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a witness documentary on al jazeera. zero. hello i'm maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes turkey's president is reelected with sweeping new powers as the opposition concedes defeat. libya rejects an italian proposal to set up my good centers across africa to stop asylum seekers fleeing tools europe. algeria denies allegations that abandon more than thirteen thousand migrants in the sahara desert without food or water. and labor unions
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in argentina launch a nationwide strike as the country struggles with rising inflation and a weakening currency. tatiana franchise with the sport the latest from the wild caught new says portugal have made it through to the law think theme to fight drawing with iran details later in the program. turkey's president. is returning to office with sweeping new executive powers he says it's a win for democracy international monitors have criticized the outcome saying the ruling party had unfair advantages in sunday's polls to one will now be able to issue laws by decree and make key appointments to the judiciary and the civil service job while the show has the latest from ankara. there were stark differences in the messages from ratchet taber to on the victor of sunday's election and his
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closest contender his closest rival a hundred injured a one repeatedly said that she planned on being a president for all of turkey he said that he would not allow for any person to be discriminated against in this new turkey under this new system regardless of their political views their gender or their ethnic origin obviously this is seen as maybe an attempt by the president to reassure those who are concerned on that this new system a lot of the power is concentrated in the presidency in one person contrast and compare that to the statements from her injury you said that this election was unfair as far his he was concerned he thought that it's like he was now going into a dangerous. new phase where all of that power was concentrated under what she called one person rule and said the president must show that he was going to be a president for all the people obviously had enjoyed himself when he would have
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shared the same power however he had promised that he would reverse what was a popular demand by the people to change the system from a parliamentary one to a presidential one as manifested in the. vote a referendum to change the system and her presidential run a few months ago now international observers said that they had some concerns over the sunday's election it wasn't over the outcome press a it was the media coverage in the build up to that they said that no one in the act party had a lot more airtime than their opponents that the coverage was slanted in their favor it's important to note here that the vast majority of turkish media is privately owned the act but you know i don't will say it's not their fault that those who own those institutions supports them however the reality is even with state owned. institutions like c.r. see there was a clear imbalance in favor over the one on your part in terms of time that was
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there albeit stuck to the opposition bit have a platform to represent themselves but having said that the vast majority of the consensus is that sunday's election was generally a free and fair one with the highest record of turnout you're talking about more than eighty six percent taking part in the ballots on sunday well i do as main opposition rival ha ha has conceded defeat but warned the ones growing power is dangerous but it smith takes a look at how things went wrong and she's campaigning. it all looked so promising for turkey's center left opposition party in the days before sunday's elections such as here in is me but looks can be deceptive now my heart i mean jay on the republican people's party after work out how they can ever successfully challenge an even more powerful president. and his act party ambushed us.
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the new regime just takes effects from today only words is a major danger for turkey a single party or a single person becoming the state and at the same time the executive legislative and the judiciary is a problem of existence in itself and will continue to be a major danger for turkey. charismatic and crowd pleasing in jay won thirty percent of votes which missed his only minimum target by five percent he'd hoped to force a second round run off with zero to one while injured in cheney is the only one to have increased the c.h.p. vote but he copied earlier ones one man rule approach so he lost potential votes from the ak party voters who had enough of that sort of thing he should have sold themselves as part of a team and focused more on the economy the c.h.p. and other opposition parties will need to revitalize demoralize supporters. i'm not quite sure how much worse it should get to increase opposition votes we build up our hopes on the c.h.p. each election we are disappointed to get it done more i mean jay rosen very good
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but the c.h.p. needs to reform it has to co-create with other parties and prioritize the national interests another challenge for the opposition parties is making their voice heard in a parliament now stripped of much of its power to hold to account a government run by a president with strengthened executive powers in this election campaign the opposition mainly tried to persuade voters that have been in power too long they didn't say much about what the alternatives looked like the c.h.p. will say that was because calling early elections gave them a little time well now they've up to five years to work out what their vision of turkey would be but it's with al-jazeera anchor. blent is the director of the turkey project at the center for strategic and international studies and joins me now from washington thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us it's a victory for president in this historic election but what does he need to do now
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to heal the polarization brought to light by this vote. no turkey is more polarized than it's been. for a very long time and and frankly that worked in prison i don't favor because his base held firm against the challenge by and by the other smaller parties. you know he's certainly saying the right things in his speeches in statements after the after his victory but i'm not sure that the breach in turkish society is going to be soon and more importantly i think he's going to have to focus more on the economic situation then on the divisions within society and could the immediate challenge is the economic situation which has changed quite dramatically when you compare it to the platform that initially propelled to power could that prove
