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bench and events and flights to bring them to other countries to now the united arab emirates is doing it exactly in yemen and i would just add one thing about when i said about the social media social media and this time is the only blot forum for the ordinary people the only put out block photo for poor people and we've seen the effect of social media do it in a best bring but what i said about the social media because all this report that has been said now in the associate breast and other agency is we have been hearing this in yemen for forty edits but because united out of him out of actually doesn't allow some time anyone to cover this and do it in watching all the other t.v. channel about this latest report i haven't seen anyone for example from the south who can talk about it because if someone would be if he would mention anything against united out of him out of he would be sacked we remember one minister of the government who has criticized united out of it for not not letting heidi go back on
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set and then his name is salas so yeah he what he was forced to resign another that the beauty prime minister of been dubbed as well when he criticizes united arab emirates he was forced to resign and his name is your body this show you the percent will you and. what you're saying about social media but unite the reality of social media anyone can set up a fake account we can never sort of you know nail down the provenance of individual people and they are operating inside the echo chamber of social media a key moment mari what was your reaction this time last year almost to the u.s. reaction when it said well we haven't seen any evidence of torture we haven't seen any evidence of secret prisons. i was surprised that they were so frank and the reason why there's no evidence is because they're hiding the evidence yes they do a good job in hiding the evidence but that does not mean that it's not there. but
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this is expected in a country where it's lawless right now a police governments are running the country whether in the in the north on the south whether in aden and thais or also in sana'a when you have a police government that's very rare do you see people condemn or go against the rule of of those in charge so violations do happen whether in the north and the south but the what what you want right now is that this is very serious a big difference between normal torture and rape. it's unbelievable that this is happening in yemen. and while the international community is basically staying quiet because this coalition has the umbrella of the u.n. so these allegations must be taken seriously over the last couple of months it's been witness that the u.a.e. has been trying to polish its image and in yemen especially in the south of yemen
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after the previous claims but this comes as a big blow and again these are just allegations right now and claims. we need to create a investigative committee to investigate this is of the plan right now yes how this government is weak and because of this weakness it cannot do that it needs international pressure on you. and pollution leadership to get to the bottom of this to find out if this is real or not and. to make sure that those who are involved in such matters should be. they can. punish for it because these families have hundreds and hundreds of innocent civilians with very simple claims whether in the north also in the south the simple claims and sometimes you're in prison for months and months without anyone following up for you and why you're there and if it could happen to you and this is the result of a non-government or. a real government not being in control of the entire country
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committees must be formed immediately will come on to the idea of pressure and whether people be held accountable or not in a couple of moments but not a hashimi in toronto first and foremost as well there are eighteen prisoners at the moment who are members very specifically members of al qaida and are held because yemen the yemeni war is one of the most complex conflicts across the world wherever you go yemen is the high watermark of complexity i guess always saying ok and we extrapolate what we're saying to define that this element of torture the sexual abuse of inmates is going on in a more widespread manner why as you you know correctly stated peter we don't know for sure because social media is not an accurate source for. judging these questions but given past practice that the u.s.
