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tv   Turkey Election  Al Jazeera  June 23, 2018 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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get out and vote he attacked his opposition for lacking vision while boasting of his achievements including the country's new health infrastructure don't call the snap election eighteen months earlier. the trump administration is using to back down explicitly of zero tolerance towards illegal immigration time magazine is reporting the u.s. navy is planning to build three facilities capable of housing almost one hundred twenty thousand migrants and has been an outcry in the u.s. over the government's decision to separate more than two thousand children from their families on the mexico border those are the headlines stay with us here on al-jazeera talk to al-jazeera is coming up next.
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only. you can watch the movie. to see. this weekend's election scheme turkey millions of people go to the polls to elect the president and the new parliament it's the first time since the referendum last year when the people approved a new constitution giving more power to the presidency. today on talk to al-jazeera we discuss what president aerator going to hopes to achieve if he wins a new term in a conversation with his spokes person. but first another contender for the presidency the leader of the side at party he says president aired a gun is not doing enough to unite the muslim world abroad and is moving the country to a dictatorship at home. with
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a time out term alone we thank you very much for talking to alter zero i think of them much traditionally you and your party have been allied with presidents are on the k.p. what is it that's made you peel away from the alliance in these upcoming elections well we looked puta away from them they peeled away they left us they left the principal all at about khan and thought that a new course for themselves the pris principle a completely different we got a lot of importance for example do and ethical values and second to be given a lot of importance to economical and tectonic development at the. we have a different dignified foreign policy what we call and we try to establish an islamic union as well now they had left all these goals they said that no we are going to join european union european union is our ideal set up
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and that value is important for us and second day accepted the united states and israel that at that age it partners and thirdly they decided to add up the capitalist system whole without thinking about the actual development of technology and industry in our country so you say there is no common ground between you and our party but you are now in collaboration with the c.h.p. for the parliamentary elections what. is there where is the common ground between you and the c.h.p. third we have decided to pass the threshold secondly the new system pre presidential system is going to lead turkey to a dictatorship there is no doubt because the parliament has no influence on
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the president they can't control they can't produce any value which will be effective so the president in fact is will decide what ever he thinks proper without consulting the parliament this is the basic thing i mean in a country if you want peace but the people the people trolls a presidential system this isn't a system that's been imposed on the turkish people there was a referendum it was free and fair yes the people chose it no it was not free and fair that thirst let us decide on that even if i mean according to observers it was free and you know well you can like we did not say anything oppose what the public have told but the point is the public can make mistakes it will be too late when they they see realize what the dangers are there and what they will face
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ok so the share common ground between you and the c.h.p. is that you believe that separation of power ration of power and the government should not have any influence on justice on the court today the government directly controls and gives in fact orders to the court to the dragon have justice in a world like this i want to ask you about some of the other policies because of or not of the discussion in these presidential elections has been about separation of power has been about the dangers that many of the opposition parties believe the presidential system poses. you have for example the candidate of the c.h.p. . he's vowed to send back all syrian refugees within one hundred days he's promised to appoint a turkish ambassador to syria whose government has killed hundreds of thousands of people including tuchman are these policies that you believe are shared common
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ground between the cider party and the c.h.p. you know we are not in a coalition they have a different agenda we have a different agenda the only common ground is on the separation of powers on the other edge and that we don't share a marriage of convenience yes that's true when it comes to syria well from the beginning i can say that the turkish a.k.p. government has. foreign policy which is which does not have a stable go they have always supported the american policies they have always given important unfortunately to israeli policies policies as well seemingly they are very brittle how brave and they can criticize israel in every field they can accuse them as being at the state but the decisions they have taken
