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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 23, 2018 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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the boat. zimbabwe's president survived an explosion at a rally where he was speaking a vice president was injured. it's a mystery theo his new prime minister escapes a grenade attack at a rally which killed one person and dozens. i don't see to us and this is al jazeera line from london also coming up. main rival for the turkish president say mahara in change rules are massive crowd in istanbul as he's final action rally sprains new prime minister discusses europe's migration crisis with a manual lock call punish authorities rescued hundreds more migrants and why the
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swiss goal scorers have inflamed ethnic tensions in the balkans with the celebrations of the world cup. as in both ways president has escaped an explosion at a campaign rally by the ruling zanu p.f. poncy ahead of next month's election the blast happened as emerson and gaga and other politicians were walking off the stage at the stadium in the city of by the way or he wasn't hurt but one of his valise presidents and another minister were there are reports of at least two deaths the elections will be the first since robert mugabe was forced out of power last year well let's get more on this from horowitz also a correspondent in neighboring south africa can you give us any more details as to exactly what happened they say explosion. well in the past few minutes president
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and other went on state radio and he sort of addressed the nation and he called this a cowardly incident a cowardly act and he said it won't stop his party the rulings on a party from preparing for the elections at the end of july what we know on the ground is that at the hospital several people had been injured he was there visiting some of the injured people which include the wife of one of the vice presidents mira chewing us she was hurt in the leg some v.i.p.'s have also been injured we're told one soldier has been injured and civil party supporters plus or minus twenty people at one of the hospitals the situation where right now it is calm and there are reports that flights are they are being allowed to take off from the airport there in. there i'm confirmed reports that the president has actually left and is on his way to the capital harare but other grounds the situation seems to be calm people waiting for the main news bulletin at eight pm local time when probably more updates will emerge on exactly what happened and maybe who could have been responsible i'm not for my next question her obviously very early days on an
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investigation but where do you think people are now looking to think who is responsible for this attack. well firstly pull away a is an opposition stronghold is the second biggest city in zimbabwe and the people there generally don't vote for the ruling party zanu p.f. and a lot of people don't like president so they stand speculation it could be some opposition group that may not be happy with the fact that he was in the area and then of course i understand that when robert mugabe the former president was removed from power by the army there are some people who are still alive to support him who are still in zanu p.f. what happy that when the governor is the president it could be maybe one of them or some of them could be involved in this we do know that security has been quite high and around the president he's hired a lot of new security people he was allegedly poisoned a few months ago so he is on high alert but right now a lot of speculation nothing is confirmed of the grand people waiting for official an official source to tell the country what exactly happened and recovery elections
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coming up next month. later thing the way they were going to be held the way the campaigns are going to be going as regards to security well it's anyone's guess i think what we're likely going to see certainly at the president's rallies is increased security normally there is security when he does travel he does attain these rallies people who are allowed to get close to the normally v.i.p.'s senior party officials journal says while r.t. close to him so it remains to be seen who was able to get that close to throw this device that exploded that said people who do go through alleys are searched patted down to measure they aren't carrying anything so a lot of questions will be asked how did this person get through what device did he or she use what was the intended target for example and then of course in the future how are they going to make sure that the future right is coming up before these elections we more secure not just for the president before for other people also attending his rallies good to get your portales thank you him
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a chance to speak and there from us from neighboring johannesburg. well if you hope your health minister says at least one person has been killed in a grenade assange jaring the new prime minister's first mass rally in the capital addis ababa be ahmed has announced a series of major reforms since taking office in april victoria gate and reports. this was the moment the grenade exploded close to where prime minister abby asked why it was sitting. for a few moments there was confusion before members of the security forces came onto the stage and led abby atma to safety. witnesses say they saw the man who targeted the prime minister as a prime minister were just concluded his speech and that moment there was a grenade. but i think the guy was just trying to stroll the stage.
