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this arrangement as well international rights groups say yemen's warring parties are obstructing crucial aid that enters the country through data fit the saudi led coalition's military offensive is having a devastating effect on civilians well the u.n. is saying that more people are fleeing the port city because of the fighting this month around thirty thousand people have left the city and surrounding areas many many heading to the capital sanaa there is mohammad a dose is following events for us from djibouti. yemen's hold the fighters are willing to humble over the management of the whole of the united nations is seen as a breakthrough in the conflict that cause course the world's last humanitarian crisis the plan is for the united nations to take over the management of the port on for its workers to walk alongside yemeni port workers inspect any goods coming in through the poles and then channel any revenue from the port to the central bank of yemen it's uncanny whether this would lead to an immediate cease fire so that
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have be on the united arab emirates will force us off to the truth you want look they want the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all the fighters from the day. but they may be a priority for the united nations of the united states. and the u.a.e. to accept the deal is for there to be more disruption to the whites will serve as a smoke for the port it's a lifeline for millions of human is who depend on eight still ahead on the program indian police investigate the abduction and gang rape of five activists who are about to perform a play to raise awareness of human trafficking. and ram into formality for greece as prime minister after doing a long awaited deal. how
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they're quiet and relatively cold those b. two words describe australia as well which is no big surprise really is that the not a lot going on from the point of view of cloud this is a weak cold front on its way in through science astronomy fifteen degrees in adelaide breeze in the size twelve coat a field in melbourne twenty one in brisbane which more or less is the same in perth not very warm springs are not cool as pushed through the middle of australia it's almost reached in the tropics still thirteen darwin that's circulating out through tasmania and the tasman sea is the system that was until recently affecting the east of australia so we've got clouds coming to south and in the immediate future it looks pretty fine forty in oakland but eighteen cries change does that cloud of rain comes in i think we've got a bit of third effect warming for christ church itself fourteen surprising degrees but snow will fall in the southern alps it's fifteen or clinton right two bright weather rain is the story for japan hardly surprising this time of year but
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significant rain is running out through to southern home shoot. it probably won't reach tokyo and the cloud pole goes right through the korean peninsula but right itself tries to go offshore on sunday. examining mandatory sentencing in the u.s. if the state of florida requires the rest of my life in here as a tradeoff for my family's life pardon i'll do it if the defendant goes to trial the judge has no option but to give the mandatory minimum they were complying with this judge gives you five years and this judge gives you twenty years so the legislature acted to make a difference exploring the dark side of the american justice system with job on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick look at the top stories now u.s. president donald trump has defended his zero tolerance immigration policy following an outcry over the separation of families on the mexico border. the u.n. human rights office says the rule of law in venezuela is virtually absent or forces detailed more than five hundred killings carried out by government forces which have gone uninvestigated and unpunished and u.s. officials have called on the saudi led coalition to pull back its campaign to take control of yemen strategically important data port thousands of civilians have been fleeing the area to escape the fighting. all in all the stories we're following peace talks between south sudan's government and the opposition have broken down after two days of closed door meetings in ethiopia new dates have been set for more
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talks but the differences between the two sides jess a deal will be difficult to cut morgan reports it was their first meeting in nearly two years when president salva kiir and opposition leader rick much our last met in foul sudan's capital juba the talks ended in failure and renewed fighting between the sides this meeting a neutral ground offered hope of a breakthrough in the conflict but it broke up without any agreement after two days the norm. on how the strategic. growth of the or how many arguments. were going before the german we had. on the commitment this on the. north agreement. the journey we're having is one of leadership and.