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and the turkish relationship with israel improved tremendously i mean now right now it's not improve you're talking about the past few years the very difficult situation was only recently know your best no no let me tell you one thing i believe in the trade agreements out trade has increased tenfold with israel and the pilot who are bombing guys that is trained in turkey. so you are this is an important issue no one takes notice of this israeli planes who are bombing gaza are trained in turkey. can anyone grasp what this me it's a it's a very difficult concept to grasp because what a lot of people see is the turkish aid of course to gaza they see the statements made by one for example when the us declared drew slim occupied illegally occupied drew some of the capital of israel so how do you justify
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if now you actually analyze all the points that you put for one helping the gaza strip is blockade there yes still it will locate is continue gaza is an open air prison did the turkish government do anything i mean this no no no i mean we can put forward a lot of questions but i am asking a very clear question those pilots who are bombing gaza are trained in turkey blockade is still there what and what excuse trade with israel does improve we are given full support when it comes to jerusalem i mean such a misleading attitude is put forward in this case that what the islamic. organization the noisy little country came to go to the
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decision they have taken what did they say sixteen percent though you do so on belong to belong to palestine. from the other side what it means it means that eighty four percent belongs to israel no one no to solve this and of course they can't do anything but the palestinians are thankful be called this issue was carried to the united nations to what effect nothing just a could if you believe it's just propaganda from just a problem and that is nothing else. all the policies we destroyed americans destroyed iraq for what these them because saddam they accused that saddam had nuclear weapons at the end they could not find any they said we apologize it was wrong what one and i have mean the n word massacre in iraq
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who did responsible is in the policy turkish government has any responsibility for your saying that under the one in the act party they have become closer to the united states closer to israel and they want to join the european union if you weren't power who would your allies be what alliances would you build international exact now first where. some people say that well what happens if you bring the weak countries together but still we believe the gooney to all the countries we have first the eight these are the countries who have larger populations that. you have muslim countries that are actively working against turkey yes we have the united arab emirates you have how do you have egypt you have countries that actively are working to damage turkey. you know this happened in the
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past as well only if there is a mind a mind which is that determined to correct the mistakes that the countries are making you have to hug them you have to bring them to us table and discuss the matters what the mistakes they are making must have you must show them that the decisions they are taking are wrong but this is not achieved by quarrelling with them fighting with them going to war with the muslim world is burning. all over i mean we have to see what is happening we have to try to bring them together so that we shall pull out for all our selves if the americans or do you peons or israel interfere they will not be able to come together they don't want us to come together this is a win that we have to put into effect to be fair in the past ten years turkey is
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a leadership role region least specifically in the muslim world has increased dramatically ten fifteen years ago no one really cared what turkey's policies were to be honest i know that so that is something but that is something that you have to credit the government oh no we have supported the united states in iraq that is something but you have them you're talking about leadership role in the muslim world what put it this decision the muslim world has taken tell me because. one decision i mean they would say the supporters of the government will talk to the work that is done in somalia other will talk about the interfering why myanmar and the massacring of muslims let me tell you this aid is different i agree turkish government i mean when i criticize the outline or turkish government i am not saying that they have not done anything of course we agreed that they have
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given a lot of support to somalia they have given aid to other countries at the places where they are suffering i don't regret that. but the point is this is just a this is not a policy which would bring with them countries to stand up on their own let's move back to domestic issues for a second and sunday's elections they're not only for the presidency they're also for the parliament and now while your collaboration with the c.h.p. is only on the parliamentary election front you are nominated as the candidate of your party for the presidency the c.h.p. as i mentioned have the wrong kind of injury now considering the party failed to get even ten percent of the votes in the last elections the last parliamentary elections that is do you really think that you personally stand a chance of winning the presidency there are some rumors that thirteen tricks are
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prepared we don't know what would happen you know when you take it. take part in elections you go that when. needless to say president erdogan has a different view from the leader of the sadat party. just hours before the polls open we sat down with one of his leading advisers and spokesperson now those who claim that the new system will be some kind of an authoritarian talk receive a one man rule etc will study political history and look at the examples of other presidential system why should the presidential system in and of itself be a one man rule if you look at for example how much power american presidents have it's not any different or you look at the french model which is semi presidential or look at other countries where you have presidential system like in mexico argentina indonesia russia and other countries so in and of itself a presidential system cannot be called an authoritarian system in fact if you look
