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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 25, 2018 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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every. president is reelected with sweeping new powers as the opposition concedes defeat while urging him to be a president for all. out of there good to have you with us on jonah this is al jazeera coming to you live from london italy and libya look for common ground to resolve europe and north africa as migration crisis. algeria denies allegations that left more than thirteen thousand migrants in the sahara desert without food or water. environmentalist's
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accuse australia's government of failing to protect the great barrier reef. on these returning to office with sweeping new executive powers after a victory that he's calling a win for democracy international monitors of criticize the outcome of the presidential elections say the ruling party had unfair advantages he's main opposition rival. as conceded defeat but warned growing power is dangerous sunday's vote is in a powerful new executive presidency long sought by the one who insists there will be plenty of checks and balances. in be able to issue decrees but not on the issues where there's already a law in place the president also has the authority to appoint and remove ministers
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and civil servants without parliament's approval and also to choose six members of the country's highest judicial authority parliament selects seven he can declare a state of emergency for up to six months but parliament can also short nor scrap that decision. and under the new constitution no one can run for another term which means he could stay in power for ten more years well let's go live now to jamal has been covering the election for us in ankara jamal part of the act party may have lost some ground in parliament but it was a big win for him the culmination really wasn't it of a long campaign to win a presidency with greater powers. indeed i mean there are two un sets this changing political system is part of the twenty twenty three vision that he set out for his party sets out which has been the underpin of several of their
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recent elections and he argued that in order for turkey to transform and become one of the viciously ones to see as one of the ten most powerful nations on earth he needed a more centralized government is one that does away with some of the bureaucracy as he described it in times of the different hurdles that you would find in legislative bodies through the parliament and so forth and that's why they went for this it's important to not only see that this presidential system john was trolls in by the people albeit in an hour of victory but one that was through that referendum that took place a few months ago which scored roughly fifty one point two or three percent in favor of that presidential system now with these new powers obviously there comes those responsibilities as many would say the responsibility to prove that he is not there on some sort of power grab to ensure that he remains in power forever that he will be a president for all even those who didn't vote for him and that he will ensure that
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the rights of those who oppose him will not be curtailed or will not be tampered or played with just because they have voice their opposition to him he seems to be heeding that at least verbally and he did make several overtures in his first public statement since that victory where he said he would not allow for discrimination psyche said that this was a victory for all turks and a celebration of democracy but obviously the proof is in the pudding in the sense that it is based on how he acts and the decrees that you will be issuing given how he will govern immediately that many will see is the clearest indication as to whether turkey is moving towards a strong states that is a state for all or a strong states that is only that there for those who supports roger tabor to run on the act party the main opposition candidate. has called the election unjust he says the new system is very dangerous and could lead to one man rule is that
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fair warning do you think. well i mean it depends who you speak to in the end of the day the difference between those who voted for and injured his closest rival you're talking about more than ten million votes so the scope of popularity that's the one enjoys is undoubted obviously the opposition that exists is also very evident albeit that it is divided among several candidates several political parties injury would have enjoyed the same presidential powers that the two are now has had he won those yesterday's sunday's elections he says obviously that it is dangerous because there is more let's see a conference with a parliamentary system because there is always that's ability to ensure that you have even if they are minority political parties but those who could put those checks and balances are roadblocks in front of the ruling party if they needed to change things but it is those roadblocks that were hindering the progress of turkey
