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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 23, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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home. families wait for their loved ones some of the return traumatized thirty six year old clearly d.s. was detained in the u.s. as soon as he arrived. i've never been in jail before but i was held for three months. blanka son has been arrested for being in the u.s. illegally has been going for fifteen years now she dreads what will happen when he comes back in a few days but i don't know why there's no work here even if people study they don't find jobs it's a disaster there's no work. for many their return is full of shame and figure they come back empty handed but some are still in temporary shelters others will be dropped a bus stations in the capital from there on the will be on their own but innocent just as just what the mine. the rule of law in venezuela is now virtually absent that's according to united nations report the u.n.
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human rights office says it will send its report to the international criminal court the prosecutor there opened their preliminary inquiry into alleged violations in february. well the u.n. high commissioner for human rights says the government forces are cracking down on protesters with almost total impunity with five hundred five killings apparently going uninvestigated and unpunished in one case seven rebel soldiers were shot dead in january as they tried to surrender in violation of their human rights at the report also found that health workers are being threatened or imprisoned for exposing the dire state of venezuela's health system witness accounts suggest that there was a pattern that took place during these operations there were raids conducted in poor neighborhoods to arrest so-called criminals without a judicial warrant then there was a killing of young men who fit the profile. in some cases in their homes and finally the security forces would tamper with the scene so that the killings would appear to have occurred in an exchange of fire u.s.
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officials have called on the saudi led coalition to pull back in its campaign to take control of yemen strategically important port they verge to agree to the u.n. managing the ports according to the reuters news agency yemen's rebels say they may be willing to consider and you know the port international rights groups say that yemen's warring parties are obstructing crucial aid to dentist the country the port it's fear the siding led coalition's military offensive is having a devastating effect on civilians well the u.n. says that more people fleeing who dated city during a lull in the fighting this month around thirty thousand people have left and the city and surrounding areas many heading to the capital sana mama dave who's been following events from nearby djibouti. yemen's hold to fight us all willing to humble over the management of the whole of the united nations is seen as a breakthrough in the conflict course of the world's last humanitarian crisis the
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plan is for the united nations to take over the management of the port on for its workers to walk alongside yemeni port workers inspect any goods coming in through the port and then channel any revenue from the port to the central bank of yemen it's unclear whether this will do to an immediate cease fire so that heavy on the united arab emirates will force us off i think the truth it won't look they want the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all the fighters from the day. but they may be a priority for the united nations of the united states. and the u.a.e. to accept the deal for there to be more disruption to the vital services for the port it's a lifeline for millions so preeminence would depend on. syrian government helicopters have reportedly dropped barrel bombs and there are problems injuring several civilians opposition activists sources say six people have been killed in shelling
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by the syrian military a local official told us there are more than twenty three thousand civilians have been displaced by fighting in the eastern derek countryside in the past three days german chancellor angela merkel is on a tour of the middle east which included to school in lebanon where many of the pupils are syrian refugees at a news conference with lebanon's prime minister designate she said it's still too soon for people to return to syria the lebanese government won't syrians to start returning immediately to areas where there is no longer any fighting there are around a million syrians in lebanon about a quarter of the population spain has offered malta humanitarian help to deal with a ship carrying two hundred people rescued from the mediterranean and italy's interior minister matches so dini now says that should take in the ship a day after saying the migrant should be taken to the netherlands sailing under a dutch flag but is run by a german charity the ship is currently at sea between libya and us as well as call
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it causing controversy with his hard line on immigration solving he's come under attack from a well known italian author for suggesting his police protection is a waste of money roberto serve yano has been living with god since his best selling book about the neapolitan enough here to morrow was published in two thousand and six but it's even a charity do you think you're threatening me you're intimidating me over these years i've been living under tremendous pressure the pressure of the kind of the lazy klan and the pressure of the mexican narcos i'm more afraid to live like this than to die like this so do you think i'm afraid if you prefer. coming up on odds are there's news on deep divisions remain after ethiopian brokered peace talks to end south sudan's civil war but hope is now pinned on a new round discussions. and poppy production in the world's top oil producers agreed to increase output. federal closes in on his one thousand nine.
