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ministry says the indictment against sarah netanyahu relates to the alleged misuse of state funds the charges concern one hundred thousand dollars used to provide catering services for said joins us live from west jerusalem talk us through the charges. well yes it is it's quite an unlikely political scandal when you think about it this is all about the food the news eight in the prime minister's official residence and what it stems from was an investigation launched some three years ago after it was found in official report that the expenses at the residence had been extravagant and sarah netanyahu was accused of essentially bringing outside chefs gournay chefs from well known restaurants around jerusalem into the prime minister's residence to cook meals for the family and for family events while concealing its alleged the fact that there was at the same time someone who is employed by the public purse to cook for the prime
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minister and his wife as well as that and that the charges the amount some ninety nine thousand u.s. dollars worth of expenses which should not have been incurred by the public purse and as well as that she is accused of conspiring with an official at the time the form of the deputy director general the prime minister's office to a doctor to falsify some fifteen invoices and when you consider at the time or shortly afterwards prime minister netanyahu was saying that this was all a fuss about take away t.v. dinners on full trays it's now looking very different what the impact is it having what are people saying about and how potentially damaging is it for the next. well it's obviously embarrassing for the prime minister it's something that he tried to fight off and has come nonetheless i mean everybody was really expecting that this indictment would be made after the police recommendation last year that it should be but don't forget the netanyahu himself has two such charges potential
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charges hanging of him in february in two corruption cases the police recommended that he also be indicted one involving lavish gifts given to him and apparently requested by him and his wife from well known overseas business people and in the other allegation that he was courting favorable coverage in one newspaper by trying to hamper or offering to hamper the activities of its main competitor and there are two other cases which are also being investigated which involve the prime minister and his associates which haven't led to any charges being recommended yet so there is this real sort of swirl of allegations and corruption stories around this prime minister at the moment though he seems to ridden out the worst of it and indeed in recent polls basis just that if you if the election now he'd be returned to office with his likud party almost fifty percent more seats in the knesset the parliament it has at the moment so for now it's not impacting his popularity all right with
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those developments have a force of thank you seven former detainees in prisons run by the united arab emirates in yemen have described what they call a system of sexual torture they told the associated press they were raped and abused by yemeni guards under control but the u.a.e. denies managing or running prisons in the country karim reports. a window into what's being described as a world of rampant sexual torture and impunity these drawings were smuggled out of iraq to run prisons in yemen made on plastic plates with ink detainees held without charge or trial described humiliation to the associated press news agency one caption in arabic says it's real terrorism and another drawing prisoners being transported in a pickup truck are naked blindfolded and handcuffed seven former detainee spoke to reporters about what they've witnessed they say rape electrocution and beatings
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took place at five detention centers including at the iraqi forces headquarters in the country the u.a.e. mission in geneva tweeted that it has never managed or run prisons or secret detention centers in yemen but the accusations don't come as a surprise in march human rights groups accuse the united arab emirates of making arbitrary arrests in southern yemen. we have got to admit. that the u.a.e. is responsible for. over an arbitrary detention in europe. for months many residents demanded to know where their missing relatives are u.a.e. military commanders in yemen have repeatedly denied running secret prisons there. the heavy government said it best to go with the u.a.e. has. any rule. but the resistance to you and all their resources are. right. the three year war in yemen has caused
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a complete breakdown of law and order especially in the south where militias operate beyond the control of the courts and the internationally recognized government in addition to the disappearances in torture there have been reports of executions and assassinations diana carom al-jazeera the saudi a mirage a coalition in yemen says it has taken full control of the airport in her data but rebels are contesting the claim the rebels have posted this video online it said to show fighters still have access to the airport compound for several days the coalition said it is in control what is seen as a key strategic milestone mission to retake the city which has been under heavy control since twenty four. and coalition forces are now moving to cut off rebel supply lines mohammed atta has the latest from djibouti that's a law stop for a before the supplies cross the red sea into yemen. despite claims by the saudi led
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coalition that they're in full control of the port both fighters maintain but it's not the case they say they're still resisting this is something confirmed also by reliable sources who say the still pockets of resistance within the compound of the well and as the fighting gets closer to residential areas there fears of a humanitarian crisis residents of the city say that aca has been targeting for a few positions in groups near the airport as well as the highway that links the data to the capital sanaa on their strongholds. the coalition forces say that they are trying their best to minimize civilian casualties but the queues the. o.t. fighters of pleasing tons of what the legal residents will is the main cause of the humanitarian community up the pub from street by street fighting that could see a price in the civilian casualties seen so far is
