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talk to al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian finnigan this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes the human rights council is a poor defender of human rights the united states pulls out of the u.n. human rights council accusing the organization of hypocrisy and not worth its name . as anger grows over the trumpet ministrations immigration policy to separate children from their parents the president meets politicians on capitol hill head of a crucial vote on the issue. of fierce fighting at the airport of the city of her
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data as pro-government forces take on who to fight says. a more violence in nicaragua as the latest round of talks between the government and protest leaders fail. a cesspool of political bias that's how the u.s. has described the un human rights council and that's its justification for pulling out of the un body it was founded in two thousand and six to investigate human rights violations in member states it's made up of forty seven member countries they're elected by the un general assembly for a three year can serve only two terms in a row a specific number of seats allocated for each region of the world the u.s. could revert to observer status which is reserved for countries that are not members that allows them to speak on rights abuses but not to vote. well president
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trungpa been threatening to quit the right sporty if it wasn't reformed al-jazeera swaziland jordan reports. special a year ago the u.s. ambassador to the united nations criticize the u.n. human rights council for what she called its hypocritical behavior and nikki haley said the u.s. would quit the council if it didn't change its ways it's hard to accept that this council has never considered a resolution on venezuela and yet it adopted five biased resolutions in march against a single country israel it is essential that this council address its chronic anti israel bias if it is to have any credibility it is correct to criticize the state of israel for its actions as said by rabbi law you can you can challenge the israeli government's policies without being a mighty comet such as this a permanent agenda item investigating israel's treatment of palestinians and the us
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is recent failure to prevent the un general assembly from condemning israel's use of force in gaza finally made the trumpet ministration say enough on tuesday but when organizations undermine our national interests and our allies we will not be complicit when they seek to infringe on our national sovereignty we will not be silent we take this step because our commitment does not allow us to remain a part of a hypocritical and self-serving organization that makes a mockery of human rights we could have withdrawn immediately we did not do that instead we made a good faith effort to resolve the problems the us has had a troubled relationship with the council when it was set up in two thousand and six president george bush refused to join because he feared countries with poor human rights records would be able to sit on a panel intended to punish human rights violators key in bush's decision making the us ambassador to the u.n.
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at the time john bolton he's now president trumps national security advisor thing. president barack obama then joined the council in two thousand and nine are you the u.s. would have more influence and give israel more protection from negative resolutions in the process now the u.s. is leading the council again and that has human rights groups around the world very concerned they fear that without the american presence on the council it will be much less able to whole country such as russia syria or north korea accountable for the mistreatment of their citizens it's also not clear how long washington plans to stay away from the human rights council. jordan al-jazeera the state department the un's human rights chief responded on twitter shortly after the announcement they had rather al hussein said the decision was disappointing if not really surprising given the state of human rights in today's world he went on the u.s. should be stepping up not stepping back of us republicans have agreed to work on
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legislation to end the president's controversial policy of separating migrant families at the southern border but democrats are not willing to support it saying that donald trump can act alone alan fischer reports from washington it is the president went to capitol hill to discuss immigration as the crisis on the southern border escalates the system is broken for many years immigration system that's been a really big system probably the worst of it where the world we're going to try and see if we can fix it and he went into a meeting with members of his own republican party democrat staged a protest outside. but on a number of bills doing the rounds which deal with various immigration issues trump wants an end to children being separated from the parents and funds for his promised border wall so while he wants a comprehensive deal the problem is that isn't comprehensive support no republicans in the senate
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a working on not only focus legislation on just the separation issue congress can step in and pass this this week i'm a urging congress we can fix this problem we can fix this and i've been speaking with both republicans and democrats we can come together we are all be united and say of course kids should be with their parents but democrats aren't ready to help the president out of a crisis the insist he created with his own policies president trump if you're truly ashamed of what's happening at the border get your team together and undo this shameful policy immediately which you can do with a flick of the pen there's no need for legislation there's no need for anything else you can do it mr president you started it. you can stop it after a little more than an hour donald trump left capitol hill he didn't take questions during the meeting but told his party he would sign any immigration deal that got house and senate approval so this is an opportunity for us to be compassionate but
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also stand for security and he said security and dark to fix together you're looking you're a very strong. like eighty percent issue there is a clear consensus across the house in the senate to address the immigration issue here are the two big problems first of all there isn't a clear idea of what will get enough support to pass all the president says you're saying any bill that emerges he has changed his mind in the past the more critics continue to say that what is happening on the southern border is cruel unacceptable and un-american alan fischer al jazeera on capitol hill in washington the american civil liberties union is suing the trumpet ministration for separating migrant children from their parents it says the practice violates the constitution. the administration keeps talking about how this is designed to make people follow the rules but people who have been following the rules have also suffered family
