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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 25, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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the skulls of my people a witness documentary on al-jazeera. techies president is reelected with sweeping new powers as the opposition concedes defeat while edging him to be a president for all. i know i'm in london you with al jazeera also coming up to me and libya i look for common ground to resolve that europe and north africa migration crisis. algeria denies allegations that left more than thirteen thousand migrants in this hard as it without food or water. environmentalists accuse australia's government of failing to protect the great barrier reef.
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takis. is returning to office with sweeping new executive powers he says it's a win for democracy international monitors of criticize the outcome of the presidential election saying the ruling party had unfair advantages his main opposition rival no harm and she has conceded defeat but warned the ones going power is dangerous sunday's vote is in a powerful new executive presidency long sought by a who insist i'll be plenty of checks and balances he will now be able to issue decrees but not on issues where there's already a law and place a president also has the authority to appoint and remove ministers and civil servants without parliaments approval and to choose six members of the country's highest judicial authority parliament selects seven he can declare
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a state of emergency for up to six months but parliament can shorten all scrapped his decision and under the new constitution can run for another term which means he could stay in power for ten more years well let's go live to who's been following the story for us in ankara and the historic election in the country one that puts a great deal of power in the hands of one man what does this mean for turkey. well depends who you speak to mario those who are in favor of turning the political system into a presidential one say this is going to make turkey stronger more efficient and more able to compete with other countries that maybe find it difficult to follow through on long term political programs because of the constant change in power as it takes place there with the instability that comes with having maybe a diverse different political bodies that have
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a say in the way things are run if you speak to those who are opposed to it they will say well actually it is a dangerous precedence the turkey is going good its words the unknown from a parliamentary system that shared to the power with the presidency as well as other institutions through a system that puts a lot of or the vast majority of the decision making into one institution namely the presidency what this means practically for sure that is on doubt it is that the act party and president do want to have proven once again that they enjoy the vast majority of supports within the country that it is their vision for turkey that still controls or the still resonates with the vast majority of those in the streets and the people of turkey is once they have once again mandated them to take the country forward albeit with maybe a few warning signs particularly considering that these weren't just presidential elections my arm they were probably mention elections as well in the act party lost
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its supermajority the truth as majority i had and something that is seen by critics but also by himself as a sign from the street from the tycoons public to the party that was the still enjoy the most support there it's not unequivocal support it is not blind obedience or allegiance from the psychist people there still have some concerns with regards to some of the policies they have been pursuing all right thank you very much from ankara and you're not ashamed. well many observers were surprised by the size of a victory in its midst takes a look now at how things went wrong for the main opposition party. your version your it all looked so promising for turkey's center left opposition party in the days before sunday's elections such as here in is me but looks can be deceptive now my heart i mean jay on the republican people's party after work out how they can ever successfully challenge an even more powerful president. and his ak party
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ambushed us. the new regime just takes effects from today only words is a major danger for turkey a single party or a single person becoming the state and at the same time the executive legislative and the judiciary is a problem of existence in itself and will continue to be a major danger for turkey. charismatic and crowd pleasing in jay won thirty percent of votes which missed his own minimum target by five percent he'd hoped to force a second round run off with her to one while injured in cheney is the only one to have increased the c.h.p. vote but he copied earlier ones one man rule approach so he lost potential votes from the ak party voters who had enough of that sort of thing he should have sold themselves as part of a team and focused more on the economy the c.h.p. and other opposition parties will need to revitalize demoralize supporters. i'm not quite sure how much worse it should get to increase opposition votes we build up our hopes on the c.h.p.
