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and i am certain that at the next elections which will be held on schedule i will earn your trust again the first involves lavish gifts of cigars and champagne offered to and according to leaks often requested by the prime minister and his wife given by billionaire friends israeli born hollywood mogul on a mill turn and a stroll in tycoon james packer in the second case netanyahu is accused of trying to get favorable coverage in the country's second biggest newspaper by offering to hamper the activities of its main competitor another case still under investigation concerns are negations the owner of israel's biggest telecoms company awarded netanyahu favorable coverage in his news agency in return for the prime minister's supporting beneficial regulations so far benjamin netanyahu has managed to ride out the political fallout from the police recommendation that he be indicted but now that his wife has been charged the scrutiny the pressure stemming from these longstanding corruption allegations is short amount again ari force it out west jerusalem a top middle east advisers from the u.s.
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have been in qatar and saudi arabia to press for up to one billion dollars in aid for the people of gaza their regional tour is part of the u.s. president's push for a palestinian israel peace plan and palestinian leaders are refusing to meet trump's son in law and senior adviser jared kirshner as well as a u.s. middle east special envoy jason green blatt palestinians are outraged at trump's decision to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem green blatt are expected to meet israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu later on friday. still ahead on al-jazeera the u.k. tries to calm the fears of european citizens who want to stay in the country off to bragg's it. and one says show that myself the prosecution problems disappear by saying we need to malaysian businessman who's finding value in the world's waste.
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we do still have flooding can see where north america particularly around the deep south into texas says every cloud hand follow that logic out up towards the lakes across the prairie and up towards the the mountain states here as well south dakota has same some flooding some very heavy rain pushing over towards wisconsin illinois and that china plowed well that will make his wife was eastern parts of texas maybe into arkansas maybe northern areas of louisiana kid still see some heavy rain as we go on through friday flooding concerns to continue but at least into the fosse out into the deep south along the gulf coast this should be a little try to go on through the next few days so it was never really too far away that pushed over towards mississippi alabama maybe into. a little bit of weather heading into georgia that further north still some shallows up into far northeast
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easing up across new york state upstate new york and north of the border in sioux on terry i splashing a shallows there across the central plains maybe up towards the mountain states as well for the west coast is father dry warm sunshine twenty six celsius and ally looking kid here meanwhile is generally a case of the usual showers there across many parts of the caribbean those showers continue to feed their way across the region. the i.m.f. said riyadh's a breakeven oil price of twenty eighteen is likely to be around eighty eight dollars a barrel why is argentina again turning to the i.m.f. for help now we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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again you're watching. top stories about five hundred migrant children who were separated from their parents on the us mexico border have been reunited with their families as according to associated press news agency u.s. presidents plan for an immigration overhaul is hitting a road block house republicans rejected a hardline immigration bill and delayed the vote on a more moderate one. eurozone finance ministers have agreed on a deal to get greece out of its eight year bailout program it can now delay
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repayments on billions of dollars in loans by ten years greece also got another seventeen point four billion dollars. the wife of israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been charged with fraud sara netanyahu is accused of misusing one hundred thousand dollars of state funds to provide catering services. in libya forces loyal to a powerful warlord say they have captured two of the country's largest oil terminals khalifa haftar its forces have been battling for control of. rival fighters had stormed the oil ports last week. reports. after a week of attacks and counterattacks claims and counterclaims forces loyal to libya's warlord for hefted have taken control of what is known as the oil crescent a rival faction led by you brought him to tran has withdrawn from the area hefted his forces reportedly had support from egyptian and you
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a war planes medical sources in a city say dozens of people including civilians were killed in the fighting three only storage tanks and ras lanuf ports were reportedly targeted by an airstrike and set on fire for days the national oil corporation says about four hundred thousand barrels of crude oil a day burned have to backs the tupilak based parliament that has refused to cede power to the government of national accord since it was first formed. for many people here it doesn't matter who controls libya's oil producing region as long as oil continues to be sold through the national oil corporation and even if the military operations in do with either the forces of have to run taken control it does not mean the conflict in the area is over moved up to a head. tripoli
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a major oil producers are meeting to decide whether to increase production saudi arabia and russia one opec to relax a tight controls but iran and some other members are opposed to that paul brennan reports from reality. will they or won't they that's the question vexing energy analysts ahead of friday's opec ministers meeting with ministers agree a compromise or is opec heading for a splits it could be a short fall by the end of the summer like one point six to one point eight million barrels a day it will take time for anything to filter through say whatever they decide to do in the next few days it will be instant but it will have an impact on the market but they also want to insure against is that the stock over high that we've seen in recent yaz doesn't come back again the reason why there are no talks or increase in production is to jump on that volatility i gave the market the consumers everybody
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enough certainty and sense of security of supply to keep markets in a healthy situation in june twenty fourth teen opec oil was trading at one hundred ten dollars a barrel by january two thousand and sixteen it had dropped to just twenty five dollars a barrel now thanks to opec limiting supply it's recovered to around seventy three dollars a barrel but there is dispute over what the ideal price should be. the saudi crown prince was warmly welcomed in moscow last week the two countries firmly agreed on the need for high oil production however coming into this week's meeting opec member iran supported by venezuela and iraq was threatening to veto any easing of the production cap and the divisions here at opec are as much of a geo political tensions as they are about the price of oil outside of opec saudi arabia and iran are bitter regional rivals as the impact of u.s. sanctions against iran and the prospect of chinese tariffs on u.s.
