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oil minister has stormed out walked out of that and told reporters gathered outside that he doesn't think there's going to be a deal here today essentially at stake is whether or not opec decides to finish early a deal which was done last november to keep a cap on oil production through to the end of this year saudi arabia and russia want the deal to finish early want to be able to pump more oil because they see problems on the supply side most notably with iran sanctions and venezuela the economy but the iranians don't want that to happen because they fear losing market share and they also know that because they're not going to be able to sell as much oil the last thing they need is a double whammy if the price of oil to also go down it's going to be very very difficult to see that square being you know i to be squared away here today and frankly from being here the last couple of days and speaking to ministers and analysts i can see that opec really is on a knife edge. will they or won't they that's the question vexing energy analysts
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ahead of friday's opec ministers meeting with the ministers agree a compromise or is opec heading for a split it could be a shortfall by the end of the year or something like one point six to one point eight million barrels a day it will take time for anything to filter through so whatever they decide to do in the next few days it will be installed but it will have an impact on the market but they also want to insure against who's at the stock over how high that we've seen in recent years doesn't come back again the reason why there are no talks or increase in production is to jump on that volatility i gave the market the consumers everybody enough certainty and sense of security of supply to keep markets in fact healthy situation in june twenty fourth teen opec oil was trading at one hundred ten dollars a barrel by january two thousand and sixteen it had dropped to just twenty five dollars
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a barrel now thanks to opec limiting supply it's recovered to around seventy three dollars a barrel but there is dispute over what the ideal price should be. the saudi crown prince was warmly welcomed in moscow last week the two countries firmly agreed on the need for high oil production however coming into this week's meeting opec member iran supported by venezuela and iraq was threatening to veto any easing of the production cap the divisions here at opec are as much of a geo political tensions as they are about the price of oil outside of opec saudi arabia and iran are bitter regional rivals as the impact of u.s. sanctions against iran and the prospect of chinese tariffs on u.s. oil and of course russia intensely dislike seeing america benefits from high oil prices balancing those competing interests looks difficult and opec has seen spits before most recently in twenty eleven this time analysts believe an output increase
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will avert potential chaos if you depart pride in sad david with no outward hike on the cards then there is an inherent danger that the discipline might be lost to the saudis might go it alone even if forty one thousand about it and then that you give the pretext of the russians and at the end nor no bad guys who've been holding their discipline say well you know what let's let's pump up our production is well the compromise might involve just a few hundred thousand extra barrels a day and there are signs here in vienna that that might be agreeable to all but it's not a done deal yet. indeed it's simply not a done deal in the indications from iran are that it's going to have a very hard fought compromise if it is possible saudi can go it alone they can take some allies with them it's possible that iran could veto and a unanimous communique but if that happens it really would be a bit of a free for all and that's something that opec will be keen to try to avoid thank you for that paul paul brennan lie for
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a scene vienna. still ahead on al-jazeera accused seven instigating surabaya attackers an indonesian cleric with ties to eisele is sentenced to death while live in jakarta. ally the weather squatting down nicely now across western parts of here laws to clear skies but the sunshine also woman sunshine of that says well no it is this area clouds i just up into northern parts of germany into scandinavia this way because some of the wet and windy weather some chilly weather as well just pushing its way through st bands of rain there stockholm sixteen celsius as that range is pushing over towards the baltic states and once enough in moscow as well with the top temperature here this formerly twenty nine degrees celsius for the south thirty two celsius
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a book rest these are going to be lively shallow seas that could well be somehow certainly some fun the mixed in as well as a hate downs was a southeastern corner further west still getting up to twenty in london pass with that northerly breeze coming in so freshening off a little bit but temperatures will push up as we go on through the course of the weekends and get as we go on through the next few days halts enough there in madrid of around thirty six celsius plenty of sunshine here and plenty of sun sides here across northern parts of africa it's hot when the current forty one celsius hawse enough there in china's. let me thirty four as we call one through sas day as warm sunshine pretty much wall to wall sunshine everywhere across northern parts of africa attack killed in cairo thirty seven. unpack it for us what were you here and what were you saying whether online horrendous things humans well just as i was looking for doubt about that or if you join us on sacked
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a lot of the major countries in the commonwealth have far bigger fish to fry and chips to eat bass is a dialogue talk to us about some of this success if perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making the decisions join the colobus conversation amount is iraq. welcome back our top stories on al-jazeera hundreds of migrant children separated from their parents at the us mexico border are being reunited with their families and the last hour and this mother and her son we're reunited at baltimore say what a story became a symbol of the immigration controversy in the u.s.