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separation people who have presented at the ports of entry as they are supposed to have had their children taken away from them so that the narrative that this is only targeting people who have broken the law is a lie mexico's foreign minister called the policy cruel and inhumane. you know. i would like to express in the name of the people and government of mexico our most categorical and energetic condemnation of what is a cruel and inhuman policy mexico fully recognizes the united states' sovereignty and its capacity to decide its own way of dealing with immigration the mexican government does not in any way promote illegal immigration however we cannot be indifferent to what clearly represents a violation of human rights and what can put children including disabled children in situations of danger and vulnerability let's get some expert opinion bruce fein
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is a former us associate deputy attorney general and constitutional lawyer who joins us now live from washington d.c. good to have you with us once again so president trump was on capitol hill earlier today did he help or hinder matters as far as this issue is concerned. well i don't think move the ball forward there is differences in the house in the senate with regard to how to treat the children who are forcibly separated from their parents and when there's an illegal entry and by just saying that he'll sign anything congress will send him but we know that those kind of statements have a shelf life of relatively few minutes to them it's not conceivable that president would sign anything that was sent to him i think that it still remains very very fluid you have at least a half a dozen issues out there where the disagreements remain very strong not only the twenty five billion to build the war the border wall that from insists upon but it
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relates to narrowing the concept when a t. necessary to get preference to wives and children and grandchildren as opposed to an aunt's eliminating the diversity visas now fifty thousand that go to countries that are under-represented cutting off funds to cities and states that are not collaborating with our immigration and customs enforcement in detecting and deportation a deportation deporting aliens all these are on the table and you could vote for them separately you could vote them all at once the process of amendments from a bill on the floor is going to vary from the house in the senate it could be changed by paul ryan or mitch mcconnell the respective leaders of the two chambers i still think that right now the likelihood of some kind of enact is very slim i think there's a group who believes that if the policy of separation does not change it will hurt republicans and president trump in november and there are those that think it won't
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and that it will show that he's being tough on immigration and the probability is that we'll be in the log jam there in the country has been for the last several years how much anxiety is there among republicans on the hill concerning. the growing chorus of condemnation over the administration's immigration policy. well i do think that there is great concern on the republican side remember it was republicans who are leading the charge in the house for a so-called discharge petition where a simple majority two hundred eighteen could force a vote on an immigration bill notwithstanding the opposition of leader ryan and that fell short because ryan said i'll bring something to the floor for you to vote on but the republicans could change their mind and go back to the discharge petition if they don't think that they have
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a fair shot at voting on something that they can tolerate i think it's real they're universal even amongst trump's base that this current policy is not humane and is not acceptable where a country that claims that we're for family values i think the evangelical base would be abandoning is indications already that the catholic church and other church leaders have condemned the separation of the families and ultimately my view is the leverage is going to be on some kind immigration bill that among other things insists that the separation policy end and what else is in it that's totally up in the air at present the number two democrat of the in the house said that his party was unlikely is for any bill oddie immigration saying that the idea is. a pretty terrible i mean does it matter that accredits won't support his. well yes it does because you don't have
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a unified republican side and the fact is if you don't have the democrats on board you're very unlikely to get a bill that's going to pass muster especially on the senate where the debate rules are far more lax so if the democrats i think what they want to do is use the separation policy is as a leverage to get other policies that they wish to pursue in an immigration package for example what you might call citizenship path for the so-called daca children the eight hundred thousand or more who came under president obama with three year renewable opportunities to work and be legalized at least for that period and so what they'd like to do is in exchange for concessions on the other side maybe even some money for the border wall they want to have the children's reunification policy insisted upon by statute and get some kind of relief for the others eight
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hundred thousand who now are in some kind of limbo with the ending of the doc a program by president trump always gets through to so many things deep in washington. you're with the news hour from al-jazeera still to come on the program immigration sparks debate in europe as well with germany's chancellor given an ultimatum on the issue. a second country to legalize marijuana for recreational use will tell you which one it is elaine could probably guess. at its course world cup hosts russia are on the brink of reaching the knockout stage with victory against egypt. and yemen saudi m.r.c. coalition forces have taken control of parts of her data airport as they continue to fight hooting rebels in the area and the yemeni army has taken control of the road between her data province and the capital that would cause the supply lines
