week and then he changed his mind on friday and said no no i want to look at the bill will make any changes and then send it back this was everything down there very keen to get this done this week but this is american twenty teen and so because of the divisions the political divisions and the lack of goodwill on both sides there's no real sign the be able to come up with a. i'm sort of plan that will get through the house in the senate and get it all done by friday you say they came to get it done this week the chorus of controversy the chorus of condemnation rather growing over roe donald trump's zero tolerance immigration policy how much damage could this do to the republican party's in november's midterm. well a number of republican senators are very aware of that because they've actually sent a letter in the last few hours to the justice department in same please stop the separation of children from their parents until we can come up with some sort of legislative fix to do that donald trump would have to give the ok and we know that
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donald trump as it greta reversing positions he tends to double don't push forward with it so that sunlight with the up and the other weight of the optics and they really want to get this fixed because they don't want this dragging on through the summer because that looks really bad and then as you get closer to the midterms in november people will remember all of this and the me will change their vote because of it so that is why the republicans are very keen to get this sorted as you see voices of condemnation continue to build there are many many people know who are saying look what is happening on the southern border is cruel it is unacceptable and it is un-american and it needs to be fixed and needs to be fixed no and on many things i was there is an official there live on capitol hill as i was saying trump has repeatedly and falsely blame democrats for his family separation policy he says it can only be fixed with a law change but there is no law requiring families to be split up as kimberly how could reports. as the crisis on the u.s.
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border with mexico ask allayed donald trump is defined lamie his political opponents for a problem he says can only be fixed through legislation as a result of democrat supported loopholes in our federal laws most illegal immigrant families and minors from central america. who arrived on a lawfully at the border cannot be detained together or removed together only released these are crippling loopholes that cause family separation which we don't want speaking at a meeting of independent business owners trump also blamed mexico for encouraging illegal crossings into the united states they come up through mexico mexico does nothing for us you hear it here they do nothing for us they could stop it democrats say the president has the power to stop separating children from parents being
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prosecuted for entering the u.s. illegally they accuse him of putting children into internment camps there is nothing moral or even acceptable of hearing children crying and screaming for their daddies and their mommies in the land that calls itself the land of the free and the home of the brain trump is meeting with republican lawmakers lobbying for broad immigration changes to end separations and provide billions to erect his promised border wall the bills are unlikely to pass instead senators are considering narrower legislation to keep families together or parents immigration status is determined congress can step in and pass this this week i'm a urging congress we can fix this problem we can fix this and i've been speaking with both republicans and democrats we can come together we are all be united and say of course kids should be with their parents the images of weeping children and
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desperate parents potentially moving a u.s. congress to take action after years of failing to compromise to reform u.s. immigration law and now pushing back against an administration refusing to back down kimberly helped get al jazeera washington and yemen saudi m.r.c. coalition forces have taken control of parts of her datas and ports as they. five who think rebels in the area and the yemeni army is also stationed on the road between her date of province and the capital that would cut her think militia supply lines and stop any reinforcements coming from santa. habit out of the is on the other side of the red sea in djibouti from where much of the aid bound for yemen is rooted. in the intensity of the bottle for the the international airport captured in a mobile form. the us backed sodium are to coalition has been fighting for control of the airport for
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a week while calling on the fighters holding them back to start and on condition that the host the response has been one of defiance prompting fears the bottle will spread into the town until humanitarian catastrophe the problem or always is highly densely populated areas trying to clear these areas from non-state actors who are embedded in the civilian population who are dug in and have nothing to lose and then you have a semi conventional military trying to clear these areas and that's always going to be difficult as pictures often tonally displaced people in who they are continue to emerge the united arab emirates red cross and ses it's sending an aid convoy north from aden it's a gesture only criticized outside yemen thing to national rescue committee says the relief plan announced by student to be on the united arab emirates to protect civilians living in the data as they all talk the port city is a publicity stunt meant to draw attention away from the undo suffering the
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offensive his cause. the united nations special envoy for human martin cliff it's just left after three days of meetings with the rebels who control large parts of the country he failed to secure any peace deal the u.n. envoy to yemen. in the same request. but if you're. a u.n. envoy to yemen would. like for a. truce in the data over the ports to. the united nations says more than five thousand two hundred families have fled in the past three weeks here in djibouti aid just watching the enforcing situation and they are with increasing a lot they've not been able to deliver aid to say that since the offensive began civilians to have been caught in the crossfire i'll choose the whole the health official claimed that six people have been killed after the boss there were
