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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 22, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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to confirm where in africa they're from for now there's no access the media. morning back at dockside we meet captain frank perez of the marine rescue service who commanded the previous day's mission. you know about that otherwise you know they looked like they were in a rubber dinghy about six metres long and a fifty horsepower engine there were thirty three of them they were frightened because they didn't know they were going to make it but this time they were lucky and. one of his crew recorded tense moments of the rescue on a helmet mounted camera. and. this was one hundred kilometers off the coast of southern spain driving. firm commands for the refugees to stay still so they don't camp songs they're scared the first group is shuttled to the main rescue boat some assault but having. a hand shake of the hand to the well come. where. one of the rescuers calls out the
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one of the incoming passengers is gone. late afternoon and a group of migrants are permitted to leave the holding area police need the space this little time to talk they're eager to be on their way so it's been tough. and we will take your water before we were rescued. minutes later another rescue boat sails in with one hundred three more refugees with little wind and calm seas rescuers for cost hundreds more may soon be on their way to. spain. well many who manage to end to europe say they face abuse at the hands of security forces in france face have been accused of abusing the rights of migrants as they wait to cross from italy activists say detention is routine asylum procedures aren't properly explained and the rights of refugee children are simply being
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ignored and tasha butler reports from south east france. french border police search a train in malta are the first stop from the border with italy migrants try to cross into france on this line every day but few make it the government's crackdown on illegal immigration and police checks authorise pressure on police to turn back migrants says this n.e.p. is leading to rights abuses. the police said there was no one inside here but when we asked to go in we saw young people lying on the floor there was no interpreter no lawyer given no possibility to file an asylum request last year french officers on this border stop fifty thousand migrants many walked from italy taking dangerous mountain routes like this man who didn't wish to be identified but described being detained by french officers and we don't have a blanket we don't have growth as we didn't have shoes. with libya. some
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boy is dead to be due to our because he's what he called me and he's hungry. enough to dad's old money to police my knees. study between he and the boys. there are only a few hundred metres between the french and italian border posts which face the mediterranean sea all along this road we have spoken to migrants who say that they were detained overnight by the french border police in a police station down there they all say the same thing they were locked inside with no food no access to information and activists in this region say that is extremely common what's more they say the french police are falsifying documents in order to turn away my clients one hundred eighty. under french law child refugees a guaranteed state protection but charity workers here say french police often ignore the rules unfortunately it's so common so we have that there where you see
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that somebody is written in your original birth date and the police change because in. that way they don't have the responsibility to taking charge of the metal yet again and good police. i repeat these accusations because every day my colleagues face migrants who pretend to be minus risk. on all sides the lack of trust is clear there's also frustration that the european union isn't doing more to deal with the migration crisis leaving individual countries to cope and leaving the most vulnerable people lost in uncertainty natasha butler al jazeera. where european leaders are divided on how to deal with the flow of migrants and refugees the leaders of ten e.u. member states are meeting in brussels on sunday to push for some sort of a solution but before it's even begun there is guess what disagreement italy says it won't sign up to a new plan in less immigration cases it's given priority over lynn dominic cain
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explains. angle americans plans for the informal e.u. mini summit taking place in brussels on sunday have just got a little bit more difficult because the knowledge that the intaglio prime minister was unhappy with some of the suggested conclusions that may emerge from the full blown summit taking place in brussels at the end of next week next week was so strong that she'll have to call him during a visit that she's making to the middle east over the course of today and tomorrow to reassure him about what would be discussed on sunday and to remove elements that he found were unacceptable because let's remember here he is now in charge of a government in italy that is more euro skeptic intone the other development is another interesting element of the euro skepticism growing in parts of europe that the visa ground group four countries of central eastern europe poland the czech republic slovakia and hungary all saying they intend to boycott this mini summit taking place on sunday now the point is that they have not been invited to that
