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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 22, 2018 11:00am-11:33am +03

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we're not being heard at all now our voice doesn't count we're definitely closing down slowly slowly if we're not careful we're going to close down the way the government's going that's what their plan is this is what they're showing us what the hey guys you'll be working for us until you can handle it until you get into debt and we just want you to close down we want whatever property you have whatever is yours we want it all started policies were originally meant to turn the greek economy around in two years so far they've lasted eight and as a result of them seven hundred thousand people are no longer considered middle class there are achievements the budget is balanced the government spends mobile than it raises in taxes so it's not getting deeper into debt greek labor is more competitive because salaries fell so exports are up the number of tourists has doubled in three years greek agricultural products now bring a quarter of the money that enters the country and shipping remains
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a traditional strength but business is dependent on domestic consumption a suffering a million people remain jobless most of the rest saving up to pay taxes economists say in the hands of politicians the medicine of austerity did as much harm as good if i can make a comparison i would consider it someone who has was suffering from cancer and can with eric it can with therapy has been given to him which means that although the goods they bad cells have been dead now but good cells have also died a lot of them at least and which makes the the country as a whole of the organism losing its muscle losing its strength the end of the adjustment program was meant to be a turning point when greece is sacrifices began to pay off but it is difficult to find anyone who now believes the country is on the right path taxes remain high the political climate is polarized and people are traumatized it is as though a war has just ended but there is no sense that greece is. returning to normality
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and that is a deterrent to investors so is the way in which the refugee crisis has destabilized european politics and undermined solidarity a looming transatlantic trade war and rising global interest rates could see greece back in receivership jumps are open al-jazeera africans that's plenty more ahead on the news hour including claims and counterclaims in yemen on who is really in control of an airport that's become a major battlefield. and tended to stats to what they hope will be a better life the new tide of refugees and migrants turning up in splaying in spain plus. and fans salute france making the knockout stages of football's world cup.
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the wife of israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been charged with fraud sara netanyahu is accused of misusing thousands of dollars of state funds on private catering services that has more from west to receive them. it's been coming for months and now it's confirmed sarah netanyahu indicted for fraud the case against misuse of state funds connected to position as israel's prime minister investigation started three years ago when a government official issued a report on excessive spending at the couple's official residence in west jerusalem she's charged with using nearly one hundred thousand dollars from the official prime minister's residence budget for private ships and food for family events allegedly conspiring with an official to hide the fact that a resident chef was already being employed and falsifying fifteen invoices for the services of outside caterers all very different from the prime minister's initial rebuttal of the allegations when he spoke of take away dinners in full trays the
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fact that she's indicted this is a sign that. the system and the police and the people of israel are not willing to accept such a criminal behavior and this is a bad sign for netanyahu because they will stop with the wife and i will finish with him. israeli prime minister understands all too well the position his wife has been in in february israeli police recommended that he be indicted but the two corruption cases i'm sure will be with you nothing slow i will continue to lead israel responsibly and faithfully as long as you the citizens of israel choose me to lead you i am certain i am certain that the truth will be revealed and i am certain that at the next elections which will be held on schedule i will earn your trust again the first involves lavish gifts of cigars and champagne offered to and according to leaks often requested by the prime minister and his wife given by billionaire friends israeli born hollywood mogul ana milton and a stray in tycoon james packer in the second case netanyahu is accused of trying to
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get favorable coverage in the country's second biggest newspaper by offering to hamper the activities of its main competitor another case still under investigation concerns are negations the owner of israel's biggest telecoms company awarded netanyahu favorable coverage in his news agency in return for the prime minister's supporting beneficial regulations so far benjamin netanyahu has managed to ride out the political fallout from the police recommendation that he be indicted but now that his wife has been charged the scrutiny the precious stemming from these longstanding corruption allegations is short amount again are a force that al-jazeera westerners. well the u.n. refugee agency says at least two hundred twenty migrants have drowned off the coast of libya in the past few days they were trying to cross the mediterranean to reach europe the u.n. a.c.r. says five migrants from a boat carrying one hundred people survived after it capsized on tuesday on the
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same day seventy migrants drowned after rubber boats carrying one hundred thirty of them sank the migrants who were rescued on wednesday say fifty people traveling with them died during the journey it's not clear whether their boat also capsized. and the number of north african migrants entering europe through spain is three fold this year and this month spain has seen almost twice as many arrivals as italy many believe it may be a shifting trend to the western mediterranean migration route call panel reports from the port city of amiriyah in south eastern spain. down the gangplank. first cautious steps into europe. on the warm blanket their eyes soak in first impressions of the land they hope will bring a better life. help for some to hobble to a waiting ambulance. that young man is blind.
