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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 25, 2018 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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this is al-jazeera. hello there this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes turkish president returns to office with a comfortable when but his main opponent is warning against a concentration of power. as long as interior minister is in libya as a deep breath over the migrant crisis is laid bare in the new. battle over land in nigeria more than one thousand people were killed in three days of fighting between farmers and heard as i'm joining the day's world cup news polls departs the first
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european team exits the tournament as poland's hopes of reaching the last sixteen of crushed by colombia. is returning to office with sweeping new powers after an election victory that he's calling a win for democracy he secured enough votes and his presidential poll to avoid a runoff against his main opposition rival whose party to continue its struggle. reports now from. yet again ridge of tabor is ritual yes this success however will taste a lot sweeter for the man who's now won more than ten successive national polls since our party came to power in two thousand and two sunday's vote was a gamble by early one who called for the early elections a time when turkey's currency was the weakest it's been. in years but it seems to
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have paid off for the man whose name has now become almost synonymous with that of his country addressing his supporters at a undescribed sunday as a victory for all of us hark he will say see me golly be the winners of this election are the eighty one million turkish citizens of this country each and everyone is a winner in this election everybody exercised their rights by going to the ballot boxes and casting their votes and i want to thank everybody you are writing history going into the vote it seemed that's a galvanized opposition could prevent iran from winning in the first round forcing a runoff that could possibly pose a bigger threat to his quest to become the first president under the new constitution the main content democratic i'm in jail of the c.h.p. had tried to garner support from all sections of society he would the religious basis by thuppakki joining prayers in some cities and attempted to reach out to the right wing blocs by promising to expel millions of syrian refugees if elected but
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as large as injuries crowds were or those of erdogan in the end what mattered were the numbers of ballots cost in their favor turks will have a proud tradition of high voter turnout did not disappoint our early indications were that more than eighty six percent of them participated while our two ones our party were points with the presidential victory there will be disappointments over there parliamentary performance with the a k p losing the two thirds supermajority they once held only managing to secure a simple majority with the help of their nationalist m h p allies the big winners in the parliamentary votes where the kurdish h.t.t.p. winning over fifty seats making just new legislative body more diverse than the previous one and it's that who it is i'm that many in turkey will hope can help bridge the political divide that continues to affect turkish society speaking to the nation i don't seem to understand those concerns. we're in his gym.
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no one should be discriminated against in this country because of their belief because of their gender or because of their origins we will not allow this. the opposition will be disappointed that they were unable to at least force a second round of voting they will take heart however from their improved performance in the parliament and the fact that's a relatively unknown person like i was able to secure thirty percent in such an important election with this victory i do not only hope for once again that he was the single most popular household addition and sarky the surrogate up by becoming the first summer thank you jim hall seven years now and you. have to believe in the family no more than descartes he was the come out at the time the most significant because of the. recent history no such rich history will be telling him her nothing to him. but that's a whole lot going on in the social harmony this is going on. i'm telling.
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the president. has accepted the results he spoke to sports a short while ago and joins us live from the turkish capital so. they have a strong warning for president. yeah but he also accepted the result in jay said that he will ring he will phone and congratulate you on when the official results is announced as a couple of weeks and said there's no point being in politics otherwise he was also expressed his own disappointment that he didn't get beyond about he was hoping to get about thirty five percent share of the vote he didn't get over only just over thirty percent and he wanted to push it onto a second round place and he said the opposition presidential candidates also failed to meet expectations he hoped those other presidential candidates would have done better to push to that second round but you don't need to vote and there is
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a huge threat facing turkey the powers of the state legislative judiciary and executive in the hands of one person is a huge danger turkey has severed its traditional link with a parliamentary system there are factors which threaten our social peace we are now going into one man's regime there is no systemic mechanism of rules in this state so that of what happens now want to these new powers for the president mean. well in the presidential complex behind me president and his team will first of all be forming his cabinet this is the first time the president could have a form i can form a candidate or. appointed entirely by him excuse me doesn't need any parliamentary approval so be getting ahead and doing that nor do i also said he'd lift the state of emergency the beginning of the election campaign he still felt it was necessary as it looked like the race was tightening he said no i'm going to lift that state of emergency and not might send
