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many army is also blocking the road between data province and the capital this will cut supply lines and stop reinforcements from me strongholds sana otto has more from djibouti just across the red sea and the last stop for aid bound for yemen it's not the first time that the coalition forces are claiming to have taken full control over what in that they claim sultan for was a goal of for us to tell but that only taken some sections of the airport largely hindered by land mines and snipers on the rooftops or buildings now residents of the day the describing the fighting that took place at the airport was the most intensive since the offensive. in the intensity of the bottle for what they've. captured in a mobile form the u.s. backed. has been fighting for control of the airport for
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a week while calling on the fighters holding them back to start and on condition that the response has been one of defiance prompting fears the bottle will spread into the town until humanitarian catastrophe the problem always is highly densely populated areas trying to clear these areas from non-state actors who are embedded in the civilian population who are dug in and have nothing to lose and then you have a semi conventional military trying to clear these areas and there's always going to be difficult us pictures open tonally displaced people in who they either continue to march the united arab emirates red crescent says it's sending an aid convoy north from aden it's a gesture only criticized outside yemen. thing to national rescue committee says the relief plan announced by student to be on the united arab emirates to protect civilians living in the data as they all talk the port city is a publicity stunt meant to draw attention away from the and do suffering the
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offensive is causing the united nations special envoy for human martin cliff it's just left after three days of meetings with the rebels who control large parts of the country he failed to secure any peace deal the u.n. envoy to yemen they keep asking the same request. but if you're sort of. a u.n. envoy to yemen which. is. like for a ceasefire or a truce in the data a planned over the ports to. the united nations says more than five thousand two hundred families have fled in the past three weeks we are planning to be doing to tribute. tomorrow. we heard you've heard from others i think through brace for the. destruction to. today that is yemen's main port on only three of four international is growing concern that millions of yemenis will still
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fossilized more than three years of war hunger and disease could now please talk of a ship if it is confirmed that the in from all over port it means the first main objective of the the old friends of husband completed the airport is not a professional but it's a huge military base for the who the fighters are now the fighting moves northward towards the highway that joins her to sign up the couple which the coalition forces and their allies want to take to deny the who fight us a major supply route. israeli military says it has had at least twenty five targets in gaza to hamas says the strikes followed around forty five rockets fired from the strip towards israeli territory several of the rockets were intercepted while three landed tensions have been high in the area since late march when palestinians began protesting at the gaza israeli border fits israeli troops have shot and killed one
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hundred thirty two protesters very fast that has more from lester is on. israeli army says that more than forty five rockets and mortars were fired from gaza and territory into israel in the course of the night and in response the israeli military struck twenty five hamas targets within the gaza strip most of them understood to be empty military compounds training areas and the like all the palestinian sources two reports at least two palestinians being injured in those strikes on the israeli side the israeli military is saying that seven of the projectiles were intercepted by the iron dome system at least three fell within gaza and territory but three did fall within populated areas in israel close to the gaza border and in one instance there was damage to buildings and cars but no injuries reported on the israeli side all of this comes in the context of the protests that we've been seeing in the last few months the around one hundred
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thirty palestinians who've been killed by israeli snipers during that period the ongoing humanitarian crisis within gaza and the biggest military flare up we've seen since twenty fourteen which took place at the end of last month amid all of this of course an intensifying it is what has become a fairly major political problem for the israeli government the continued use of in century kites and balloons by people within gaza flying them on the prevailing westerly winds into israeli territory and burning large swathes of largely agricultural land this is something that many people in israel have been protesting about asking for some kind of response from the government and indeed a senior right winger in the israeli coalition government of benjamin netanyahu has been calling for people flying those kinds to be targeted directly by the israeli military another minister saying about is not government policy they will continue the army's recommendation to increase the targeting of hamas targets in response to
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this practice but it is something that is bringing some pressure to bear on the israeli government nine. the side according to any number of reports wants an escalation to a full blown conflict at this stage and those do understand what have become the rules of the gain over many years now but it is always possible that an escalation can take place even if neither side wants it the united nations has pulled out of the un human rights council the united states that it is describing it as a cesspool of political bias that say it was symbolically left empty empty at the council session on wednesday following the withdrawal yes only became a member in two thousand and nine and our president barack obama but the white house has long complained of decisions to let countries with poor human rights records join we have no doubt that there was once a noble vision for this council but today we need to be honest the human rights council is a poor defender of human rights. worse than that the human rights council has
