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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 25, 2018 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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goal is to increase this number to thirty million if fifteen million has have voted for me. to be the president of this country this number can be increased to thirty million in a very short period of time i want everyone to make not take make a note of that secondly. i'm addressing we start on directly please do not behave like. the leader of a party act party you are the president of this country you are the president of us all and you should behave. in that way as the president of everyone please and embrace everyone you are my prisoner everyone's president. if i. had had i been successful i would have embraced everyone including the members and
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supporters of a k. party. we have gone through an election which will have a serious effect on everyone in our country at all stages including the declaration of the results it has been. election. before everything else blood has been shed during this election. this election will be remembered as. an election. blood has been shed. pray hold their souls put those the souls of those who. lost their lives and i prayed the ones who wanted to get to mel very quickly. fourteenth of april referendum mortgage had. brought about
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a formation. dividing the country between yes and you know. the fact that in this election the no. bloc has received less vote than they had. achieved in the referendum. we've seen that a number of attempts for trolls during election at the ballot. stations and those people who heard. to ensure election ballots up. stations worked hard and i thank them every. ballot station which produces. minutes reports a bit signature. and those have been.
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delivered to us by. representatives who worked at the stations and when compared when we compare those fit the results declared by the. election committee we see that there is not a significant variation therefore we acknowledge recognize the results declared by the election committee as true as acceptable. there is a huge threat. facing turkey. this state being. the state one person becoming whole. having the powers poor all. parts of the state including legislative judiciary and.
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executive. parts of the state is a. danger turkey has said but it's traditional link with a parliamentary system. there are factors which threaten. social peace and those factors will continue to work hard we've now moving into a regime one man's regime there's no systemic mechanism of rule in this state we will continue to have serious concerns and he fears for our future. we will continue to fight struggle and work with people to unite with people whatever the circumstances as someone who has receipt on fifteen million. is the support of porn fifty million
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of our citizens i will continue to work hard and try to. achieve the support of more people he said movement has proven to be a strong one. be able to continue to pursue but we have. declared. that we would pursue as we've been successful we will continue to work towards that those enemies turkey. thank you would not be able to continue in this regime he typed out on being one man. the sources of the problems facing turkey today and take specter that this the cause and source of the problem to resolve the problem. cannot be expected i must continue to meet with our people. i'd like to thank my party.
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to all the. elections electors. for. supporting me. we must take lessons there must be many shortcomings and we must learn from those and take lessons from them well we are expected to do is to correct our mistakes. we must. reduce and eliminate distrust. that some of our citizens might feel towards us. trusting each other give us the sense that be neat if we trust each other we will be able to achieve a lot more and this election has been a good. example of that museum must continue to
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want to succeed. one of you must continue to. find showing. agendas my agenda is turkey and this is it will continue to be. agenda. millions of people have voted and i know a large majority of people is to use. that small harm n.j. of the main opposition republican speak in turkey who was seen as the biggest threat to russia tiber to one reelection addressing reporters there following his election loss in sunday's presidential election he gonna die just over thirty percent of the votes while president are the one won the first round outright actually won the vote with the first round victory of more than fifty two percent n.j. there addressing president i don't want to wreck at the beginning of
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a speech saying please do not behave as a leader of the ruling party but as the president of all turks you are the president of all turks you want my president and the president of all turks let's bring in our correspondent in istanbul scene and i said in this sounds pretty much like a concession speech. well actually if only. the candidate in just even the election campaign was kind of harsh in terms of critics against don but he has a return. rick of embracing all segments of society and this was his discourse as well and after last night's rumors that the election results were rigged he figured out he say's he figured out that everything was in line with the hire act or old boy's decision to use what he says is actually a sign that he respect the status of presidency in the country but of course this
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is this was a tough morning for president are gone it's all because c.h.p. is in the parliament and they have their alliance so says party lost its majority if you take out the nationalists votes in the parliament it's been that they they are going to continue challenging president don in terms of his powers but he has a highly he said he has a highly important critic about the powers between just to make one is evolving and i don't want to go higher than one of yours before you go on from what we heard so far you say he's going to challenge president are two one from now on but he's not challenging the election results easy. exactly this is what into trying to say he says i respect the decision of turkish nation you are our president you are my president and remember he said that if i was