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a discipline to the services of vital importance but they are a lifeline for millions of yemen as we have to depend on a place to go ahead on the news including mohamed bin cylon as been saudi arabia's crown prince for a year now we look at his first twelve months in power. amid investigation we open the death of a mongolian model could have ties to follow malaysia's prime minister. and in sport after racing around the world it comes down to a sprint to the finish see you'll be convolved ocean race champ. rival leaders are holding talks in ethiopia trying to end a five year old civil war the meeting between president salva kiir rebel leader has been mediated by the ethiopian prime misses the first. the two men have made face
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to face since a peace deal fell apart in twenty sixteen tens of thousands of people have died in the fighting and millions have been displaced its reach our correspondent has been organised been covering the conflict in south sudan extensive research not expecting much to come from the talks but i guess it's significant that they talking what's going to happen next what do you think the impact will have while the talks are just the beginning to try to resolve a conflict that's been going on not since twenty sixteen but since twenty thirteen when the president accused his former vice president riek machar of attempting a coup as you've said tens of thousands of being killed and millions a third of the top money population have been displaced now the two of the meeting is just the first time this will have to talk about the differences they have what caused the right to drive between them and in turn to sixteen again so would the with the prime minister has to do right now is to try to bridge the gap into government authority and on development i guess which is the regional blog mediating these talks have had an extraordinary session today and they have made it
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very clear that if the two sides to not to reach an agreement will be punitive measures they will punish those who are continuing war in south sudan what comes next is basically they have to figure out their differences and try to resolve it as soon as possible before the you summits in the no longer in and during the beginning of july but again it's not just rick my char and salva kiir who are involved in this conflict there are more than thirteen different opposition groups who are also involved in this high level of it's musician forum which is a forum trying to revitalize the ten to fifteen peace deal so there's a lot of there's a long way for all sides to go it's not just president here and opposition opposition leader rick my share anymore there are so many sides involved this is just the beginning what comes next is they have to try to figure out how to bring the other parties on board and try to bridge the gaps between all fifteen sides possibly even more and then try to see what comes out of that if there's a deal that could be signed that's going to be high. it isn't that if you look at
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the elections and how you bring all the groups together and consider what it is that's that's preventing the peace process from going forward while the government made a very clear over and over again over the past few months that if they do not sign an agreement they will be having elections by august and that's very hard to see how it would actually be a reality because like i said third of the country's population is displace millions are starving are and are relying on aid to survive and more than a million people are facing famine there are a lot of areas in south sudan that are not accessible not just to the aid organizations but to the government themselves there are so many rebel groups that have emerged since december since july twenty sixth they've got different control of different parts of south sudan making access very hard so it's very hard to see how you can bring those ballot boxes and have civilians there vote and then there's also the civilians in the displacement camps in refugee camps in neighboring countries how are you going to get them to vote so as much as the government is talking about elections this still so many things to be resolved and then the worrying side as well are they willing to be there to stand up and run against the
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president for in the coming elections are they happy about elections happening there's so much and there's such a long way for south sudan to go that it's very hard to see if they do sign a peace deal is all this time how are they going to implemented it what does it mean for south sudanese and if they can come back home and resume their lives which has been cut short since and as a reason why is it thank you thank you malaysian police are reopening a murder investigation that could have links to the embattled former prime minister najib razak mongolian model was killed by two form of police officers in two thousand and six the offices allegedly worked as bodyguards for now but he denies knowing the woman. as he was also being investigated of a claims he stole billions of dollars during his nine is in office is accused of taking money from the state fund the new prime minister martin mohamad reopened the corruption investigation after winning last month's election. i was not
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didn't have any knowledge whatsoever of monies coming in i would not have couldn't do it and allowed it if i knew subsequently i believe that cohen had monies from several sources. and this is debatable but as far as i'm concerned i'm not privy to bang bang records you know unless you have special clearance from the bank then you would know what a source of funding or i knew i accept it at face value would it just as coming from from a saudi from king abdullah at his behest you know at his instruction flowing say he has more from kuala lumpur. i'll turn to your sharper was among goalie and citizen who were skilled in malaysia in two thousand and six she was abducted shot dead and her body blown up with military grade explosives and two former policeman have been convicted of a murder and sentenced to death but her family believes the people who ordered the killing have not been caught and that's why they've been fighting to get the case