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become an exercise in shameless hypocrisy with many of the world's worst human rights abuses going ignored and some of the world's most serious offenders sitting on the council itself we have used america's voice and vote to defend human rights at the un every day and we will continue to do so even as we end our membership in the human rights council we will keep trying to strengthen the entire framework of the un engagement on human rights issues and we will continue to strongly advocate for reform of the human rights council should it become reformed we would be happy to rejoin it. is calling on republicans and congress to fix the u.s. immigration system outrage is growing over his so-called zero tolerance policy on tuesday truck that republican house member so scarce the poor over his policy of separating migrant children from their parents members briefed the president on immigration legislation that's expected to be voted on this week trump says he'll
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back any immigration bill they pass. the president trying to do a great job of explaining to our conference why he wants to see a bill get through the house that actually addresses the problem of border security making sure the money to build the wall making sure that parents are reunited with families making sure that we solve the docket problem closing material loopholes ending catch and release that's in our bill were going to be a weapon that bill tonight and i'm really happy that the president came and gave such a strong embrace of a solution to a serious problem that we've been trying to address and frankly democrats been trying to play political games with this a while democrats in the senate have put forth a bill to end family separation but it's failed to garner any support from republicans seven or later chuck schumer says trump has always had the power to change the policy on his own president trump if you're truly ashamed of what's happening at the border get your team together and undo this shameful policy
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immediately which you can do with a flick of the pen there's no need for legislation there's no need for anything else you can do it mr president you started it you can stop it. government has given its first public response to donald trump's zero tolerance policy concerning it as and humane care some of what the mexican foreign minister had to say. mexico recognizes unfairly respects the sovereignty of the united states and its full authority to decide on its internal migration policy i want to be clear mexico's government at no time promotes illegal migration however according to a constitutional principles and convictions we cannot be indifferent before an incident that clearly represents a violation of human rights. and there is also another aspect of the migrant family separations under total top census election families that have lived in the u.s. for years have been targeted for deportation robert all spoke to one family coming
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to terms with the loss of a father. eighteen year old kevin cause mays life changed without warning the day that immigration agents came to a rest his father i need to step up for him it was just a radical change that i wasn't prepared for kevin's father giovanni is an undocumented migrant who entered the u.s. from el salvador sixteen years ago he ran an auto repair shop in los angeles agents arrested him at the shop after he was involved in a minor traffic accident they wouldn't allow giovanni to lock up so thieves stole forty thousand dollars worth of tools and auto parts but the family of five main breadwinner behind bars they couldn't pay their rent we were vitally homeless you know we had to go to a friend's mom's friend and we we begged her and i said what is we have no place for you what can we do. get was your garage at least you know so he said we have
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a roof on her had a place to sleep kevin set aside his plans for college and got a job is mother works three jobs kevin helps care for his brothers aged eight and ten there's times they will break down you know like i miss my father and then sometimes i would find worse what to say what's on the slate you know this is how we have to go to their father has been in a detention center in the desert east of los angeles for seven months communicating with the family through weekly phone calls migrant advocates say detainees have fewer rights than convicted criminals and they don't have a court appointed attorney is a way that someone in the criminal justice system has people have to fend for themselves and what they describe is a kafka esque experience condition. inside these detention centers are often poor on any given day here in the u.s. there are more than forty thousand migrants being held in government detention facilities in
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a new report the watchdog group human rights watch says poor medical care and neglect have led to a number of deaths among those people in detention and sixteen of the eighteen cases that were analyzing this report that led to death and sixteen of them were definitely they could have been prevented kevin seems resigned to the fact that his father will almost certainly be deported the father is like the base of everything you take out the babies everything comes crashing down and without hand which is i feel lost one of the chain of broken families across the country as the crackdown on migrants intensifies robert oulds al jazeera los angeles. still ahead on al-jazeera more on the emergency meeting and your leaders are said to have on sunday to discuss immigration. and new hope for an end to the south sudan's civil war as the rebel leader is set to meet the president.