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at the model itself the full separation of powers judiciary executive and legislative in fact that is fully separated in the presidential system the job one and see that the do this really isn't separated from power very one of the reasons why they say they're running against. president one is because they claim the government now controls the judiciary and it's the dreaded sri acts according to the whims of the one no to the contrary in fact of the judiciary used to be dominated by a kind of a more secularist type of judges and prosecutors in the past and we have many examples of this and then what happened in the. in the last five six years until a few years ago the glynnis infiltrated the judiciary because the fetter people they put there of people in key positions of the judiciary prosecutors and judges and members of high judicial councils and they were controlling the judiciary now
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we have eliminated the good honest from the judiciary in fact if you look at how the judicial system works in turkey they have the iran you know impartial and free position they make decisions every single day on you know thousands of cases from criminal cases to political cases from civil suits to many other things. so they are independent in fact within the new system presidential system they will have more independence because the members of the high councils of. judicial system will be appointed by the president as well as by the parliament but also with members from the judicial bodies themselves so why do you think the narrative especially in western media international media is that actually contrary to what you're saying turkey is moving towards this or third tarion regime or system of governance i think most of the criticism that you get from some western media outlets and some commentators is based on
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a total misreading of the political realities in turkey they are very selective they are very partial in fact some you will call them political activism rather than really serious journalism to give you a couple of examples some commentators in the western media predicted. in almost every single election the last ten years that one was about to lose they advocated the opposition candidates which is fine if that's their position that's fine but they fail that their predictions every single time aired on has entered almost fourteen or fifteen i think general local elections and referendum over the last fourteen fifteen years and here's one every single one of them to vote on sunday's not going to be any different according to the polls that we have and also what we see on the ground we've been campaigning for more than a month now we've been throughout the country in all the major cities i mean we see the crowds on the streets and the years aspirations stayers expectations from the
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government from the leadership it's very clear that he is set to win this election as well now if venting is a crime. that he is. you know he's yours he's guilty but that that's that's a faulty logic obviously just because he keeps winning doesn't make him an authoritarian person we spoke to. who is a candidate for this other party obviously they come from the same school of thought of. who was a mentor of their president when he says the reason why he's contesting the presidency against iran is because he believes early on in the act party your party have shifted away from the morals and principles that you once claimed to adhere to and have gone off in search of centrally kind of ultimate capitalism away from the
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principles of socialist social justice as were the underpins of the party the justice and development party well i can only laugh at this claims because if you look at the issues of social justice no other political party or leader has done more to raise the level of living standards of ordinary citizens low income people in turkey than president ever done over the last sixteen years you can see this in the economic growth of the country turkey was only a two hundred fifty billion dollar economy in two thousand and two when i want to go over in fact it took over in two thousand and three and now turkey is an eight hundred billion dollar economy. g.d.p. per capita was about two thousand dollars to twenty five hundred dollars or so it's about eleven thousand dollars at the moment you look at the business opportunities look at the big investments the f.b.i. the f.b.i. coming into turkey and so on so forth i can hear many many examples from health of to education from infrastructure to rose hospitals and. airports and seaports
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tourism in all walks of life. turkish economy has expanded turkish society has moved up in many areas and ordinary citizens. which makes up make up like that the vast majority of the turkish people in the rural as well as urban areas have benefited from this equally in regards to issues of like shifting turkey away from traditional western alliance or other. camps. we've seen this argument over and over you know he's accusing you of going too much to the western alliance is so too much to the united states too much to israel understand the way from the muslim role than your traditional regional and others claims that turkey is moving away from the traditional western alliance. you cannot make everybody happy obviously but from say that particular point of view let me say that again turkey has done more for the causes of the oppressed people in the world not just muslims but also
