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pierces over an arbitrary detention in europe. for months many residents demanded to know where their missing relatives are u.a.e. military commanders in yemen have repeatedly denied running secret prisons there. the heavy government said it best to go with the u.n. he has continued to flatly deny any rule you see but abuses continue and all their prisoners have. broached. the three year war in yemen has caused a complete breakdown of law and order especially in the south where militias operate beyond the control of the courts and the internationally recognized government in addition to the disappearances in torture there have been reports of executions and assassinations diana carom al-jazeera and examines is a reporter with the online news publication the intercept and covers human rights issues he says the u.s. is aware of the accusations but is turning
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a blind eye what we've learned in this associated press report is that an emirate to run prisons in yemen mass rape is being used as a weapon of torture and interrogation and humiliation it's a war crime on a pretty epic scale and that the u.s. is turning a blind eye to it completely i know from my own reporting that the u.s. government is not being frank even with u.s. lawmakers about what the u.s. role in these prisons are and so we're a long way from having any kind of public accountability on what's going on in south yemen. i mean i find it really hard to believe with the a.p. reporting last year that u.s. officials have gone into these prisons and conducted interrogation i find it impossible to believe that they didn't notice handcuffs on the wall or the equipment you need to electrocute someone it's just implausible so the u.s. is turning a mat either turning
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a massive blind eye or they're being openly deceptive about the role in these prisons and one thing i would add we just in the united states we just got through a several months long confirmation process for our cia director gina housefull that centered on her role in bush era torture programs and she told members of congress this is in the past tortures in the past we've learned our lessons but it's quite clear that the u.s. is still heavily reliant on torture as long as someone else is willing to do our dirty work the saudi amorality coalition in yemen says it's taken full control of the airport in her data that's a key step in its offensive to push the rebels from the city but the people of her accord between the fighting and dwindling supplies to some reports. the classrooms that this whole day to school were once places of learning now the shelter whole families whose homes have been destroyed. since two thousand and fifteen the warplanes have been firing missiles at our place because the rebel camps were close
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when the attacks increased and the bullets fell into our houses and many of them were destroyed we left we have come to the school to stay here. i have my twins we left and we didn't take anything not even a pillow or a mattress now we come to been go back to our houses. a few kilometers away fighters loyal to president hadi celebrate as they seize control of her day to airport the balance tipped by intensified air strikes from saudi arabia and u.a.e. trying to plan. who the rebels say they still control the city and the simple and it's the port that the coalition really wants. supplies coming in to yemen including food and medicine as well as its oil exports all go through hard data whoever controls the port city could have a tight grip on goods in and out of yemen. but the coalition also says weapons supplied by iran a smuggled to rebels through the port and that's why her data's
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a target to run and the who these deny allegations of weapons smuggling speaking in a pro who the t.v. network the rebels leader remains defiant. most of the coastal area of the hama still free enter a large area of the coast is under control of our people and. even if they bring the world's armies we will not submit our collapse. meanwhile airstrikes creep closer to the center of the city the coalition says who the fighters are using civilians as human shields they say who think tanks are hidden in populated areas. aid agencies say if supplies of food water and medicine stop coming it will make the severe humanitarian crisis even worse for the people of the data the chances of survival are dwindling rob matheson al jazeera here with the news hour from our
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series still to come on the program point helping refugees and asylum seekers could land you in jail in hungary. a long waits for peace between neighbors ethiopia and eritrea could soon be over. at sports spain join portugal at the top of their world cup group will show you how they did it place it in the program. the united nations says the number of refugees is more than doubled since one thousand nine hundred fifty one on june twentieth that year the u.n. adopted the refugee convention and since two thousand and one the day has been observed as world refugee day. as of mid twenty seventeen more than sixty eight million people have been forcibly displaced all of them twenty five point four million of fled to other countries to escape violence and persecution more than half under the age of eighteen that's the highest number of child refugees since