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hundred eighty. new e.u. tariffs on hundreds of u.s. goods have come into effect in response to president trump's decision to impose judi's on steel and aluminum imports into the united states it responds trumpet stretton to put a twenty percent tax on cars imported from the european union. as more tit for tat tariffs from friday the e.u. will slap f.t. levies on three point two billion dollars worth of u.s. goods including. brams davidson motorcycle space of twenty five percent. bourbon orange juice crab reason peanut butter have also been hate so too has american dead in u.s. companies have enjoyed major growth in europe in recent years but many smaller
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companies fear their products will now become too expensive to export. the e.u.'s responding to donald trump's decision earlier this month to introduce tariffs of twenty five percent on european steel and ten percent on allen many of the measures are meant to protect national security interests e.u. commission president young claude juncker said the move makes no sense to trade to . trust. the united states decision to push tariffs goes against it in fact it goes against all logic at least. the e.u. says it's also identified another four billion dollars in u.s. products for further tariffs if the world trade organization court where it's lodged a complaint against the us rules in the e.u. favor the european union is carefully steering clear of the expression trade war
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largely over fears about where these tit for tat measures could end up instead the e.u. is referring to it as a rebalancing measure still this is about making as much noise as possible about sending a symbolic message to the white house by targeting some of america's most iconic brands donald trump said he's now considering introducing twenty percent tariffs on european cars but analysts say anything further measures against the e.u. could harm the u.s. produces in the long run. the pump is smart enough not to go too far he knows very well that if you start the tradable the american pharmacy boated him will be up in arms when they see where we can call isn't selling as well globally as it was before. but damage may already have been done the use now looking for alternative markets in australia and new zealand major producers of meat wheat and corn putting longstanding trade ties between the us and e.u. under mounting strain. al-jazeera london. to spain now where thousands of
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people are protesting against the release on bail of five men who were cleared of gang raping a teenager that this is the scene live in madrid ban is being held by protesters walking peacefully in the streets convicted of the lesser crime of sexual abuse back in april sparking outrage in the country the attack took place at the running of the bulls event that took place in pamplona in two thousand and sixteen. police in india say they are questioning several suspects after the gang rape of five female charity workers in a remote region in the east of the country they say they were abducted while performing a play highlighting human trafficking in the region and raped at gunpoint the women are now under police protection in the shelter of to being threatened with violence if they went to the police serious sexual assault is a major problem in india thirty nine thousand rapes reported two thousand and sixty
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. an indian soldier and at least three separate his fighters have been killed in fighting in indeed administered kashmir a gun fight reportedly broke out in the early hours of friday security personnel searched a residential area where separatist fighters were believed to be fighting there have been regular clashes between indian forces and separatists in recent years. peace talks between south sudan's government and the opposition have broken up without agreement after two days of closed door meetings in ethiopia new dates have been set for more talks but the differences between the warring sides suggest that a deal will be hard to achieve civil war broke out in two thousand and thirteen just two years after south sudan won independence from neighboring sudan president salva kids sacked his deputy rick machar you belongs to the rival new an ethnic group accusing him of plus you know to an estimated fifty thousand people have been killed in fighting which is triggered africa's biggest refugee crisis since the one
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nine hundred ninety four rwandan genocide un accuses both sides of widespread ethnic cleansing and gang rape several attempts by regional leaders to broker peace deals have failed let's hear now from he will more it was their first meeting in nearly two years when president salva kiir and opposition leader rick much our last met in found sudan's capital juba the talks ended in failure and renewed fighting between the sides this meeting a neutral ground offered hope of a breakthrough in the conflict but it broke up without any agreement after two days there's no. idea on how. this tragic humanitarian crisis after or how many arguments. before. the challenge we have is delivering on the commitment has undertaken in the course