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that as far as are the one is concerned it is important to wrap here that you know that the parliament now has one hundred more seats which is makes it a lot more diverse and maybe in that's there is some silver lining to the opposition ok. in turkey for us thanks for that we've been asking people in a stumble for their reaction to it one's reelection. i think that this is all to be beneficial for turkey in the hope that this new system of governance will be good for our country. i think it was quite surprising that the m.h.d. was able to in this mean the world's it is the will o' the people there's nothing more to say. our society is going through somewhat of a stockholm syndrome how long can we go with the current system i cheered for the opposition so i can see i'm very happy. now what does the election result mean for the kurds in turkey where the pro kurdish h d p party passed the election threshold to win almost twenty twelve percent of the six hundred seats in parliament they'll
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be campaigning for greater kurdish influence but they face ultra nationalist rivals who also gain seats in the assembly mohamed valve reports from the here in southern turkey. the skyline of the yard across sunday night when the election results were announced. the pro kurdish democratic people's party or h d p celebrated winning sixty seven seats in parliament close to their highest achievement of seats three years ago all of that could you know sure we only heard the results are going to be beneficial for our country all the people have made their choice we should respect the laws or station by circuit i'm not happy with the result because we're going to remain under one model rule i think he has to adopt an attitude richard morris is all sides should stop marginalizing people and segregating them. the other because it is the capital of the care dish heartland in southeastern turkey nearly twenty percent of techies eighty million population are kids and they have long complained
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of political and cultural marginalization. a peace process initiated by the government of the ruling party resulted in more rights for the kids but it's been frozen for the past three years because of renewed fighting with the quetta stand workers party the texas government says that the k.k.k. is a telescope and decision the h d p is the most prominent of care dish political parties its leader salon didn't run for president four years ago and was charged with terrorism in two thousand and sixteen he's campaigned to become president this time was run from his prison cell where this voters say the election results came close to what they had anticipated but their future aims are much higher they also believe the president of the one needs to do much more during his new attempt to form a response to kaddish political aspirations for the sake of
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a more united and prosperous turkey how to make that happen is a major question the ultra nationalist party m h p which most opposes kiddish empowerment has entered an alliance with the ruling party after winning eleven. of the six hundred seats in parliament the m h p counterbalances the kaddish m.p.'s the speed discourages any policy of reconciliation with the carrots which could further complicate the peace process kurdistan abrasions are the election results are a complete by worries about what the future holds in the new parliament in ankara. and dizzy. turkey. the libyan coast guard has picked up nine hundred forty eight african refugees and migrants in the mediterranean sea they include dozens of women and children they were taken to a naval base in the capital tripoli before being transferred to
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a refugee camp in the town of homs one of those rescued said an italian vessel had refused to pick them up. well the latest rescue operation comes as the italian deputy prime minister and the interior minister mato salvini was in tripoli for talks about the migration crisis he said he'll do everything possible to help libya stem the flow of migrants to europe salvini met libya's interior minister and the deputy prime minister in tripoli on his first official overseas trip he's already started rolling out hard line policies against migration on sunday he ordered foreign charities just stop rescuing people from waters off libya. we believe that it should only be the libyan authorities who control libyan waters blocking non-government organizations from these borders who want to replace governments and help illegal immigrants. but we reassured italy and europe that levy is ready any plan to deal with migration we agree in many areas when it comes
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to illegal migration however we refused completely uncategorically the creation of any camps inside libya for illegal migrant this issue is forbidden under libyan law and it does not apply in any of its aspects. while with more from tripoli his mahmud had. both parties the italian interior minister vini and the libyan deputy prime minister. have highlighted efforts made by libya's calls to god in terms of controlling get the illegal migration human the smuggling and human track trafficking vita the mediterranean sea we understand that the number of migrants reaching italy via the mediterranean from libya to tours have
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fallen dramatically during the last year especially after italian navy vessels have been docked in in a navy bases in the capital tripoli to provide technical support maintenance and training to their patrols belonging to libya's coast guard also at this visit is the fittest for minister. and it could be an extension to the agreement the member in them of understanding that was sealed by the libyan prime minister face to live and therefore the italian former prime minister a gentlemanly in the war in february last year and by virtue of that agreement the libyan side should receive funds and technical training in order to contain and control their illegal migration via the mediterranean.