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each election we are disappointed in getting done more i mean jay was very good but the c.h.p. needs to reform it has co-create with other parties and prioritize the national interests another challenge for the opposition parties is making their voice heard in a parliament now stripped of much of its power to hold to account a government run by a president with strengthened executive powers in this election campaign the opposition mainly tried to persuade voters that have been in power too long they didn't say much about what the alternatives looked like the c.h.p. will say that was because calling early elections gave them a little time well now they've up to five years to work out what their vision of turkey would be but it's with al-jazeera anchor. the libyan coast guard has picked up one hundred forty eight african refugees and
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migrants in the mediterranean sea they include dozens of women and children were taken to a naval base in the capital tripoli before being transferred to a refugee camp in the town of homs one of those rescued said an italian vessel had refused to pick them up later as rescue operation comes as the italian deputy prime minister and interior minister vini was in tripoli for talks about the migration crisis he said he'll do everything possible to help libya stem the flow of migrants to europe salvini met libya's interior minister in tripoli on his first official overseas trip is already started rolling out hardline policies against migration on sunday he ordered foreign charities to start rescuing people from waters off libya . we believe that it should only be the libyan authorities who control libyan waters we support the non-government organizations from these borders who want to replace governments and help illegal immigrants. but we reassured italy in europe that libya is ready in its plan to deal with migration we agree in many areas when
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it comes to illegal migration however we refused completely uncategorically the creation of any camps inside libya for illegal migrants this issue is forbidden under libyan law i mean it does not apply in any of its aspects not had has more from trippy. both parties the turley and interior minister met e.u. salvini and the libyan deputy prime minister. have highlighted efforts made by libya's coast guard. in terms of controlling the human smuggling and illegal migration through the mediterranean also we understand that during the last year the number of illegal migrants reaching italy via the mediterranean sea and sailing from libyan shores has fallen dramatically that also. that is partly thanks to their italian
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support to libya's coast guard we understand that since july of last year the italian navy vessels have been docked in a navy base here in the capital tripoli to provide technical support maintenance and training to libya's coast guard and also we understand that this visit foreign minister silvio which is the furthest vini could be an extension to the memorandum of understanding the agreement that was sealed by libya's prime minister the face of raj and the italian former prime minister into lonny in rome in february of last year and by virtue of that memorandum of understanding the libyan side should receive funds and technical support and maintenance and also training from the italian side but being the italian vessels being dumped here at the navy
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base in tripoli that has raised concerns at the arrival of the libyan rebel administration in the east of the country. now a cheery has been accused of abandoning more than thirteen thousand refugees and migrants in the sahara dad. that the u.n. says they include pregnant women and children have been left without food or water algeria denies these allegations which it says a part of a malicious campaign again the reports. disorientated and de hydrated these migrants have just been deported by algerian border guards and dumped in neighboring mischa the nearest village is a fifteen kill me to walk in the sahara desert and they have no food or water. the un migration agency says algeria has expelled an estimated thirteen thousand migrants in this way in the last forty months janet camara whose liberian was
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pregnant when she was deported last month she suffered a miscarriage while walking in the desert she buried her baby in a shallow grave in the sand. baby opinion was killed when he was lying. because there's no one. starvation chair where kids at all. all of. them and another librarian jew dennis filmed his deportation from a detention center in algeria. you can see some of together with a group of other migrants they were loaded on to trucks and driven across the border tunisia reporting live from the desert the training the curia in their fish in the sure he. can see this is going over there and is a massive massive lead to pull in blocks. to think i haven't got women and children
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into this into destruction. some migrants are rescued by a team like this one from the un migration agency others died trying to make it across the desert. they come by the thousands i've never seen anything like it there are even babies they even expel pregnant women women who give birth one or two weeks later it's a catastrophe. the algerian government denies committing human rights abuses it's ratified international treaties on human rights and this was the algerian red crescent last year helping to transfer the migrants to their home countries. the european union has asked north african countries to do. more to stop migrants headed north to europe the e.u. says it is aware of the mass deportations and says algeria needs to comply with
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international law. many of these migrants say their experience proves otherwise victoria gayton be al-jazeera. still ahead for you on the program ethiopia's new prime minister vows to press on with reforms despite narey escaping a grenade attack at a rally two days ago. and labor unions in argentina launch a nationwide strike as the country struggles with rising inflation and a weakening currency. hello there is pretty hot across parts of europe the my in the central belt the still a fair amount of clouds you can see and that's just drifting its way towards the south but in the west that's where there's not a great deal of cloud showing up at all and the temperatures soaring so london all
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the way up to thirty maybe even a touch higher as we head through the next few days and paris not far off either towards the south even hotter madrid right up at forty one so that will be a real shock the temperatures here being far below average recently towards the east that's where we've got the showers and they're also stretching down towards parts of greece and bowl garia this region here is looking at some very lively thunderstorms over the next few days they could give us some flooding rains and maybe some damaging hail as well across the other side of the mediterranean we've also you see plenty of thunderstorms here they've given us a lot of electrical activity but they are pulling away towards the northeast there for tuesday so for many of us here it will be a drier and quieter time over the next few days so those other storms are moving their way away and for most of us should be drawing unsettled the temperatures are beginning to rise now we're looking at around twenty eight as a maximum temperature in red bats this central belt of africa is where we've got more unsettled weather so gradually tracking its way towards the west of
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a some of us in cameroon it's looking pretty wet. it was a wall that united egypt and syria and against israel but in the heat of the battle that different agendas soon became apparent to the green was to the defeat of nazi six to seven when president sadat came to power he told us just give me. a used the second of a three part series the israeli population were told that their troops were on the west bank of the through is going to expose the second week of the war in october on al jazeera.