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of women's. the journey we're having is one of leadership and. the civil war in faster than began in twenty thirteen when president kiir accused his then deputy much char of attempting to kill tens of thousands of people have been killed and a third of the country's twelve million population has been displaced a peace deal in ten to fifteen so much i'll return to his position but that lasted for barely three months before fighting resumed now machar as opposition leader is demanding a return to his post and with his own army south sudan's government says working with him is not an option we are no longer as a government for the two armies the opposition are for the two armies and this is not separable and this is a red line into the government as the people are not the president alone but other people are saying enough is enough and if he wants to be the president he should wait for elections seven million people in south sudan are facing starvation after
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five years of conflict they are desperate for peace but each new round of talks doesn't appear to be bringing back any closer. people morgan al-jazeera now the united nations world food program says it's hoping to support five million people in conflict areas of the democratic republic of congo with cash in attritional support by the end of the year but the lack of resources threatens to derail those plans let's bring now to claude who's the peace country director for the r.c. joins us from the u.n. not a nation's cold welcome to the program a little bit earlier in this program we were talking about the crisis in syria and what's going on in the d r c right now is right up there in scale with what's going on in syria yet it doesn't get anything like the same world attention does it. yes indeed you know the r.c. accounts for about ten percent of the humanitarian needs and yet it receives barely
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three percent of the resources the situation is definitely not good it has kept deteriorating since two thousand and sixteen mostly because of internal displacement and because the majority of the rural population in the sea rely on their own crop production people eat because they can produce they can take their children to a health center and pay a dollar for the treatment because they can sell part of the produce of sun girls to school because they have managed to have enough cash for a number of other needs so in essence the people of the dia see in the large majority rely on their production on a culture right so that's why we are really determined or i was going to say was given this this ten billion deal see it represents terms end of the global
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humanitarian aid but only get three percent of aid why is that the case why is there this disparity. i think that is a need for us also to have and exploited to have a better analogy and explain. in the dia see there is hope if we do invest in a timely manner in the country he does probably because there was this misunderstanding that the d.s. is a protracted crisis where results are not forthcoming and what i'm saying is that if we can assist these five million people now so that they can plant i mean this is a critical planting season it means that next year we would probably not be asking for that many that much resources to provide for our sisters this is a joint field only of his work and we have proven that it can work in the kasai
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starting from scratch we have been able to help a million i.d.p.'s go back to their homes and plant and harvest five million people in need five million is just a mind boggling number what about the logistics of trying to deal with that many people and supply them when when the resources potentially are scant. the logistics is one of the challenges but you know i think we have enough expertise now and the standing of the challenges in the sea and assisting these people does not only mean that we have to truck order food you know that in the side because we have been able to assist people plant and harvest we are now providing quite a large number of our been officially he's with cash transfers and these people are able to access markets you know via c. he's probably one of the most for thailand i know people can have two three or even
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four harvests a year it means that in our plants sixty percent is meant to be in kind food but forty percent is meant to be cash so that are opportunities and those are the opportunities we want to seize a very troubling it situation clothes we appreciate your time thanks very much indeed. so to come this hour. the head of turkey's elections on sunday way look at the campaign hopes of kurdish time. as relations improve between north and south korea it's confirmed that sydney reunions for family members separated by the war will go ahead. and coming up in support nigeria and france celebrate says that team get their first win of the world cup.
