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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 25, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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zero. hello there and welcome to this news hour with me laura global headquarters and coming up in the next sixty minutes techies present returns to office with a comfortable win as his main challenger wants him to be cathal with the extra powers he's been given. the area is accused of abandoning thirteen thousand refugees and migrants in the sahara desert. the battle over land in nigeria close to one hundred people were killed in three days of fighting between farmers and herders. also hoping to make peace through all its hindus and muslims put on
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a joint exhibition in kashmir. and i'm tatiana sanchez with all of the latest from the wild cop way european champions portugal are preparing to face their wrong might iran and must avoid defeat to keep their hopes alive in russia the build up to that later in the program. i kept up is returning to office with sweeping new powers often election victory that he's calling a win for democracy he secured enough place into his presidential poll to avoid a runoff against his main opposition rival his posse valve's to continue its struggle jim i'll sell reports from ankara. yet again reject taber erdogan is victorious this success however will taste a lot sweeter for the man who's now won more than ten successive national polls
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since his ak party came to power in two thousand and two sunday's vote was a gamble by one who hold for the early elections at a time when turkey's currency was at the weakest it's been in years but it seems to have paid off for the man whose name has now become almost synonymous with that of his country addressing his supporters undescribed sunday as a victory for all of turkey will say see me go only be the winners of this election are the eighty one million turkish citizens of this country each and every one is a winner in this election everybody exercised their rights by going to the ballot boxes and casting their votes and i want to thank everybody you are writing history going into the vote it seemed that the galvanized opposition could prevent iran from winning in the first round forcing a runoff that could possibly pose a bigger threat to his quest to become the first president under the new constitution the main concern democrat or an injury of the c.h.p. had tried to garner support from all sections of society he would the religious
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basis by publicly joining prayers in some cities and attempted to reach out to the right wing blocs by promising to expel millions of syrian refugees if elected but as large as injuries grows where or those of erdogan in the end what mattered were the numbers of ballots cost in their favor turks will have a proud tradition of high voter turnout did not disappoint early indications were that more than eighty six percent of them participates. well i do once our party were boyens with the presidential victory there will be disappointment over there parliamentary performance with the a k p losing the two thirds supermajority they once held only managing to secure a simple majority with the help of their nationalist m h p allies the big winners in the parliamentary votes were the kurdish h d p winning over fifty seats making tissue legislative body more diverse than the previous one and it's that whoever it is i'm the many in turkey will hope can help bridge the political divide that
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continues to affect turkish society speaking to the nation i don't seem to understand those concerns were his jim sinegal. no one should be discriminated against in this country because of their belief because of their gender or because of their origins we will not allow this. the opposition will be disappointed that they were unable to at least force a second round of voting they will take heart however from their improved performance in the parliaments and the fact that's a relatively unknown person like n.g. was able to secure thirty percent in such an important election alive now to jamal and and to all the main opposition guns that has conceded defeat but what was his message for. it was similar a defiant tone that injured his sets throughout the campaign and is now continuing gets after these results one of stock warning that he described now
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turkey has departed from a more democratic political system the parliamentary system to what he described as a more dangerous all florid tarion one obviously the interesting thing is that those statements were being made now that he lost albeit the fact that the political system itself that he was contesting for would have given him those powers he had promised as part of his campaign that he would reverse back to a parliamentary system but obviously he hasn't been given the mandate or the chance to do that some of the more stark warning he had came in this sound bite let's take a listen in. on each of us there is a huge threat facing turkey the powers of the state legislative judiciary and executive in the hands of one person is a huge danger turkey has severed its traditional link with a parliamentary system there are factors which threaten our social peace we are now going into one man's regime there is no systemic mechanism of rules in this state.
