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tv   Week 2 The Heat of Battle  Al Jazeera  June 21, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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i don't think he anticipated it to go as long it was perceived and sold to him as a sharp operation that's going to take a few days max me a few weeks in support were supported by the united states the british the french everybody else but man says he wants to change his country he has sidelined the conservatives opened up cinemas. and relaxed restrictions on musical performances his biggest project so far is his vision twenty thirty an ambitious plan to diversify the saudi economy and and heavy reliance on oil revenues but skeptics warn secular saudi arabia want to be an easy task in a country dominated by the conservatives last year the crown prince played a leading role in the blockade imposed by saudi arabia u.a.e. bihari in an egypt or neighboring qatar. man has dismissed
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a terms of mediation by the emir of kuwait and president trump insisting qatar meets a list of demands doha jact those demands as a violation of its sovereignty. the wife of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been charged with fraud the justice ministry says the indictment against sarah netanyahu relates to the alleged misuse of state funds the charges concern one hundred thousand dollars used to provide catering services a force joins us live from west jerusalem talk us through these charges harry. well you know they've been a long time in the making of the investigation began in twenty fifteen it was last year the seven s. and you know who had the police recommend that she been indicted and so for some months this is been hanging over her head and now the charges are here in black and
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white and they don't make make for very pleasant reading either you know or her husband the israeli prime minister. it's been coming for months and now it's confirmed sarah netanyahu indicted for fraud the case against misuse of state funds connected to her husband's position as israel's prime minister investigation started three years ago when a government official issued a report on excessive spending at the couple's official residence in west jerusalem she's charged with using nearly one hundred thousand dollars from the official prime minister's residence budget for private ships and food for family events allegedly conspiring with an official to hide the fact that a resident chef was already being employed and falsifying fifteen invoices for the services of outside caterers all very different from the prime minister's initial rebuttal of the allegations when he spoke of take away dinners in full trays the fact that she's indicted this is a sign that. the system and the police and the people of.
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such a criminal behavior and this is a bad sign for netanyahu because they will stop with the wife and will finish with him. israeli prime minister understands all too well the position his wife has been in in february israeli police recommended that he be indicted but the two corruption cases i'm sure will be with you not too slow i will continue to lead israel responsibly and by the way as long as you the citizens of israel choose me to lead you i am certain i am certain that the truth will be revealed and i'm certain that at the next elections which will be held on schedule i will earn your trust again the first involves lavish gifts of cigars and champagne offered to and according to leaks often requested by the prime minister and his wife given by billionaire friends israeli born hollywood mogul ana milltown and australian tycoon james packer in the second case netanyahu is accused of trying to get favorable coverage in the country's second biggest newspaper by offering to hamper the
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activities of its main competitor another case still under investigation concerns are negations the owner of israel's biggest telecoms company awarded netanyahu favorable coverage in his news agency in return for the prime minister's supporting beneficial regulations so benjamin netanyahu has largely seen to ride out the immediate implications of that police recommendation that he be charged in these two cases but there are these other two cases as well that are hanging over him recent polls suggested that that hadn't dented his political popularity that indeed if he were to have elections now he'd be returned as a good party with twelve extra seats more than the thirty they already have but now his wife has been charged the court case could happen within a matter of weeks and so the long standing corruption allegations around this couple around the israeli prime minister will be focused on once more the scrutiny the pressure around all this isn't to increase again harry for that reporting thank
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you. still ahead on al-jazeera it's all about the money taking struggling economy will be the number one issue when voters go to the polls on sunday. a murder investigation reopened the death of a mongolian model could have ties to the for malaysia prime minister najib razak. had of the flooding rains have returned to china in for jan and grungy and you can see really mean the clouds anywhere you want to be isn't it which is where it should be but of can you to figures from grungy this is over one hundred many beaches in twenty four hour total that is why you tend to get flooding this town the areas runs up to the yangtze valley is well shanghai included in the forecast as is hong kong so anywhere in central southern china the spring rains now midsummer rains have returned and they've patton's i was up once more to the west
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the monsoon as it breaks over india has sort of fall to the bit recently but it's trying to get its act together once more there isn't any big shout showing up tonight poor and beyond the heaviest rains still this is the western side the western ghats there's a big showers further east particularly in the northeast is still suffering flooding but the showers haven't yet reached early attention to these are to forty two or forty three degrees once more which is hotter than it should be. exceedingly pleasant. this go further west in the draw as on the winds still blowing quite strongly out of iraq down to the eastern side saudi and qatar so temperatures and about the middle forty's early forty's but some places it's quite dusty. unpack it for us what were you here and what were you saying whether online
