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the day that the sun told you could avoid everything. unlike industrial bottom true nets which tried to along the seafloor and can kill a wide array of marine night. stay still in the winter and the notch holes means he's not undermining feature fish stocks by catching lots of juveniles. those he does like standing that come in and i. say that's legal so it's a low life and i work for backyards back. but. how much more would you get say for a place if you sent it three don't rub it in just sort of also jack because it's a flat right for her and the cage on. the house side of the market may go to market to offer increase for for the son plights says quite a big difference that is yeah so share members help keep martin in business by
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giving him a good price and buying a set wait each week of whatever he brings in he also going to fish mungo i seldom i still get a break simon called from provence and chairman of the four friends that i sell more than anything else and they're also some of the most kind of owners fish exactly. everyone is someone's office or which it. has got all day because they're prepared to accept whatever turns up and have a car or different spaces and that spanking first figure giving a child what you think into congress is going to what it really is invested royale made significant this netbacks away and often brought. to the business is not is missing from a lot of the way that we that we eat today you know there's such a big disconnect between what's on our plates the naris come from. that's that people want to buy didn't that there's something about it we're not so sure i started in twenty thirteen and now has eighty nine. you buy from and a few up
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a small scale fishing. from boat to ice books in a matter of minutes the race is now on to get today's fresh touch straight up to some members in london so it's. about where the fish come from linking up with the called the fishermen that because. we have a newsgathering team here that is second to their all over the world and they do a fantastic job thank you. south america i. just sold.
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the. place. shown such posts to. come. just as. i. look. a history of guerrilla warfare a place. that constrained their revolutionary zeal. by the splinter groups damage the palestinian cause for insurance and.
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chronicling the turbulence to the struggle for the palestinian. people no history of a revolution on al-jazeera. a new series of rewind a can bring your people back to life i'm sorry and brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries the struggle continues book from the till now use distance rewind continues with baltimore anatomy of an american city i have close friends who were lost to the streets i can literally see the future of baltimore to the ass of my students and it does not look rewind on al-jazeera. a year leader's call for an emergency meeting to deal with the issue of immigration
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and the flow of migrants into europe. i'm sami's a damn this is al jazeera live from doha so coming up under scrutiny donald trump and congress lock holmes over his controversial immigration policy separating migrant families. a saudi led m.r.v. that coalition says it's secured yemen's for a day the airport. a series of air strikes across gaza israel says it's hit twenty five targets. several key e.u. leaders will hold crisis talks on immigration in brussels on sunday the emergency meeting will come ahead of a major summit next week the issue of immigration is causing fresh divisions in
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europe german chancellor angela merkel's coalition government is under threat and in hungary a controversial bill criminalizing some forms of assistance to immigrants passed in defiance of e.u. and human rights rulings from all let's cross over to dominic cain is live for us in berlin so let's start first with the meeting by e.u. leaders are they coming up with a common approach to this problem. a city trying to some let's be clear about that that's what they're trying to do the eight e.u. heads of government or heads of state who will meet for this informal mini summit as it's being referred to in brussels on sunday are trying to find a series of bilateral perhaps multilateral solutions which will pave the way to reducing the tension in this crisis the clearly the relevant leaders all have their own issues regarding immigration in their own countries to deal with certainly here in germany anglo-american all this is having to deal with an angry sister party
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from bavaria who says that effectively anyone who comes to germany claiming asylum claim that somewhere else should not be able to do so and should be turned back at the borders so that's the german perspective and then if you then magnify that for the other countries concerned to a meeting will be meeting as i say on sunday you have the sense of quite how difficult this problem will be to solve and why this mini summit will take place on sunday and that's before the main east summit that will take place in brussels at the end of next week where all twenty eight member states will will be meeting and where it will be more difficult perhaps for them to come to a a solution that deals with all the problems that the continent suffer. a moving target is just a little more risky than to try and help migrants and refugees right. yes that's right this stops soros movement as it were that the fish party that's the party of the prime minister viktor autobahn because he has
