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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 24, 2018 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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you know if i'm tyrol you know. you are challenging the forces were challenging companies who are going to places where nobody else is going. initial results in turkey's high stakes election for president early on course for a new term with major new powers. and this is al jazeera live from london also coming up a human leaders held an emergency meeting in brussels as hundreds more migrants are left in limbo on rescue boats displaced families from there are set up makeshift camps in the deserts while russian ass strikes rained down on that province and a victim of its own success hotels and restaurants are shut down around china's
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lake high to save the popular tourist spots. millions have voted in turkey in an election which will transform the way that country is run president typer there are look set to tighten his grip on power after the referendum he narrowly won last year which gives the president sweeping new powers at the cost of parliament preliminary results with around twenty seven percent of votes counted already have their own leading the pack with around fifty eight percent of the votes his main challenger is the popular inch a from the c.h.p. party he's drawn millions to his rallies he currently has twenty seven percent of the vote the imprisoned leader of the pro turk kurdish hastie pay so how to endemic tash has five point six percent of the ballots the only female candidates mal has
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received a seven point six percent of vote so let's go live now to jim who's in turkey's capital ankara for us jamal we are hearing the latest exit polls there oversea not the final results but pretty much going with as expected. well as expected as far as the act party and around camp are concerned they were a lot more buoyant and confident than their opponents or skeptics where in the lead up to this poll there was concern or belief that this could be. forced in for a second round of voting if earth wind doesn't reach the fifty percent threshold as you mentioned there was almost thirty percent of ballots counted so he is essentially thirty percent. lead between him and. enjoyed the c.h.p. is counted as are the two hundred fifty eight percent of the votes and injury with
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a heart i mean here with roughly twenty seven point seven percent of the votes there so that's as far as the act party and president of iran are concerned that makes some pretty confidence pretty comfortable with the rest of the votes will be for the still being counted on the parliamentary front there is also some sort of positives as far as the our crops are concerned whereas there are lines with the m h p that's the ultra nationalist party together they're getting roughly sixty five percent of the vote all b.s. that's still there is a long way to go in times of the counting as you mentioned as to this is a new era for our people because it is a new political system that they are embracing one that the people voted on now really in that's a referendum which transfers most of the power from the parliament to the presidency and that's what makes this a high stakes election having said that it is a huge turnout so far so far the results are the figures we're getting from the i
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know the news agency the official news reason see here on several observers is that you're talking around eighty eight percent of those vegetable to vote to have actually crossed the ballots and that's will be an extremely strong. vindication for whoever wins this election will give them a very clear mandate even if they do win it spicy one or two or three. per cent the fact that such a high turnout of sharks took to those polls is something that they will point to to show that they have the trust of the democratic process in order to lead the country forward there was some rumblings early on in the day jamal that the had been some reports of stuffing but only a hole it's been recognized by the observers as a clean election. by far mean there's been you're talking about thousands of observers across the country with. not only independent observers but all the different political parties able to send representatives to watch the process from the moment the ballot boxes opened when
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they were close and obviously the counts and procedures the number of complaints if you can call them that have been minor in terms of the incidence of people claiming that maybe people weren't given the procedure faults in one way or another but on the whole there hasn't been a real objection to how things have been going so far remember one of the things that maybe protects the integrity of this election so to speak is that high voter turnout with so many people taking to the streets the self policing so to speak or the fact that the public are so adamant that the practice the democrats are quite that in and of itself is something that helps this process. to a great extent very smoothly john can speak to us live from ankara. well i'm joined now by and by rockley a professor of international relations and the turkish german university in
