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and he has even more reasons to doubt the high numbers claiming to be one hundred ten statistically it's unrealistic. where does some insult and their vulgar or more people proceed assault on. a supersonic. your passage assault on you can. also be insulting to present yourself as a. younger son the sod who is in the saudi said to dissolve that automatic most of the are your problem your problem bus or go. demographic does. them off a bit. back in burma people have no doubt about this stupid thing to marian to them they oppressions. the region even has the country's only institute for one general it documented in
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numbers and kids. institute director and his assistant visit one of the hundred year olds she lives in by li in one hour from bombers here in this modest house. it's a peaceful life among her family. oh are i are they now know are like i'm young now are small amount of money laundering meant that my life may. well i'm in. seventh and seventh in atlanta or to produce i found the shock of. the liver the document was issued based on his family statement according to them one is one hundred twelve years old. the assistant feel that a form with basic information on one diet sleep habits vision hearing and general
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health much out when we come up. here and be visible how young is amazingly enough now you are. the assistant takes her blood pressure. i age it's all wrong it's the only medical exam during the short visit after our. young woman that i need long. anything i remember i don't know if i don't have it all and i have also like imo. i. look cool thorson's pay a subsidy to anyone aged over i. lend receives one hundred fifty nine dollars a month. well worth the elderly's well being is inclusion to the regent object at the holla. love i'm in the land. allowed to live on. in that indeed
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a father not. figured out the. others don't he's. adding. a tank and so on. then boulder moment is what i see on the koha. the percentage of china's elderly is expected to double in the next twenty. minute couture's and based on long j.v. is expanding and its become politically and economically important. the bomber region was among children is poorest but now the elderly bringing new investments to new merchandise now connect with the rest of the problem. there's new accommodation for tourists as well as for the so-called birds of passage those who come here for
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a few months end up staying forever. in burma they believe ills will be cured. many come to this grocer where they say a high density of negative on cleans the air and increases oxygen transfer. increased and i did a great deal is ill so you said to be beneficial. to us convinced. this. was all over now it's will be seen in this yeah from on. high. hundreds of kids on a daily a computer hottest on earth for the hour may have triggered off. here in just about any sank the pussy output that target. that they need. sharon and. now the
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savable you even. did an even bigger attraction is the water from this. feeling a bottle is almost ceremonial. some point of mountains to find the purest ruins it. is a bird of passage from western china he recently settled in burma. had bladder cancer now the seventy four year old says he can walk several kilometers. according to him he was queued up to reading it and drinking from the well. it has
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a magical. little fire here no show all. the whole lot of. the she folded. in the are just so. girly who showed she knew. you. were too. early to. call your boo sack or to call. or trio the part of. there are no scientific studies proving that. but its cure. is made it.
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a goldmine. really in a few years. have been established. every year. but after the two thousand. the management realized the potential and it changed. the numbers. only. civilians will.
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confirm. this is a hundred. or . god the. construction companies compete for thousands of chinese businesses we need accommodation dozens of cranes lining the streets building sites developed rapidly . projects completed within months. this is a model of a twenty two hc to building looks with sixty six houses four thousand apartments a pool a river and shops so it will that save all the. you
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know how. you're going. you know the. last all to see. as shown in the. light should obama wants you. to know all the songs. she young people. actually
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sued. sites. each e.c.g. was here fall to. the commercial has been successful apartments in the first six buildings sold out. for around seventeen hundred dollars per square meter . on the spreadsheet the red spots show the apartments. in the lunchables only. yes. that's something to hold so down.
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with the rapidly expanding tourism industry danger the natural paradise of. some of the nodes. of the being driven off their land to make way for housing development. as compensation they have paid two hundred thousand dollars a head. with. the money. scared of repercussions this is reluctant to show her face when criticism. she will stick to. your home for. good children who've already moved to the city to find jobs.
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affect the barman's. be the road. going to the wonderful. homes of the guy. who makes rubbish once a month. he's symbolic rather than practical. criticising the old farts is frowned upon but organized says they should take. such. on some of. the. physical having. the mental. i mean that in jail would say that the flop isn't. so bad that the one in the pool where to go. mid-season that doesn't mean that contingency means.
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the influx of tourists could also affect the bombers precious water. in bomber twin village needed treatment plant. the waste water before news. is a founts now. we see an electrician checking the city he admits the take whitman is on solution for the population increase or do the show show. while they might not attend or did it on that you do idea i really do. feel a bit if you. are going to. do the show showed a body shot up by a number five. on your file on three hundred fifty dollars you are not really. done.