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tonight rescuers saved thirty three lives including five women and a child. it's now just after midnight and those refugees and migrants have just reached dry land had clearly been many hours at sea they will now be taken away to a holding area where police will register them and they will receive attention from the red cross in a fenced corner of the port red cross workers start health checks police begin the paperwork and checks to confirm where in africa they're from for now there's no access for the media. morning back at dockside we meet captain frank perez of the marine rescue service who commanded the previous day's mission. they were in a rubber dinghy about six meters long and a fifty horsepower engine there were thirty three of them they were frightened because they didn't know they were going to make it but this time they were lucky.
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one of his crew recorded tense moments of the rescue on a helmet mounted camera. this was one hundred kilometers off the coast of southern spain. firm commands for the refugees to stay still so they don't camp songs they're scared the first group is shuttle to the main rescue boat some a. handshake both thank you and the welcome. one of the rescuers calls out the one of the incoming passengers is drawing. late afternoon and a group of migrants are permitted to leave the holding area police need the space this little time to talk they're eager to be on their way. it's been tough. and we would take your water before we were rescued. minutes later another rescue boat
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sails in with one hundred three refugees with little wind and calm seas rescuers forecast hundreds more may soon be on their way to. spain. and time as than long importing plastic waste means other countries are being forced to accept rubbish but the move may eventually revolutionize global recycling by making smaller countries improve their own collection and handling of plastic plans for imports now from malaysia's capital kuala lumpur. plastic getting a new lease of life as waste is refined and turned into small pallets they're packed in this factory in the southern state of johor and sold to manufacturers the plastic is then turned into other goods anything from piping to home appliances. ken who has spent his life in the recycling industry helping out with his parents'
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business before building his own plastics factory the so much you know variable stuff that's packed into it and the minute you understand that you are christian much higher value maturity comes out from that once you see that as a potential you approach it totally differently you think about how we're going to strike that what resources i'm going to pick you know put into that and once was sure of that myself a posse pollution problem in disappear by itself see as company has increased the volume of waste it handles already this year by twenty eight percent developed countries have been looking for alternatives since china's ban on plastic waste imports took effect at the start of this year the u.k. for example has now tripled its exports of plastic waste to malaysia. some recycling companies here use a combination of local and imported waste but it's the important waste that's considered the better quality recyclables should be segregated at source but often than not divided up properly and become contaminated which means someone then has
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to do the sorting out and the cleaning there were some concerns that china's ban would flood malaysia with more waste than it could handle and the government initially stopped issuing in what permits but it was only temporary. recycling or even. almost a year i think. for all of us for. fear. of more comfortable being around c.r. says countries need to start looking at the whole issue from a different perspective. his factory turns plastic scraps into industrial material as well as fuel to power machines proving that plastic waste shouldn't always be regarded as a problem florence really al-jazeera. that time is than on importing plastic waste means more business to other countries in asia such as malaysia as we've mentioned the u.s. and european countries that used to send their waste to china and now routing it to
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vietnam thailand indonesia and also india data from the bureau of international recycling shows an increase in the import of plastic waste in these countries last year but they account for less than a third of what europe once shipped to china and joining us now on skype from singapore is kim standard he's the spokesman for the world wildlife fund fund kim thank you very much different being with us the plastic is as we know a huge environmental concern but just talk us through how much damage it imposes on society and also the environment. plastic problems we're trying to reach with global prices and chris is going to great we know there. are nine percent of blue plastic to recycle but this point we do every single piece of interest aren't there. and we just we have every single.
