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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 24, 2018 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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it is still in pretty good shape but it's apparent this unique landscape needs to be very carefully managed as multiple tricks begin to loop. holes closing in turkey's historic election that will transform its political system one hundred sweeping powers to the president. i know there are a tile this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up eight leaders meet in brussels to iron out differences over migration policies. donald trump's middle east advisor says the u.s. will soon announce its peace plan even if the palestinians are not on board. and from boomtown to ghost town how china's government is trying to combat the effects
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of tourism on the environment. well voting has just ended in parliamentary and presidential polls that are being described as president rejet tired toughest electoral test yet he wants a first round knockout and a majority for his party but once facing a really energized opposition has been a spec reports from ankara. if turkey's president is nervous there was no sign of it as he voted with his family in his istanbul home type one will enjoy widespread new executive presidential powers if he's reelected his favorite to win but a resurgent opposition has turned this into an unexpectedly tight race. turkey staging a democratic revolution with this election to transfer to the executive presidency was destined to happen to us at the presidential system which took you seriously
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raising the bar rising above the level of contemporary civilisations. the main opposition candidate a former physics teacher has chipped away at irwin's lead in the polls. hopes to stop or two on winning more than fifty percent of the vote which will force a second round runoff. i hope it will be good for our people and our country i hope whatever is best happens thank you all around fifty six million eligible turks are also voting for a new parliament an unprecedented alliance of most of the opposition parties is hoping to take parliamentary control from earlier ones ruling ak party and maybe elections be good for our country and our people i hope the best candidate will win it is surprising to see such a crowd of eighty m. people are showing great interest the two magnificent i want to peace justice brotherhood equality and democracy to in the elections may whoever deserves it when the president chill and parliamentary elections in turkey's conservative southeast
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the pro kurdish h d p is hoping to again breach a ten percent threshold to win seats in parliament if they don't then their seats are given to the second preference of voters which is likely the a.k.p. how kurds vote could mean the difference between power or opposition for the a.k. people there are an unprecedented one hundred forty nine thousand observateur from opposition parties polling stations across turkey day along with observers from the ruling party here to make sure only the votes cast and up in the ballot box if there is a clear winner on sunday night he will become the most powerful president since turkey's founder mustapha kamau ataturk became the first in one thousand nine hundred twenty three bernard smith al-jazeera and current as. an anchor near the act party headquarters and somali polls are just officially close how did the death of a single. well generally smooth laura turkey has a very long and proud history of high voter turnouts usually eighty percent and
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above it is by far the highest voter turnouts in terms of democracies in europe consistently and today is nothing different in fact people are expecting it to be even higher possibly closer through ninety percent as you heard there in berners piece there's also tens of thousands of or rather thousands rather of observers that our presence across the polling stations in every part of the country because not only is this something that is tightly contested it is something that's it will have a huge impact both inside turkey but obviously regionally as well so there's a lot of interest from difference observers and different organizations to see how smooth the voting goes so far there's been no real accusations of any sort of major voter fraud or and he singled suchlike which is something that definitely will hold well for these elections as the results begin to come in later on this evening yeah
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we just the same thing like that is out of whack as in the polling stations are starting to gather up all the ballots from the big count to begin and do we know when we should start expecting saying to myself. well these elections are the first of the type in the sense that we're having both a parliamentary and the presidential so it's difficult to get an exact time scale but usually when it is for example the parliamentary elections we start seeing results come in at about seventeen eighteen g m t that's around eight or nine pm local time in trying to keep up because they will be counting both the presidential and the parliamentary i'm not sure exactly how that will come in but do bear in mind that they do have a very efficient system here because this is the twelfth walt i believe in the past ten or twelve years so it is not something that is new on turks to come out to vote it's definitely not new for the author. richie's here in the tradition we had all those responsible for counting the ballots and so forth to go through it so in
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terms of efficiency and the way in which we'll be seeing those results come out we can expect maybe to see preliminary results filtering through in about i would say maybe four hours' time from now ok and just how tight a race and say. well let's talk about the presidency because that's the main one that people are. focusing on in terms of how things will be because most of the power of it will be concentrated in the president's now in terms of if we take the candidates as they are six candidates there was one by far was a lot more popular than the rest and that is bridget tape around but puts the rest together is in the five positions and you will find that maybe there is according to polls between anything between forty to fifty percent who will most be voting corps read a paper run theoretically that doesn't mean much in terms of what do i need because all he needs to do is cross that fifty percent to win in the first round of the