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meeting but what is clear here is this is the sense that the euro skeptic governments are now trying to put the pressure on and got him out and the european union to show how they don't want to fit in with their prearranged plans that angle americal appeared to be trying to get too close to an agreement. with the news hour here are now just where there's much more to come on the program the fight for yemen today the airport both sides that with the rebels and the. coalition they are all firmly in control. fruits of their labor the process that could allow european citizens to reign in the after. we have some major news about brazil superstar forward and details a little later in. security sources in libya's air power for warlord his capture. oil terminals hallicrafters
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forces have been battling for control of al sadr and ras lanuf rival finds his lead by abraham just ran had stormed those oil ports last week mohamed atta one head has more from tripoli forces loyal to a warlord the khalifa have to have finally recaptured the two major oil terminals of oil city and the rustler north that were taken control of by forces loyal to the former chief of the petroleum facilities guard brahim i should run now forces loyal to a run have just confirmed that they have withdrawn from the oil christened area and they have not mentioned a specific reason for that was do all but we understand that hefted his forces have been supported by drones and fighter jets and also according to
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local sources in the area. of strikes were conducted by have this forces and set to measure the oil storage tanks on fire and also killed a couple of civilians during the last few days according to hospital staff that is the hospital in as deadly as it is around one hundred fifty two kilometers to the southwest west of from one of our according to the hospital staff they say that they have received fifteen bodies of photo has been to war lord khalifa haftar and twenty five other wanted in this battle today. wife of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and charged with fraud the justice ministry says sarah netanyahu is accused of misusing state funds by allegedly spending government money on catering services are a false it has more now from west. it's been coming for months and now it's confirmed sarah netanyahu indicted for fraud the case against misuse of state funds
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connected to her husband's position as israel's prime minister investigation started three years ago when a government official issued a report on excessive spending at the couple's official residence in west jerusalem she's charged with using nearly one hundred thousand dollars from the official prime minister's residence budget for private ships and food for family events allegedly conspiring with an official to hide the fact that a resident chef was already being employed and falsifying fifteen invoices for the services of outside caterers all very different from the prime minister's initial rebuttal of the allegations when he spoke of take away dinners in full trays the fact that she's indicted this is a sign that. the system and the police and the people of israel are not willing to accept such a criminal behavior and this is a bad sign for netanyahu because they will stop with the wife and i will finish with him. israeli prime minister understands all too well the position his wife has
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been in in february israeli police recommended that he be indicted but the two corruption cases begin to slow i will continue to lead israel responsibly and faithfully as long as you the citizens of israel choose me to lead you i am certain i am certain that the truth will be revealed and i'm certain that at the next elections which will be held on schedule i will earn your trust again the first involves lavish gifts of cigars and champagne offered to and according to leaks often requested by the prime minister and his wife given by billionaire friends israeli born hollywood mogul ana milton and a stray in tycoon james packer in the second case netanyahu is accused of trying to get favorable coverage in the country's second biggest newspaper by offering to hamper the activities of its main competitor another case still under investigation concerns are negations the owner of israel's biggest telecoms company awarded netanyahu favorable coverage in his news agency in return for the prime minister's supporting beneficial regulations so far benjamin netanyahu has managed to ride out
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the political fallout from the police recommendation that he be indicted but now that his wife has been charged the scrutiny the precious stemming from these longstanding corruption allegations is short amount of again ari force at al-jazeera westerners the u.n. special envoy to yemen martin griffith says he's working with all. force to avoid if the military escalation in the city of her data this is as he rebels in yemen continued to deny claims that saudi m.r. articulation taken full control of the airport they say this video shows their fighters inside the airport company and it contradicts recent statements by the coalition that the hutus have been driven out a coalition says it's also attacking pockets of rebel resistance in the surrounding area. the conflict in yemen has been raging for more than three years but much of what's happened is often ignored by the international media as oxfam executive mark
