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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 22, 2018 1:00am-1:33am +03

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side caterers all very different from the prime minister's initial rebuttal of the allegations when he spoke of takeaway dinners in full trays the fact that she's indicted this is a sign that. the system and the police and the people people of israel are not willing to accept such a criminal behavior and this is a bad sign for netanyahu because they will start with the wife and will finish with him the israeli prime minister understands all too well the position his wife has been in in february israeli police recommended that he be indicted of the two corruption cases begin to slowly i will continue to lead israel responsibly and faithfully as long as you the citizens of israel choose me to lead you i am certain i am certain that the truth will be revealed and i'm certain that at the next elections which will be held on schedule i will earn your trust again the first involves lavish gifts of cigars and champagne offered to and according to leaks often requested by the prime minister and his wife given by billionaire friends
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israeli born hollywood mogul ana milltown and australian tycoon james packer in the second case netanyahu is accused of trying to get favorable coverage in the country's second biggest newspaper by offering to hamper the activities of its main competitor another case still under investigation concerns are negations the owner of israel's biggest telecoms company awarded netanyahu favorable coverage in his news agency in return for the prime minister's supporting beneficial regulations so far benjamin netanyahu has managed to ride out the political fallout from the police recommendation that he be indicted but now that his wife has been charged the scrutiny the precious stemming from these longstanding corruption allegations is short amount again ari force at al-jazeera west jerusalem. there are conflicting claims there who is in control as armed groups fight over two major libyan oil terminals oil exports were suspended at rosslyn financing their last thursday when opponents of the eastern based military commander haile for half time stormed the
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ports and occupied them after us forces say they have recaptured the two terminals a rival fighters led by eba him just around say they are still in control but the bill where he'd reports now from tripoli it's really difficult to. to say exactly whole controls what because because we have to do two different accounts of the same story have to his forces say that they have recaptured the oil terminals of oil so that and ruslan off on the other hand a pretty major advance forces say deny that and say they still maintain their locations in our cities and arsenals but we've spoken to locals local sources eyewitnesses in the north they they said that image of the run was the last night his forces with little draw last night and they they recaptured ruslan aushev this
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morning now the oil the national oil corporation been advising branch has announced that have to his forces have taken control of the toilet terminals today but the national oil corporation in tripoli has has commended and that's saying that their military operations are still ongoing and most of us on our last book from vienna he is the chief of the national oil corporation he said that the military operations are still ongoing and he just hope that to continue to resume production operations soon. still to come here on al-jazeera hundred ninety two people remain our missing after the sinking of an indonesian ferry police questioned the ship's captain and thailand police launch raids to take control of the country's illicit trade in electronic waste or a waste. and
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as a flooding rains have returned to china in for jan and grungy and you can see really in the clouds anywhere you want it to be isn't it which is where it should be but of can you to think it's from grungy this is over one hundred many beaches in twenty four hour total that is why you tend to get flooding this town the areas runs up to the yangtze valley as well shanghai included in the forecast as is hong kong so anywhere in central southern china the spring rains now midsummer rains have returned and they've put themselves up once more to the west the monsoon as it breaks over india has sort of fall to the bit recently but it's trying to get its act together once more there isn't any big showers showing up tonight poor and beyond the heaviest rains still this is the western side the western ghats there's a big showers further east particularly in the northeast is still suffering
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flooding but the showers haven't yet reached early attention there is it to forty two or forty three degrees once more which is hotter than it should be. exceedingly pleasant. this go further west in the dries on the winds still blowing quite strongly out of iraq down to the eastern side saudi and qatar so temperatures and about the middle forty's early forty's but some places it's quite dusty. for twenty three years mohsen has collected objects he cons along the coast. enough to fill his museum enough to break a guinness world record. with a story for every object he's become an environmental activist and inspired all taste on the voice for the part to countless markets. march music such as
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al-jazeera. welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. department of homeland security is working to bring unite migrant families separated at the mexican border that's according to the house speaker paul ryan and that's after president trying to ditch the policy of splitting families up the wife of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been charged with forward siren and now is accused of misusing state funds and forces loyal to eastern libyan military commander khalifa have tied say they've recaptured two oil terminals