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well the thing is there are two are now probably the main challenge he has is to try and prove his critics wrong prove the doubters wrong those who say that he is going on some sort of one man or thorough tarion track to try and ensure that you controls everything in this country well now he's been given the popular mandate through the ballot box he needs to show that actually he's not going to misuse that his intention was to ensure that turkey has a strong centralized government that's able to revamp the economy that's able to move the country forward and will not speak attaining freedoms public rights and so forth and obviously will not be interfering in the judiciary so far the comments made by the president elect or the. bye bye to and have been considered mainly in the sense that they have been reaching out to different sides of the political spectrum at least in terms of the population we haven't seen any real reaching out
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in terms of political figures that's where contesting against him but it is still the morning after or the day after the night before in the sense that people are still coming to terms with this new reality not many people know exactly how it's going to look like you no longer have the role of prime minister for example in turkey that's been done away with as a result of these constitutional changes so it is maybe a learning curve for a lot of people but the hope amongst everybody is that this will be the right choice towards a stronger turkey and they will be looking for the government and for the president in particular to allay those fears or concerns that may not much of which was whipped up as part of the electoral campaign but nonetheless is genuine concern amongst a lot of people here that there will not be a call tillmans of freedoms here in turkey ok jamal many thanks for bringing us the latest there from the capital ankara. has been gauging reaction in istanbul.
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the election was full of surprises especially for instance i've gone. unexpected majority in the first round it was welcomed by his supporters and by many media outlets saying that's just as dawn stormed to victory and the people's alliance the alliance of the ruling party and the nationalist mh he secured the majority in the parliament confusional he was alone i think the result will be beneficial for turkey in the hope that this new system of governance will be good for our country . but i think it was quite surprising that the mh bill was able to win this we knew what it was the will of the people there's nothing more to say. our society is going through somewhat of a stockholm syndrome how long can we go with the current system i cheered for the opposition so i can say i'm very happy. this is how turkish media sees the election results one of the leading tabloid newspapers of turkey says that zipper down are down as a superhero all front pages are spared for the election results saying that aired
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on had a historical victory with the people's alliance the alliance between the ruling party and the nationalist m h p but now wanted to remind that most of the newspapers are in direct the quantrill by the government and its supporters however there are still some opposition newspapers and the leading opposition for your warrior to say is that the palace is trapped by the wall wolf is the nickname for the turkish nationalist on the other hand there are other no opposition papers saying that they will be continuing the struggle against their one man rule this is how tricky media the election. you see rebels in yemen say the saudi and amorality led coalition has carried out five astronauts in her data province and it's all part of the offensive to recapture the city and its crucial seaport and they've released images of another strike in the city of north of the capsule sun our main
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news agency says twenty four civilians most of them women and children were killed in that attack when while the warning warring sides of exchange prisoners in the southern province of dalia the spokesman says seventy four of their fighters were released in exchange for forty fighters from the coalition. u.s. backed forces controlling the syrian city of raka have declared a state of emergency and imposed a three day curfew commanders say they have information that i saw fighters who infiltrate the city planning a bombing campaign i saw was pushed out by the syrian democratic forces last october the people of rocca have been complaining about discrimination from the s.d.f. which is dominated by kurdish fighters. and elsewhere in syria at least six civilians have been killed in the southern province of daraa with activists reporting dozens of ass trucks and barrel bombs government forces are making advances in the rebel held territory bordering jordan by russian support it's supposed to be
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a deescalation zone where there's no fighting. reports. government helicopters continue to drop barrel bombs on the rebels last stronghold in southwest syria. the free syrian army or f.s.a. is deploying more fighters to repel the attacks but most units in the face shorter's of weapons and ammunition thousands of civilians have fled their homes circling in makeshift camps in desert areas. anger is mounting on the border with jordan where thousands of internally displaced people asked around. where stitching plans to help the growing number of refugees were arrived daily and whether it can help us you are most welcome. judie and we
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spent days seeking shelter under a tree and no one came to our help we came here and as you can see the terrain is rough and inhospitable we call upon the international community to help us. syrian army's offensive started last wednesday president bashar al assad is vowing to crush the opposition unless rebels surround the military campaign could turn into a full blown confrontation the u.s. which along with russia brokered a truce in southern syria last year has warned of retaliation if the syrian army doesn't pull out. plenty more still ahead for leaders in zimbabwe promise best security for upcoming elections after a grenade attack targeting the president. and russia keep on winning at the world cup in sport over the build up to the game with.