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hello once again welcome to another look at the international full cost of this thing pretty well it's across southern parts of japan at the moment we see some massive down poles hundred thirty eight millimeters of rain in twenty four hours that's all slowly but surely making its way for the brightest guys do come back in the high salary of low pressure still pretty close by those still going to see if you shall as we go on through the next dials tended to pull away for a cloudy for humid as well twenty five celsius there for soccer i fatah some of the valleys as we go on into friday maybe a touch woman for. that warm enough there across the korean peninsula but touching thirty one here was a similar set but it's a winter basing a possibility some clouds and rain here said a possibility isn't out of right is out of the southeast and coldest deal looking
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rather disturbed after a recent spell of flooding showers longer spells of rain that going to continue if anything becoming a little more widespread as we go on through friday hong kong never really too far away from that wet weather some of those showers extending data to northern parts of the philippines sadly the possibility of further flooding that into luzon as we go through thursday and into friday the shower was a little scattered across southern parts with will be down pulls.
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watching al-jazeera let's take out the top stories for you now government troops in yemen with the backing of the saudi irani coalition have taken control of parts of potatoes airport and they say they are cutting off the supply lines to the east of the city it's part of an attempt to retake the strategically important seaports israel military says it has hit at least twenty five targets in gaza linked to hamas the strikes are reportedly in response to around forty five rockets fired from the strip towards israeli territory most of those strikes were intercepted. as
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republicans have agreed to work on legislation to end the political crisis around president trump's policy of separating migrant children from their parents at the southern border but democrats say they're not willing to support the bill because they say donald trump can solve the problem with a simple executive order. south sudan's revelator has arrived in addis ababa for a meeting with president salva kiir. invited for talks by the ethiopian prime minister of the med it will be their first meeting since a peace deal between the government and machar's rebel group fell apart in two thousand and sixteen tens of thousands of people have been killed in a civil war that broke out in south sudan five years ago. and as a senior researcher at the peace research institute also who joins us now from the region capital we appreciate your time very much so going without a meeting since two thousand and sixteen is a is quite a long time how does one even began to attempt to to build bridges or just even get
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a little bit of trust. it is a very difficult process that is ahead of. the leader or so south sudan now put the meeting between rick marsh are in a curious of course an important step. forward and we have to hope that this will pave the way then for agreement on that stops the fighting on. where to find arrangements for security between the two armies and power sharing agreement what what would you say is a realistic short term goal at the very least like just the name in a man that you would like to see come out of this. it would be as mentioned to find this compromise that makes it possible to see short term solution on the security arrangements on power sharing meaning how the parliament would look like. the distribution of positions in. various
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states will look like will be very important but the key issue only short term is to build trust and we had this situation last in two thousand and sixteen when the last peace agreement broke. fell apart and then. to flee the capital it is of course extremely difficult for the. opposition to believe in security guarantees so probably there will need to be some kind of international protection force operating in juba to keep to ensure peaceful implementation of an a settlement. in the parties when you talk about more international cooperation obviously you know ethiopia is a step down and it is trying to bridge some sort of gaps what role do other
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countries other people play and getting some sort of progress on this process. of course the peace process so far has been facilitated by a regional organization where you can to some extent sudan also place an important role but of course behind there again we are important pressure that's coming from the troika from norway from us. britain together with the e.u. . this. external pressure is extremely important to bring the parties together especially for the government where you have this this rise in oil prices means. there is a certain income for the government which makes it possible for him to continue more or less as before and that means it is necessary to have a pressure on them in order to. convince them that compromise with the opposition
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is necessary so the international community such a place on the extremely important role both in terms of facilitating putting pressure on the parties. thank you very much for joining us and also if. thank you very much an emergency meeting with e.u. leaders is set to take place in the next couple of days to discuss emigration france and germany have already called for a joint european approach has more now from what we know about this meeting what are some of the details of what's planned. well richelle what we know is that this meeting will be held in brussels belgium capital on sunday and it's at the behest of the president of the european commission john claude younker he has invited the heads of state or heads of government of many of the countries that are as it were front line countries in this this this crisis of immigration so that is effectively
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the leaders the heads of government of austria of all garia from germany greece italy and spain we know also that the maltese prime minister will be in attendance the issue at stake is trying to find some sort of accommodation for these countries regarding migration regarding the people who come to these countries who claim asylum and then perhaps seek to go to another e.u. states and do the same process there that's been the crux of the of the of the issue that's taken really sort of by storm as it were the political debate here in germany over the course of the last week and a half where the pressure that i'm going to medical has come under as being about why the policy can't go back policy of immigration here can't go back to what it was in two thousand and fifteen that is the idea that if you claim asylum in one country you shouldn't then go on to claim it somewhere else so that's what is at stake that's the sort of things that will be being discussed on sunday in brussels