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change. so then what can be done to change the mindsets and also habits to use alternatives. well the one i think is really awareness and understanding of each and every individual that whatever we do now is going to pick at least the next sixteen year generations and at the same time really. come to get her that means governments n.g.o.s and businesses to tackle this problem and we've seen really examples in many nations where where research really virus ships come in and really tackle the recycling problem as well as the reduction of plastics could you give us some examples of the nest has a model that you think of the country to be following absolutely i mean one of the very very successful models is what we call extended produce responsibility so these cases the government comes in and. increases
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a little bit of the pressure on the producer site and choice and collectors activation as well as recycling is peeled more by and accompanies the print plastics into the market and then allows in return the worst will collect plastics segregate the better clean them and will ensure a great recycling of the products and resources that we usually forward. so if this actually can be effective but i wonder if the complete ban on plastic asenath. it really depends on what kinds of plastics we differentiate of course between single use of our engine nine percent of them are inclusion of that six goes back to single use test items like bags there are straws and others and i think these products can easily be replaced they're really just for convenience and if you really take a step back to see that it can be commonsense or a little bit because we just cross something or we perceive convenience and i think
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we've seen examples in many countries where let me see these products for example twenty cent oaky cent are plastic backed can really use the use of these plastic bags up to eighty percent even in a person here so it's really a mix of regulation as well as businesses and individuals stepping up to to really solve the problem ok i can thank god thank you so much for taking the time to speak to us. now sunning upset has the runner up at the last football world cup facing an early exit argentina have been beaten three know by croatia in the group stages and that's left croatian found some are breaking their side making the moscow sixty knockout stages of the tournament in russia another set of happy fans are the french their team one of the twenty men favorites have also qualified for the knockout stages off to beating peru one. and we'll have all the action from those matches and much more on
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a throne and sport but still ahead an al-jazeera the u.k. tries to calm the fears of european citizens who want to say off to break that. campaigning without fear candidates in mexico's election defying death threats to rally for votes. and in sports after racing around the world it comes down to a sprint to the finish details coming up this far. i. mean the weather sponsored by qatar airways hello we've still got plenty of rain across central and southern parts of china at the moment and we're going to see that rain continuing to just push its way into less westley more heavy downpours there into the southeast and colder in the province hong kong certainly having a very wet time of it all right continuing to drive its way over towards taiwan
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north of shanghai doesn't look too bad shanghai's could still see some wet weather over the next day or so you come south here we've got the usual splash of heavy downpours into the philippines into northern pauls borneo easing over towards. some heavy showers the two into some outright is certainly staying wet across parts of thailand over the mist so quite a rush was for many as we go. on through the coming days generally not see bad into in these as they should be followed other times too much just casual to say i was there i was in a style set of joins up with the showers of course affecting southern parts of the thing go easing across like a southern india rod up the western ghats and on the other side of the bat in gold as heavy downpours continue to play a good part of me and ma final face of india state for example into dash is generally dry once again across northern parts of india and staying very hot for new delhi the weather sponsored by cateye always.
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candid testimonies from the binny's women who are staying single longer. what's causing this cultural shift in a society already be set by religious and social tensions. and are there implications for the arab world as a whole. by choice on al-jazeera. and monday put it well on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry riverbed case one five years on the syrians still feel battered for even those who managed to escape their countries haven't truly been able to escape the war.