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libya's u.n. backed government has flatly rejected setting up asylum seeker processing centers on its soil casting doubts over an e.u. plan to tackle its migration crisis european leaders are considering screening refugees and migrants for their eligibility centers that would be established across north africa including libya is one of the main transit points now it's hoped that the plan would discourage people from trying to cross the mediterranean sea. it has proven to be useful results and this is why we are asking for more money from member states to the trust fund africa and i believe yesterday the exchanges were positive investor action i hope that member states will put money in the trust fund for africa because this has been the instrument
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with which we have managed to put in place very important work that is broken results that needs to be strengthened that's required money. but following talks with terry a minister libya's deputy prime minister said such processing centers are not an option inside his country's borders. we reassured italy in europe that libya is ready in its plan to deal with migration we agree in many areas when it comes to illegal migration however we refused completely uncategorically the creation of any camps inside libya for illegal migrants this issue is forbidden under libyan law and he does not apply in any of its aspects well since two thousand and seventeen almost three thousand migrants and refugees have drowned trying to make it to europe by sea most of them left from libyan shores. has more now from tripoli or what else was discussed. both parties the italian
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interior minister vini and the libyan deputy prime minister. have highlighted the efforts made by libya's coast guard in terms of controlling their illegal migration human is smuggling. human truck trafficking. the mediterranean sea we understand that the number of migrants reaching italy via the mediterranean from libya to tours have fallen dramatically during the last year especially after italian navy vessels have been docked in in a navy bases in the capital tripoli to provide technical support maintenance and training to the patrols belonging to libya's coast guard also this visit is the fairest for minister vini and it could be an extension to the
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agreement the member in them of understanding that was sealed by the libyan prime minister face alive and therefore the italian former prime minister gentlemanly in the war in february last year and by virtue of that agreement the libyan side should receive funds and technical training in order to contain and control their illegal migration via the mediterranean. migration and asylum experts at open society european policy institute she joins us now from brussels what do you make first of all of this is silly libya planned to make libya a dead end for refugees and migrants. well it's not a new plan as as your correspondent mentioned it's been ongoing her recent year and
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a half and actually using gator with little pre-dates at that time goes back to business going to governments and in the second decade ago twenty first century so it's a lot of good gauge of fortune it's a negation of what has primarily been progress to round the e.u.'s policy priority which is bringing the number of migrants down which might not necessarily be other non european countries priority. and their back and the impact of this sort of thinking mind obsession with bringing micro numbers now down. is being felt in again also for other fields nurses and we mentioned the fact that the whole thing camps that he and others in europe and visited would be south of libya now because that means need air i doubt they have you know any efforts to engage within each area not argue whether they would be in favor of such a solution and it would place an incredibly huge burden on a country which is already overwhelmed in terms of how to cope with europe's
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migration problem which isn't necessary it's ok as you mentioned this is not a new planet as being a what's been in place for a while leslie giving libya money to stop migrants crossing the mediterranean sea but it doesn't seem to be working it's actually does it. does it is work if you look at the numbers and that is the primary objective of one is to make is in rome and a field in europe so the numbers of my words arriving in your account down dramatically . it isn't working if you look at human rights impact of those policies because what it means is that was refugees the effect that it contained in the media and many of them were suffering widespread and systematic abuse is. and isn't working as well if you look at the priorities of of libya and libyans themselves there has been a brawl in a civil war for a long time. a million internally displaced libyans and yet even though you are never out you know when people reach your assurance in the various ways that europe
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and italy have a gauge will including rather dubious deals being recorded between eighty million dollars minissha the new i wouldn't mind it is security instability because they sure are the very smugglers and traffickers that in theory only had your words to be comforting you have got to get to speak to thanks for joining us there from brussels. now algeria has been accused of abandoning more than thirteen thousand refugees and migrants in the sahara desert u.n. says they include pregnant women and children have been left without food or water or denies the allegations which as a part of a malicious campaign to occasionally reports. disorientated and dehydrated these migrants have just been deported by algerian border guards and dumped in neighboring nations and the nearest village is a fifteen kilometer walk in the sahara desert and they have no food or water. the