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election but let's say he falls short that say for example that some people the protest vote is greater than we expected or let's say the c.h.p. is my arm injury manages to galvanize more than people had predicted and one fails to reach the fifty percent then we're in to a tighter runoff which would be the second round of these elections that's scheduled to take place in the around ten or eleven days time from now and that's where we could have a problem because you could probably see that the protest votes could be concentrated united behind one particular person especially if the party don't perform as well as they would like to in the parliamentary election maybe losing that momentum would go in favor of the opposition but as far as the act party officials are concerned and we've spoken through several the past couple of days and as well as the exit polls that have been coming out it does look maybe i would say bit more likely that a run just manages to cross that fifty percent. in the first round we're going to surprises do happen and there's
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a lot at stake ok jamal for the moment many thanks for joining us from ankara. now a rescue ship with more than two hundred refugees migrants aboard remains in limbo in the mediterranean after me and malta refused to permission to dock german vessel lifeline picked up the refugees and migrants between libya and the italian island of lampedusa on thursday please new government has banned migrant rescue ships from docking at its ports and called on malta to take the boat in but malta says it's not responsible for elsewhere spain's coast guard has rescued only eight hundred refugees and migrants trying to cross the mediterranean sea from north africa they were in a fleet of around twenty five small boat sailing between the moroccan and spanish coasts so you countries are in a standoff over what to do about this influx of refugees migrants sixteen leaders from the european union are meeting in brussels ahead of a major summit on migration on thursday germany wants states to accept asylum seekers more evenly but some countries like italy are resistant to mccain joins us
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live from brussels an uphill battle for these leaders there. very much so a lot of the point to make here is you say sixteen leaders of e.u. states in the building behind me the european commission trying to see what form of compromise what sort of ideas they can thrash out together to see if there's the possibility of some kind of common ground to mention the maltese prime minister while he's in this building behind me as ours i say fifteen other leaders one of the points to make here is that i'm going to merkel the german chancellor said she does not believe that some sort of plan european solution will emerge either from this missing or from the more substantial meeting of all twenty eight e.u. states that will take place in the city on thursday and friday of this week but the question is how likely is any kind of compromise to come out from these meetings to discuss that i'm joined by elizabeth kolbert from the migration policy institute based here in brussels stop with the question to you elizabeth what do we think do
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you think realistically that there is some sort of panacea that will play kate all the e.u. states on migration well i think that's something they've been working on firth ever years now and it seems to have happened is a lot of positions have just become more polarized and more politicized which obviously makes compromise a lot harder and compromises the bread and butter what we see today is sort of two interlinked issues on the one hand chancellor merkel wants to cut some kind of deals particularly with you but with other countries to be able to return atheism seekers who have passed through those countries back more quickly but in order to get that deal she's going to have to find some way to reach. italy steve as an untenable pressure intense that it takes on more responsibility it's believed to disembarkation than than other other states so it's going to be a lot of horse trading but one of the critical things is is that hungary and seven to visit credit states on here and they have been increasingly. edging towards of
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a more unilateral approach a very hardline approach the place where they all agree is one. comes to external borders everyone agrees that external external borders of the e.u. should be strengthened and no one's exactly sure what that means and what success looks like is that zero integration into the e.u. which is not achievable goal they've sort of settled around the idea of increasing the cape coast and border guards. by ten thousand people well people don't necessarily make for better border management is much more complex idea but this is where they can find. common ground common ground thank you very much as with color from the m.p.i. here in brussels the issue here of course is what to do with people who present themselves as refugees on one e.u. territory and then move to another that's the crux of the debate in germany specifically that the problems the tensions between the coalition government between angela merkel's proviron allies and her own party who disagree so
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fundamentally question is can she find agreement here in brussels when she's finding it so hard to to arrive at in berlin back to you in the studio dominic thank you. now the united states has reportedly told rebels not to expect military support in southern syria jordan and the israeli occupied golan heights a deescalation zone was established last year which includes parts of the provinces of daraa and. rebels there facing a syrian government offensive in the latest development that four civilians have been killed in eastern parts of daraa activists have reported at least twenty five russian airstrikes since saturday our correspondent. has the latest from daraa. there's been an ongoing bombardment of russian warplanes targeting villages in the east of tourist since last night tens of russian aerial raids have been carried out by russian warplanes took part recently in this military operation which started five days ago by regime forces the iranian forces and the lebanese his beloved
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forces the russian warplanes are doing their share against the villages of herat. harir. and. in addition to the town of a larger more than fifty aerial raids have been carried out against both from algeria alone now yes now another aerial raid villages and towns on the frontline with forces and. they're still being targeted. on al jazeera to tell you what happened when protesters try to stop carrying migrant children in the us mexico border. and police officers under arrest in ethiopia after an attack on the prime minister's rally.
