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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 25, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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spy is one of tuna's his most popular comedians to make people. might in asea hack on al-jazeera. turkey's president strengthens his grip on power with a decisive election victory. will again i'm peter w. watching al jazeera live from doha also coming up an emergency e.u. summit on europe's migrant crisis ends with few signs of agreement. the fight for yemen strategically important ports gets closer to the city center as we see forces fire rockets at the saudi capital. and mystery surrounds this migrant facility in texas as the u.s.
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government ramps up its efforts to reunite two thousand children separated from their parents. resigning election victory for turkey's president will give him sweeping new powers recce. will extend his fifteen year rule after winning more than fifty percent of the votes now it means he achieved his ambition of an executive presidency despite opposition warnings of one man rule jamal sheil reports now from ankara. yet again taber erdogan is victorious this success however will taste a lot sweeter for the man who is now won more than ten successive national polls since his party came to power in two thousand and two sunday's vote was a gamble by two one who hold for the early elections at a time when turkey's currency was at the weakest it's been in years but it seems to
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have paid off for the man whose name has now become almost synonymous with that of his country addressing his supporters. described sunday as a victory for all of turkey will say simi valley view the winners of this election are the eighty one million turkish citizens of this country each and everyone is a winner in this election everybody exercised their rights by going to the ballot boxes and casting their votes and i want to thank everybody you are writing history going into the vote it seemed that's a galvanized opposition could prevent iran from winning in the first round forcing a runoff that could possibly pose a bigger threat to his quest to become the first president under the new constitution the main concern democratic i'm in jail of the c.h.p. had tried to garner support from all sections of society he would the religious basis by public you joining prayers in some cities and attempted to reach out to the right wing blocs by promising to expel millions of syrian refugees if elected
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but as large as injuries grows where or those of erdogan in the end what mattered were the numbers of ballots cost in their favor turks will have a proud tradition of high voter turnout did not disappoint early indications were that more than eighty six percent of them participated voting not only for president with new powers but also for a new parliament with one hundred more members while our two ones are party were points with the presidential victory there will be disappointment over there parliamentary performance with the a k p using the true third supermajority they once held only managing to secure a simple majority with the help of their nationalist m h p allies the big winners in the parliamentary votes were the kurdish h.t.t.p. winning over fifty seats making just new legislative body more diverse than the previous one and it's that who is among the many in turkey will hope can help bridge the political divide that continues to affect turkish society speaking to
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the nation i don't seem to understand those concerns. we're his jim sin and. no one should be discriminated against in this country because of their belief because of their gender or because of their origins we will not allow this. the opposition will be disappointed that they were unable to at least force a second round of voting they will take part however from their improved performance in the parliament and the fact that a relatively unknown person like jay was able to secure thirty percent in such an important election with victory i do not only hope for once again that he. wanted to shoot a party the day i become the first ever thank you jim five years now i. have to believe in the family on monday like he was coming up for the amount of different become. recent history now what he does with it. will be turning him
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for nothing. but it's a call i cannot sell. this is not a question i'm kind of. ok let's look in detail at the numbers and how they stack up with all the ballots counted took slightly more than fifty two percent of the vote in a field of six candidates his main challenger was muddy an inch a from the c.h.p. who drew millions to his rallies but just polled thirty percent the imprisoned leader of the pro kurdish h d p. took eight percent it was the first time to chose their president and their parliament at the same time so far a.k.p. is leading with forty three percent the c.h.p. is second with nearly twenty three percent of the s.d.p. will be the third biggest party with just over eleven percent of the vote to bennett smith now for reaction from the opposition see h.p.'s headquarters. there's frustration and disappointment here the republican people's party headquarters the
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t.h.b. they hope that their candidate more i mean jay would at least have forced a second round runoff vote to do that they needed to deprive stop present one getting more than fifty percent plus warm vote it appears that one has done not n.j. has not really got over about thirty percent of the vote so a lot of disappointment here though the opposition will say that they never started off this election with a level playing field much of the television news at time was devoted to the act party and president and they got about sixty seven hours coverage last month compared to seven hours of coverage for example for the republican people's party those so they say they were facing an uphill battle all the way they might take some consolation from the suggestion that the out party has been to deprive its overall majority in parliament it will have to work with this far right m.h. p party to to help pass legislation through parliament and those in favor of the