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the second world war even more staggering forty four and a half thousand people are being displaced each day that's one every two seconds leaders from ten nations will meet in brussels on sunday to try to sort out the visions over immigration it comes ahead of an summit on thursday next week overhauling on overhauling the block's asylum system the issue threatens to split german chancellor angela merkel's coalition government she's under pressure to reach a deal that would allow germany to turn back asylum seekers who breakfasted in another e.u. country dominic came reports from berlin. in calling an unofficial e.u. summit of eight member states the president of the european commission john called younker is seeking to find a way to bring member states together who deal with as a sort of front line of of immigration the people trying to claim asylum the point here is that you have the germans the austrians the french and other countries all seeking some form of accommodation to try to reduce the tension that has come in
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the immigration crisis at the same time in hungary you have the government of the door of his few days party using their supermajority in parliament to amend the constitution in two ways the first being to make it a criminal offense punishable with a jail term for non-governmental organizations to provide assistance to what the government considers to be illegal immigrants and then the second change to say that hungary should not be populated with alien populations that's their words that the point here is it shows the dichotomy that the difference in approach between what the supranational e.u. wants to achieve and what certain governments and central eastern europe and europe want to achieve and they seem very far apart hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants trying to reach europe every year and spain has seen a huge number in the number of arrivals with more than eleven hundred people entering in the first ten days of this month alone al-jazeera is carpender whole
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reports now from the port city of el miria. right now we're on the decks of the of them out of polynesia and this is one of these characteristics orange rescue vessels being run by spain's marine rescue service now this ship right now is on high alert in case any calls come through telling them that there are some of these rickety fishing vessels bringing refugees and migrants from the shores of northern africa the coast of northern africa from here lies about one hundred sixty kilometers to our south but it's vessels like this that have been instrumental in saving lives. on the western mediterranean migration route this year so far because bain has seen a three fold increase in their number of refugees and migrants heading here compared to the say the same time last year now it's captain miguel part of one of the me guess who's invited is on board and he's been explaining to me a little bit about the work overnight sunday monday he and his eight person crew
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pulled on today one hundred fifty two migrants this is video he recorded in an earlier rescue in february. in africa because it is as you approach them you have to try to calm them down because they try to jump on board and they're very frightened and this is another clip recorded last year. the joy of being rescued just knowing you're going to survive by yourself. it's the greatest satisfaction you can have when you rescue people especially when there's women and children on the climb on board thank you yeah in just the month of june alone the figures being brought to spain the number of migrants and refugees arriving in spain is double the number arriving to italy and that suggests perhaps a change in migration patterns instead of migrants trying to get across the
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perilous libya italy route they're now being pushed towards the western mediterranean and that is going to mean a very hot summer for miguel parcher and his crew on this vessel and watch them up all india. hungary has defied the law and passed a bill criminalizing assistance to one documented immigrants under the so-called stop saurus law aid workers could face up to a year in jail if they help people seek asylum prime minister viktor orban blames hungary an american businessman george soros for encouraging mass migration to europe soros denies that. monsoon season is adding to the problems for a million at the world's largest refugee camp they're living in the long camp in bangladesh after escaping a military crackdown in neighboring miramar shallow pellets risk reports. monsoon rains for all and sahara beggar reflects on a hard year. to hara her husband mohammed and the six children have
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lived in cooper long camp since they fled me n. ma in december monologues and. we have lots of sorrow in our heart so much pain i can't explain in words i do not have peace of mind myanmar is our home this is not our place but what can i do we cannot go back there now they will kill us there . but here they are vulnerable toed the foundations of a new life has literally collapsed beneath mohammed's feet the monsoon season has started they live in bamboo hearts on muddy hills alongside a million other reckon sure if g.'s three thousand three hundred shelters have collapsed so far now the family she has two rooms with twenty others. nearly seven hundred thousand three hundred have fled from e.m.r. to bangladesh since the military crackdown intensified last year those who escaped
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told the stories of those who didn't mess burial pits children right villages riced . and i was away many of my relatives were killed in my mar and i can bring one of my daughters and my mother i had to leave them behind in some of my other relatives right in here about that in. myanmar in the un have agreed on steps for the ranger to return but many say it's not enough. we will not go back even if there is an agreement until and unless they recognize us as rwanda's and give us citizenship. and so are the rancher prepare for the long hope they fix their homes and build bridges roads and water wells. more than half the population this is their introduction to the world fifty five percent of critical longs residents a children. and education hair is learning the acronyms of age groups counting the minutes one must stand in the rain waiting for rice well. to harris children are
