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man kneeled down and kissed the ground after the verdict was read out he said he won't appeal step fast and al-jazeera jack after. the world's largest oil producing countries are meeting to decide whether to increase production a move that would likely mean a drop in prices saudi arabia and russia want opec to relax tight controls but iran and venezuela are holding out restrictions on oil production have nearly tripled the price of oil since twenty sixteen paul brennan has more from vienna. opec is having to deal with pressures on both the supply and the demand side as far as the demand goes the predictions are that oil demand will continue to rise through twenty eighteen and into twenty nine hundred but on the supply side there are problems venezuela's oil industry is in serious trouble and iran has the impending us sanctions coming in the estimate is that some one point eight million dollars of million barrels of oil a day could be lost to the market so how to preserve the current price and keep the
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market stable that's what the opec ministers are discussing here today the problem is they have very different views about how to keep the market stable saudi arabia and russia want to see a gradual easing of the current restrictions on oil production by as much as a million barrels a day but iran is not happy in fact that possibly angry about it they see the not so hidden hand of the american president donald trump in all of this he's been tweeting that opec is keeping in his opinion the price of oil artificially high he wants it reduced and iran does not like the idea of opec being pushed around by the american president for obvious reasons will there be a compromise it's difficult to say it's possible certainly the three meetings where the media were allowed in the arabian oil minister was talking about the possibility that something was being cooked up not a direct quote so a wait and see. still ahead on al-jazeera supporters of kaddish politicians rally ahead of turkey to elections why they say they're at
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a disadvantage and sneak around ones know for an escape as violence in the country intensifies. allow the rain is going to wait temporarily from japan but he stayed on our way there was a thin white line is gathering strength all the time he's going back up into the south just to top up i want to coast of vast amounts of flooding in houston for example we've had in the as three days worth of rain is nearly five hundred millimeters it was a tremendous amount but it hasn't stopped that's the problem is coming back up again is coming up into southern honshu come saturday probably not reaching tokyo where you go to humid twenty three but it will get pretty close to following days trying to go back off shore again now beyond that the korean place is looking fine and sunny quite hot it feels in places hotter still in beijing and here the
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humidity is on its way out so showers apos were a bit of rain this late in the day i think during sunday now if you thought of that rain band from japan and surprisingly from the same one in the bottom right hand corner in china we've had flooding in for john grungy the very sort of places it's like be topped up this rain is going to be persistent and heavy at times you'll see it break for the north in sichuan and long reactivity almost to shanghai south of this it should be relatively dry now but there are some pretty big showers around in malaysia and headed down towards singapore as well. it was a war that united egypt and syria against israel but in the heat of the battle that different agendas soon became apparent i suppose the green was to avenge the defeat of nazi sixty seven when president sadat came to power you told us just give me ten
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centimeters of land in the east the second of a three part series the israeli population were told that their troops were on the west bank of the su is going to expose the second week of the war in october on al-jazeera. welcome back our top stories on al-jazeera the song saying ethiopia between south sudan's president salva kiir and rebel leader react meshaal have broken down on wednesday the two rivals met for the first time in two years in addis ababa along with regional leaders a new round of talks is now expected next week in sudan's capital khartoum. the world's largest oil producers are meeting in vienna to decide whether to increase
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production a move that would likely mean a drop in paschal prices saudi arabia and russia want opec to relax tight controls but iran and venezuela are holding out and the european union's top official donald tusk is in nostri after a meeting with chancellor sebastian kearse immigration policies will likely top the agenda ahead of a major news summit at the end of the month. now the number of central african migrants a central american sorry migrants being deported from the u.s. has risen dramatically immigration officials in guatemala report a forty five percent rise from last year in the number of people being forced to return. from guatemala city. houston what they might a trip that for many marks the end of a long dangerous and ultimately unsuccessful journey to the us migrants escaping poverty and violence in poor neighborhoods in central america their homes and families risking robbery rape and murder searching for