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and stop any reinforcements coming from santa al-jazeera as mohamed atta is on the other side of the red sea in djibouti where much of the aid bound for yemen is rooted. in the intensity of the bottom for. whom the u.s. backed coalition has been fighting for control of the airport for a week while calling on the fighters holding them back to start and on condition that the healthy response has been one of defiance prompting fears the bottle will spread into the town until humanitarian catastrophe the problem of always is highly densely populated areas trying to clear these areas from non-state actors who are embedded in the civilian population who are dug in and have nothing to do and then you have a conventional military trying to clear these areas and that's always going to be
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difficult. us pictures open tonally displaced people in the data continue to emerge the united arab emirates red crescent says it's sending an aid convoy north from aden it's a gesture only criticized outside yemen thing to national rescue committee says the relief plan announced by so that it be on the united arab emirates to protect civilians living in the data as they are talk to port city is a publicity stunt meant to draw attention away from the and do suffering the offensive is causing the united nations special envoy for human martin griffiths has just left after three days of meetings with the rebels who control large parts of the country he failed to secure any peace deal the u.n. envoy to yemen. in the same request. but if you're. a u.n. envoy to yemen would. like for a cease fire or a truce in data apply and over the border to.
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the united nations says more than five thousand two hundred families have fled in the past three weeks here in djibouti aid just watching the unfolding situation in that they are with increasing alarm they've not been able to deliver aid to say that since the offensive began civilians to have been caught in the crossfire earlier on tuesday the whole the health official claimed that six people had been killed after the boss there were traveling in was bombed by the coalition forces yet despite all the fighting the portal for the a lifeline for millions of yemenis remains open the question is for how long we are planning to be doing to should be. tomorrow. we heard you've heard from others i think through brace for the. destruction to. but they that is yemen's main port on only three for international aid is growing concern the millions of yemenis will
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still fossilized more than three years the war hunger and disease could now please tell a ship mohammed at all jazeera djibouti north korea's leader has told china that his country will do all it can to protect peace kim jong un is visiting for the third time since march he briefed china's president changing ping on his meeting with president donald trump in singapore earlier this month north korean state media says the two leaders discussed ways to work towards nuclearization let's go live to beijing china correspond as a dream brown is with us so kim is becoming a dream it would seem a fairly regular visits to beijing is this meeting going to be anything more than came just briefing president xi about what happened in singapore. yeah i think beyond the usual the empty words from state media i think that president xi jinping will want to hear from the north korean leader what has so far been made public
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about his discussions with president donald trump in singapore last week now what's interesting about this visit adrian is that it was reported on the day that kim jong un arrived in beijing in the past state media has tended to report on a north korean leader's visit after that leader has left the country but this time it was done at the start and what seems to be happening is that slowly the north korean leader is being eased into the sort of international limelight he's been welcomed into the international fold this was his third visit to china at the great hall of the people on tuesday he received an official welcome along with full military honors and let's just hit the pause button here because since the end of march kim jong un has met china's president the leader of the united states the president of south korea he's due to meet the president of russia vladimir putin in
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september and of course he's also met the u.s. secretary of state might prompt as well as the prime minister of singapore so this has been really accelerated diplomacy here in beijing i think kim and she jingping will have had obviously discussions about what was what was discussed in singapore and i think also it's fair to assume the president xi jinping might well have been saying to kim look. despite all the sort of post summit euphoria you have to remember the president front does have form from walking away from his promises so don't get carried away just yet this visit of course comes amid severe trade tensions between the u.s. and china washington wants to continue enforcing sanctions against north korea. could china though decide to ease up on those sanctions given trump's decision to penalize china economically you know the timing is interesting isn't it and as we said before here in china things often tend to be
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you know connected we have to remember that these are united nations sanctions that china is in for seeing that said china has suggested publicly in the past that it's time to ease sanctions against north korea indeed on choose day at the regular foreign ministry briefing here in beijing the spokesman said that sanctions against north korea should not be the goal there is no doubt that if china could ease sanctions now it would that said we are getting reports from the border regions particularly the city of dandong which is right on the border between china and north korea and there are suggestions there that you know customs easing up on what in the past have been fairly rigorous inspections of cars and lorries going into and out of north korea every many things are serious china correspondent daydreamed brown there live in beijing france and germany have called for a joint european approach to migration the german chancellor is under intense
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pressure over the issue coalition partner the c.s.u. has given her two weeks to reach an e.q. wide deal or it will withdraw its supports dominic kane reports from berlin. all the other e.u. leaders emanuel mcconnell is the one i'm going to america will have heard shares her views on how to deal with the continent's migration crisis the issue has dominated the debate this past week in berlin on choose day the french president made clear his determination to act. see that meant that the minister it is with this same determination that we believe very strongly in the european response to the migration challenge we have not just discovered this challenge we did not discover it last week but we have very clearly determined together to act and the european coordinated why such friendly sentiments from the french president are exactly what angle america would have been wanting to hear from this meeting because in the past few days she's had to concede on immigration policy to her to