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a controlling more than two thirds majority in parliament his party has been able to change the law this stops bill the fact of what it does is to criminalize providing a aid and assistance by non-governmental organizations to people who are classed as illegal migrants it will be a criminal offense which is punishable with a jail term for people to provide assistance as i say to illegal to people who are considered illegal immigrants but further to that the constitution being changed to say that hungary should not be settled with what's called an alien population the reason it's called stop soros is because the u.s. billionaire george soros has been providing assistance to non-governmental organizations in hungary and it's something that mr or buying has railed against and certainly his view and indeed the view not just of his country but the four countries that make up what's called the visa card group that's hungary the czech republic slovakia and poland have all been called calling for a toughening in the rules regarding immigration and saying they don't want to have
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many more grant migrants returned to through their borders to their countries that's the point here that if you draw all of this together the solutions that the e.u. can arrive at whether that's at the e.u. summit at the end of next week or whether it's in the mini summit on sunday it may indeed entailed returning people to first ports of entry to the first e.u. country people claimed asylum clearly if mr or by an intensifying his position it's unlikely that any of those people will be returning to hungary any time soon. we will definitely dominate came. and britain's prime minister to resign may as strongly condemn donald trump zero tolerance policy that separates immigrant families the remarks come as vendors of parliament called on her to withdraw trans invitation for a state visit. the pictures of children being held in what appear to be cages are deeply disturbing this is wrong this is not something that we agree with this is
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not the united kingdom's approach indeed indeed when i was home secretary i ended the routine detention of families with children we have a long and especially long during relationship longstanding relationship with the united states and i think it is right there will be a range of issues that are obvious gusen of president trump a range of issues about our shared interests and i think it's important to welcome the we make sure that when we see the president of the united states here in the united kingdom we are able to have those discussions that means that when we disagree with what they're doing we say so. and dog trump is calling on republicans in the congress to fix the immigration system outrage is growing over his ear zero tolerance policy on immigration on tuesday try it with g.o.p. house members to discuss the op role that erupted over the policy members brief the president of an immigration legislation that's expected to be voted on this week trump says he'll back any immigration bill they pass the president trying to great
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job. for why he wants to see a bill get through the house that actually addresses the problem of border security making sure the money to rebuild the war making sure that parents are reunited with families making sure that we solve the dark of problem loopholes ending catch and release that's in our bill we're going to work on the bill tonight and i am really happy that the president came and gave such a strong embrace of a solution to a serious problem that we've been trying to address and frankly democrats have been trying to put political games with. separately democrats in the senate have put forth an immigration plan but it's failed to garner support from republicans senate minority leader chuck schumer says trump has always had the power to change the policy on his own. president trump if you're truly ashamed of what's happening at the border get your team together and undo this shameful policy
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immediately which you can do with a flick of the pen there's no need for legislation there's no need for anything else you can do it mr president you started it you can stop it let's go live now to our white house correspondent kimberly and washington d.c. for us or does it look like this is going to become there's going to be a solution for this anytime soon right. no it doesn't appear what you saw there are basically what we've been seeing for more than a decade when it comes to immigration on capitol hill a lot of finger pointing not a lot accomplished in terms of reforming the nation's outdated immigration laws so donald trump is essentially doing what he promised he would do in the campaign trail and that is in forced the laws that are in place right now hard line policies while also pointing the finger at congress pressuring it to do its job and essentially the president has been tweeting about this this morning saying that in
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fact that he's blaming the democrats and even the media the democrats he says not giving him the votes that he needs to pass the laws that are necessary to reform immigration even though it is important to point out that republicans control both houses of government and also blaming the media for not reporting what he says is the reality in his view that there is a dangerous threat to public safety as a result of what he calls immigration loopholes that need to be fixed what we're hearing is that there could be a narrower bill or piece of legislation on capitol hill that may specifically address sammy just the family separation policies that is something the president says he will support and that could make it through the house and the senate but these broader immigration bills that include funding for the president's border wall doesn't seem to be a lot of agreement there we should point out though according to new polls despite the international outrage over the president's hardline policies his approval ratings are at forty five percent that's something we haven't seen since inauguration day in contrast to congress which is less than twenty percent so the