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a better future that was under these circumstances you can find god you are alive and you'll be able to see those you left behind here in gotham allah. in his second attempt to reach the united states for the two year old mother says things got tough with the it took us three days only to cross the river and then the border patrol caught us they treated us like animals chased us and held guns to our heads as a result of the u.s. is tougher enforcement of anti immigration laws officers here say they've seen a change in the spirit of what the violence are writing back home and as a veil we see different behavior they are intimidated we know the process and treatment in the us is difficult when they landed in guatemala you can tell they said in an disillusioned many have left the families in the u.s. and they want to be reunited well for years there's been playing loads of the parties coming not only to what they might but also to with us nearly every day
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immigration officials tell us there's been an increase of forty five percent in the number of people coming compared to last year. more than twenty four thousand what they were deported to the u.s. this year alone officials here provide them with food water phone call home. families wait for their loved ones some of whom return traumatized thirty six year old clearly b.s. was detained in the u.s. as soon as he arrived. i've never been in jail before but i was held for three months. blanca son has been arrested for being in the u.s. illegally he's been gone for fifteen years now she dreads what will happen when he comes back in a few days. yes but i don't know why there's no work here even if people study they don't find jobs it's a disaster there's no work. for many they're returning school shimon figure they come back empty handed so mostly in temporary shelters others will be dropped
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a bus stations in the capital from there on the would be on their own but the innocent just are just cedar. north and south korea have agreed to hold reunions for family members separated by the war the last time that happened was in two thousand and fifteen when elderly relatives were reunited more than sixty years after the conflict these reunions scheduled for late august are part of the steps agreed to by kim jong own end in to improve relations millions of people ended up separated from loved ones by the physical division of the korean peninsula. european union tariffs on u.s. imports worth more than two point six billion dollars come into effect on friday present donald trump angered our allies by imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum imports into the united states in response to the e.u. is imposing its own levies on products that include harley davidson motorcycles whiskey and orange juice needs parker is in london with more. the e.u.
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has described the decision to slap tariffs on almost three billion dollars worth of u.s. imports as a rebalancing measure falling short of in any way referring to this as a trade war however this is all about making as much noise as possible about sending a symbolic message to the white house in response to donald trump's decision last month to slap tariffs on imports of allen medium and steel here into the european union that probably explains some of the brands that have been chosen to have these tariffs like to pull them including the american jeans for levi suspect flagship store regent street in central london also harley davidson motorcycles florida orange juice cranberries a bourbon from kentucky and some u.s. metal imports as well total shrub has already suggested that european car manufacturers could be targeted with more terrorists and the e.u.
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has also suggested that it may have some ideas in reserve suggesting that it's earmarked around three point six billion dollars worth of. u.s. products to slap tariffs on in the near future that's if the world trade organization trade court rules in favor of the european union's latest complaint against the united states the e.u. all in all the has made it very clear that it's going to do what is necessary to protect its consumers and this produces but before it gets any more complicated before things develop any further potentially into dangerous territory what the e.u. really wants is to bring the united states possibly in the company of china to the negotiating table right now though nobody seems to be talking. techie's opposition says two and a half million people turned out for a rally in the city of izmir my hand njt seen as the most serious opposition challenger to president bush type photo on a long time and pays a second
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a politician but his campaign is also. reaching out to sunni muslim voters president obama set to hold a series of smaller rallies ahead of the election on sunday meanwhile a jailed presidential candidate in turkey has used his swear account to hold a political rally from his prison cell the leader of the kurdish people's democratic party faces terrorism charges simcoe sale has our report from istanbul. this is how supporters of the pro kurdish peoples democratic party or h.t.t.p. are motivating the themselves ahead of turkey's election on june twenty fourth up till i came back she is hoping to get a seat in parliament but his state his party is the most disadvantaged in the country they cheapies presidential candidates a lot and demi trash has been in jail for more than eighteen months on security charges. a little of your own but we don't have any channel for propaganda the ruling party controls the press or politicians are in jail president has everything