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is known to engage in in terms of its own repression internally within the united arab emirates and given the policy of systematic war crimes that saudi arabia and the u.a.e. have been charged with in terms of how they're prosecuting the war in yemen i'm not surprised at all that these reports have surfaced i suspect that when all is said and done and when you have independent human rights investigators looking at what's happening in these prisons the actual depth and breadth of the torture will probably be much more widespread than has been reported and that's because exactly what you allude. to a moment ago from a previous guest in sanaa that the constraints that previously existed on the united arab emirates in terms of the united states his policy toward the region and toward the u.a.e. in specific specifically have been lifted to trumpet ministration you know openly backs the war in yemen donald trump during the campaign for president openly
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claimed that he supported torture and some now the u.a.e. feels it's in the driver's seat you can do whatever it wants there will be no constraints placed on it and if you just carry on in this reckless way regardless of the consequences hussein. proving allegations is one thing. bordering on near impossible mr hardy this time last year and the off the months of the original a.p. revelations and claims mr hardy had promised an inquiry do you think that will go. i mean we have experience with. the evil when he was in sanaa. like two years before the war we have seen many. many crimes like that the attack on a hospital in sanaa that killed and injured over one hundred. doctors and patients said we will investigate that they held some of the people who were responsible of that and since then we haven't heard anything of that this is all what's been
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happening in yemen they always make they say a committee to investigate but this committee will never see the light and if there was a committee formed only on the media then they unite out of him out of this idea that coalition will not let the results of this committee to come to light because this was done and i didn't think that the united ought to be about it would let anyone which is under the support of someone who they ought to back and they would never let him damage that it would they said and as i mentioned to all of the ministers ok that is i then they were forced to resign and this will be. anyone and if had they did actually to condemn that equally they united out of him out of then i think he cannot stay in power they can just replace him by any way. they did with those ministers on the floor of the photo but i mean is that is there in the or in yemen not a hashimi in toronto coming to you again there is this base the base apparently
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reportedly allegedly u.s. personnel were sent there part of the murkiness of the surely is that depending upon which website you look at depending upon which bits of social media you catch up with they are either there in a semi official role or they are mercenaries and nobody is telling anybody else whether they are or they're not. you're right we don't have the full picture here but i suspect the united states is deeply aware that torture is taking place at these prison sites and that you bomb and that the trumpet ministration is actually you know looking the other way in other words indorsing these types of practices because it effectively has the truck administration that is has the exact same regional view and the exact same interpretation of the conflict in yemen as the united arab emirates does and as the kingdom of saudi arabia does so the united states i think is deeply complicit we don't know the extent and the depth of the complicity but that can only be determined after an independent investigation came
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the u.s. defense secretary should report back but i think it's august the twelfth thirteenth fourteenth because in the middle of may of this year he was given the job of actually come up coming up with a definitive take on what is going all in the yemen given that it's so murky given that there is black operations going on in the country and there are so complex what are the chances that he actually has enough time to put together an accurate interpretation it's not a matter of time it's the matter of will. do they have the will to take this seriously right now the problem in yemen is that very very limited media outlets and the national media outlets are allowed to into yemen whether in the north or the south so the lack of international presence whether human rights organizations or international media this gives. these sides who are in control a green light to react freely because there's no pressure right now if we want to go forward with this. the first step is not to the president hadi appear with any
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inquiry commission the u.n. must take a stance announce that to open an investigation on this and allow a. human rights organizations to visit these prisons and investigate that's if you want this matter to be taken seriously so it's not a matter of time there's a lot of time but is there will. government knows about many of the practices that are happening in the south are going on there that are illegal but the times are as your guest said trump is with that president trump is with it and does not. reject it and the same time this will also hurt the u.s. reputation so they have to stand aside the u.n. must adjust a strong stance and the from there the u.n. three is an independent committee to investigate and visit these prisons because you cannot count on president hadi and his government as we all know they are weak in the south and have no authority as of now who's in albuquerque what are the
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chances here that the u.n. does something this time yesterday on this program we were discussing the way that the united states has pulled out of the u.n. human rights council so arguably the council never had enough teeth anyway and the u.n. is kind of fighting lots of different fronts here. and human rights council is actually a cannot do anything because if they try to form any investigation team to be sent in yemen like they tried in geneva i had to go it was blocked by the united states and by of our other country and united states has appointed the saudi to head the human rights panel in geneva during the war in yemen so i don't think the united nation can do anything because if they if they couldn't do anything to investigate all crimes done in yemen either by jose or by the saudis that coalition which is a much bigger than what's happening now in. this prison i don't think that anything
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will have been in the future and i want to just add one more important thing we have seen do this blast take a plate with this prisoner in the united arab emirates prison have drone how they are subject to sexual. sexual harassment. that they they they they may maybe have smuggled that then inside they have no paper and they took a risk to smuggle this outside the prison and just imagine if nothing has been will will not be done to those people in this prison this me that the united arab emirates will bill. their sexual torture to the stable because they will try to find out who has drawn this was brought them out i'm calling the united nation to do something because if they don't do anything then this mean that this report will be just will backfire and it will result in more torture for all those people who are in prison in south yemen. what are the chances that anybody is held