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elected i would be coming to the ruling party headquarters drink your tea and you know embrace all of you and i wouldn't discriminate between any any citizen whether it is a support he or she is a supporter of my party or our party so he says that he he expects esus party and as his supporters they expect no discrimination from the president and the ruling party this is very important because yes another important thing he said i thought was that what he sees now is a huge threat for turkey. and that is that one person having all these powers executive powers the president to one has now what's next for turkey is the question that a lot of people are asking today. with these new extended powers from the president . exactly because with the new system there is no separation
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of powers despite the ruling party and president add on says that everything is going to be transparent but there is one thing since our party could provide the majority as an alliance with the nationalist party. it means that other parties are going to be involved in decision making process as well because the opposition has been criticizing. the presidential system is claiming that the parliament has no power over the pov are only belongs to the president because he has the power to do the budgets to declare decrees every now since other parties are going to be involved and also since the h d p is in the parliament as wall and dismissed there is a pollute there will be a plurality in the parliament but of course there is the opposition's discourse is
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still the same they say this is a one man rule and he said turkey will pay for it but of course the future days are going to show how it will work because despite what their position says presidents act on ses the parliament is going to be stronger and the people are going to be stronger it's going to be challenging these are actually these until the parliament starts working back again all right thank you for that scene in kosovo our correspondents live there in istanbul let's not turn to other world news here on al-jazeera and over turkey's southern border u.s. front forces controlling the syrian city of raka have declared a state of emergency and impose a three day curfew commanders say they have information that i saw fighters who infiltrated the city are planning a bombing campaign i saw was pushed out by the syrian democratic forces last october people in iraq have been complaining about discrimination from the s.d.f. which is dominated by kurdish fighters. italy's interior minister matteo salvini is
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in libya for talks on europe's migration crisis salvini tweeted pictures of himself meeting is libyan counterpart in tripoli he had a hardline stance on refugees and migrants on sunday he ordered foreign charities to stop rescuing people from waters off libya's coasts and we're waiting to hear from the interior minister matteo salvini and the libyan prime minister. they're due to speak in tripoli in this hour we'll take you to that news conference as and when it happens of course. and on saturday if he is government propose a new migration plan during an emergency meeting of sixteen leaders in brussels they were hoping to get some solutions on the table ahead of a bigger summit later this week from brussels has dominick casey. as they posed for the cameras in brussels the central question being posed to e.u. leaders was if they could find a solution to the migrant crisis for some this is appeared to become decisive over
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recent weeks angle america has had to concede ground to her domestic allies on sunday there was a further concession at least in tone isn't all that i need we all agree that we want to reduce illegal migration that we want to protect our borders and that we are all responsible for all topics it cannot be the case that some on it deal with primary migration and others only with secondary migration everybody is just sponsible for everything wherever possible we want european solutions which is not possible we want to bring those who are willing to gather and find a common framework for action the issue has been brought into sharp focus by scenes like these filmed aboard the vessel m.v. lifeline in the mediterranean two hundred twenty six people rescued from the sea but stuck on the ship as different countries refused to accept them as it were a metaphor for the entire migrant crisis it is extremely difficult and i would say
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it's even harder now than it might have been two or three years ago because in the interim we've seen a number of government changes including a number of hardline governments a couple vocal but also we've seen a polarizing of positions between countries based on their experience of migration italy has proposed a ten point plan to try to drive the discussion forward suggesting different countries accept reception centers as part of a commitment to abandon the previous dublin regulation whereby refugees must claim asylum in their arrival country as he left brussels on sunday prime minister giuseppe conti tweeted his happiness at the way the talks had progressed when this meeting was first called it was with the hope that sixteen member states might be able to iron out some of the problems and then present solutions to the twenty eight member state meeting that takes place on thursday and friday. this week the question is will there be any kind of compromise acceptable to the full e.u. summit dominic al-jazeera brussels and e.u.
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foreign ministers are meeting in luxembourg ahead of that summit in brussels on friday migration is migration isn't on the agenda for monday's gathering but is likely to come up during informal talks the e.u.'s foreign policy chief is urging member countries to put more money towards the bronx african trust fund it has proven to be useful it has growth results and this is why we are asking for more money from member states to the trust fund africa and i believe yesterday the exchanges were positive in this that action i hope that member states will put money in the trust fund for africa because this has been the instrument with which we have managed to put in place very important work that is broken results that needs to be strengthened but that's required money. to the u.s. where present donald trump says any migrants who as he put it invades their country should be sent home without appearing before a judge the u.s. president's maintaining his rhetoric on migration despite a u.