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reopened now it's alleged that i'll turn to you i was also the translator and lover of one of nuggets close aides a man by the name of reza begin to rise up again there was said to have been negotiating a deal to poach ace two submarines from a french company on behalf of malaysia and that deal has been tainted with allegations that the french company paid kickbacks it's now being investigated by french financial prosecutors rise up again there was himself tried for aiding and abetting. but ultimately acquitted now civil rights groups in malaysia believe i'll turn to you may have been killed because she demanded payment for her role in the goshen getting that deal now her father has been in malaysia has been meeting top officials the prime minister the attorney general has launched a police report to get them to reopen the case his lawyer announces they believe they have new evidence they've not disclosed what that new evidence is but they've said of another former aide of the former prime minister. who wasn't called as
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a witness in that first trial or to be investigated now all this happened when none was the defense minister he then went on to become the prime minister a role he held for ten years until his electoral defeat in may now he is now being investigated for his role in corruption scandals while he was prime minister off this country. four and a half billion dollars is alleged to have been misappropriated from a state investment fund that he had set up and nearly seven hundred million dollars of that money is believed to have ended up in not chips bank account but he denies any wrongdoing in indonesia nearly two hundred people are reportedly missing after a tourist ferry capsized on monday but with no official log of ticket sales it's still unclear how many were actually on board on thursday police detained the captain of the boat for questioning steadfast and as a story. the ferry sank on lake told
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a tourist destination in north sumatra on monday but only a handful of bodies have so far been recovered from the water despite a search involving hundreds of rescue workers and grieving relatives are growing impatient legs over is known as the world's largest full chemical leak at some point it's at least five hundred meters deep the wooden ferry built to carry forty three passengers was heavily overloaded and sank in bad weather there were twenty one survivors and i'm going to have a good night that's got on the ferry started to tilt i raced to the top of the boat but my friends were still below the deck everyone jumped off climbed to the top again so it sank i had two people but there were others clutching to my feet from the water so i had to let them go because i started running again to keep them away . initial figures suggest that eighty people were onboard but that's now risen to almost two hundred the transport minister doubts the figure is that high but with
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no passenger list or record of ticket sales the exact number may never be known very accidents are common in indonesia where safety measures are often not enforced the president is demanding action i mean that part of the media is about that it will unlikely i ask for these kind of justice to never happen again and i ordering the minister of transportation to evaluate all safety procedures and standards of transportation vehicles. using an underwater drone rescue workers are trying to locate the vessel in the murky depths of the lake once found they hope more bodies can be recovered while relatives are waiting for answers the government is under pressure and not a ferry disaster highlights that safety procedures are not being followed. has been chosen by president joke we don't know as one of the country's main tourist destinations but many fear that physicists will think twice before travelling by
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boat that fast and al-jazeera. and not some for the weather in a quarry for texans rob not again yes less than a year ago hurricane harvey was there and it's raining again back now to some extent and it will stop however memories will be triggered i think if you look at the satellite picture brownsville has got a bright white top when you take a line up through houston this happened over the last twenty four thirty six hours or so we've had persistent rain and the first is actually triggered by an old hurrican but this is just standard for this time the however poor tosser which is with near the heart of the real bad flooding is a two hundred seventy eight millimeters in just thirty areas of the city would be flooding and this is a flat area you do tend to get flooding is pro-tax is luckily you end up with an e. so x. so deep flooding she's what we're looking at not far away from port here texas and alone having heavy rain the moment. and to your footing further north in pennsylvania last place look at pittsburgh eighty seven beaches but in a few hours of probably three or four hours again there was overnight flooding
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which of course last into the day rivers burst in the close you funnel the right answers or cars have been washed away it wasn't just this pop pittsburgh you could follow those big thunderstorms all the way to the coast of pennsylvania that down to coast and the edge of the country as well storms have moved out of the way of the obvious formation so the whole the u.s. now has this low here which is for you yet more rain to the midwest to pennsylvania but less so for texas thank you rob still ahead on al-jazeera trade war fears the european union gears up to retaliate against the u.s. . so what about the money turkey's struggling economy will be the number one issue when voters go to the polls on sunday. and france accts to make it two wins at the world cup details ahead of the game with proven sport.
