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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 21, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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well hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants trying to reach europe every year spain has become the latest hot spot with more than eleven hundred people arriving there in the first ten days of june alone karl penhall has more now from the port city of and. right now we're on the decks of the of them out of polynesia and this is one of these characteristic orange rescue vessels being run by spain's marine rescue service now this ship right now is on high alert in case any calls come through telling them that there are some of these rickety fishing vessels bringing refugees and migrants from the shores of northern africa and the coast of northern africa from here lies about one hundred sixty kilometers to our south but it's vessels like this that have been instrumental in saving lives on the western mediterranean migration route this year so far because bain has seen a three fold increase in their armor of refugees and migrants heading here compared
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to the say the same time last year now it's captain miguel part of one of the me guess who's invited is on board and he's been explaining to me a little bit about the work overnight sunday monday he and his eight person crew pulled on to decks here one hundred fifty two migrants this is video he recorded in an earlier rescue in february. in a moment of. the critical moment is as you approach them you have to try to calm them down because they try to jump on board and they're very frightened and this is another clip he recorded last year. the joy of being rescued just knowing you're going to survive now you're seeing us my use of the five younger boys and there are no it's the greatest satisfaction you can have when you rescue people or you especially when there's women and children on the climb on board thank you yeah. in just the month of june alone the figures being brought to
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spain the number of migrants and refugees arriving in spain is double the number arriving to italy and that suggests perhaps a change in migration patterns instead of migrants trying to get across the perilous libya its only route they're now being pushed towards the western mediterranean and that is going to mean a very hot summer miguel pasha and his crew on this vessel and watch them up olympia. reporting there will still to come on the program. streets become battlefields in nicaragua as anti-government protesters take on paramilitary groups and the call for the president to step down is getting louder calls for a doctor to be charged after a report finds hundreds of patients at a u.k. hospital died after being given powerful painkillers.
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welcome back let's look at the weather in the strait here first of all it's looking largely fine now we've got dry conditions for sydney bruce been melbourne meanwhile right across western australia also looking dry for perth highs of eighteen moving through to friday not a great deal of change expected to be honest largely falling conditions in many parts of the country so what about new zealand well here if heavy rain through the north island of last few days certainly cloud a picture here with the chance of some rain at times in oakland because you get further south jury it's a dry picture christchurch not particularly warm but temperatures across the south are in on the low side but neverless weather conditions are largely drawing and that will continue as we head on through into friday but other states o'loghlin should be seeing some drier weather returning so heading up into northeastern parts of asia we've had some really heavy rain affecting parts of southern japan and sort
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of been some red weather warnings over the japan meteorological agency the rain is still flirting with some of the sudden on some very close to tokyo during the course of thursday so it may well come and go but be prepared for some heavy rain and then heading through into friday the rain begins to push away towards the south it's fine across the korean peninsula but the chance of showers in beijing with highs here of twenty nine. eighty percent of the visually impaired could be cured without access to treatment . and where there is a will there is a way the. state of the art hospital covering over seventy seven countries calvin every inspiration the since the day every roll and in pakistan one learns passion provides flea treatment for over one million patients and yet the cure revisited which is iraq.