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un migration agency says algeria has expelled an estimated thirteen thousand migrants in this way in the last forty months janet camara whose liberian was pregnant when she was deported last month she suffered a miscarriage while walking in the desert she buried her baby in a shallow grave in the sand and also a baby was killed when he was lying. because there's no one. starvation she went all. the way. another liberian jew dennis filmed his deportation from a detention center in algeria. you can see some of that together with a group of other migrants they were loaded on to trucks and driven across the
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border tunisia reporting live from the desert to train in the curia in their fish and these are. can see this is going over there and is a massive massive lead to pull in blood. to think i have injured our women and children into this into destruction. some migrants are rescued by a team like this one from the un migration agency others died trying to make it across the desert. they come by the thousands i've never seen anything like it there are even babies they even expel pregnant women women who give birth one or two weeks later it's a catastrophe. the algerian government denies committing human rights abuses it's ratified international treaties on human rights and this was the algerian red crescent last year helping to transfer my quince to their home countries. the
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european union has asked north african countries to do. to stop migrants headed new to europe the e.u. says it is aware of the mass deportations and says algeria needs to comply with international law many of these migrants say their experience proves otherwise big turia gayton be al-jazeera. now if the u.s. were present at all drum says that he describes as invading america should be sent home without appearing in court as maintaining his rhetoric on migration despising separating children from their parents let's go live now to. he joins us from the city of brownsville near the us mexico border and it seems that evidence we heard that executive order signed by the president were asking the same question every day all there any parents being reunited with their children. there have been some laura no doubt about it but it's very sporadic cases and many of them are happening
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in the town of city of macallan texas there are still so many questions over the weekend late saturday night early sunday morning here local time the u.s. government issued some new numbers and they were saying that they still have over two thousand children in shelters. shelters such as the one that you see behind me here that they're still trying to reunite these children with their parents the government said that they have released or reunited at least over five hundred children but there's still so many unanswered questions here like asylum seekers it's not clear asylum seekers how many are still coming into the united states and if when they reach the united states they are still being separated from their parents or not. and clearly there's still big problems on trying to reunite families that government says that they've set up a hotline and they're doing everything they can to try to expedite the reunification of families they also say that there's a huge detention center not far from here what will be the primary place where the
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real indication will happen but lawyers we spoke to when we went there said they saw very few signs of that. in one of the most remote corners of southern texas vehicles coming in going from here this immigration and customs enforcement detention facility that has been designated as a primary place where the government plans to priscilla tate the reunification of parents and children separated by authorities after crossing into the u.s. seeking asylum it's located in the middle of a national wildlife preserve far from everything and maybe for good reason the inner workings of the facility remains a mystery to much of the outside world these images were filmed by the government last year it's a massive facility that reportedly can hold one thousand two hundred detainees and it's now at full capacity it's used to hold migrants to cross into the u.s. illegally. thousands of kilometers away washington officials say it's at this very
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facility where families will be reunited but immigration lawyers who visited for multiple days saw little evidence of that we did not get any indication that the u.s. government has a plan in place to reunite children with their parents most of the people most of the parents in there who are separated from their children had their children taken to the custody of the office of refugee resettlement and that is going to be a very long process no matter what the circumstances this is as close as i could get to the detention facility on this road behind me is a guard booth and when i went there security said that journalists were not allowed inside and asked me to leave we did make a formal request with the department of homeland security to tour the facility but so far that request has been denied however human rights lawyers who have been inside say the facility is full of parents that are currently separated from their