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istanbul thanks very much for talking to us on al-jazeera first of all they they are very early exit polls we only have about i think twenty seven percent i counted so far but he does look like president jiang could well be going without a runoff are you disappointed that that's what we're seeing so far as the strength of the ballot for the opposition who have obviously been quite optimistic about how well they do. i think the opposition was optimistic but what has mr india has achieved was that he has just only consolidated his own. electorate so but he was not really able to convince to the waters from the other parts of the society and he has brought some dynamic or dynamism to his party but he was really not really able to reach out to the other segments of the society and also he has run
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a very populist election campaign which he has used many. refugee sentiments in turkey he has used in a four week discourse in the in the elections and also there are also lots of racist remarks from the oppositional parties in turkey and that i think we have seen here a clear strategy a clever strategy the opposition try to use the populous wave that we are seeing also in the western politics they have thought that it might also work in turkey it has worked in the united states it has in many of the european countries and i think the. opposition in turkey also they have they want to use this populism and that's why i think they have based also they are. a campaign strategy on populist promises many of them were not really realistic and also there was also as
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i said too many discourses about refugees for instance mr in just sad that he will send back to all the refugees if they go back for four eight. he's going to close down the gates border gate and the so they are not they are not going to able to come back to turkey or the opposition party another one in a party good party the vice president said that there are. many people in turkey who are not fed properly and then he set forty percent of students into a jar or b.s. if i could use this kind of rhetoric we are seeing from the races parties and i think people in turkey they did they did not like these kind of racism if i can just ask you about the parliamentary election which is obviously also going on today would it be in some ways good for balance if indeed the act party was not the main when the main majority in the parliament shared action today just to just
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a balance out with what a lot of people are saying is the presidential power is really almost out of control now. no i don't think so because currently it seems that the black party will get the majority in the parliament. but also there are checks and balances in the in the system so but this impression and this is also a very strong campaign in the western media that they have also claimed in the past that the turkish democracy is going to die but what we have seen in the last couple of weeks was one of the more. election campaigns that we have witnessed in turkey turkish democratic history so the opposition they came together they. they build an ally different parties came together saw what this shows that. all these. discourse about the turkey's becoming auto retore and and that's going to kill the
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torch democracy is that is not come to. into reality on the contrary. if you look at the presidential system now that the parliament has also certain powers and also parliament can decide to go to early elections and then the president and the parliament will go in the parliament has also powers on the budget issues legislation and etc etc so did is a just i think discourse and and people are not really talking about it is what is in the system but we are talking about a new perception about turkey which is widely disseminated in the western media and that's the main issue here ok for now and asked by rock lake thank you very much for joining us and i will be talking to you later on in the course of these results and you can read more about this high stakes election en tracking on our web site and com has a section dedicated to our special coverage. italy
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has again criticised multan for not taking in a rescue ship with more than two hundred thirty refugees and migrants on board the m.v. lifeline is currently in limbo in the mediterranean after both italy and malta refused permission to dock the german vessel picked up the migrants between libya and the italian island of lampedusa on thursday italy's new government hasn't bound rescue ships from docking at its ports and call on multi to take the boats in malta says it's not responsible meanwhile spain's coast guard has rescued nearly eight hundred refugees and migrants over the weekend who were trying to cross through the sure you see from north africa they were in a fleet of around twenty families small boat sailing between the moroccan and spanish coasts. the migration crisis has caused a standoff between e.u.