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seized last week but rival fighters insist they still control ruslan off and i'll see there. let's go to yemen now where who the rebels are continuing to deny claims that the saudi and iraqi coalition has taken full control of what they the airport they say this video shows their fighters inside the airport compound it contradicts recent statements by the coalition that the who these have been driven out the coalition says it's also attacking pockets of rebel resistance in the surrounding area well a spokesman for the who these says they're now giving up the data. well. we're at the data civilian airports and god willing we will walk forward to the main gate and take photos there and also to send a message to the arab world. the coalition is attempting to cut off rebel supply lines to as mohammed the reports from across the red sea in djibouti. despite claims by the soda led coalition that their control of the port both the fighters
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maintain is not the case they say they're still resisting this is something confirmed also by reliable sources who say the still pockets of resistance within the compound. and as the fighting gets closer to residential areas their fears of a humanitarian crisis residents of the city say that aircraft has been targeting positions on the roads near the airport as well as the highway that links the data to the capital sanaa on their strongholds. the coalition forces say that they are trying their best to minimize civilian casualties but the queues the. who the fighters off leaving tons about what the legal residents will be. the main concern of the humanitarian community up the morning from street by street fighting that could see a rise in the civilian casualties seen so far is a discipline to the services of vital importance but the
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a lifeline for millions of yemen is we have to depend on. iraq's supreme court has ruled that a manual recount of all votes cast during the general election last month should take place and certain categories of votes of originally valid must be included the president and several political blocs have opposed the recount which is expected to take up to two weeks ten thousand members of the electoral commission are now expected to sort through the fall return. go to south sudan now with the rebel group says any deal to end the country's five year civil war cannot be imposed on them and more time is needed to secure a lasting peace a comments followed a meeting between their leaders react to a shower in the south sudanese president salva kiir in. the talks are the first time that they've met face to face in nearly two years as they've been brokered by the east. indonesian police have questioned the captain of
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a ferry which sank on monday leaving at least one hundred ninety two people missing with no fish a log of ticket sales it's still unclear how many people were actually on board but it appears to have been badly overloaded it could be one of indonesia's worst ever ferry disasters that vascepa reports the ferry sank on lake toba a tourist destination in north sumatra on monday but only a handful of bodies have so far been recovered from the water despite a search involving hundreds of rescue workers and grieving relatives are growing impatient lake is known as the world's largest folk can acknowledge at some point it's at least five hundred meters deep the wooden ferry built to carry forty three passengers was heavily overloaded and sank in bad weather there were twenty one survivors and i'm. on the furry started to tilt i raced to the top of the boat but
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my friends were still below deck everyone jumped off climbed to the top again so it sank i had two people but there were others clutching to my feet from the water so i had to let them go because i started running again i kicked them away. initial figures suggest that eighty people were onboard but that's now risen to almost two hundred the transport minister doubts the figure is that high but with no passenger list or record of ticket sales the exact number may never be known ferry accidents are common in indonesia where safety measures to not enforced the president is demanding action i mean the need of it that it will unlike the i ask for these kinds of disasters to never happen again and i ordering the minister of transportation to evaluate all safety procedures and standards of transportation vehicles. using an underwater drone rescue workers are trying to locate the vessel in the murky depths of the lake once found they hope more bodies can be recovered
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while relatives are waiting for answers the government is under pressure and not a ferry disaster highlights that safety procedures are not being followed. has been chosen by president job as one of the country's main tourist destinations but many fear that physicists will think twice before travelling by boat step fasten al-jazeera that. thai police have raided factories in an effort to stamp out illegal imports of electronic waste or a waste since china banned imports recycling companies in thailand have been taking in more ways than they are allowed scott haidar reports. police officers gather at a factory gate just outside bangkok they send up a drone to take a peek inside before scaling the wall and going yes this is the latest in a series of raids on electronic waste factories for the past month the authorities have been cracking down on illegal operations and investigating imported waste some
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companies are bringing in more than they're authorized to import and using illegal factories like this one. it's the largest raid of its kind yet police estimate that there are six thousand tons of illegal waste in the sprawling compound. kompany they can you know. not the. factory but to another in the gun factory importers have now had their license is suspended for a year intelligence gained on previous raids led police here to this plastic facility it's not even registered to do this kind of work now this is a stack of old router fronts now there are thousands of stacks like this on this facility and it's clear that this particular one came from overseas on the back of them there's a sticker with an american customer service number on it customs officials say that the import of plastic material for recycling including waste totals two hundred