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mystic c.s.u. allies promising a european solution the price for not seeing her coalition toppled in this document which purports to be a draft of what e.u. leaders will deliberate over in brussels next week much of the policies the c.s.u. have been speaking about are discussed so what are the prospects for an e.u. wide solution this is the school is the team over the topic which currently concerns us or is a topic of migration we understand to as a common challenge we first have to make sure that the cause for migration is eliminated that's we support the plans of the commission and austrian presidency to strengthen the protection of outer borders which means nothing else but a significant increase in personnel on tax but despite her apparent confidence some analysts are less convinced a wide agreement is possible i don't see twenty eight solution coming so i will definitely be
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a bilateral or multilateral coalition from those or within those countries actually in the e.u. which are most affected. it will be a coalition of the willing in berlin this week part of merkel's coalition has appeared to be willing to put her in an impossible position the question now is how willing other e.u. member states to help ourselves dominic. in the german capital. canada has become the second country in the world to. legalize recreational marijuana marijuana nationwide the bill passed both houses of parliament on tuesday the federal government could issue licenses within eight to twelve weeks for produces to sell cannabis people will be able to grow up to four plants year ago i was the first country to legalize recreational marijuana in twenty thirteen. the ruling coalition in the administered kashmir has collapsed indian prime
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minister narendra modi's party the b j p has withdrawn its support the b j p wants federal control of the state where at least one hundred thirty people have been killed in protests and attacks this year paul brennan reports. indian security forces fought hundreds of muslim protesters at the weekend one demonstrator was killed and at least twelve more injured in just the latest episode in years of anti india anger it's the deteriorating security situation in kashmir which is being blamed for the collapse of this coalition government the hindu nationalist be j.p. has withdrawn its support for the p.d.p. coalition partner is edging government leaders in new delhi to impose direct rule to be thought of got a card with those in charge of the state were not completely successful in dealing with the situation we don't question their result but in reality the state government was unable to fulfill its obligations in terms of improving the situation in kashmir valley and ministers faced
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a lot of difficulties from the p.d.p. the b j p p.d.p. coalition was often seen as an unlikely alliance in india's only muslim majority state p j p's perceived hardline stance against kashmiri rebels is opposed by the p.d.p. which advocates a more conciliatory approach to address underlying grievances from what i am a shaman that we've always said that in jammu and kashmir a muscular policy will not work we can treat and kashmir as enemy territory. and direct rule is not a welcome prospect for many kashmiris if it is imposed by delhi that would give the b j p a free hand to crack down before the general election which must be called within a year people are suffering here that's why people are not concerned they are least bothered about that. aligns with the media p.d.p. our national congress our other any other political party they just want to get result of what we did we had started the game of pain be mostly beach pressure
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meeting nobody except nor devil excepting if you both india and pakistan claim kashmir is there and afford two wars since indian independence from britain in one nine hundred forty seven the indian armies organized military exercises in the disputed region this. week the un has accused india of using excessive force against kashmiris which india denies and pakistan denies indian accusations of arming kashmiri separatists but the government collapse the warning signs a clear pull brennan al-jazeera you know with the news out for now sara still to come on the program new recruits arrive in kenya to give the health system a shot in the arm but not everyone's happy about it. more than just fun and games video games could soon come with a health warning plus. on pole racing copenhagen why danes will be hoping that's an anti-violence fan movement and a player who used to be a refugee can help the team be a success at the world cup. i
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. mean the weather sponsored by. hello again as you look at the weather across central and southern parts of china and taiwan taiwan still looking pretty wet i think more heavy showers here hong kong possibly seen some rain at times scattered showers across parts of indochina but more persistent rain likely across miramar we've seen flooding here i think we'll see more flooding in the days to come yang on the thirty degrees but the rain pouring down for much of the time we're seeing pretty heavy rain developing across more central areas extending up towards shanghai and that is expected to continue as we head on through into thursday for more southeastern parts of asia here we've got some heavy showers across southern parts of the philippines central northern areas seen a few showers and time to time but cherry not looking too bad and then it's looking
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wet across parts of borneo java and barely dry for much of the time and up through the name we've got reasonable conditions singapore will see some showers but further north that drier for a time showers are in the gulf of thailand and showers at times likely to be affecting bangkok so then let's head on through to south asia and here we've got very heavy rain down through the western ghats at the moment that's continuing through wednesday still some showers across the eastern states of india bangladesh and appall but dry across northern areas forty the high in delhi. the weather sponsored by catarrh airways. a landing on it and did you know people. plundered for. now long held resentment at turned violent with deadly consequences you cannot use that as an excuse to go over them and back. people in power travels to south
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america to discover the finds of the methods used and how does it. this is a really fabulous news for one of the best i've ever worked in there is a unique sense of bonding where everybody teams in. something i feel every time i get on the chair every time i interview someone we're often working around the clock to make sure that we bring events as i currently as possible to the viewer that's what people expect of us and that's what i think we really do well.