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in the last scene. is change the landscape here for ever. at this place it's on serious need to continue and natural. in the future to the chinese dream of longevity. and search. every year in pakistan hundreds of women are victims of so-called honor killings one on one east searches for the truth in a case that exposes the growing clash between old beliefs and modern life on al-jazeera. when the news is restricted and send said the press is not free
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and is external interference and influence in the zoos to exploit not explained. when journalists access to information is prevented sell it to them but i want us to press. them out of the costs. and just as never sees the light of day no i knew that and i bent over it on the weekend the team of course it out it. and the stories that matter and told and the press does not see. and neither are we. china's one she province has become famous for its large number of elderly many aged one hundred or older one has to investigate see if the region hold the secrets to a long and healthy life when one east on al-jazeera refugees heading for
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a better life in australia descended and sent to remote islands indefinite detention in her condition. in order understand how to do this to smuggled out footage and eyewitness accounts the main thing in doing for paper asking them not. to kill the witness chasing asylum. on al-jazeera. one sense rules we one safety tree we want strong borders. defiant over immigration the us president defends his policy alongside victims of crimes committed by michael.
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as you speak of this is as you see it our live from doha also coming up. people flee a yemeni city as the u.s. in u.n. urge the saudi m.a. rotty coalition to call off their battle for control. of government accused of a horrifying crimes against the rich by the international criminal court. and the immigrants who shaped a nation britain celebrates the arrival of the windrush generation seventeen years a. hell of a defiant donald trump is sticking to his so-called zero tolerance policy on immigration but the effect his stand is having on young children remains in the spotlight two days ago the u.s. president signed an executive order to stop separating youngsters from their parents of the border but there's still confusion on how to reunite an estimated
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eight hundred children alan fischer reports from washington. for one mother the pain of separation over seven year old darwin was taken from me here at the border in arizona. we come from guatemala no after more than a month she could finally who come again she sued the government for some time and one day when i started crying when i saw him because he's the only child i have i think god because i have him here with me he's now sad but nobody's going to separate us again. but though donald trump signed an executive order faulting the separation of children from the families thousands still face the pain of separation and no one noise when they will be reunited the executive order president trump does not solve the problem we still face the reality of at least twenty three hundred of these young children who have been separated and there's
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nothing they said nothing about what we're going to do to reunite them or to take care of them during this period of time though trump started the day with a series of tweets arjan republicans to ditch plans to pass new immigration legislation saying republicans should stop wasting their time on immigration until after we elect more senators and congress men women in november this just days after he demanded congress sort the problem out. then removed that so-called angel families people who had relatives killed by undocumented migrants these are the american citizens permanently separated from their loved ones highlighting he's not backing away from his hard line immigration stance one central square one safety in a country we want strong borders we want people to come in but we want them to come in the proper way. on friday protesters surrounded the home of homeland security secular christian nielsen and put
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a full volume recording of children after they have been separated from the parents at the border it's been a difficult week for donald trump but with no deal on immigration in sight a new clarity of what no needs to happen on the border next week isn't looking good either now in fish or al-jazeera washington carol elizondo has more now from brownsville texas on the us mexico border. when this is erode tolerance policy was in acted it does not appear that there was given any thought to how to reunite children with their parents and we're seeing the ramifications of that now there are so many challenges primarily that there are so many government agencies involved in this the border patrol department of homeland security department of health and human services all of these agencies have a hand in trying to reunite in some way the children with the parents but there's no over arching system in place to actually make this happen also many of the children have been transported to shelters outside of texas there are some in
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florida some in new york as well as over ten other states this is a very difficult problem as well and many of the children young as young as eighteen months old so they can't even communicate with social workers to tell them what their name is who their parents are this is a challenge and forget that some of the parents have already been deported out of the country back to central america without their children how do you really night people that are in other countries that have been deported back with their kids that are here in the u.s. a huge challenge that no one seems to have an answer to the longer this goes on there's a real possibility that some of the children that are currently separated from their parents will never be reunited again with their loved ones and potentially could become orphans. and we've been speaking to dr collene croft she is the president of the american academy of pediatrics dr cross describe to us what it was