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still ahead on al-jazeera no respond for rebel fighters in the syrian city of dara government helicopters resumed their filming time. and labor unions in argentina launch a nationwide strike because the country struggles with rising inflation under weakening cover say. hello once again welcomes another look at the international full cost sad things look pretty standard across the middle east at the moment clear skies pretty much all the way wanted to showers up towards caspian towards the caucuses raising over towards. through georgia and mania forty five celsius there in baghdad want to see showers as you can see just continuing across the fall northeast of rhesus in some
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very heavy rain recently cities as we go on into wednesday much of the reason as you can see at this stage just hot and dry sums it up twenty celsius the biros the nice a fine weather around the eastern side of the bed but we're into the mid forty's for many graci thirty four celsius tells us in the lobby. that a bit of cloud meanwhile across the southern end of the arabian peninsula but elsewhere dry sums it up again we're into the mid forty's here in cost. around forty four forty five degrees over the next so you might see one of two spots of rain just around the gulf of aden mussy want to say spots of right into the fall south of south africa as well this latest band of clouds a slotting in the cross the western cape the southern capital continues to drive its way a swiss were getting up to sixteen celsius in capetown by wednesday tad warming job are going to around seventeen degrees lovely in harare with a high of twenty one. welcome
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back these are our top stories turkey's president recha one has been reelected with
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sweeping new powers calling it a win for democracy but international monitors of criticize the conditions under which the election was held. the libyan coast guard has picked up almost one thousand african refugees and migrants in the mediterranean have been taken to a naval base in the capital tripoli. italy's deputy prime minister manto salvini is in tripoli for talks about the migration crisis he's promised to stem the flow of people seeking to get to europe and has called on foreign charities to stop rescuing people off libya's waters. i'll derrius has been accused of abandoning more than thirteen thousand refugees and migrants in the sahara desert the un says they include pregnant women and children have been left without food or water algeria denies the allegations which it says a part of a malicious campaign victoria gay can be reports. disorientated and
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dehydrated these migrants have just been deported by algerian border guards and dumped in neighboring nations. the nearest village is a fifteen kilometer walk in the sahara desert and they have no food or water. the un migration agency says algeria has expelled an estimated thirteen thousand migrants in this way in the last forty months janet camara whose liberian was pregnant when she was deported last month she suffered a miscarriage while walking in the desert she buried her baby in a shallow grave in the sand and also a baby was killed when he was lying. because there's no one. starvation she went. away. another liberian jew dennis filmed his deportation from a detention center in algeria.
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you can see some of together with a group of other migrants they were loaded on to trucks and driven across the border tunisia reporting live from the there's a train and she read in their fish. can see this is going over there and is a massive massive lead to pull in blood. i don't think i have been to get women and children into this into destruction. some migrants are rescued by a team like this one from the un migration agency others died trying to make it across the desert but. they come by the thousands i've never seen anything like it there are even babies they even expect pregnant women women who give birth one or two weeks later it's a catastrophe. the algerian government denies committing human rights abuses it's
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ratified international treaties on human rights and this was the algerian red crescent last year helping to transfer migrants to their home countries. the european union has asked north african countries to do. move to stop migrants headed north to europe the e.u. says it is aware of the mass deportations and says algeria needs to comply with international law many of these migrants say their experience proves otherwise victoria gayton be algis there are eight more people have been killed in ongoing violence in central nigeria bringing in the number of dead over the past three days to ninety four the fighting in plateau states is between farmers and semi nomadic herders nigerian president mahmoud abbas has called for calm and imposed a twenty four hour curfew in the area decades the decades old conflict over land has escalated sharply this year leaving hundreds dead in the center of the country
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twenty suspects appeared in court over an explosion during a rally for you ethiopia's new prime minister on saturday. is promising to press all in with reforms despite the grenade attack since taking power two months ago he's ordered the release of thousands of political prisoners and loosen restrictions on the media reports from the capital addis ababa. for six and a half years confirm mckillop a bit remained in prison for simply quoting final position political rally convicted of terrorism him for was serving a twenty five year jail tom when the reformist prime minister ahmed pardoned him and thousands of other political prisoners. i was torture of day and night the beating was constant i lost hearing in my right ear the doctors say there is no hope of recovery. weeks of the been freed from prison along with other former
