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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 24, 2018 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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initial results in turkey's high stakes election put president the one on course for a new chance with major new powers. either i'm through to assume this is a line from london also coming up a union leaders held an emergency meeting in brussels as hundreds more migrants are left in limbo on rescue boats displaced families from dara set up makeshift camps in the deserts while russian air strikes rained down on the province and the medical crisis is unfolding in nigeria as hundreds die of snake bites because of a lack of access to health care.
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millions have voted in turkey in an election which will transform the way that country is wrong president. looks set to tighten his grip on power after the referendum he now really won last year which gives the president sweeping new powers at the cost of parliament preliminary results with around sixty percent of votes counted already have their own leading the pack with around fifty six percent of the vote his main challenger is mauro inch a from the a c hates people who do millions to his rallies he currently has twenty eight percent of the votes the imprisoned leader of the pro kurdish h.g. pays ten them attash a six percent of the votes and many female candidate meryl accent has received seven percent of the vote it's also the first time in history that choosing their president and pung meant at the same time so far as act party appears to be leading
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with forty seven percent the c.h.p. is second with nineteen percent the a cheapie who could be kingmakers if they pass a ten percent threshold and final results currently have nine percent of votes and merrill accent as. good party also house one percent let's go live now to child who's in turkish capital ankara you know is seeing these results kind of drip out more and more of the votes are counted and indeed president number is going down his percentage is going down but still confident he won't need to go to a runoff and he'll get over the fifty percent. through those groups we've got way that ultimately once in the votes are counted the prediction is that the two arms share of that council probably settle around about the fifty percent mark or not is hardly something that is probably a lot more than his critics have predicted considering how long he's been in power
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considering that circulars that sort of lira has witnessed in recent weeks and obviously you know. to mention the security and stability of those come as a consequence of the war next door in syria the isis attacks that have taken place inside sarky and the fact that the opposition has been extremely loud in the past few years in terms of being very critical of the way they view he has managed and his party has managed the country coming out of this election not over fifty percent winning gets in the first wrong there's going to be a vindication as far as the party and her one is concerned that they still very much represent the majority of the people not for those maybe looking from the outside fifty percent he's seen possibly as a small margin but when you consider the fact that the second closest person or the with the closest person while the truth is as you mentioned there an inch of my heart of the injury of the c.h.p. and he's not looking likely to reach more than twenty seven percent of the votes
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when you're talking about a big difference almost double or between those two contenders so it's historic in the sense that you know no one will not only be the first president under this new constitution but also in terms of the longest serving president something that's going to be very significant as far as his party's legacy is concerned and jamal only the other side of the parliament she side doesn't look like the act party are indeed also going to take a majority there oh isn't she soon to say whether or not they will be reined back in by some of the other passes. look so that they will have a majority but won't be the supermajority that they enjoyed which allowed for them to actually trigger this constitutional referendum because they had the true thirds majority together with the nationalist m.h. p. it looks that the coalition between that party and them if you would use that in fact will reach some sort of a majority but it would most likely be
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a simple majority because as you mentioned there the indications are that the. kurdish reach deep in the world most marks across the top percent threshold not bearing in mind the kurdish region he joined an alliance with the c h o rather sorry the kurdish region the people themselves are trying to cross the tops of special c.h.b. rather than joined an alliance with a breakaway of the ultra nationalist. that is represented in morocco action are the only female candidates they've also it's in a way the fault of the emirates he would have traditionally maybe gone to the. alliance what that means is that any further constitutional amendments would be difficult for votes and possible for the people to pursue and that will be maybe some sort of a setback but in the grand scheme of things if they lose and it does look like something that supermajority will be much because ultimately because the turkish people trolls and to move through words in