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out party and also the kurdish h.e.p.a. is represented in parliament so that may may suggest that is a very representative selection of turkish society in parliament but above all yes frustration and disappointment here the c.h.p. that we're not going to see a second round runoff here for the presidency of turkey. and he is the president of the turkish heritage organization he says while several opposition parties made it into the parliament none of them was strong enough to pose any real threat to mr. the reader is the actually turkish democracy tonight and there'll be seven parties in the turkish parliament and the demo crissy will be stronger in the turkish parliament because our dan present our don doesn't have the super power he has partner everything nationalist party h.p. that way right now the other opposition parties representing this will also voice
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and there'll be a balance in the turkish parliament i think it's good for the turkish democracy and the opposition party it wasn't ready for the early election snap election that i call and the opposition party also has not presented any projects any reforms just the strong meetings or social media campaign is but many public believe that they were ready for the snap elections for the future i think they should come up with a stronger packages reform package that they can explain to the public otherwise present are down will continue in two thousand and twenty three took. hundreds of african migrants have been rescued by the libyan coast guard in the mediterranean sea dozens of women and children were among those saved in the third operation of the day they were taken to a naval base in the capital tripoli and then on to a refugee camp in the town of comms one of those rescue said an italian vessel had
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refused to pick them up. sixteen each leaders have held an emergency meeting on migration ahead of a big summit later this week now they're pushing for solutions to the deadlock over who should take in migrants and refugees landing on the european soil his dominant came. as they posed for the cameras in brussels the central question being posed to e.u. leaders was if they could find a solution to the migrant crisis for some this is appeared to become decisive over recent weeks angle america has had to concede ground to her domestic allies on sunday there was a further concession at least into. home isn't all that i need we all agree that we want to reduce illegal migration that we want to protect our borders and that we are all responsible for all topics it cannot be the case that some only deal with primary migration and others only with secondary migration everybody is responsible for everything wherever possible we want european solutions which is not possible
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we want to bring those who are willing to gather and find a common framework for action the issue has been brought into sharp focus by scenes like these filmed aboard the vessel m.v. lifeline in the mediterranean two hundred twenty six people rescued from the sea but stuck on the ship as different countries refused to accept them as it were a metaphor for the entire migrant crisis it is extremely difficult and i would say it's even harder now than it might have been two or three years ago because in the interim we've seen a number of government changes including a number of hardline governments a couple vocal but also we've seen a polarizing of positions between countries based on their experience of migration italy has proposed a ten point plan to try to drive the discussion forward suggesting different countries accept reception centers as part of a commitment to abandon the previous dublin regulation whereby refugees must claim asylum in their arrival country as he left brussels on sunday prime minister
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giuseppe conti tweeted his happiness at the way the talks had progressed when this meeting was first called it was with the hope that sixteen member states might be able to iron out some of the problems and then present solutions to the twenty eight member state meeting that takes place on thursday and friday this week the question is will there be any kind of compromise acceptable to the full e.u. summit dominic kane al-jazeera brussels so the arabia has intercepted a ballistic missile over the capital riyadh that's according to defense forces who threw rebels in yemen say they launched the rocket. targeting the saudi defense ministry because he's have stepped up missile attacks in retaliation against strikes by the saudi and iraqi coalition. while fighting in the yemeni port of a data has moved closer to the city center forcing even more residents to flee most are heading to the capital sana'a hoping to find safety there the port has been
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bombed for the past twelve days in the saudi and an iraqi led coalition campaign to oust the hoose the rebels victoria gate and the now reports. on the road they hope to safety families escape the fighting in who data and head to would send them despite the un's also to take away the controller pay day to court the warring sides haven't agreed to the proposal these yemenis like thousands of others have decided they've waited long enough for any ceasefire to be agreement so they're escaping with the few possessions they've managed to pack. we have been displaced because of the gratian and war we have left our houses and all families in her data we have escaped. an estimated thirty thousand people have left her data in the last three weeks including this mother and her ten children they just arrived in santa fe then it was a pleasure and we missed our home because it came under attack from warplanes guns