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ghana stands as the geology of both mentally resources and hydrothermal why are they so poor the measuring you guys would finally form a government. of the toxin when essentially nowhere the more we would close down the more they push back we knew it was coming the pressure was do we sit back and wait for do we surprise them with a preemptive strike. analogy zero. the goal of the united states i learned that the first amendment is really key to being able to lead him up to the challenge of going to be. men and women to the resources that are available but it's an al-jazeera story to me is that we just don't tell you what the subject of the story wants you to know the government is not. going to do the one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for. we ask the questions we can get closer
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to the truth. and there you watching al-jazeera mine of our top stories this hour there's growing concern in libya of the impact of fighting around the country's oil producing region and its effect on the economy the u.s. state department has condemned the recent violence between armed groups calling on rival leaders to immediately withdraw from the area. the wife of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been charged with fraud the justice ministry says indictments against sarin it's an ira relates to the alleged misuse of state funds the charges concern one hundred thousand dollars used to provide catering services . president signed an executive order to end his controversial policy of splitting
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up migrant families at the southern border children will not be able to stay with their parents for up to twenty days. before many families get caught illegally entering the u.s. a government attention facility is their first taste of the american dream according to the texas civil rights program some parents reported that they were separated from their children and not given any information about their whereabouts while the parents remain in prison and face criminal charges their children are placed in temperature shelters many parents plead guilty and accept an accelerated deportation program in the vain hope of being reunited with their children but in reality the process is much slower for children so the parents are deported and forced to search for their kids from overseas for more on this let's speak to ken karl is a former deputy national intelligence officer for transnational threats at the cia joins us on skype from boston very good to see you well come on al jazeera is this
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the new reality when it comes to the american dream you. famine and fear and look for safety and fortune and you have your children taken away from you. well it's a horrifying way to frame the issue but i'm afraid that in the current reality that describes what has happened and to the extent that trump succeeds will continue to happen so long as he is in office. and to some he just makes our site doesn't make sense from a security point of view as harris as it plays out doesn't work on any level. that's an important question because this is the foundation of trump's assertions to justify the policy and there's really nothing to that. people come to the united states overwhelmingly i'm better life for economic opportunity these that system of . the commission of crimes committing crimes by immigrants legal and
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illegal is quite clear that they commit far fewer crimes per capita then then american citizens do so the number of terrorists who will have snuck in among the two year old crying infants is essentially zero there are very few problems from that perspective from a security system so you really wonder what the fear and security element is based on that if they not rewarding crowds coming in to destroy the country i mean isn't it a kind of issue. it clearly is this is all about race ethnicity and culture now it's a legitimate concern for any society to wish to have control of the of its own social destiny that does not by definition make someone a racist however in this instance it's quite clear that the objective is to stop essentially all immigration in less e.u.
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take the secretary of homeland security at her word where norwegians somehow seem to be more acceptable than dark skinned lot of moms i'm interested to have experience with nafta and how trump destroying that is exacerbating the problem. this is an important point that has been lost in the terrible scenes of suffering and then the polemics and arguments about what to do about children and family unification illegal immigrants and so on however the single greatest program the united states more than has been involved in or implemented in the last forty years to stop immigration has frankly been the north american free trade association agreement nafta which dollar trump is doing his best to destroy why because nafta created over time substantially greater economic opportunities and dynamism there
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contributed to it in mexico in particular in this instance therefore. there was what had been a strong inflow to the united states of mexican immigrants actually literally reversed the number of mexicans residing in the united states returning to mexico exceeds the number of mexicans coming to america because nafta contributed to economic development in mexico so absolutely the security component of this recession if you wish to frame it that way that the way to get at it is to foster economic and social stability and growth in central america and you do that through trade and foreign policy not through building a very foolish wall and the central american countries themselves i mean what should they be doing in order to prevent this exodus. well they should be government every society should seek to govern itself so that individuals are protected and have their individual rights and that economic development occurs in
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a stable and but dynamic way and this is easy to say and obviously surpassing the hard for any country to do but countries in central america which have known. decades if not literally centuries of social strife have descended into a circumstance where warlords and drug dealers are more powerful than the state in the state frequently as corrupt and people flee the prospect of death and no opportunity someone earning substantially below the minimum wage on the black market in the united states will have twenty times the income that he or she could earn in their home country in central america so what would you do if you had a two year old child and had that choice ok. it's picking up on the children because that's why we're talking about the story mainly the horrific impact it's had on families and kids in particular how do you know reunite these families
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because it's not an easy process is it. well apparently it's not it's horrifying although i guess not surprising in the chaos of the visceral response that's a policy present in the united states that there seems to have been almost no records kept that would make it's a straightforward procedure to reunite infants and small children with their parents. there would be i hope experts who have worked on this and should be able to answer the question like that i haven't worked on that for myself but one would imagine one would hope that if i were assigned to this i'd set up some system from the beginning of d.n.a. analysis or fingerprints or name tags are like hospitals do that there should be obvious ways to keep families traceable and apparently that's not even the case since the paula. can come thank you.