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accountable for this well i think the likelihood is quite minimal but i think it's directly proportional to this story gaining greater global visibility and complicit. and i think one way forward of really trying to mitigate these types of gross human rights abuses is to really try and get the e.u. ninety eight states senate to get involved for those people following the conflict in yemen the united states particularly the senate has been very outspoken critical of the u.s. role in supporting the emmer ati's and the saudi war effort in yemen earlier this year the senate came very close to passing a resolution blocking american insistence to the saudi and ever watch the war effort in yemen so there's several senators led by senator chris murphy of connecticut and bernie sanders of vermont who are very principled on the question of yemen if they were to i think take this issue on they have the opportunity and
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the possibility of holding congressional hearings inviting people from the state department from the white house from the pentagon and asking them pointed questions to what extent is the united states involved in these types of tortures that could shine a global spotlight on these abuses that might lead to their mitigation gentlemen we're out of time thank you to all i guess the day to say in albuquerque not a house for me and hakeem must maria thank you to you too for watching the program you can see the show it again anytime to the website called and for more discussion check out our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. the inside story can also join the conversation on twitter at a.j. inside story or tweet me i'm at peta don't be one for me peta they'll be on the entire team here in doha thanks for watching we'll see is a bubble. for
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nine hundred forty six to nine hundred fifty eight the united states detonated dozens of atomic bombs in the marshall islands when the us was getting ready to clean up and leave at least nine hundred seventy s. they picked the pit that had been left by one of the smaller atomic explosions and dumped a lot of the neutronium and other radioactive waste into the pit the bottom of the dome it's permeable soil there was nowhere for to line it and therefore the seawater is is inside the dome when this dome was built there was no factoring in sea level rises caused by climate change now every day when the tide
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rolls out ready zero active isotopes from underneath the die roll out with it if it really we're not talking just a marshall islands we're talking the whole smooth motion. of them or holland over all the top stories on al-jazeera these talks between south sudan's president salva kiir and opposition leader have broken up without agreement on wednesday the two men met for the first time in two years in addis ababa with hopes of a deal to end the five year civil war sites one from michelle says pope will be held in khartoum on sunday. european union's top official donald tusk in austria for a meeting with chocolates about him cuts immigration policies will likely top the
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agenda ahead of a major e.u. summit at the end of the month dominic cave has more from ballin fridays a day in which president donald tusk of the european council is going to try to put his message across regarding the e.u. summit that will take place in brussels at the end of next week speaking to the chancellor of stress of us and courts but also to the prime minister of hungary viktor autobahn both these people both these men are people who don't share their point of view that the larger the country certainly germany and france have regarding a solution to the immigration crisis certainly in hungary the view there is if anything they want to toughen the laws toughen the rules in their own country they would like to act unilaterally in some senses to control their borders better mr cortes is the not quite sure that point of view that he too has talked of the need for solutions both of the european level but also in his own country at the
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domestic level the question will be what mr quotes expects from this meeting because he will be in brussels this coming weekend this sunday for a mini summit of eight member states in the e.u. trying to find some sort of accommodation to get progress on a plan european solution for the immigration crisis but as i say he does not share the point of view of president of france and i'm going to merkel the chancellor here in germany so we introduce interesting to see what sort of language comes out from sunday's meeting. syrian activists are reporting several civilians have been injured after government helicopters dropped barrel bombs and province at least in a separate location activists say six people were killed by shelling by syrian government forces local officials told i was there a little bit twenty three thousand civilians have been forced to flee their homes in the east and there are countryside in the past three days. hundreds of migrant children separated from their parents in the us mexico border are being reunited
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with their families this cause a mother mother was reunited with her young son a baltimore port it's been more than a month since he saw her son after being detained and separated for illegally crossing the u.s. border. going to live in england. i'm very happy to found my son i'm very happy and thankful especially to go to i started crying when i saw him because he is the only son the time i have nobody will separate over again i don't regret coming here i'm proud to have made it to this country and incision cleric with ties to iceland has been sentenced to death by a court in jakarta. and was convicted for his role in the two thousand and sixteen suicide bombing at a starbucks cafe that killed four people police say abdul rahman teachings inspired the attackers behind a string of bombings in survivor last month and more than thirty people died. the world's largest oil producers are meeting in vienna suicide whether to increase
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production a move that would likely mean a drop in petrol prices saudi arabia and russia want opec to relax tighter controls but iran and venezuela are holding out european union tariffs on u.s. imports worth more than two point six billion dollars came into effect on friday president and good allies by imposing tariffs on steel minium imports into the united states in response the e.u. is imposing its own levies on products that include harley davidson motorcycles whiskey and orange juice. north and south korea have agreed to hold the unions for family members separated by the war the last time that happened was in two thousand and fifteen when elderly relatives were reunited after more than sixty years apart . for late august a part of the steps agreed to by kim jong il to improve relations. those are your headlines we're back with another news update here on al-jazeera after the war in october stay with us.