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in hand to campaign freely is not fair an armed struggle between the state and the separatist kurdistan workers' party or p k k has lasted decades costing at least forty thousand lies. and the peace process worked out in two thousand and fifteen the following year a state of emergency was imposed after a failed coup attempt professor fox came on doesn't believe the kurdish issue is being properly addressed in his car to actually go back to the you know sort of political solution both inside and mainly you know outside. turkey and of course turkey has all the right who are you know sort of secure its borders is still totally integrity it's state but turkey would be much more safer much more stable if turkey actually makes a deal with the kurds not only in turkey but this space. in syria the option i came
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back stays the turkish government subjective it's clear truisms leadership to does as the peace process and of the government allied itself with the nationalist party look how they reacted against the independence referendum in the iraqi kurdistan they don't want us to gain any status the kurds are determined to make their votes count although those who will vote i have fourteen kids and twelve votes in my home or votes are for saw the. kurds account for up to twenty percent a fifth of turkey's a two million population and despite the lack of trust between them and the state they are still seen as having a private to rule in an election that is changing turkey's political system for the first time turkish voters will choose the exact of president and parliament at the same time if the corridors people some of us a card say her risk to support several twenty per cent threshold it's will enter
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parliament and this is seen as a game changer because even the president's erred on the wins in the first round his party could risk losing its majority soon uncle solo l just zero stumble. a man known as romania as most powerful politician has been jailed for three and a half years for corruption the social democratic party leader leave you drag me a was convicted of keeping two women on the payroll of a state agency even though they were employed by his party drug mia was a government official at the time but denies any wrongdoing. people in nicaragua fretting passport offices looking to escape the continuing political crisis anti-government demonstrators have been fighting with armed military groups or weeks now the church officials are putting themselves in the line of fire to prevent further bloodshed. reports from managua. a line of more than five hundred people we don't sign the passport control office in the nicaraguan capital
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. desperate for a chance to flee violence in the country many of these people have spent several nights sleeping outside these stores some got american young the youth of this country at cannon fodder for the government we want our children to leave here until this crisis we're living as. confrontations between government forces in anti-government protesters have left scores of people dead since the start of the political crisis two months ago as yet another government offensive began in messiah bishops from the catholic church rushed to the city in an attempt to intervene and briefly bring a pause to the violence the catholic archdiocese of miami has been mediating a national dialogue between civil society and president or they get. a bishop who has been moderating the peace talks says the people of me get i have lost faith in the dialogue. this is the beginning of a new repression
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a new massacre a slaughter of the nicaraguan people obviously under these conditions we cannot renew the dialogue on the other hand we urgently need the president to announce whether or not he will accept our call for early elections. despite the ongoing crackdown against dissenters peaceful protests still take place every day student demonstrators say the only way out of the crisis is president resignation. we always there is no turning back for us we cannot allow impunity we cannot allow this to continue. with no end in sight to the conflict was central migration offices are overflowing with passport applications as many as seven thousand people stand in these lines every day international organizations have announced that a mission will soon be sent to investigate alleged human rights abuses in the country but in the absence of a national dialogue to bring a temporary peace the only recourse many nicaraguans feel they have is to flee when
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resident. al-jazeera when i was. al-jazeera has launched the second phase of its international press freedom campaign when the news is restricted and censored the press is not free on this it's a condemns the harris meant that journalists and urges people to demand press freedom around the world the launch comes one year since saudi arabia the u.a.e. baron any gypped impose a low a blockade against qatar one of their demands is the closure of this network. al-jazeera journey as my model saying has spent more than five hundred days now in egyptian prison his daughter has issued an appeal for a father's release icons sudanese of my father and my clan. and. i meant first because my dad instilled egyptian citizen who hasn't done any song. and with anything that would harm his country who he loves.