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countries over what to do about the influx of refugees and migrants sixteen leaders from the european union are currently holding an informal meeting in brussels ahead of a major summit on migration on thursday germany wants e.u. states to accept asylum speakers more evenly. dominant cain is at the summit in brussels and joins me now from there dominic i understand the president has called it a crisis within the e.u. really is that the tenor of the conversation that they realize that it is that something has to be done. yes that is pretty much the tenor of the discussion in the building behind me they realize the crisis they realize something must be done but the problem is they don't seem to agree on what exactly it is that needs to be done the spanish prime minister going into the missing talked about the crisis in the western mediterranean the need to find a solution there as have other leaders spoken of the need to find
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a solution but what form does that solution take that's the real crux of this meeting going on behind me the the perceived view certainly the view that's being put across by the italian prime ministers the continent is the talk of setting up reception centers in north africa and in states in north africa and elsewhere where people who present themselves either as refugees or as migrants can be a filtration process can be can be underwent as it were which works out a genuine need and those who are perceived in a different category but the problem is not so much amongst the people the minute the leaders who are here as leaders who aren't here because this is a meeting of sixteen member states leaders not all twenty eight and specifically the ones who aren't here who might be considered by some in the european union to be the awkward squad that's necessarily the visa grad group the the countries of poland hungary the czech republic and slovakia they do not agree with some of the proposals put forward here it's interesting that the dutch prime minister mark
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roots when he came into this meeting earlier today said well it'll be interesting to see what's discussed here because why aren't the visa group leaders here so that gives you a sense of how people recognize there's a crisis but they don't recognize what the solution is and there's also talk that they might want to reach out to countries where the flow of migrants is coming from is this one of the things that may indeed move this discussion forward if they can't agree on how they're all going to work together to at least we each outlook for other alternative ways of dealing with that. well certainly alternatives are what the e.u. leadership here want to have to discuss on the table as it were options that they can pursue because that's because they are about this different leaderships want different things certainly from the angle of merkel perspective she's talked about the need for bilateral deals trilateral deals multilateral deals but quite who those deals would really be with she hasn't really been forthcoming today we've seen suggestions from son countries as you say about areas in sub-saharan africa
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perhaps who might be prepared to be involved in this equation but crucially here remember that this meeting is what's called a working group originally anglo-american had hoped this would be something that might come up with some sort of decision she had to row back on that now this is just a working group proprietary to what will take place on thursday and friday but again it comes back down to although there are those who are willing to discuss solutions outside the the problem will be they have to agree this at the twenty eight state solution level and as so far at least there's no real suggestion that the people who aren't attending this meeting opera paired to to agree to that sort of approach many thanks dominick dunne that came there live for us in brussels. president donald trump as sharpened his call to deport people who enter the u.s. illegally saying they should be sent back to where they came from immediately and without a court case. he made the comments after
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protesters trying to block a bus carrying migrant children near the u.s. border with mexico police were called to disperse the protesters and enable the boss to proceed shunts policy to separate children from their parents as sparked an outcry around the country. still to come this half hour. i reward is offered for information on saturday's apparent assassination attempt on zimbabwe's president at a rally in the city and by the way oh and celebrations in saudi arabia as women take the wheel off the driving ban is lifted. welcome back we've got some really heavy rain affecting parts of vietnam southern
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china and b.m.r. would like to see that rain continuing cheer in the course of monday further towards the east the recent rain around for hong kong but for food shoots awards shanghai and over in taiwan weather conditions generally aren't looking too bad not a great deal of changes we move into tuesday again those eastern areas seeing some dry weather but for me a mom afraid is the same old story with torrential rain continuing so let's move from there down into south asia and we've got some heavy rain still affecting the western ghats rightly geary's been coming with some big rainfall totals over the last few days that is probably going to continue as well also across more eastern or some welcome rain here and some heavy rainfall being reported in dhaka in bangladesh there's a forecast western gaskin a good soaking some of the snow is also picking up some use for rain but still not much showing for the north delhi is remaining drawing thirty nine degrees some heavy showers also affecting nepal bhutan and some of those could well cause some
