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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 24, 2018 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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my tune is you hang on al-jazeera. votes so the cast in elections that will transform turkey's political system. will you watching al-jazeera live from i had. fully back to bold so ahead rebels in southern syria say the u.s. has told them they're on their own as the army and its allies close in plus. zimbabwe's president because it wasn't his time after surviving an apparent grenade attack on the campaign trail and from a lack of hospitals to fake untie venom we'll look at the factors behind a worsening health problem in nigeria.
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voting is underway in turkey's high stakes he lections that will complete the country's transition to a new executive presidential system presenter shuteye bedouins main rival omaha m n j has cast his ballot in his home city of he's wood voters with an unexpectedly gauging campaign earlier on for his on is seeking reelection for a new five year term with vastly increased powers under the new system and his ruling ak party is hoping to retain its majority in parliament another virtue on challenges a sole female candidate has voted in the last hour action air from the nationalist eve party previously served as turkey's first female interior minister action as promised to reestablish turkey's parliamentary system and and the state of emergency let's go live now to simcoe subarus in istanbul for us at a polling station cinema where president is expected to vote very shortly. yes
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ali he is expected to arrive in this school right behind me in a few minutes actually he must arrive every year he comes and votes in this primary school he comes with his wife and we have a crowd right here in front of the main door of the school people who came here to vote they are outside waiting for our don't arrive mainly they are the out party supporters they want to show their love and support for him for the election as you say this is a milestone for our don because first this is the first time that a presidential and parliamentary elections are being held at the very same same time and also is stumbled first is a very important component of turkey's elections there is there are two twenty almost more than fifteen million people living in istanbul and at least ten million
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voters reside in istanbul so it is like a castle that every politician wants to conquer and c.h.b. the main opposition and acquires he actually are big rivals in istanbul right now and are don't want to win a stumble because although uncorrupt is the capital of politics and bureaucracy all hearts are here is stumble is also the finance center so he will have the chance to get the support of the business environment here is going to be a very challenging atmosphere in istanbul today you mentioned istanbul scenario you also talked about ankara where does the opposition have the upper hand. actually the coastal side of turkey up on the north on the west and in the south. as especially the secular parties like the main opposition c.h.p.
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and the nationalist party are always leading that's that's a kind of the. voting trend in turkey in some cities the votes are transitional for instance while the republican votes for c.h.p. in another election you can see the water changing it's his or her vote to a nationalist party but in central london it's all the it's mainly party who has the upper hand also in the south is mainly kurdish dominated cities it's the proof cordis peoples the more critic party which has the upper hand especially the course of the ring the uk party's candidates member of the parliament candidates have been said to be a little bit weaker profiles compared to h d p's h d p for sure is going to have the upper hand in the southeastern cities of turkey ok thank you very much for nelson emco say go live for us in istanbul now one of the main opposition parties vying for a share of sunday's vote is a pro kurdish people's democratic party as seen
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a mention. although kurds make up only seventeen percent of the electorate performance could have a decisive impact on the election reports from one of the biggest are the party's biggest strongholds the southeastern city of diablo care. thanks wolf this is the proof kurdish people's democratic party h d p cheering their presidential candidate from his prison some solid. chose the last minutes of the election campaign on saturday to give his final t.v. address through every duty call to close it on the i congratulate all our people who will stand for democracy by going to the polls i hope the results of this election are going to be for the good of the country i invite all voters to respect the ballot boxes and the will of the people. the matusz ran for president in two thousand and fourteen with a nine point seven percent of the vote he came third after president of the one and
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then opposition leader. but in two thousand and sixteen who was thrown in jail for alleged links to the band called the stand workers party or p k k which turkish authorities consider a terrorist organization. now many kids look at the as a symbol of their political aspirations then they must understand it's not going to be a fair election says our leader salahuddin is not free but even with him in prison we're going to do our best to work. for decades the kurdish parties struggle to get the ten percent of seats that's needed to enter parliament it finally reached that goal in the two thousand and fifteen general elections now the caird say that the least they can aspire to achieve is to preserve that success at the headquarters of the party there was only one expectation parties jingles from star big curators and so we expect great results from this election you've seen the last rally of our