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oil and of course russia intensely dislike seeing america benefits from high oil prices balancing those competing interests looks difficult and opec has seen spits before most recently in twenty eleven this time analysts believe an output increase will avert potential chaos if you depart friday and saturday very with no outward hike on the cards then there is an inherent danger that the discipline might be lost to the saudis might go it alone even if for two hundred fifty thousand about it and then that you get the pretext of the russians and the can or no bad guys who've been holding their disputes say well you know what let's let's bump up our operate auction as well the compromise might involve just a few hundred thousand extra barrels a day and there are signs here in vienna that that might be agreeable to all but it's not a done deal yet paul brennan al-jazeera vienna. a bishops in nicaragua have marched through the city of messiah after people said security forces threatened to
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massacre them also reports of more unrest the city has seen weeks of fighting between security forces and protesters just a few days ago people in messiah declared they no longer recognize the authority of the president daniel ortega his plans to reform the welfare system sparked the protests. if the o.p.'s prime minister says east african countries will take action to end south sudan's civil war if the warring parties can't reach an agreement regional leaders are meeting in addison to discuss the peace process on wednesday south sudan's president salva kiir met rebel leader rick must chart for the first time in two years tens of thousands of people have been displaced in five years of conflict. so to them. is. unwilling and unable to harm or death of them go there are people.
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who are. the moral of the will of. the sponsibility. the u.k. is promising a streamlined registration system for e.u. citizens to apply to stay after breaks that the government says it wants to make the process of staying as easy as possible but many europeans in britain are deeply worried about the future as new barco reports. it has left italian composer dimitris colorado in a limbo is among three and a half million citizens living working and paying taxes in the u.k. who will now have to pass government checks in order to be able to remain in britain after it leaves the e.u. . will have to undergo criminal checks. undergo proving that you've been continuously resident here. it will be fine for the majority mother will be lots of
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cases where we've got lots of look holes and i can fans and i can witness love. lots of anxiety lots of fear. the british government's promise to allow mostly you citizens to stay in the u.k. providing they've been in the country long enough haven't broken any laws and pay a registration fee the home secretary on thursday promised the process will be simple it will have to release steps to which we need to prove your identity the that you number two that you live in the u.k. prove that you actually live in the u.k. and number three that you have no serious criminal convictions and if we if you are not going to be going to state the have to be a very good reason why you're not going to get that under the proposal the government says they'll be two types of immigration status settled status for e.u. citizens who've been living in the u.k. for at least five years by december thirty first twenty twenty i'm pretty settled
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status for those who've been in the u.k. less than five years they'll be able to stay and apply for settled status later. family members dependents and unmarried partners who also be allowed to apply to live in the u.k. after a certain amount of time the government has promised a streamlined local digital process there's still concern for thousands of nationals that may want to continue living here in the u.k. students for instance who may have decided to spend a year living somewhere else or perhaps self-employed people don't have the financial records to prove they've been living here consistently long enough to get the status necessary and the elderly people that may have been here for many many years who simply don't know that they now need to register there may be problems for these and others further down the line the recent wind rush scandal saw long term u.k. residents from the caribbean wrongly labeled illegal immigrants some were deported despite living in the u.k. for decades the government can't afford to get the registering of three and
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a half million e.u. citizens wrong in return to reason may want brussels to safeguard the rights of one point two million british citizens living in the e.u. but without a final deal with europe there are no guarantees leave. london al-jazeera has launched the second phase of its international press freedom campaign when the news is restricted and sent the press. it condemns the harassment of journalists and urges people to demand press freedom around the world the launch comes one year since saudi arabia the united arab emirates behind in egypt began a blockade against it they demanded the shut down of. a stunning upset has the runner up at the last football world cup facing an early exit croatia argentina three nil in the group stages the win the win means that croatia is through to the
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knockout stages for the second time andy richardson has more on that match from moscow. will lean on messi and argentina arrived at this game against croatia with a chance to put right the wrongs of their opening game draw against iceland messi had not scored in that game and it missed a penalty when it didn't work out again on this occasion argentina all but collapsing in the second half as they were beaten three male by croatia goals from and see rubbish luka moderates and even rockets if singles were famous when and they are through to the last sixty now this is such a talented generation of argentinian play as many of them involved in the team in six thousand and seven that won the under twenty world cup but it's senior level it's never quite works out that the runners up in the copper america on a couple of occasions i'm a runners up of the world cup four years ago no south american city has won the world cup on european soil since nine hundred fifty eight and they now face a real fight just to make it out of their group even