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detainees and activists can fill the ballot to support the new prime minister's reform plan tens of thousands filled miscall square in the heart of the capital last saturday the size of the crowd alone underlining the deep desire for change of the decades of all the tarion group in this country a one hundred million people. the prime minister had just finished speaking at the political rally in the square when what is still to have been a grenade was thrown killing three people and injuring more than one hundred others . the prime minister. he needs to stay poppy security and also if not internationally and police. ah beyond that kimmel took the broke so fast in his first few weeks in office that few believed he could maintain the pace if anything the forty two year old former army officer has on the list kept it up in the two months or so he's been in office he has overseen the release of thousands of political prisoners the lifting of
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a state of the much deceived up was imposed to deal with and to government protests and also announced on the comic reform plan that includes the sale of state companies. everyone is happy with these changes though analysts say the hensel this content within the ruling coalition has one hundred and eighty council members fall from unanimously behind us you have a very young population and this young population is must spattering lights and movie tickets a day in their connected down get parents and this young people are demanding you know to take part in the political decision making processes it's very difficult to govern this young people with with the same way their parents were government. hopeful that nothing can stop their own going changes opposition politicians a says in the moment by setting up political parties and suspicion for what they hope will be a free and fair elections in two thousand and twenty mohammed at all just
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a discipline. syrian government helicopters a bomb dribble positions in the city of dera they've also dropped propaganda leaflets as part of their offensive in southern province it's one of the last two major areas still held by rebels who were promising to keep fighting but i would jump jhoom reports. in the bombs kept falling villages struck from the sky as government forces continued their advance attempting to take over the city known as the cradle of the syrian uprising. in violation of a truce that was brokered by russia and the united states in efforts to bring an end to the seven year war for its part the free syrian army remains defiant announcing the establishment of a central operations room in the south of syria. well yeah the more notes are to let them know that this is the power of decisiveness and the victory of truth of a falsehood hysterical bombing with all kinds of heavy weapons supported with
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warplanes is only confirmation of their desperation the world should know that the south today is united under one word and one army carrying al slogan proudly in the sky of truth we will not betray the blood of our brothers and we will not give up an inch of our land the united states has reportedly told syrian rebels not to expect military support in southern syria near jordan and the israeli occupied golan heights a deescalation zone was established there last year which includes parts of the provinces of the and couldn't the rebels there are now facing a syrian government offensive. for years the free syrian army was trained and armed by the u.s. europe and gulf countries that rebels have been in retreat in the past few years they now control one neighborhood in the city and a few areas on the border with jordan and while they validate continue their fight many wonder how much longer that fight can go on mohammed and. hussein
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rebels in yemen so the saudi and he led coalition has carried out five strikes in one day the province it's part of the offensive to recapture the strategic port city of data they've also released images of another air strike in the city of i'm running north of the capital sana who thinks i'm a news agency says twenty four civilians most of them women and children were killed. meanwhile the warring sides of exchange prisoners in the southern province of dalia the spokesman says seventy four of their fighters were released in exchange for forty five years for the coalition. the u.n. agency for palestinian refugees is warning it's facing an unprecedented funding gap and these weeks away from cutting emergency assistance the agency would ask for more than two hundred fifty million dollars at a donor conference on monday it says it's struggled since the u.s. kept contributions earlier this year the head of the agency says there's
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a desperate need for assistance in gaza. argentinian labor unions are leading a national strike against the government of your must create group about his economic policies which would cause the local currency to drop in value and inflation to hit thirty five percent as more from one of cyrus. when a friend is completely paralyzed there's no buses subways trains or lights the city is completely empty as the largest labor confident ration in the country has called for a national strike early on monday morning left wing groups were blocking the major entrances towards the capitol to prevent people from coming into the capitol and the reason why the thrive was called by labor unions is mostly because they're claiming that people cannot make ends meet with the inflation the double digit inflation that has been tormenting i didn t. news for years and that was exacerbated by the recent devaluation of the karen see