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the civil war in south sudan began in twenty thirteen when president accused his then deputy my char of attempting to kill tens of thousands of people have been killed and a third of the country's twelve million population has been displaced a peace deal in ten to fifteen so much i'll return to his position but that lasted for barely three months before fighting resumed now machar as opposition leader is demanding a return to his post and with his own army south sudan's government says working with him is not an option we are no longer as a government for the two armies the opposition are for the two armies and this is not support this is a red line to the government as the people are not the president alone but other people are saying enough is enough and if he wants to be the president he should wait for elections seven million people in south sudan are facing starvation after five years of conflict they are desperate for peace but each new round of talks
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doesn't appear to be bringing back any closer. people morgan al-jazeera. the opec group of oil producing countries is agreed to pump up production by up to a million barrels a day it's a change from the policy over the last eighteen months which had seen the fourteen countries including saudi arabia iran and cassie kept their output open and reports from vienna. the ministers arrived at opec h.q. with the threat of an iranian veto hanging in the air and the very real prospect of a deep rift forming saudi arabia and russia wanted an extra one point five to one point eight million barrels a day to address a predicted shortfall in supply iran and its allies were keen to keep the oil price up by sticking to the production limits agreed in twenty sixteen the main gathering was delayed by an hour as a last ditch diplomacy trying to bridge the gap by the time the ministers sat down around the table a compromise was taking shape. as
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a one point four one point on the one side which was the proposal from russia coming into this week as well as doing lower numbers were eliminated yesterday so we're in the one million. nominal to give to be distributed. amongst the twenty four countries the final communique when it came four hours later deliberately avoided specific quotas for the number of barrels and focused instead on saying that the extra output would simply restore full compliance with that original twenty sixteen production limit. the president of the opec conference was asked again and again about allocation which countries would be allowed to increase their oil production to bring opec to one hundred percent compliance with the declaration of cooperation and again and again he refused to put specific figures on it and he also hinted candidly about the tensions that still remain within the group how is it our located i think that is not that has not yet. decided to do to the
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fact that there are differences between between certain countries and we would not make sense if we look at the production to a country that cannot cannot produce it so we are void i think having at locations from that perspective the minister invited analysts and journalists to do the arithmetic for themselves see what we know the specifics it's kind of a mystery increase it's an increase but we don't know how much and you know the minister today said you know you do the math but it's hard to do the math unless you get some of those details on saturday the expanded opec plus group of nations meets here and all eyes will be on russian reaction. al-jazeera opec in vienna. turkey's president russia type i do i will face his biggest electoral challenge on
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sunday when historic are mentoring presidential elections get underway one called the vote early hoping to seize on his popularity but the opposition is gaining ground despite getting hardly any media attention span it's myth is an s. sample. here is your thought and thought about in the chaos and crush of a turkish election campaign there must always be time to stop for the national. i. i. i this is meryl action and she's a presidential candidate from a nationalist opposition party called the all good party. we've seen. for all the opposition parties and street campaigning is one of the few ways they have to get their message across to the ruling party dominates television coverage which is trusted as a source of news more by turks in social media or newspapers according to recent
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surveys i do like it or not you know i've only been interviewed five times action are says she got twelve minutes of television time last month according to turkey's t.v. watchdogs. in comparison the governing party our president. got sixty seven hours the main opposition c.h.p. was given seven hours. we're under so much pressure we can only express our views this way we have no media access it's totally one sided. so the right to come pain on the street is fiercely defended here a local deal that no loud music would be played crumbled when the a.k.p. brought in a van blaring songs about. so the c.h.p. called in its own bombs. while the pro kurdish h.t.t.p. down standoff was issued to the other two even though we can get into millions of
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prunes a variety so we do it on the streets by looking into the people's eyes by touching their kids are not used here we just tell everyone how it is with no exaggeration of we're telling them just the truth in our project all the opposition parties know they have little chance of unseating president but they also know polls suggest that his ruling ak party might lose its palm entered majority and even forced into a second round runoff for the presidency. but they feel it's worth shouting our own about sixty seven percent of the electorate have yet to decide how are they going to vote according to the latest polls but that's about three and a half million people and in a race as tight as this every vote counts but it's what al-jazeera has stumbled. police in india say they are questioning several suspects after the gang rape of five female charity workers in
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a remote region in the east of the country they say they were abducted while performing a play highlighting human trafficking in the region and raped at gunpoint the women are now under police protection in a shelter after being threatened with violence if they went to the police say the. sexual assault is a major problem in india with thirty nine thousand rapes reported in two thousand and sixteen alone or earlier i spoke to richard the founder of up and grassroots organization working to end sex trafficking of women in india she explained why this group of activists might have been targeted there is a growing culture of impunity on rape and sexual violence in india women are getting increasingly devalued and targeted for sexual violence of they go out in public places and these women were obviously activists would go on to do a plea against sex trafficking in a village in an area from very girls are being trafficked for in the huge in huge numbers this really of course is to target activists who are working against sexual