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too young to help they savor the sustenance. the sound of prayer is heard across the camp during one of the few happy times of the day. even though we are facing a lot of hardship we still manage to eat something it's difficult to cook though because we rarely find firewood and other essential plus we don't have any money. this is what survival looks like and what is now the world's largest refugee camp shelob ellis al-jazeera china imposed a ban on importing elec tronic waste or a waste of money this year that's led to worries about illegal dumping in other countries recycling funds in thailand or importing more waste than there are allowed and processing them in illegal factories scott hyla reports from bangkok right now. police officers gather at
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a factory gate just outside bangkok they send up a drone to take a peek inside before scaling the wall and going yes this is the latest in a series of raids on electronic waste factories for the past month the authorities have been cracking down on illegal operations and investigating imported waste some companies are bringing in more than they're authorized to import and using illegal factories like this one. it's the largest raid of its kind yet police estimate that there are six thousand tons of illegal waste in the sprawling compound all these seven kompany can you but now we found out that. not that. factory but to another in the gun factory five importers have now had their license is suspended for a year intelligence gained on previous raids led police here to this plastic facility it's not even registered to do this kind of work now this is
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a stack of old router fronts now there are thousands of stacks like this on this facility and it's clear that this particular one came from overseas on the back of them there's a sticker with an american customer service number on it customs officials say that the import of plastic material for recycling including waste totals two hundred thousand tons for just the first five months of this year that's double the amount for all of last year i believe that it resolves the ban from china in that in part country so. tend to fly other countries to send to and thailand. those countries. environmental group greenpeace also thinks the chinese ban has led to an increase they're concerned with the contamination electronic waste causes heavy metal in water and soil and airborne toxins but the more immediate concern there's no
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specific law that deals directly with the waste management both. dumping up and we have probably the country that we don't have composite the we don't have. the and we don't have infrastructure to do that he says there's another domestic ways to keep the current businesses open so there's no economic reason for thailand to take in other countries. it's got harder al-jazeera bangkok russians are reveling in football world cup success right now one of the first two teams to qualify for the knockout stages founds a basking in the host countries unexpectedly strong start to the tournament the lowest ranked team has reached the last sixteen for the first time since one nine hundred eighty six when it was part of the soviet union or russia's place was guaranteed off to europe why beat saudi arabia one nil much to their fans delight the south americans and the host nation both have two wins from two matches they'll
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meet on monday to decide who qualifies top of the group. that hang around for the day's action we'll have all the latest from the world cup a little later in sports a weather update next here though on the news out there. now. a plea for answers in nicaragua on why peaceful protesters are languishing behind bars plus. only used the wrong word but united g.'s roy he was already a gross negligence revealed at a british hospital and the relatives of those who died want justice. in the sport will take a look back at the career of one of golf's great sport on the air and around twenty minutes time. for. the weather sponsored.
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welcome back we have some heavy rain across central and southern parts of china at the moment and to across southeastern areas the way from hong kong through fuzhou and away across taiwan once again it's been pretty wet here in recent days for the north dry in shanghai across indochina certainly showers around for parts of vietnam and through the last very hot and humid conditions thirty eight in hanoi and it still is pretty wet across much of me i'm on the showers coming off the bay of bengal and so some flooding continues to be a possibility in the coming days you'll notice really as move on through into friday the rain across this region becomes more extensive so some flooding i think is likely to some travel disruption into southeastern parts of asia and here we've got a good few showers of the cross the philippines across borneo usual rush of showers . not too bad the risk is there and again showers possible for both kuala lumpur and singapore but northwards into the gulf of thailand reaching the risk of slightly lower and i think as we head on through into friday make it away or dry
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for much of the time for bangkok. geria sunshine will have the upper hand into south asia still looking for a wet down through the western ghats will be wet bangalore will see some heavy rain northern areas of india fine and temperatures in delhi expected reach forty one. the weather sponsored by. a history of guerrilla warfare. a place on. the scene strained their revolutionary zeal. by the splinter groups which the palestinian cause or insurance are. chronically turbulent story the struggle for palestinian. history and a revolution on al-jazeera.