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horrendous things humans will just as i was looking for doubt about that or if you join us on sacked one of the major countries in the commonwealth how far bigger fish to fry and chips to eat bass is a dialogue talk to us about some of this success if perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making the decision join the global conversation amount is iraq. are you watching al-jazeera mind of our top stories this hour after mounting pressure by both republicans and democrats president trump has signed an executive order to end his controversial policy of splitting up migrant families at the
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southern border the children will not be able to stay with their parents for up to twenty days seven former detainees in prisons run by the united arab emirates in yemen have described what they call a system of sexual torture they say they were raped and abused by guards under control. denies managing all running prisons in the country. wife of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been charged with fraud the justice ministry says the indictment against sarin it's now relates to the alleged misuse of state funds the charges concern one hundred thousand dollars used to provide catering services. this claim and counterclaim in libya who's now in control of lucrative oil terminals at the center of a battle between rival militias a week ago fighters led by ibrahim judd run took over to production facilities in al sadr and russ the new for the warlord hafta had held them since twenty sixteen
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fighting xrayed since he launched an offensive three days ago aimed at receiving them back now the plants are in libya's oil crescent that's an area along the coast between search and benghazi and libya's economic fortunes relying heavily on oil income the fighting has sparked international concern analysts say it could cost the country hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue at least one storage facility has been seriously damaged but it's the last few hours they've been reports of after us forces have once again taken control of those plants and the surrounding areas his rival rejects that claim would a go ahead is in the capital tripoli. it's really difficult. to say exactly who controls what because because we have to two different accounts of the same story have to sources say that they have recaptured the oil terminals of us and russia the north on the other hand
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a prohibited zones forces say deny that and say they still maintain their locations in our cities and us the north but we've spoken to locals local sources i witness is in the north they they said that. was that all last night his forces withdrawal was drawn last night and they they recaptured ruslan this morning now the oil the national oil corporation been advising branch has announced that have to his forces have taken control of the toilet terminals today but the national oil corporation in tripoli has has commented on that saying that their military operations are still ongoing and most of us on our last book from vienna he is the chief of the national oil corporation he said that the military operations are still ongoing and he just hoped that to continue to resume
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production operations soon. turkey's struggling economy will be one of the main issues people will be considering as they head to the polls this weekend the value of the lira has fallen interest rates and inflation are rising and that's hurting people's pockets. from istanbul. this is going to be the sixth time in four years and the second time under emergency rule that turks to the ballot box most of all so present president so far john the had a five rivals but short of the fifty percent needed for a first round when opening the way for risk you run off the economy could be a factor in the result the national currencies lost twenty percent since the new year public opinion survey or as arson jar say's that's the main reason the election's been brought forward eighteen months is there in the dirt fifty four
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percent of turks see economy as the most important issue one nine percent say it is terrorism these sometimes replace each other economists take it johnson sais the issues are mostly homemade and part of the periodic cycle it doesn't see a major risk to. the economy is reliant on the dollar during the other party's rules turkey spend what it had in hand and what it borrowed from abroad so the income has remained the same expenditures rose. dawn's ruling parties line. is that for an mt to play sion has cause that's the klein supporters appear happy with that argument. all require a look at america or the west in israel they are the one out of spite i vote for the. turkey press the failed coup attempt in two thousand and sixteen and has been ruled by a state of emergency since then thousands of workers have been sacked and many
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politicians controversially jailed for allegedly with what aired on considers to be terror groups even pro kurdish presidential candidate still out and democrat has been jailed for more than a year without trial he campaigns from behind bars. although that the economy is secondary first comes freedom my prior she is justice rule of law and democracy press freedom is also a key concern the organization for security and cooperation in europe oh i see reports to the arena qualities and coverage of political campaign since two thousand and fifteen out of the un and his are forty came to power after the financial crisis of two thousand and one which swept away turkey is a selfish parties now there are forces working hard say avoid a recession which could see it going the same way critics say the line between the states and the government has become blurred and the gap between the support for
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arizona and the opposition has narrowed considerably sunanda solo al-jazeera istanbul. occur as manager of the turkey project at the international think tank chatham house he says the election result could have a major effect on turkey's political stability. it's an important issue in light of the deteriorating economic climate in turkey turks were quite open to syrian migration and refugees when the economy was strong but now that the economy is perceived as we can ng there is a growing anti immigrant sentiments that is going to be the biggest factor that will determine the way the turkish electorate will vote on the twenty fourth of july some substantial powers were transferred parliament to the presidency but this does not mean that the parliament on the opposition control will be complete completely toothless it will have the authority for example to block any budget proposal i present the one to challenge his laws also challenge any presidential