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violence against sex trafficking or report profit as i call it to and increasingly in the last few years in india what's been happening is that creep has been going up the numbers have been going up the ages have been coming down very recently there was the rape of an eighty year old girl in gauche meet by the caretaker of her temple along with four police officers who raped her and just before that a your a few months before that there was a rape of another girl a little girl by an elected official of the ruling party in u.b. and when the girl decided to go and complained her father was arrested and murdered in a police station so along with comments which devalue women in public places there has also been target trips of muslims and violets and also more than indian women. u.s. president donald trump is threatening to impose a twenty percent tariff on all car imports unless it lifts its trade barriers
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earlier the european union impose billions of dollars worth of juices on hundreds of u.s. goods in retaliation to u.s. d.l. an aluminum tire of sim posed in june if barca has more. tit for tat tariffs from friday the e.u. will slap a hefty levies on three point two billion dollars worth of u.s. goods including well below that barricade brehm's harley davidson motorcycle space judi's of twenty five percent bourbon orange juice crab reason pita bouncer have also been hit so too has american dead in u.s. companies have enjoyed major growth in europe in recent years but many smaller companies fear their products will now become too expensive to export. the e.u. is responding to donald trump's decision earlier this month to introduce tariffs of twenty five percent on european steel and ten percent on alimony a trump said the measures are meant to protect national security interests e.u. commission president young claude juncker said the move makes no sense to trade to
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people even. trust. the united states decision to push tariffs goes against it in fact it goes against all logic at least. the e.u. says it's also identified another four billion dollars in u.s. products for further tariffs if the world trade organization court where it's lodged a complaint against the us rules in the e.u.'s favor the european union is pitifully steering clear of the expression trade war largely over fears about where these tit for tat measures could end up instead the e.u. is referring to it as a rebalancing measure still this is about making as much noise as possible about sending a symbolic message to the white house by targeting some of america's most iconic brands donald trump said he's now considering introducing twenty percent tariffs on
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european cars but analysts say anything further measures against the e.u. could harm the u.s. produces in the long run. it's not fans it's smart enough not to go too far he knows very well that if you start the tradable the american pharmacy voted him will be up in arms when they see where we can call isn't selling as well globally as it was before. but damage may already have been done the use now looking for alternative markets in australia and new zealand major producers of meat wheat and corn putting longstanding trade ties between the us and e.u. under mounting strain barker al-jazeera london. donald trump's son in law in. question has met israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in jerusalem they've been discussing the israel palestine peace process and the ongoing tensions in gaza palestinian leaders are unlikely to meet question as though they halted all contact with the u.s. in december after president trump confirmed plans to move the u.s.
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embassy to jerusalem greece's prime minister says a debt relief deal agreed with the country zero zone credit has marks a major turning point away from austerity achieving that relief has been a long term goal for alexis tsipras back in two thousand and fifteen he joked that when he did chief that he would mark the occasion by pushing on a time i and he did just that. it be you know surplus to him or are fulfilled the bet are put the toilet but i have to tell you that all these youth are thought the battle with my work uniform without the toy the much. as i was part of the battle without it's hard to wring the official and unofficial events i will continue fighting just because the great people still have a lot of big battle to win. just a quick reminder of the headlines now donald trump has defended his tough immigration policy following criticism over the separation of thousands of families
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on the mexico border speaking in washington alongside members of the so-called angel families that's relatives of people affected by migrant crime trump said he was highlighting an issue which has been ignored these are the stories that democrats and people that are weak on immigration they don't want to discuss that don't want to hear they don't want to see they don't want to talk about. no major networks and cameras to their homes or display the images of their incredible loved ones across the nightly news they don't do that they don't talk about the death and destruction caused by people that shouldn't be here. the united nations says the rule of law is virtually absent in venezuela the u.n. high commissioner for human rights says government forces of cracking down on protesters with almost total impunity with over five hundred killings apparently not being investigated or punished properly. u.s. officials have called on the saudi led coalition to pull back in its campaign to
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take control of yemen strategically important data port. to agree to the u.n. managing the port according to the reuters news agency the who sees may be on board with this plan as well it comes as more than thirty thousand people have fled the city and surrounding areas to escape the violence talks between south sudan's president salva kiir in the opposition leader react machar of been of broken up without any agreement on wednesday the two rivals met for the first time in two years an address ababa new dates have been set for more talks but the differences between the two sides suggest a deal will be difficult to achieve the opec group of oil producing countries has agreed to a modest increase in production off to saudi arabia persuaded its arch rival iran to cooperate it's a change from the policy of the last eighteen months which had seen the fourteen countries cap that output of those at the top stories that's it for myself and the
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team here in london there is more news coming up from doha in twenty five minutes time off to counting the cost which starts now. getting to the heart of the matter if the turkish cypriot people calls you today and says let's have towards would you accept realities what do you think reunification of look like there are two people think the peaceful unification is the only option for prosperity of south korea hear their story on talk to al jazeera. hello i'm sam is there than this is counting the cost an al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week why a stronger dollar is becoming a headache for developing market economies. also this week digital addicks we look at how the tech industry uses psychology to design products we can't put down.