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welcome back we've got some really heavy rain affecting parts of vietnam southern china and b.m.r. and we're like to see that rain continuing tear in the course of monday further towards the east the recent rain around for hong kong but for food shoot towards shanghai and over in taiwan where the conditions generally aren't looking too bad not a great deal of changes we move into tuesday again those eastern areas seeing some dry weather but for a mere mom afraid as the same old story with torrential rain continuing so let's move from there down into south asia and we've got some heavy rain still affecting the western ghats ratnagiri has been coming with some big rainfall totals over the last few days that is probably going to continue as well also across more eastern or some welcome rain here and some heavy rainfall being reported in dhaka in bangladesh there's a forecast western gaskin a good soaking some of the snow is also picking up some use rain but still not much showing for the north delhi is remaining dry thirty nine degrees some heavy showers
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also affecting nepal and some of those could well cause some flooding here in the arabian peninsula if not a quarter mile over the last few days the winds like in to new jersey monday and highs of forty six in doha. every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories of the was in the truck didn't happen on the boy told through the eyes of the world journalists images matter a lot international politics joined the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most of the big third someone from the country who guides you who leads you to this story of the byline tells us who wrote the listening post on al-jazeera.
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again you're watching our. top stories this hour polls have closed in turkey and high stakes elections that will complete the transition to a presidential system president to on his seeking reelection for a five year term with vastly increased powers under the new constitution but he's facing a tough challenge from the opposition. activists in syria say more than twenty five russian as strikes hit the province of garage overnight as the government offensive continues the u.s. has reportedly told syrian rebels that not to expect support. and e.u. leaders are meeting in brussels ahead of a major summit on migration on thursday as deep division amongst the bloc about how the number of arrivals. will fairly with some countries such as
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disagree. migration is also a major issue in the us where protests as in the state of texas have stopped a bus carrying migrant children. and the latest show of anger against donald trump's zero tolerance policy on immigration police were called to a reception center near the border with mexico the bus was allowed to continue its journey border patrol agents didn't say where it was going for some trumpets an end to the separation of migrant children from their parents but many remain in detention. has more from brownsville on the us mexico border. the department of homeland security has confirmed some new information they say that five hundred and twenty two unaccompanied minors as they're called have been reunited with their family members or guardians now who are exactly these five hundred twenty two children we don't know but presumably who they are is their teenagers who cross the
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border by themselves trying to reach a family member that was already in the united states and then that they were detained so at least five hundred twenty two according to the u.s. government have been reunited with some sort of parent or guardian in the u.s. or have been perhaps deported back to mostly central america if they don't have any guardians in the u.s. also the u.s. government confirming there are still two thousand fifty three children that were separated from their parents at the border those children are still in shelters throughout the united states including this shelter behind me here in brownsville texas which was a former wal-mart store several hundred a boy these are in this shelter in terms of when everyone is going to be reunited no indication on when that might happen just yet as president donald trump's son in law and senior adviser says the administration will soon present his peace plan for israel and palestine and he said this will happen with all without input from
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palestinian president mahmoud abbas he made the comments in an interview with palestinian newspaper could showing his trip to israel because she was quoted as saying that he doubts about us as capable of making a deal but added that he's still willing to work with him the palace in need to cut communications with the trumpet ministration recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. well the details of the so-called deal of the century have not officially been released his want has emerged from the leaks about civilians would initially control gaza and less than half of the occupied west bank and a palestinian capital would be created from villages surrounding jerusalem the israelis would retain security control over the jordan valley and have total control over palestinian travel between the west bank and gaza while a corridor will be created between palestinian territory and jerusalem's holy sites it appears palestinians would have to surrender the principle of the right of return of palestinian refugees expelled to in the creation of israel and the future