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president standing by his policies he's standing by his department of homeland security secretary and expect that he's going to continue this push when he travels to dilute minnesota this evening to continue to argue for the hard line stance that he's taken which is particularly unpopular but seems to also be having some traction among his supporters all right kimberly how could that. the mexican government has given its first public response to don trump's zero tolerance policy condemning it as inhumane. mexico recognizes and thoroughly respects the sovereignty of the united states and its full authority to decide on its internal migration policy i want to be clear mexico's government at no time promotes illegal migration however according to our constitutional principles and convictions we cannot be indifferent before an incident that clearly represents a violation of human rights. while earlier in the day donald trump promised he
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would cut foreign aid to countries where people trying to enter of u.s. illegally were coming from and he blamed mexico for not stopping it. child smugglers exploit the loopholes and they gain illegal entry into the united states putting countless children in danger on the perilous trek to the united states they come up through mexico mexico does nothing for us you here and here they do nothing for us they could stop it they have very very strong laws try staying in mexico for a couple of days see how long that lasts is also another aspect of migrant family separations under the don't trump administration since his election families that have lived in the u.s. for years have been targeted for deportation while brown spoke to one family coming to terms with the loss of a fall of. eighteen year old kevin cause mays life
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changed without warning the day that immigration agents came to arrest his father i need to step up for him it was just a radical change that i wasn't prepared for kevin's father giovanni is an undocumented migrant who entered the u.s. from el salvador sixteen years ago he ran an auto repair shop in los angeles agents arrested him at the shop after he was involved in a minor traffic accident they wouldn't allow giovanni to lock up so thieves stole forty thousand dollars worth of tools and auto parts but the family of five main breadwinner behind bars they couldn't pay their rent we were vitally homeless. we had to go to a friend's mom's friend and we we begged her and i suppose we have the place where you will can we do sleep it was your garage at least you know so he said we have a roof on her head place to sleep kevin set aside his plans for college and got
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a job is mother works three jobs kevin helps care for his brothers aged eight and ten there's times they will break down. you know like i miss my father and then sometimes i would find worse what to say what the time on the sly you know this is how we have to go to their father has been in a detention center in the desert east of los angeles for seven months communicating with the family through weekly phone calls migrant advocates say detainees have fewer rights than convicted criminals and they don't have a court appointed attorney is a way that someone in the criminal justice system has people have to fend for themselves and what they describe is a kafka esque experience conditions inside these detention centers are often or on any given day here in the u.s. there are more than forty thousand migrants being held in government detention facilities in a new report the watchdog group human rights watch says poor medical care and the
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glen have led to a number of deaths among those people in detention and sixteen of the eighteen cases that were analyzing this report that led to death and sixteen of them were definitely they could have been prevented kevin seems resigned to the fact that his father will almost certainly be deported the father is like the base of everything you take out the babies everything comes crashing down and without him you just i feel lost one of a chain of broken families across the country as the crackdown on migrants intensifies robert oulds al jazeera los angeles still ahead on al-jazeera. violence in it i'm off to the latest round of talks between the government protestors fails.
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hello welcome to another look at the international focus of a whole big damn polls. central southern parts of china he's shade of cloud here bringing some really heavy right into those eastern and southern parts of the country the southeast yes quandong province has had some flooding over the past couple of weeks more heavy showers really never too far away the heavy rain continue to just feed its way towards taiwan not tibet on thursday but i think friday iran becoming a little more expansive much of the region will see some really heavy rain by this date will oppose the philippines still looking very disturbed the heavy rain pushing over towards lose all the layers on the other hand too bad scattering a showers there across much of india china joining up with the heavy rain that we have through thailand right across the eastern side of the goal losses shouted out showing up here pushing across into me and now add into bangladesh and within the
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northeast of india western ghats staying very unsettled big massive cloud and rain here one hundred to two millimeters of rain quite easily coming down for many of these policies we go on through the next twenty four hours or sort of the right no letting up here along with the northeast of india and into me and my further north stays hot new delhi forty one. unpack it for us what were you hearing what we're seeing where on line horrendous things humans told us there's absolutely no doubt about that or if you join us on sacked a lot of the major countries in the commonwealth have far bigger fish to fry and chips to eat this is a dialogue about some of this excess if perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making to. join the colobus conversation amount is iraq.