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a signal to the world that there's some sort of stability normal a-c. returning to kill or maybe i want to send that signal but they're certainly calenders ahead on the present. yeah well one of the biggest challenges is the economy the layer has lost twenty percent of its value since the beginning of the year and there are turbulent times ahead turkey has a huge foreign debt load that some of its bigger companies are beginning to struggle to repair am one of the issues is interest rates in turkey early on himself has declared himself opposed to an enemy of interest rates he believes that they should not be high on the turkish lira so a lot of eyes will be on who he appoints economy minister. jim scheck was the economy minister previously he didn't stand for election to parliament and that means he might be appointed to the cabinet nobody who's an m.p. can be appointed to the cabinet so wise or on who would be the economy minister or . take you straight now live
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to libya well we've got the italian. salvini and tears of any speaking alongside the libyan prime minister fares seraj let's listen in to what they've got to say there think we can. see them just starting up there getting a translator sets ready of course salvini and seraj speaking with us and then mr. prime minister in italy is visiting tripoli and at the very beginning i'd like to welcome him is a company who did a geisha and. we all know the new government in italy has been there and the deputy prime minister is paying us his first visit ever and we will definitely. pave the
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way. in the proposal as i just. give him the floor at the very beginning. but i am proud of egypt. to have chosen libya as the first official. overseas visit as the deputy prime minister of italy and this way i have confirmed the friendship between the two governments and the two peoples of libya and italy and also to confirm the. common objective of solidarity and the commitment of the libyan. authorities to confront the whole problem of undercover illegal immigration from
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libya to italy we also have looked at economic commercial health and cultural issues. on which italy wants to lead in its relationship with libya. already on thursday at the european council the italian government will uphold the need to protect the front here is to the south of libya because neither libya no italy can be alone in shouldering the burden of this illegal immigration. principal topics with the plan in a unitary kind i want them in and amongst the agenda was the illegal immigration and we have submitted our proposals are guarding these illegal immigration and we
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stressed to the italians and to opinions that levy is quite ready with the program regarding the illegal immigration we the libyans we agree amongst us on some of the things with the opinions in our partners regarding the illegal immigration but we categorically refuse the presence of any immigration camps in libya according to the libyan low and this is not. accepted by the libyans and the libyan lolo's we have a program that depends on partnership between us and the european union and italy is or was that italy has been supporting this country. and italy is the work in the heart to fire tourism and to bring stability to libya and we call upon all our european partners to follow the italian example in this regard so many european
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countries have their own programs in partnership with the libyan side but the program should be libyan and libya. as a whole and the participation of the parent countries should be within this libyan program and it will protect this and we will prepare. caterers from libya to follow on their work their systems as an aid coming to us through their opinion will be your who was through the only soul channel namely the egyptian the libyan government. well i should like to thank. you in behalf of the ten people think the libyan government and also the libyan coast guard for the excellent work of the
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rescue. of these people in the mediterranean. and the italian government is absolutely in sympathy with your way of conducting this matter and we believe that. it should be only to live in authorities to patrol also libyan waters and blocking the way to non governmental. organizations that want to substitute replace governments and to help illegal immigrants we have invited the. and an invitation also has been sent to all the rupee and partners with them into reigning in for a conference on illegal immigration will be on the first half of the next september twenty eighth teen this conference will deal with illegal immigration
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through italian clear cut vision. we stressed that this conference would be a solution to the illegal immigration that libya has suffered from a lot and for too many. years like italy or even more the italian authorities have been always supporting us in this regard and we also confirm and i stress that the europeans all the opinions and most agree on such matter what we in libya have our own vision in this regard. but. we welcome as of today with these proposals and on thursday we'll be talking about it at the european council. the and we want
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a conference in tripoli on immigration because obviously the libyan problems have to be confronted and sold in libya and in not in other situations or european capitals we would just like to add also that on thursday in brussels we were totally in agreement with the libyan authorities. that in the south of libya there should be hosting facilities. in order to help the italian we also have stressed to the italian delegation and to the departed prime minister that cleave is an arab african state that belongs to the mediterranean as well and this makes us able to have
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a solution to this illegal immigration problem and to have a center to study this phenomena in north africa based here in tripoli in order to deal with this problem in this matter and we hope and will stress the europeans can depend and rely on libya in this regard through academic research is and the study is the italians also have big experience in dealing with the country is in order to help these countries and to put an end to this illegal immigration through the countries in the south of libya. she meets your. my objective is to have further missions in libya to strengthen our cooperation with the libya industrial today commercially in terms of energy culturally healthwise and.