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decrees he may impose so parliament is not completely toothless and if if if two different parties control the presidency and the parliament would like to see a lot of political instability a confrontation and probably powerless as police in malaysia are reopening a murder investigation that could have links to him battled former prime is and. mongolian model was killed by two former police officers in two thousand and six the officers allegedly worked as bodyguards for niger but he denies knowing the woman that she was also be investigated for claims he still billions of dollars during his nine years in office he's accused of taking money from the state fund he set up. i was not didn't have any knowledge whatsoever of money is coming in i would not have couldn't do it and allowed it if i knew subsequently i believe that the monies from several sources. and this is debatable
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but as far as i'm concerned i'm not privy to bang bang records you know unless you have special clearance from the bank then you would know the source of funding all i knew i accept it at face value without your source coming from former saudi king abdullah and his b.s. you know at his instruction in indonesia nearly two hundred people are reportedly missing after a tourist ferry capsized on monday but with no official log of ticket sales it's still unclear how many were actually on board on thursday police detained the captain of the boat for questioning steadfast in reports. the ferry sank on lake toba a tourist destination in north sumatra on monday but only a handful of bodies have so far been recovered from the water despite a search involving hundreds of rescue workers and grieving relatives are growing impatient legs over is known as the world's largest full cannick lake at some point
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it's at least five hundred metres deep the wooden ferry built to carry forty three passengers was heavily overloaded and sank in bad weather there were twenty one survivors and i'm going to have a good night that's when the ferry started to tilt i raced to the top of the boat but my friends were still below the deck everyone jumped off the climb to the top again so it sank i had two people but there were others clutching to my feet from the water so i had to let them go because i started running again i kicked them away. initial figures suggested eighty people were on board but that's now risen to almost two hundred the transport minister doubts the figure is that high but with no passenger list or record of ticket sales the exact number may never be known very accidents are common in indonesia where safety measures are often not enforced the president is demanding action i mean that part of the media is about but it
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will unlikely i ask for these kinds of disasters to never happen again and i ordering the minister of transportation to evaluate all safety procedures and standards of transportation vehicles. using an underwater drone rescue workers are trying to locate the vassal in the murky depths of the lake once found they hope more bodies can be recovered while relatives are waiting for answers the government is under pressure another ferry disaster highlights that safety procedures are not being followed by has been chosen by president joke we don't go as one of the country's main tourist destinations but many fear that physicists will think twice before travelling by both step fasten al-jazeera at. the top stories on al-jazeera after mounting pressure by both republicans and democrats us president trump is signed an executive order to end his controversial
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policy of splitting up migrant families at the southern border children will not be able to stay with their parents for up to twenty days but donald trump says he wants to keep them together even longer and time magazine as dedicated its cover page to don trump's zero tolerance immigration policy the title of the latest issue reads welcome to america features the president looking down at what's become a viral image of a two year old honduran girl crying as a mother is detained at the us mexico border. similar seven former detainees in prisons run by the united arab emirates and yemen have described what they call a system of sexual torture they say they were raped and abused by guards and the u.a.e. control the u.a.e. denies managing or running prisons in the country sorry a mirage a coalition in yemen says has taken full control of the airport in her data but the rebels deny it rebels have posted this video online in recent hours which appears
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to show that their fighters still have access to the airport compound for two days the coalition has said it's in control of the area the wife of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been charged with fraud the justice ministry says the indictment against sarin netanyahu relates to alleged misuse of state funds allegations include the misuse of around one hundred thousand u.s. dollars in official funds for catering services at the prime minister's residence in jerusalem there's growing concern in libya on the impact of fighting around the country's oil producing region and its effect on the economy the u.s. state department has condemned the recent violence between armed groups calling on rival leaders to immediately withdraw from the area those are the headlines the news continues but first it is the strain. on june twenty fourth turkish citizens
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to vote in one of the most significant elections in recent years the winner will take on new sweeping presidential powers approved in a referendum last year we'll have full coverage of the vote and its impact. of the turkey elections on al-jazeera. i really could be and here in the stream thousands of immigrants to the united states the american dream has turned into a nightmare and more than two thousand children have been separated from their parents as the government of president donald trump enforces a zero tolerance policy undocumented immigrants and i'm not going to have a dean today we'll hear stories from the detention centers and ask immigration experts to weigh in and of course we want to hear from all of you join us in our you tube.