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a presidential system there are hundreds looks like likely to be the president and therefore they will have most of the power in terms of governing the country in the next five years as jamal shall speaking to us from ankara let's switch across to istanbul where i'm joined by an aspiring cli who is a professor of international ations at the german university in august istanbul i want to talk to you about some common sense they c.h.p. the main opposition party are making that saying that the people should stick with the ballot boxes because they're saying they believe that the major is drift feeding results to make it look like president had won has a huge majority and indeed as these results go wrong you'll see that majority less and less and but to keep an eye on what's going on with the ballot boxes to make sure they're counted fairly what's your reaction to those comments. i mean these kind of allegations they've been using these kind of allegations in the last elections in the past ten twenty years but i mean that the people i mean that there
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are often shows when they when the ballot boxes are counted they're of they're also the party representatives are are there also citizens are there and. then they will wait there until all the water are counted and of course that's something very normal but. i mean the other part of the claim is why speculation and i cannot really say that it's true because we are receiving all this information not only from the from the state news agency but also party representatives are there and as soon as the counting of the water in a ballot box is finished they are sending this to their headquarters saw and then you can check them. with a with the or visual result so there is really very there is really no room for this kind of speculation in the election system in turkey there was some question about the voting encircled there has been some suggestion of some sort of ballot
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stuffing on the whole that were you hearing this has been a clean election. yes i mean there has been always some minor issues in the past especially in the south east but however i mean we are talking about one hundred eighty thousand ballot boxes in the country and there was a some issued with one or two or three poor but this does not really represent the whole country and of course this is not something while come i mean this is not something good but at the same time it happens because people are you know there are tensions and etc but this is a mean which is a very clean and we have been holding free and fair elections in this country since one nine hundred fifty s. and we have a strong tradition to. democratic elections in this country and aspire actually
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thank you very much for joining us from now on you can read more about the high stakes election in turkey on our web site al jazeera dot com which has a section dedicated to our special coverage. to other news and italy has again criticized multan for not tanking in a rescue ship with more than two hundred thirty refugees and migrants on board the m.v. lifeline is currently in limbo in the mediterranean after both italy and small to refuse to permission to dock the german vessel picked up the migrants between libya and the italian island of lampedusa on thursday is to this new government as bound rescue ships from docking at its ports and called a multitude about ten but it's not responsible. so there are two hundred thirty four people on board of the libyan coast fortunately we don't have any pressing medical condition so the situation is still the right
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before babies and mothers are also relatively well it appears world politics is being carried out on the back of these refugees rescuing people in danger it is not a crime shouldn't guided by law and returning them to libya is against it you need a refugee convention. meanwhile spain's coast guard has rescued nearly eight hundred refugees and migrants over the weekend they were trying to cross the mediterranean sea from north africa they were found in a fleet of around twenty five small boat sailing between one hundred and spanish coasts. and the migration crisis has caused a standoff between countries over what to do about the influx of refugees and migrants sixteen leaders from the european union are holding an informal meeting in brussels ahead of a major summit on line gratian on thursday they're telling governments has called for protection centers to be set up in several countries to relieve refugee
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overcrowding germany wants to accept asylum seekers more evenly. while for this stock to dominic cain who is at the summits in brussels are based speaking with one voice don't want a core are they quite sort of i don't know is it more tense the kind of discussion that they're having over this. so there's an element of tension in the discussions going on because there are so many different perspectives that have to be heard sixteen member states speaking with sixteen voices it seems at least some of them agree with each other so the french and german governments have a broader understanding of what sort of objectives they have but then throw into the equation all the other countries concerned remember that the italian prime minister just difficulty has put forward a ten point plan that would see the numbers of migrants divided out between member states now the problem with that clearly is that there are those countries in the e.u. who don't want to receive a quote of migrants refugees and implacably opposed to that sort of sort of
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perspective the other thing to say is many of those countries aren't actually at the meeting and this building behind me a meeting that's been going going on now for the best part of four hours as i said there is that a major later on in the week is that what we're going to see the real decisions being made where is this is almost like them setting out that position as a premium and so that. yes that's the point here that anger that machall had hoped that this would be a decisive meeting and then last week out to row back from statements like that saying this is a working group and that the substandard of meeting as it were is the twenty eight state meeting that takes place on thursday and friday of this week coming but again the problem here is the possibility of finding consensus here amongst countries that really don't share that sort of that sort of politics at all remember mr mrs merkel were pretty much hoping that there would be some sort of agreement on the idea of reception centers being set up in north africa which would filter between