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welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera donald trump has signed an executive order to keep parents and their children together when they enter the country illegally but the u.s. president says that ministrations zero tolerance policy on immigration will stay in place former inmates of prisons in yemen run by the u.a.e. are accusing any rattie guards of systematic sexual abuse to brutalize detainees the u.a.e. as the night of the claims and the u.n. is marking world refugee day sixty eight point five million people have been forcibly displaced by conflict worldwide that's the highest number in recorded
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history. there have been more deaths in nicaragua as armed forces backed by the government tries to regain control of the city of peace talks between the government and the opposition have been put on hold as violence continues in the central american nation. has more now from the capital. confrontations between anti-government protesters and paramilitary groups have claimed more lives in messiah nicaraguan police and government backed militias fired on demonstrators as scores of people fled to their homes for cover the latest offensive by police comes up the representatives of the resistance movement in messiah declared they would no longer allow themselves to be governed by president or. the blood of our brothers who have been cowardly murdered demand that we continue belligerently and unwavering towards the fight until or take it is gone. messiah is where much of the most brutal fighting has been concentrated as police
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attempted to regain control of the city massed protesters huddled behind barricades to shield themselves from live rounds one demonstrator continued to fire his homemade mortar. at police even after being shot in the arm but unless some of us is dead and didn't look. i've been shot with a bullet here it's not possible that we're going to give up easily it's ready to fire and using our mortars we will kick them out long live massara. the political crisis in the work is now in its second month after protests over pension reform plans were met with violence by the government a growing opposition movement is now calling for the immediate resignation of president or at least one hundred eighty six people have died since the start of the conflict law enforcement authorities maintain that their efforts or to combat a delinquent movement that is part of a conspiracy against the government commerce in messiah once
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a popular tourist has been halted with all roads leading into the city blocked off there are now reports that food and supplies are running out one of the main conditions for the peace talks to resume is for president order to end the repression against anti-government demonstrators without a stop to violence against civilians it's hard to imagine a national dialogue that will successfully restore the peace anytime soon but. south sudan's rival leaders are holding talks aimed at ending a five year civil war president salva kiir and that rebel leader. hadn't met face to face since a peace deal fell apart in two thousand and sixteen leading the shard to go into exile if he is helping to mediate the talks catherine story is following developments from nairobi in kenya. this is hugely significant considering how the two leaders badly fell back in two thousand and sixteen during that violence in the
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capital juba reale for much are fled the country has been under house arrest in the south and south africa both sides of the queues each other are starting that fight and so there's a lot of bad blood between the two leaders and a lot of mistrust as well to the fact that they have actually come to the south of i in ethiopia are actually unique thing in talking that alone brings a sense of renewed hope in south sudan so what would they be talking about going forward we are told that they will be discussing mainly among other things of polish sharing do we expect any deal to be signed a lot of south sudanese are waiting and it's going to be interesting to see how all this plays out going forward. very low. optimism levels in south sudan right now because its leaders have met before they have signed peace agreements before but those peace agreements and peace deals have been broken so it's going to be interesting to see what happens in the war in south sudan is also complicated
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father because now we have malta people fighting groups for various. interests but a lot of people i've talked to are saying that the fact that react much are in president salva kiir have actually come to the negotiating table are actually wheeling to talk that alone may move forward the peace process and give hope to south sudanese who have suffered for such a long time. israeli military says its air strikes have hit at least twenty five targets in gaza linked to harass it says they were a response to around forty five rockets fired from gaza towards israeli territory several of the rockets were intercepted but sri landed just inside israel tensions have been high since late march when palestinians began protesting at the gaza israeli border. a steamroller has been plowing over thousands of weapons as part of an ongoing security operation in rio de janeiro two thousand guns were crushed on
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wednesday and another six thousand will be destroyed in the coming days the weapons were either seized from gangsters handed in voluntarily or obsolete police. anti-government protesters have fought with police in romania after lawmakers approved a new anti corruption legislation thousands of people gathered outside the government offices in bucharest with smaller them astray sions occurring in other cities in the country critics say the new laws will actually make it harder to prosecute cases of corruption. now in the u.k. more than four hundred fifty patients died at a hospital after being given powerful painkillers that's according to a new report the report says there was an institutional practice of administering opioids without medical justification which led to the deaths there are now calls for criminal charges to be brought against the doctor who prescribe the drugs that reports now from portsmouth. they've campaigned for twenty years to find out how