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party and how excited people have been even more so than in twenty fifteen i think the average here has given its final word a big victory on sunday. there are more than three million kurds living in the region of the but the total kurdish population in turkey is about fifteen million about seventeen percent of the electorate she worried other candidates are courting their votes including the president who campaigned earlier this month just shy of a recognition of the kiddush vote could be decisive in this election and if a second round will be needed carrots could be the kingmakers. turkey. and more on the high stakes elections in turkey on our website at al jazeera dot com there's a section dedicated to our special coverage all the latest updates on there at al-jazeera dot com on to other world news now in the united states has reportedly told syrian rebels not to expect military support in southern syria near jordan and
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the israeli occupied golan heights a deescalation zone was established last year which includes parts of the provinces of diderot and connla rebels there are facing a syrian government offensive and in the latest developments a syrian activists report that at least twenty five russian air strikes hit eastern parts of dheeraj overnight. reports. this is the first time global build forces have used battle bombs in the. helicopters struck several villages in what appears to be a major advance to take over the city but this violates a truce that was brokered by russia and the united states in africa to bring an eye and to the seven year war the rebels who are losing ground remain defiant. we don't recognize assad's authority he has destroyed our cities and killed our
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people he destroyed syria to stay in power we will never recognize him and we reject the presence of the reigning and afghan militias it's only syrians who should decide the future of the country. the syrian army is massing troops in the area the opposition says thousands of shiite militias are also moving in dar was the focal point of the syrian uprising in two thousand and eleven but in recent years the rebels have been retreating they now control one neighborhood in the city and a few areas on the border with jordan this is a show of force by the free syrian army. for years the f.s.a. was trained and armed by the u.s. europe and gulf countries but that support has diminished over the last. anti
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forcers are largely outgunned and outnumbered. yes present donald trump's son in law and senior advisor jarred says the administration will soon present its peace plan for israel and palestine and he said this will happen with or without input from palestinian president mahmoud abbas he made the comments during an interview with palestinian newspaper codes during his trip to israel is quoted as saying that he doubts about us is capable of making a deal but added that he is still willing to work with him the palestinian leader cut communications with the trumpet ministration after it recognized jerusalem as the capital of israel. zimbabwe's president has trial dolphin grenade explosion close to him at a campaign rally. in one god why wasn't hurt but several others were including the vice president was says the attack won't affect next month's presidential election the first since
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longtime leader robert mugabe was ousted last november. saying. jobs exchanged. and a grenade attack in ethiopia has narrowly missed the prime minister the explosion killed two people and injured more than one hundred others victoria gate and be reports. this was the moment the grenade exploded close to where prime minister abbey ask why it was sitting. for a few moments there was confusion before members of the security forces came onto the stage and led to safety. witnesses say they saw the man who targeted the prime minister the prime minister were just concluded his speech and that moment there was a grenade. but i think the guy was just trying to see the stage. beside
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him just took him. just went off and on sunday it was a bloody end to a day that is started with say much optimism hundreds of thousands of ethiopians had gathered in the capital addis ababa mescal square to support the new prime minister since taking office in april the forty two year old has announced a series of reforms including the release of tens of thousands of prisoners the opening of state owned companies to private investment and to propose peace deal with eritrea in an address to the nation after the attack abby said that those trying to divide ethiopia would not succeed in the in my family why not but that i'm not certain groups planned and coordinated to destroy this large gathering to kill innocent people and to spill blood on our streets they have tried very hard
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but their entire plot has failed the questions are being raised about whether the security operation for such a large rally was adequate some of the officers have been saying that this is an attempt on the life of the prime minister and the definitely. supporting the rally was a great demonstration that there is a solid support for the reformist by the prime minister but at the same time the the great attack have revealed that the reforms are still fragile prime minister abbey says he is determined to bring change to ethiopia but this attack highlights the lengths some will katie to try and stop him victoria gave him. a check on the world weather is up next and still ahead as european leaders prepare to discuss. migration divisions we speak to refugees who've reached down but. i mail bideford german fans as the defending world cup champions keep their