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democrat force that. nation i just use. and show. pictures of children and minors in cages and heart wrenching stories that they're released torn apart continue to emerge and provoked outrage protests are growing louder and crossing party lines but despite the outcry and recent polls show that the policy is supported by many in trump's core republican base the president has signed an executive order to stop separation of families but how are the lives of immigrants from mexico guatemala honduras and el salvador being affected we spoke
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to some people on the streets of washington d.c. to get their thoughts i just think our politicians should get together and stop this administration for example rating families and doing things that are completely against the values. that i definitely also hope that this conversation is there. extrinsic their policy expects to sell most often it's gotten a lot of people's attention and well i'm continue to hold people's attention and the larger public so that they can start thinking about like other pieces of education policy rather than kind of topic i tensions and that static to this very emotional issue that involves children like gets the conversation going about policy that i personally feel like i was in a position of leadership pertaining to immigration i would never lets them like this happen you know families i love them with the dogs because very important and if i think they're being separated it's terrible now i'm from texas and so i can only imagine how hard it would be. just just the natural conditions of what it be
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like to stand in places like that so that is no i'm not very well versed about but i can only imagine the conditions are terrible and so whatever's being done in these separation areas where the place of the kids are staying i hope that they're having access to water to cool temperatures and things without man. but joining us to talk about this holly cooper co-director of the immigration law clinic at the university of california davis eric opinio is policy and litigation director at. mexico and bridget cambria is an immigration attorney in oakland california at people's justice the people's justice center and i want to start with a clip and welcome to you all i want to give our viewers a glimpse of what the trumpet ministrations zero tolerance policy has meant for one family in particular meet one year old. separated from its father who was legally
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seeking asylum in the u.s. it took three months before the boy was allowed to reignite with his mother shown here in a video captured by filmmaker but doubt have a look. from knowing you. turned himself in at the border to ask for asylum he presented his identification and a son's birth certificate. immigration officials claimed he was not the father and kept him in detention. but to us in fifteen hundred miles away to the officer for resettlement. no one.
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can say that you know i can be anyone yet if i have you and. me that. i did that they haven't made up my mind. now do. you know what it departments here don't come on tell me nothing but i. can let me. let you do a little bit.
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more and more. you know. the heart breaking video there think the saddest part is seeing the look in his mother's eyes and also her younger son when he realizes that his little brother doesn't recognize him how are my tale and his family doing today. well still having a lot of emotional and behavioral issues resulting from the separation of his family and i actually when he was returned to his mother he was infested with lice and filthy is mother tells me about it looked like he hadn't been be used with soap in months and so now he's just now starting to trust his mother again unfortunately his father is still detained at the time it's a detention facility in san diego we've tried to arrange for a visit twice and both times the children were not let into the touch of
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a syllabi the first time we tried was actually andrea's birthday he was so excited to see his father and then had to open his birthday presents in the parking lot of the facility the second time they told us the children had not been cleared i'm not really sure what kind of clearance process i need for a two year old and i are old but the fact is they have not been allowed to see their father since they were separated from him in november of twenty seventeen you know and hearing you describe you know the condition of the family the shock but also the physical condition and the torture essentially or you know the effect on the boy i should say drawn almost all done and like many people on twitter saying from the articles i've read on the issue all of the reports coming in from medical professionals agree that this experience is incredibly traumatic and could potentially cause lifelong harm on the child of course i meant trauma not torture earlier but we have a clinical psychologist who's weighing in sent us a video comment really outlining her concerns and what she's doing about it i'd love to get your thoughts are bridget let's take a listen i wrote a letter which has now been signed by over ninety thousand mental health
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professionals asking their present ministration to remember when you can fly to the child to not only talk about the separation policy ask policy but to actually think about the children who are being ripped apart from their parents something where we are deeply concerned about the fact that the separation has on the standards. on their general wellbeing and on the entire trajectory of their lives in regards to see stocks immediately rigid of course the executive order was signed by the hearing of the psychologist there what comes to mind. well comes to mind to me is that i'm a practitioner in family detention i was brought into family separation because we heard of vulnerable cases and started to take them. we know that family detention even together causes severe trauma. to minors. it causes