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plus a major setback for libya's oil industry is finding of the all crossing future production risks. the prospect of a trade war slowing down the world's economy means investors have been reassessing where to put their money in recent weeks developing market currencies like the turkish lira and argentina's passo have fallen to their weakest levels in months against the us dollar for the first time the fed is the only major central bank raising interest rates that's lending support to the dollar but the central bank conference in portugal this week the us federal reserve chairman said the case remains strong for more u.s. rate hikes and that means trouble ahead for those countries borrowing in dollars after the end of the global financial crisis rockhold low interest rates in the u.s. meant many developing nations borrowed in dollars now as the dollar rises it's costing
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those developing countries a lot more to repay their debts for economists it's raising alarm bells. joining us from london is timothy ash timothy is a senior emerging markets sovereign strategist with london based blue bay asset management good to have you with us so whether it's because of a trade war or because of the interest rate hikes in the u.s. is the dollar now set to strengthen fervor was a big question and certainly has been hurting emerging markets against the backdrop of a fed tightening and tighter global liquidity i think the consensus is beginning to emerge that basically the trade wars the dollar probably will end up being a winner from that i mean that's been the view over the last couple of weeks i think helped also by this sumption of weakness in euro zone and obviously europe has been a bit of downward pressure not helped by politics in in italy and then obviously
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ongoing in the moments for all the immigration concerns or immigration battles in europe as well but it does look like the dollar is on an appreciating trend does that mean then that debt stress for developing economies which borrowed in dollars that's more of that is now inevitable. well it means more pressuring we you know we enter the year in a goldilocks scenario for emerging markets or appeared that way with d.m. central banks tightening but moderately but the assumption was that global growth would stay pretty robust and as long as global growth stayed fine then on the revenue side emerging market countries will be more than able to cope with higher d.m. and u.s. rates i think what's changed in terms of perceptions has been the dollar rally that's one thing that obviously increases debt service costs in hard currency dollars for many emerging markets and i think the other one has been concerned
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about trade wars and what it means for global growth and i think there is a sense that the global growth is just coming off the pace and the bias probably now is towards downside so you put all those together you put fed tightening dollars strength trade wars prospects for global growth we can embed i'm actually also fairly difficult bottom up stories in many big emerging market countries you've got elections looming this weekend in turkey but you've also got elections in in brazil mexico argentina also looming as well south africa next year possibly ukraine pakistan i mean many many countries the election india. and of those countries i mean there are some significant reform challenges brazil pension reform he's got an overheating story that needs addressing mexico obviously concerns around after you know and south africa you know we have a new administration under cyril ramaphosa but still lots of inherited problems
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from jake it's there were to be resolved so you know a very challenging environment i think at the moment for emerging markets and on that point i mean particularly some of the last points you mentioned the sort of domestic economic problems coupled with the global growth rate no longer generating the sort of revenue for developing economies that would help them to manage a higher dollar repaying. debt cost does that mean you know we think about the there was several countries that borrowed heavily when interest rates were low how global a problem could we see is this potentially going to become a domino effect unlike the mid ninety's all our own ninety seven ninety eight crises in asia you know we don't have that many countries other less countries now with fixed exchange rates and less countries are trying to defend them that's positive the scary new environment thank you so much to miss the ash. my pleasure still to come on counting the cars electronic waste recycling to thailand it's
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a booming industry but if it isn't handled correctly it could be an environmental disaster in the making. but first more than one and a half million russians have signed an online petition against the government's pension reforms the proposal aims to raise the pension age from fifty five to sixty three for women and from sixty to sixty five for men the bill was submitted to parliament last thursday or in chalons reports from moscow while pension reform is something the ready made putin's various governments been putting off for years and years and years in fact in two thousand and five putin said this pension ages would never be raised while he was president currently russia's retirement ages are below sixty for men and just fifty five women those are a legacy of the soviet years we come up with him nine hundred thirty two when life expectancy in the country was just thirty five for men and forty for women it's