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a quick look at top stories now present russia has been reelected with sweeping new powers but international monitors of criticize the conditions under which the election was held its unease deputy prime minister has held talks in libya aimed at stemming the tide of migrants trying to get to europe it comes as the libyan coast guard picked up almost a thousand african refugees and migrants in the mediterranean sea. and algeria is denying allegations that it left more than thirteen thousand migrants in the sahara desert without food or water the u.n. says they include pregnant women and children. with other stories we're following eight more people have been killed in ongoing violence in central light syria bringing the number of dead over the past three days to ninety four the fighting in plateau state is between farmers and semi nomadic. present one who has called for calm and imposed a twenty four hour curfew in the area decades old conflict of
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a land has escalated shopping this year even hundreds dead in the center of the country. twenty suspects the paid income. i've heard an explosion chairing a rally for ethiopia's new prime minister on saturday that is promising to press on with reforms despite the grenade attack since taking power two months ago he's ordered the release of thousands of political prisoners and loosen restrictions on the media i'm going to die reports from the capital addis ababa. for six and a half years. remained in prison for simply calling for an opposition political rally convicted of terrorism came for was serving a twenty five year jail tom when the reformist prime minister ahmed pardoned him and thousands of other political prisoners. i was torture of day and night the beating was constant i lost hearing in my right ear the doctors say there is no hope of recovery. weeks of the been freed from prison along with other former
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detainees and activists can fail to support the new prime minister's reform plan tens of thousands filled miscall square in the heart of the capital last saturday the size of the crowd alone underlining the deep desire for change of the decades of all the italian groups in this country a one hundred million people. the prime minister had just finished speaking at the political rally in the square one what is thought to have been a grenade was thrown killing three people and injuring more than one hundred others . the prime minister. he needs to stay poppy security and also if not internationally and police. are beyond the kemel of the broke so fast in his first few weeks in office that few believed he could maintain the pace if anything the forty two year old former army officer has only stepped it up in the two months or so he's been in office since the release of. political prisoners
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the lifting of a state of emergency help was imposed to deal with and to government. announced on the comic relief for. but include the some of the companies. everyone is happy with these changes the analysts say the content with the. one hundred eighty council members of united must be behind. you have a very young population and this young population is must speak three lights and movie tickets a day in the comics have done difference and this young people are demanding you know to take part in the political decision making process is very difficult to govern this young people with with the same way their parents were government the whole must think can stop their own going changes opposition politicians us is in the moment by setting up political parties in a suspicion of what they hope will be a free and fair elections in two thousand and two and have it all just
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a disapproval. well now to syria last civilians have been killed off government helicopters drop bombs on the southwestern city of daraa the air raids are part of the government's assault on the region which is one of two major areas still held by the rebels thirty people have been killed since last tuesday helicopters also dropped leaflets warning of an imminent offensive any attack would violate a truce brokered by russia and the united states to try and reduce the violence who see rebels in yemen say saudi an emirates he led coalition has carried out five as strikes in a data province it's part of the offensive to recapture the strategic port city of data they've also released images of another strike in the city of an run north of the capital sanaa who sees main news agency says twenty four civilians most of them women and children were killed meanwhile the warring sides of exchange prisoners in the southern province of dalia who flee spokesman says seventy four of their fighters were nice in exchange of forty fighters from the coalition. well now the
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u.n. agency for palestinian refugees is warning it's facing an unprecedented funding gap and is weeks away from cutting emergency assistance the agency is asking for more than two hundred fifty million dollars at a donor's conference in new york saying it's a struggle since the u.s. cut contributions earlier this year diplomatic editor james frey's joins us live now from the united nations in new york what's likely to happen at this meeting. well the meeting is now underway in one of the main chambers here at the united nations short time ago we heard from the president of the un general assembly and from the u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists i think that shows you the seriousness with which the u.n. is taking this issue we are now hearing from the commissioner general of honor of the head of this agency that is a lifeline for many palestinians it helps five point four million palestinians with