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of illegal israeli settlements in the final border between palestine and israel would be decided at a later date of force it has more from west jerusalem. well there's very little here that gives precise indications as to what might be in the black and white of the trim deal but what there is in this interview given by gerrard cushion and indications as to the general direction of travel of the united states administration and the way that it intends to approach this two things really stand out he's putting a lot of store by economic incentive saying that palestinians may well care less about the talking points of their leaders than the prospects of better paying jobs for future generations of their people the other thing that stands out and is evidenced in that is the way that he is trying really to bypass the leadership of mahmoud abbas the palestinian president appealing directly through this interview which is being read by palestinians to the palestinian people themselves saying that perhaps the promising leadership is scared that palestinians might actually
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like what was in this deal and saying that mahmoud abbas perhaps doesn't have the ability to take the lead take the leap rather towards a compromise but there are also things which are really obvious by that absence in this interview no mention of settlements of occupation of the very controversial decision by donald trump to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital and indeed to move the u.s. embassy there so the fact that that hasn't been addressed for many palestinians these aren't just mere talking points of the leadership these are very much core principles and as far as leadership is concerned it has reacted with pretty restrained fury to all this the palestinian president's spokesman saying the united states is trying to create false history has been falsified in facts the p.l.o. second general side erekat is accuse them of trying to separate gaza and the palestinian authority even further and indeed undermine the palestinian authority
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leadership in the west bank so no prospect at this stage that the palestinian leadership has and wants anything to do with the united states administration or its plan even ahead of its publication. iraq's prime minister hyder all about encouraged. into a political alliance which they say will cut across sectarian and ethnic divisions that a siren party won the largest number of seats in speeches election in may about his victory alliance was heard both leaders say they're open to other parties joining them. but. we're now it's across sectarian cross ethnic alliance to speed up forming the next government a strong new government that serves the interests and aspirations of the iraqi people now have you seen. how the we are key to form this coalition and call upon all other political parties to join us also we call for a high level meeting with all of the political blocs to rid the country of its
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current crisis so presidential spokesman has confirmed next month's election will go ahead as planned to spice an attack at. a campaign rally on saturday. the president escaped unscathed after a grenade was thrown live stage but several senior officials were hurt including a vice president say media has updated the number of injured to forty nine election in july the first since robert mugabe was ousted in a military coup last november. from harare. the stadium where the blast occurred in bill a whale has been cordoned off it is now a crime scene the police are appealing to the public to see anyone who perhaps saw anything or took pictures on the phone can they please come forward and a substantial reward has been offered several people were injured in the blast so for the number of people we have been injured or four to mine. they're currently
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receiving treatment. is will is united. however we expect the member of mind to write because we believe. to report to or speak to this mobile probably police is therefore appealing for more information to aid the ongoing inquiries. the presidential spokesperson george roberts said even if there is another attack or as david emergency is declared that will not to take the elections at the end of july and choose their all political parties are meant to meet and they'll sign a peace pledge based it committing to free fair and peaceful elections a concern for some of the bodies now is what actually happened they know that a grenade was used normally in this country you can't just walk into a store and buy a good eight people normally with acts that kind of stuff in the military and
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that's a huge concern for some people what you likely see at the president's rallies from now on will be increased security and those allowed to get close to him like the media for example will likely be thoroughly screened and meanwhile in ethiopia nine police officials have been arrested for alleged security lapses that led to a grenade attack at a political rally in the capital addis ababa which also happened on saturday and promises made was taken to safety but two people were killed and more than a hundred and fifty were injured. has more from addis ababa. if european police confirmed that the mind policeman in custody included the deputy commander for the police and that they say they have been arrested because of what they are calling gross negligence of not putting enough security measures in place to ensure such an incident did not or car at the rally in support of the prime minister thousands of youth your peers government must call square on saturday in support of
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reforms being carried out by the government of prime minister some of the reforms they say they are already enjoying the benefits of including the release of files of political prisoners the return from exile of your previous political opposition leaders and also some are hailing what they're calling the possibility of peace between israel and ethiopia many youth europeans are shocked that they would go to such lengths to stop what they see as a really positive move the reforms which they say this country really needs women in saudi arabia are now officially allowed to drive for the first time some saudi women use simulators to take lessons in advance of the law change of station is expected to boost the economy with a rise in car sales but several hours spoken supporters of women's rights were arrested just weeks before the ban was lifted and some of them are still in jail