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. finance ministers from the eurozone have agreed on a deal aimed at releasing greece from its eight year bailout program in august repayments you on billions of dollars in loans will now be delayed by ten years and the world's largest oil producers are meeting in vienna to decide whether to increase production a move that would likely mean a drop in petrol prices sanji arabia and russia want opec's to relax tight control but iran and venezuela are holding out. now an indonesian kerrick with ties to eisele has been sentenced to death by a court in jakarta amman of drama and received the death spent for his role in the twenty sixteen suicide bombing at a starbucks coffee that killed four people it was the first attack claimed by ice all in southeast asia police say a drama inspired the attackers behind a string of bombings that killed twenty six people in surat by a last month that speech is set for us in our correspondent in jakarta so i'm on a
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dream on sept masterminded the atomic bomb inside prison is this a lesson for the invasion government. well absolutely if this is not a wake up call i don't know what will be because it was very clear from this whole case that was bailed out by the prosecutors again. that everything basically was coordinated from inside a highly secured prison one significant detail was that the attack in the starbucks and jack after in two thousand and sixteen before that attack happened money was basically sent to as a mass banking from inside the prison to one of the attackers who basically bought the weapons from that money to commit this attack of course indonesian prisons have been notorious for a long time not only for drug straight inside the prison but also for recruitment of people for violent groups mobile phones are widely available internet are still widely available of course this is a call for
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a lot of people to ask the government to finally overhaul this prison system. how will the us respond to this death sentence. well it was quite a dial emma for these judges of course if they would hand down the death penalty on armaan of the last monday is of course a risk that retaliation will take place at a will me follow up attacks with some big event in indonesia coming up the elections and also the asian games of course nobody wants that a long life sentence in prison on the other hand would mean of course that maybe he could continue his activities as we have been seeing he has been doing for the past two years inside prison. so far the group that has been founded by a man of the last month has been focusing on police as targets of these attacks but it is a concern of course that the follow followings targets could be judges or prosecutors
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looking at this defense as the maximum sentence reduced judges have handed down it seems the judges have not been afraid or deterred by any of these threats thank you for that that gap and i forests in jakarta. a jailed presidential candidate in turkey has used his twitter account to hold a political rally from his prison cell leader of the pro kurdish. terrorism charges and has been imprisoned for more than one. after the state of emergency in two thousand and sixteen eleven other kurdish parliament members were stripped of their positions and many of them are still in jail as the crackdown they pose a significant challenge to the ruling party cynical still reports from istanbul. this is how supporters of the pro kurdish peoples the aquatic party or h.t.t.p. are motivating themselves ahead of turkey's election on june twenty four up till i came down she is hoping to get
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a seat in parliament but he says his party is the most disadvantaged in the country they cheapies presidential candidates a lot and demi trash has been in jail for more than eighteen months on security charges. we don't have any channel for propaganda the ruling party controls the press or politicians are in jail president grant has everything in hand to campaign freely is not fair an armed struggle between the state and the separatist kurdistan workers' party or p k k has lasted decades costing at least forty thousand lies. and the peace process worked out in two thousand and fifteen the following year a state of emergency was imposed after a failed coup attempt professor fox came on doesn't believe the kurdish issue is being properly addressed in his call to actually go back to the you know sort of political solution both inside and mainly you know outside. turkey
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and of course turkey has all the right who are you know sort of secure its borders is still totally integrity it's state but turkey would be much. more safer much more stable if turkey actually makes a deal with the kurds not only in turkey but especially in syria the option i can best face the turkish government subjective it's clear. does as the peace process and that the government allied itself with the nationalist party look how they reacted against the independence referendum in the iraqi kurdistan they don't want us to gain any status the kurds are determined to make their votes count although those who will vote i have fourteen kids and twelve votes in my home or votes are for sale of the. kurds account for up to twenty percent a fifth of turkey's a two million population and despite the lack of trust between them and the state
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they are still seen as having a private to rule in an election that is changing turkey's political system for the first time turkish voters will choose the exact of president and parliament at the same time if corridors people some of us a card say her risk to support several ten percent threshold it will enter parliament and this is seen as a game changer because even if the president erred on the wins in the first round his party could risk losing its majority soon uncle solo elder sera stumble. ethiopia's from minister says east african countries will take action to end south sudan's civil war if the warring parties can't reach an agreement regional leaders are meeting in addis ababa to discuss the peace process south sudan's president salva kiir met rebel leader react on wednesday for the first time in two years tens of thousands of people have been displaced in five years of conflict. a man known