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children and all those parents are asking the same questions the question is always what's going to happen to my child if i get deported will my child be deported with me. am i going to be reunited with my child do you know where my child is it's that series of questions and unfortunately i don't have the answer to that for parents wanting to see their kids again hopes now rest on whatever happens behind dispense far from public view. ok we have we seen this very controversial issue change any opinions about immigration in the u.s. well a new poll that was issued by the pew research institute said that seventy five percent of americans polled think immigration here in america is a good thing that's the highest number since two thousand and one and also the majority of americans are against this policy by the trump administration to separate families at the border a policy that trump reversed with his executive order last week so clearly the
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indication are indications are that the overall immigration policy from the trump administration could be backfiring on them as on day one as the latest there from texas. ok time for all the weather now and his evident some very welcome news of lovely hot weather in western europe yes right lower i don't think is any noise the place in the world in england in the summer when the weather's fine and you know what the weather might even be hot and sunny when we get to wimbledon and of next week's yes looking good at the moment we're going to satellite pictures that barely a cloud in the sky it's absolutely gorgeous so big blue skies lots of a very hot sunshine around as well and we're going to see those temperatures really picking up as we go on through the next couple of days you see a little bit of cloud in the central part sinking its way further south was nice was in the skies really opening up high pressure in charge with high pressure it
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acts as a lid on the atmosphere it keeps things nice and settled you don't get the cloud building up and there we go with the clear skies and of course the sun is very powerful at this time of year with charging the thirty degree mark there in london over the next couple of days salie should be about twenty one so that really is hot take a look at madrid really really hot here forty one degrees shippey about twenty eight we're going to get twenty eighteen to places like rome for example and here we have got a fair bit of cloud and some rain around that sinking its way further south was through the ionian sea grace seeing some really really wet weather when there was good as london as you can see just twenty three degrees twenty three celsius there for book arrest as well the showers slide their way across spall garia as we go on through the next couple of days they push a little further northwards warm sunshine there for mosca twenty five degrees celsius here not cheap but in berlin at around twenty four but the hot sunshine continues back home laura with high of twenty nine. is good news i was and thanks very much coming up in the second half of this news hour not giving up
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environmentalists again ask the u.n. to act strangely against australia over the great barrier reef. and a double play for roger federer just before wimbledon because of that coming up in sport. on counting the cost of a stronger dollar spells trouble ahead for developing market economies. digital addicks we look at how the tech industry uses human psychology plus the fight for control of libya's oil president counting the cost on i'll just see about. eighty percent of the visually impaired could be cured without access to treatment
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. and where there is a will there is a way to train a state of the art tossed little coverage over seventy seven countries how many of these patients we see today every little and in pakistan one learns passion provides flea treatment for over one million patients and yet to cure revisited which is iraq. and there again you're watching out to zero his reminder of our top stories this hour president obama is returning to office with sweeping new powers after an election victory that he's calling
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a win for democracy but international wanted to say the ruling party had unfair advantages including influence over the media the main opposition guns and warn that the growing power is a danger to the turkish state. maybe as u.n. backed government has flatly rejected setting up asylum seeker processing centers on its soil casting doubts over an e.q. plan to tackle its migration crisis it follows talks been libya's leaders and sleaze far right interior minister. in tripoli. and the u.n. is accusing algeria of leaving more than one thirteen thousand refugees and migrants in the middle of the hard desert amongst them pregnant women and children who have been left without food or water the government of algeria denies the allegations. a small people have been killed in ongoing violence in central nigeria bringing the number of dead over the past three days to ninety four the fighting in central plateau state involves mostly most i'm heard as a christian farmers present muhammadu buhari has called for calm and imposed