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beside him just took him. just went off and on sunday it was a bloody end to a day that is started with say much optimism hundreds of thousands of ethiopians had gathered in the capital addis ababa mescal square to support their new prime minister since taking office in april the forty two year old has announced a series of reforms including the release of tens of thousands of prisoners the opening of state owned companies to private investment and to propose peace deal with eritrea in an address to the nation after the attack could be said that those trying to divide ethiopia would not succeed in your my family why not but i'm not certain groups planned and coordinated to destroy this large gathering to kill innocent people and to spill blood on our streets they have tried very hard but their entire plot has failed the questions are being raised about whether the
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security operation for such a large rally was adequate some of the officers have been saying that is an attempt on the life of the prime minister and the definitely. supporting the rally was a great demonstration that there is a solid support for the reformist by the prime minister but at the same time the the great attack have revealed that the reforms are still fragile prime minister abbey says he is determined to bring change to ethiopia but this attack highlights the lengths some will go to to try and stop him victoria. to accuse presidential candidates have held their final rallies ahead of landmark elections on sunday president. urged people to get out and vote he attacked his opposition for lacking vision and boasted of his achievements while in office such
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as new health infrastructure erdogan who's been in power since two thousand and three called the snap election eighteen months early when his main challenger inch a also held a rally in istanbul he painted a bleak picture of turkey on the other ones saying its currency would remain weak and its refugee problems on solved six candidates are running for president the winner will require a sweeping new executive powers so monstrous here who takes a look at the front runners. this election is a milestone for those inclosure are drawn. he hopes it will see his country resurge on the world stage he promises more democracy more freedom and more growth his supporters say he should remain president until two thousand and twenty three the centenary of the founding of modern turkey. we've come here to serve god to be your masters in our journey will continue this way. dawn has five other rivals.
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the dynamic candidate for the main opposition party c.h.p. is a former physics teacher he has served as a member of parliament for sixteen years injure is most likely to make it into the final round some critics say his retore is as populist as add ons especially on syrian refugees he wants to send them home he's also vowing to lift restrictions on fundamental freedoms and restore the rule of law in turkey. the constitution hands over everything the budget jurisdiction and legislation to one person all these powers cannot be handed over to a single individual. breakaway nationalist party leader metal action air is the only female candidate called the she will by her admirers action are served as the interior minister in the ninety's a period turkish state have suppressed the policies against kurdish citizens she
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has campaigned on social justice and a self-sufficient economy. is some of the also like the government to use matters to deliberately impoverish our people and exploit that poverty to remain in power broker dish peoples democratic party h d p's candidate sell out the endeavor to has run his presidential campaign from behind bars dopped as kurdish obama he promises to lift the state of emergency restore freedom and democratic institutions. what we are living today is just a teaser for the one man regime in the actual scary part of the navy has not yet begun. so on sunday you will determine with your votes whether this conspiracy theory or not here. it is recent presidents are gone hasn't lost an election since two thousand and two despite his upper hand in public support he faces challenges in foreign policy security and economy plus this time his rivals are more competitive than expected to a solo al-jazeera
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a stumble the charm of the ministration is refusing to back down on its policy of zero tolerance towards illegal immigration time magazine says the u.s. navy is planning to build three facilities capable of housing almost one hundred twenty thousand migrants detained on america's southern border more than two thousand children have been separated from their parents as part of chance policy especially illegal immigration family. immigration is one of the issues being highlighted by faith leaders and civil rights groups who currently demonstrating in washington d.c. the event is in honor of the poor people's campaign rally led by martin luther king in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight is that for us rob what about she come paining about is this about domestic issues or resists also to do with the way my going to be treated. well migrants is certainly one of the issues
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that are being discussed here but it's a wide variety of issues sue including the wars in iraq and afghanistan and of course issues of poverty what people here are asking for or demanding is probably the best word is are a number of things including living wages increase in state and minimum state and federal minimum wages for working people universal health care relief for student debt which is crushing for many college students around the country the. revoke ation of the tax cut law that congress passed last year and the president signed into law and a number of other issues this is as you mentioned the fiftieth anniversary of the original poor people's campaign that was begun by martin luther king and which continued after dr king was assassinated and i can actually remember as a as