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their relatives died in the same hospital after being given drugs they didn't meet now a painstaking report four years in the making says they've been failed consistently by hospital managers by the police and by politicians the inexcusable failure of them all is not only shameful it is scandalous and it is immoral. they have grossly felt that ethical standards by abusing people's human rights are vulnerable relatives who was stripped of their final words to their loved ones silenced by is moving catastrophic the report looked at events at this hospital in southern england between one hundred eighty nine and two thousand and how relatives complaints were brushed aside the report says four hundred fifty six people died here as a result of an institutionalized practice shortening patients' lives by administering opioids like diamorphine without medical justification and given missing records
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a further two hundred may have died for the same reason a doctor who joined barton played a central role in prescribing the drugs she was previously questioned by police but never charged relatives of those who died say there must now be prosecutions the health secretary told parliament on wednesday that would be up to the police and the justice system but i can at least on behalf of the government and the n.h.s. apologize for what happened and what they have been through. had three establishment listened when junior n.h.s. staff spoke out how this started listening when ordinary families raise concerns instead of treating them as troublemakers many of those deaths would not have happened can willie's father john was just sixty eight when he was sent to the hospital to recover after breaking his hip he wasn't in perfect health but the bottom line is he wasn't going in he wasn't going methadone he never came out. it
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was ghost recon because everybody seemed must have been on the opiates and. on the bus so it was like walking to somewhere on. the wrong word but the knowledge is roy it was already a move. the government said it will respond in detail later this year but the relatives of those who died many elderly themselves what lessons to be learned and charges brought as soon as possible the al-jazeera portsmouth. nigeria's government is in talks with the u.k. to accept the temporary return of rare bronze the statues that were stolen by the british in one thousand ninety seven british soldiers seized the thousands of metal castings from the then separate kingdom of been in london is long resisted campaigns for the full return of nigeria's bronzes more now from barbara. these are some of the bronzes stolen more than one hundred years ago in what is now southern
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nigeria mr the artifacts removed from the can of been inspired this and the doc in the british museum campaign as have made repeated calls for their return i think it's very important that we are straightforward and honest and transparent about the ways in which some of these objects events at the collection is absolutely not the case that everything in the museums african collections was planted or looted always have a phrase you want to use but obviously there are certain circumstances or certain events that happened. and certain examples like the bend in bronze is where that material would have come into the collection and that in the same way today curators from europe and the united states and negotiating an agreement to set up a permanent exhibition of the bronzes in nigeria why it is true that the british has a number of objects which they have many of these objects and although you. so there's need for there to be there for about as well as what the billion dollar group is all about but it is unclear whether the nigerian government will accept to learn
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more from the british museum. we will. you know be open to such conversations so there's just not one for. decision as to whether it's going to be a goal or i mean every time you know we just we will be open to having a broad range of discussions on. each piece of work. the oldest of the bronze us will cost in the fifteen hundreds descendants of the out to sansa cough them still practiced across today if realty obregon is. for people to see it especially when. our forefathers did the job their hope is that all depictions of everyday life chiseled through the ages can one day be seen by future generations in the land where they were created. to syria. russia started the world cup as the lowest ranked team in the tournament providing
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much hope for home fans cheering on their side but the team has proved the doubters wrong and made it through to the knockout rounds with a match to spare and it richardson sent disappeared from moscow. well it's hard to overstate just how low expectations were for russian football fans heading into this world cup that seeing has been in a state of shambles for the best part of two or three decades now and they came into this world cup on the back of a seven game winless run but here they are through to the knockout rounds after just two games play and with eight goals scored their progress confirmed by a one zero win by uruguay over saudi arabia that result meaning saudi and egypt go out the only goal scored in that game is by luis suarez a man with an interesting world record in twenty ten he was red carded in the quarterfinals for handball that denied garner a place in the last four and four years ago he took it upon himself to bytes in opponents and received a lengthy international ban as
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a consequence he'll be hoping to make slightly more conventional headlines this time around in the days of the games the one zero wins for spain against iran and for portugal against morocco portugal's goal scorer cristiana renowned though he now has four goals in the tournament and is the top score at this world cup so far spain and portugal topped the group with identical records going into the final round of group games they come up next monday. or on the world cup and everything else that we have been covering on our website there it is on your screens right now al-jazeera dot com. now reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera donald trump has signed an executive order to keep parents and their children together when they enter the country illegally but the u.s. president says is that ministrations zero tolerance policy on immigration will stay in place trump has been under mounting pressure to act after it emerged that more
