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he is now at a turning point it remains a priority for us to be actively engaged for this reason we will send a delegation to. and come up with a plan for future action eritreans fought and won independence from ethiopia in one thousand nine hundred three but the two sides went to war in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight over the demarcation line between the two neighbors more than eighty thousand people were killed. the losses incurred and time wasted have been huge but as the damage accumulated in things became increasingly in bearable it spurred the wrath and rebellion in the people of ethiopia who said enough is enough the un brokered a peace deal the two countries signed in algiers in two thousand but neither side has observed a truce. strict military conscription laws have prompted thousands of young men to flee from eritrea is red sea coast line for europe israel and other african countries ethiopia's new prime minister offer to start talks with their tria two weeks ago. since we are the largest and oldest country in the african continent
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people must understand that ethiopia should take the responsibility of taking the first step towards peace with asmara and that we are also responsible for the stability in the region it's the trains and the buses started between the two nations and let us restore the ties between rich and ethiopian people. met as a war veteran and fought and bought me one of the disputed towns now abi says he is ready to acknowledge that all disputed areas belong to retrain diplomats are welcoming what they say is a new chapter of peace and reconciliation between eritrean an ethiopian people some in the theo ruling coalition believe the move is flawed but for now leaders of the two countries appear to be ready to find a path toward peace. on al-jazeera. also to come here and al-jazeera including. i'm going use the wrong word but the analogy is right it was already a movie. gross negligence as revealed at
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a british hospital on the relatives of those who died want justice. and we look ahead to the turkish election and why a president who i may not have the decisive victory he's hoping for on that stay with us. welcome back as we look at weather conditions across the levant and western parts of asia you see we've still got some showers across some of the stans maybe picking up world showers in the day highs of twenty five still the risk of your chair on the southern side of the caspian sea building for tehran and for you draw in pretty woman thirty five conditions for baghdad moving through into friday we're still seeing some showers affecting the caucuses and been some really big downpours here in recent days georgia and armenia and further showers are likely on the southern side of the black sea coast otherwise fine across the eastern side of the
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mediterranean region with temperatures there twenty seven degrees in beirut now moving down into arabian peninsula temperatures still in the mid forty's there for medina here on the eastern side but into service got a fairly brisk at the moment forty two degrees and bit of dust rise not too bad though generally and is ahead on through into our weekend then that forty two seems to be the order of the day now as we head across into southern portions of africa it's looking fine and dry plenty of sunshine here and nothing really to reports maybe a little cloud at times around the eastern cape during the twenty three degrees but across central parts of africa some big storm systems going away through from the ethiopian highlands so sit down towards the gulf of guinea and really see want to have the showers affect in lagos in nigeria. on october the sixth one thousand nine hundred seventy three when muslims were observing ramadan and jews were celebrating young people. egypt and syria known to
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surprise move against israel under his rule primitive so to get into the situation our disaster now in the first of the three part series al-jazeera explores what really happened during the first week of the war in october on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick reminder of top stories here this hour u.s. president donald trump assigned an executive order to end his policy of separating migrant families at the southern border children will now be held with their parents for a maximum of twenty days but once their detention extended. seven former detainee's
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of prisons run by the united arab emirates and yemen to describe what they called systematic sexual torture i told the associated press they were raped and abused by yemeni god working under u.a.e. offices. and eritrea as president says he's ready to put a decades old dispute with neighboring ethiopia to rest comes up to ethiopia's prime minister announce his country is ready to accept the terms of an agreement from eighteen years ago. the un un into american commission on human rights say they've received invitations to investigate violent protests in nicaragua at least one hundred seventy people have died in anti-government demonstrations since april security forces have been accused of using excessive force while wrapping i reports now from the capital managua. but. these desperate mothers crying out to prison guards for the release of their children my d.s.l. danya has been camped outside these gates for more than
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a week her son we'll that was arrested after attending an anti-government demonstration at one point she change her self to the fence begging for her son's release me one look even then he took me one my son is innocent his only crime was holding up the flag of my country i believe this is why they're keeping him where wielders wife hazel has also stayed by the prison gates she goes home several times a day to take care of the family business a cybercafe in a residential neighborhood of nick i was capital managua hazel says she has a court order for her husband's release adding that he has been held illegally and without charge for more than a week at this document is for the release of my husband but he hasn't been i trust in god that i have been back so. like many others who have gone missing we'll that was taken to the a famous torture center from the days of the samosa rule more than forty years ago today it houses young men and women who have protested against president daniel