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as romania's most powerful politician has been jailed for three and a half years for corruption the social democratic party leader leave you drive near was convicted of keeping two women on the payroll of a state agency even though they were employed by his party drag me away as a government official at the time and denies any wrongdoing of. my time is banned on importing plastic waste means other countries are being forced to find new ways to deal with their rubbish it could end up revolutionizing global recycling by making smaller countries improve their own collection and handling of plastic florence reports from malaysia's capital kuala lumpur. plastic getting a new lease of life as waste is refined and turned into small pallets they're packed in this factory in the southern state of johor and sold to manufacturers the plastic is then turned into other grades anything from piping to home appliances sierra ken who has spent his life in the recycling industry helping out with his
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parents' business before building his own plastics factory the so much you know variable stuff that's packed into it and the minute you understand that you are crystal much higher value maturity comes out from that once you see that as a potential you approach it totally differently you think about how we're going to strike there what resources i'm going to pick you know put into and once a share of that my search party pollution problem disappear by so i see as company has increased the volume of waste it handles already this year by twenty eight percent developed countries have been looking for alternatives since china's ban on plastic waste imports took effect at the start of this year the u.k. for example has known tripled its exports of plastic waste to malaysia. some recycling companies here use a combination of local and imported waste but it's the important waste that's considered the better quality. recyclables should be segregated at source but often
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than not divided up properly and become contaminated which means someone then has to do the sorting out and the cleaning there were some concerns that china's ban would flood malaysia with more waste than it could handle and the government initially stopped issuing import permits but it was only temporary. recycling already. declared how much they are basically ready for all this for. food. of your home and of being grown. says countries need to start looking at the whole issue from a different perspective his factory turns plastic scraps into industrial material as well as fuel to power machines proving that plastic waste shouldn't always be regarded as a problem florence really al-jazeera. al-jazeera has launched the second phase of its international press freedom campaign when the news is restricted and
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censored the press is not. a condemns the harris meant of journalists and are just people to demand press freedom around the world the launch comes one year since the u.a.e. bahrain any chipped impose a blockade against qatar and one of their demands is the closure of this network. stunning upset as the runner up at the last football world cup facing an early exit croatia be to argentina three nail in the group stages to win means croatia through to the knockout stages for just a second time and the richest and has more from moscow. will lean on messi in argentina iraq at this game against croatia with a chance to put right the wrongs of the opening game draw against iceland messi had not scored in that game and it missed a penalty but it didn't work out again on this occasion argentina old books are collapsing in the second half as they were beaten three mil by courier goals from
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luka moderates and even rockets it singles were famous win and they are through to the last sixteen now this is such a talented generation of argentinian players many of them involved in the team in two thousand and seven that won the under twenty world cup but it's senior level it's never quite works out with the runners up in the corporate america on a couple of occasions i'm a runners up of the world cup four years ago no south american c. has won the world cup on european soil since nine hundred fifty eight i may now face a real fights just to make it out of their group even a win in their final match against nigeria may not be enough to see them into their last sixteen. again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera hundreds of my great children separated from their parents at the us mexico border are being reunited with their families this guatemalan mother was re knighted with
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a young son at baltimore's airport their story became a symbol of the immigration controversy in the u.s. european union tariffs on u.s. imports worth more than two point six billion dollars come into effect on friday president trump bangor allies by imposing tabs on steel and then newman imports into the united states the e.u. is putting retaliatory levies on products that include harley-davidson motorcycles on whiskey and orange juice and they largely target u.s. states that voted for trump and the republican party. finance ministers from the eurozone have agreed on a deal aimed at releasing greece from its eight year bailout program in august repayments due on billions of dollars in loans will not be delayed by ten years greece also got another seventeen point four billion dollars to help pay its debts . and indonesian cleric with ties to eyesore has been sentenced to death by a court in jakarta a man of drama and was convicted for his role in
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a twenty six thousand suicide bombing at a starbucks cafe that killed four people it was a first attack by eiseley in southeast asia police say after a monster teachings inspired the attackers behind a string of bombings in syria by a last month that killed more than thirty people. the world's largest oil producers are meeting in vienna to decide whether to increase production a move that would likely mean a drop in petrol prices saudi arabia and russia want opec to relax controls but iran and venezuela holding out. and ethiopia's prime minister says east african countries will take action to end south sudan's civil war if the warring parties can't reach an agreement regional leaders a meeting in addis ababa to discuss the peace process on wednesday south sudan's president salva kiir met rebel leader react on the for the first time in two years tens of thousands of people have been displaced in five years of conflict in south