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the applications of those who might be considered to be economic migrants and those who had were fleeing war status in their own countries and they would be some sort of agreement regarding second remove and that's the nub of the problem in germany politically for angela merkel what to do with. people who claim asylum in the first e.u. country they arrive in but then travel on to another country and claim asylum she's having to square the circle as it were find an agreement with the countries that those people would be returned to which is acceptable in itself to her own domestic opposition and that is something that she's had great difficulty here and she's already said she thinks i won't be a prime lucian on thursday or friday of this week coming thank you dominic. president donald trump has sharpened his call to deport people who went to the u.s. illegally saying they should be sent back to where they came from immediately and without a court case. he made the common sense
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to possess just trying to block a bus carrying migrant children in the u.s. border with mexico police were called to disperse the protesters and enable the boss to proceed on this policy to separate children from their parents a sign that an outcry around the country. still to come this half hour. a reward is offered for information on saturday's apparent assassination attempt on zimbabwe's president and the city by the way out. on donald trump's son in law appeals directly to palestinians as the u.s. prepares to unveil its peace plan for the region. welcome back as we look at the levant and western parts of asia first of all still
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some showers across the eastern areas but generally looking warm for the most part fine conditions around the caspian sea one or two showers in the southern side but to run is looking pretty hot forty degrees forty four across in baghdad in iraq meanwhile or at least inside the mediterranean looking fine for beirut there twenty six but still a few showers isolated showers across parts of turkey and into the caucasus but never less those a big storm system so that could well be some flash flooding resulting from them as i move the forecast through into choosing not a great deal of change in again fine conditions there for aleppo jerusalem in a twenty nine and then as we head tentative arabian peninsula is looking very warm here in qatar forty six degrees in tow so a bit of a shemale i mean on the other side the pinch temperatures in the mid forty's there for medina let's head across into southern portions of africa where weather conditions are looking good in most places we've got sunshine for most of a bit of cloud just affecting the southern cape there but otherwise fine weather
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expected over the next twenty four hours and look at highs of eighteen in cape town patchy clubhouse of coastal parts of mozambique but otherwise fine across much as in bad way and zambia with highs of twenty two new soccer. in this case. each one a story. that needs to be. demonstrably. it is time to be with. we. human beings.
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welcome back let's get your mind out of the top stories today on al jazeera millions have voted in his first election since last year's referendum of the presidency sweeping new powers to his president time further on is on course to twenty his grip on power is leading with their own fifty five percent of votes in the initial results and on his main challenger is no harm in the candidates of the opposition c.h.p. policy he promised to reverse the switch to an executive presidency and give polland its powers back if he wins and turkey's election watchdog says it's taken steps to do with what it describes as security concerns in the southern eastern town of surak after videos on social media appeared to show vocal voting rights opponents station. the united states has reportedly told syrian rebels not to
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expect that your support in southern syria and jordan on the israeli occupied golan heights a deescalation zone was established that last year which includes parts of the provinces of daraa and connection rebels that on now facing a syrian government offensive back. by russia this is the first time moscow has provided as support for the syrian government's offensive which was launched last week to recapture an area bordering jordan hashemite reports. government helicopters continue to drop barrel bombs on the rebels last stronghold in southwest syria. the free syrian army or the f.s.a. is deploying more fighters to repel the attacks but most units in the face shorter's of weapons and ammunition thousands of civilians have fled their homes
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circling in makeshift camps in desert areas. and grrr is mounting on the border with jordan where thousands of internally displaced people are strand. where stitching tends to help the growing number of refugees were arrived daily and whether it can help us you are most welcome. we spent days seeking shelter under a tree and no one came to our help we came here and as you can see the terrain is rough and inhospitable we call upon the international community to help us. syrian army's offensive started last wednesday president bashar al assad is vowing to crush the opposition unless rebels surround the military campaign could turn into a full blown confrontation the u.s. which along with russia brokered