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it is good to have you with us hello adrian from going to hit and how with the news from al-jazeera our top stories this hour the u.s. is withdrawing from the united nations human rights council accusing it of hypocrisy and chronic bias against israel donald trump's administration along threaten to quit if the rights party was not reformed. and the u.s. president on a trump has met republicans on capitol hill to discuss passing legislation to overhaul the immigration system trump says that something needs to be done to curb illegal immigration and he plans to sign either of the republican bills that the house passes. saudi m.r.c. coalition forces of taking control of parts of her data as airports in yemen as they continue to fight hooty rebels the u.n. and aid agencies fear the battle will spread to the city and cause a humanitarian disaster. there's been further violence in nicaragua after the latest round of talks between the government and protest has failed.
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at least two people died in the southern city of messiah after police and paramilitary confronted demonstrates his earlier protest leaders abandon talks mediated by the catholic church the opposition is accusing the government of not keeping its promises to invite international monitors to investigate the violence which began in april to serious manuel right below as the latest from the network. a national dialogue hosted by the nicaraguan catholic church began again last friday under the condition that president or they got me to set. conditions one of which was for him to invite a delegation from the united nations from the european union and from the inner american commission on human rights to come to get i want to observe the ongoing humanitarian crisis another one of those conditions was foreign and still is for the government to end its violent attacks against the civilian population against
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anti-government demonstrators and at the workshop that is part of this national dialogue that's taking place. people there sort of gave us a sense that that the national dialogue is on shaky ground because these conditions as they say have not been met and this comes off on the heels of a national strike that took place last week that nearly brought the entire country to a commercial standstill and this was certainly a message from both the civilian population and the private sector to the government that what people want are for national elections to be sped up now as far as the demonstrations that are ongoing it's now of the second month of this political crisis the violence continues in fact over the weekend we saw one of the deadliest attacks take place on a building killing burning alive a family of six including two young children neighbors and survivors say that this was yet another attack by pro-government forces but the government here continues to deny any involvement they can keep a person or thing i maintain that the dissent against his government is part of
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a of a right wing conspiracy and in the absence of an independent in the investigation in the absence of national of this national dialogue that remains on shaky ground there really seems to be no end in sight to the violence at least one hundred seventy people have died in nicaragua since the unrest began two months ago initial protests in april were against proposed reforms to the pension system president daniel ortega canceled those plans but that failed to stop the protests in may talks between or take a position groups collapsed and the violence continued rights groups say that the government used lethal. force on demonstrates this both sides finally agreed a truce last week and will take it gave the go ahead for a foreign investigation into the killings but the truce ended off the protest leaders said the government failed to keep its promise since then the catholic church has tried to mediate talks with both sides without success and the nicaraguan leader remains defiant refusing to resign or call early elections
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joining us now via skype from mexico city is erika vera who is the americas director of amnesty international erika you were in nicaragua recently what did you see. yes hired her and yes i was in the ghetto or a couple of weeks ago i was able to meet with the students with the families of those who have been killed in these political and human rights crisis i was able also to be see it some of the people who'd been injured in hospitals and i was unfortunately able to witness two different attacks one attack to a students at the national university of engineering i've also the massive attack against a massive demonstration of more than half million people that were on arindam or there are some of those who have been killed and it was unbelievable to be believe that the government the police of the at a military groups that have been used by the government and have been colluded with
5:36 am
the police were going to attack a peaceful demonstration but unfortunately we were able to witness to observe the situation we've been documented in degraded by lesions of human rights that are happening in this context we launch of we poor call should to kill that document how these systematic polisi of repression of violent repression is happening in in the cut out what i need state already the life of around twenty two hundred twenty people all right you talk about police and paramilitary groups being involved in this violence as you say amnesty is been documenting some serious violations of human rights and and freedom of expression. who is doing what to whom in nicaragua. i mean for also it's clear that this is a systematic all you see of repression directed by the state we need to remind ourselves that the police is under the direct instruction and orders of the
5:37 am