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tourism is still one thing once we have resolved the immigration issue. because the special relationship. between italy and libya is unique in responding to all this conflict in the mediterranean with the italian government are important matters we have good relations these things relations with the italians particularly in the field of economy italy has been the first part of libya in the field of a condom a in the field of energy and we hope to expand these corporations and was says that the power matter is on top of that agenda during the coming and meetings we have the illegal immigration. power and the. embassy in libya in tripoli was amongst the first has to be here and this makes
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italy all was our first part in the feed of the economy and in so many other matters in the fields of. manton in the sort of buildings in the lead with my big heritage this is quite important. absolutely i agree and i just like to wind up by saying that. we take it on ourselves. to your or. your and my idea that libya is not a problem but a great opportunity. because many european countries see it as a big problem message is that it is a great opportunity for exchanges and opportunities for growth so.
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we hope the images really will be. based on that. and we need more development welfare for the peoples of the mediterranean for sure this visit is quite important and we will build on this visit thank you very much. watching scenes from tripoli can see the libyan deputy prime minister on the promises that only the deputy prime minister might take giving a press conference alongside matteo salvini a sleeze interior minister they were addressing the refugee and migrant crisis many many leaving libya heading across the mediterranean to europe via italy where we had the libyan deputy prime minister saying this was
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a libyan problem the key point he wanted to make was that it was going to be dealt by libyans and then you had the in tallinn interior minister saying there is a special relationship and that libya and italy are unique in responding to this crisis let's get the view from stuff on a totally a visiting fellow at the european council on foreign relations and joins us on skype from milan in italy what do you make of the two men's. stance there on this issue because it seems to run parallel to what's happening in brussels you've got the e.u. trying to come to the pan-european way to address the refugee in migrant crisis but then you've got these two men here on the front lines of it saying they are uniquely positioned to deal with this. yes of course there are parallel issues what is going on in what is going on this week in brussels and what you tell me is trying to do in libya they are related to
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migration of course but in brussels we have a political game so italy it will try to reach a consensus among the priorities that italian government has trying to deal with migration so about the red distribution of my ground all over europe. more guarantees about this kind of reduced. discussion not in agreement and so on but from the political point of view we know that these would be very very difficult and so at the same time. government has to act practical in order to stop the flows and so this is why. the need to today and i. tell you has to renegotiate their remains that the protests are of my community made with the local actresses
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responsible for the human trafficking that we are very effective in charge of drop of rights and so somebody has to renegotiate space kind of agreement right ok one thing that i picked up on that they are libyan prime minister said was that there will not be any camps in libya and this runs directly counter to one of the e.u. key points of its plan to set up reception centers for migrants in north africa. yeah this is true but i have to say that tonnage the we all knew that quite impossible to arrive to discount solution there are a lot of technical problems political problem security problems and last but not least as we have seen in this case the north african governments are the first ones who don't want to take responsibility for this kind of scams so it would be
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unrealistic to imagine that this can and this kind of absolution if i can just think. is that it is true that's not just a video wensley been ordered to try to renegotiate the agreements in order to block the flow of sound tools to the libyan coast guard to prevents people from crossing during and so on but these would be more difficult this time because over the last year italy has lost a lot of influence in libya to the benefit of other european actors first and foremost front for example and so the telly has something. something less to offer and political times. to these local actors and so it will be more difficult to reach agreements as far as italy is not so influential
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in libya as it was one year ago ok stefan to tell the defiance and to think that milan thanks for joining us. well i. proposed a new migration plan during that emergency meeting of sixteen brussels they were hoping to get some solutions on the table ahead of a big summit later this week from brussels. as they posed for the cameras in brussels the central question being posed to e.u. leaders was if they could find a solution to the migrant crisis for some this is appeared to become decisive over recent weeks angle america has had to concede ground to her domestic allies on sunday there was a further concession at least in tone isn't all i need we all agree that we want to reduce illegal migration that we want to protect our borders and that we are all responsible for all topics it cannot be the case that some on a deal with primary migration and others only with secondary migration everybody is