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how the showers in georgia and turkey becoming like to lie to this to rhyme but that's the only relief from the heat now typically come to the south of that and it's just a breeze with high twenty's on the coast the mediterranean high thirty's inland in iraq and in most of iran of course is a federal breeze which is quite a dusty one running as far as iraq secure right and beyond that in the gulf now it's a fairly strong doesn't change the temps you very much just brings the dust in through riyadh across two was bothering you think it would go all the way south if that's the southwest monsoon affects the armani coast and we just started to her before she was probably be in iraq move more in the night for the next two three months which means cloudy drizzly stuff particularly in salalah there the lower temperature southern africa should be drawing and fine and to be honest this is a satellite picture you're looking at spot the clouds that are all that many so for
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cost wise you'd expect not much change and you'd be right by day is breezy in the western cape cape town sixteen degrees temperatures typically in the low twenty's at best buy sunny day now there is a possibility of some writing rain returning to the western cape but you know it's a it's a very small about if anything at all. a new series of rewind a cabaret or people back to life i'm sorry and brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries bistro continues book from the till now use distance rewind continues with baltimore anatomy of an american city i had close friends who were lost to the streets i can literally see the future of baltimore to the as most do and it does not look good rewind on al-jazeera. had remained
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at the intersection of reality and comedy and post revolution tennessee a. mission to entertain educate and provoke debate through satire how weapon of choice. and intimate look at what inspires one of tuna's year's most popular comedians to make people laugh. miten asea hack on al-jazeera. our government of the top stories here on al-jazeera and some of the migrant children separated from their parents at the u.s. mexican border in recent weeks have been reunited with their families but still
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confusion over how thousands of other families will be pulled together again. the u.n. human rights office says the route of lauren venezuela is virtually absent the report is detailed more than five hundred killings carried out by government forces which have gone uninvestigated and unpunished. and yemen's rebels say they may be willing to consider handing over management of her date as port to the united nations side the military offensive is in the air it is forcing thousands of civilians to flee for the capital sana. the opec group of oil producing countries agreed to a modest increase in production a day off to saudi arabia persuaded it's all driving iran to cooperate it's a change from the policy of the last eighteen months which had seen the fourteen countries including saudi arabia iran and cut that output fulbright and now as this report. the ministers arrived at opec h.q. with the threat of an iranian veto hanging in the air and the very real prospect of
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a deep rift formic saudi arabia and russia wanted an extra one point five to one point eight million barrels a day to address a predicted shortfall in supply iran and its allies were keen to keep the oil price up by sticking to the production limits agreed in twenty sixteen the main gathering was delayed by an hour as a last ditch diplomacy trying to bridge the gap by the time the ministers sat down around the table a compromise was taking shape. as a one point four one point on the one side which was the proposal from russia coming into this week as well as doing lower numbers were eliminated yesterday so we're in the one million. nominal figure to be distributed. amongst the country poor countries the final communique when it came four hours later deliberately avoided specific quotas for the number of barrels and focused instead on saying
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that the extra output would simply restore full compliance with that original twenty sixteen production limit. the president of the opec conference was asked again and again about allocation which countries would be allowed to increase their oil production to bring opec to one hundred percent compliance with the declaration of cooperation and again and again he refused to put specific figures on it and he also hinted candidly about the tensions that still remain within the group how is it that located i think that is not that has not yet yet decided to do toward the fact that there are differences between between certain countries and we would not make sense if we were looking at the production to a country that cannot cannot produce it so we are void i think having at locations from that prospect of the minister invited analysts and journalists to do the arithmetic for themselves until we know the specifics is kind of a mystery increase it's an increase but we don't know how much and you know the
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minister today said you know you do the math but it's hard to do the math unless you get some of those details on saturday the expanded opec plus group of nations meets here and all eyes will be on russian reaction paul brennan al-jazeera opec in vienna. a general presidential candidate in turkey has used his twitter account to hold what's been called an eerily an online gathering from his prison cell the leader of the kurdish people's democratic party faces terrorism charges there why the challenges for other kurdish kind of it's in sunday's election it's impossible to know reports. this is how supporters of the pro kurdish people's democratic party or h.t.t.p. are motivating themselves ahead of turkey's election on june twenty fourth up to
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him that she is hoping to get a seat in parliament but his faith his party is the most disadvantaged in the country they cheapies presidential candidates a lot and demi trash has been in jail for more than eighteen months on security charges. we don't have any channel of propaganda the ruling party controls the press or politicians are in jail president has everything in hand to campaign freely is not fair an armed struggle between the state and the separatist kurdistan workers' party or p k k has lasted decades costing at least forty thousand lies. and the peace process worked out in two thousand and fifteen the following year a state of emergency was imposed after a failed coup attempt professor fatah came on doesn't believe the kurdish issue is being properly addressed in his car to actually go back to the you know sort of