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thoughts of suicide it causes thoughts helplessness so we see that in family detention and that's when we have a family together so imagine i mean it's hard to even imagine what the psychological effects would be with a child torn from a parent and the instantaneous psychological damage that's done by that i don't think that psychologists are going to know until we see what happens to these two to three thousand children taken what the exact effects are but i'm sure that it's going to be startling and i'm sure that it's going to be lifelong brigid i'm want to share with you to have learned so with our audience of course because i know you're already familiar with this one from the new york times inside the former wal-mart that is now a shelter for almost fifteen hundred migrant children and this is in brownsville texas here's another headline this from the a.p. in this just came out recently overnight late last night on tuesday night at least
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three shelters set up for child migrants and their what's being called tender age shelters can you explain to us what you know about these shelters what kind of provisions are there for children what's happening inside and what do they look like. well to be honest these new pop up detention centers for children i don't believe that there have been cameras inside of them yet i think that the idea of something called a tender age shelter which is really a tender age baby jail is is absolutely horrific and probably against any kind of values that we hold as human beings or us americans. i don't understand how any facility could possibly be licensed that contains minors as young as an infant. i would pretty much guarantee that they probably are not licensed for that purpose additionally if you have a tent city for minors i have absolutely no idea how any state could possibly
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license the syllabi like that and that is a requirement if you're going to detain children and something that i'm very terrified about today with an executive order from the trumpet ministration is are they going to remove those very simple protections for minors protections that include avoiding prolonged attention and avoiding being placed into facilities that are not made to care for children at all ali you know a lot of people talking about how this amounts to child abuse maybe that's why i used the word torture earlier just trying to imagine what that would be like really tough to know because so few people have been been inside but people are trying to make sense of why this happened bringing politics into this on twitter families belong together saying trump and sessions are using immigration as an issue to agitate their base for midterm elections while the same time trying to wash their hands of this as they lied to the american people but maybe you know the the main question that remains that is being discussed on twitter right here by see flora's
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is what happens to the families who are separated under the previous policy now that the order has been signed what can you tell us about that holly. well i've been inside i've been suspected at least twenty different children's detention facilities and they range all the way from shelter care to juvenile jails or the office of refugee resettlement is the entity that detains minors and uses juvenile jails where the conditions can include pepper spray can include putting children into psychiatric treatment facilities we're seeing a huge amount of trauma even before this executive order because there's trauma not only a family some but there's the trauma that detention brings upon a child some children are locked in cells for the majority of the day without the right to educate without any meaningful education so what we're seeing is when trump is saying i'm going to sign an executive order that in family separation what he's really saying is i'm going to hold children with their mothers in facilities
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that don't meet minimum humanitarian requirements so all three of our guests have mentioned this executive order and that's because it happened just moments before our live air time take a look at my computer here this is just a screen shot that i grabbed as as he was about to sign this executive order this is trump u.s. immigration signed this order and he said we are keeping families to gather and of course this to many people critics and those who are just observant watchers would say this is. a flip flop from earlier policy and earlier announcements from people in the trumpet ministration and i want to share with our viewers exactly what that looks like have a look. yes i am considering in order to deter. the longest terribly dangerous network i am considering exactly that they will be well cared for as we deal with their parents have you been directed to separate parents from
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children as a method of deterrence of undocumented immigration i have not been directed to do that for purposes of deterrence now i'm sure that people are going to be less likely to bring their kids to america if they get separated than if they live together and get released into the country i would cite. each of the apostle paul in his clear and wise command in romans thirteen to appraise the law of the government because god is a. god for his purposes so why doesn't the president pick up and change the policy he said he said i think the president is trying to do is find a long term fix so why don't we have congress change the law to change or you because he does it in r.l. we want to solve family separation i don't want children taken away from parents. and i will have to people.