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tenement hopes alive at the very last minute. welcome back as we look at the weather conditions across southeast asia the weather is not really playing ball at the moment we're seeing showers through weather shouldn't be this time of year sitting down into parts of java saudi downpours showers in kuala lumpur pretty not unexpected but it's been a particularly wet day here and it's likely will see further heavy showers across this part of the world to is seen some very heavy rain and brunei international airport there some big totals also being reported so not much change in the forecast for the heavy showers across western parts of job across the whole of borneo and again up through the late clincher up towards the gulf of thailand for bangkok i think that will be one of two showers and further showers likely across
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thailand through the course of chews day and you see the circulation again giving some heavy rain for parts of java heading down into a strategy the whole country is on the influence of one big area of high pressure so the weather is looking subtle but it's also looking on the cool side certainly nighttime temperatures going down quite low as the wind comes around from the south so that's what we're looking at during the course of monday want to two showers just developing across interior areas but otherwise fine conditions sydney looking at sixteen perth weather conditions cherry not too bad highs of twenty one but remains particular settled across both islands of new zealand. stories generate thousands of headlines. different angles from different perspectives we. can see the real concrete evidence that russia was responsible for this suffering the spin from the facts that's why i own guns states or the
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misinformation from the journalists will be issues here go far beyond one data mining company and one election with the listening on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories voting is underway in turkey's high stakes elections that will complete the country's transition to a new executive presidential system president russia type bedouins main rival my arm injury has cast his ballot in his home city of yala. activists in syria say more than twenty five russian air strikes hit the province of there are overnight
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as the government offensive continues the u.s. has reportedly told syrian rebels there not to expect this support and u.s. president on time son in law and senior adviser jared kushner says the administration will soon presented speace plan for israel and palestine has told a palestinian newspaper that this will happen with or without input from palestinian president mahmoud abbas. now back to our top story in turkey's election joining us is very by saddam hussein assistant professor at even hugged and university joins us live from istanbul this of course it is a very significant election because it's the first sign that a presidential vote and upon a mentary want to happening similar tenuously do you think previous indicators can be used for this election today are you expecting a surprise. well actually. if you look at the different sectors of the society what i gather is the this is really like the result could be let's say old
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a need is fifty percent plus one so. long can win with fifty one percent all rules with forty nine percent so they're very close. proxy we are talking here but actually not to forget whatever the result probably mr wrong will win but what part of him mr than himself focusing on is the to get the majority in the parliament as you said today the voters were using two separate pieces of paper sheets one for the president or the one for the m.p.'s so mr gone always the ones to win the presidential executive presidential elections as well as try to get the majority in the parliament otherwise system will have some difficulties and the winner faces real challenges as turkey has been in a state of emergency since at a failed coup attempt in two thousand and sixteen the economy is in crisis as well
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but i wonder is foreign policy how high on the agenda of people as they vote is you know turkey's involvement in syria for instance a factor at all in these elections. indeed i mean we should remember all three and a half million syrians turkey and i personally think that they will really well manage the new way found their place in turkish society with not much creating social problems but also of course there is a kind of really an economic crisis walled why this push in latin american turkey. and other countries this is alternately affecting turkey's economy and always in people when they go to vote the first thing in their mind is the what's going to happen with the economy and second we have another very important issue is the kurdish question how it's going to be sorted out and third in my view very very
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important is that in fight against isis in north north eastern part of syria united states seems to really deploy hundreds of thousands of weapons and this is right beside turkey's border with syria which is eight hundred fifty kilometers this may really cause serious security threats and a new future thank you very much very reason for speaking to us once again thank you for joining us here on al-jazeera. spain's coast guard has rescued nearly eight hundred refugees and migrants trying to cross the mediterranean sea from north africa they were in a feat of around twenty five small boat sailing between the moroccan in spanish coast leaders are having an emergency meeting on sunday to discuss tensions about migration policies meanwhile the french president says he supports financial sanctions on either members refusing to accept refugees and migrants with proven asylum status and money and that call met spain's new prime minister in paris as