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and tanks my children couldn't sleep because of the fear of shrapnel now we haven't gotten in camps we have nothing. they'll most likely end up staying in places like this former school now it's home to three thousand displaced families and as ms and i live in i know as a nation eighty we've lived and died and throughout the crisis we've got food baskets. but over the last few days there's been lots of bombing and i was scared for my children so we came to sana. forces from the saudi amarok he led coalition which are backing yemeni government troops are moving closer to the center. good day to city the u.n. says the fighting will exacerbate what is already the world's worst humanitarian crisis with twenty two million yemenis dependent on aid and at least eight million on the verge of starvation victoria gate and be out. at least six civilians have been killed in the southern syrian province of durai with activists reporting
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dozens of strikes and barrel bombs government forces are making advances in the rebel held border in jordan with russia providing air support for the offensive his . government helicopters continue to drop barrel bombs on the last stronghold in southwest syria. the free syrian army or f.s.a. is deploying more fighters to repel the attacks but most units in the face a shortage of weapons and ammunition thousands of civilians have fled their homes suckling in makeshift camps in desert areas. was anger is mounting on the border with jordan where thousands of internally displaced people are stranded. we're stitching tends to help the growing number of refugees were
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arrived daily and whether it can help us you are most welcome. we spent days seeking shelter under a tree and no one came to our help we came here and as you can see the terrain is rough and inhospitable we call upon the international community to help us. syrian army's offensive started last wednesday president bashar al assad is vowing to crush the opposition unless rebels surround the minister campaign could turn into a full blown confrontation the u.s. push along. with russia brokered a truce in southern syria last year has warned of retaliation if the syrian army doesn't pull out. still to come on al-jazeera leaders in zimbabwe promise stepped up security after the grenade attack on the president but say next month's election will still go ahead. i'm
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a richardson in russia waiting and fine is celebrating that country's biggest ever welcome when. i told. me the weather sponsored by cattle i always had i was good raining heavily in just a thin line of white above my head is a cold front coming out of eastern europe it produced some significance under storms but apart from that and the few showers tashkent east and south of afghanistan there's not a lot going on apart from the wind certainly warmed up recently reference to the low thirty's stuff a task at kabul forty is a full cross around we see that in most of iraq but not near the coast in lebanon syria it's rather nice at twenty seven or twenty eight degrees lightish breeze in
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the sun is out now the drawing dusty heat has been blowing sax out of iraq of all persistent wind yesterday morning it was particularly dusty in the sense of sadness or kata it's still there all monday the temp is of been knocked off again forty six marks on the high side is cooler another dobby is rather better in salalah this is the harvey if this is the south westerly breeze it keeps it all the fog and drizzly for months on end. southern africa should be drawing and sunny by day and it is not especially warm as you can see but again that's how it should be but where the cloud comes in particular in the west and your monthly rubbing your hands i'm thinking more rain well yes a little bit. so whether it's sponsored by cattle waste. every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories happened was in the truck didn't happen on the boy told through the eyes of the world journalists images matter
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a lot international politics joining the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most serious someone from the country who guides you who needs you to this story the byline tells us who wrote the listening post on al-jazeera. welcome back you're with al-jazeera reminder a top story so far today turkey's electoral board says the president to one has won the election with almost all the votes now come to his main rival. came second with thirty percent of the pro kurdish d.p. is set to become the first biggest party in the parliament. sixteen easy leaders
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have held emergency talks on migration ahead of a big summit later this week it is the latest attempt to ease the deadlock over who should take an migrants and refugees landing on european soil. hundreds of yemenis are fleeing their homes into data as fighting moves closer to the city center the saudi and iraqi led coalition has been bombing the port city for the past twelve days to drive out to sea rebels. president donald trump says any migrants who as he put it invade the united states should be sent home without appearing before a judge he's continuing his hardline rhetoric on migration despite a u. turn on separating children from their parents the government's now. trying to reunite the families in a remote detention center. reports from last in texas. in one of the most remote corners of southern texas vehicles coming in going from
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here this immigration and customs enforcement detention facility that has been designated as a primary place where the government plans to facilitate the reunification of parents and children separated by authorities after crossing into the u.s. seeking asylum it's located in the middle of a national wildlife preserve far from everything and maybe for good reason the inner workings of the facility remains a mystery to much of the outside world these images were filmed by the government last year it's a massive facility that reportedly can hold one thousand two hundred detainees and it's now at full capacity it's used to hold migrants to cross into the u.s. illegally. thousands of kilometers away washington officials say it's at this very facility where families will be reunited but immigration lawyers who visited for multiple days saw little evidence of that we did not get any indication that the u.s. government has