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than two thousand migrant children are being kept in shelters away from there. so we're keeping families together and this will solve that problem at the same time we are keeping a very powerful border and it continues to be a zero tolerance we have zero tolerance for people our country illegally. the u.n. is marking world refugee day sixty eight point five million people have been forcibly displaced by conflict worldwide that's the highest number in recorded history and another record more than half are under eighteen and that's the highest number of child refugees since world war two former inmates of prisons in yemen run by the u.s. are accusing the enemy rotty guards of systematic sexual abuse the associated press interviewed seven men who said that rampant sexual torture was used to brutalize
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detainees the u.a.e. has the night of the claims well meanwhile the saudi and iraqi coalition in yemen says it's taken full control of the airport in her data these exclusive al jazeera pictures show deserted streets after locals fled from nearby towns taking the airport represents a key milestone in the offensive to push to the rebels from the city the yemeni army is now blocking the road between her data province and the capital sanaa. lathan that the app what we don't know where it's going to answer which might notice this community through donation that will it how can we leave her data we have no want to take us i have my husband eight kids with me. the israeli military says it's launched airstrikes on at least twenty five targets in gaza linked to hamas it says the strikes are in response to around forty five rockets that were fired from gaza towards israeli territory several of the rockets were intercepted. and those are the top stories coming up next it's people in power and i are of
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a. the nature news as it breaks this is one of the areas where protesters had blocked the road for using finding higher than anything else they could find with detailed coverage of this extremely hot box assad regime which everyone striving for the good of the state from around the world to this new z.m. aims to be a with casa torrie over region's history and its projected war that has divided the tribes here for generations. to move through g. people of southern option team and truly have known protest to the loss of from such lands at the hands of colonial era settlers territory that's moved domenici boy huge temperature states which have left the region environmentally depleted and
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the indigenous inhabitants martin properties but recently the simmering results have been coming to the court we've been to find that water. passed again in a vast wilderness of lakes forests and mountains that straddles the andes across the southernmost part of south america. it's then central home of the indigenous mapuche the people who were here when spanish conquistadores
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first arrived on the continent over four hundred years ago. since the nineteenth century it's been divided by the border between chile and argentina. but for the most that's always been overtreat by andry. for generations they fought and mostly failed to get their rights to these lines recognized by both nations. don't know but there was a three party. scene of an elephant bust your stomach on and i was about us at all and no those ancient simmering resentments a once again bursting into flames. the men who cheat say they've been pushed to the brink by a surge of environmentally destructive industries such as logging. violence is spiraling and the region has seen
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a spate of olson attacks against timber companies and landholders. and a group of the islanders i can see after paul came out on the internet i don't think when they got me on it and i don't. expect they look to say that only now i'm online military says he understood i offered. them all over to our us and got a second time gotten it away. in both chile and argentina it's brought from the two change one small into conflict with the forces of the state. laplacian one is i raise argentina's most prestigious museum of natural history it's a trikes millions of tourists every year. but the museums basement hides
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a dog secrecy. unbeknown to the visitors scurrying above there's a room strictly off limits which says much about the state's list while attitudes to its indigenous people. here all the schools of my. dozens of mcu chain captured and killed in the late nineteenth century as european settlers pushed science into past again year in what is euphemistically called the conquest of the desert. their remains were on display until the one nine hundred sixty s. for more sailor or former band. kicks he'll have to toss look at this put them better lefortovo f.e.'s haddam our complete us electrical italia complete and a secret or copy then i have only a dollar has sunk around your swelled i simply meant it in a body it'll no matter the end if it gets here because honey had been on marcelo valko and spent many years studying crimes committed against the mapuche join the
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does it campaign. well into the eighteen eighties children were being sold off as slaves even through advertisement in the national press her mother then he says here by entering. in yes on a handy course ina or syrian teeters. i reported. and honestly an interest in it as he took time. and on the face of it prejudice against the country's indigenous people is still common particularly in the media. mobility bill fallon in the home of if whether or not they guys were mad have enough enough for michelle from india. he not suffer fatigue our same level here now either akira didn't hear hear.