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still pretty low by european standards but it has doubled since those times so now there's unsustainable pressure on the state pension funds and the government obviously feels a thing that now the time is rights for some reform presidential elections in march are safely out of the way but they still chose the first day. of the world cup to sneak this this plan out they know that it's a very unpopular thing to do in fact in a recent poll ninety two percent of russians said they were against it the plan is for retirement ages to be raised to sixty five for men and sixty three for when for women that will be done over the next decade and a half the problem is why is the saying that vladimir putin is not actually involved in this pension reform is a government thing they will be watching very very closely for public reaction and if there is any sign that this is going to bring big crowds out onto the streets
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then perhaps they might roll some of this back. fighting has erupted in libya's oil crescent it's damaged the country's main oil exporting terminals located in the northeast of the country oil exports are a vital source of revenue for the country the fighting has suspended those exports though the political situation in libya is fragmented but up until this month oil was being produced libyan oil is sold internationally through the national oil company which is under the control of the un backed government in tripoli libya also has a rival government in top iraq where the fighting is between two armed groups it's taking place in northeastern libya ras lanuf and the cigarette terminals libya has africa's largest proven crude oil reserves the ninth largest globally for opec member libya the worry is that a protracted battle will damage the old fields themselves and the impact even future production and national oil corporation is looking at options to divert some
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all exports to alternative terminals as output is impacted the world health organization has listed addiction to electronic and video games as a mental health disorder the controversial decision has left the gaming industry at odds with scientists paul china japan reports. in this virtual universe made up of zeros and ones dense purple storm clouds the planet ninety eight percent of the world's population is disappeared and zombies rise to attack remaining humans. it's very fast paced it keeps the story. so much fun that the mass online phenomenon called fortnight is consuming hundreds of millions of players around the world while the goal of the game is to battle for the survival of humanity some people's fragile psyche may not survive this all consuming digital games. we have been reviewing evidence
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for the gaming behavior. several years. the world health organization's decision to label addiction to digital and video games as a mental health disorder puts it at odds with gaming industry organizations its reference guide of recognized and diagnosable diseases describes the addiction as a pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behavior that becomes so extensive it takes precedence over other life interests the question whose is truer over the gaming and ignore other distinction activities like sleep like eating like. education or and and that harms the person and why did the harm that wasn't continues. terrence i've been concerned about the endless hours their children have spent in front of their console's since the advent of
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atari and pong now they have science as their weapon to limit the time their children spend gaming the w.h.o. says only a small number of people who play digital and video games would develop a mental health disorder but early warning signs can help prevent it and while the makers of fortnight are expected to earn more than four billion dollars this year addiction to gaming screeding nice gaming addiction treatment programmes which may even be more lucrative for insurance companies and health care providers now that gaming addiction is considered a mental health disorder. why this smartphone social media and computer games keep os hoax well designed to the tech industry uses human psychology and calls it behavior design all persuasive tech companies don't conceal this apple readily admits its products are addictive it's even designing an app to
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help you use your phone unless the average person checks their phone one hundred fifty times a day psychologists though are beginning to describe the deliberate engine. airing of addiction as an unethical practice and some within the tech industry want higher standards too but in the meantime for a tech company in the attention economy the more time a user spends online equals more money from ad revenue that revenue hit a record eighty eight billion dollars in two thousand and seventeen well joining me now from london is dr jamie woodcock jamie is a research or at the oxford internet institute good to have you with us so first of all how is human psychology used in digital design. well i think what we've seen is many attempts to introduce ways as you as you mentioned to capture people's attention and i think it's no surprise really that these kind of psychological aspects of being included but i think one of the ones we have to point to as being
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particularly problematic is the use of gambling or gambling like aspects in in video games for example to get users not only hooked but also.


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