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running six continents across the globe. al-jazeera is correspondent live in bringing the stories they tell of this. book in the book the master scam. were at the mercy of the raj camp for palestinian refugees al-jazeera fluent in world news. it is good to have you with us holloway three and for going to here in the house with the news out for about zero our top stories this hour u.s. president donald trump is about russia and signed an executive order to end his policy of separating migrant families at the southern border children will now be
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detained with their parents for the maximum of twenty days but trump wants that extended. seven former detainees of prisons run by the united arab emirates and yemen have described what they call systematic sexual torture and they told the associated press they were raped and abused by yemeni god's working under u.a.e. offices. e.u. leaders will hold an emergency meeting in brussels on sunday to try to sort out divisions over immigration it comes ahead of an e.u. summit on thursday next week overhauling the block's asylum system the issue is threatening to split german chancellor angela merkel's coalition go. on our top story the u.s. president's back down on his policy to separate migrant families children taken from their parents upon arriving alone in many cities leaders in new york say that they're shocked by what's happening and plan to sue the trumpet ministration kristen salumi reports. at an hour well past most children's bedtime
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a group of girls is led down a dark new york city street and into a social service agency this footage captured by new york one shows the same children being let out a short time later their faces and identities him to be taken to foster homes later in the light of day the agency got a visit from the mayor of new york city a critic of the family separation policy we're all shocked at what we think is something happening far away i have to tell you i am further shocked to find out today how much this policy has now come. home right here to new york city and right here to this location america new york said he was shocked to discover that two hundred thirty nine children had been brought to this facility alone he said the city had no advance notice them to this day has no idea how many children in total have been brought to new york even though the trumpet ministration now says it will keep detain families together the governor of new york state says he plans to sue
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the federal government on behalf of those already separated they had no plan or accommodations for separating the children and that's why you see the picture of them in cages in kennels and shipped all of course the country several states have absorbed more than twenty two hundred children who have been taken from their families since the policy came into force in michigan the director of one facility caring for kids says they're doing their best but the children are suffering children talking about you know not having a chance to say goodbye to mom or dad often going to the foster home crying crying throughout the night having nightmares waking up calling from mom and dad with no clear plan to reunite families already apart new york officials are vowing to keep the pressure on until they're back together kristen salumi al-jazeera new york the u.n. the e.u. and the enter american commission on human rights say that they've received
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invitations to investigate violent protests in nicaragua at least one hundred seventy people have died in empty government demonstrations since april security forces have been accused of using excessive force of zero as manuel ruppel over reports from managua. we're going to have. these desperate mothers crying out to prison guards for the release of their children my d.s.l. danya has been camped outside these gates for more than a week her son wielded was arrested after attending an anti-government demonstration at one point she change her self to the fence begging for her son's release me i want to give him then he told me one that my son is innocent his only crime was holding up the flag of my country i believe this is why they're keeping him here. we'll that his wife hazel has also stayed by the prison gates she goes home several times a day to take care of the family business a cybercafe in a residential neighborhood of need that i was capital managua hazel says she has
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a court order for her husband's release adding that he has been held illegally and without charge for more than a week this document is for the release of my husband but he has a big a trust in god that i have been back some. like many others who have gone missing we'll that was taken to the a famous torture center from the days of the samosa rule more than forty years ago today it houses young men and women who have protested against president daniel ortega. a human rights attorney says that arrests of peaceful demonstrators is just one of dozens of human rights violations being committed by the government and a lot of them we have recorded two hundred cases nationwide of illegal detention forced disappearances and also kidnappings. the political conflict in the guy one has killed at least one hundred eighty six people and injured more than a thousand activists say they have recorded at least sixty disappearances although
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the actual number is difficult to know human rights observers continue to call on president ordered to end the violent crackdown on anti-government demonstrators and are asking for the release of an unknown number of individuals who have been detained without charge since the start of the political crisis every day hazel prepares meals for we did and head back to that you put it to hand food over to prison guards together with we did smother they repeat this exhausting ritual three times a day each time hoping we did it will finally be released but it up in a. manner. south sudan's rival leaders are holding talks in ethiopia to try to end the five year civil war president salva kiir and rebel leader rick mashallah hadn't met face to face since a peace deal fell apart in twenty sixteen leaving the shah to go into exile it is helping to mediate the talks tens of thousands of people have died in the fighting and millions have been displaced catherine sawyer reports now from nairobi in neighboring kenya. this is