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so why have this meeting now there's a for a youth summit and at the end of next week why have this separate meeting. well that is the question isn't it because all the the debate so far the meetings that certainly here in berlin that angle merkel has had with other e.u. leaders have all all the the words that the rhetoric that has flowed from the press conferences that she has given that the other leaders have given has been about the need for a european wide solution but also hidden amongst the language has been this reference to bilateral deals to conversations between on and on and in intergovernmental level well that's very much what angle america wants to see happen and so that's why we can see if they are as it were preparing the ground on sunday working out which countries might be able to reach what sort of accommodation all preparatory to what will happen on thursday and friday of next week where we know that or where it is certainly being reported is that on the agenda will be
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a french idea for centers to be set up in north africa where officials e.u. officials can work through the status of people who present themselves there are they refugees or the economic migrants that's what will be on the agenda at the end of next week question is what will emerge in brussels on sunday this weekend in a live press and roland i want to thank you. international organization for migration says the number of people crossing the mediterranean to europe has dropped sharply over the last few months forty thousand people have made the journey so far this year compared to double that number for the same period in two thousand and seventeen however there is a big increase in those trying to reach spain and our coral pin hall is in a rio in this pain to join us for more so tell us more about sorry tell us more about specifically where you are and why this this shift in migration patterns. show right now we're on the
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decks of the of the model and this is one of these characteristic orange rescue vessels being run by spain's marine rescue service now this ship right now is on high alert in case any calls come through telling them that there are some of these rickety fishing vessels bringing refugees and migrants from the shores of northern africa the coast of northern africa from here lies about one hundred sixty kilometers to our south but it's vessels like this that have been instrumental in saving lives on the western mediterranean migration route this year so far because pain has seen a three fold increase in the number of refugees and migrants heading here compared to the say the same time last year now it's captain miguel part of one of the me getting who's invited is on board and he's been explaining to me a little bit about the work overnight sunday monday he and his eight person crew
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pulled on to dixie a one hundred fifty two migrants from a number of fishing vessels and rode boats and took them to safety here to ameria and to other ports further south and that is that is a trend that right now is worrying the orth already is here the overall number this year up three fold but in just the month of the. june alone the figures being brought to spain the number of migrants and refugees arriving in spain is double the number arriving to italy and that suggests perhaps a change in migration patterns instead of migrants trying to get across the perilous libya its only route they're now being pushed towards the western mediterranean and that is going to mean a very hot summer for miguel pasha and his crew on this vessel and walk them up in a very perilous time karl penhall for us on the aquarius said. thank you very much. talon fighters in afghanistan have killed thirty soldiers in
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the first major attack since a ceasefire between the armed group and the government ended afghan security forces were ambushed in two checkpoints in the western province of. the taliban said it will resume fighting on monday after a three day ceasefire during the holiday which talk rahim is a political analyst he says there is growing pressure on the taliban to come to the don't go shooting table. it was expected the escalation because or the course of three days ceasefire we saw that so many of the. cities and be had issue with this short a lot off and. demanded the peace agreement and the peaceful settlement of the conflict so they had. significant military operations to really wash off all the. expectations that were generated by today's ceasefire but in the meantime the government has been making every effort to reach
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a peaceful settlement. on company given but more than that the public has intensified its soft pressure as we call it through the different. media activism people have been coming together this group that has walked seven hundred kilometers from helmand province to kabul all of this coming together there's a lot of soft pressure being created. and this gives us a sense that there has to be some sort of action stick and resolve the peace process otherwise the taliban may lose the public support a u.n. report says the syrian government and rebel groups committed war crimes trying the battle for eastern earlier the share of forces backed by russia three took the damascus suburb in april after a two month offensive that left almost fifteen hundred people dead and investigators say they found evidence of systematic government bombardments of civilian areas and a deliberate campaign to starve president but blockades preventing the delivery of
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humanitarian aid or port also in case his rivals and discriminate shelling of civilians and damascus. norway has tested a two seater electric playing with the hope of starting passenger flights by two thousand and twenty five transport minister and the head of the airport's operation took the debut flight around all slow the government wants to make all domestic flights electric by twenty forty all regions of the world's top buyers of electric cars and ninety eight percent of electricity comes from hydropower. canada has become the second country in the world to legalize the recreational use of marijuana the federal government's expected to start issuing licenses within eight to twelve weeks for producers to sell cannabis will be able to grow up to four plants your guy was the first country to legalize recreational marijuana in two thousand and thirteen.