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sudan you're upset with the headlines here on al-jazeera the news continues right after inside story do stay with us. china's one she province has become famous for its large number of elderly many age one hundred or older one of one east investigates if the region holds the secrets to a long and healthy life one east on al-jazeera torture and rampant sexual abuse in secret prisons in yemen former detainees say they're being run by the u.a.e. the emirates a key player in the yemeni walk denies the claims so what will or can the international community do this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program today with me piece it all being seven former
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detainees say that the united arab emirates is running secret prisons in yemen and that sexual torture in those prisons is rampant and systematic the u.a.e. denies the accusations were made to reporters from the associated press news agency however the charges highlight both the depth of saudi and emira involvement in yemen civil war and the brutality that's become a whole mock of this conflict will begin with this report from diana cutting a window into what's being described as a world of rampant sexual torture and impunity these drawings were smuggled out of iraq to run prisons in yemen made on plastic plates with ink detainees held without charge or trial described humiliation to the associated press news agency one caption in arabic says it's real terrorism and another drawing prisoners being transported in a pickup truck are naked blindfolded and handcuffed. seven former detainees spoke
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to reporters about what they've witnessed they say rape electrocution and beatings took place at five detention centers including at the iraqi forces headquarters in the country the u.a.e. mission in geneva tweeted that it has never managed or run prisons or secret detention centers in yemen but the accusations don't come as a surprise in march human rights groups accuse the united arab emirates of making arbitrary arrests in southern yemen. we have documented in the past that the u.a.e. is responsible pierces order an arbitrary detention in europe. for months many residents demanded to know where their missing relatives are u.a.e. military commanders in yemen have repeatedly denied running secret prisons their reporting they had the government set up a committee to investigate the u.a.e. and interior to flatly deny any rule and use again but abuses continue in all their
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prisoners have. rights to. the three year war in yemen has caused a complete breakdown of law and order especially in the south where militias operate beyond the control of the courts and the internationally recognized government in addition to the disappearances in torture there have been reports of executions and assassinations diana carom al-jazeera. well before bring in our guest let's take a closer look now at the conflict in yemen in march twenty fifteen who the rebels advanced on the capital sanaa refusing to accept a new constitution proposed by president months or hardy who was forced to leave the city later that month saudi arabia assembled a coalition of allies including the u.a.e. to support hardy's government in what became a civil war against the who sees a morality troops of forty extensively particularly in the south around the port city of aden in june of twenty seventeen the associated press news agency revealed
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the u.a.e. was running secret prisons in yemen and accusations the u.a.e. noise. ok let's get going introducing our panel to you today joining us from san are in yemen we have a say in eighty a pro who's the journalist from toronto in canada that has show me the director of the center for middle east studies at the university of denver and also in sanaa a team must marty. political analyst and the editor in chief and the publisher of the yemen post welcome to you all hussein. first how many people are we talking about here. i think they could be in the one hundred because from the beginning of the water we have heard many. money claim made by some people in the south especially from women who are claiming that their husband. has been in but isn't
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this seems to be that the united arab emirates is using what they call the fight on al qaida so they can embed as in anyone they want and no one can ask them or no one can there in the south or to say anything to them and this is to be honest is the same what the united states has been using they can detain anyone around the world and they can say we are fighting al qaeda and i've seen on social media even before this report that many brought us there from women and children and families of this has been held for a month now some of them has exceeded the two to three years they brought us to aden in other city in the south but there was kind of a blackout of the outside media in the united arab emirates of course will not let any media outlet in the south to cover this. crime that is done against but isn't as clearly hussein social media is not
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a reliable source and i take on board what you're saying of course but we maybe have to issue a little bit of a housekeeping notice here wrapping up our entire discussion with one big allegedly . also in sana'a one identifying factor here is the accents of the people who are doing the torturing the accents apparently come from the u.a.e. are you convinced that that is factually correct that's the details that version that we received a couple of months. go that these private prisons of secret prisons are being run by a coalition forces led by the u.a.e. but also with the with the knowledge of the us government as well but the torture has been taking place by the u.a.e. forces and its allies. but again this is information that we received a couple of months ago from reliable sources or military sources sources who are close to the u.a.e.