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and again you're watching on. armont of our top stories this hour this confusion over the fate of more than two thousand migrant children split from their parents by u.s. immigration offices president trump signed an executive order on thursday to end the practice he says he wants to reunite families. and euro zone finance ministers have agreed on a deal to get greece out of its eight year bailout program athens will not be able to delay repayments on billions of dollars in loans by ten years it also got another seventeen point four billion dollars degree mental make greece's massive
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debt more manageable. and the wife of israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been charged with fraud sara netanyahu is accused of misusing one hundred thousand dollars of state funds to provide catering services. for the tribe administration's top middle east advisors have been in qatar and saudi arabia to reportedly press for up to one billion dollars in aid for the people of gaza their regional toll is part of the u.s. president's push for a palestinian israel peace deal palace science leaders are refusing to meet son in law and senior advisor. as well as a u.s. release special envoy jason green that palestinians are outraged at trump's decision to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem and green blocks are expected to meet israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu later on friday. the u.n. special envoy to yemen. says that he's working with all parties in yemen swore to
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avoid an escalation of fighting in the port city of today who the rebels deny claims by the saddam erotic coalition that it's in full control of the city's airport and people from her data have started heading south to the capital sanaa to try to escape from math and has more details. on the job streets of yemen's capital sana'a even busy as vehicles piled high with mattresses and furniture crowded the car besides many of the people in them have driven south from their homes in her data trying to find safety in places like this high school. i came from her data to sanaa because of the airstrikes i used to live in all wrapped up close to the airport they told us there is no organization where we can register as refugees over here but god knows. i used to live next to the airport feds but when we saw all these random airstrikes that shaken scared the people we
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try to move to a safe city. this is what they're running from convoys of fighters said to be heading towards the data to support this idea of a right a coalition as it tries to seize control of the city and its port from who through the rebels the coalition says iran has been smuggling weapons through hot into to the rebels iran and the who feeds say that's not true. the coalition also says it's held her data airport for several days but on thursday rebels released this video claiming to show their fighters still have access to. at the school in sanaa people from one day to line up to register for shelter food and medical help but there are fears that sanaa won't be able to cope with it is a big migration happening from the areas that faced heavy fighting we want the humanitarian organizations to help they call themselves humanitarian but we haven't seen them in yemen these families have found temporary shelter from the fighting
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and hard data but the resources of sanaa are being stretched to the limit as more refugees are rife rob matheson al-jazeera. the. prime minister says east african countries will take action to end salsa down civil war if the warring parties can't reach an agreement which no leaders are meeting at us about the to discuss the peace process on wednesday salsa dance president salva kiir met rebel leader react musharraf for the first time in two years tens of thousands of people have been displaced in five years of conflict. it's libya now where forces loyal to a powerful warlord have captured two of the country's largest oil terminals khalifa haftar us forces have been battling for control of all sidra and resolute rebel fighters had stormed the oil ports last week at the war had reports. after a week of attacks and counterattacks claims and counterclaims forces loyal to
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libya's warlord khalifa haftar have taken control of what is known as the oil crescent a rival faction led by you brought him to tran has withdrawn from the area have to forces reportedly had support from egyptian and you warplanes medical sources in as debby a city say dozens of people including civilians were killed in the fighting three only storage tanks and ruslan of ports were reportedly targeted by an airstrike and set on fire for days the national oil corporation says about four hundred thousand barrels of crude oil a day burned have to bax the tupilak based parliament that has refused to cede power to the government of national accord since it was first formed. for many people here it doesn't matter who controls libya's oil producing region as long as oil continues to be sold through the national oil corporation and even if
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the military operations in do with either the forces of have to run taken control it does not mean the conflict in the area is over mahmood of. tripoli the major oil producers are meeting to decide whether to increase production saudi arabia and russia want opec to relax tight controls but iran and some other members are opposed to that part and reports now from vienna. will they or won't they that's the question vexing energy analysts ahead of friday's opec ministers meeting with ministers agree a compromise or is opec heading for a splits it could be a short fall by the end of the summer like one point six to one point eight million barrels a day it will take time for anything to filter through say whatever they decide to do in the next few days it will be instant but it will have an impact on the market but they also want to insure against is that the stock over howie that we've seen
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in recent yaz doesn't come back again the reason why there are no talks or increase in production is to jump on that volatility i gave the market the consumers everybody enough certainty and sense of security of supply to keep markets in a cult a situation in june twenty fourth teen opec oil was trading at one hundred ten dollars a barrel by january two thousand and sixteen it had dropped to just twenty five dollars a barrel now thanks to opec limiting supply it's recovered to around seventy three dollars a barrel but there is dispute over what the ideal price should be. the saudi crown prince was warmly welcomed in moscow last week the two countries firmly agreed on the need for high oil production however coming into this week's meeting opec member iran supported by venezuela and iraq was threatening to veto any easing of