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flooding here in the arabian peninsula for the quarter over the last few days the winds like into new jersey monday and highs of forty six in doha. chinas kwong she province has become famous for its large number of elderly many aged one hundred or older one to one used investigates if the region holds the secrets to a long and healthy life one east on al-jazeera and this is different not to say whether someone is going for some of the spirit that doesn't matter when you meet true i think it's how you approach an individual and i think it is a certain way of doing it you can't just buy a story in fly out. welcome
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back remind all of the top stories here on al-jazeera millions of voted in techies first election since last year's referendum which granted the presidency sweeping new powers turkish president chip type earlier on is on course to tighten his grip on power he's already leading with around fifty seven percent of votes in the initial results but the ones main challenger is no harm in chave a candidate to the opposition's t.h.b. party he promised to reverse a switch to an executive president say and gift politics powers back if he wins on turkey's election watchdog says it's taken steps to deal with what it describes as security concerns in the south eastern town a sort after videos on social media appear to show both voting at a polling station. the united states has reportedly told syrian rebels not to
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expect a military support in southern syria jordan on the israeli occupied golan heights a deescalation zone was a stylish day last year which includes parts of the provinces of daraa and can extra rebels there are now facing a syrian government offensive backed by russian warplanes russian ass strikes have targeted the opposition held town in southwest syria is the first time moscow has provided as support for the syrian government's offensive which was launched last week to recapture an area bordering jordan. reports. government helicopters continue to drop. on the last stronghold in southwest. syria. the free syrian army or f.s.a. is deploying more fighters to repel the attacks but most units in the face
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a shortage of weapons and ammunition thousands of civilians have fled their homes suckling in makeshift camps in desert areas. anger is mounting on the border with jordan where thousands of internally displaced people are strand. where stitching tends to help the growing number of refugees were arrived daily and whether it can help us you are most welcome. we spent days seeking shelter under a tree and no one came to our help when we came here and as you can see the terrain is rough and inhospitable we call upon the international community to help us. syrian army's offensive started last wednesday president bashar al assad is vowing to crush the opposition unless rebels surround the military campaign could turn into a full blown confrontation the u.s.
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which along with russia brokered a truce in southern syria last year has warned of retaliation if the syrian army doesn't pull out. zimbabwe's president imus a man and gaga says next month's election will go ahead as planned despite apparent attempt on his life on saturday. forty nine people were injured in the blast at an election rally in the city of delaware which happened near milan god well as he was leaving the stage several senior officials were home at including a vice president. has more from harare. the stadium where the blast occurred impala whale has been cordoned off it is now a crime scene the police are appealing to the public to say anyone who perhaps saw anything or took pictures on the phone can they please come forward and
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a substantial reward has been offered several people were injured in the blast so for the number of people we have been injured are four to nine indeed they're currently receiving treatment it might at the. israel is united glowing who speak truth however we expect the number might rights because we believe some reports to hospitals this mobile probably police is therefore appealing for more information. to aid the ongoing inquiries the presidential spokesperson george roberts said even if there is another attack or as david emergency is declared that we're not a thick village since at the end of july on cheese there all political parties are meant to meet and they'll sign a peace pledge basted committing to free the and peaceful elections
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a concern for some of the bobbies now is what actually happened they know that a good aid was used normally in this country you can't just walk into a store and buy a good eight people normally with acts that kind of stuff in the military and that's a huge concern for some people what you likely see at the president's rallies from now on will be increased security and those allowed to get close to him like the media for example would likely be thoroughly screened. me money for thirty people have been arrested after a grenade attack at a political rally in the capital addis ababa also in south has a new prime minister be ahmed was skipped away immediately after the blast two people were killed and more than one hundred fifty others were injured i read described the attack as an attempt by forces who do not want to see the country united saudi women are zipping around the streets driving to work on running their own errands after the country lifted the world's only ban on female drivers were.
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women have been celebrating taken the will for the first time after the prohibition ended on midnight on sunday female drivers on the now allowed to have licenses although very few actually receive them those who are currently driving ahead already had permits issued from foreign countries saudi arabia's first driving schools for women have not had many takers although analysts say three million women could be on the streets find twenty twenty. last night. everyone was cheering for us. on the sweetest thing you know we're so happy we were smiling and that this. has been a supporter. of the kind of show her mom. so i think i'm going to drive to our mom i know that's really popular show to my place in a study actually be out so i think i'm going to drive myself there and get some.