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are going. to be going on fifteen years sixteen years nobody's taking care of it nobody has. the political courage to take the bill we're going to take they're going to go i was holding. all these has no one has had the political courage to take care of it indicating that he has even though this policy was enacted underneath his they had to straighten holly please clarify this for our american audience and our international audience who must be scratching their heads . yes it's really about deflecting the issue and mischaracterizing what's going on so that he appears to be the hero in the equation when he's really the villain and what's happening is that the flores settlement that he's in this executive order seeking to modify has set forth very basic protections for detain children to be
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reunited with their family members expeditiously and to have bt detained in facilities that have minimum state licensing requirements and now what he's saying is that he wants to you know modify the floor a settlement agreement it's not clear how but one can speculate that he'll want to detain families and children together to create sort of modern day internment camps where children and mothers will be detained together throughout the fruition of their proceedings which is going to be you know how good a room psychological toll on the children for being detained is. also a harm in addition to being separated from their parents and we've grown we've already seen that they've built these tent cities to detain children and so the logical next step would be to house families in those facilities and i also want to say just now working on the border here i don't believe that they're actually going
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to stop family separation the case of jose that much when the family that was featured in the video you showed earlier the attention of numerous congress people who held hearings with the department of homeland security who denied that they were separating families when we had proof that they were in those cases the department of homeland security claimed that the fact that parents didn't have proof of the parental relationship when in fact they were handing over original birth certificates and passports to the department of homeland security so i don't believe they're going to stop family separation that might be less than they're doing right now i don't believe that they're going to stop it they're just going to use these post-hoc excuses to try to justify what they're doing in terms of trying . justify what they're doing you know a lot of the comments make i have to be honest with our audience with everyone here it's really still shock and disbelief even after this announcement this flip flop whatever you want to call that this announcement by president trump as big as it is richard saying separating families and causing such distress to children and their
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parents is simply the most shocking thing the u.s. administration has done since its inception as a parent my stomach keeps turning can there possibly be a low or low than this how can any parent sanction this and you know these might seem like kind of rhetorical questions almost but we do have kind of a question specifically about just jeff sessions on the policy moving forward on this you know someone saying jeff sessions has a clear agenda of this is represents the clear agenda for the justice department including ramping up new ways of criminalizing and incarcerating people we're rolling back criminal justice and policing reforms based on what you just said eric i mean do you think that that's true that this is an agenda by this administration and that's the fight that's going to continue from here on out absolutely and this is just one policy of many that is sought to stem the flow of asylum seekers especially from central america you know the ministration as demonized central americans as m.s. thirteen gang members when in fact a lot of these people are fleeing gang violence jeff sessions recently changed the
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law to try to exclude victims of domestic violence and victims of gang violence from asylum protections and let's just you know setback for a second and also recognize that seeking asylum is illegal immigration so a lot of the rhetoric going on right now calling these people illegal immigrants is just absolutely wrong they have the right to seek asylum under u.s. law and under international law whether or not they enter the united states at a designated port of entry i'm glad you clarified that because i want to bring this up here some may see this as a p.r. disaster for the united states and for the administration others not so much this is the box and they are citing several polls trumps family separation policy is very unpopular except. among some republicans one study finds sixty six percent of americans opposed it and twenty seven percent in favor there are people who say this will be a deterrent and people in the ministration also have said that the idea is this will cause the numbers to decrease even though we've seen
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a recent spike in the last few months bridget i wonder what you think of the idea of deterrence of the people in the u.s. population who say our borders are there for a reason while i have to agree that i absolutely believe that the policies of the administration are family separation family. detention the whole purpose of what they're doing is deterrence their idea is if they punish the people who they have custody then they'll stop other people from coming unfortunately we've found that's not the case it's never the case people will not stay in a burning building if they're if they're in a burning building in their their lives in danger or their children's lives are in danger they're going to flee and the administration has clearly enacted clearly enacted the family separation policy family detention policy and other other policies in order to deter people from seeking asylum in the united states but it's not going to work. in addition to it not working it's illegal the government cannot
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use deterrent policies against people in their custody to prevent actions from people and that's and of course i was just because i would have to prove that that is the policy right that it was you know our deter and we saw those questions to the homeland security had and she denied them. she denied them but other members of the administration did not deny them and actually expressly stated them that they are for deterrent purposes and i think that there's plenty on the record to show that it's just one person you know walking back those comments because they know legally it's not a good position so where do we go from here because shawn on twitter is asking you know what happens to the families that have been separated the u.s. government he says is still culpable because they have not put in place a mechanism of reuniting the families after supper is more deportation in the sense of if if god is is beginning to happen or will have to happen or will happen at all well. let me just tell you one one thing and in the case of some of the families