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traveling in was bombed by the coalition forces yet despite all the fighting the portal for the a lifeline for millions of yemenis remains open the question is for how long we are planning to be doing to should be. tomorrow. we heard her from of this group brace for the. destruction to. but they that is yemen's main port on only entry for international aid there's growing concern that millions of yemenis will still fossa lived more than three years a war hunger and disease. toleration mohamed atta while jazeera djibouti a weather update on al-jazeera. immigration sparks debate in europe as well with germany's chancellor given an ultimatum on the issue plus we must have american dominance in space. for the u.s. military look at whether donald trump's plans may be
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a little too lofty. though whether sponsored by. hello again so look at the weather across central and southern parts of china and taiwan taiwan still looking pretty wet i think more heavy showers here hong kong possibly seeing some rain at times scattered showers across parts of indochina but more persistent rain likely across miramar we've seen flooding here i think we'll see more flooding in the days to come yang on their thirty degrees but the rain pouring down for much of the time we're seeing pretty heavy rain developing across more central areas extending up towards shanghai and that is expected to continue as we head on through into thursday for more southeastern parts of asia here we've got some heavy showers across southern parts
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of the philippines central northern areas seen a few showers and time to time but cherry not looking too bad looking wet across parts of java dry for much of the time and up through the name we've got reasonable conditions singapore will see some showers but further north that drier for a time showers are in the gulf of thailand and showers at times likely to be affecting bangkok so then let's head on through to south asia and here we've got very heavy rain down through the western ghats at the moment that's continuing through wednesday still some showers across the eastern states of india bangladesh and appall but drive across northern areas forty the high in delhi. the weather. on october the sixth one thousand nine hundred seventy three when muslims were observing ramadan and jews were celebrating young people. egypt and syria known to surprise war against israel out of a movie so to get into the situation of disaster now in the first of the three part
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series al-jazeera explores what really happened during the first week of the war knocked on al-jazeera. well again the top stories here on out of syria the u.s. is withdrawing from the united nations human rights council accusing it of chronic bias against israel donald trump's of ministration has long threatened to quit if the rights body was not reformed. u.s. president donald trump has been meeting republicans on capitol hill to discuss passing legislation to overhaul the immigration system trump says that something needs to be done to curb illegal immigration and he plans to sign either of the
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republican bills that the house passes. and saudi embassy coalition forces have taken control of parts of to date as airports in yemen as they continue to fight the rebels the u.n. and aid agencies fear the battle will spread to the city and cause a humanitarian disaster. france and germany have called for a joint european approach to migration germany's chancellor is under pressure over the issue of coalition partners given how to weeks to reach an e.u. wide deal or it will withdraw its supports dominic kane reports from berlin. all the other e.u. leaders emanuel is the one i'm going to america will have heard shares her views on how to deal with the continent's migration crisis the issue has dominated the debate this past week in berlin on choose day the french president made clear his determination to act. that meant that the minister it is with this same
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determination that we believe very strongly in the european response to the migration challenge we have not just discovered this challenge we did not discover it last week but we have very clearly determined together to act and the european coordinated why such friendly sentiments from the french president are exactly what angle america would have been wanting to hear from this meeting because in the past few days she's had to concede on immigration policy to her to mystic c.s.u. allies promising a european solution the price for not seeing her coalition toppled in this document which purports to be a draft of what e.u. leaders will deliberate over in brussels next week much of the policies the c.s.u. have been speaking about are discussed so what are the prospects for an e.u. wide solution this is the school is the team over the topic which currently concerns us or is the topic of migration we understand to as a common challenge we first have to make sure that the cause for migration is
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eliminated that's we support the plans of the commission and austrian presidency to strengthen the protection of outer borders which means nothing else but a significant increase in personnel from tax but despite her apparent confidence some analysts are less convinced a wide agreement is possible and i don't see twenty eight solution coming so i will definitely be a bilateral or multilateral coalition from those or within those countries actually in the e.u. which are most affected. it will be a coalition of the willing in berlin this. week part of machall coalition has appeared to be willing to put in an impossible position the question now is how willing other you member states to help out of its dominant came out zero in the german capital. the international organization for migration says the number of people either crossing the mediterranean to europe or dying on the way has dropped
