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now i mentioned her data there the coalition in yemen says it has taken full control of her day the airport a key milestone in their friends have to push the hutu rebels from the city but fighting does continue in the area the yemeni army is now blocking the road between how they the province and the capital sanaa as they try to cut rebel supply lines the latest from her. setback for the rebels. their fighters are we treating in. one of their strongholds and this is why. these are forces loyal to president. the moment they took over the city is port but it's saudi arabia and the u.a.e. warplanes that made the difference they have intensified over the last few days to break rebel defense lion's. den the enemy is using the
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population as a human shield these are putting their tanks in populated areas and shelling the airport we target military positions and we have void civilian targets at the same time you money terry an aide will start arriving to her data but the fight is far from over the truth is still control the city and the seaport yemen's imports including food and aid and it's. all go through. the coalition has long accused iran of smuggling weapons into yemen through the seaport accusations rejected by the who theists and to harass as fighting gets closer to the city thousands of civilians are fleeing their homes aid agencies fear a disruption to food and medical supplies will only add to the humanitarian crisis people on able to go to school they're not able to go to work for fear of what will
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happen if they step out onto the street aid is disrupted the economy is devastated terms of health care basic things like that access to food and water all of this will be severely disrupted. despite their recent losses the truth these women defy and of that they are threatening to fire more ballistic missiles into saudi arabia and defend the capital son to the death. and mohammed is following the latest offensive in yemen from djibouti sent us this report. the most of what they've pulled is a huge bull to. the airport is not a professional but it's. a military base for them residents of the city the last forty eight the most of the big guns and with under the
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control of the coalition forces on. the fighting has moved north to the highway that joins so they were to the coppertone amid just supply route for. any hopes of avoiding war on the streets or also on to the vital services of the popped into what they though which is a lifeline. would depend on aid. up to the un special envoy to yemen left empty handed on tuesday he was assigned all for talks with. just before we move on again some of your comments coming through on the hashtag a j news going on there's a lot coming through i think the refugees story and in this case the border migrant story from the u.s. is really resonating jackie has said and this is speaking of rachel maddow you saw him. crying on air about the news she said she was having the same reaction the rest of the world is having this policy is an abomination and also amy watching
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from kansas hi i'm a who said i'm horrified this is child abuse the head of i stated that hundreds of these children will never see their families again and this is what's striking to so many people and it's about children. people who children are being brought along trying to cross the border taken away from their parents and there's nothing they can do about it and it seems nothing anyone can do about it at the moment keep the comments coming in that's the what's that number plus months of four five one triple one four one on the hashtag is. a genius. we are going to talk about marijuana now or cannabis a way to a dope a grasso gangel mary jane whatever you want to call it it is on the way to being legal in canada the bill passed both houses of parliament on tuesday and paves the way for a fully legal cannabis market within eight to twelve weeks i mean it would be able to buy sale and grow it tonight the market has already brought in billions of dollars to people celebrating the canadian prime minister justin trudeau tweeted
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it's been too easy for our kids to get marijuana and for criminals to reap profits today we change that a plan to legalize and regulate marijuana just passed the senate has died promise kept just a bit of background year ago i was actually the first country to legalize recreational marijuana back in two thousand and thirteen it is legal in spain as well but only in private in most countries it's illegal but decriminalized such is the case in australia and belgium and colombia classic example of the netherlands of course it is only legal in certain coffee shops you also have medical marijuana which is legal in turkey zambia and in several u.s. states with at least a camel with us to talk about this the chair of the ontario cannabis consumer and retail alliance joining us via skype from toronto you're obviously an advocate for this my job leaser is to play devil's advocate in this case and there is opposition to this sort of thing tell me how does this how is this good for the canadian people making a drug more readily available explain to our viewers how that's
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a good thing. i want canadians are ready consuming cannabis and canada actually has the highest you consumption rates of developed countries so i think for the canadian government it was about controlling cannabis to keep yeah the hands of children and creating a regulated system of similar to alcohol cannabis can you consume by responsible adults ok so how will it be regulated and can it i also this question earlier in the show can it just be regulated in the same way that alcohol or cigarettes are the reason i say that is because quote unquote drugs and that can be any level of marilyn are up to higher drugs they have a different stigma associated to them they are seen as different i think well it in government is taking a hybrid approach to regulating cannabis so they're pulling from tobacco regulation and including plain packaging as well as alcohol regulation which in ontario means
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government store or so we have a patchwork of regulation across provinces for retail really most provinces are using government approach where the government is the sole wholesaler can best and in some cases that goes to government stores for retail so this is very different from europe way which uses pharmacy they can't it's clubs to distribute it and as they were trying something new and it does include private retail while in the us your problem. is it possibly just going to encourage more people to take up smoking weed. well to santa cruz i'm just going to be smoking for that first year guys ation they're going to have access to cameras flour and oil which they're allowed to transform into whatever products they want a lot of canadian consumers are looking to smoke anything they're interested in edibles beverage is extracting other ways to consume cannabis including a prize saying the canadian government has a priority to reduce smoking so what i'm terry or c.n.n.