president of the country press are the work they've got so they receive he is the main commander of the police forces but we have been also able to document through the photos and the video that we have thirty five that the government hue seen these military groups use pro-government civilians arms t.v. and that are attacking the population and they've been used precisely on the one hand to increase the capacity to the state to repress people and on the other country confused the responsibility of the state in this across these arrived there is not a position there are not two parties in the situation there are representatives from civil society from many different sectors that are trying to negotiate to get into dialogue with the government but unfortunately the government is not feeling its commitment erica it's difficult to see how this situation can conclude without further bloodshed that the catholic church mediation efforts have come to little so
5:38 am
far what is amnesty international calling for. i mean for all so it's clear that the goal of the many simulating the national dialogue but also the acceptance of the intermediate and commission and human rights to come to the contrary they didn't calculate well the impact of the receipt of the entire american commission and human rights we are expected to see if it's going to be possible to stop these group of wind up in the next verse to investigate these atrocities but we do believe that the international community has a responsibility to put pressure on the gold the markets and to provide all the political and financial resources to these groups investigate these atrocities and to be able to secure the right to rule and justice for the people who are suffering from these atrocities erica good story to many thanks indeed erica get out of that understands national's america's director. the new president of venezuela's powerful constituent assembly is a politician sanctioned as
5:39 am
a drug trafficker by the u.s. government the austar cabello will head the assembly after overwhelming support from fellow politicians the u.s. treasury accuses him of helping to ship drugs from venezuela to europe as well as money laundering and embezzlement the controversial assembly supports president nicolas maduro his opponents boycotted saying it sees the power as once held by the opposition dominated parliament. human rights groups say that more than a thousand villages in northeastern mozambique have been left homeless by a surgeon attacks by armed groups people say they're terrified not only of the gangs behind the attacks but also of the army's response to the dean barber reports . beginning the process of rebuilding their homes and their lives these people lost everything when attackers set fire to their village in mozambique's northeastern province of kabul their god it was part of a series of attacks that began last october just since last month around forty
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people have thought to have been killed in the area which is predominantly muslim and more than a thousand people have fled their villages. the mayor of this district seen here meeting soldiers deployed after the latest violence says there's been a strong response. as you see here the people of many cutlass wood to help the people to build their homes we've also brought in other supplies like buckets and clothes i think. the government said that we'll have to clean up the wreckage of our homes then we will get help get would be to rebuild them local residents call the people behind the attacks but they're not thought to have any links with the somali fighters about name researches say they're a local group who want to establish islamic law or sharia after initially attacking police stations they've gone after a wide range of targets as well as destroying villages and livestock they burned down mosques and killed local religious leaders there was
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a situation where they asked for the local community leader and when the men. they were looking for him tried to run away the group chased him down. and cut is there in front of everybody to see human rights watch is accused mozambique security forces of a heavy handed response hundreds of people suspected of being linked to the attacks have been detained without charge there also rumors of summary executions. campaigners say until this congress of fear and villages won't feel safe enough to return home letting al-jazeera. course in kenya has refused to allow local doctors to block an attempt by the government to employ medics from cuba the doctors say that the cuban recruits will be paid more than them but the government defended its plans saying the state hospitals desperately need stuff catherine sawyer reports from nairobi. he's
5:42 am
a kenya's new government cuban medical specialists will be deployed to some of the country's most understaffed and ill. public hospitals local doctors are angry one took action saying the process was flawed and adding there are almost two hundred specialists in kenya who are unemployed and even those in work and not being paid as much as the cubans or each of these kind as you're speaking they have there in this country the question the argue is that is about numbers that is why we even agree that hundred doctors cannot help the whole process that is true but what we are seeing in the process of hiring these doctors at higher skill or salary it is because if two doctors. the decision to hire foreign doctors stems from the government's frustration over frequent doctors strikes including one last year that lasted four hundred days and crossed major disruption to services in
5:43 am
public hospitals. george multi-source struggles to get the specialized care he needs he often has to travel from his rural home to this hospital on the outskirts of the capital he told us it has taken him four days to see a specialist the situation is worse in with he says hometown some rural hospitals have not had a specialist in years the doctor patient ration the country is one to seven and a half hours and that's seven times more than the double heechul recommendation of one to a thousand. or more are not a member. but. one. system you know in that. the court has dismissed the case by the doctor to block the hiring of the specialists from the doctors things that he's going to feel some kenyans are happy with the new arrival they say that patients who can only afford