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that we've represented we are suing for the immediate reunification of children with their parents and the case we filed for two boys who have been separated from their fathers. not given any communication the fathers in fact had no idea where they were the fathers had no idea you know what the identification number that immigration used for them was we had to find that as attorneys and to be honest most families are separated don't have attorneys so how are they going to find their children. this is a huge problem for the administration because right now we have about three thousand children without parents and what mechanisms are they going to put to bring these families together i think should be their number one priority and what they should be doing is within the next twenty four hours forty eight hours week be immediately reunifying all of these children who are separated from their parents with their parents holly i know you want to jump in there. no i mean we're also i
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mean we have a big concern because we represent a class the nation class of children who are detained and a lot of the children are too young to even identify to the families phone numbers they said biographical information so we have a big concern also from the children's perspective is to how are they going to find their parents when they want to reach out because the children's and such tender age that they can't meaningfully articulate if that identifying information and or are the opposite refugee resettlement refuses to give us that information as advocates as lawyers for the children i want to share with our audience is this we have just about a minute in the show left that this is reunite an immigrant parent with their child and if you've been on facebook in the last few days you have seen this fundraiser for rice says they've raised twelve million dollars to go towards legal fees and for reunification what would you tell people watching who want to do something erica. definitely donating to the organizations working on the ground or he says is
11:45 pm
an excellent organization and there are several other organizations including widgets organization my all on the kino border initiative etc there's there's lists out there are things like put out a list donating to these organizations will allow us to hire attorneys to help these people because as bridget and holly mentioned we have thousands of children who've been separated from their parents who have really no other way to be reunified today i have a lot of moland father is being deported without his five year old child if i weren't helping him and trust me it's difficult still to get them reunited if i weren't helping him he'd really have no way to figure out how to get his daughter back so those of us working on the ground are really going to put these resources to good use you can from eric opinionator you heard from ali ali cooper and bridget cambrian of course to our community we have to leave the conversation there with thank you for being part of this show today we'll continue to follow the story as it develops we'll see you next time. the
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distance rewind continues with baltimore anatomy of an american city close friends who were lost to the streets i can literally see the future of baltimore to the ass of most of us and it does not look good rewind on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. miles from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha on the mall santa maria welcome to the newsgroup he backed down in the face of public and political anger but now the doubleton sign that executive order ending family separation. to the mexico border what next thousands of children are in facilities across the country and there's no word yet about how they will be reunited with their parents and for many trying supporters the crackdown on
11:49 pm
immigration is a major victory donald trump's latest tweet is leading the conversation online and we have reaction from those who back i'm leah harding connector that's for the hash tag. also on the grid nicaragua descends further into chaos the protests against president daniel ortega are on the way security forces are accused of using the excessive fulsom as even one town which has decided it no longer recognizes the government as the country's leadership and then tell you there is an election just a few days away and president with jet type out on still out on the campaign trail we're going to hear what he is telling the people of gaza young ten to the syrian border also look at the electoral issues which will decide this for. the news grid live on air in streaming online for you tube facebook live an al-jazeera dot com so what happens now to the children donald trump signed that
11:50 pm
executive order ending family separations at the mexico border but we're still short on detail about what happens to the children particularly those already separated from their parents and all the trump backed down out of the political and public outcry is zero tolerance policy is still very much in place as he told supporters at a rally in minnesota he believes immigrants are a real threat to the united states and it's the fault of the democrats. so the democrats want open borders let everybody come in. let everybody poor and we don't care let them come in from the middle east let them come in from all over the place we don't care when not going to let it happen. and by the way today i signed an executive order we're going to keep families together but the border is going to be just as tough as it's been was when democrats don't care about the
11:51 pm
impact of uncontrolled migration on your communities your schools your hospitals your jobs or your safety democrats put illegal immigrants before they put american citizens what the hell is going on here is that we're covering this once and i can't be how kids of the white house we're going to hold political developments with her shortly but we have in brownsville texas with deborah i was on the just off the ten in the morning big good morning day goetia went morning there in brownsville. yeah very good morning to here in the southern texas on the border with mexico it's a little after ten am here local time and from a very wet texas is a big rainstorm is coming passing through here right now but i can tell you cite from that everyone in this part of the country is asking the same question what now after this executive order what happens now i can tell you that a group of interfaith leaders have
11:52 pm
a right here in this part of texas where they're going to be touring some of the detention facilities were some of the child or migrants are still being detained they'll be having a press conference a little later they're trying to get more information as well on what happens next will be following that throughout the day but as far as what does happen next the big that's the big question everyone is asking and as we found out the short answer is no. he really knows nothing here is changing immediately anyway after donald trump's executive order. after washington announced an end to family separation of asylum seekers at the border there was no celebrating in brownsville texas instead only confusion the law states families seeking asylum that are arrested in the u.s. can only be kept together in detention for twenty days trump's legal team says they'll go to court try to extend that and the so-called zero tolerance policy it
11:53 pm