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other people then again any other country in recent history i mean look at what turkey has done in somalia look at what turkey has done in palestine new garcelle courts as well as in gaza but all palestinians just remember president of the one who is the president of the y. seat term president had three summits under the i.c. one. regulars and two extraordinary. summits and the two summits what about the courts well on the other if i can interject because i want to give you a chance to respond to this specific accusation that came from kerman low luis is that these that you use palestine as a some sort of electioneering tool in order to gain popularity that actually relationship with israel has improved trade between the two countries has improved and actually that president with one of the our party doesn't care or don't care
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about the plight of those suffering in gaza under blockade about the illegal occupation what's your response as it's completely unfounded baseless accusation in fact this is. election time. really just polemical issues i think the facts are very clear turkey has done more in terms of providing humanitarian aid to the palestinians not just in gaza but also in the west bank and. v. have raised the issue of the ports at the international level after the americans decided to move their embassy to jerusalem turkey has done more as called for extraordinary summit and mobilize the international community and had a historic success at the u.n. general assembly remember one hundred twenty eight countries water begins to us decision and in the second voting again there was overwhelming majority supporting . the motion that we put together with the kuwaitis and the egyptians and the jordanians i believe. to reject american. decision to recognize
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jerusalem as the capital of israel but also in regards to what happened at the border in gaza in may and now we have succeeded in. calling for. a protection force for the palestinians themselves so now the secretary general. is. mandated to bring an action plan to the general assembly in regards to how to protect the palestinian civilians this has never happened before in the entire history of the palestinian cause and this is thanks to this mobilizing force of all the countries that supported it muslim countries as well as european latin american and other countries and president no one pull out a single handedly heroic rock in mobilizing the international committee if this was
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just an election investment why should he take that risk because that puts us against you know some prominent countries of the world such as the united states israel the lobby etc that keeps attacking president bush on every single issue so if you cannot call that election investment as a genuine support and i think this is proven over and over again finally if presidents or do one wins in the first round of these elections what steps will he take in order to allay the fears or at least to prove wrong those who claim that he is continuing going barking on this. authoritarian dictates or your pursuit of you know one man power over this country obviously it takes to two to tango you cannot expect just the president or the government to do x.y.z. and that will all the concerns i think other opposition parties will have to do
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more to bring you know different segments of the society together we understand it's election time you know it's hard campaigning we understand all of that but come june twenty fifth you know we wake up to. did new political scene with the parliament and the presidency etc i think everyone should have. a role to play in normalizing relations and the sentiments in the post-election period of course president again will do his part as the president of the country as the president of every citizen in this country he has never discriminated against. the citizens just because they didn't work for him no one can claim that i mean look at the services look at you know the social justice issues etc investments and all of that he's never discriminates against anyone but if you look at the discourse of other political
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parties you know i have some concerns about some of his issues again this is deepening of this polarization if you will for us that means peace if you will for them that means war that kind of language we never used that it's certainly going to be an historic election with the whole world watching the edge of their seat starts to come in thank you very much for talking to zero my pleasure tim i thank you. unless we have new generations growing up to understand that all the nations that ship of the natural then soon there will be nothing left and will suffer primatologist and conservationist dr jane goodall towards to al-jazeera.
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three stories generate thousands of headlines cooperate with different angles from different perspectives we. miss the only evidence that russia was responsible for this separate the spin from the facts that's why on god's states or in the misinformation from the journalism the issues here go far beyond one data mining company and one election with the listening post on al-jazeera. al-jazeera it's swear every.
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zimbabwe's president survives an xplosion at a rally where he was speaking one of his vice presidents was injured. the softer ethiopia's new prime minister escapes a grenade attack at a rally which killed one person and dozens. and this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. they're the ones main rival for the turkish president say mahara in chait draws a massive crowd in istanbul final election rally. thousands face syria's darragh province so after the government launches a major fan.


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