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forces in aden. these are still claims and allegations the international recognized government of president hadi needs to investigate these cases sadly their government is weak in aden and don't have any or much authority there but these claims are serious they need to be taken seriously and independent investigators must be allowed to visit these prisoners in order to see if these claims are true or not sometimes even if the government does investigate the truth is sometimes hidden so international n.g.o.s human rights watch amnesty access etc these n.g.o.s must be given the chance to visit the prisoners in these prisons and talk to them and see what their comments are because right now everything is still great. very serious accusations but these prisoners must be visited and be treated legally because sometimes stupid claims or under terror and in the end it's
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not terrorism it's just his link to the muslim brotherhood party or the human rights of islam or other so. and not only investigation but also the families must be aware where this prison is ours. even rights organizations must visit these prisoners and listen from them and talk to them see what their comments are to ensure that everything that's taking place is legal and under the international law not to hush me into wrong so this is clearly a war crime but the idea of layering in on top of that sexual abuse that gives it a whole new sinister dimension right and it's nothing i think that should shock anyone who studies and it follows human rights practices in the middle east the united arab emirates has quite a sordid and horrific track record in terms of the use of internal repression and torture within its own territory so now that it's actually engaging in torture outside of its territory in a location where it is actively involved in
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a war comes as no surprise this is in many ways part and parcel of a consistent policy of repression that we've seen from the united arab emirates both within its own territories and other parts of the arab world who are as deeply invested. also insana your sources and your reporting what are you getting the sense of in terms of how far up the command chain this is being a how far up the command chain is somebody saying yes this is the way to go because presumably some weird level the justifying this themselves by saying this is torture it's an evolution of torture and we're doing it to quote extract information from people. i mean of course they will say that the information from the people but the you have not the right to detain someone for many many months without any. like without putting him into into justice
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and i think all this is to blame on. the government and i want to just to mention that the minister of. interior minister of the government that riad say two months ago that all prisons in the south is under the control of united arab emirates they are in control of the security forces of the port authority and this proved that their claim of they not united arab emirate mission in geneva when they said about this report that there is no prison run by united arab emirates in yemen and all prisons are run by yemeni government and this show that the yemeni government actually cannot do anything to stop to stop this but all this blame on the united arab emirates that it will actually is bring in those that take those prisons into yemen it might remind us with the guantanamo bay the mind us with abu
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ghraib and united states used to take but is not as and so called redemption events and flights to bring them to other countries to now the united arab emirates is doing it exactly in yemen i would just add one thing about when i said about the social media so tell me. and this time is the only black forum for the ordinary people the only product black vote for poor people and we've seen the effect of social media do it in a best bang but what i said about the social media because all this report that has been said now in the associate breast and other agency is we have been hearing this in yemen for forty edits but because united out of him out of actually doesn't allow some time anyone to cover this and do it in watching all the other t.v. channel about this latest report i haven't seen anyone for example from the south who can talk about it because if someone would be if he would mention anything against united out of him out of he would be sacked we remember one minister of how
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the government who has criticized united out of it for not not letting heidi go back on set and then his name is salas so yeah he what he was forced to resign another to the duty prime minister of been dug out as well when he criticized united arab emirates he was forced to resign and his name obliges you body this show you the ok present with you and we're getting off the. boat what you're saying about social media but unite the reality of social media anyone can set up a fake account we can never sort of you know nail down the provenance of individual people as they are operating inside the echo chamber of social media a key moment mari what was your reaction this time last year almost to the u.s. reaction when it said well we haven't seen any evidence of torture we haven't seen any evidence of secret prisons. i was surprised that there were so frank and the reason why there's no evidence is because they're hiding the evidence yes they do
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a good job in hiding the evidence but that does not mean that it's not there. but this is expected in a country where it's lawless right now a police governments are running the country whether in the in the north on the south whether in aden and thais or also in sana'a when you have a police government that's very rare do you see people condemn or go against the rule of of those in charge so violations do happen whether in the north and the south but the what what you want right now is that this is very serious a big difference between normal torture and rape. it's unbelievable that this is happening in yemen. and while the international community is basically staying quiet because this coalition has the umbrella of the u.n. so these allegations must be taken seriously over the last couple of months it's been witness that the u.a.e.
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has been trying to polish its image in yemen especially in the south of yemen after the previous claims but this comes as a big blow and again these are just allegations right now and claims. we need to create a investigative committee to investigate this is of the plan right now yes how this government is weak and because of the weakness it cannot do that it needs international pressure on you each. and pollution leadership to get to the bottom of this to find that this is real or not and. to make sure that those who are involved in such matters should be. they can. punish for it because these families have hundreds and hundreds of innocent civilians with very simple claims whether in the north also in the south the simple claims and sometimes you're in prison for months and months without anyone following up for you and why you're there and if it could happen to you and this is the result of
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a non-government or. a real government not being in control of the entire country committees must be formed immediately will come on to the idea of pressure and whether people be held accountable or not in a couple of moments but not a hashimi in toronto first and foremost as well there are eighteen prisoners at the moment who are members very specifically members of al qaida and held because yemen the yemeni war is one of the most complex conflicts across the world wherever you go yemen is the high watermark of complexity i guess always saying ok we extrapolate what we're saying to define that this element of torture the sexual abuse of inmates is going on in a more widespread manner why as you you know correctly stated peter we don't know for sure because social media is not an accurate source for. judging these questions but given past practice that the u.s.