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a truce in southern syria last year has warned of retaliation if the syrian army doesn't pull out. thousands of people have fled yemen's port city of how data has they sounded like coalition battles to retake it for thirty rebels most are heading to the capital sana'a the post has been bombed for the last twelve days victoria gate and the reports. on the road they hope to safety families escape the fighting in her data and head to woodson that despite the un's also to take away the control of her day to court the warring sides haven't agreed to the proposal these yemenis like thousands of others have decided they've waited long enough for any ceasefire to be agreement so there was skating with a few possessions they've managed to pack. we have been displaced because of aggression and war we have lived houses and all families in hard data we have
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escaped. an estimated thirty thousand people have left her data in the last three weeks including this mother and her ten children they've just arrived in santa. clara and we lift our home because it came under attack from warplanes guns and tanks my children couldn't sleep because of the fear of shrapnel now we have a question in camps we have nothing but the most likely end up staying in places like this school now it's home to three thousand displaced families and. as a nation we lived and died throughout the crisis we got food baskets. but over the last few days there's been lots of bombing and i was scared for my children so we came to sauna. and. forces from the saudi amorality led coalition which are backing yemeni government troops are moving closer to the center of her data city the u.n.
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says the fighting will exacerbate what is already the world's worst humanitarian crisis with twenty two million yemenis dependent on aid and at least eight million on the verge of starvation. victoria gating be al-jazeera. zimbabwe's president imus a man of god says next month's election will go ahead as planned despite the apparent attempt on his life on such as. forty nine people were injured in the blast at a campaign rally in the city well aware it happened near maningrida as he was leaving the stage several senior officials were hurt including a vice president aaron metasearch has more from harare. the stadium where the blast occurred impala whale has been cordoned off it is now a crime scene the police are appealing to the public to say anyone who perhaps saw anything or took pictures on their phone can they please come forward and
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a substantial reward has been offered several people were injured in the blast so for the number of people we have been injured are fourteen mine in there currently receiving treatment it might at the. hospital is will is united lawyer who speak rooms however we expect the number might rights because we believe some or two reports to hospitals this is probably police is therefore appealing for more information. to aid the ongoing inquiries the presidential spokesperson george roberts said even if there is another attack or as david emergency is declared that we're not a thick the elections at the end of july and choose their all political parties are meant to meet and they'll sign a peace pledge based it committing to free fair and peaceful elections
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a concern for some zimbabweans now is what actually happened they know that a grenade was used normally in this country you can't just walk into a store and buy a good eight people normally with axes that kind of stuff in the military and that's a huge concern for some people what you likely see at the president's rallies from now on will be increased security and those allowed to get close to him like the media for example would likely be thoroughly screened. meanwhile in ethiopia thirty people have been arrested after a grenade attack at a political rally in the capital addis ababa also on site as a new prime minister. was whisked away immediately after the blast two people were killed and more than one hundred fifty others were injured and we describe the attack as an attempt by forces who do not want to see the country united six other suspects are also being held but no group has claimed responsibility for the blast . nine of a rest are police officers mohammed has the latest from at this. if your
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police have confirmed that the mind policeman they're holding in connection with the tacos so today include the deputy commander of police here in the cup little addis ababa they say they will soon be charged with negligence and not putting a mouth measures in place to ensure that such a breach did not or conduct the past few hours organizers of the rally also today hold a press conference in which they called for arjun blood donations to save the lives of more than forty people injured in the outside and who are in hospitals here in the cup with all now thousands of with your people flocked to mescal square in the center of the city also today. calling on mall support for prime minister ahmed reform agenda they say that promises of repealing the media rule the march abused terrorism law as well as possible peace
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with at syria and then see many people who've been living in exile abroad retiring after the prime minister came to office has them all excited. u.s. president donald trump's son in or and senior adviser gerry krishna sense administration will soon present its peace plan for israel and palestine and he said he will happen with or without input from palestinian president mahmoud abbas he made the comments in an interview with palestinian newspaper al could this joining his recent trip to israel is quoted as saying he doubts mahmoud abbas is capable of making a deal but added that he still willing to work with him a palestinian leader communications with the trump administration after it recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. snakebite scale more than