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ortega. a human rights attorney says that arrests of peaceful demonstrators is just one of dozens of human rights violations being committed by the government and what . we have recorded two hundred cases nationwide of illegal detention in force disappearances and also kidnappings. the political conflict in the guy one has killed at least one hundred eighty six people and injured more than a thousand activists say they have recorded at least sixty disappearances although the actual number is difficult to know human rights observers continue to call on president ortega to end the violent crackdown on anti-government demonstrators and are asking for the release of an unknown number of individuals who have been detained without charge since the start of the political crisis. every day he's who prepares meals for we did and head back to that you put it to hand food over to prison guards together with we did smother the repeat this exhausting ritual three times a day each time hoping we did it will finally be released when we're up and. men
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are hungry has defied the e.u. laws and passed a bill criminalizing assistance to undocumented immigrants are the so-called stop saurus law aid workers could face up to a year in jail if they help people seek asylum prime minister viktor orban blames hungary an american businessman george soros for encouraging mass migration to europe sorest denies this. leaders from ten e.u. nations will meet in brussels on sunday to try to sort out divisions on immigration comes ahead of an e.u. summit on thursday on overhauling the block's asylum system the issue is threatening to split german chancellor angela merkel's government she's under growing pressure to reach a deal that would allow germany to turn back asylum seekers who have registered in another e.u. country dominic cain has more from berlin. in calling an unofficial e.u. summit of eight member states the president of the european commission is seeking
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to find a way to bring member states together who deal with as a sort of front line of of immigration the people trying to claim asylum the point here is that you have the germans the austrians the french and other countries all seeking some form of accommodation to try to reduce the tension that has come in the immigration crisis at the same time in hungary you have the government of victoria via at his feet as party using their supermajority in parliament to amend the constitution in two ways the first being to make it a criminal offense punishable with a jail term for non-governmental organizations to provide assistance to what the government considers to be illegal immigrants and then the second change to say that hungary should not be populated with alien populations that's their words that the point here is it shows the dichotomy that the difference in approach between what the supranational e.u. wants to achieve and what certain governments and central eastern europe and europe want to achieve and they seem very far apart. the mysterious deaths of at least
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four hundred fifty people at a u.k. hospital are being blamed on the unnecessary prescription of painkillers that's the conclusion of a report which found that over eleven years patients were regularly given high doses of opioids they didn't need not even bother reports from portsmouth. they've campaigned for twenty years to find out how their relatives died in the same hospital after being given drugs they didn't meet now a painstaking report four years in the making says they've been failed consistently by hospital managers by the police and by politicians inexcusable failure of them all is not only shameful it is scandalous and it is immoral. they have grossly felt that ethical standards by abusing people's human rights are vulnerable relatives who was stripped of their final words to their loved ones silenced by. catastrophic the report looked at events at this hospital in southern england between one hundred eighty nine and two thousand and how relatives complaints were brushed
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aside the report says four hundred fifty six people died here as a result of an institutionalized practice shortening patients' lives by administering opioids like diamorphine without medical justification and given missing records a further two hundred may have died for the same reason a doctor called jane barton played a central role in prescribing the drugs she was previously questioned by police but never charged relatives of those who died say there must now be prosecutions the health secretary told parliament on wednesday that would be up to the police and the justice system but i can at least on behalf of the government and the n.h.s. apologize for what happened and what they have been through. had three star bushman listened when junior n.h.s. staff spoke out how they started listening when ordinary families raise concerns instead of treating them as troublemakers many of those deaths would not have
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happened can willie's father john was just sixty eight when he was sent to the hospital to recover after breaking his hip he wasn't in perfect health but wasn't going in. he wasn't going to die he never came out a life it was ghostly coral because everybody seemed must have been on the opiates and. on the bus so it was like walking to somewhere. used the wrong word but your knowledge is right it was already a morgue the government said it will respond in detail later this year but the relatives of those who died many elderly themselves want lessons to be learned and charges brought as soon as possible. portsmouth. instagram has launched a new mobile app dedicated to hosting user generated videos of up to an hour long the i.g. t.v. apple features videos from rising internet celebrities artists and even dedicated
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accounts for pets the facebook and social network is trying to compete with long form streaming platforms such as you tube. turkey will go to the polls on sunday to elect m.p.'s and more importantly a president with increased powers the incumbent russia type or two on one the referendum last year to give more powers to the presidency one of the big issues for the voters is the economy and smith reports. circuit has enjoyed impressive economic growth in the fifteen years reggie has been leader but there are problems now the value of the turkish lira recently fell to a record low losing eighteen percent against the dollar this year inflation is at twelve percent around calls himself an enemy of interest rates but if rates were raised that would likely boost the lira and lower inflation youth unemployment is too high for many at almost eighteen percent and as well as money problems voters
