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tv   The Stream 2018 Ep 99  Al Jazeera  June 20, 2018 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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country the only way to be good. comes. out so i watched and i well i hear you but i don't want to go too much further in this conversation without at least seeing some of the words of the people in that region because of course this conversation sometimes can feel very high minded but i want to talk to people on the ground and reuters news agency did just that here's a journalist for avoiders he spoke to residents of the town above me in the northern region about this announcement and this is just a sampling of what they told him or read one out why did we fight for bad to me to just give it all away all this sacrifice for nothing for this another person speaking to reuters says the thought of moving these bodies from where they were sacrifice is a dust a creation of their honor they should not expect peace here if they force us to leave there will be violence so just to residents speaking to the reuters news agency about something that's going to affect their lives raul i know you want to
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get in here what do you make of what some residents are saying. that if the show was about a couple of weeks long that we'd have enough time to discuss about the complicated situation around that border. conflict. but trust me when i say that this is not an issue about just this is the ground on which that or the real roots of the conflict are much more complicated than that. you know hearing those comments from those residents from by demand i found them quite heartbreaking especially. when we talk about the description of. graves. you know. had fought a thirty year liberation struggle in order to get its independence and then was then had to go back went back to war with ethiopia. tween one thousand nine hundred
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eight in two thousand and despite all those things that have happened including the deport ation of thousands of eritreans in your hands of their own origins and via the thousands of young people that were killed. one thing that i've heard repeatedly said by your two people is that they will they think find it hard to forgive. the p.l.f. in the if you open government for the fact that during the quarter conflict they desecrated the graves of eritrean martyrs now it just so happens that tomorrow is going to be the commemoration of eritrean martyrs day and so. i know a lot of experience across the world are reflecting on this but. the point is what i would like to make is that when reconciliation does happen it is going to go beyond just it should have it would have to go beyond just troops. leaving the territory. it would have to involve people also talking to each other not in terms
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of whether or not house people should be moved or not but how can we also we can style the pain of the trauma that has been going on for much more than fifty years well if we can get i'll together. you know to have sustained you make you make a good point about you know the history and the pain and you know we put those quotes forward because a lot of people are actually talking about how the agreement was actually drafted as you see bought me on twitter here saying bug me you're a triangle saying it was drafted without the consultation of the local communities most affected by the borders of the demarcation dividing villages and families but then we also have been as has kind of arguing that the flip side to what you're saying saying here the government of ethiopia accepted the international verdict as it is but ethiopia cannot order its military to leave the strategic positions without some assurance of some form from the government of eritrea so you know this person thinks that the prime minister's taking the high road but because we spoke i spoke about the legal aspect of this was it actually comes down to legally i do
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want to quickly share. there is video that she sent she's the former lead counsel for eritrea she was involved obviously in some of these negotiations back when take a listen to this. so i was asked to comment on what the legal steps are that need to be taken next to mark the new boundary and actually all the legal steps have already been taken there's only one thing that remains to be happened to happen and that's not a legal thing that's a practical thing ethiopia has to move its troops it's time for a ethiopia to get its troops off of their territory there are no legal steps remaining to be taken and then i understand you think this is nothing new but based on that last comment from leah what do you think i mean is that the most practical step. no it's not practical in fact only two points without sleep cutely first the decision by that took the ship was not in a sudden unpretty decision or our decision not innocently of course it was vague
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deliberately deliberately deliberately sought but at least we can assume we could up assume that you tried to mattison off which you plan to be released on for several years was legally acceptable as a p.r. if statement edited out could have accepted a spoke at the dutch decision that announcement and could have closed the fight the first. protest rally came up for four days in the us not to do it deliberately stayed quite and as a result as a result they took a little shit started backtracking and now they're saying there's money policy so there is a chance for peace which is as uppity cruise shut the door on the second point is that i just argument is not just i was a boarder let me mention a few pointers how to tell total war prisoners of war have if you are despondent about some going to bizarre but. have yet to determine or detain people as part of the just agreement whatever your people and other people in fact if you are
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continuing to abduct people from the border to disobey and there are also other points secession of hostility just war so possible for the largest segment if that continues to last but not on a position by. this is the chart configured by the united nations or somebody to get it or. yes i mean the white requiem i want them to put in. the right you give me some points i want to i want to give someone else a chance to respond to that kind of stuff this one is not where you're sitting there you want to. let him hear his final point and then you go ahead your final point disappoint you support and it's just like. you to come out of these times come to. some of the. if you can to get out there for for the sake of mr stockton ok so i just want to do was i want to tell
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you too from this planet to add what i think is the obvious there is not a single order on the african continent that there does not exist an ethnic linguistic group on both sides the borders that we have here in africa were set by colonization and unfortunately we have to deal with these borders because in today's modern world we have to. you know have states if peace was possible if you don't it was serious serious about having peace with eritrea it would demilitarize. the border and it would remove everything and then i'll stick with that there as well that's normalize relations and it would mean it would be it's not good we shouldn't think about this in terms of you know should we have killers or are or walls to to make the borders if you're fully agrees with even you just final decision and remove their troops normalisation will not talk
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we're not going to discuss where to put the poles when you talk about how we can sell the great you know our diversity and commonalities between these borders between these run hell i'm going to put on the new very are because as you mentioned this could be a week of shows that's all the time we have for today show i know goes very quickly i want to give the remaining time in our show to our community what are they saying about this or you know there's a lot of different. people who are lamenting how many lives have been lost we have to get the child can tell us i think considering the precious lives lost and all the resources wasted it's a very painful concession from ethiopia even if it was decided however many years ago but if this helps us achieve a lasting peace between the two countries we just have to move on keep your comments coming on twitter you tube and al-jazeera dot com slash the stream by for now.