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he couldn't fool the release of my father and i ask everyone who can support to support him al-jazeera as director general must have aswad says it's vital that journalists be protected without safety feeling sick journalist can do the job they are willing to sacrifice years and some of them actually are there because of the second part but it cannot go on and on and not with everybody so we need first of all to for you for save on quite a bit for deliveries where journalism is not considered a crime. it's a growing old. people the drug. flow again i'm fully back to bo and these are the headlines on al-jazeera peace
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talks in ethiopia between south sudan's president salva kiir and rebel leader react mashad have broken down on wednesday the two rivals met for the first time in two years in addis ababa along with regional leaders a new round of talks is now expected next week in sudan's capital khartoum the european union's top official donald tusk is in austria for a meeting with chancellor sebastian curse immigration policies will likely top the agenda ahead of a major east summit at the end of the month hundreds of migrant children separated from their parents at the us mexico border are being reunited with their families this squat to modern mother was reunited with her young son at baltimore's airport it's been more than a month since she saw him speaking to reporters she encouraged other mothers to stand up for their rights. and live in england. i'm very happy to have found my son i'm very happy and thankful especially to gold i started crying when i saw him because he is the only son the time i have nobody will separate told again
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i don't regret coming here i'm proud to have made it to this country. an indonesian cleric with ties to i saw his been sentenced to death by a court in jakarta a man of drama and was convicted for his role in the two thousand and sixteen suicide bombing at a starbucks cafe that killed four people it was the first time claimed by a soul in southeast asia police say after a month each ings inspired the attack is behind a string of recent bombings syrian activists are reporting several civilians have been injured after government helicopters dropped bombs in the province of the rock in a separate location activists say six people were killed in shelling by syrian government forces a local official assault on jazeera more than twenty three thousand civilians have been displaced in the past three days and the world's largest oil producers are meeting in vienna to decide whether to increase production a move that would likely mean a drop in petrol prices. and russia wants opec to relax tight controls but iran and
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venezuela holding out. your opposite with headlines on al-jazeera coming up next it's inside story to say this. torture and rampant sexual abuse in secret prisons in yemen former detainees say they're being run by the u.a.e. the emirates a key player in the yemeni war denies the claims so what will or can the international community do this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program today with me piece it all being seven former detainees say that the united arab emirates is running secret prisons in yemen and that sexual torture in those prisons is rampant and systematic the year we deny is the accusations were made to reporters from the associated press news agency however the charges highlight both the depth of saudi and amarok involvement in yemen civil war and the brutality that's become a whole mock of this conflict we begin with this report from diana cutting a window into what's being described as a world of rampant sexual torture and impunity these drawings were smuggled out of iraq to run prisons in yemen made on plastic plates with ink detainees held without charge or trial described humiliation to the associated press news agency one caption in arabic says it's real terrorism and another drawing prisoners being
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transported in a pickup truck are naked blindfolded and handcuffed. seven former detainees spoke to reporters about what they've witnessed they say rape electrocution and beatings took place at five detention centers including at the iraqi forces headquarters in the country the u.a.e. mission in geneva tweeted that it has never managed or run prisons or secret detention centers in yemen but the accusations don't come as a surprise in march human rights groups accuse the united arab emirates of making arbitrary arrests in southern yemen. we have documented in the past that the u.a.e. is responsible for pearce's over an arbitrary detention in europe. for months many residents demanded to know where their missing relatives are u.a.e. military commanders in yemen have repeatedly denied running secret prisons their reporting they had the government set up a committee to investigate the u.a.e.
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and interior to flatly deny any rule and use again but abuses continue and all their prisoners have. rights to. the three year war in yemen has caused a complete breakdown of law and order especially in the south where militias operate beyond the control of the courts and the internationally recognized government in addition to the disappearances in torture there have been reports of executions and assassinations diana carom al-jazeera. well before bring in our guest let's take a closer look now at the conflict in yemen in march twenty fifteen who the rebels advanced on the capital some are refusing to accept a new constitution proposed by president months or hardy who was forced to leave the city later that month saudi arabia assembled a coalition of allies including the u.a.e. to support hardy's government in what became a civil war against the who sees
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a morality troops of forty extensively particularly in the south around the port city of aden in june of twenty seventeen the associated press news agency revealed the u.a.e. was running secret prisons in yemen and accusations the u.a.e. noise. ok let's get going introducing our panel to you today joining us from santa in yemen we have a say in eighty a pro who's the journalist from toronto in canada a hashimi the director of the center for middle east studies at the university of denver and also in sanaa a team must marty. political analyst and the editor in chief and the publisher of the yemen post welcome to you all hussein. first how many people are we talking about here. i think there could be one hundred because from the beginning of the water we have heard many. money claim made by some people in the south