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a young boy being brought by my father down here to the mall to a place called resurrection city where thousands of people camped out for six weeks that hot muggy summer of one nine hundred sixty eight and it's another hot muggy typical washington day today with intermittent rain but nevertheless we got several thousand people out here and one of them i'd like to introduce right now mary and a lot from new jersey mary and come in stand right there perfect great so what brings you here to washington d.c. from your home in oceanside new jersey thanks for inviting me for a few words i'm here from ocean county new jersey and after years and years and years of fresh about the assistance rolled back from the public from funds rolled back from the public and shifted over to corporations and there are fewer. and there are fewer. fewer services available to people and we're paying out of our skins people are losing their homes they get
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sick without health care and they they lose their homes in foreclosure so there's a grab back of the properties no new jersey is said to be actually the state her capital in the nation. that may be true but there's also poverty there tell me about your own home state poverty well i mean right now as we speak the government is trying to evict in multiple cities from their own lands people who are homeless have no place else to go they have shortened the assistance that people can get on welfare so there's no safety now that's going back to decades ago that that happened they're shifting funds over to bail out utilities and they're shifting funds out to bail out wall street next day do you still insist the people who have lost everything because of the major storms were approached the local officials and
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they tell us we have to take care of ourselves so where are funds going thank you very much very appreciate your ok passion words think that. a lot cheaper new jersey. this is as i was mentioning sue is the culmination of a campaign that's been going on for forty days and over forty state capitals people have been demonstrating and they have been gauged in nonviolent to civil disobedience have been about a thousand arrests according to the u.s. census bureau forty one million americans live in poverty that is the last year. to six were available twenty sixteen but people here say that number is a vast underestimation and that there are over one hundred million people in this country living in poverty so very impressed you were at the rally fifty years ago when. that's right man on the spot many thanks for that from washington d.c. . still to come this half hour fear thousands flee syria there are province after
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the government launches a major offensive that lasts. two years after britain's deficient in the tens of thousands marched through london to demand another vote. welcome back starting our weather forecast in central and southern parts of china and thailand you see this massive cloud some big storm clouds developing and it's going to be fairly west in places including hong kong during the course of sunday maybe taiwan just about escaping the worst of the shower activity but food issue won't be so lucky across india china plenty of showers in evidence and still remains very wet for parts of me amar day after day of rain pushing in off the bay
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of bengal as the monsoon rains really take hold at that stage then we're looking at maybe some dry weather for food issue and taipei still hanging on to relatively dry conditions across into south asia and we've got some really heavy rain across parts of india so it down through the western ghats the monsoon rain is really pushing in at the moment but good news is we're also seeing some rain further towards the east and that could well continue over the next twenty four hours more showers expected here so kolkata could be wet going to see some heavy rain for katmandu and really for bangladesh isa states of india more heavy rain expected for delhi still dry though temperatures of forty three degrees through the course of sunday monday coming down a little bit but still looking pretty hot and still waiting for the rain is still rife meanwhile over in pakistan its highs of thirty two expected in karate. a land bridge from its indigenous people. plundered for its
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resources. to mount a long held resentments attorney violent with deadly consequences you cannot use that as an excuse to go over sherman writes people in power travels to south america to discover the finds of the mcclatchy. welcome back a reminder of the top stories here and all just their own who zimbabwe's president . has escaped unhurt from an explosion at a campaign rally on the guy what says
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a grenade went off inches away from him when the response president was injured it came after ethiopia's new prime minister i'll be going to grenade attack after rally which killed at least one person and injured dozens and massive crowds have turned out in turkey for the final rally so before sunday's election opposition leader my harm inch a told supporters he's confident he'll defeat president rep chip time for them. iraq's military says it's killed forty five i still find including senior commanders in the last strike in eastern syria a miniature spokesman says the right target is a meeting of ice a leader in the syrian province of daraa zor among those killed were a senior member of the group's so-called ministry of war his deputy and the local commander. thousands of civilians have fled parts of syria is there a province where the government has stepped up its offensive rebel fighters say they fear they may not be able to hold out much longer the u.s.