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mentation of a smoke free ontario act and there really is a push for it alternative forms of consumption for can i best i can as i describe stances less harmful than alcohol so it makes sense to have it more readily available and to increase consumption piano bass alcohol consumption is dropping due to concerns that cancer as well as calories so is a healthy alternative for canadians that it stands and we see it as a solution as a solution for the world it's going to be very interesting i think lisa to see how this pans out maybe we'll talk to you again later once it all does get implemented lisa camel joining us from toronto thanks for having me in the archives down to zero dot com is this edition of people and power made off to two states in the u.s. made marijuana legal four years ago it's a two parter where filmmaker bob a house. six if the u.s. has reached a tipping point in its war on drugs given the desire to legalize or decriminalize have what free self marijuana was from people in power it's in the documentary section of town to see red dot com if you're joining us on facebook live great to
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have you with us with a story for you now about syrian refugee children who were able to learn thanks to a makeshift school at a jordanian from that story from niger and then sports with sun i cristiano ronaldo makes history as morocco the first item women aged from the world cup.
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that's on the day when we check world cup news what's on the. wall it's all about this man in the middle here chris our now though has help or to go so that when the
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world cup or now the school of the only goal in the fourth minute as his side held on for the one nail a win over morocco the when this for to go to the top groupie. well two other games that are being played on wednesday is half time between your guy in saudi arabia your guy currently leading one nail louis wire scoring in his one hundredth game and there's the potential for plenty more goals in group b. asked two thousand and ten champions spain face group leaders iran or saudi arabia have made a habit of getting thrashed in the world cup but who can forget their eight nil defeat to germany back in two thousand and two and of course their latest five nil hammering from the hosts of russia in their opener but this time around one saudi fan was trying to negotiate a deal with your guy in a clip that has gone viral. a little girl.
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never one to go ok. maybe a really good old i'm. not more about the games our sports correspondent andy riches and joins us now a foremost goal and he first of all it looks like your guy are giving russia a helping hand there. yeah you require a one nil up in that game just coming out so hard it's time i believe i'm just away from screens at the moment luis suarez scoring in what is his one hundredth appearance for euro quite a man of course with a very interesting world cup record remember in six thousand in twenty ten in south africa a famously humbled the ball on the line in the course of final that denied garner a place in the semifinals and ultimately was your boy who got through so the last four and then twenty fourteen was the small matter of him biting an opponent that
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resulted in a lengthy international ban he'll be hoping that this time around people can just remember him for his goalscoring looks as though you're on the way it's their second straight win it would of course be a huge result as well for the host russia it's really hard to overstate just how low expectations were here in russia going into this tournament the team has been basically in some sort of chaos ever since the world cup was awarded to russia eight years ago they were pretty bad in there in brazil four years ago didn't win a game in their group they came into this tournament on the back of a seven game windless run but look what's happened they've won their first are you going to say scored eight goals now in twenty ten when spain won the world cup they only scored eight goals in the holts ornaments russia have already done that after a couple of games and playing as russia since one nine hundred ninety four they've never made it into the knockout rounds of the world cup and it looks as though that is about to be confirmed and then let's talk about the earlier game