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a win in their final match against nigeria may not be enough to see them into the last sixteen. and france has qualified for the knockout stages of their team one of the tournament favorites be a rude one know. that china's ban on importing plastic waste means other countries are being forced to accept rubbish but the moon may eventually revolutionize global recycling by making smaller countries improve their own collection and handling of plastic lawns louis reports from malaysia's capital kuala lumpur. plastic getting a new lease of life as waste is refined and turned into small pallets they're packed in this factory in the southern state of johor and sold to manufacturers the plastic is then turned into other goods anything from piping to home appliances. ken who has spent his life in the recycling industry helping out with his parents'
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business before building his own plastics factory the so much you know variable stuff that's packed into it and the minute you understand that you will create so much high value material comes out from that once you see that as a potential you approach it totally differently you think about how we're going to strike that what resources am i going to pick you know put into that and once a share of that myself a posse pollution problem in disappear by itself. see as company has increased the volume of waste it handles already this year by twenty eight percent developed countries have been looking for alternatives since china's ban on plastic waste imports took effect at the start of this year the u.k. for example has now tripled its exports of plastic waste to malaysia. some recycling companies here use a combination of local and imported waste but it's the important waste that's considered the better quality recyclables should be segregated at source but often than not divided up properly and become contaminated which means someone then has
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to do the sorting out and the cleaning. there were some concerns that china's ban would flood malaysia with more waste than it could handle and the government initially stopped issuing import permits but it was only temporary. recycling already. declared almost a year i think. for all of us for. fear. of not coming of being around c.r. says countries need to start looking at the whole issue from a different perspective. his factory turns plastic scraps into industrial material as well as fuel to power machines proving that plastic waste shouldn't always be regarded as a problem florence li al-jazeera. has him secret indoor let's get
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a roundup of the headlines on al-jazeera the associated press news agency reports about five hundred migrant children separated from their parents on the us mexico border have been reunited with their families the u.s. president's plan for an immigration overhaul is coming unstuck house republicans rejected a hardline immigration bill and delayed the vote on a more moderate on and the first lady malani a trump made a surprise visit to a shelter for child migrants at the us mexico border but what was supposed to be a trip of compassion turned into a p.r. disaster after she wore a jacket with a message i really don't care do you the eurozone finance ministers have agreed on a deal to get greece out of its eight year bailout program it can now delay repayments on billions of dollars in loans by ten years greece also got another seventeen point four billion dollars the wife of israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been charged with fraud sara netanyahu is accused of misusing one
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hundred thousand dollars of state funds to provide catering services in libya forces loyal to a powerful warlord say they've captured two of the country's largest oil terminals khalifa haftar us forces have been battling for control of and the last rival fighters stormed the oil ports last week. bishops in nicaragua have marched through the city of messiah after people said security forces threatened to massacre the city seen weeks of fighting between security forces and protesters president daniel ortega as plans to reform the welfare system sparked the protests which began in april ethiopia's prime minister says east african countries will take action to end south sudan's civil war if the two sides can't reach an agreement regional leaders are meeting in addison ever on wednesday south sudan's president salva kiir met rebel leader for the first time in two years and a stunning upset has the run up at the last football world cup facing an early exit
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this time croatia beat argentina three nil in the group stages that means it now moves on to the knockout stages those are the headlines people have powers next. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world sentiments on how you take it al-jazeera will bring in the news and current events that matter to. al-jazeera. from a pretty people of southern argentina and chile have long protested the loss of from sister lands at the hands of colonial era settlers territory that's maraton and cheap by huge timber a states which have left the region environmentally depleted and the indigenous inhabitants martin poverty but recently the simmering resentment
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have been coming to the court weeping to find that water. pass a guinea and of vast wilderness of lakes forests and mountains that straddles the andes across the southernmost part of south america. it's then central home of the indigenous mattoo cheap people who were here when spanish conquistadores first arrived on the continent over four hundred years ago.
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since the nineteenth century it's been divided by the border between chile and argentina but for them not to change that's always been over tree by andrey. for generations they fought and mostly failed to get their rights to these lines recognized by both nations. don't know but there was a three thirty of. us your stomach on the now it's about us and. no those ancient simmering resentments a once again bursting into flames. from the poochie say they've been pushed to the brink by a surge of environmentally destructive industries such as logging. violence is spiraling and the region has seen a spate of allston attacks against timber companies and landholders.