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has called on president assad to halt the offensive which falls inside one of the internationally agreed the escalations. reports. this is the first time the culpable forces have used battle bombs in the in the year. helicopters struck several villages in what appears to be a major advance to take over the city but this violates a truce that was brokered by russia and the united states in africa to bring an eye and to the seven year war the americans have warned of serious repercussions if the offensive continues and the rebels who are losing ground remain defiant if. we don't recognize assad's of porridge he has destroyed our cities and killed our people he destroyed syria to staying power we will never recognize him reject the
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presence of ukrainian and afghan militias. who should decide the future of the country. the syrian army is massing troops in the area the opposition says thousands of shia militias also moving in dar was the focal point of the syrian uprising in two thousand and eleven but in recent years the rebels have been retreating they now control one neighborhood in the city and a few areas on the border with jordan this is a show of force by the free syrian army in daraa for years the f.s.a. was trained by the u.s. europe and gulf countries but that support has diminished over the last two years and assad forces are largely outgunned and outnumbered the dow
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offensive poses challenges for all the parties the rebels cannot afford another setback after being evicted from a just cause including aleppo homes and on the asker's of damascus but of the syrian army's push continues the u.s. may and. that may trigger a wider. question. palestinians have been protesting in the west bank against sanctions imposed on gaza by the palestinian authority but the turnout was lower than a previous demonstration as a man coming from ramallah. it's likely that the organizers are going to be very disappointed in the size of this crowd it's about a couple of hundred people but these people all make you give voice very clear you heard only really devoured and that's lifting the sanctions by the way and giving some relief to the people of gaza now in recent weeks. already being criticized for
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hate. against the protesters but this one seems to be a lot there is a palestinian authority police presence but it's not nearly as heavy handed as it has been in previous weeks. spain's coast guard has rescued nearly six hundred migrants trying to make the journey across the mediterranean from north africa spain's maritime rescue service says it picked up people from sixteen boats in the strait of gibraltar a busy shipping line with treacherous currents two men were also pulled from a canoe on whether this week as encourage migrants to try to make the journey. french president says he favors financial sanctions on european countries that refused to take migrants with proven asylum status marc wrong has held a working lunch with new spanish prime minister pederast sanchez in paris as the spanish latest first official visit abroad since taking office three weeks ago that meeting comes ahead of an emergency summit between sixteen and is on sunday to
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address recent tensions over migration policy especially russia has more on the meeting from paris. well the main message from these two leaders in paris was that the european union simply has to have a coordinated strategy when it comes to migration it has to be united now the french president emanuel markhor praised the new socialist prime minister pedro sanchez from spain saying that he had showed a gesture of solidarity when he decided to open up their doors in spain to the aquarius migrants and refugees those who were rescued by that charity ship blocked by italy macross said it was indeed an important gesture but the migration cannot be solved in that way on a case to case basis what is needed is a much wider plan now both pedro sanchez and tomorrow mark or will be at a mini migration summit in brussels on sunday and this meeting in paris was really
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an opportunity for these two leaders to get snow each other's the first time they met and also discuss some of the strategies which may be talked about at the summit on sunday and later in the week at the main summit there is no doubt they are on they same page or they believe new solutions must be found they also both pro e.u. young dynamic leaders who really want more e.u. integration and what that means for them is that there must be solutions found to the migration crisis because they see the divisions that it is causing and they worry that that could threaten the future of the european union the future of the bloc in fact a model mark or even said that we could see a wave of populism and nationalism unless something is done. thousands of protesters opposed to breakfasts half march through central london on the second anniversary of the u.k. to leave the european union and the mounting a second referendum on e.u. membership once the terms of the country's withdrawal become clear it comes
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a senior figures in the british government say they remain willing to walk away from e.u. negotiations without a deal if a satisfactory agreement can be reached the baka was at the march in central london . it's two years since the u.k. surprise decision to leave the e.u. in that referendum back in two thousand and six same two years old the country appears more divided than ever over the future of britain's relationship with the european union but here in london capital that voted overwhelmingly in support of remaining in the e.u. vos crowds have gathered here on parliament square to make their voices heard it may be for many a little bit too late to contest the results of the referendum but it's not too late to cool it for a new vote on the final deal people here say there is most more information available to them now the back to the referendum in two thousand and sixteen so it should be now put to the people once more to decide what should happen post one