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responsible for everything wherever possible we want european solutions what is not possible we want to bring those who are willing to gather and find a common framework for action the issue has been brought into sharp focus by scenes like these filmed aboard the vessel m.v. lifeline in the mediterranean two hundred twenty six people rescued from the sea but stuck on the ship as different countries refused to accept them as it were a metaphor for the entire migrant crisis it is extremely difficult and i would say it's even harder now than it might have been two or three years ago because in the interim we've seen a number of government changes including a number of hard line government. but also we've seen a polarizing of positions between countries based on their experience of migration italy has proposed a ten point plan to try to drive the discussion forward suggesting different countries accent reception centers as part of a commitment to abandon the previous dublin regulation whereby refugees must claim
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asylum in their arrival country as he left brussels on sunday prime minister giuseppe conti tweeted his happiness at the way the talks had progressed. when this meeting was first called it was with the hope that sixteen member states might be able to iron out some of the problems and then present solutions to the twenty eight member state meeting that takes place on thursday and friday this week the question is will there be any kind of compromise acceptable to the full e.u. summit dominic came. brussels eight people have been killed in ongoing violence in central nigeria bringing the number of dead over the past three days to ninety four the fighting in the central plateau state involves mostly muslim herders and christian farmers president mohamed you bihari has called for calm and imposed a twenty four hour curfew in the area the decades old conflict over land is escalated sharply this year leaving hundreds dead in central states let's go now to what it
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is he's live for us in the bridge or ever having does a bit more about what the roots of this conflict are what it's all about. well basically it's about power and the issue of land first of all just has always been a flashpoint for the last two decades of soul surprisingly over the last one year one or two years george has been relatively calm as neighboring states like better way and that's what our we're burning because of coverage of violence because of clashes between farmers and cattle herders apparently this one flared up and it's one of the most dangerous and recent times in the history of crisis in the state so basically they were on one side politics on the other side the issue of land as you know because of climate change a lot of us have been moving farther down south from the north the arid north as more and more land is lost to desertification and fewer rainfall so basically that
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has set the stage for crisis or other conflict between farmers and cattle herders and there have been issues for a very long time quite a lot of us are accusing farmers of cultivating areas specifically reserved for the grazing lands while promised indigenous farmers of course are saying that the cattle farmers are chasing the animals into the fields to graze however the government try to come in to to to to to create some kind of cattle ranching areas by law but this has been resisted by some of the state governments however this is more this is escalating the crisis more and more as politics of course is just around the corner the campaign season has almost begun and a lot of people are set to explode this situation nigeria's believe that they said to see things getting worse before they get any better from now. let it rest thanks
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for joining us from the. now in just a few minutes we'll have all the weather at the top and then still ahead here on out of there. environmentalist's and a strange man said the government failed to protect the great barrier reef or look at what they're called why what they're calling on the u.n. to do about sets. and double play of roger federer just before wimbledon coming up with jack. i. mean the weather sponsored by cattle i always got to say it's been a little wet across southwestern parts of china really is something of an understatement just take a look at these pictures that we have here absolutely tipping down this is right in the southwest of the country and we're seeing huge amounts of rainfall i am pleased
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to say that it will to a little try a little process to go on through the next couple of days because of the awful conditions that we saw through the course of this weekend here we go with the slightly quiet so weather gradually coming back in the you can see clearer skies to come back towards that southwestern corner then as we go on through the next couple of days pushing a little further southwards and wes was will see a little more cloud just coming in here but at the moment still a few showers all the way across towards hong kong as we go through choose they should turn dry and bryce clear skies come back in behind we have seen flooding into north vietnam and you see how the extensive rainfall pushes right across into me i'm on to the north east of india and also into bangladesh these are the seasonal rains of course this is the southwest the monsoon you can see that the cloud just streaming across the buying gold lining up across the northeastern corner of the region mumbai two hundred forty one millimeters of rain in twenty four hours that's right half a monthly average and there's plenty more where that came from. the weather.