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driving it's a saudi woman's right but the saudi woman has proven to so far beyond bravery and so i don't think we should summarize all the for achievements with this one thing the saudi woman is very capable and responsible. person really i think she can have her will in all fields except to drive in i don't support it's wrong of course i'm afraid for her. and the driving force behind the end of the ban list crown prince mohammed bin so much he's reigned in the fear of religious police who could detain unmarried men and women for simply standing together among other reforms but saudi women still need a male with relatives permission for decisions like traveling abroad and marriage and many are pushing against the ultra conservative rules anymore shower the cullinan inshallah those who don't want us to move forward who keep saying it's custom and tradition and islam has nothing to do with us islam is out of this we use islam is an excuse in islam's history a muslim woman rode horses in the fish and battles it was always
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a high place when women in the world. like is one of the most popular tourist spots in southwest china are attracting up to fifteen million visitors each year but its popularity has only cost is townfolk businesses have been asked to shut up shop response of attempts to save the two hundred fifty square kilometer like and as a jim brown report also upturned the likelihoods of people living in the ancient city of dully. china is rich in tradition and this is a relatively new one posing for wedding photos before the big day and the high lake in united province is a popular backdrop. it's one of china's biggest freshwater lakes and one of its most beautiful. almost forty million people visited in two thousand and sixteen now that rapid growth in tourism.
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is taking its toll on these once pristine waters last april the government told the owners of almost two thousand hotels and restaurants near the ancient town of darlie that they'd have to close for a year the order had followed a visit by president xi jinping who'd urged action to save their life normally these narrow streets which are such a feature of the old village of dolly would be teeming with visitors but since april two thousand and seventeen this place has been like a ghost town and the owners of these businesses simply have no idea when they'll be able to open again a sign of desperation rent contract expiring will sell for low price says this note yearling owns two hotels and says that closure has cost her around one million dollars in this incident valuing i'm from and i know the reasons why people come here because they're looking for somewhere beautiful but the closure of the hotels
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and the restaurants it has resulted in big damage to the local tourist industry. it is though the damage to the environment that is the bigger concern to the president there's been a proliferation of new hotels and restaurants discharging untreated sewage directly into the lake. workers have also been kept busy by an outbreak of exacerbating the pollution. but more than twelve months on some people like this local farmer complain that there's been little change in the water quality. close hotels around the lake so they can't discharge waste to water. the water quality in high lake but not by very much workers are laying pipes for a new water treatment system inferi all hotels and restaurants would eventually be connected to these pipes only after that happens will they be allowed to open again
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and for many businesses that day can't come soon enough the lake is what draws so many people here but environmentalists warn that the measures taken so far to try to save it may have come too late. adrian brown al-jazeera in darley southwest china. as a reminder now the top stories here on al-jazeera millions of voters in turkey's first election since last year's referendum which granted the present state sweeping new powers to president chip type is on course to tighten his grip on power is already leading with around fifty seven percent of votes in the initial results his main challenger chafe from the c.h.p. policy currently has twenty seven percent of the general child has more from turkey's capital ankara. true this is
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a new era for turkey because it is a new political system that they are brutes and one that the people voted on now really not a referendum which transfers most of the power from the parliament to the presidency that's what makes it so hard states election having said that it is a huge turnout so far so far the results are the figures we're getting from the unadorned user agency the official your answer for observers is that you're talking around eighty eight percent of those notable to vote have actually cost the ballots italy has again criticize malta for not taking in a rescue ship with more than two hundred thirty refugees and migrants on board the m.v. lifeline is currently in limbo in the mediterranean after both italy and malta refused permission to dock the german vessel picked up the migrants between libya on the italian island of lampedusa on thursday the latest migrant crisis comes
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a sixteen leaders from the european union held informal talks in brussels ahead of a may just some met online gratian on thursday germany wants e.u. states to accept asylum seekers more evenly. protesters have tried to block a boss carrying migrant children there the u.s. border with mexico crowns briefly step the bus as it was leaving a border processing facility and texas case for coal to disperse the protesters. russian asked ikes how targeted there are provinces in southwest syria is the first time moscow has provided as support for the syrian government's offensive which was launched last week to recapture there oh those are the headlines coming up next it's one i want.
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or. the. millions of tourists flock to china as mama region every year but it's not the spectacular scenery they come to see it's the elderly residents. an astonishing number over one hundred and it's kick started driving tourist interest. on this episode of want to one east we investigate if they hold the secrets to
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a long and healthy life.


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