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zero time to recap our headlines this hour now several key e.u. leaders who will hold crisis talks rather on immigration in brussels on sunday emergency meeting will come ahead of a major summit next week the issue of immigration is causing fresh divisions in europe. in the u.s. republicans in congress have agreed to work on legislation to when the president's policy of separating migrant children from the parents of the southern border democrats are refusing to support the bill the donald trump can solve the problem with a simple executive order. the saudi amorality coalition in yemen says it's taken
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the full control of the airport in her day that it's a key milestone in the offensive to push both the robles from the city fighting continues in other areas the yemeni army is now blocking the road between the day the province careful salah in an effort to cut rebel supply lines are reports. setback for both the rebels. their fighters are we treating in. one of their strongholds and this is why. these are forces loyal to president. the moment they took over the city is port but it's saudi arabia and the u.a.e. warplanes that made the difference they have intensified over the last few days to break rebel defense lion's. den the enemy is using the
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population as a human shield these are putting their tanks in populated areas and shelling the airport we target military positions and we have void civilian targets at the same time you money terry an aide will start arriving to her data but the fight is far from over the truth is still control the city and the seaport yemen's imports including food and aid and it's. all go through. the coalition has long accused iran of smuggling weapons into yemen through the seaport accusations rejected by the who theories and to harass us fighting gets closer to the city thousands of civilians are fleeing their homes aid agencies fear a disruption to food and medical supplies will only add to the humanitarian crisis people on able to go to school they're not able to go to work for fear of what will
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happen if they step out onto the street aid is disrupted the economy is devastated terms of health care basic things like that access to food and water all of this will be severely disrupted. despite their recent losses. remain defiant of that they are threatening to fire more ballistic missiles into saudi arabia and defend the capital sun to. this death house model by the. israeli military says it's hit least twenty five targets in gaza linked to hamas it says the strikes follow around forty five rockets fired from the street towards israel many rockets were intercepted tensions have been high and since palestinians began protesting near the gaza border israeli troops have shot and killed one hundred thirty two protesters how to force it has more from west jerusalem. israeli
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army says that more than forty five rockets and mortars were fired from gaza and territory into israel in the course of the night and in response the israeli military struck twenty five hamas targets within the gaza strip most of them understood to be empty military compounds training areas and the like all the palestinian sources two reports at least two palestinians being injured in those strikes on the israeli side the israeli military is saying that seven of the projectiles were intercepted by the iron dome system at least three fell within gaza and territory but three did fall within populated areas in israel close to the gaza border and in one instance there was damage to buildings and cars but no injuries reported on the israeli side all of this comes in the context of the protests that we've been seeing in the last few months the around one hundred thirty palestinians who've been killed by israeli snipers during that period the ongoing humanitarian crisis within gaza and the biggest military flare up we've
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seen since twenty fourteen which took place at the end of last month amid all of this of course an intensifying it is what has become a fairly major political problem for the israeli government the continued use of in century kites and balloons by people within gaza flying them on the prevailing westerly winds into israeli territory and burning large swathes of largely agricultural land this is something that many people in israel have been protesting about asking for some kind of response from the government and indeed a senior right winger in the israeli coalition government of benjamin netanyahu has been calling for people flying those kinds to be targeted directly by the israeli military another minister saying about is not government policy they will continue the army's recommendation to increase the targeting of hamas targets in response to this practice but it is something that is bringing some pressure to bear on the israeli government night. the side according to any number of reports wants an
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escalation to a full blown conflict at this stage and those do understand what have become the rules of the game over many years now but it is was possible that an escalation can take place even if neither side wants it. but have been more deaths in the cargo us armed forces backed by the government tried to regain control of the city of messiah peace talks between the government and the opposition have been put on hold as violence continues to shake the central american nation as it has many other apollo joins us live on skype from alive or so as the governor decided to try a military solution to this one now but we can't confirm that at least six people were killed in messiah yesterday within the context of this latest offensive by government forces to reclaim control of the city yes on monday representatives from the resistance in this i have now said they would no longer allow them to be governed by president and doubts when the violence began take
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a look right confrontations between anti-government protesters and paramilitary groups have claimed more lives in messiah nicaraguan police and government backed militias fired on demonstrators as scores of people fled to their homes for cover the latest offensive by police comes after the representatives of the resistance movement in messiah declared they would no longer allow themselves to be governed by a president or. i'm going to look at a man who has the blood of our brothers who have been cowardly murdered demand that we continue belligerently and unwavering towards the fight until or take it is gone . messiah is where much of the most brutal fighting has been concentrated as police attempted to regain control of the city massed protesters huddled behind barricades to shield themselves from live rounds one demonstrator continued to fire his homemade mortar at police even after being shot in the arm but i'm not some of us is that and. i've been shot with