5:44 am
public health care need all the help they can get but they also know that this doctors need adequate medical supplies and probably with my. to be able to do their jobs well cathy zoi al-jazeera nairobi the world health organization has added addiction to video games to its latest list of diseases doctors can now diagnose persistent and compulsive gaming behavior as a mental health disorder it's estimated that some game is play for up to twenty hours a day paul chat at c.n.n. reports. in this virtual universe made up of zeros and ones dense purple storm clouds shroud the planet ninety eight percent of the world's population has disappeared and zombies rise to attack remaining humans it's very fast paced it keeps you engaged the whole time. so much fun that the mass online phenomenon called fortnight is consuming hundreds of millions of
5:45 am
players around the world while the goal of the game is to battle for the survival of humanity some people's fragile psyche may not survive these all consuming digital games. we have been reviewing the evidence for. the gaming behavior disorders last several years. the world health organization's decision to label addiction to digital and video games as a mental health disorder puts it at odds with gaming industry organizations its reference guide of recognized and diagnosable diseases describes the addiction as a pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behavior that becomes so extensive it takes precedence over other life interests the question whose is going through or over the gaming and ignores other distinction activities like sneak like eating like. education or and and that harms the
5:46 am
person and why did the harm that wasn't continues. terrence i've been concerned about the endless hours their children have spent in front of their console's since the advent of atari and pong now they have signs as their weapon to limit the time their children spend gaming the w.h.o. says only a small number of people who play digital and video games would develop a mental health disorder but early warning signs can help prevent it and while the makers of fortnight are expected to earn more than four billion dollars this year addiction to gaming the screening machine gaming addiction treatment programs which may even be more lucrative for insurance companies and health care providers now that gaming addiction is considered a mental health disorder. paul judge on al-jazeera let's hear from michael snow has an associate professor in psychology at middlesex university and specializes in the impact of video games he says it's premature to label compulsive gaming as
5:47 am
a disorder. anything that you do and enjoy is something which can be abused at which you can become addicted tuner cost one of the things about games is they're designed to make us play that designed for us to enjoy them for us to have fun and as such they're obviously psychological tricks the game design is yours i think one of the interesting things is that one of the reasons why games are so popular is that they actually tap into some of our fundamental human motivations some of the reasons we enjoy life and one of my very serious concerns is that if we start treating people with gaming disorder we quite possibly take them away from the gaming environment what we will find is that some things that games were satisfying in their lives while they're missing amanda worse than they were before and i think whenever this come up in legislative environments everything challenge in the courts has been defeated the link between the kinds of things that happen in video games and the kinds of things that happen in the real world is pretty much entirely
5:48 am
an illusion there is no real link between. killing your friends or all killing monsters in the digital environment on crime if it was a link between these things we would have expected to see an enormous rise in. twenty years when you said that you're going to tremendously what of course we do actually see is a reduction in. those relationships just simply are that just ahead here on the a bad apple in astronomy a find out why the tech giants run into trouble that. i don't support former tennis tennis world number one andy murray makes his long awaited return of the details in a few minutes.
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hello again apple's been fined six and a half million dollars for misinforming astray and customers about their faulty i phones the tech giant refuses to fix phones and i pads that have been serviced previously by third parties but it failed to tell a straight in customers about the policy. misleading hundreds of them more now from under thomas in sydney. this was an issue that affected five thousand people in australia in twenty fifteen or twenty sixty they have funds or i pads they downloaded the latest software only to find that that immediately generated an era fifty three message which stopped their device from what when those people took their products into an apple shop like this one they were told that they'd go on the air at fifty three minutes each because it revealed that they had taken a device at some point so an unauthorized repair of an apple said that as
5:51 am
a result of that they had no obligation to repair it or replacing the australians can see the regulator has said no just because somebody. on the authorized repair does not invalidate try to see number text me just like about apple as a result place all the broken phones and pay nine million australian dollars and that's about six million us dollars well this was an issue that affected people all over the world civil strife is unlikely to be the last place by such a fine. al
5:52 am
jazeera. where every. when the news breaks. on the mailman city and the story builds to be forced to leave it would just be when people need to be heard to women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you the award winning documentary and. i'm not out zero i got a comment here or i'm hearing is good journalism on air and on.