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the first official trip abroad by petro sanchez since taking office three weeks ago and as they and other european leaders prepare for sunday's emergency meeting on my gratian policies many of the refugees and migrants trying to make their way across the continent are losing hope al-jazeera zoran slee reports on the greek border with macedonia where people who have travelled from turkey found themselves at a dead end. dogs live better than this stinking piles of rubbish the air thick with mosquitoes they're mostly afghans and they know full well the not even germany will take them in nowadays their war has been deemed less important than a syrian woman so they're stuck with people going to stay here but the system is too slow i.e. trying to move rules even to move now and to stay here do you hear but there's no camp that i can avoid this day there because of all these four year some have lived in a half built car park nearly a year so cornered mohammed had arrived the day we turned up he thinks he would
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like to risk the crossing through albania which thousands have already tried this year but how to afford it you have money for this or not i have one money in one year or even now one euro yes. as banished if you want in person just ahead no one money is the northern pass to greece from turkey over the wide river the route revealed by al-jazeera several months ago that is causing this new humanitarian crisis everyone we spoke to would come this way and the total lack of hope in greece is forcing them to consider any routes out if you have any money you can get a bus from thessaloniki to a port and try your luck on a boat to italy but most don't have the luxury of this option until a couple of years ago it or many was full of tents and journalists before the so-called balkan routes was closed by macedonia the media's all gone now but we'd
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been told dozens were still attempting this route every day and so it proved we found them a shepherd's track in a forest right on the border all of them pakistanis many of them teenagers where do you go do you know. and germany this way. trying to do what hundreds of thousands managed a few years ago but europe isn't the same anymore according to the united nations there are now getting on for ten thousand more refugees and migrants in greece than the were when this border was basically a refugee camp two or three years ago and frankly these people have got absolutely no children's of getting asylum in any western european country if anything germany's likely to tell greece to take more and more people back these places become a complete trap and surprisingly the new waves of refugees coinciding with the new
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hostile european environments make local officials nervous either make it less bigoted then there are many happened because they wanted to fulfill their dreams and go to europe over things that were done a trapped them into many concerned way of phrase but we hope there will never again be an informal camp of refugees and migrants most for the refugees living rough in greece there is not even war so let alone hope they may as well pray because no country in europe will help them now gloriously al-jazeera northern greece protests as in the u.s. state of texas have stopped a bus carrying migrant children. and the latest show of anger against donald trump zero tolerance policy on immigration police were called to a reception center near the border with mexico the bus was allowed to continue its journey border patrol agents didn't say where it was going present trump has
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ordered an end to the separation of migrant children from their parents but many remain in detention. snakebite scale more than one hundred thousand people every year the world health organization says reducing the number of fatalities is a global health priority many victims are in nigeria where as reports doctors are struggling to save lives. this man was bitten by a snake three days ago but is only now arriving at hospital for treatment two hundred kilometers away a medical crisis is unfolding in nigeria where i distances between medical facilities can prove the difference between life and death and medicines are either too expensive for many or in short supply. before the doctor here can finish attending to the patient his call to another victim who's just been brought in we have a severe admissions daily now. and as time goes on as we're entering the rainy
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season properly we'll be having more because people are under fire and also because of sleeping are sent thousands of people are bitten by sneaks in nigeria every year but health experts can't be sure exactly how many died because of poor access in rural areas this is the only hospital treating victims of snakebites in a region of more than thirteen million nigerians doctors and nurses here are struggling to cope with the rising number of patients doctors say many cases arrive year late sometimes too late and patients die or end up with permanent disability it took our people when nearly five days to get help. leave our love i never gone through unbelievable suffering to get here it's just that i didn't day at some point at least a decade. coppin vipers are responsible for eighty percent of the cases in this