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a bullet here it's not possible that we're going to give up easily it's ready to fight and using our mortars we will kick them out long live messiah. the political crisis in the one is now in its second month after protests over pension reform plan were met with violence by the government a growing opposition movement is now calling for the immediate resignation of president or at least one hundred eighty six people have died since the start of the conflict law enforcement authorities maintain that their efforts to combat a delinquent movement that is part of a conspiracy against the government commerce in messiah once a popular tourist have has been halted with all roads leading into the city blocked off there are now reports that food and supplies are running out one of the main conditions for the peace talks to resume is for president or if they got to end the repression against anti-government demonstrators without a stop to violence against civilians it's hard to imagine
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a national dialogue that will successfully restore the peace anytime soon. the latest statement by the nicaraguan counseling church has been that these peace talks will not resume until president or formally invites international observers to come to me and i want to build an independent investigation into this ongoing crisis now the international commission on the interim merican commission on human rights will be presented with a preliminary report on the ongoing crisis here in the this is something that people been calling for from the very beginning of this this crisis something that will that would finally bring a peaceful outcome to this crisis but for the moment there is tension and a lot of anxiety among the population that violence could spark up once again today . well i will leave it there for now thanks so much. it is states is pulled out of the u.n. human rights council describing it as a cesspool of political bias seats was symbolically left at the un agency our
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session on wednesday following the withdrawal the us joined the council in two thousand and nine on the president barack obama previous governments of long criticized decisions to let countries with poor human rights records become members . we have no doubt that there was once a noble vision for this council but today we need to be honest the human rights council is a poor defender of human rights. worse than that the human rights council has become an exercise in shameless hypocrisy with many of the world's worst human rights abuses going ignored and some of the world's most serious offenders sitting on the council itself we have used america's voice and vote to defend human rights at the un every day and we will continue to do so even as we end our membership in the human rights council we will keep trying to strengthen the entire framework of the un engagement on human rights issues and we will continue to strongly advocate
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for reform of the human rights council should it become reformed we would be happy to rejoin it. appears to be a turning point in the ongoing dispute between eritrea and ethiopia eritrea and president as the us is of world he announced he's sending a senior delegation to addis ababa two weeks after the theo peer agreed to withdraw its forces from the stupid border regions earlier this month ethiopia announced it would fully accept the terms of a peace agreement signed eighteen years ago. nigeria's government is in talks with the u.k. to accept the return of rare bronze statue situ stolen by the british more than a century ago the british however want to loan the stout stone work to the african country instead more now from barbara. these are some of the bronzes stolen more than one hundred years ago in what is now southern nigeria mr the artifacts removed from the can have been inspired this and the doc in the british
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museum campaign as have made repeated calls for their return i think it's very important that we are straightforward and honest and transparent about the ways in which some of these objects events that the collection is absolutely not the case that everything in the museums african collections was planted or looted always have a phrase you want to use but obviously there are certain circumstances or certain events that happened. and certain examples like the pentagon says where that material would have come into the collection and that in the same way today curators from europe and the united states and negotiating an agreement to set up a permanent exhibition of the bronzes in nigeria where it is true that the british has a number of objects which they have many of these objects in the euro probably so there's need for there to be there for rugs or knows what the billion dollar group is all about but it is unclear whether the nigerian government will accept a learner from the british museum. we will. you know be open to such conversations
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so there's just not one for. decision as to whether it's going to be on board or i mean every time you know we just we will be open to having a broad range of discussions on. each piece of work. the oldest of the bronzes who cost in the fifteen hundreds descendants of the artists a cough them still practiced a craft today if really the obregon is at least this was the beauty for people to see it especially with that our forefathers did the job there is that all depictions of everyday life chiseled through the ages can one day be seen by future generations in the land where they were created. out to syria.
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time to take a look at the headlines here in al-jazeera now several key e.u. leaders will hold crisis talks on immigration in brussels on sunday the emergency meeting will come ahead of a major summit next week the issue of immigration is causing fresh divisions in europe. britain's prime minister's reason mayor strongly condemned donald trump zero tolerance policy that separates immigrant families the remarks come as members of parliament called on her to with.


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