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goldring said back in twenty sixteen yemen is much like syria but without the cameras one artist in the country those trying to change that with blunt and critical graphic images al-jazeera spoke to auckland just half about his latest work on the fighting in the day that. my name is simply just how hard this is for me. i just came from but you. do the same. i did the talks were had a debate because i think this is one of my ways to show the lord what's going on there there and i did that also in yemen one of my other dogs it's about the how they the city you can see boards and how they die and a city after the city to see explosions. nothink in sight like live inside it's no life inside the hooded another one it's like you and for me i think you and bart of the coalition to go inside the hard data
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i think this is. to show. people outside of yemen and. that's the war and how they. it will be very difficult for her date that people or all day in many years not that it was inside the data. or has launched the second phase of its international press freedom campaign when the news is restricted and sent said the press is not. a campaign supports global press freedom and condemns the harassment of journalists launched coincides with the one year anniversary of the blockade against qatar for arab nations demand that the shutdown of the al-jazeera media network following the twenty seventeen g.c.c. crisis well the international press freedom institute is holding its world congress in one area event focuses on the role of the media and how it can build strong
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societies around the global agreement it is in a butcher. as a world congress of the international press institute open here in nigeria's tropical abroad where there were concerns on the minds of media operators and journalists gathered here from different countries besides continuous threat to the existence of reduced additions and continuing detention of media practitioners in this institutions one of the journalist who's an internationally renowned journalist raised concerns about the future of media organizations like al jazeera which are specifically targeted by governments that are outside of the state of qatar conference's opening in nigeria at a time when at least one journalist has been in detention for more than two years an issue that came up at the congress here which the government promised addressed in a world where. speech has become the. metis where event
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where fig leaves a visit to. notice. we need to this. as a world press meeting when i don't interpret them to deliberate on issues that affect quality media all quality journalism as well as this stage and protection of journalists i looked up to will be watching closely to see how they will be able to address and push their agenda in order to ensure the press freedom and journalism freedom is practiced all across the world. stay with us here on these are still to come on the program one hundred ninety two people remain missing up to the sinking of an indonesian ferry police questioned the ship's captain a campaign of patel as he claims that more than one hundred political killings have
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happened in the build up to july august elections in mexico. and after racing around the world it comes down to a sprint to the finish details in sport one trip back to. the weather squatting down the icy now across western parts of europe largely clear skies also sunshine also warm sunshine and that as well notices the area clouds i just up into northern parts of germany into scandinavia this will cause some of the wet and windy weather some chilly weather as well just pushing its way through st bands of rain stockholm sixteen celsius as that range is pushing over towards the baltic states which enough in moscow as well with the top temperature here is for my twenty degrees celsius for the south thirty two celsius
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a book rest these are going to be live you shall receive that could well be some while certainly some fun the mixed in as well as a hate downs was a southeastern corner further west still getting up to twenty in london and pass with that northerly breeze coming in so fresh off a little bit but it. which is we'll push up as we go on through the course of the weekends and good as we go on through the next few days hot enough there imitative around thirty six celsius plenty of sunshine here and plenty a sun sides here across northern parts of africa it's one that the current forty one celsius hasi nothing even changes say let me thirty four as we go on through sas day as a warm sun side but i must wall to wall sunshine everywhere across northern parts of africa a tad killed in kyra thirty seven. examining mandatory sentencing in the us if the state of florida requires the rest of my life in here as a tradeoff for my family's life to bargain i'll do it if the defendant goes to
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trial the judge has no option but to give the mandatory minimum they were complying with this judge gives you five years and this judge gives you twenty years so the legislature acted to make a difference exploring the dockside of american justice the system with job and on al-jazeera. with bureaus spawning six continents across the globe. to do. al-jazeera is correspondents live in green the stories they tell. about it. you see are fluent in world news.