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especially from women who are claiming that their husband. has been in but as and this seems to be that the united arab emirates is using what they call the fight on al qaida so they can embed as in anyone they want and no one can ask them or no one can there in the south or to say anything to them and this is to be honest is the same what the united states has been using they can detain anyone around the world and they can say we are fighting al qaeda and i've seen on social media even before this report that many brought us there from women and children and families of this diva who has been held for a month now some of them has exceeded the two to three years they brought us to aden in other city in the south but there was kind of a blackout of the outside media in the united arab emirates of course will not let any media outlet in the south to cover this. crime that is done
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against but isn't as clearly hussein social media is not a reliable source and i take on board what you're saying of course but we maybe have to issue a little bit of a housekeeping notice here wrapping up our entire discussion with one big allegedly . also in sana'a one identifying factor here is the accents of the people who are doing the torturing the accents apparently come from the u.a.e. are you convinced that that is factually correct that's the. information that we received a couple of months. go that these private prisons of secret prisons are being run by a coalition forces led by the u.a.e. but also with the with the knowledge of the us government as well but the torture has been taking place by the u.a.e. forces and its allies. but again this is information that we received
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a couple of months ago from reliable sources or military sources sources who are close to the u.a.e. forces in aden. these are still claims and allegations the international recognized government of president hadi needs to investigate these cases sadly their government is weak in aden and don't have any or much authority there but these claims are serious they need to be taken seriously and independent investigators must be allowed to visit these prisoners in order to see if these claims are true or not sometimes even if the government does investigate the truth is sometimes hidden so international n.g.o.s human rights watch amnesty access etc these n.g.o.s must be given the chance to visit the prisoners in these prisons and talk to them and see what their comments are because right now everything is still great. very serious accusations but these prisoners must be visited and be treated
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legally because sometimes stupid claims or under terror and in the end it's not terrorism it's just his link to the muslim brotherhood party or the human rights of islam or other so. and not only investigation but also the families must be aware where this prison is ours. even rights organizations must visit these prisoners and listen from them and talk to them see what their comments are to ensure that everything that's taking place is legal and under the international law not to hush me into wrong so this is clearly a war crime but the idea of layering in on top of that sexual abuse that gives it a whole new sinister dimension right and it's nothing i think that should shock anyone who studies and follows human rights practices in the middle east the united arab emirates has quite a sordid and horrific track record in terms of the use of internal repression and
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torture within its own territory so now that it's actually engaging in torture outside of its territory in a location where it is actively involved in a war comes as no surprise this is in many ways part and parcel of a consistent policy of repression that we've seen from the united arab emirates both within its own territories and other parts of the arab world who are as deeply invested. also in santa your sources and your reporting what are you getting the sense of in terms of how far up the command chain this is being paid how far up the command chain is somebody saying yes this is the way to go because presumably some weird level the justifying this themselves by saying this is torture it's an evolution of torture and we're doing it to what extract information from people. i mean of course they will say that the information from the people but you have not the right to detain someone for many
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many months without any. like without putting him into into justice on i think all this is to blame on. the government and i want to just to mention that the minister of. interior minister of the government that riyadh has said two months ago that all prisons in the south is under the control of united arab emirates they are in control of the security forces of the port authority and this prove that their claim of they not united arab emirate mission in geneva when they said about this report that there is no it isn't run by united arab emirates in yemen and all but isn't run by yemeni government and this show that the yemeni government actually cannot do anything to stop to stop this but all this blame on the united arab emirates that it will actually is bring in this tactic those
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prisons into yemen if that might remind us with the guantanamo bay the mind us with abu ghraib and united states used to take but is not as and so called redemption events and flights to bring them to other countries to now the united arab emirates is doing it exactly in yemen i would just add one thing about when i said about the social media so tell me. and this time is the only blot forum for the ordinary people the only put out black vote for poor people and we've seen the effects of social media do it in the out of best bank but what i said about the social media because all this report that has been said now in the associate breast and other agency is we have been hearing this in yemen for forty edits but because united out of him out of actually doesn't allow some time anyone to cover this and do it in watching all the other t.v. channel about this latest report i haven't seen anyone for example from the south who can talk about it because if someone would be if he would mention anything
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against united out of him out of he would be sacked we remember one minister of the government who has criticised united out of it for net not letting heidi go back on set and then his name is salas so yeah he what he was forced to resign another to the duty but i mean instead of been done that as well when he criticised united arab emirates he was forced to resign and his name is you body this show you the percent will you and. what you're saying about social media but unite the reality of social media anyone can set up a fake account we can never sort of you know nail down the provenance of individual people as they are operating inside the echo chamber of social media a key moment mari what was your reaction this time last year almost to the us reaction when it said well we haven't seen any evidence of torture we haven't seen any evidence of secret prisons i was surprised that there were so frank and the
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reason why there's no evidence is because they're hiding the evidence yes they're doing a good job in hiding the evidence.


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