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we will maintain the finest fighting force the world has ever known the united states army was so reliant on the private sector i would call the dependency we have a mismatch between the way we. work to be and the reality of the twenty first century enough because you know. how many of the persons that you're sending out you should be transferred to the. child soldiers reloaded on al-jazeera. and then reported world on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to full dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been
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truly unable to escape the war. and again you're watching out there as a reminder of our top stories this hour as president. as returning to office with sweeping new powers after an election victory that he's calling a win for democracy he secured more than fifty percent of the vote may now be no runoff the main opposition said the election was unfair but has accepted the result he's warned that's a growing power as a danger to the tech your state's. at least deputy prime minister has vowed to
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increase collaboration with libya to deal with europe's migration crisis leader of the far right league bosses in tripoli a day off to libya's cause. god picked up another nine hundred forty eight migrants and refugees in the mediterranean sea. and more people have been killed in violence in central nigeria bringing the number of dead over the past three days to ninety four the fighting in central plateau state involves mostly muslim heard isn't christian farmers president has called for calm and impose a twenty four hour curfew in the area. to give you more now on our top story turkey elections and as we've heard sunday's vote in a powerful new executive presidency long sought by. one who insists they'll be plenty of checks and balances remaining he will now be able to issue to create but not on issues where there's already a law in place the president also has the authority to appoint and remove ministers and civil servants without parliament's approval and choose six members of the
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country's highest judicial system. you can declare a state of emergency for up to six months but parliament. or scrap his decision and under the new constitution can run for another term which means he could rule for another ten years. politics news editor at daily joins us now via skype from istanbul good to have you with us first of all what do you think of these results. comes to the results for the presidential election this is not surprising for people living in turkey turkey and people following the turkish politics very closely however there is a surprise a thing on how turkey is being read from outside given the fact that there is a lack of understanding of turkish internal dynamics and socio cultural force or political establishment turkey of course. you know as the result for presidential
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election was expected to be led by our though on there was all there is also the rise of let's say nationalist parties and in the in the parliament and also a decrease in our parties all voters party voters at the parliament was also expected saw i mean results of around fifty one to fifty two fifty three was. you know expected as the public survey of polls also had shown that there are. just a jump in there because do you agree with the main opposition n.j. that turkey now faces a huge threat in one man having all the power. i mean i don't agree with that because there is now also a very strong parliament now i mean if you look at turkish politics or history of the near past there as a minute time where the political project through blue relative and diversity has
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been this president has a parliament i mean there are parties now from distinct political backgrounds that will be you know will be in the parliament as a check to a prison are your own position as the leader of the government so i disagree with that i mean the opposition will have and has its own criticism to the system but i don't agree that these are substantial criticisms rather they are just. mere excuses. as they have been losing twelve thirteen elections since our party has been our party was formed in two thousand and one and have had a person election day entered in two thousand and two ok but there's no doubt is there that one is a deeply polarizing figure yes he has plenty of supporters but he has tended to track his two n.j. did manage to rally thousands of supporters to his campaign rallies what does one
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need to do to unite the country. first of all i don't agree with your statement daughter's polarizing figure because if you look at the election results are gone is actually people that don't even want for our party have voted for it like in many towns where our dawn came as a winner. party did not even you know it did not get as strong wards he gets first of all thirty percent story fifty more than fifty percent of the courts if you look at his opposition his rivals the next is why remediate who got only thirty percent or so out on has been at that uniting figure and also that house that was strengthened with the failed coup in july fifteen with the cross border operations with many terrorist attacks in the country so people see are drawn as rather at someone that can actually unite the country and tackle the country's problems rather than a polarized of course this is a political race there will be those who are against are gone and there will be
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those who will be four out of the one and if you look at his rivals. i mean we see the men are like for example leader of the newly established party should be able to get. you know less than feel to get more than ten percent. same with. the other. candidates ok thanks very much for taking time to join us live from istanbul now live attacking the southern border u.s. backed forces controlling the syrian city of raka have a state of emergency and imposed a three day care few commanders say they have information that i still fighters who infiltrated the city are planning a bombing campaign i said was pushed out by the syrian democratic forces last october people in iraq have been complaining about discrimination from the s.d.f. which is dominated by kurdish fighters. elsewhere in syria only six civilians have been killed in the southern province of darrell with activists reporting dozens of