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al-jazeera where ever you are. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. i really don't know how to define it it's not possible for me to defend it that it's just one of those things that you feel this is yes yes i believe in this i'm so i'm not but i'm an independent on a mission for america. it's
5:54 am
a boat the idea that you had affords dongles raised. it's about it's about the believing in your dreams it's about that. as a filmmaker i would want my audience to support that when men begin first as a unit i would definitely want my audience today and jumble with it and say yes this is what i want and. i have tried to be very honest with the film the story isn't mine yes i. repaired off from my sister was a childhood incident she was the one who planted chocolate all of them so i have to put an element of my childhood off but i suppose in my influences that i've had. the little incidents that used to take place in my own backyard i have cried a little bit of everything to stay honest to the whole thing but still take the whole even from my point of view. i'm trying to create that language where this kid
5:55 am
is a shy kid and it doesn't speak to that is how i ended up not giving him more. than ever the need to be i wanted him to express through i just didn't want him to think shout and scream and cry just assure that his discipline i wondered something which is very subtle that he expresses but it's very an expression is a shy kid although he doesn't speak he would still stand for what is being said what is believed. the nation will give you a lot of difficulty because you know the truth but when it when it comes down to flipping those pages and understanding animation or everything goes for cost at least my first five line drawings following for the fall because i don't know what they were like i did and they were not working on though there was this one man that i started to like and i said yes i'm going to go it's really.
5:56 am
i can't tell you the number of problems that i phased out. bang my head was i would not have been on a mission right when again making baghdad on the lake my mind was always walking in one particular direction because i have been born and brought up but those are the images that have come across all the banks so i know what i sat good with all i ever knew my exposure maybe a school a clue that i ended up doing the same bank owns all that by. mixing what along with digital it gives you more freedom then it kind of gave me the opportunity late going thought about going on one on a digital level and then lose these not only their shows and all luck and knowledge of the money but i'm get an image their lives with really appealing. legs if i have to visualize my kitchen. i don't visualize
5:57 am
a dark blue because those are the on those that haven't been and know that when i see it i sneered that there could have been a better shot than i could have taken a shot sort of an establishment. you know the follow on building the animation i just wonder do you call that what i what what my mind makes me think like the image of the magic that comes to my mind is when i will go away. from this one film because of the kind of film and those and also tell you about the soul of this guy and i just wanted to follow the sort i just wonder before i make. stuff as if it doesn't have structure i don't mean it's ok and i'm fine with that that there are.
5:58 am
stories generate sounds of headlining collaboration we differ. untangles from different perspectives. this the only evidence that russia was responsible for this separate the spin from the facts that's why i own guns. the misinformation from the journalism the issues here go far beyond one data mining company and one election with the listening post on al-jazeera al-jazeera as their what a story breaks but it's also that to see what happens next which i'm on. fire by the barriers for a model barricade of all the seventh street that leads to here the movies now it is all about change people have gone to hear the area the mission of the national army is to search the entire oil complex and i'll just do a stories about telling it from the people's perspective what they think is
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happening in their culture. eighty percent of the visually impaired could be cured without access to treatment. and where there is a will there is a way. from a state of the art tossed. covering over seventy seven countries problem if these patients these scenes today everybody in pakistan. provides free treatment for over one million patients. revisited al-jazeera when the news breaks. on the mailmen city and the story builds to be forced to leave. when people need to be heard women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you the award winning documentaries and live news and out of iraq i got to commend you on hearing is good journalism on air and on mine.
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human rights council is a poor defender of human rights the u.s. pulls out of the u.n. human rights council accusing the organization of hypocrisy i'm not with its name. jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. donald trump is heckled by politicians ahead of a vote on his immigration policy of separating children from their parents. fighting at the airport in the yemeni city of a date as pro-government forces take on too few rebels and no longer under a cloud canada becomes a second country in the world to legalize recreational use of marijuana.


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