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thousand tons for just the first five months of this year that's double the amount for all of last year i believe it. the band from china in that country so. tend to fly. into and thailand. those countries. environmental group greenpeace also thinks the chinese ban has led to an increase they're concerned with the contamination electronic waste causes heavy metal in water and soil and airborne toxins but the more immediate concern there's no specific law that deals directly with waste management for picking the cow dumping up it and we have from other countries that maybe we don't have composite the we don't have. the and we don't have the infrastructure to do that he says there's another domestic
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ways to keep the current business is open so there's no economic reason for thailand to take in other countries garbage it's got harder al-jazeera bangkok and for the second part of our series on waste our focus turns to malaysia some people see massive opportunities after china's ban on plastic waste imports which came into effect at the start of the year but could the ban also tend southeast asian countries into a dumping ground on florence lee in kuala lumpur and we'll have that story on friday the youngest player at this year's football world cup took the field for australia a little earlier in their one one draw with denmark nineteen year old daniel our zani was born in iran and moved to sydney as a child becoming part of a sport that prides itself on its diversity and as andrew thomas explains football is helping migrant children integrate into australian society many hoping to follow
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or zani into the national team. in western sydney this is an innovative program to get refugee and migrant children involved in sports football united has been running for more than a decade helping newly arrived children to integrate into their local community. these kids would play twenty four seven i mean we can't keep and have programs going to satisfy them i think i've heard thousand times i want to be a soccer when i grow up but love for the national team the socceroos isn't universal on television football competes with two types of rugby rugby union and rugby league cricket and australian rules football which is hugely popular in the cities of melbourne and adelaide. the round ball game is sometimes to ride it as a migrant sport. but in participation terms football is number one and this diversity
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is reflected in the australian national team players who fled wars in the balkans have been at the heart of previous world cup campaigns this world cup in russia a representatives with lebanese samoan iranian and croatian heritage more than half the scored have non english speaking backgrounds reflecting modern australia we're all australians but we have different heritage is and football's been a great bonding tool for that for the country but despite more people playing the game australia's top domestic league has seen poor attendance figures this past season putting the sport's governing body under pressure our challenge is to turn those grassroots participants people who play the game love the guy and turn them into fans of the professional future is very broad but at the moment it's still in a very much a converted the barman tim cahill who was with everton in english premier league
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for many years is now it is fourth world cup for australia he began. samoa is a teenager and is an inspiration to others wanting to be rude it makes me take a big step towards more. motivated to seem to be more in the know i can be one and be just like them in such a competitive environment in australia versus the of appeal is its greatest asset andrew thomas al-jazeera sitting. in mind of the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. house speaker says officials are working to reunite families that were separated at the border with mexico president donald trump bowed to public outrage on wednesday and signed an executive order ending his controversial policy of splitting up migrant children from their relatives the families were detained for entering the
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u.s. . congress is also preparing to vote on two immigration bills on halting separations but many families say they still don't know when they will be reunited here's kimberly how with more there doesn't seem to be a plan that they seem to be in legal limbo some of been sent to health and human services detention centers very far away from their entry point into the united states and that's the big question so there has been a letter sent to the administration donald trump specifically from the top democrat in the house of representatives nancy pelosi top democrat in the senate chuck schumer saying look we need to know how you still are going to be reunited you need to present a plan to congress and there also needs to be clarity on how the taxpayers are going to be paying for this given the fact that there was no plan put in place. the wife of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been charged with fraud israel's justice ministry says sarin it's meow was accused of misusing state funds she's alleged to have spent around one hundred thousand dollars of government money
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on lavish meals of the prime minister's residence in jerusalem benjamin netanyahu has called the allegations against his wife absurd and unfounded security sources in libya say a powerful reward has captured the two major oil terminals highly for half the hours forces have been battling for control of and see the investment move a rival fighters led by eba him just run insists that they haven't been forced out in yemen who the rebels are continuing to deny claims that the saudi erotic who listen has taken full control of the bay the airport they say this video shows their fighters inside the airport compound it contradicts the recent statements by the coalition of the who these have been driven out the coalition says it's also attacking pockets of rebel resistance in the surrounding area. those are the headlines i'm going to have more news for you in just under half an hour coming up next it's my tunisia.
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