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one hundred thousand people every year the world health organization says juicing the number of fatalities is a global health priority many of the victims are in nigeria where as accurate reports as a lack of antivenom drugs and health resources are limited. this man was bitten by a snake three days ago but is only now arriving at hospital for treatment two hundred kilometers away a medical crisis is unfolding in nigeria why distances between medical facilities can prove the difference between life and death and medicines are either too expensive for many quite short supply. before the doctor here can finish attending to the patient his call to another victim has just been brought in we had a severe admissions daily now. and as time goes on as we're entering the rainy season properly we'll be having more growth people. on the farm
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and also because of sleeping i'll say thousands of people are bitten by sneaks in nigeria every year but health experts can't be sure exactly how many died because of poor access in rural areas this is the only hospital treating victims of snakebites in the region of more than thirty million nigerians doctors and nurses here are struggling to cope with the rising number of patients doctors say many cases arrive year late sometimes too late and patients die or end up with permanent disability it took our people when nearly five days to get help. leave our love i never gone through unbelievable suffering to get here it's just that i didn't day at some point at least a decade. copied vipers are responsible for eighty percent of the cases in this hospital. i do seventy going to cost one hundred fifty dollars but there are some
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dubious antivenom is being offered on the market and that can help of course death rather than prevent it so many people are dying in the bush or india or earlier so it is not access road or and then they go there so in many. countries and they have enough cycling in nigeria but a growing population there is a need for more land to grow food and that has set humans and dangerous reptiles on a collision course more snakes in their natural habitat are being disturbed as more crops are planted the rising number of snake bite cases has prompted the regional government to build an extension to the hospital in an effort to meet the increased demand for treatment. a few months ago the country was hit by a shortage of i just need venom drugs it's reported two hundred fifty people died in just three weeks with a crop planting season only now getting in the way hospitals are bracing for
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another surge in the number of state by the victims in need of urgent help i mean al jazeera come to nigeria. is a reminder of the top stories and i'll just there are millions have devoted and take his first election since last year's referendum which granted the presidency sweeping new powers turkish president chip time further on his own course to tighten his grip on power is leading with around fifty five percent of votes in the initial results his main challenger in chafe from the people currently has twenty nine percent general shalhoub small from turkey's capital ankara. through this is a new era for turkey because it is a new political system that they are brits and one that the people voted on now really not a referendum which transfers most of the power from the parliament to the presidency
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that's what makes it a hard the election having said that it is a huge turnout so far so far the results are the figures we're getting from the unadorned news agency the official news reason your answer for observers is that you're talking around eighty eight percent of those notable to vote have actually crossed the ballot it's only has again criticised multi for not taking in a rescue ship with more than two hundred thirty refugees and migrants on board the m.v. lifeline is currently in limbo in the mediterranean off to both italy and malta refused permission to dock the german vessel picked up the migrants between libya and the italian island of lampedusa on thursday it comes as sixteen leaders from the e.u. hold informal talks in brussels ahead of a may just summit on migration on thursday germany wants the states to accept asylum seekers more evenly because. president donald trump has made
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a fresh call to deport illegal migrants saying they should be sent back to where they came from immediately and without a court case. he made the comments after protesters tried to block abbas carrying migrant children to the u.s. border with mexico. russian astronauts have targeted their our province in southwest syria is the first time moscow has provided air support for the syrian government's offensive which was launched last week to recapture the area bordering georgia. those are the headlines stay with us and al-jazeera next up is inside story.
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is the battle for the rock decisive for the war in syria the province which was the cradle of the syrian revolution is under massive bombardment victory for the government sick little an end to more than seven years of fighting and what are the regional implications of the battle this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm dennis now it was. in the city of data that spot syria's revolution in twenty eleven but what started as a peaceful uprising has turned into a war that has killed hundreds of thousands and it's up rooted millions is drawn in an assortment.


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