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sharply in the past few months forty thousand people have made the journey so far this year compared to double that number for the same period last year but there's a big increase in those trying to reach spain zero skull penna whole reports now from the southeastern coast of spain. we're here in the control room of spain's marine rescue center in the port of l. maria and personnel here in front of screens in a radar are on high alert for the possible arrival of more refugees and migrants aboard these rickety fishing vessels they call pâté others now if you look out that way that's one hundred miles or one hundred sixty kilometers to the coast of morocco and that is from where in the last four days fifteen hundred refugees and migrants have headed towards both our maria and points further south personnel here say that they have seen nothing like it that level of arrivals in such
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a short period of time is really putting them under pressure already figures this year at twice as high as at the same period last year what generally happens in this control room is that they will get their first alert perhaps by telephone perhaps by radio from and n.g.o.s from another vessel or directly from the potato itself and they will call and say they are in distress from here they make a call to helicopter a helicopter will be up into the air searching the area trying to locate the migrant vessel and then from there the characteristic orange search and rescue vessels will head out trying to locate and pick up those migrants and refugees and bring them back here to shore over the weekend personnel here say that there was a ship wreck they managed to pluck four survivors from the sea but they say that somewhere out there there is still at least forty bodies of migrants and refugees that simply didn't make it. human rights groups say that more than one
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thousand villages in northeastern mozambique have been left homeless by a surge in attacks by armed groups people say they're not only terrified of the gangs behind the attacks but also of the army's response but in barber reports. beginning the process of rebuilding their homes and their lives these people lost everything when attackers set fire to their village in mozambique's northeastern province of kabul their god it was part of a series of attacks that began last october just since last month around forty people are thought to have been killed in the area which is predominantly muslim and more than a thousand people have fled their villages the mayor of this district seen here meeting soldiers deployed after the latest violence says there's been a strong response. as you see here the people of many cutlass wood to help the people of nigh on day to build their homes we've also brought in other supplies
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like buckets and clothes i think. the government said that we'll have to clean up the wreckage of our homes then we will get help get wood and bamby to rebuild them local residents call the people behind the attacks but they're not thought to have any links with the somali fighters about name researches say there are a local group who want to establish islamic law or sharia after initially attacking police stations they've gone after a wide range of targets as well as destroying villages and livestock they've burned down mosques and killed local religious leaders there was a situation where they asked for the local community leader and when the men. they were looking for tried to run away the group chased him down. and cut it off there in front of everybody to see human rights watch is accused mozambique security forces of a heavy handed response hundreds of people suspected of being linked to the attacks
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have been detained or. there are also rumors of summary execution was. campaigners say until basically said. villages would feel safe enough to return home with barbara al-jazeera. north korea's leader has told china that his country will do all it can to protect peace kim jong un briefed china's president xi jinping on his summit with u.s. president donald trump in singapore north korean state media says that the two leaders discussed ways to work towards denuclearization china is north korea's closest ally has been more violence and nicaragua after the latest round of talks between the government and protesters failed. at least two people died in the southern city of. after police and paramilitary confronted demonstrators earlier protest leaders abandon talks mediated by the catholic church the opposition is accusing the government of not keeping its
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promises to invite international monitors to investigate the violence which began in april really one hundred eighty people have died since then anger over pension reform led to the unrest severe weather has hit parts of the southern midwest united states with heavy rain causing flash flooding in many states people had to be rescued in illinois as rising water submerged roads and houses but no reports of injury or major damage and but more heavy rain is forecast china has condemned plans by donald trump to push the u.s. military's presence to outer space trump is recommending a space for speech set up to ensure american dominance beyond planet earth but he called a reports from washington. that's a big statement u.s. president donald trump proposing a major shift for the u.s. military we must have american dominance in space to do that he wants the
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military to look at adding a new branch of service or something like the scale of the u.s. army but in space he's calling it a space force the chinese government criticize trump's decision is a violation of the one nine hundred sixty seven outer space treaty that year the u.s. and the soviet union promised to use space for peaceful reasons not for war for decades it's been an uncontested domain the u.s. air force over ready has a space command it even has its own promotional videos united states air force has owned this high ground of space for decades other nations other air forces only dream of making such a claim the president wants to dramatically increase the number of military people working on space beyond the current thirty five thousand but some think that is unnecessary including this former astronaut basically that part of this program way just transferred out his assets and those personnel from the the u.s.