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hospital. i've also been to going to cost one hundred fifty dollars but there are some dubious antivenom is being offered on the market and they can help of course death rather than prevent it so many people are dying in the in the bush or india or areas where it is not accessible or and when i go there so i'm in a fair counties and i have enough cyclists in nigeria but a growing population there is a need for more land to grow food and that has set humans and dangerous reptiles on a collision course more snakes in their natural habitat are being disturbed as more crops are planted the rising number of snake bite cases has prompted the regional government to build an extension to the hospital in an effort to meet the increased demand for treatment. a few months ago the country was hit by a shortage of i just need venom drugs it's reported two hundred fifty people died in just three weeks with
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a crop planting season only now getting in the way hospitals are bracing for another surge in the number of snake bite victims in need of urgent help i meant to grease al-jazeera comes to nigeria. germany's football team has revived fans' hopes of successfully defending the world cup crown. but the players made everyone back home wait until the last minute down to ten men after a sending off they needed a free kick winner in injury time to beat sweden two one the germans are hoping to become the first country to retain the world cup in more than fifty sports correspondent andy richardson has more from moscow. where there was a collective holding of breath for everyone concerned with this world cup in russia as for long periods of the game against sweden it looked as though germany were about to be knocked sounds that coach yogi love had made for changes to the starting line up but the same defensive frailties still seem to be there the defensive frailties we saw in their one nil opening loss to mexico sweden took
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a first off lead through even and germany started the second half with an extra striker on the pitch and they dropped an equaliser through mark or royce but it still didn't look set to be the night they had to defend your own words saying get sent off late in the game but it was still time deep into injury time for them real madrid midfielder toni cross to smash only free kick and completely change the world cup. win means they'll go into the final round of group games level on points with sweden sweden will play mexico while germany will take on south korea who've lost both a games so for now this is a notoriously difficult title to defend successfully the last team to achieve it brazil back in one thousand nine hundred sixty two but perhaps germany will look at slightly more recent history for some inspiration in twenty ten spain lost their opening game but still went on to lift the trophy. and looking ahead to sunday's
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action in russia england play their second match of the tournament they are up against panama whoever wins out of japan and senegal will go to the top of group h. while poland and colombia will be chasing their first victory this welcome. hello again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera voting is underway in turkey's high stakes elections that will complete the country's transition to a new executive presidential system present. main rival myron injury has just voted in his home city of his would voters with a strong campaign otoh on for his part is seeking a new five year term with vastly increased powers under the new system and his ruling ak party is hoping to retain his majority in parliament mohamed valley is monitoring the election in a kurdish hot and city of the. kurds are not happy of the
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overall picture they're not happy with the how the election is being organized particularly the supporters of salahuddin de mustache who is in jail they say their leader should be out of jail that you should have been allowed to campaign for and seek the support of of the of the partisans but here they also say but even though he's in jail they're going to do their best to win this election they're going to try to maintain that ten percent of seats in the parliament but they've got activists in syria say more than twenty five russian air strikes hit the province of there are overnight as a government offensive continues the u.s. has reportedly told syrian rebels there not to expect military support u.s. person donald trump's son in law and senior adviser says the administration will soon present a species plan for israel and palestine and he said this will happen with all with that palestinian president mahmoud abbas he made the comment during an interview with the palestinian newspaper out during his trip to israel question is quoted as
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saying that he doubts abbas is capable of making a deal but added that he still willing to work with him. zimbabwe's president is shrugging off a grenade explosion close to him at a campaign rally and miss a non-god war wasn't hurt but several others were including a vice president in the latest show of anger against zero tolerance policy on immigration protestors in the u.s. state of texas a stalled a bus carrying migrant children but these were called to a reception center near the border with mexico before allowing the cross to continue its journey. you're up to date with headlines on al-jazeera coming up next it's the killer revisited do stay with. china's one she probably has become famous for its large number of elderly many age one hundred older one used investigates in the region told the secrets to a long and healthy life twenty one east on al-jazeera.
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so there's a particular school that you have to get for you let loose on notation on against hunger to change. how many of these patients you see today everybody else in. the game last year.


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