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are also concerned about the crackdown on government critics freedoms and mass arrests at least seventy eight thousand turks have been arrested and one hundred fifty two thousand fired from their jobs following the failed coup attempt to years ago sunoco siller has more now on what's at stake this is going to be the sixth time in four years and the second time under emergency rule that turks to the ballot box most of all so present president so far john the head of five rivals but short of the fifty percent needed for a first round when opening the way for a risk you run of the economy could be a factor in the result the national currency is lost twenty percent since the new year public opinion survey or is there certain jar ses that's the main reason the election's been brought forward eighteen months. used. fifty four percent of turks see economy as the most important issue one nine percent say it is terrorism these
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sometimes replace each other economists take it johnson space issues are mostly homemade and part of the periodic cycle it doesn't see a major risk to. the economy is reliant on the dollar during the other party's rules turkey spend what it had in hand and what it borrowed from abroad so the income has remained the same expenditures rose. parties line. is that foreign man a place in has cause that's the klein supporters appear happy with that argument. all require a look at america the west in israel or the one out of spite i vote for. turkey first the failed coup attempt in two thousand and sixteen and has been ruled by a state of emergency since then thousands of workers have been sacked and many politicians controversially jailed for allegedly linked with what aired on considers to be terror groups even pro kurdish presidential candidate still out and
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democrat has been jailed for more than a year without trial he campaigns from behind bars. although that the economy is secondary first comes freedom my prior she is justice rule of law and marci press freedom is also a key concern the organization for security and cooperation in europe oh i see reports to the arena qualities in coverage of political campaign since two thousand and fifteen out of the and his other forty came to power after the financial crisis of two thousand and one which swept away turkey is a stylish forty's now they are forty is working hard say avoid the recession which could see it going the same way critics say the line between the states and the government has become blurred and the gap between the support for error. and. has considerably seen on al-jazeera a stumble. so it's most news now in russians are reveling in football world cup
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success after becoming one of the first two teams to qualify for the knockout stages fans are basking in the host countries unexpectedly strong start the lowest ranked team is reached the last sixteen for the first time since nine hundred eighty six it was also a good day for spain and portugal after drawing against each other in the open a both picked up their first wins on the riches and reports from moscow. well it's hard to overstate just how low expectations were for russian football fans heading into this world cup that team has been in a state of shambles for the best part of two or three decades now and they came into this world cup on the back of a seven game winless run but here they are through to the knockout rounds after just two games play and with eight goals scored their progress confirmed by a one zero win by your acquired over saudi arabia that result meaning saudi and egypt go out the only goal scored in that game is by luis suarez a man with an interesting world cup record in twenty ten he was red carded in the
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quarterfinals for handball that denied garner a place in the last four and four years ago he took it upon himself to bytes in opponents and received a lengthy international ban as a consequence he'll be hoping to make slightly more conventional headlines this time around in the days other games the one zero wins for spain against iran and for portugal against morocco portugal's goal scorer cristiana renowned though he now has four goals in the tournament and is the top score at this world cup so far spain and portugal topped the group with identical records going into the final round of group games they come up next monday. for a time for a quick check of the headlines here this hour u.s. president donald trump has bowed to pressure and signed an executive order to end his policy of separating migrant families the southern border children will now be detained with their parents for the maximum of twenty days but trump wants that
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extended. so we're keeping families together and this will solve that problem at the same time we are keeping a very powerful border and it continues to be age zero tolerance we have zero tolerance for people that enter our country illegally seven former detainees of prisons run by the united arab emirates and yemen describe what they called systematic sexual torture they told the a.p. they were raped and abused by yemeni guards working on the u.a.e. officers. eritrea's president says he's ready to put a decades old dispute with neighboring ethiopia to rest comes after ethiopia's prime minister announced his country is ready to accept the terms of an agreement from eighteen years ago. the un e.u. in the n.t. american commission on human rights say they've received invitations to investigate violent protests in nicaragua since april at least one hundred seventy people have died in the anti-government demonstrations anger over plans to reform the welfare
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system triggered the violence security forces have been accused of using excessive force. hungary has defied e.u. laws and passed a bill criminalizing assistance to undocumented immigrants under the so-called stops or aide workers could face up to a year in jail if they help people seek asylum prime minister viktor orban blames the hunger an american businessman george soros for encouraging mass migration to europe so as denies this. leaders from ten e.u. nations will meet in brussels on sunday to try to sort out divisions on immigration comes ahead of an even summit on thursday on overhauling the blocks asylum system the issue is threatening to split the german chancellor angela merkel's government she's on the growing pressure to reach a deal that would allow germany to turn back asylum seekers who fled to stood in another e.u. country well those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after witness. when the news breaks. on the old man city and the
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story builds to be forced to leave it would just be all when people need to behead women and girls being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring in the award winning documentary and live news i'm not out of it i got to commend you on hearing is good journalism on air and online. i think and i stand just as everybody says what bill but i.