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turn on separating children from their parents the government is trying to reunite families in a remote detention center in texas as gabriel elizondo reports from loss for us. in one of the most remote corners of southern texas vehicles coming in going from here this immigration and customs enforcement detention facility that has been designated as a primary place where the government plans to priscilla tate the reunification of parents and children separated by authorities after crossing into the u.s. seeking asylum it's located in the middle of a national wildlife preserve far from everything and maybe for good reason the inner workings of the facility remains a mystery to much of the outside world these images were filmed by the government last year it's a massive facility that reportedly can hold one thousand two hundred detainees and it's now at full capacity it's used to hold migrants to cross into the u.s. illegally. thousands of kilometers away washington officials say it's at this very
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facility where families will be reunited but immigration lawyers who visited for multiple days saw little evidence of that we did not get any indication that the u.s. government has a plan in place to reunite children with their parents most of the people most of the parents in there who are separated from their children had their children taken to the custody of the office of refugee resettlement and that is going to be a very long process no matter what the circumstances this is as close as i could get to the detention facility on this road behind me is a guard booth and when i went there security said that journalists were not allowed inside and asked me to leave we did make a formal request with the department of homeland. security to tour the facility but so far that request has been denied however human rights lawyers who have been inside say the facility is full of parents that are currently separated from their
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children and all those parents are asking the same questions the question is always what's going to happen to my child if i get deported will my child be deported with me am i going to be reunited with my child do you know where my child is it's that series of questions and unfortunately i don't have the answer to that for parents wanting to see their kids again hopes now rest on whatever happens behind this fence far from public view gabriel's andro. loss fresno's tex's diplomats are assessing the fallout of the trump administration's decision to withdraw america from the united nations human rights council the move has been condemned by activists and some of america's allies and their retreat could leave the u.s. with less influence on the international stage our diplomatic editor jane space reports from u.n. headquarters in new york. for eighteen months ambassador nikki haley has made it her mission to make sure it's not business as usual at the u.n.
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she has repeatedly called for reform as her boss president trump has pulled away from the international consensus on key issues pulling the u.s. out of the paris climate agreement deal the un's cultural agency unesco and cutting all funding for the part of the u.n. that helps palestinians most recently she announced the u.s. was withdrawing from the un human rights council the first country ever to do so she said it was in part because of its bias against israel pulling out of the human rights council for the us was a huge miscalculation i mean you can see their influence in the council since it was created in two thousand and six on various different issues by pulling out they don't have that kind of influence anymore so even leading jewish organizations on. when rights have commented that how can an the us continue to support israel inside of the council when and it anymore. a year ago haley visited geneva the home
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of the human rights council urging major reform before the us pulled out of the body last week the u.s. put forward a proposal to its close allies on a way to reform it but they weren't even prepared to discuss the plan the ambassador herself wrote a letter to human rights groups last month our mission circulated a draft human rights council strengthening resolution to a small group of member states for edits to this date we've received not one written edit from a single member state ambassador haley has been a key player in the trumpet ministrations policy of disruption on the international stage but some diplomats believe it may be beginning to backfire on some issues the u.s. may be finding it harder to persuade its allies and bully its adversaries here at the u.n. i think that especially on issues relating to the middle east the u.s. faces a crisis of credibility at the u.n. . and even its closest allies such as the u.k.
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are distancing themselves from american positions on iran and on israel and that is really making trump look very isolated. earlier this month in an effort to block a draft security council resolution on gaza ambassador haley tried to rally support begging fellow ambassadors to support her own rival draft but she was the only member of the security council to vote in favor of it increasingly at the u.n. the policy of america first seems to be resulting in america alone james al-jazeera of the united nations. nigeria's president has called for calm after at least ninety four people were killed in violence over the past three days in central plateau state mohamedou bihari impose a twenty four hour curfew in the area following fighting between farmers and the nomadic tribe heritage herders the decades old conflict over land has escalated choppy to sierra leaving hundreds dead in central states traditional hunters in
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mali are being accused of killing rival cattle herders the docile hunters linked to the doggone ethnic group are suspected of attacking for money herds or herds men in a village on saturday government leaders say sixteen bodies have been found other reports say at least thirty two people were killed and ten are missing fighting over grazing land and water has increased between the magic urges and pharmacists zimbabwe's vice president has declared nothing will stop the upcoming election as police investigate a grenade attack at a campaign rally on saturday constantino chiwenga was one of the forty nine people injured in the explosion which targeted president and his and security is not being stepped up ahead of next month's vote. has more from cheating near the capital harare. in his first public appearance since saturday's grenade attack zimbabwe's vice president constantino chewing says he suffered minor injuries and
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tells party supporters next month's general election will go ahead as planned leave . the vice president was among politicians party supporters and security officials injured by the explosion at a political rally in pull away or president was near the blast but escaped unhurt no one's claimed responsibility for the attack so for a good number of people we have been injured are fourteen mine in there currently receiving treatment it might at the. israel is