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health services with education services and mr crandall who is just speaking a moment ago was making it quite clear how bad the situation is of the don't get that money he said we have a very big task ahead he said they face a drastic reduction in their budget and if they don't find it then the schools that runs they run some seven hundred schools in the west bank gaza and also in some of the neighboring countries where they have schools for palestinian refugees they say they will not be able to open in august he's also saying that they will have to make some very difficult funding decisions in july if they don't get some more money at this meeting today and he said that could affect a million people who rely on food support from the united nations in garza the u.n. considers this very serious this meeting goes on for three hours they know they're not going to get all the money at this meeting but they're hoping to get some money
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that will try and reduce that shortfall of two hundred fifty million dollars games based at united nations thank you. king abdullah of jordan is holding talks with president tramp at the white house for the perry expected to discuss the u.s. administration's peace plan for israel and palestine chant senior adviser jared question has said the plan is nearly complete and will be announced soon but palestinian president mahmoud abbas has refused to talk to the u.s. saying they move their embassy since they moved their embassy in israel to cherish them. two of britain's most iconic car brands might soon be manufactured overseas if breck's it causes major issues with the supply of parts german car giant b.m.w. which is the mini and rolls royce brands could shut its factories in the u.k. according to london's financial times newspaper last week airbus announced it could ditch its u.k. operations of person leaves the e.u. without a transitional deal by saying thousands of jobs at risk. in other developments
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harley davidson plans to move some of its for the auction house of the u.s. to avoid european union tower ifs a motorcycle manufacturer says the tariffs will add more than two thousand dollars to the price of its bikes the e.u. is harley davidson second biggest market the company has factories in brazil india and thailand as well as the u.s. holly davidson she has dropped five percent when the u.s. stock market opened. now to argentina where the president might say likely is battling the third national strike since he took office in two thousand and fifty bakri promised to tackle inflation and return argentina to the world capital lockett's but the country has again gone to the international monetary fund for a lifeline to raise about reports from one as. road blocks in a site is this is how argentina's capital look on monday after the country's largest workers confederation called for a general strike against the government of. left wing groups blocked major roads
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leading to the capital protesting against what they say is a government that rules for the rich. there is a social crisis in the political process there is discontent is the beginning of the pact between the i.m.f. and the government that brings about austerity measures the economic situation is worse that's why we will be on the streets. since taking office mackie's government has been unable to control the double digit inflation rate that has tormented arjun times for years the recent baser devaluation caused by a strengthening u.s. dollar forced the governmental request and urgency emergency fifty billion loan from the i.m.f. . prices have continued to go up since then and that's why on monday argentina was paralyzed by a strike by workers demanding a rise in wages trains buses subways and flies were also spend it on monday
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because of the strike of this place is constitution is the largest transport hub in one aside and as you can see it's completely paralyzed a sign of the strength that the labor unions have in argentina growing arrive from northern argentina and was not sure how to make it home for the burleson would know this area more we knew this was happening but i thought there would be something very small thing i understand the need to go on strike but we are all affected by what's happening in. the i.m.f. loan brings back memories of the two thousand and one economic crisis when argentina defaulted on its sovereign debt. stain was part of the negotiating team at the time and says that the situation is different now. the government responded fast this sort of help from the i.m.f. because they knew nobody else would loan them the money the crisis would have been worse if they hadn't. and that's why many on the streets are not as optimistic
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and fear that another economic crisis may be closer and the government would like to admit it is somewhat i'll just see that when a society is. search and rescue teams are looking for a dozen members of a youth football team feared trapped in a cave in northern thailand the boys and their coach believed to have entered the cave in chiang rai province on saturday it's understood they got trapped when a heavy rain storm flooded their only way out video shows their bicycles and belongings left at the caves entrance. british lawmakers are set to vote on whether to approve a third runway at london's heathrow airport from a city reason may support the eighteen billion dollar project which he says will ease congestion and create one hundred thousand jobs a long time opponent of the plans foreign minister boris johnson will be absent for the vote critics say it will increase london's pollution levels heathrow is europe's busiest airport in terms of passenger numbers. environmental denies