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a quick reminder of our top stories here on this iraq donald trump says he's ordered u.s. government agencies to reunite migrant children who are separated from their relatives at the southern border resident bad to public eye when john whedon's take and ended the policy of splitting up families who were detained for illegal immigration forces loyal to eastern libyan war on star say they've recaptured to oil tylenol seized last week the wife of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been charged with fraud several netanyahu is accused of misusing state funds u.k. says that he uses isn't sue want to stay after breaks it will be able to apply using a new registration system the government insists that it wants to make the process of staying as easy as possible but many europeans living in britain are deeply
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worried about their future as neve barker reports. that has left italian composer dimitri scott lotto in limbo is among three and a half million eve citizens living working and paying taxes in the u.k. who will burn have to post government checks in order to be able to remain in britain after it leaves the e.u. you will have to undergo criminal checks. undergo proving that your continuously resident. will be fine for the majority mother will be look for cases where we've got to look for loop holes american firms witness law for local ones i.t. local feel. the british government's promised to allow most citizens to stay in the u.k. providing they've been in the country long enough haven't broken any laws and pay a registration fee the home secretary on thursday promised the process will be
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simple you'll have the police dept to which we need to prove your identity the you number two that you live in the u.k. prove that you actually live in the u.k. and number three that you have no serious criminal convictions and if we if you are not going to be going to states that have to be a very good reason why not going to get that under the proposal the government says they'll be two types of immigration status settled status for e.u. citizens who've been living in the u.k. for at least five years by december thirty first twenty twenty and priest settle status for those who've been in the u.k. less than five years they'll be able to stay and apply for settled status later family members dependents and unmarried partners who also be allowed to apply to live in the u.k. after a certain amount of time the government has promised a streamlined low cost digital process there's still concern for thousands of e.u. nationals that may want to continue living here in the u.k. students for instance who may have decided to spend
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a year living somewhere else or perhaps self-employed people that don't have the financial records to prove that they've been living here consistently own long enough to get the status necessary and the elderly people that may have been here for many many years who simply don't know that they now need to register there may be problems for these and others further down the line. the recent windrush scandal saw long term u.k. residents from the caribbean wrongly labeled illegal immigrants some were deported despite living in the u.k. for decades the government can't afford to get the registering of three and a half million e.u. citizens wrong in return to reason may want to brussels to safeguard the rights of one point two million british citizens living in the e.u. but without a final deal with europe there are no guarantees the. london. hundreds
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of thousands of people have attended a rally for turkey's main opposition party in this near ahead of sunday's election the head of the republican people's party over emmons told his supporters he would transform the country and says the main challenger to turkish president reject tayyip erdogan sunday's vote is the first election since changes to the constitution most of the power of the presidency at the cost of part of the furnace smith explains turkey has enjoyed impressive economic growth in the fifteen years reggie has been leader but there are problems now the value of the turkish lira recently fell to a record low losing eighteen percent against the dollar this year inflation is at twelve percent or one calls himself an enemy of interest rates but if rates were raised that would likely boost the lira and lower inflation youth unemployment is too high for many at almost eighteen percent and as well as money problems voters are also concerned about the crackdown on government critics freedoms and mass
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arrests at least seventy eight thousand turks have been arrested and one hundred fifty two thousand fired from their jobs following the failed coup attempt to years ago well sinan casella has more now from istanbul. this is going to be the sixth time in four years and the second time under emergency rule that turks hit the ballot box most polls show president project type are drawn the had a five rivals but short of the fifty percent needed for a first round when opening the way for a risk you run off the economy could be a factor in the result the national currency is lost twenty percent since the new year public opinion survey or as arson jar say's it's the main reason the election's been brought forward eighteen months is there in the dirt fifty four percent of turks see the economy as the most important issue one nine percent say it is terrorism these sometimes replace each other but economists take it johnson
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sais the issues are mostly homemade and part of the periodic cycle it doesn't see a major risk to. the economy is reliant on the dollar during the other party's rules turkey spend what it had in hand and what it borrowed from abroad so the income has remained the same while the expenditures rose. dawn's ruling parties line on the iraq is that a foreign man a place in has cause that's the klein supporters appear happy with that argument america is all require a look at america the west in israel or the one out of spite i vote for the war. to face the failed coup attempt in two thousand and sixteen and has been ruled by a state of emergency since then thousands of workers have been sacked and many politicians controversially jailed for allegedly links with what egged on considers to be terror groups even pro kurdish presidential candidate still out and democrat
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has been jailed for more than a year without trial he campaigns from behind bars. although that the economy is secondary first comes freedom my prior she's justice rule of law and democracy press freedom is also a key concern the organization for security and cooperation in europe or c. reports to the arena qualities and coverage of political campaigns since two thousand and fifteen out of the un and his office fartsy came to power after the financial crisis a few thousand one would swept away turkey is a stopper sparky's now there are forces working hard sell for the recession which could see it going the same way critics say the line between the states and the governments has become blurred and the gap between the support for arizona and the oppose the city has narrowed considerably sunan to solo al-jazeera the stumble a turkish court has extended the detention of an amnesty international leader is