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a little bit earlier on i spoke to some key figures from the remain campaign the countries from the big three divide in the fight those divisions have healed and the reason for that i think is that since the referendum we lost the referendum will suffice but since the reason why is governed as if all of these people kind of don't exist so what this is about is basically saying that we have to at least hold open the option when she does come up with a deal with the people who are to say yeah that's what we voted for we want a people's vote deal or no deal and i think that's right it can't be right that six hundred fifty politicians sitting in palm and who are amongst themselves as indeed our government and cabinet is divided on this question i think sixty five million people in our country should have a vote on the final deal. so no great surprise perhaps about the size of this demonstration here in london but what is surprising is that two yeas after the
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referendum took place here to krishna gauche ations began between the e.u. and the u.k. there was still quite so much anger over such confusion about what the right to say that. a form of vatican diplomats has been sentenced to five years in prison for possessing and distributing child pornography one seƱor collar capella admitted to viewing the images in what he said was a ton of fragility sparked by a job chance to the vatican embassy in washington a tribunal convert to capella for two day trial the first of its kind to be held inside the vatican u.s. president gul chump that we need sanctions on north korea he now says pyongyang poses an extraordinary nuclear threat to claim last week it poses no threat at all but washington has now indefinitely suspended somewhere that you're training exercises with south korea some pledge to call off the drills during his month's
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summit with kim jong il in exchange for north korea taking steps towards denuclearize ation. to switzerland players could face fines from football's governing body fifa over their celebrations during their win serbia shared in check kiri and granita shaka have ethnic kosovar albanian heritage after scoring for switzerland against serbia they put their hands together in the shape of the eagle displayed albania's national flag the gesture has inflame tensions in the balkans but it's also used by albanian nationalists welch's there is due sun had. has more on the reaction in serbia. there are some reactions who show that the serbian media and public are appealing shocked by what they did and how they celebrated the goal and that they see that as a provocation but the nothing more and even last night i was in the phone zone in
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downtown belgrade where fans gather around to watch the games on the big screens and during those celebrations there was a lot of booing and discomfort but nothing more than that in two thousand and fourteen among players of the swiss national team those there was an agreement that they will not be celebrating goals the way they did last night last night that the remote was obviously broken. again reminded of the top stories here on jazeera zimbabwe's president. has criticized the tax on his campaign rally as a cowardly act the bomb blast happened just seconds after he had just a stadium crowd in by the way of the city and stepped into a v.i.p. tent just off the stage. prism and other went on stage radio and he sort of addressed the nation and he called this the colony incident at the at and
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he said it won't stop his party the readings on it a party for preparing for the elections at the end of july what we know on the ground is that at the hospital several people had been injured he was the visiting some of the injured people which include the wife of one of the vice president's merely chewing us she was hurt in the leg some v.i.p.'s have also been injured we're told one soldier has been injured and civil party supporters plus or minus twenty people at one of the hospitals. and if european officials say one person has died and dozens more are injured after an explosion at a rally there for the new prime minister ahmed i really was whisked away by his security immediately after the blast sort of grenade was thrown into crowds of thousands at the rally in the capital addis ababa. announced a series of major reforms since taking office in april. his presidential candidates have held their final rallies and had of crucial elections on sunday president richard tired earlier on urged people to get out and vote he attacked his
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opposition for lacking vision while boasting of his achievements including the country's new health infrastructure their own called the snap election eighteen months earlier. the trampin ministration is you're fusing to back down explicitly of zero tolerance towards illegal immigration time magazine is reporting the u.s. navy is planning to build three facilities capable of housing almost one hundred twenty thousand migrants has been an outcry in the u.s. over the government's decision to separate more than two thousand children from their families on the mexico border those are the headlines stay with us here and i'll just talk to al jazeera is coming up next.
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only. you can watch. the movies. this weekend elections in turkey millions of people go to the polls to elect a president and a new car and it's the first time since the referendum last year when the people approved a new constitution giving more power to the presidency. today on talk to all jazeera we discuss what president aerator going to hopes to achieve if he wins a new term in a conversation with the spokes person. but first another contender for the presidency the leader of the sadat party he says president erda gun is not doing enough to unite the muslim world abroad and is moving the country to a dictatorship at home.


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