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make a high has one of the most popular tourist spots in southwest china attracting up to forty million visitors each year his popularity has only cost as downfall as it says have been asked to shut up shop as part of an attempt to save the lake and is asian brown reports that's also uptown the livelihoods of people living in the ancient city of dolly china is rich in tradition and this is a relatively new one posing for wedding photos before the big day. and the high lake in you know and province is a popular backdrop it's one of china's biggest freshwater lakes and one of its most beautiful. almost forty million people visited in two thousand and sixteen now that rapid growth in tourism. is taking
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its toll on these once pristine waters last april the government told the owners of almost two thousand hotels and restaurants near the ancient town of darlie that they'd have to close for a year the order had followed a visit by president xi jinping who'd urged action to save their life normally these narrow streets which are such a feature of the old village of dolly would be teeming with visitors but since april two thousand and seventeen this place has been like a ghost town and the owners of these businesses simply have no idea when they'll be able to open again a sign of desperation rent contract expiring will sell for low price says this note yearling owns two hotels and says their closure has cost around one million dollars in this incident that you knowing i'm from and i know the reasons why people come here because they're looking for somewhere beautiful but the closure of the hotels
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and the restaurants it has resulted in big damage to the local tourist industry. it is though the damage to the environment that is the bigger concern to the president there's been a proliferation of new hotels and restaurants discharging untreated sewage directly into the lake. workers have also been kept busy by an outbreak of exacerbating the pollution. but more than twelve months on some people like this local farmer complain that there's been little change in the water quality. close hotels around the lake so they can't discharge waste water this has improved the warning quality or high lake but not by very much workers laying pipes for a new water treatment system inferi all hotels and restaurants would eventually be connected to these pipes only after that happens will they be allowed to open again
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and for many businesses that day can't come soon enough the lake is what draws so many people here but environmentalists warn that the measures taken so far to try to save it may have come too late adrian brown al-jazeera in darley southwest china . without a zero these are the top stories counting is underway in turkey and high stakes elections that will complete the transition to a presidential system present advantage seeking reelection for a five year term with vastly increased powers under the new constitution is facing a tough challenge from the opposition. a rescue ship with more than two hundred refugees and migrants on board remains in limbo in the mediterranean after all to refuse that permission to dock the german vessel lifeline picked up the refugees and migrants between libya and the italian island of lampedusa on thursday italy's
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new government has banned migrant rescue ships from docking at its ports and called on malta to take the boat in malta says it's not responsible. sixteen leaders from the european union are meeting in brussels ahead of a major summit on migration on thursday germany wants e.u. states to accept asylum seekers more evenly some countries like italy are resistant activists in syria say more than twenty five russian air strikes hit the province of dare our over night as the government offensive continues u.s. has reportedly told syrian rebels there not to expect best supports u.s. president donald trump's son in law and senior adviser jared kushner says the administration will soon present its peace plan for israel and palestine the top palace in negotiator says the plan tightens israeli colonial control and accuse the us of dictating instead of negotiating zimbabwe's presidential spokesman has
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confirmed next month's election will go ahead as planned despite an attack that i was a man god was campaign rally on saturday. the president escaped unscathed after a grenade was thrown near the stage several senior officials were hurt including a vice president state media has updated the number of injured to forty nine election in july will be the first since one with a copy was ousted in a military coup last november. as ethiopian nine police officials have been arrested for alleged security lapses that led to a grenade attack at a political rally in the capital at this hour the new prime minister was taken to safety but two people were killed and more than one hundred fifty injured. with all the headlines more news on al-jazeera after listening post. unless we have new generations growing up to understand that other nations of the natural. soon will be nothing. and will suffer primatologist and conservationist dr
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jane goodall towards to al-jazeera. tonight think of them and or speak humanitarian crisis. like this all of us crucial to bringing it to my. list of ok i'll go to south. face. talks again next. time. hello i'm richard burton you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories we're tracking this week the war in the yemen will the latest coalition offensive finally get this story the kind of coverage it deserves journalism in syria suffers from a different kind of problem does the truth even stand a chance that a brutal murder of a kashmiri editor sends a chilling message to anyone trying to report from the region and an american cartoonist becomes collateral damage in donald trump's war against the u.s.
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