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is known to have engaged in in terms of its own repression internally within the united arab emirates and given the policy of systematic war crimes that saudi arabia and the u.a.e. have been charged with in terms of how they're prosecuting the war in yemen i'm not surprised at all that these reports have surfaced i suspect that when all is said and done and when you have independent human rights investigators looking at what's happening in these prisons the actual depth and breadth of the torture will probably be much more widespread than has been reported and that's because exactly what you allude. to a moment ago from a previous guest in sanaa that the constraints that previously existed on the united arab emirates in terms of the united states his policy toward the region and toward the u.a.e. in specific specifically have been listed to trump administration you know openly
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backs the war in yemen donald trump during the campaign for president openly claimed that he supported torture and some now the u.a.e. feels it's in the driver's seat you can do whatever it wants there will be no constraints placed on it and if you just carry on in this reckless way regardless of the consequences hussein. proving allegations is one thing. bordering on near impossible mr hardy this time last year and the off the months of the original a.p. revelations and claims mr harvey had promised an inquiry where do you think that will go. i'm going to have fun experience with. the evil when he was in sanaa. like two years before the war we have seen many. many crimes like that the attack on a hospital in sanaa that killed and injured over one hundred. doctors and patients said we will investigate that they held some of the people who were responsible of
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that and since then we haven't heard anything of that this is all what's been happening in yemen they always make they say a committee to investigate but this committee will never see the light and if there was a committee formed only on the media then they unite out of him out of this idea that the coalition will not let the that is the results of this committee to come to light because this was done and i didn't think that the united arab emirates would let anyone which is on the support of someone who they are back and they will never let him damage the but they said they mentioned two of the ministers ok that is i then they were forced to resign and this will be. anyone and how they did actually to condemn that addictively they united out of him other than i think he can stay in power they can just replace him by any way with my mean they did with those ministers on the floor of the forum out of but i mean is that is that in the or in yemen not
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a hashim in toronto coming to you again there is this base the base apparently reportedly allegedly u.s. personnel were sent there part of the murkiness of this surely is that depending upon which website you look at depending upon which bits of social media you catch up with they are either there in a semi official role or they are mercenaries and nobody is telling anybody else whether they are or they're not. you're right we don't have the full picture here but i suspect the united states is deeply aware that torture is taking place at these prison sites and that you bomb and that the trumpet ministration is actually you know looking the other way in other words indorsing these types of practices because it effectively has the trunk administration that is has the exact same regional view and the exact same interpretation of the conflict in yemen as the united arab emirates does and as the kingdom of saudi arabia does so the united states i think is deeply complicit we don't know the extent and the depth of the
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complicity but that can only be determined after an independent investigation came the u.s. defense secretary should report back but i think it's august the twelfth thirteenth fourteenth because in the middle of may of this year he was given the job of actually come up coming up with a definitive take on what is going all in the yemen given that it's so murky given that there is black operations going on in the country and there are so complex what are the chances that he actually has enough talking to put together an accurate interpretation it's not a matter of time it's a matter of will. do they have the will to take this seriously right now the problem in yemen is that very very limited media outlets and the national media outlets are allowed to into yemen whether in the north or the south so the lack of international presence are whether human rights organizations or international media this gives. these sides who are in control a green light to react freely because there's no pressure right now if we want to
4:42 pm
go forward with this the the first step is not to the president hadi with any inquiry commission the u.n. must take a stance announce that to open an investigation on this and allow. humans rights organizations to visit these prisons and investigate that's if you want this matter to be taken seriously so it's not a matter of time there's a lot of time but is there will. government knows about many of the practices that are happening in the south are going on there that are illegal but the times are as your guest said trump is with that president trump is with it and is not. rejected and the same time this will also hurt the u.s. reputation so they have to stand aside the u.n. muster just a strong stance and the from there the u.n. three is an independent committee to investigate and visit these prisons because you cannot count on president hadi and his government as we all know they are weak
4:43 pm
in the south and have no authority as of now who's in albuquerque what are the chances here that the u.n. does something this time yesterday on this program we were discussing the way that the united states has pulled out of the u.n. human rights council so arguably the council never had enough teeth anyway and the u.n. is kind of fighting lots of different fronts here. and human rights council is actually a cannot do anything because if they try to form any investigation team to be sent in yemen like they tried in geneva i had a go it was blocked by the united states. of our other country and united states has appointed the saudi to head the human rights panel in geneva during the war in yemen so i don't think the united nation can do anything because if they if they couldn't do anything to investigate all crimes done in yemen either by jose or by the saudi that coalition which is a much bigger than what's happening now in. this prison i don't think
4:44 pm
that anything will have been in the future and i want to just do one more important thing we have seen do this blast take a plate with this prisoner in the united arab emirates prison have drone how they are subject to sexual. sexual harassment. that they maybe have smuggled that then inside they have no paper and they took a risk to smuggle this outside the prison and just imagine if nothing has been will not be done to those people in those prison this me that the united arab emirates will what was terrible. sexual torture to this people because they will try to find out who has drawn this was brought them out i'm calling the united nation to do something because if they don't do anything then this mean that this report will be just will backfire and it will result in more torture for all those people who are in prison in south yemen. what are the chances that anybody is held accountable
4:45 pm
for this when i think the likelihood is quite minimal but i think it's directly proportional to this story gaining greater global visibility and published. and i think one way forward of really trying to mitigate these types of gross human rights abuses is to really try and get the e.u. knighted states senate to get involved for those people following the conflict in yemen the united states particularly in the senate has been very outspoken critical of the u.s. role in supporting the emmer ati's and the saudi war effort in yemen earlier this year the senate came very close to passing a resolution blocking american insistence to the saudi and ever watch the war effort in yemen so there are several senators led by senator chris murphy of connecticut and bernie sanders of vermont who are very principled on the question
4:46 pm
of yemen if they were to i think take this issue on they have the opportunity and the possibility of holding congressional hearings inviting people from the state department from the white house from the pentagon and asking them pointed questions to what extent is the united states involved in these types of tortures that could shine a global spotlight on these abuses that might lead to their mitigation gentlemen we're out of time thank you to all i guess they are saying albuquerque not a shimmy and hakeem must maria thank you to you too for watching the program you can see the show it again any time via the website called in for more discussion check out our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. the inside story can also join the conversation on twitter at a.j. inside story or tweet me at peta don't be one for me peter they'll be on the entire team here in doha thanks for watching we'll see is a bubble. thank
4:47 pm
. you.