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you got the headlines on al jazeera now government troops in yemen with the backing of the saudi i'm ready coalition say they have taken control of your data is airport fighting still continues troops are also cutting off the supply lines to the east of the city it's part of an attempt to retake the strategically important seaport there's really military says it has hit at least twenty five targets in gaza linked to hamas the strikes were reportedly in response to around forty five targets fired from the strip towards israeli territory those strikes were intercepted u.s. president donald trump is calling on republicans and congress to fix his to fix the u.s. immigration system outrage is growing over his so-called zero tolerance policy on tuesday trump met republican house members to discuss the r. pour over his policy of separating migrant children from their parents' embers briefed the president on immigration legislation that's expected to be voted on next week trump says he will back any immigration bill they pass. mexico's
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government has given its first public response to donald trump's zero tolerance policy condemning it as and humane for some of what the mexican foreign minister had to say i don't go to. mexico recognizes entirely respect the sovereignty of the united states and its bill of thirty to decide on its internal migration policy i want to be clear mexico's government at no time promotes illegal migration however according to a constitutional principles and convictions we cannot be indifferent before an incident that clearly represents a violation of human rights several key leaders will hold crisis talks on immigration in brussels on sunday emergency meeting will come ahead of a major summit next week but the issue is causing fresh divisions in europe which from an chancellor angela merkel's coalition government is under threat and there was fast controversy over a boatload of migrants who were recently turned away from italy. canada has become
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the second country in the world to legalize recreational marijuana federal government could issue licenses within eight to twelve weeks for producers to begin selling cannabis it will be able to grow up to four plants. those are the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera much more news to come and sad story is next. the u.s. won't be a migrant camp was dumped holds its ground as children often simply separated from their parents of the mexican border will the outrage an international condemnation
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from immigration reform what would changes mean for those trying to start a new life in america this is inside story. hello and welcome to the show i'm sam is a than. under fire for his zero tolerance approach to migrants who cross the border without proper documents his policy is simple jail the parents take their kids away but he blames the democrats for that and says the law needs to be changed congress is expected to discuss two bills this week so what can we expect we'll talk to our guests about that shortly but first shocking images have emerged of children being held in why a cage is sitting on concrete floors separated from their parents an audio
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recording said to capture the sounds of them crying at the detention center is also circulating hi there joe castro's report now from washington d.c. . the children are heard crying for their my ma and pa pa over and over and over again this audio recording released by a civil rights lawyer reportedly comes from the. inside of a u.s. border patrol detention facility it purports to be the first uncensored glimpse of what children forcibly separated from their parents at the border are experiencing at the hands of the american government there are some. people who are right. this is so heartbreaking it's so challenges that time to so that country that it must be changed must be changed immediately the trumpet ministration has separated at least two thousand children
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from their parents since mid april the kids are sent to detention centers to wait asylum hearings while the adults are processed through the criminal system sentenced and sometimes deported they are fleeing such horrific violence and rape the kinds of conditions that every single one of us would run from in order to protect our children and our families responding to the growing criticism from democrats and civil rights leaders trump remained defiant asian in a tweet the president referenced the refugee crisis overseas falsely claiming crime in germany is way up big mistake all over europe in allowing millions of people in who have so strongly and violently change their culture in fact the number of crimes in germany last year fell to the lowest in twenty five years but administration officials further defended the hardline border measure with homeland
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security secretary cares to nielson putting the blame back on the immigrant parents parents who entered illegally are by definition criminals illegal entry is a crime as determined by congress by entering their country illegally.


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