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political solution both inside and mainly you know outside. turkey and of course turkey has all the right who are you know sort of secure its borders is still to really integrity it's a well i think turkey would be much more safer much more stable if turkey really makes a deal with the kurds not only in turkey but this specially in syria. after they came back stays the turkish government subjective as clear. as the peace process and that the government allied itself with the nationalist party look how they reacted against the independence referendum in the iraqi kurdistan they don't want us to gain any status the kurds are determined to make their votes count. all those who i have fourteen kids and twelve votes in my home or votes are for sale at the. kurds accounted for up to twenty percent
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a fifth of turkey's eighty million population and despite the lack of trust between them and the state they are still seen as having a pilot to rule in an election that is changing turkey's political system for the first time turkish voters will choose the exact a president and parliament at the same time if the court is people some of us take part the risk to support several twenty per cent threshold it will enter parliament and this is seen as a game changer because even the president added on a wins in the first round his party could risk losing its majority seen on kosovo al-jazeera stumble. donald trump son and lauren senior. has met israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in jerusalem they've been discussing the israel palestine peace process and the ongoing tensions in gaza palestinian leaders a unlikely to meet with crucial. well hundreds of palestinians have been protesting
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along the israeli gaza border a gaza's health ministry says that at least eighty nine people have been injured with three people in critical condition palestinians have been holding weekly protests since the end of march high force that has more from the border but more tear gas has just been fired into the crowd here just next to the border fence here that separates gaza and israeli territory we've seen once more hundreds of people come here this friday as they have for so many fridays since since march the thirtieth there have been afternoon prayers ofter which people were were bussed here hamas senior figures tell us that it's vitally important as far as they're concerned that what they say is their new tactic of peaceful protest remains in place and they will continue to do this they say until there is something tangible to show for it so far that remains elusive things remain very tense here especially this week after what we saw just a few days ago with around of some forty five hundred rockets and mortars fired out
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of gaza territory into israel and the response from the israeli air force with some twenty five hamas linked targets struck there is a sense of tension here as these protests continue now well into the third month. from there to washington where you can see donald trump the president trying to be meeting so-called angel families who've lost relatives to crimes committed by migrants now addressing delegation then let's have a listen please sit down vice-president parents thank you very much for joining us mike i also want to recognize acting director harman who's leaving a c has been truly a star and he's leaving he's retiring but where is time is year round here something. tom stand up to. thank god thad
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tom is been doing what he's doing for thirty four years and doing it with strength and dedication and you are really outstanding and you know your highly recommended replacement is going to do a great job and we know him well he's going to do a really great thank you for those years of service i also want to thank the incredible i saw officers border patrol agents and law enforcement officials who joined us here today if you could stand up please these people are also thank you thank you thank you thank. you. thank you and the good looking people are there good looking people thank you very much for being and for the bravery what you do and what you endure is incredible i also want to stand and have the brave men and women from all over government agencies we have
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a lot just maybe just raise your hand or stand but we really appreciate the job that you've done especially during the last year and a half because i know you've really put in a lot of extras so please thank you very much. ed thank you we gather today to hear directly from the american victims of illegal immigration you know you hear the other side you'd never hear this but you don't know what's going on these are the american citizens permanently separated from their loved ones the word permanently being the word that you have to think about permanently they're not separated for a day or two days the permanently separated. because they were killed by criminal illegal aliens these are the families the media ignores they don't talk about i'm
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very unfair we have to look at everybody but this is a very unfair situation and i knew that years ago when we would be together out campaigning and i said if this ever happens we're never forgetting you you know that laura everybody credible people and they're dedicated these are the stories that democrats and people that are weak on immigration they don't want to discuss that don't want to hear they don't want to see they don't want to talk about. no major networks and cameras to their homes or display the images of their incredible loved ones across the nightly news they don't do that they don't talk about the death and destruction caused by people that shouldn't be here people that will continuously get into trouble and do bad things for years their pain was met with silence their plight was met with indifference but no more i told them three years
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ago when we were together day one just about day one i would say. i said i hear you i see you and i will never let you down and we've been working together and their loved ones have not died in vain we all know that we call these brave americans the angel families angel moms angel pops these are the angel families your loss will not have been in vain we will secure our borders and we will make sure that they're properly taken care of eventually the word will get out got to have a safe country we're going to have a safe country and your loved ones are going to be playing and will continue to play a big part in it you know that you know the. so here are just a few statistics on the human toll of illegal immigration according to a two thousand and eleven government report the arrests attached to the criminal
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alien population included an estimated twenty five thousand people for homicide forty two thousand for robbery nearly seventy.


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