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mr newcome grew more. appealing to the existing. constraints the revolutionary zeal the new power. supply to splinter groups which the palestinian cause. and should meet soon. chronicling the turbulence to the struggle for palestinian. history and a revolution on al-jazeera. back together again hundreds of migrant families separated by donald trump zero tolerance policy being reunited. play watching al-jazeera live from a headquarters in doha also ahead
4:49 pm
a major relief for greece which has been receiving financial aid for almost a decade to keep it secret to me afloat. all producing countries debate whether the time is right to pump out more crude costs and indonesian cleric with ties to eyesore has been sentenced to death police say his teachings inspired a series of recent attacks. hundreds of migrant children separated from their parents at the us mexico border have been reunited with their families in the last ninety minutes this guatemalan a mother was reunited with her young son at baltimore's airport the story is one of many that made headlines around the world genius immigration crisis it's been more than a month since she saw her son after being detained and separated for illegally crossing the u.s. border. only thing that. i'm very happy to found my
4:50 pm
son i'm very happy and thankful especially to god i started crying when i saw him because he is the only son the time i have nobody will separate over again i don't regret coming here i'm proud to have made it to this country meanwhile the number of central american migrants being deported from the u.s. has risen dramatically immigration officials in guatemala report if forty five percent increase from last year in the number of people being forced to return mariana sanchez reports from guatemala city houston what they might be a trip that for many marks the end of a long dangerous and ultimately unsuccessful journey to the u.s. migrants escaping poverty and violence in poor neighborhoods in central america their homes and families risking robbery rape and murder searching for a better future. under these circumstances you can find god you are alive and you'll be able to see those you left behind here in gotham allah. in his second
4:51 pm
attempt to reach the united states for the two year old mother says things got tough with the it took us three days only to cross the river and then the border patrol caught us they treated us like animals chased us and held guns to our heads as a result of the us is tougher enforcement of anti immigration laws officers here say they've seen a change in the spirit of what the highlands are writing back home in a survey only see different behavior they're intimidated we know the process and treatment in the us is difficult when they landed in guatemala you can tell he said in an disillusioned many have left the families in the u.s. and they want to be reunited well for years there's been playing loads of deportees coming not only to what they might but also to with us nearly every day immigration officials tell us there's been an increase of forty five percent in the number of people coming compared to last year. more than twenty four thousand guatemalans
4:52 pm
were deported from the u.s. this year alone officials here provide them with food water phone call whole. families wait for their loved ones some of whom return traumatized thirty six year old clearly b.s. was detained in the u.s. a soon as he arrived. i've never been in jail before but i was held for three months. blanca son has been arrested for being in the u.s. illegally he's been gone for fifteen years now she dreads what will happen when he comes back in a few days but i don't know i there's no work here even if people study they don't find jobs it's a disaster there's no work. for many the return is full of shame and failure they come back empty handed some are still in temporary shelters others will be dropped a bus stations in the capital from there on the will be on their own but innocent just as just what the mine while efforts appear to be underway to reunite families
4:53 pm
separated by trams policy attempts to unite the u.s. congress on legislation to overhaul the u.s. immigration system have had a major stumbling block rob reynolds has more from washington. a day of sound and fury on capitol hill this isn't america first bail it secures america southern borders let's give them an opportunity to lead another day but one that ended signifying nothing as members failed to pass an immigration overhaul the bill was not passed the legislation backed by hard line conservatives in the ruling republican party would have stopped separation of families at the border but also would have okayed twenty five billion dollars on president donald trump's border wall and drastically tighten existing rules on illegal immigration in another sign of legislative dysfunction voting was delayed on arrival plans for have ised by
4:54 pm
more moderate republicans it too has given slim odds of passage opposition democratic party members unanimously opposed both bills despite controlling both houses of congress and the white house republicans are so badly divided they can't seem to accomplish anything on immigration in a meeting with his cabinet and despite overwhelming legal opinion to the contrary blame democrats for the policy of separating children including t.v.'s from their parents at the border then he took credit for ending it a crisis he himself started after acting h.h.s. t.h.s. and d.o.j. to work together to keep illegal immigrant families together. during the immigration process and to reunite these previously separated groups democratic party leaders fired back the president and see there not knowing not caring delusional and denial about his own policies being beat outside the
4:55 pm
circle of civilized human behavior more than a half dozen states say they plan to sue the trumpet ministration over family separation yet the trumpet ministration is possibly preparing to detain many more children the pentagon has been asked to find room for twenty thousand migrant children in makeshift shelters on military bases the president likes to boast about how many times he has appeared on the cover of time magazine this week's cover may please him somewhat less rob reynolds al-jazeera washington. now the world news european union tariffs on u.s. imports worth more than two point six billion dollars come into effect this friday present donald trump angered allies by imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum imports into the united states in response the e.u.