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on the sixth of october nine hundred seventy three the tenth day of ramadan the muslim holy month and young kapoor the holiest of holy days in the jewish calendar egypt and syria launched an all out war against israel. this first liberation of land occupied by israel in the one nine hundred sixty seven six day war provoked an enthusiastic response across the arab world. that in the
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show a little bit. of the moroccan people were so enthusiastic about the war that was evident in the campaign organized a more open cities especially the big ones to donate blood and it was a very popular campaign and that how is it then. and what it will give them in algeria and president bush took up the cause and gave a blank check to the soviets and said spend it as you like on weapons one hundred million dollars for egypt and one hundred million for syria to cover everything they need in the way of ammunition weapons spare parts and so on back. in october one thousand nine hundred seventy three the arab world seemed to have united behind a single precious. but the common purpose
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of egypt and syria the two countries who started this whole was about to dissolve into acrimony and mistrust. the syrian golan heights. occupied by israel and the one nine hundred sixty seven six day war. still occupied to this day. this high plateau is a tranquil and beautiful place. but it is also scarred and defaced by the bloody fighting that took place here in october one thousand nine hundred seventy three. memorial stand to the israeli forces before to desperate battle to stop the syrian thrust
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which threatened to reach right to the heart of israel. in the first five days of warhead on the golan israeli losses alone amounted to two hundred fifty tanks and hundreds of men. it was and vicious for the syrians to think that they could enter tricked significantly into the israeli rare over the course of twenty four hours but it was not wholly under realistic how the israelis not being able to respond flexibly it is entirely possible about a syrian exploitation force could have had a trade into northern israel with an attack. but it was not to be any less than twenty four hour as israel had mobilized two armored divisions which soon turned the syrian advance into retreat. on the tenth of
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october and off to suffering huge losses and tanks the syrians withdrew from the golan heights. back behind the one nine hundred sixty seven cease fire line the same place they had started their assault five days earlier. now the israelis faced a crucial choice what should be the next move. the decision taken in tel aviv was typically bold to go on the attack to push on into syria itself. to make it go the other. game of fire. and we are going to press. and out. and out right. and right by this matter and alcohol every week there will be out of.
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there. the effort to take syria out of the war had already started the previous day with strikes by the powerful israeli air force. in the worst possible conditions we penetrated deep into syria to damascus and blew up their air force headquarters and the general staff most of them and full of fear. these were the first of a string of attacks targeting syrian infrastructure. and at that stage syrian population gave up on the roof to watch the bombs fall in the store rather excited. in the hard truth that he had
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sunk in the country was a mortal danger. alongside the heavy aerial strikes israel would launch its ground offensive. to ahmed divisions would attack across the nine hundred sixty seven cease fire line known as the popular line along the damascus road towards the syrian capital sixty kilometers to the east. at first light on the eleventh of october the assault began. despite fierce syrian resistance the israelis advanced capturing territories deep inside the syrian mainland. but. in the. the retreat began when the israelis launched a massive counterattack the first division started to retreat before the israeli
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army. when it did it had almost two hundred fifty tanks and the infantry brigades behind it they started to retreat to this resulted in the advance of the israeli army i remember that day the president issued an order dismissing the commander of that division and appointing another in his place. stories emerged that assad's punishment for his commanders went beyond mere dismissal. and as. i remember yes more than one officer was arrested and it said that some of them were executed. there was one senior commander that president assad summoned and asked him to account for himself and that the commander then shot himself in front of the president. assad's rage was borne of the anger he felt towards his allies in cairo.


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