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ass strikes and barrel bombs government forces are making advances in the rebel held territory bordering jordan helped by russian support reports. government helicopters continue to drop barrel bombs on the last stronghold in southwest syria. the free syrian army or f.s.a. is deploying more fighters to repel the attacks but most units in the face shorter's of weapons and ammunition thousands of civilians have fled their homes circling in makeshift camps in desert areas. anger is mounting on the border with jordan where thousands of internally displaced people are strand. where stitching tends to help the growing number of refugees were arrived daily and whether it can help us you are most welcome. we
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spent days seeking shelter under a tree and no one came to our help we came here and as you can see the terrain is rough and inhospitable we call upon the international community to help us. syrian army's offensive started last wednesday president bashar al assad is vowing to crush the opposition unless rebels surround the military campaign could turn into a full blown confrontation the u.s. which along with russia brokered a truce in southern syria last year has warned of retaliation if the syrian army doesn't pull out. saudi arabia's ad defense force says it's intercepted two ballistic missiles over the capital and if you rebels in yemen say they launch the rockets targeting the saudi defense ministry who these have stepped
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up missile attacks in retaliation against as strikes by the saudi and coalition. algeria is being accused of abandoning more than thirteen thousand migrants in the sahara desert without food or water and says he has a press news agency has collected videos showing hundreds of people walking away from buses and trucks as they head into the desert syria has not commented but in the past it has denied that leaving migrants in the desert constitutes a rights abuse. algeria is entitle to expel migrants as long as it complies with international law. will be appealing was killed when we were lined. because there is no want to move starvation cheering or people. on the people. thousands of boxes of aid to support separated migrant families have been delivered to the town of macallan on the us mexico border the
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sheer number of donations is overwhelmed the charity run center managing the crates forcing it to rent additional storage space every day dozens of people are sent from federal facilities to a processing station in the town. a lot of things first of all hygiene items to. take a shower. so all those items are given to them. and then all of a sudden they started getting like a thousand boxes a day and then more and then more and. they started they had to come and secure space here and that and then they got another space and now finally they have this large this is not my america this is not my america when we came in. we were welcomed with open arms and we were not separated my entire family got here safely. invading the u.s.
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should be sent home without a pairing and court present. despite separating children from their parents the government is trying to. texas. in one of the most remote corners of southern texas vehicles coming and going from here this immigration and customs enforcement detention facility that has been designated as a primary place where the government plans to priscilla tate the reunification of parents and children separated by authorities after crossing into the u.s. seeking asylum it's located in the middle of a national wildlife preserve far from everything and maybe for good reason the inner workings of the facility remains a mystery to much of the outside world these images were filmed by the government last year it's a massive facility that reportedly can hold one thousand two hundred detainees and
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it's now at full capacity it's used to hold migrants to cross into the u.s. illegally. thousands of kilometers away washington officials say it's at this very facility. where families will be reunited but immigration lawyers who visited for multiple days saw little evidence of that we did not get any indication that the u.s. government has a plan in place to reunite children with their parents most of the people most of the parents in there who are separated from their children had their children taken to the custody of the office of refugee resettlement and that is going to be a very long process no matter what the circumstances this is as close as i could get to the detention facility on this road behind me is a guard booth and when i went there security said that journalists were not allowed inside and asked me to leave we did make a formal request with the department of homeland security to tour the facility but so far that request has been denied however human rights lawyers who have been
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inside say the facility is full of parents that are currently separated from their children and all those parents are asking the same questions the question is always what's going to happen to my child if i get deported will my child be deported with me am i going to be reunited with my child do you know where my child is it's that series of questions and unfortunately i don't have the answer to that for parents wanting to see their kids again hopes now rest on whatever happens behind this spence far from public view gabriel's on doe. loss for his most tex's. presidential comes a setback soko holding that final rise in just two weeks to go before election day when he faces a fed up with drug gun violence corruption and poverty which the frontrunner is vowing to solve john allman reports from mexico city. do you want to just read leader right now from the. make. up for grabs than ever before
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but also on the president's visit on the way because the annoy is. a really big story stories like this morning i want to get into to. independence destroyed for the distant second place in the fold. of the mexico which we dream of is one where there's no corruption which the government is almost mexico we dream of is one in which no one lives in extreme poverty in which we advance together because of a noise running for a left right coalition the same old and i say no victory on the trail running with no someone is going to rock too much to the status quo completely the opposite then the overwhelming from going after two hundred is money well know people are going to go to school this week on the issues in lansing wipe out poverty corruption with no mention of the multifold how we do it but where is the fix up until. the honest recover of everything the whole look like things. from the