4:56 pm
is imposing its own levies on products that includes a harley davidson motorcycles for bon whiskey and orange juice and the largely target u.s. states that voted for trump and the republican party let's bring in knees in london for sony's the decision to retaliate how difficult a decision was this for them. while according to cecilia malmstrom who's the that you used trade chief she implied that it was a very challenging decision for them to make but a necessary want to send the correct message to the e.u. wants to send to the white house see the amount storm earlier in the week referred to u.s. tariffs on steel in alimony i'm introduced by donald trump last month as illegal she also urged the double to go to address some of the trade dealings initiated by china as well things like economic dumping the low cost the selling of things like steel to nations like the united states undercutting domestic
4:57 pm
producers and essentially those markets too but when it comes to the united states this is very much an attempt to send a symbolic message to the white house and that's why a key american brands like levi's jeans here behind me is on a list of major companies that are being affected by a host of these terrorist totaling three point two billion dollars all in all they range from between ten percent and fifty percent some will be introduced immediately others will be phased in gradually over the course of three years i say major american brands you've already mentioned there holly davidson motorcycles it also covers. things like blue ribbon whiskey from kentucky exports of orange juice of crumby juice and some metal imports also so the hope is according to the e.u. chief at least that this will eventually force negotiations with the u.s.
4:58 pm
and china around the table for all important trade talks but right now this is about really hitting america trade wise where it hurts yet but president trump has threatened to talk european cause what else can he do to penalize the u.s. . well the e.u. is fully aware of this which is why is keeping some of its power to draw i it has evolved around three point six billion dollars more a barricade imports to potentially target if the. votes in favor of a legal challenge that's been put forward by the e.u. of the moment so if of course the challenge goes in the e.u. favor then of course there is a carte blanche then for the e.u. to introduce further tariffs on more american products this is a real economic tussle it's a very much a case of economic tit for tat this trade war really is snowballing right now while
4:59 pm
the e.u. is hoping for more than anything is for people to gather around the table for there to be workable negotiations going forward but right now no sign of that thank you for the moment needs a need for a sane london. the world's largest oil producer is a meeting to decide whether to increase production a move that would likely mean a drop in petrol prices saudi arabia and russia want opec to relax tight controls but iran and venezuela holding out paul brennan has an eight s from the end. this has the potential to be one of the most difficult potentially most bad tempered opec meetings in recent years i mean there have been splits before but perhaps not as direct is this essentially the problem is iran they telegraphed the intention a week ago to veto any increase in oil production is a deal which is next in place existing for oil production to stay static all the way through to the end of this year and iran does not want that change but saudi
5:00 pm
arabia and russia both want to see oil production increase they see that there are problems on the supply side venezuela and iran probably not going to be able to put as much oil into the system as expected during the course of this year and saudi and russia saudi and russia want to actually compensate for that by opening the spigots opening the taps a little bit but iran is vehemently opposed to that because of course around would lose market share and not being able to sell as much oil because of u.s. sanctions it would also then have the double whammy of the oil price going down it wants oil prices stay high so despite the fact that there was a glimmer of a compromise during the course of the week i'm hearing that the iranian oil minister actually walked out of a meeting last night of his oil ministers and said that there will be no deal is going to be some really really tough talking here today and that the prospect of a compromise at the end of the day is far from guaranteed finance ministers from the eurozone have agreed on a deal and that releasing greece from its aid.


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