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a twenty four hour curfew in the area a decades old conflict over land has escalated sharply this year leaving hundreds dead in central states. dressed as a ball from a. block of students always been a flashpoint in some trouble but the for the last one one decade or so the state has been relatively calm compared to neighboring states like. and ben what states this crisis the latest crisis is an escalation which has never seen before in a very very long time and a lot of people believe that this is the crisis may escalate before it gets any better the government is trying to come nerves but the underlying problems are already there and they've been there for a very long time conflict on land between farmers and cattle herders as more and more cattle herders move from the aboriginals down south largest it is in central
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parts of nigeria more than more like the link between the north and the cells where migratory men move to graze their cattle and get more water now in neighboring states of ben we've seen from the start of this year hundreds of people have been killed in tit for tat clashes or some of these clashes of late have been identified by security forces to be not associated with land issues or farmers and cattle herders crisis it's more like politics being played on a wider scale and a lot of people believe that situation may be maybe a bit messy as nigeria goes into the campaign season a lot of politicians are just in for positions and this has brought president mahmoud abbas who promised to bring more security to the country and a lot of pressure. jordan's king abdullah is in the u.s. will later head to the white house for missing the president expected just the
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administration's peace plan for israel and the palestinians top adviser on the middle east question has been in the region tecate support for the plan says that almost ready to release that wave all without input from palestinian president mahmoud abbas like house correspondent can be healthy joins us now live from washington say give me the top mr ations middle east peace plan topping this agenda here. that's right and the king has been in washington for a couple of days now at least he's already met with the u.s. secretary of state my pompei as well as the treasury secretary steve but the real important meeting for the king is this one with donald trump it's only expected to be about an hour long and in that very short meeting he is attempting to essentially influence the outcome of that peace plan that is set to be released as you pointed out that's been worked on by not only jason green but also the
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president's son in law jared cushion or so certainly this is something that has been in the works for weeks we know that the king has already met with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu as well as working with gerry cushion or last week he was hosted by the king himself what he essentially is urging is and underscoring to the u.s. president is just how important it is that there is within this plan the commitment to a two state solution based on one nine hundred sixty seven borders and that really this is the only viable option for regional security one that has a clearly defined palestinian independent state so this is the message we believe will be conveyed to the relationship of these two men how much influence does the king have over. well you know we've seen him come in at the eleventh hour before the u.s. president made another critical decision and that was urging him last year not to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem obviously the u.s.
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went ahead with that move anyways that embassy is now open so certainly some may argue that the king's influence when it comes to decision making in the trumpet ministration is waning having said that he still does have leverage because the united states views jordan as being absolutely critical in its sort of the coalition to defeat contain eisel as well as containing a rod so certainly that is what he will exercise but at the same time he is also looking for support when it comes to stability for his kingdom given some of the waves of protests last month so there is some would argue a bit of waning power when it comes to the king certainly we will know ultimately whether or not he was able to influence the decision when that peace plan is revealed as you point out that it should be coming out in the coming weeks ok emily many thanks for that update from washington. zimbabwe's vice president says nothing
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will stop next month's general election as police investigate a grenade attack at a campaign rally constantino go was one of forty nine injured in saturday's explosion election security is being stepped up in responses to reports from chisholm with. in his first public appearance since saturday's grenade attack zimbabwe's vice president constantino chewing says he suffered minor injuries and tells party supporters next month's general election will only hate as planned. who. will be. the vice president was among politicians party supporters and security officials
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injured by the explosion at a political rally gamble away president emerson and other was near the blast but escaped unhurt no one's claimed responsibility for the attack so for a good number of people we have been injured or fourteen lang in there currently receiving treatment it might at the. israel is united lawyer who speak while police investigations continue preparations are continuing for the first elections since the army forced to resign last of in the run up to this year's vote had been relatively peaceful and like previous election reform marred by violence saturday's attack at the president's rally in below well has made some people nervous. when i got was promised a presidential and parliamentary elections will be free and fair security will also be increased in campaigning and voting. indication of.