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a plan in place to reunite children with their parents most of the people most of the parents in there who are separated from their children had their children taken to the custody of the office of refugee resettlement and that is going to be a very long process no matter what the circumstances this is as close as i could get to the detention facility on this road behind me is a guard booth and when i went there security said that journalists were not allowed inside and asked me to leave we did make a formal request with the department of homeland security to tour the facility but so far that request has been denied however human rights lawyers who have been inside say the facility is full of parents that are currently separated from their children and all those parents are asking the same questions the question is always what's going to happen to my child if i get deported will my child be deported with me am i going to be reunited with my child do you know where my child is it's that series of questions and unfortunately i don't have the answer to that for parents
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wanting to see their kids again hopes now rest on whatever happens behind dispense far from public view gabriel's. tex's. the nigerian president has called for calm after at least eighty six people were killed in violence in central plateau states muhammadu buhari imposed a dusk to dawn curfew in the area following fighting between farmers and semi pneumatic or herders the decades old conflict over land has escalated sharply this year leaving hundreds dead in the central states. at least thirty two people have been killed and ten missing following an attack in central mali traditional hunters linked to the dog an ethnic group are suspected of ambushing the isolated village of kumar in the mopti region those killed were from the fuller ethnic group who are traditionally herders they've been accused of having links to al-qaeda. so in barbara's vice president says nothing will stop the upcoming election as the police
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investigate a grenade attack at a campaign rally on saturday constantino cheer when he was one of the forty nine people injured in the explosion which targeted the president emerson among security is now being stepped up ahead of the vote next month harem attack has more now from chad two ways up near the capital harare. in his first public appearance since saturday's grenade attack zimbabwe's vice president constantino chewing says he suffered minor injuries and tells party supporters next month's general election will go ahead as planned the bloody thing. we. know. in the. evening. in. what will be evil.
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the vice president was among politicians party supporters and security officials injured by the explosion at a political rally in below where president emerson and goggle was near the blast but escaped unhurt no one's claimed responsibility for the attack so for a good number of people we have been injured or fourteen lang in there currently receiving treatment it might at the. israel is united. while police investigations continue preparations are continuing for the first elections since the army forced to resign last november the run up to this year's vote had been relatively peaceful unlike previous elections which are marred by violence saturday's attack at the president's rally in below well has made some people nervous. when i promise a presidential and parliamentary elections will be free and fair security will also
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be increased during campaigning and voting. indication of. a situation that remains unstable in zimbabwe. remains on this table with the system that's going to gandhi. was twenty three candidates have registered to contest a presidential election in a month's time when i got was biggest rival is the main opposition leader nelson chamisa for the first time in sixteen years international observers who were banned by robert mugabe have already arrived if they endorse the election economists say it could help secure international funding. for that to happen the lessons have to be seen as credible and violence free. at least thirty people including nine police officers have been arrested over a grenade attack at a rally in the ethiopian capital addis ababa two people were killed and more than
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one hundred fifty others were injured in the explosion on saturday and held by the prime minister ahmed was rushed to safety immediately after the blast which he described as well orchestrated. mohammed though has more from. if you're going to police have confirmed that the mind policeman they're holding in connection with the attack on saturday include the deputy commander of police here in the cup little addis ababa they say they will soon be charged with negligence and not putting a mouth measures in place to ensure that such a breach did not or can't in the past few hours organizers of that rightly also today hold a press conference in which they called for arjun blood donations to save the lives of more than forty people injured in the tub and who are in hospitals here in the cup which will now thousands of ethiopia has flocked to mescal square in the center