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a moral call outs and kristan or another making history again. that's right he scored a goal it is nicky stadium which you can see behind me here and not just a goal that ended morocco's first world cup in twenty years it also gave him yet another personal record that was his eighty fifth goal for his country he's now the leading european score in all international football i think more importantly for him he looks to be having a good world cup he's played in three previous world cups and for a player with his reputation an amazing ability is never really worked out for a reason he scored three goals at previous world cups four years ago he was very disappointing didn't look states of portugal when south in the group stages here he's now he's already scored four goals that makes him the leading scorer in the tournament so far and who knows this could just be the world cup that comes to define his career as a portugal player and you quickly iran spain your prediction. yeah
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i mean spain always see the big favorites to go through that one they've had the upheaval of getting a new coach just before the tournament but still looks pretty good in the opening game three three draw against portugal iran's coach cause. such huge experience all over the world that club and international level but if you can get a round out of this group and into the knockout rounds of a pole to be the biggest. and most impressive achievement of his coaching career but after that opening win against morocco they are in with a chance and the riches and live from moscow thank you very much of our lives and you mentioned russia has failed to make out of the group stages and their three previous well cup appearances but as we mentioned they will make the round of sixteen if your guy hold on for the when thanks to that performance against egypt on tuesday well be our football have posted this picture. there you
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go sees most all of being turned into a mummy by your quiet and russian player with a tweet that says egypt woke up with all wrapped up after two games the post got thousands of likes but the man of the moment trending right now is of course christian or naldo remember now though is the most popular actually it's on social media with seventy three point nine million followers the striker has become europe's top international score with eighty five goals liverpool fan all of a bone tweeted this hard to spot the c r six and the eagle and the arrogance christian or not is one of the greatest players to ever play the sport we've been privileged to have been able to watch him in our era who up senegal a fan celebrated their opening two one win over poland in moscow on tuesday a little differently to how you make spect video posted on social media showed fans
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walking between the seats picking up a rubbish to ensure their whole section was left spotless and it seems that supporters and group h. are a bunch of clean freak set the japanese fans also helped clean up after the when the over columbia but then they do have a history of doing that at different stadiums. and i'll be back with well we'll be back with more sports at eighteen for now and you back of a thank you for that so i like to say that as an organized person myself i like to see people cleaning up after themselves that will do it for this newsgroup thank you for getting in touch with us today and say world refugee day the story on the mexico u.s. border is clearly struck a chord he said thank you for getting in touch keep doing so hash tag be it on twitter facebook or whatsapp that number also a telegram channel if you want to subscribe to that we're sending content out through that as well and we'll see you right back here in studio fourteen at al-jazeera at fifteen hundred hours g.m.t.
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tomorrow or thursday. she said. in this. each one they still. want to be seen. to be. demonstrably. at this time to be. with the human children. on june twenty fourth turkish
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citizens will vote in one of their most significant elections in recent years the winner will tank on new sweeping presidential powers approved in a referendum last year we'll have full coverage of the vote and its impact. of the turkey elections on al-jazeera. a land on it and did you know people. plundered for its resources. to mount a long held resentment a town in violent with deadly consequences you cannot use that as an excuse to go over human rights people empowered travels to south america to discover the guardians of the mythology and algis of the. stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world.