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until a group of the islanders and i gotta say i am actually paul came out on the internet i don't think when that got me on it and i don't. expect they look to say that only now i'm online military says he understood i offered. them all over to our us and got a second time gotten a job. in both chile and argentina it's brought from the future once more into conflict with the forces of the state. platter one is ari's argentina's most prestigious museum of natural history it attracts millions of tourists every year. but the museum's basement hides a dog's secrecy. unbeknown to the visitors scurrying above there's
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a room strictly off limits which says much about the state's erstwhile attitudes to its indigenous people. here or the skills of bio's and mapuche a captured in killed in the late nineteenth century as european settlers pushed sayat into patagonia in what is euphemistically called the conquest of the desert. their remains were on display until the one nine hundred sixty s. for most hear the roar from a band and i felt kicks he'll get it to look at this put them better left foot f.e.'s had a malcolm plate glass electrical italia completed and a secret or could be done to have only. us well just simply meant it in a kind of body it a little no matter the end if we got here because honey you had been on marcelo valko and spent many years studying crimes committed against them a puji joy in the desert campaign. well into the eighteen eighties children were
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being sold off as slaves even through advertisement in the national press her mother then he says here by entering. in yes come up on a hint a casino or cd and eat us. all real i'll put it all in i woke up and honestly learned three hours. it us here. and on the face of it prejudice against the country's indigenous people is still coleman particularly in the media. and in the home of whether or not they guys are a mile off enough enough from michele from india. he not transferred to governors and later here now you did ok and i didn't hear the whole saying the motor is one of origin team is most controversial t.v. hosts his new show is watched by millions. some people but he was going
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to he was going to be. on the. killing to be in the right place young because your ma. while there are you have a. good one to play i don't condone this but in a sea of time you know just when you think of one of the you walking out here here you know it is real romano you're the only thing that you are. with us and just the opposite views you over here but you know me well he has gained over here and given syria would want to. get to a point that bend it over will buy them. much of the men to choose and some stroll land is not in the hands of foreign billionaires. like a child including mike in his bennett's home. uses stage companies nine hundred
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fires and act as. an area of hole for the size of wales and nine percent of the region's most comfortable land. i still love to get perspective is that people are sad. and. that then they get on top of us yeah mentality and that go to the senate to make you sick you know meet them in the. midst of the dirty maids. two years ago a group of mapuche a reclaimed a tiny fraction of the benetton a stage and began to foment. many violent raids by special police units followed. oh yes or no but he will if he are allowed under some but as i said trying to get us. he let more list put aside he cannot critics say that since the election victory of president marusya machree two years ago the state's attitude to the mapuche e has become noticeably worse. last august the issue became a p.r.
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nightmare for the government when sunday all game old unarmed a whiteman pucci supporter disappeared while fleeing from police when the camp on the benetton estate was raided. it traumatised origin tina awakening painful memories of the country's thirty thousand disappeared who vanished during the dictatorship in the one nine hundred seventy s. . the president appeared on t.v. to deny involvement. you know what was it that it could say oh yeah i get offered a somebody some for that boy you're going to see him basim really if they really know him or got to go. in a cell or somebody said i know you. for three months the country was gripped by the fate of malden all day and then his body was found floating in this river. day drowning according to the autopsy. however the body appeared in
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explicitly in only exactly the same place as he had last been seen fleeing the police and there had been numerous searches of the area leading many like nobel peace prize laureate adolfo parazynski to dilute the official version our to the pilot of ministers waterborne are very. sorry. but he thought. about all this and they're going to want to show my face because they don't this year or wall. not. so that we are you corsican i stunk allowed us to go.
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over the border in chile in part again in the police or on the trauma fences. but the province of our own here is designated a conflict. the regional capital to move is full to bursting with paramilitary police. and the other when your region there's this sense that there's a violence that is out of control and that should be somehow addressed by the authorities. of course it's not that we validate the violence are being committed in the region but you cannot use that as an excuse to go over human rights. a group of militant preaching calling itself according to dora rather come a yank or come is engaged in a campaign of sabotage against the logging industry which it say's is destroying
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the environment. so far no one has been injured but the group has caused millions of dollars in damage. the government has responded by invoking an anti terror law drafted joining the time of former dictator general pinochet. it's affects the whole community they are out violently they raid every house or they throw tear gas loved clear why. one very recent case affected a preschool that was in class with little children the side that were all affected by the tear gas in some cases had to be taken to hospital. in the heart of the conflict in the small son of cosy prove he is celebrating its and turn
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around. the festivities have a distinctly morsel and. not far away at the regional course high's the one to call is waiting at saïd. on the company on the dam. she chose as that a year ago her son was shot in the back by a police dog and while trying to defend his twelve year old brother. it's the first court case of its kind and for the mapuche a hope so high that the perpetrator won't get away with it this time as it turns out the sergeant doesn't even attend the hearing hardly surprising say activists no policeman has ever been convicted for shooting and the poochie.


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