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the production cap and the divisions here at opec are as much of a geo political tensions as they are about the price of oil outside of opec saudi arabia and iran are bitter regional rivals as the impact of u.s. sanctions against iran and the prospect of chinese tariffs on u.s. oil and of course russia intensely dislike seeing america benefits from high oil prices balancing those competing interests looks difficult and opec has seen spits before most recently in twenty eleven this time analysts believe an output increase will avert potential chaos if you depart friday and saturday even with no outward hike on the cards then there is an inherent danger that the discipline might be lost that the saudis might go it alone even if forty one thousand about it and then that you get the pretext of the russians and the can no no bad guys who've been holding their discipline say well you know what let's let's bump up our upper duction as well the compromise might involve just
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a few hundred thousand extra barrels a day and there are signs here in vienna that that might be agreeable to all but it's not a done deal yet paul brennan al-jazeera vienna. now the u.k. is promising to streamline artist a stratus fresh and system for e.u. citizens to apply to stay off the drugs and the government says it wants to make the process of staying as easy as possible and many europeans in britain are deeply worried about the future as need parker reports. that has left italian composer dimitris colorado in a limbo is among three and a half million citizens living working and paying taxes in the u.k. who will now have to pass government checks in order to be able to remain in britain after it leaves the e.u. . will have to undergo criminal checks. undergo. continuously resident here. it will be fine for the majority mother will be lots of
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cases where we've got lots of. american fans and i can witness. a lot of anxiety a lot of fear. the british government's promise to allow mostly you citizens to stay in the u.k. providing they've been in the country long enough haven't broken any laws and pay a registration fee the home secretary on thursday promised the process will be simple it will have steps to which we need to prove your identity the. number two that you live in the u.k. prove that you actually live in the u.k. and number three that you have no serious criminal convictions and if we if you are not going to be going to states that have to very good reason why not to get that under the proposal the government says they'll be two types of immigration status settled status for e.u. citizens who've been living in the u.k. for at least five years by december thirty first twenty twenty i'm pretty settled status for those who've been in the u.k.
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less than five years they'll be able to stay and apply for settled status later. family members dependents and unmarried partners who also be allowed to apply to live in the u.k. after a certain amount of time the government has promised a streamlined local digital process there's still concern for thousands of you want to continue living here in the u.k. students for instance who may have decided to spend a year living somewhere around or perhaps self-employed people don't have the financial records to prove they've been living here consistently long enough to get the status necessary and the elderly people that may have been here for many many simply don't know that they now need to register there may be problems for the and others further down the line the recent wind rush scandal so long to you came residents from the caribbean wrongly labeled illegal immigrants some were deported despite living in the u.k. for decades the government can't afford to get the registering of three and
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a half million e.u. citizens wrong in return to reason may want brussels to safeguard the rights of one point two million british citizens living in the u. but without a final deal with europe there are no guarantees the. london of bishops in nicaragua have marched to the city of messiah after residents claimed security forces threatened to massacre them and says he was seen has seen weeks of intense fighting between security forces and protesters just a few days ago people in the science of head they no longer recognize the authority of president daniel ortega his plans to reform the welfare system sparked the protests now less than two weeks in mexico will be holding its largest election more than three thousand four hundred political positions including the presidency are up for grabs but it's been a violent campaign activists say they've been one hundred fourteen political
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candidates at home and has more. on his way to a rally merrill candidate past. passes a grim reminder of what happened to the man he recently replaced on air and was the candidate before me here they stopped him and killed him he was lying here and so the police found him with his car engine still running. our own bella is one of more than one hundred politicians killed local level and what may be the country's deadliest election season. says he's not scared elizabeth teen is on the other hand admits she's terrified she's received death threats addressed not just to her but also her daughter from this war. civil. yes i live in fear i try to beat it every day i turn of the whatsapp in the night i'm frightened of the messages that arrive after eleven pm. dirty into party
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politics play some part in the violence but experts say it's mainly due to mexico's multiplying criminal gangs they're increasingly pushing politicians to turn a blind eye or join in with their illegal activities the local municipal part ministrations i'm much more prone to corruption and infiltration and organized criminal groups identify this as an opportunity and was they have infiltrated into a local municipal administration which allows them to carry out their activities with relative impunity they are not willing to let that go. politicians who refuse the criminals offer or who are aligned with a rival group risk this one of the now almost daily funerals medal candidate one hundred chavis was mourned on the same day spent we.


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