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playing the motor is one of origin team is most controversial t.v. hosts his new show is watched by millions. of people believe that he was going to do was going to everything on the. killick to be in the young because i'm a mess. and you have. to get a one to play i don't cannot hear this but in a sea of time you know just when you think of one of the you walk you know he'll hear you know the three romano you're the you know the anybody else you're with us and just the opposite views you over here but you know me well he has been over here and given syria we're going to. get it over with by the. much of the men to choose and some stroll land is now in the hands of foreign billionaires. like
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a child including mike miss bennett's home. whose estate compassed nine hundred fires and act as. an area of hole for the size of wales and nine percent of the region's most comfortable land. i tell them to get perspectives yet people are sad. that then they get on top of us they are mentality being let go to the senate to make you sick you don't like the. minutes of the thirty minutes. two years ago a group of mapuche a reclaimed a tiny fraction of the benetton a stage and began to foment. many violent raids by special police units followed. oh yes or no but he will if he are allowed under some but as i said i fed us. he let more or less start sorry could not critics say that since the election victory of president marusya machree two years ago the states attitudes to the mapuche he
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has become noticeably worse. last august the issue became a p.r. nightmare for the government when sunday all game old unarmed a whiteman pucci supporter disappeared while fleeing from police when the camp on the benetton estate was raided. it traumatised origin tina awakening painful memories of the country's thirty thousand disappeared who vanished during the dictatorship in the one nine hundred seventy s. . the president appeared on t.v. to deny involvement. you know what was it that coattail young get off for somebody and for that boy you're going to see him basim really if they were. in a cell or somebody said i know you for three months the country was gripped by the fate of malden all day and then his body was found floating in this river cause of
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death drowning according to the autopsy. however the body appeared inexplicably in almost exactly the same place as he had last been seen fleeing the police and there had been numerous searches of the area leading many like nobel peace prize laureate adolfo paris ask a girl to die of thea fishel version. i woulda put it that i'd missed this up but it is what upon real. but he thought. about all this and they're going to want to show my face because they don't this year or wall. that we are you corsican i stunk allowed us to go.
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over the border in chile in part again you the police are on the trauma fences. but the problems of our own county is designated a conflict. the regional capital to move is full to bursting with paramilitary police. and the out oconee region there's this sense that there's a violence that is out of control and that should be somehow addressed by the authorities of course it's not that we validate the violence they're being committed in the region but you cannot use that as an excuse to go over human rights. a group of militant pucci calling it so called in to dora become
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a yank or come is engaged in a campaign of sabotage against the logging industry which it ses is destroying the environment. so far no one has been injured but the group has caused millions of dollars in damage. the government has responded by invoking an anti terror law drafted joining the time of former dictator general pinochet. that. it's affects the whole community they are out violently they raid every house or they throw tear gas to not clear why. one very recent case affected a preschool that was in class with little children the side that were all affected by the tear gas in some cases had to be taken to hospital. in the
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heart of the conflict zone the small son of cozy prove he is celebrating its in turn around. the festivities have a distinctly morsel and. not far away at the regional course has the when to call is waiting at saïd. on the company only down the. hall. she tells us that a year ago her son was shot in the back by a police dog and while trying to defend his twelve year old brother it's the first court case of its kind and for the move hoochie hopes so high that the perpetrator won't get away with it this time as it turns out the soldier doesn't even attend the hearing hardly surprising say activists no policeman has ever been
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convicted for a shooting and the poochie.


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