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ations upping the pressure on the un to investigate what they describe as australia's failure to protect the great barrier reef they've written to the united nations as the in esco world heritage committee meets in bahrain global warming is seen as a major factor in the death of large parts of the reef but environmentalist also accuse australia's government of adding to the problem with its agricultural and mining policies and regions at tovan is the great barrier reef campaign director at the australian marine conservation society and says the government is rene going on promises to protect the reef. the asserting that happened is not meeting its commitment to the growth heritage committee that it made back in twenty fifteen that commitment was to improve the water quality of the great barrier reef which is very poor and the poor water quality is exacerbated by deforestation in the great barrier reef catchment and unfortunately it's been
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a huge increase in integration of clearing of the catchment and this training government is just not done enough to stamp out that problem what happens when that day and it's cleared which it mainly has done for grazing development is that it leaves the too exposed and you get heavy rainfall and it results in the sort of washing off into the water courses of inflow into the great barrier reef and discharge large volumes of wind sentiment that incident dirties the water. and harleston other organisms need clear water to thrive then dirty water also can smother the corals and sea grasses and other organisms directly it can lead to increased elbow growth at the expense of coral growth and can also exacerbate up rates of harley's and chronic stuff it. was more on efforts to protect the great barrier reef and everything else we've been covering in this
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bulletin including analysis that takes you behind our top story what could be next for. the one wins a historic presidential and parliamentary election in the country al jazeera dot com. well just a quick recap of the top stories turkey's president has been reelected with sweeping new powers he's called it a win for democracy but international monitors of criticize the outcome of the poll saying the ruling ak party had unfair advantages main opposition rival maram inches conceded defeat as one growing power is dangerous demolish i-l. has more from ankara although he was the resoundingly victor in these elections he was given a good run for his money. and also in the parliament it's important for most of the our party lost its true third supermajority and most able only to maintain
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a simple majority. and moving to our other headlines the libyan coast guard has picked up over nine hundred african refugees and migrants in the mediterranean sea they include dozens of women and children they were taken to a naval base in the capital tripoli before being transferred to a refugee camp in the town of homs one of those rescued said an italian vessel had refused to pick them up. meanwhile italy's deputy prime minister has been in tripoli for talks about the migration crisis he's promised to do everything possible to help libya stem the flow of people trying to get to europe he's already started rolling out hard line policies ordering foreign charities to ordering foreign charities to rescuing people from waters off libya algeria has been accused of abandoning more than thirteen thousand refugees and migrants in the sahara desert the u.n. says they include pregnant women and children who've been left without food or
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water algeria denies the allegations which it says a part of a malicious campaign. in syria government helicopters have dropped barrel bombs on the city of daraa the air raids are part of the government's assault on this there on syria's southwestern region which is one of the two major areas still held by rebels thirty people have been killed since last tuesday. and eight more people have been killed in ongoing violence in central line shiria bringing the number of dead over the past three days to ninety four the fighting in plateau state is between farmers and semi nomadic. well i'll have more news for you in about twenty five minutes time coming up next on al-jazeera a string. is
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holding its breath or with the war in yemen now in its fourth year government forces and the saudi am iraqi coalition allies i mean to win control of the city's poor which channels food and medicine to millions of people i'm femi oke a and i'm ali could be glad you're watching the stream live on you tube we'll examine what the battle for her day that means for yemenis living in already precarious existence. the u.n. considers the war in yemen i'm going to quote the u.n. here the world's worst humanitarian crisis but now the fighting close to the northern city of her data has forced at least thirty thousand people to flee their homes yet many troops are backed by saudi and.


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