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al-jazeera. outrage as it emerges the trumpet ministration has been sending babies and told those forcibly separated from their families to so-called tender age centers. tell them julia macdonald this is a live from london also coming up. jubilation the saudi led coalition says it seized yemen's whole day the airport in a major step towards retaking the rebel held city. this is former detainees from u.a.e. run prisons in yemen speaking i would say about alleged systematic sexual torture
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by guards. and the british government agrees to return rare bronze statue stolen from nigeria more than a century ago. a very warm welcome to the program good to have your company well the trump of ministration is already under intense scrutiny over its policy of separating immigrant children from their parents of the southern border now it's been revealed that they include babies and very run children who are being held in so-called tend age shelters will outrage over the government's zero tolerance immigration policy is growing on thursday the house of representatives will vote on legislation designed to end the practice of child separation more than two thousand children have been detained in at least three shelters across southern texas while their
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parents await prosecution in fayetteville jails well one holding facility is in brownsville that's right on the mexico border from where they. filed this report. welcome to ground zero donald trump's zero tolerance immigration policy for asylum seekers welcome to brownsville texas. this is the border crossing many migrants fleeing poverty and violence to cross legally to ask for asylum. the lines are long recent weeks most asylum seekers get turned away so they try other means to cross into the u.s. illegally they then are often arrested and families are separated. and then the children often here more than one hundred of them that were detained here in this shelter that was once a wal-mart store journalists are not allowed to film and so this is how close the
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people of brownsville texas are to the immigration issue this is the border fence where i'm standing now is the town of brownsville on the other side is mexico when the zero tolerance policy was announced and parents started be separated from their children it not only brought unwanted attention to this town but also divided opinion i mean right now it's kind of like a really negative light for i guess the environmental community everyone's kind of turning hostile it's a really negative impact on people in general i know i mean i don't know why they're doing it but i just know it's not right kids not being with their parents i don't like what's happening but they have to come in legally they don't speak english they're on the welfare system and it's just not fair to our whole all our homeless and our citizens that are in poverty that some people here say the parents bear part of the responsibility for protecting their kids that issue alone is
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difficult i wouldn't be able to handle it i would hate to be you away from my children but at the same time i can also understand if i'm going to take that risk . you're running into that very possibility you know and maybe as a parent if i'm going to cross a border maybe i should you know follow the rules but with the trumpet ministration appearing only to double down rather than back down on its policy a sign that the more families it separates the more polarized communities like this are likely to become well let's go live now to game elizondo who is in brownsville texas m. hi there gave so these tender age shelters what more do we know about this claim of these tiny children also being separated from their parents. yeah we don't know much about it and that julie is part of the problem we've been talking to activist groups here this morning the a.c.l.u.
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american civil liberties union making calls to all sorts of people that work with immigrant rights groups here and they know nothing about this they didn't know about it so imagine if you're a mother or father that was separated from your imprint child and you're still in the court system being prosecuted criminally they certainly don't know where their parents their children are either but bottom line to this is if you thought this story could get any worse it over it did overnight here that's when the associated press was reporting exactly what you're saying here that there are three what they're calling tender age shelters we don't know where they are at who are making calls to try to figure out where they are up with the government's not releasing that information but these are shelters apparently for children that are basically infants or close to newborns and that is the new part of this story they're already the shelters we've been reporting about talking about that have teenagers and people eight kids eight nine ten years old but now to know that the government has these these these other shelters for infants is really shocking in many ways quite
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frankly all we know is that they apparently exist there's apparently three of them we don't know where they're at but that according the o.c. to press they're hearing that there might be another fourth one opened soon but that's the whole problem talking to everyone here they were shocked by this as well nobody really knew about this clearly the u.s. government was trying to keep it quiet and gave ease any of this you are seeing in brownsville and all across the media and the public is it moving the dial it's all in terms of reaction from the white house. well two points on this we're hearing in the last few minutes that president donald trump may be signing something what that something is we don't know yet but we think it might be related to immigration i want to caution we don't know what he'll be signing we've also heard rumors for a lack of a better word out of washington that the homeland security chief could be keyword could be drafting some sort of executive order that could into this child
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separation that's point one in this hasn't happened yet but this is what the talk we're hearing out of washington the second point this is critical is that activist groups are saying that that we can't assume that just because donald trump signed something that that is going to end this crisis we have to wait to see if he signs something then clearly analyze what it is and if it really is going to end this policy that his government put into place that's a very key many lawyers that deal with immigration issues down here say that this is a president clearly that is very media savvy so clearly this is bad publicity for them this story but we got to be very cautious on whatever he signs very closely analyzing it everybody here says no matter what happens this is not going to be a crisis that in zinni time soon because reuniting these kids if that even happens with their parents is going to be very complicated and take time given a song to their live in brand still in texas kate thank you.