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of the city also today. calling on mall some polls for prime minister months we form agenda they say that promises of repealing the media law the march abused terrorism law as well as possible peace with it swear and then see many people who've been living in exile abroad retiring after the prime minister came to office has them all excited. it judicial panel in iraq has ruled only suspect ballot boxes from last month's disputed election will be recounted no events despite iraq's parliament mandating a nationwide manual recount ballot boxes from areas where there were allegations of fraud we move to baghdad the capital for the manual recount which will be held in front of u.n. representatives but they are to recount has not yet been decided. and in fact the england produced one of their best performances of the world cup on sunday
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a six one thrashing of panama ensuring their progression to the last sixteen and it richardson's in moscow. well prior to these finals england fans have seen that same score two goals in a welcome games. it's two thousand and six it's now happened twice in his many matches this time out england beating panama six one hurricanes scored a hat trick for england and with five goals he's now top of the tournament scoring charts just as significantly for connemara philippe beloit school their first ever world cup goal but then well come adventure is coming to a rather abrupt end while england heading into the last sixteen being quite a lot of negative press who told you and she showed that actually a really good news there was i was right the planet could have done better and he was a great holmes i think harry came could be to go and be a winner england's going to be the next rounds and you know having a fight against poaching was here we got germany france spain england over the
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last four years ago in and began a campaign with two straight defeats against italy and europe wide and they were already on their way out of the competition it is all wrong the different this time around with two straight wins and eight goals school all the it's against significantly weaker opposition that final group game is against a highly rated belgian c. and england's world cup is about to get a lot more complicated. well in other action on sunday japan and senegal drew to wall in colombia kept its final sixteen hopes alive by beating poland three nil the final round of group games gets underway on monday first up russia and euro go i mean to decide the winner of group a egypt and saudi arabia already both out of contention for the knockout stage the to play each other in their final group stage game on monday now later in the day in group b. it's spain against morocco and iran against portugal portugal iran and spain are
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all still in contention for the knockout stages but only two will qualify. more news on the web site it's always there for you to see or a dot com you can see their top story the latest on the aftermath of the elections in turkey. welcome if you're just joining us i'm peter dobby here in doha your top story so far today in turkey the electoral board says the president wretch up type one has won the election with almost all the votes counted his main rival in che came second with thirty percent the pro kurdish h d p is set to become the third largest party in the parliament. the winners of this election are the eighty one million turkish citizens of this country each and everyone is a winner in this election everybody exercised their rights by going to the ballot boxes and casting their votes and i want to thank everybody you are writing history
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we've had a huge turnout in this election very few countries have had such high turnout since there's this shows how strong we are in our democracy and it shows how our people defend democracy hundreds of african migrants have been rescued by the libyan coast guard in the mediterranean sea dozens of women and children were among those evenings operation of the day they were taken to a naval base in the capital tripoli and then on to a refugee camp in the town of homs one of those rescued said an italian vessel refused to pick them up sixteen e.u. leaders have held emergency talks on migration ahead of a big summit later this week it's the latest attempt to ease the deadlock over who should take in migrants and refugees landing on european soil. hundreds of yemenis are fleeing their homes in who data as fighting moves closer to the city center the saudi and m. iraqi led coalition has been bombing the port city for the past twelve days to drive out who feed rebels at least six civilians have been killed in the southern
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syrian province of iraq with activists reporting dozens of strikes and barrel bombs government forces are making advances in the rebel held territory which borders jordan with russia providing air support for the offensive iraq is the last rebel stronghold in the southwest of syria. donald trump says any migrants who as he put it invade the u.s. should be sent home without appearing before a judge he's continuing his hardline rhetoric on migration despite a u. turn on separating children from their parents the government's now trying to reunite the families in a remote detention center you are right up to date with all our top stories up next the listening post i will see you very soon by. unless we have new generations growing out to understand other nations of the natural then soon be nothing and will suffer primatologist and conservationist to join good will
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towards to al-jazeera. tonight the demand for snake humanitarian crisis. like all of us crucial to bringing it i'm like ok i'll go to south. places. talk to me next. time. hello i'm richard burton you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories we're tracking this week the war in yemen will the latest coalition offensive finally get this story the kind of coverage it deserves journalism in syria suffers from a different kind of problem does the truth even stand a chance that a brutal murder of a kashmiri editor sends a chilling message to anyone trying to report from the region and an american cartoonist becomes collateral damage in donald trump's war against the u.s. media he's out of a job.


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