remains in place so there is no change in policy on arresting asylum seekers and charging them with the crime the thing that concerns us the most is that ultimately what this will result in as far as we can tell is indefinite detainment of families sounds like you don't think this is a solution absolutely not a lot of confusion still in the days ahead yet there's a lot of opacity still around this and ultimately until we see an end to zero tolerance we don't think that this is. we don't think that you can address these issues without ending zero tolerance with not enough shelters or detention facilities to how's everyone tent city detention centers for children like this one in a remote desert area near el paso texas will remain for now conditions are difficult temperatures can reach forty two degrees celsius and in brownsville outside this shelter detention center housing hundreds of kids no sign of being reunited with their parents. this shelter behind me is one that already has children in it that
11:54 pm
have been separated from their families the big question now is how to get them reunited problem is there does not seem to be any system in place to make that happen so it could be days weeks or even months until families are finally reunited activists here remain baffled by what's going on saying that hellish situation is just giving way to another it's a creates a crime in my minds a crime quite simply is the separation of a of the innocent baby from the mother. and it's completely out of proportion to what's going on in washington relief perhaps after trump's move to curtail the growing storm clouds his separation policy has brought over his presidency but here just another night of kids going to bed without knowing what's happened to their parents. the big question remains what is going to happen to the
11:55 pm
more than two thousand three hundred children that are currently being detained in the united states separated from their parents we still do not know the answer to that and some of the big problems are there just so many different u.s. government agencies that have some sort of hand in this and it doesn't appear that there's they're communicating with each other or that they had any plan in place to reach reunite these children with their parents and it's important to remember some children have been transferred to other states outside of texas we've heard of several hundred that have been sent to new york where are their parents most of them based on what we're told are still in custody facing criminal charges for crossing into the u.s. quote unquote illegally and asking for asylum where those parents within the justice system what jail or the and what detention center they have this is what nobody knows and remember some of the other parents have already been deported back
11:56 pm
to their countries mostly hunger is what tamala in central america so how are you going to reunite the children that are here in united states in shelters with parents that are here or parents that have already been deported that's a question that nobody seems to have an answer to and that's why this situation appears to not be any better than it was twenty four hours ago and a lot of ways a lot of the human rights activists and lawyers we talked to say in some ways this is almost worse. gabriel is on those in brownsville texas thank you for the vents and money on a watching on facebook live who asked what about the already separated children what about the missing children are going in opposite there from gabriel well the separation of children from their parents hasn't been limited to that southern border area with mexico some children been sent as many as three and a half thousand kilometers away to the other side of the country in new york is this secretly filmed footage showing social workers in new york taking a group of miners to false to homes the mayor of new york is
11:57 pm
a critic of the family separation policy and says he was unaware of what was going on. we're all shocked and what we think is something happening far away i have to tell you i am further shocked to find out today how much this policy has now come home right here to new york city one of the children i talked about earlier young man named eddie nine years old from honduras he was sent here two thousand miles on a bus to this location and does not know when he's going to see his mother again this is one example but here's what i'm shocked to have learned here today there are now two hundred thirty nine children right here as a result of the trump administration's family separation policy it is a big flight isn't it from the border to new york an interesting way some of the major u.s.
11:58 pm
airlines have made it clear they don't want to be involved in each instance the airline has said they don't know if they are a craft have been used to transport migrant children but in united's they have as of pilot has contacted federal officials to inform them that they should not transport immigrant children on united across who've been separated from their parents they say it's in conflict with their mission of connecting people and quote we want no part of it american airlines takes a similar stance the family separation process is not at all aligned with the values of american airlines and adds we have no desire to be associated with separating families or worse to profit from it and even a small budget carrie like frontier airlines from colorado says we will not knowingly allow flights to be used to transport migrant children away from their families joining us from washington d.c. now leon fresco who is a former deputy assistant attorney general in charge of immigration at the u.s. department of justice so well placed to talk to us about this we've outlined obviously what donald trump's done what's changed
11:59 pm
a lot of us are asking me through facebook live will be a what has changes in the world is just a distraction the law has not changed. well so the the zero tolerance policy of prosecuting all border crossers. one appears to have shade is that the administration is saying that they're going to try to come to some arrangement where the parent is not how it was in a bureau of prisons but still of the which is what usually happens when your car with a crime and is instead kept with their child at an immigration facility run by the department of homeland security the problem is that there are only. maybe read about four thousand beds at any given time available at these family processing facilities and they're already almost entirely full so they are going to need to have new space to do this and the question is how quickly can they get that up and
12:00 am
running and can they do all of this in a way that doesn't violate previous court order that require the release of kids even in these family settings if you think children are there for longer than one day leon i've had a question from kelly who's watching on facebook live i want to throw it straight to you if i can does the federal government need permission to send children to other states like the ones have gone to new york she said she'll be transporting munna children across state lines without parental permission is a felony what happens in this this is a very complicated issue that was hotly debated in the obama administration there are laws in place for what are called unaccompanied children who are not citizens of the united states their fact all right or else tied to them all and what those federal statute written by congress saying is that when the government comes into contact with an unaccompanied child they have to place them in the custody of the department of health and.


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