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the sunday immorality coalition in yemen says it's taken full control of the airport in who data it's an important step in the offensive to pull bills from the city yemeni army is now blocking the will between her data province and the capital some in an effort to cut rebel supply lines reports. it be a setback for huth the rebels. their fighters are we treating in. one of their strongholds and this is why. these are forces loyal to president. the moment they took over the city is port but it's saudi arabia and the u.a.e. warplanes that's made the difference they have intensified over the last few
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days to break rebel defense lion's. den the enemy is using the population as a human shield putting their tanks in populated areas and shelling the airport we target military positions and we have void civilian targets at the same time you money terry an aide will start arriving to her data but the fight is far from over the truth is still control the city and the seaport yemen's imports including food and aid and it's. all go through. the coalition has long accused iran of smuggling weapons into yemen through the seaport accusations rejected by the who theories and to harass us fighting gets closer to the city thousands of civilians are fleeing their homes aid agencies fear a disruption to food and medical supplies will only add to the humanitarian crisis
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people on able to go to school they're not able to go to work for fear of what will happen if they step out onto the street aid is disrupted the economy is devastated terms of health care basic things like that access to food and water all of this will be severely disrupted. despite their recent losses. remain defiant of that they are threatening to fire more ballistic missiles into saudi arabia and defend the capital sun to. now former inmates of prisons in yemen run by the u.a.e. are accusing the emirates the gods of systematic sexual abuse is still seated press interviewed seven men about what it said was quote rampant sexual torture used to brutalize detainees five sentences are identified where the detainees say that rape electrocution and beatings took place including at the amorality forces
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headquarters in the country. has not commented so far on those accusations and for more on this lynn maloof from amnesty international joins us on the fall from beirut hi there lynette first of all your reaction to these new reports of interviews. why there are reaction to international this is certainly a pattern that we've been able to document in southern yemen and the countries that are being run by the u.a.e. courses. and if we can confirm what a.p. has reported most definitely and then reports that amnesty international have done are those parts of the pattern that you were talking to that your tips that you're referring to we were they recalled a report about this issue around the july where we were talking more and can tell
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about the cases that we've documented and cooperated and that was in the incident that is it is it will be a true record lin i'm just wondering when you're putting these reports to gether what reaction is there if any from the from the government from authorities. our usual methodology is to reach out to the park it's on the border or to the side of the conflict and that plays to the radius granted to the coalition. and we reflect the responses that if we do get there and do not report. where we are now in the process of putting that out to me. but available to the military joining us from beirut. that was world refugee day highlighting the sixty eight and a half million people forcibly displaced by conflict worldwide that's the highest
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in the corded history and in four days' time several european leaders will hold crisis talks on immigration in brussels the emergency meeting comes ahead of a major summit next week the immigration issue is causing divisions across europe it's one of the major factors putting german chancellor angela merkel's coalition government under threat and in hungary a controversial bill criminalizing some forms of assistance to immigrants has passed in defiance of the european union. for more on this let's cross now to john mccain his embarrassing beds only so what's the purpose then of this mini summit for the main east summit later. would you be the point being made by the leaders of the member states who've been invited by the president of the european commission. to this informal mini summit in brussels on sunday is it's about trying to find some sort of approach between themselves to the problems that
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they themselves face and obviously those problems very in germany are the biggest countries in in europe the problem is is very different to the problems you might find in malta one of the other countries whose representative the prime minister will be there in brussels but the uniformity of approach is trying to get some sort of idea agreed before the full blown e.u. summit which takes place in brussels at the end of next week remember at that summit we've already had a leak of a document a draft form of a document which suggests there may be a possibility of centers being established in north africa whereby e.u. officials would be able to filter through the applications from people who present themselves to them whether they are economic migrants or people fleeing wall's own to who need refuge that's what's on the agenda the week and at the end of next week but this summit on sunday is about trying to draw whatever areas of compromise that
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can be found between those member states and dominic meanwhile in hungary we're seeing this new piece of controversial legislation to to deal with the crisis there . yeah that's right the very different approaches on show here from the european commission the e.u. member states.


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