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a situation but to remain unstable in zimbabwe political leaders dundreary remains on the stable we need the system that's going to go out on the. twenty three candidates have registered to contest a presidential election in a month's time when i was biggest rival is the main opposition leader nelson chamisa for the first time in sixteen years international observers who were banned by robert mugabe have already arrived if they endorse the election economists say it could help secure international funding. for that to happen and have to be seen as credible and violence free. al-jazeera. zimbabwe. policemen are amongst thirty people arrested after going to explosives as a rally by the prime minister two people were killed and more than one hundred fifty others injured and others of on saturday when he was rushed to safety
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described the blast as well orchestrated ramadan has more from the capital. if your police have confirmed that the mind policeman they're holding in connection with the talk on saturday include the deputy commander of police here in the capital addis ababa they say they'll soon be charged with neglect. i'm not putting a mouth measures in place to ensure that such a breach did not or can't in the past few hours organizers of dogs rally also today held a press conference in which they called for blood donations to save the lives of more than forty people injured in the outside and who are in hospitals here in the cup brutal now thousands of with your people flocked to mess can square in the center of the city also today. calling mall support for prime minister months we form agenda they say. promises of
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repealing the media rule the march abused terrorism law as well as possible peace with a spear and then see many people who've been living in exile abroad retiring after the prime minister came to office has them all excited. environmental organizations are upping the pressure on the un to investigate what they describe as a strain his failure to protect the great barrier reef everest into unesco world heritage committee meeting behind their warming is blamed for killing off large parts of the reef but environmentalist also accuse the stray as government of adding to the problem with its agricultural and mining policies emissions a thousand is the great barrier reef campaign director at a stray marine conservation society she says the government has broken his promise to improve water quality by giving the ok for land clearing. well what happens when they end of cleavage which is mainly if done well breaking development is that at
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least we saw that soon and you get a heavy rainfall it results in the sort of washing off into what courses of inflow into the great barrier reef and josh a lot of slime didn't get in and didn't the water. and carlton other repugnant need clear water to thrive they didn't go to zero second smother the corals and the grasses and other organisms directly it can lead to increased elbow growth at the expense of coral growth and can also suggested by outbreaks of early to chronic stuff or the. tree clearing and the forest sation a very bad for the great barrier reef well so we're asking. the world heritage then to write to the adjoining governments and ask the government what it's actually doing to to reduce this problem to actually start to clearing in the
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grey areas catchment. presidential candidate today is in mexico holding their final rallies with just a week to go before election day many vote has fed up with drug gang violence corruption and poverty which the frontrunner is vowing to solve townhome and reports from mexico city. do you want to just really great now from the mayor to make. your goals up for grabs than ever before but only from the president saying only one visit on the day because there were no is love so big a rally to make stories most likely only going to be an angel of independence destroyed during. the second place in the polls. to mexico which we dream often is one where there's no corruption in which the government is almost the mexico we dream of is one in which no one lives in extreme poverty in which we advance together because the noise running for a left right coalition the same mo that i say you know the tree i love the trail
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running but look someone is going to rock too much to the status quo completely the opposite end of the overwhelming from going to fundraise money well no people going to go to school this week on the issues ones of wipe out poverty corruption with no mention of the multifold how we do it but where is it all sort of riddle. me honest recover all over the whole book about facing the revolution from the right. over here to the government has illegally attacked us like never before in a democracy a country. i know it's election day approaches it's going to take your family also change unfortunately him just the way it is next sunday one tough sport is coming right up. and racing across a field of play scattering players left and right bearing down on goal. and the certainly a maybe at the world cup of back home as something quite different kind is causing
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well and. when the news breaks. in the mail man
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city and the story bill needs to be forced to leave it would just be when people need to be heard to. be bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you the winning documentaries and. i got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism. and.