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like visiting a facility for separated children. i was at one of these tender age shelters and visited back in april of two thousand and eighteen and was greeted by the staff who were very nice and the facility itself was kind of homey there were cribs and dads and blankets and books and toys and and it wasn't a jail like situation it was really kind of a homey situation the kids were clean and well fed but i walked into the toddler room and it was just so alarming to see what i saw in there normally when you're in with toddlers they are allowed in rambunctious and active and this room was eerily quiet and i saw about fifteen children in there and all but one were just very quietly keeping themselves playing with toys looking up at us with big eyes and in the middle of the room was
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a young child no more than two years of age who was sobbing and was uncontrollable and was moving her little body and beating her little fists on the mat and she had a worker next to her who was trying to distract her with toys and with books but she couldn't she couldn't come for her she was not allowed to pick her up and hold her and we all knew in the room the problem we knew the problem was that she needed her mother and we couldn't get her mother for her of the fight for the yemeni port city of what they could be about to change course the battle is delaying the delivery of much needed humanitarian aid now the united nations is hoping a deal can be reached between the forces and the saudi backed coalition to allow the u.n. to manage the port cut here lopez hold a yawn has more. a potential breakthrough for the main source of bait for yemen. the united nations is offering to manage the port of her
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data inspecting goods and making sure it's friday news channel to its state bank intense fighting has delayed a deliveries in a country already devastated by war poverty and famine going to have that little bit those you had that we were planning on distributing this aid two days ago but it was postponed due to clashes and the ongoing battles near the airport. the saudi led coalition launched an offensive on the who the rebel port on june twelfth. the who they say they may be willing to give control to the u.n. the coalition has also reportedly hinted it may agree to the proposal but it also wants the whole thing is to surrender immediately and unconditionally the u.s. has called on the coalition to scale back its campaign. in her data condemnation of the coalition's attacks who the supporters want the u.s. to prevent an escalation. in just weeks nearly thirty thousand people fled the city
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and again at a time of all out we ran away only with the clothes we were wearing i was tired from walking in the heat honestly i left with nothing on me myself and my son and my grandsons we kept walking until we found a car. health officials are also worried about another cholera outbreak more than one million yemenis were infected last year thousands died the rainy season has also increased the risk and the coalition bombed a major treatment center earlier this month now the intense fighting in the country's main eight entry point could be yet another trigger it won't take much to start an outbreak again if the water system in just one neighborhood breaks down and if nothing can be done to immediately address the situation because of hostilities cholera could spread with. like the speed. the un warns that even a fourth finds agree to allow them to take over the board it will take time for a cease fire to go into effect the hope is that it won't be too late to save the
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port that is so crucial to the well being of people across yemen. so the young al jazeera are people in the southern syrian province of there are heading towards the border with jordan as government forces step up their offensive thousands of people are trying to move to safety a syrian forces target rebel held areas air force planes dropped leaflets earlier this week urging people to in their words cooperate with the government's push to drive out armed groups. at least eighty nine people were injured as hundreds of palestinians held protests along the israel gaza border friday it was part of weekly demonstrations against israeli occupation garza's health ministry says at least three people are in critical condition one hundred twenty palestinians have been killed by israeli fire since border protests began in march harry force it has more from the border. but more tear gas has just been fired into the crowd here
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just next to the border fence here that separates gaza and israeli territory we've seen once more hundreds of people come here this friday as they have for so many fridays since since march the thirtieth there we know afternoon prayers are for which people were were bussed here hamas senior figures tell us that it's vitally important as far as they're concerned that what they say is their new tactic of peaceful protest remains in place and they will continue to do this they say until there is something tangible to show for it so far that remains elusive things remain very tense here especially this week after what we saw just a few days ago with a round of some forty five rockets and mortars fired out of gaza territory into israel and the response from the israeli air force with some twenty five targets struck there is a sense of tension here as these protests continue now well into the third month. a
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top u.s. advisers on the middle east have met the israeli prime minister at the u.s. embassy in jerusalem it's part of a tour of the region to push president donald trump's middle east peace plan palestinian leaders have halted all communication with the u.s. since december and it's unlikely they'll meet trump's son in law and senior adviser jared kushner as well as u.s. middle east special envoy jason greenblatt palestinians are outraged at trump's decision to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem. hundreds of israelis is really surfers gathered off the coast of hurt on friday as part of the protest organizers there say nearly a thousand people took part in what's being called the paddle out they were protesting against potential environmental damage from the gas rig could be developed off israel's coast the government says the new platform poses no threat to the environment or people.


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