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i think. that you always think those are the thanks us all a series that is just awesome is at. least it will be with us haha. thank. i never imagined. a story like this. i skied to mary in syria when the bombing reached my hometown.
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my home was destroyed. and i was arrested. i became a refugee. everyone in this camp came from my home town homes. i began taking photos in the camps. through the lens i wanted to show the whole world what had become of us. live together in peace. and as refugees. own lives surviving. that are
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in their lives you know when you get in there and. in the latest record is that. we didn't choose this for ourselves. taking full held to me to express the sadness i felt. it was my way of surviving. i have an eye condition called the statements. i see only shapes and outlines unless some ten centimeters close. i've
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had this condition since i was a child. the camera became my advice. what the fuck i love to be the. solo hayam. the lean up be the source for. the wheel. the other night and when we're a little. slower. paced soria employer thank you i can live in the shit. that helps. my family and i fled to the scam three years ago we'd applied for asylum to
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canada. but we'd heard nothing. we were losing hope there are over one million refugees in lebanon. many are women and children. every day i'd see them or king in the fields thought it could be theirs if it was this article just. cannot collect their whole packet of credit in a locked in this time of the sort of hard to get ahead and i mean how you have audible hey i'm heard out there about of course how much cash you're pub on tablets to thaw the gist of it is you don't want to have a little bit we started with. many women are here alone they lost their men back in syria.
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the war took so much from us. our present and our future. the iran of south africa believe it will be as well the hope that i heard a lot of what certain going to fade and muck around election any willisville in. any but at least a moment into man but of this sort of death of ideology three or a sudden him can if of the live you climb the red bus in a very high late latin and study it like the arabs out and whole of the happy i'll just let the slain have sort of normal tradin what an ha fellow of. the leader no had to lead down man able to walk on us what must you see when you. read
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the books and. time stopped for us the day we fled syria. and i could feel my dreams slipping away. then i got a phone call. well i'm very glad to hear that. it's a big honor for me. it was the canadian embassy. welcome to the kingdom to say i'm zia mcgrath. today when you have asked the
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interview you have had your case referred to us by the u.n.h.c.r. you guys are going to be going to regina in its casual. road just a good question regina is the capital of the provinces to sketch one which is located in the middle of canada. beautiful stars when you arrive it will be spring time so you will see flowers and animals good. beautiful start for me you can see for miles will be able to receive treatment for your eye i notice that you have difficulty in the bright light will definitely be able to see a doctor in canada. everyone has access to a physician. softness
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of. your life. for me and. it was i will last eleven on. the last time we traveled we were escaping the bombs in syria. but. after all they cared about was my high school certificate it was my only chance to get to university where you could get away with the best of it.
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it was hard not to think about our lives back in syria in the last moments. as you look. at the career and the regular at the get them of their. mind if that mine are. i miss the simple things most in the house that my father built and you don't have actual work anywhere surely because that is on the shift. so you don't believe. instead of the basic eat. some of the and that has occurred that i mean look fast and i'll most likely yeah. this is the jet is that got him. well a lot. of jargon and and so. look
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under any you can experiment harm a born again and i would encourage more comfort but it can't be this can be did us and come and tell it as it will but doing the worst of us our machine he'd been a kid bill halley and it failed my collection i really was afraid of going fishy lucan. bush and i. were so happy. and obama. knows a lot of that will. stop for. a took b.t.n. had to really be the missouri and. shot long and the she had them of all done in osaka mob didn't know john a lot i mean. this
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is the nation in canada. that. i didn't know what to expect. this is a city of big dreams and big believers. superstars who are extraordinary.


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