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ninety percent of the world's fish stocks are being fished out or beyond the sustainable limits growing demand an industrial fishing techniques are pushing some populations of cod and china to the brink of collapse while millions of tons of other less marketable species are being used to fast eliza fish food or simply discard it i'm so we are rightly in london u.k. where marine scientists are working together with local fisherman to get consumers hooked on sustainable seafood. based in east london a tiny startup by the name of sol shah is hoping to change london his relationship with fish. to fish for the german. order of business appointed. you choose how much for if you want health you want to uncover get it from. it's
4:52 pm
a bit like a budget box but let's say. we work with a couple of control fischman we bother in time and then handed out to those it's a really good way of getting your hands on amazing finish trying things that maybe you haven't tried before and also supporting the got a cool tool mostyn finot is one of five to three and a half thousand small scale fishermen working in english motives but unlike many others skis families have been in the business but generations to come to the trade a decade to get lost in my fish it was still a problem was that a ball it was a toy i've also got fish of the school said you know for the stunt for david take that one hundred rocks down so that lots of the next on the tree they stay right. here on the common is nothing in there about a mark for you know to tell you are there are no. fish touches the bigger fish. the alternate still side that big fish but some of the actual small fish as
4:53 pm
well which are trolling the only thing you know looking like the day in. the sun told you could avoid every bit of that. unlike industrial bottom truly minutes which try to along the sea floor and can kill a wide array of marine night. stay still in the winter and the notch holes means he's not undermining feature fish stocks by catching up some juveniles. those he does like standing that come in and i. say that's legal so it's a low life and i work for backyards but. that's not. how much would you get say for. a place if you send it three don't rub it in just jack because it's a flat right for her and the cage on. the house side of the market male to marto for recruits for for the sign. plights says quite
4:54 pm
a bit different. yeah so share members help keep martin in business by giving him a good price and buying a set weight each week of whatever he brings in he also going to fishmonger what i seldom i still get a break simon called from provence and sure enough there were the four friends i saw more than anything else and there are also some of the most kind of moments fish exactly. everyone at someone's office or which. is go all day because they're prepared to accept whatever turns up and have a car or different spaces and that spanking first figure given a child. you think into congress is going to quote really is invested royale made significant this net thankfully and often brought. to the business is not just missing from a lot of the way that we know we eat today you know it is such a big disconnect between what's on our plates the merits come from. that sap people want to provide data that there's something about it we're not so sure i started in
4:55 pm
twenty thirteen and now has eighteen members in london who buy from martin and a few up a small scale fishing. from a boat to icebox in a matter of minutes the race is now on to get today's fresh catch straight up to social members in london so it's about finding people that care about where the fish come from and linking them with the called the fishermen that can have a cut so if. now from both the muslim and hindu communities in kashmir collaborating on a joint exhibition for the first time in decades they hope they will show their
4:56 pm
show will encourage peace efforts to end decades of conflict in the disputed region . has this report in a disused silk bank tree of the city of creations of a different kind are on display sixty artists from kashmir as punch work of communities are promoting together this through. it's the first time in sixty six years works by kashmir as muslims and hindus are on show under one roof each reflecting a different side of this divided society it was a great experience for all of us like you know people from different age groups getting to know about what it was like. and what. was. it was a good experience because we got to know a lot on history the former independent state of kashmir has been disputed by india and pakistan since indian independence from britain in one thousand nine hundred forty seven each controls
4:57 pm
a part of the region both claim the territory in its entirety. the coalition government collapsed a few days ago following months of demonstrations in solidarity with decades of rebellion against indian rule artists. reflecting on their own immediately and a lot of works here also a deflection off what do you to six peat and witness that it is the political crisis the social crisis or the psychological crisis been a lot of conflicting ideas that are good i think. reaching a certain point of consensus the exhibition is aimed at restoring harmony between kashmiris discord and groups offering a time to reflect on the region's troubled past and hopes for a stable future. dave. and all that for this news to stay with us though if you can have another full round up and two minutes from now.
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a little over seven million live in this long beach one a story that demonstrably. witness documentaries to hold up a new life on c.n.n. . your mind on al-jazeera in a new series of head to head maddie hasson tackles the big issues with hard hitting questions mexico is getting ready for a general election what direction will the country take as it struggles with drug violence and economic instability. people in power continues to examine the use and abuse of power around the world as the world cup in russia nears its end we'll bring you stories from on and off the pitch of the world's most viewed sporting events on television and online the stream continues to tap into the extraordinary potential of social media to disseminate news. july on al-jazeera.
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take is present which up top of on returns to office with a comfortable when but his main opponent is warning against a concentration of power. and of them or a tile this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up as lee's interior minister visits libya as a deep rift over the migrant crisis as laid back in the. battle over land in nigeria will the ninety people are killed in three days of fighting between follows and. and hoping to make peace through odd hindus a muslim.


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