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accused of belonging to a terror organization tomei kill it was has already spent more than a year in jail without trial the government says he's a supporter of exiled businessman for toulon golan the alleged mastermind of the twenty sixteen failed coup amnesty and other human rights groups accuse turkey of violating freedom of speech laws manias most powerful politician has been convicted of official misconduct and sentenced to three and a half years in prison social democrat party leader dragon it has been found guilty of keeping two women on the payroll of the state agency even though they were employed by his party dragon it was a government official at the time and he denies any wrongdoing as leader of romania's ruling party he would normally prime minister but it's far from ruling the country because of a vote tricking conviction. indonesian police have questioned the captain of a ferry which sank on monday leaving at least one hundred ninety two people missing but no official log of ticket sales is still unclear how many were on the boat but
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it appears to have been badly overloaded could be one of in the nation's worst ever ferry disasters that fasten reports. the ferry sank on lake toba a tourist destination in north sumatra on monday but only a handful of bodies have so far been recovered from the water despite a search involving hundreds of rescue workers and grieving relatives are growing impatient legs over is known as the world's largest full cannick lake at some point it's at least five hundred metres deep the wooden ferry built to carry forty three passengers was heavily overloaded and sank in bad weather there were twenty one survivors and i'm going to have a good night that's got under furry started to tilt i raced to the top of the boat but my friends were still below the deck everyone jumped off climbed to the top again so it sank i had two people but there were others clutching to my feet from
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the water so i had to let them go because i started running again to keep them away . initial figures suggest that eighty people were on board but that's now risen to almost two hundred the transport minister doubts the figure is that high but with no passenger list or record of ticket sales the exact number may never be known very accidents are common in indonesia where safety measures are often not enforced the president is demanding action i mean the support of the needs of it that it will unlikely i ask for these kinds of disasters to never happen again and i ordering the minister of transportation to evaluate all safety procedures and standards of transportation vehicles. using an underwater drone rescue workers are trying to locate the vessel in the murky depths of the lake once found they hope more bodies can be recovered while relatives are waiting for answers the government is under pressure another ferry disaster highlights that safety procedures are not
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being followed. has been chosen by president joke we don't know as one of the country's main tourist destinations but many fear that physicists will think twice before travelling by boat that fast and al-jazeera that there are reports of more fighting in the neck when city of messiah funerals have been held for three people killed there on tuesday and to give them a protest as fighting peace and paramilitaries says the city declared that it no longer recognizes the authority of president daniel ortega dozens of a full of been killed across nicaragua weeks a violent protest against ortega originally sparked off by his plans to reforms for welfare benefits has less than two weeks to go until mexico holds its largest election in history more than three thousand four hundred political positions are up for grabs but the campaign has also stood out for its brutality campaigners say one hundred fourteen political killings have taken place ahead of that old town
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home and has more now from in mexico. on his way to a rally merrill candidate pasqual turned away passes a grim reminder of what happened to the man he recently replaced as a night out on air and was the candidate before me here they stopped him and killed him he was lying here until the police found him with his car engine still running . pasqual is pretty decisive our own bella is one of more than one hundred politicians killed only stool at local level and what may be the country's deadliest election season yet. says he's not scared elizabeth teen is on the other hand admit she's terrified she's received death threats addressed not just to her but also her daughter from this well. civil commitment yes i live in fear i try to beat it every day i turn up the whatsapp in the night i'm frightened of the messages that arrive after eleven pm. dirty into party politics
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play some part in the violence but experts say it's mainly due to mexico's multiplying criminal gangs they're increasingly pushing politicians to turn a blind eye would join in with their illegal activities local municipal part ministrations i'm much more prone to corruption and infiltration and organized criminal groups identify this as an opportunity and once they have infiltrated into a local municipal administration which allows them to carry out their activities with relative impunity they are not willing to let that go. politicians who refuse the criminals off or who are aligned with a rival group risk this one of the now almost daily funerals medal candidate one hundred chavis was mourned on the same day we spent with elizabeth. it's a bleak picture with a non-presidential number of candidates up for election in less than two weeks this
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seems playing out across the country as candidates make their last pitch in what are the biggest elections in mexico's history but rather than a celebration of democracy in many places they're showing how intertwined politics and organized crime are. of course it's not just politicians being killed the country's general murder levels exploded to the highest on record elizabeth says what's keeping her in the race is the chance to change that there was that we can't stop because if we're living with this violence the question is how far will it go where will it end we can't leave this as our children's inheritance soon a new crop of leaders will have the chance to show if they can protect the mexicans including them so john homan does it. still to come on the news hour opec ministers meet in vienna with a major decision on their hands to best production on this show your.


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