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. air force two out of six branch of the service the current secretary of defense has previously called the creation of the sixth branch of the military unnecessary and expensive and if the president wants to proceed he would need congressional approval former astronaut and current u.s. senator bill nelson has already treated his disapproval writing quote now is not the time to rip the air force apart with anybody likely not to sign. is there anybody in this room that would be anything from the president once a space command and he can sign his name demanding one that doesn't mean you'll actually get it political hay al-jazeera washington. police to stop demonstrators from storming ukraine's parliament. want. more than a thousand war veterans and miners protested against plans to cut benefits more than five hundred police officers were deployed outside parliament home hopes are
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soaring at football's world cup. and it's perhaps not surprising why russian fans excited the virtually guaranteed to make the knockout stage of the competition the lowest ranked team at the tournament made it two wins from as many matches off to beating egypt three one it's petersburg and they're enjoying a gold rush they've struck eight all up so far. the only team left in russia's way in that pool play a euro quiet who faced saudi arabia on wednesday and earlier matches japan beat ten man colombia two one in senegal posted the first win by an african nation of the two an amount too good for poland the band form a feat for bosses at the world cup at the invitation of russia's president sepp blatter was ousted in twenty fifteen for ethics violations as part of a corruption scandal he was banned from all football related activities for six
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years but that doesn't stop him attending matches the eighty two year old is expected to watch two games but it's not known if he'll meet president vladimir putin. you know that he invited me two years ago to do here i don't. think is still the organizing committee to do to make a change to see the ridiculous. i guess taking advantage of the program they are offering to me and then happy to feel. it is good to have you with us hello adrian finnegan here in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera the u.s. is withdrawing from the united nations human rights council accusing it of chronic bias against israel donald trump's administration has long been to quit if the rights body was not reform the united states is officially withdrawing from the
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un human rights council in doing so i want to make it crystal clear that this step is not a retreat from human rights commitments on the contrary we take this step because our commitment does not allow us to remain a part of a hypocritical and self-serving organization that makes a mockery of human rights we did not make this decision lightly us president of trump has been meeting republicans on capitol hill to discuss passing legislation to overhaul the immigration system trump says that something needs to be done to curb illegal immigration and he plans to sign either of two republican bills that the house passes from has been out of fierce criticism for his policy of separating migrant families at the mexico border which he continues to defend. saudi embassy forces have taken control of parts of her datas airport in yemen as they continue to fight who the rebels the u.n. and aid agencies fear the battle will spread to the city and cause
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a humanitarian disaster north korea's leader has told china this country will do all it can to protect peace kim jong un briefed china's president xi jinping on his summit with u.s. president donald trump and singapore north korea's state media says the two leaders discussed ways to work towards denuclearization china is north korea's closest ally there's been more violence in nicaragua after the latest round of talks between the government and protests failed at least two people died in the southern city of maceo after police and paramilitary confronted demonstrators earlier protest leaders abandoned talks mediated by the catholic church the opposition is accusing the government of not keeping its promises to invite international monitors to investigate the violence which began in april there's the headlines next on al-jazeera inside story.
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camp. ground. international condemnation. for those trying to stop. this story. welcome to the show i'm. tolerant surprise to migrants who cross the border without proper documents his policy is simple jail the parents
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take their kids away but it.


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