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with a strengthening u.s. dollar recently the government was forced to demand an emergency fifty billion loan from the international monetary fund and the government of modi feel markedly says the current strike does not help the country help the situation is that right now economically and financially in spite of this people are saying that this strike is necessary and the only thing they have to fight for their right. to britain's most iconic car brands might soon be manufactured overseas that's brics it causes major issues with the supply of parts german car giant b.m.w. could shut its factories in the u.k. called into london's financial times newspaper the b.m.w. group which owns the mini and rolls royce friends last week announced it could ditch it's u.k. operations in britain leaves the e.u. without a transitional deal placing thousands of jobs at risk. harley davidson plans to
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move some of its production out of the u.s. to avoid european union tariffs the motorcycle manufacturer says the tariffs will add more than two thousand dollars to the price of its bikes the e.u. is harley davidson's second biggest market the company has factories in brazil india and thailand as well as the united states the daves and shares dropped five percent when the u.s. stock market opened environmental organizations are upping the pressure on the un to investigate what they describe as australia's failure to protect the great barrier reef they've written to the united nations as the unesco world heritage committee meets in bahrain global warming is seen as a major factor in the death of large parts of the reef but environmentalists also accuse australia's government of adding to the problem with its ag agricultural and mining policies. you're saying it's not meeting its commitment to
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the world heritage committee that it made back in twenty fifteen that commitment was to improve the water quality of the great great which is very poor and the poor water quality is exacerbated by deforestation in the great barrier reef catchment and unfortunately it's been a huge increase in the ration of clearing of the catchment and this training government is just not done enough to stand out that problem what happens when they and it's cleared which is mainly is done well grazing development is that at least three to have exposed and you get heavy rainfall and it results in the saw washing off into the workforce isn't blowing to the right reef and discharge large volumes that winds it in and that incident dirties that water. and carlton and other organisms need clear water to thrive then dirty water also can smother the corals
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the grasses and other organisms directly it can lead to increased elbow growth at the expense of coral growth and many can also exacerbate up rates that are leading chrono starfish much more as of on the web site al jazeera doth call w.w.w. dot al-jazeera dot com. and time before we go for a quick look again at our top stories turkey's president. has been reelected with sweeping new powers he's called it a win for democracy. international monitors of criticize the outcome of a presidential poll saying the ruling ak party had unfair advantages the main opposition rival has conceded defeat but has warned the ones growing power is dangerous. has more from ankara although he was there is downing victor
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in these elections he was given a good run for his money by my heart i'm injured the c.h.p. is candidates and also in the parliament it's important to note that the party lost its two thirds supermajority and most able only to maintain a simple majority of the libyan coast guard has picked up over nine hundred african refugees and migrants in the mediterranean sea they include dozens of women and children who were taken to a naval base in the capital tripoli before being transferred to a refugee camp in the town of homs one of those rescued said an italian vessel have refused to pick them up italy's deputy prime minister matto salvini has been in tripoli for talks about the migration crisis he's promised to do everything possible to help libya stem the flow of people trying to get to europe he's already started rolling out hard line policies of home ordering foreign charities to stop rescuing people in the waters off libya. today has been accused of abandoning more
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than thirteen thousand refugees and migrants in the sahara desert the u.n. says they include pregnant women and children who've been left without food or water. denies the allegations which it says a part of a malicious campaign and in syria government helicopters have dropped barrel bombs on the city of dera the raids are part of the government's assault on syria's southwestern region which is one of two major areas still held by rebels thirty people have been killed since last tuesday. eight more people have been killed in ongoing violence in central nigeria bringing the number of dead over the past three days to ninety four the fighting in plateau state is between farmers and semi nomadic herders who stay with us now. inside story is next.
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to one wins reelection with greater power thanks to a change in the constitution he says it's so when for democracy but is it one with an executive presidency for the rest of the world this is inside story. hello welcome to the show i'm sam he's a than raja has dominated turkey's political scene for the past sixteen years and he looks set to continue for many more to come his reelection on sunday makes him
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turkey's first executive president well that means he has new expanded powers because of changes to the constitution.


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