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united lawry hospitals while police investigations continue preparations are continuing for the first elections since the army forced to resign last of in the run up to this year's vote had been relatively peaceful unlike previous elections before marred by violence saturday's attack at the president's rally in below where it has made some people nervous. when i got was promised a presidential and parliamentary elections will be free and fair security will also be increased in campaigning and voting. indication of. the situation remains unstable in zimbabwe. remains on this table with the system that's going to go on the. twenty three candidates have registered to contest a presidential election in a month's time when i was biggest rival is the main opposition leader nelson
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chamisa for the first time in sixteen years international observers who were banned by robert mugabe have already arrived if they endorse the election economists say it could help zimbabwe secure international funding. for that to happen the lessons have to be seen as credible and violence free. al-jazeera. zimbabwe. at least thirty people including nine police officers have been arrested over a grenade attack at a rally in ethiopia's capital addis ababa two people were killed and more than one hundred fifty others injured in the explosion on saturday at an event held by the new prime minister nabil ahmed was rushed to safety neatly after the blast which he described as well orchestrated is in addis ababa with more. if your police help conform about the mind policeman the holding in connection with the talk was so today include the deputy commander of. police here in the cup with
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all of this of a ban they say they will soon be charged with negligence are not putting a mouth measures in place to ensure that such a breach did not or can't in the past few hours organizers of dogs running also today held a press conference in which they called for argent blood donations to save the lives or call them for two people injured in the tug and who are in hospitals here in the cup brutal now thousands of with your people flocked to muscular square in the center of the city also today. calling on mall support for prime minister months reform agenda they say. promises of repealing the media rule the march abused terrorism law as well as possible peace with at syria and then see the many people who've been living in exile abroad retiring after the prime minister came to office has them all excited environmental
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organizations are opting pressure on the un to investigate what they describe as australia's failure to protect the great barrier reef they have written to the un as the unesco world heritage committee meets in bahrain global warming is seen as a major factor in the death of large parts of the reef but environmentalist also accuse us chinese government of adding to the problem with its agricultural and mining policies image and set of n. is the great barrier reef campaign director at australian marine conservation society she says the government has broken its promise to improve water quality by giving the ok for land clearing. well what happens when they and it's cleared which is mainly is done well grazing development is that it leaves the sewer exposed and you get a heavy rainfall it results in the snow washing off into the water courses of inflow into the great barrier reef and discharge large volumes that winds it and
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then instead of dirty water. and harleston other organisms need clear water to thrive very dirty water also in smother the corals the grasses and other organisms directly it can lead to increased elbow growth at the expense of coral growth and can also exacerbate operates early to chronic stoppage so all of it's a tree clearing and deforestation and very bad for the great barrier is health so we're asking. the world heritage and. history governs and i asked the governor what it's actually doing to to reduce this problem to actually start treaty clearing in the great catch. to world cup and poland has become the first european team to be eliminated as they were beaten three nailed by colombia polish fans left the stadium in cars on devastated the colombian win means it's tight at the top of group h.
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they have three points while japan and senegal have for colombia need to beat and i got on thursday to guarantee a place in the last sixty. six one in their biggest win at the world cup the results fired up fans. at as it to kill said team a pace in the last sixteen. we . had lines on al-jazeera to present russia right on is returning to office. with sweeping new powers after an election victory that is calling a win for democracy he secured more than fifty percent of the presidential vote meaning there be no runoff he is at party and its national allies have also secured a simple majority in parliament the main opposition leader myron n.j. hasn't formally formally conceded but is planning has held a news conference just
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a short while ago he won just over thirty percent off the vote over turkey southern border u.s. backed forces controlling the syrian city of raka have declared a state of emergency and impose a three day care a few commanders say they have information that i saw fighters who infiltrated the sunni uprising a bombing campaign i saw was pushed by the syrian democratic forces last october. italy's interior minister material savini is in maybe if a talks on europe's migration crisis he did these pictures as he departed the visit by the leader of league comes a day after libya's coast guard picked up another nine hundred forty migrants and refugees in the mediterranean sea. and e.u. foreign ministers are meeting in luxembourg ahead of a summit in brussels on friday migration isn't on the official agenda for monday's gathering but is likely to come up during informal talks the e.u.'s foreign policy chief is urging member countries to put more money towards its african trust fund.
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has proven to be useful it has rolled results and this is why we are asking for more money from member states to the trust fund africa and i believe yesterday the exchanges were positive in this that action i hope that member states will put money in the trust fund for africa because this has been the instrument with which we have managed to put in place important work that a stroke results that needs to be strengthened but that's really quite funny. those are the headlines on al-jazeera remember we've got plenty more news all of our top stories are websites at al-jazeera dot com coming up next here it's witness to stay with us. every year in pakistan hundreds of women are victims of so-called honor killings one on one east searches for the truth in a case that exposes the growing clash between old beliefs and modern life on al-jazeera.
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