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political right. here you know the government has illegally attacked us like never before and democracy as a country no. i don't see election there pro-choice group is going to take your family also change uncle sugar to him to live next. actions are often the pressure on the u.n. to investigate what they describe as a strain his failure to protect the great barrier reef they've risen to the un as the unesco world heritage committee meets him behind global warming is seen as a major factor in the death of large parts of the reef engines f.-o. them is the great barrier reef campaign director in marina conservation society she says the government has broken his promise to improve water quality by giving the ok to land clearing. well what happens when they ended cleavage which is mainly what breaking development is that at least three or that broke down and you
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get a heavy rainfall it results in the sort of washing off into what of course is inflow into the great barrier reef and josh a lot. of slime didn't fit in the water and carleton other repugnant didn't need clean water to thrive. in water also consume over the corals and the grasses and other organisms directly it can lead to increased elihu growth at the expense of coral growth and i can also suggested by outbreaks of orally to. all the. tree clearing and the fourth edition a very bad for the great barrier reef well so we were asking. the world heritage to write to the adjoining governments and ask the government and what it's actually doing to to reduce this problem to actually start to clearing in the grey areas
1:49 pm
catchment. in the disputed region of kashmir artists from both muslim and hindu community to collaborating on a joint exhibition for the first time in decades i hope that show will encourage peace efforts to end decades of conflict if agoa reports. in a disused silk factory in the city of creations of a different kind or on display sixty artists from kashmir as punch work of communities are promoting togetherness through aren't is the first time in sixty six years works by kashmir as muslims and hindus are on show under one roof each reflecting a different side of this divided society it was a great experience for all of us like you know people from different groups getting to know about what it was like. and what. it was a good experience because we got to. the former independent state of kashmir has
1:50 pm
been disputed by india and pakistan since indian independence from britain in one thousand nine hundred forty seven each controls a part of the region both claim the territory in its entirety. the coalition government collapsed a few days ago following months of demonstrations in solidarity with decades of rebellion against indian rule artists. reflecting on their own immediately and a lot of works here also a deflection of the six peat and witness that it is the political crisis the social crisis or the psychological crisis when a lot of conflicting ideas. are good i think. a certain point of consensus the exhibition is aimed at restoring harmony between kashmiris discord and groups offering a time to reflect on the region's troubled past and hopes for a stable future. so has.
1:51 pm
the racing across the field of play scattering players left and right bearing down on goals. like. the world cup but. the different.
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pieces who could. be so important and we can invest. money. and do many thing
1:53 pm
that because you just feel what will happen to all. time is coming we will build. put the seal on the back to reality because. the team because they see this meeting. i believe the future of the plantation and put to good t.v. he's ready to play but we must seat from being the supplier of rubbish he is to. it and exporting barely read it but then for them. to undergo on but it needs. to be able to enjoy the finest cup of tea in the world. the more so wonderful herb in the wood at their tiny feet it beats the big off the gods. problems between nice and
1:54 pm
seventy. three years old who would go. there if the quad solution among consumers to go to quality in bed happened to own who would be born. preet t. read the same enjoyment as its big debility be about predict what useable people still on. the road. and shipped over from you know. when the news breaks. on the mailman city and the story builds to be forced to leave it would just be all when people need to be heard to women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to
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bring you the award winning documentaries and live news and out of iraq i got to commend you on hearing is good journalism on and on. al-jazeera. where ever you are. with bureaus spawning six continents across the globe. to. al-jazeera has correspondents live in green the
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stories they tell. us about it. is iraq fluent in world news i really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as i was that's what this job. cut. some of the light.
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jeannette morale is was just ten years old when a devastating earthquake struck mexico city in one thousand nine hundred five the
1:59 pm
quake damaged her family's apartment and the government moved them to distant shack around seventy families who lost their homes in that earthquake still live in this camp say i'm going to get up at the the government raised our hopes and then abandon us politicians have promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand eight hundred five but the cost and complexity of housing hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government the fail. the time had come for the p.l.o. to seek a new and peaceful solution. pursuing a path to diplomacy what was to turn their agreed look strong from lebanon into one of the most realistic civilian massacres of modern times women children children jews we couldn't believe this chronicling the tribune story the struggle for a palestinian. history of
2:00 pm
a revolution on al-jazeera. turkish president bedouin returns the office with a comfortable win but his main opponent is warning against concentration of power. but back to boyer watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up it's nice the interior minister is in libya as a deep breath after over the migrant crisis is laid bare in the european union. and in nigeria more than one thousand people are killed in three days of fighting between thomas and her days and hoping to make peace so odds hindus and muslims put on a joint exhibition in kashmir.


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