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a hugely significant considering how the two leaders badly fell back in two thousand and sixteen during that violence in the capital juba react much are fled the country has been under house arrest in the south and south africa both sides of the queues each other off starting that fighting so there's a lot of bad blood between the two leaders and a lot of mistrust as well to the fact that they have actually come to buy in ethiopia are actually neat thing and talking that alone brings a sense of renewed hope in south sudan so why would they be talking about going forward we are told that they will be discussing mainly among other things of power sharing do we expect any deal to be signed a lot of south sudanese are waiting and it's going to be interesting to see how all this plays out going forward. very low. optimism levels in south sudan right now because these leaders have met before they have signed peace agreements
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before but those peace agreements and peace deals have been broken so it's going to be interesting to see what happens in the war in south sudan is also complicated father because now we have malta people fighting groups for various. interests but a lot of people i've talked to are saying that the fact that react much are in president salva kiir have actually come to the negotiating table actually wheeling to talk that alone may move forward the peace process and give hope to south sudanese who have suffered for such a long time eritrea's president says that he's ready to put a decades old dispute with neighboring ethiopia to rest it follows if you pierce prime minister announcing that his country is ready to accept the terms of an agreement for eighteen years ago for challenged him reports that the peace deal sided dhea two thousand between the two african davis has never been upheld. at the
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motor's de memorial eritrea's president on are those killed during its war of independence from ethiopia and welcomed in all of branch extended to his country from ethiopia as new prime minister. is now ready turning point it remains a priority for us to be actively engaged for this reason we will send a delegation to add his abba and come up with a plan for future action eritreans fought and won independence from ethiopia in one thousand nine hundred three but the two sides went to war in one nine hundred ninety eight over the demarcation line between the two neighbors more than eighty thousand people were killed. the losses incurred and time wasted have been huge but as the damage accumulated in things became increasingly unbearable it spurred the wrath and rebellion in the people of ethiopia who said enough is enough the un brokered a peace deal the two countries signed in algiers in two thousand but neither side has observed a truce. strict military conscription laws have prompted thousands of young men to
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flee from eritrea is red sea coast line for europe israel and other african countries ethiopia's new prime minister offer to start talks with their tria two weeks ago. since we are the largest and oldest country in the african continent people must understand that ethiopia should take the responsibility of taking the first step towards peace with asmara and that we are also responsible for the stability in the region let the trains and the buses start between the two nations and let us restore the ties between rich and ethiopian people. met as a war veteran and fought and bought me one of the disputed towns now abi says he is ready to get knowledge that all disputed areas belong to eritrea diplomats are welcoming what they say is a new chapter of peace and reconciliation between eritrean an ethiopian people some in the theo pune ruling coalition believe the move is flawed but for now leaders of the two countries appear to be ready to find
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a path toward peace paul chatterjee on al-jazeera fighting in libya has forced more than two hundred thousand people from their homes the u.n. has set up hundreds of projects to try to help them but many of those internally displaced say that what they really want is political stability mahmud up to what had reports from tripoli. this is one of at least ten camps for internally displaced libyans in the capital close to four hundred families have been living here for nearly seventy years they were forsett from their hometown of one of our for supporting deposed leader moammar gadhafi. has a large family and can only find part time work. this camp is crowded i live with my two wives and ten thousand children in only two rooms it's very tough it's not getting any better. the united nations refugee agency is setting up aid projects nationwide to
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a live in the suffering of displaced people retired as we speak three hundred. impact projects around this country several million dollars worth of projects and i came to libya also with a view to increased to expand this project philippa grandy says there are about two hundred thousand displaced people in libya libya is in this camp have recently been given permission to return home following any consolation deal with the rebels and the city of misrata but they don't know when that will be because the reconstruction work needs to be completed first and that could take months. there are also about internally displaced people who cannot go back home. it is though thirty three thousand families have been displaced different. since warlord behaved at large his military campaign in eastern libya they include fall
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timidly she's lived in tripoli for three years sometimes out of nowhere the owner of the house could just happened where you just the tell you i'm not renting the house anymore you have to leave you know you just think every day what's going to happen. i mean i feel like sometimes a stranger you know he i mean like there's no support whatsoever from the government omar and thousands of others continue to rely on humanitarian assistance until they are finally allowed home for fatima and her family going home is a distant dream they need a political breakthrough n.p.'s. tripoli at least ten people died when de brézé from a copper mine collapsed in zambia it's unclear what caused the incident. police said that several other people were injured many though are missing.


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