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for twenty three unions has collected objects he comes on the coast. enough to pull his museum enough to break a guinness world record. with a story for every object he's become an environmental activist uninspired. and a voice for the plot to countless markets. might use in such a al-jazeera. three big stories generate thousands of headlines copper each with different angles from different perspectives. there's still no concrete evidence that russia was responsible for this separate the spin from the facts that's why on god's power the misinformation
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from the journalism the issues here go far beyond one data mining company and one election with the listening post on al-jazeera. it's the cheapest rail service in the deal congo the largest country in sub-saharan africa the swallow crosses half the country from lubumbashi to a labor. it's the only link between remote villages and the outside world. the swallow has been around for more than fifty years like a local bus it stops a virtually every station passengers clamber the remaining seats people cram into whatever space they can find. nearly two thousand people all together three times the officially permitted capacity for those who one day able to find a place or who can't afford a ticket there's always the route. travelers have to remain alert
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a lapse in attention could be fatal. the danger comes not just from above. even at the moderate speed of thirty kilometers an hour a tree branch can cut like a machete. this is al jazeera live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha i'm kemal santa maria welcome to the new spirit it is world refugee day but the sixty eight million people. over the world every day is world refugee day the numbers are only growing the situation is barely improving we will take you across europe the middle east africa and asia are on the story which is defining the actions and policies of so many countries. and that includes the united states its
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ongoing family separations at the mexico border i mean the thing at how the u.s. navy is covering the story now political allegiances are influencing that i think and i have a hunch that that's not the show using a hash tag aging is but it's really so all the great former detainees from a prison in yemen have spoken of apparent systemic sexual torture by m. around three guards and certainly not a facet of this ongoing war we'll have that and also the latest on the offensive in the data as well and canadians are on a high after the parliament voted to legalize recreational cannabis but is it just like regulating alcohol and cigarettes or will we pose a new set of problems in only the second country in the world to make it legal. here with the news grid live on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live in and around as
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a result common whether you believe or not in the value of specific days for specific causes today wednesday is world refugee day and all over the world it is an issue which simply doesn't go away regardless of the day here at al-jazeera we have spent years following the stories of millions of refugees from cameroon to australia honduras and pretty much everywhere in between teams on the ground will follow a story for months and do their best to make sure those stories don't get lost or forgotten in the news cycle so with that in mind for this newsgroup we're trying to step back a little bit from the headlines and with our correspondents and i guests tell the stories of the people on these desperate journeys you know the overall numbers are staggering staggering as of may. twenty seventeen of a sixty eight million people have been displaced and of them twenty two and a half million of fled to other countries more than half are under eighteen as well the highest number of child refugees since world war two even more staggering look
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at this number forty four and a half thousand people being displaced every day that is one every two seconds where they're ending up is interesting no surprise that we see turkey and lebanon in the top three receiving countries given the war in syria but pakistan up there as well with one million and aside from syria's war which has displaced upwards of five million people conflicts in afghanistan and south sudan have pushed millions from those countries to and of course the people have names and backgrounds and this is amazing a dutch n.g.o.s called united for intercultural action has tried to document them they call it the list every reported instance where someone has died trying to migrate to europe since nine hundred ninety three there are fifty six pages here with the four thousand three hundred sixty one people on that list so i could pretty much stop anywhere and go in and have a look at one of them for example right in the middle there and no name two children don't know where they came from but they died off the coast of libya in
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the strait of sicily while trying to reach italy look at the next one under that crush while trying to protect her children two children on a boat sinking in the strait of sicily and on and on and on it goes so we're going to start with cull pennell he is in the latest hot spot for migration in europe our maria in spain he sent us this report. right now we're on the decks of the one of them out of polynesia and this is one of these characteristic orange rescue vessels being run by spain's marine rescue service now this ship right now is on high alert in case any calls come through telling them that there are some of these rickety fishing vessels bringing refugees and migrants from the shores of northern africa the coast of northern africa from here lies about one hundred sixty kilometers to our south but it's vessels like this that have been instrumental in saving lives on the western mediterranean migration route
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this year so far because pain has seen a three fold increase in the number of refugees and migrants heading here compared to the say the same time last year now it's captain miguel part of one of the me gallium who's invited is on board and he's been explaining to me a little bit about the work overnight sunday monday he and his eight person crew pulled on to decks here one hundred fifty two migrants from a number of fishing vessels and rode boats and took them to safety here to ameria and to other ports further south and that is that is a trend that right now is worrying the orth already is here the overall number this year up three fold but in just the month of june alone the figures being.


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