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take a look at the polls on sunday to elect members of parliament and most significantly a president with increased powers changes made to the constitution last year will give the new president increased powers while the powers of the cabinet and parliaments will be reduced and its methods will. so he has enjoyed impressive economic growth in the fifteen years reggie has been leader but there are problems now the value of the turkish lira recently fell to a record low losing eighteen percent against the dollar this year inflation is at twelve percent earlier and calls himself an enemy of interest rates but if rates were raised that would likely boost the lira and lower inflation youth unemployment is too high for many at almost eighteen percent and as well as money problems voters are also concerned about the crackdown on government critics freedoms and
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mass arrests at least seventy eight thousand turks have been arrested and one hundred fifty two thousand fired from their jobs following the failed coup attempt two years ago turkey's struggling economy will be one of the main issues people will be considering as they head to the polls this weekend the value of the year has fallen interest rates and inflation are rising and that's hurting people's pockets because who has more from istanbul this is going to be the sixth time in four years and the second time under emergency rule that turks to the ballot box most of all so present projects i've heard on the head of five rivals but short of the fifty percent needed for a first round when opening the way for a risk you run of the economy could be a factor in the result the national currency is lost twenty percent since the new year public opinion survey or as arson jar say's that's the main reason the election's been brought forward eighteen months. is there in the dirt fifty four
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percent of turks see economy as the most important issue one nine percent say it is terrorism these sometimes replace each other economists take it johnson sais the issues are mostly homemade and part of the periodic cycle it doesn't see a major risk to. the economy is reliant on the dollar during the other party's rules turkey spend what it had in hand and what it borrowed from abroad so the income has remained the same while the expenditures rose. daunce ruling parties line on the iraq is that a foreign man a place in has cause that's the klein supporters appear happy with that argument america is all require a look at america the west in israel or the one out of spite i vote for the. tricky place the failed coup attempt in two thousand and sixteen and has been ruled by a state of emergency since then thousands of workers have been sacked and many
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politicians controversially jailed for allegedly links with what egged on considers to be terror groups even pro kurdish presidential candidate still out and democrat has been jailed for more than a year without trial he campaigns from behind bars. the economy is secondary first comes freedom my prior she's justice rule of law and marcy press freedom is also a key concern the organization for security and cooperation in europe oh i see reports to the arena quality of the coverage of political campaign since two thousand and fifteen out of the un and his other party came to power after the financial crisis of two thousand and one which swept away turkey is a stylish parties now they are forty is working hard say avoid the recession which could see it going the same way critics say the line between the states and the government has become blurred and the gap between the support for air done and the
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opposition has been tyrone considerably seen on al-jazeera the stumble it's a year since mohamed been summoned became crown prince and the fact a ruler of saudi arabia to admire is he's a reformer and much needed modernize a bit critics warn he's stifling dissent consolidating power and moving hastily without considering the consequences of his actions. as a story this was one of the most defining moments in saudi arabia in recent times the king sacks his nephew and crown prince mohammed bin nayef and appoints his son mohammad. to the throne what happened nursed included a series of dramatic decisions by the young prince who wasted no time consolidating his grip on power. and jailed senior members of the royal family
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business burn and government officials on corruption charges. but the sweeping campaign over the last spread to outspoken reformers clerics and human rights activists. mohammad man holds many portfolios as defense minister he is the man in charge of the military campaign in yemen the war has claimed the lives of thousands of civilians and caused one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world. when it happened originally i don't think he anticipated it to go as long it was perceived and seen and sold to him as a sharp air operation that's going to take a few days max me a few weeks in support were supported by the united states the british the french everybody else been sell man says he wants to change his country he has sidelined the conservatives opened up cinemas. and relaxed restrictions on musical
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