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obstacle for him in the coming years and could it end up providing the opposition with momentum if he doesn't fix things in a timely way. and while his killer prove the supremacy yet again over his domestic political opponents now he faces a challenge beyond his borders namely from the international investors in the global financial system that had previously ensured that he had funds for his and bush's extensive economic development programs now with growing skepticism on the part of these investors it's not clear how he will be able to change his ways or his his message you know there's to ensure that they continue to support him and if they don't then this will inevitably affect the turkish economy and down the road not in the immediate future but down the road it may also help his opponents. the president put in
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a better performance in this election than his ak party which lost seats in parliament but managed to retain its majority because of the alliance with the nationalist m h p policy is that a partnership that will hold on clear it seems to be holding now but b. in the h.p. and its leader are predictable allies is best for example they call for an amnesty of prison those which during the campaign which are going rejected they've been calling for a restoration of video of capital punishment against something that everyone has not been too keen on i think they're going to be difficult partners in the national assembly remember this is a presidential system and the support in parliament is far less important than he used to be one turkey was a parliamentary system. what concessions might the mh. want in exchange for
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the support to do on in his party how much influence might they have over the domestic and foreign agenda. well as i said we now have a presidential system that kicked in with the with the election it will be somewhat similar to the u.s. and france systems where the president will pick his cabinet and there were responsible to him they will he will not need parliamentary approval for his actions the parliament is far less important than it used to be before be a major supporters important as i said in the national assembly but frankly going on there is not need the day to day support of the image be in order to govern they are far more hardline then out on the curate issue they are even more skeptical than are going on in his party but relations with the europeans all with the united states but ultimately you will be out of the one who call the shots and you know he's essentially transformed from
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a defacto basis to do jury the power they resort to sizing before well thank you appreciate your perspective and analysis blent joining us that from washington thank you. well so what does the election result mean for the cuts and to keep the pro kurdish h.t.t.p. party posse election threshold to an almost twelve percent of the six hundred seats in the parliament they will be campaigning for gray to cut issue influence but they face ultra nationalists rivals who also gain seats in the assembly as you were just hearing their mama develop reports from down because in southern turkey. the skyline of the article on sunday night when the election results were announced. the kurdish democratic people's party or h d p celebrated winning sixty seven seats in parliament close to their highest achievement of seats three years ago all of the continual surely we only have the results are going to be beneficial for our
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country all the people have made their choice we should respect it unlawful search and buy circuit i'm not happy with the result because we're going to remain under one model real i think he has to adopt an attitude richard morris is all sides should stop marginalizing people and segregating them. the other because it is the capital of the care dish heartland in southeastern turkey nearly twenty percent of techies eighty million population are kids and they have long complained of political and cultural marginalization. a peace process initiated by the government of the ruling party resulted in more rights for the kids but it's been for a lesson for the past three years because of renewed fighting with the quetta stand worker's party to take his government says that the k.k.k. is a telescope and decision the h d p is the most prominent of care despite its compart is its leader salon. ran for president four years ago and was charged with
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terrorism in two thousand and sixteen he's campaigned to become president this time with one from his prison cell kurdish voters say the election results came close to what they had anticipated but there are few to aims are much higher they also believe the president of the one needs to do much more during his new attempt to form a response to kaddish political aspirations for the sake of a more united and prosperous turkey how to make that happen is a major question the ultra nationalist party m h p which most opposes kiddish empowerment and to the not is truly a k party after winning eleven percent. with six hundred seats in parliament. as the kids and peace. discourages a new policy over consultation with the kids which could further complicate the peace process. that operations are the election results are compounded by worries about what the future holds in the new parliament and on come. on. turkey.
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you know the news hour from london much more still ahead. as fighting rages on in the yemeni port city of the day diplomatic efforts to stop a humanitarian disaster stepped up. if the o.p.'s new prime minister vows to press on with reforms despite narey escaping a grenade attack as a rally two days ago and world cup hosts russia for their first defeat of the tournament i will be coming up later in. the libyan coast guard has picked up nine hundred forty eight african refugees and migrants in the mediterranean sea they include dozens of women and children were taken to a naval base in the capital tripoli before being transferred to a refugee camp in the town of homs one of those rescued said an italian vessel had
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refused to pick them up or italy's interior minister has called for migrant centers to be set up across africa to stop asylum seekers reaching europe an idea which libya has rejected but libya's interior minister in tripoli one day pledging to help libya stem the flow of migrants immigration hardliner criticize france's minister for european affairs for suggesting a rescue ship stranded with hundreds of migrants on board should dock in italy on the maritime law. the foreign ministry ignored the situation of the ship. didn't follow mortars and ignored signals by both the charley and the libyan coast guard is therefore not lordship as far as i'm concerned wherever it ends up docking the ship should be seized and the crew detained this is what should happen in any country well algeria has been accused of abandoning more than thirteen thousand refugees and migrants in the sahara desert
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the un says they include pregnant women and children who've been left without food or water algeria denies the allegations which it says a part of a malicious campaign again the reports. disorientated and dehydrated these migrants have just been deported by algerian border guards and dumped in neighboring nations. the nearest village is a fifteen kilometer walk in the sahara desert and they have no food or water. the un migration agency says algeria has expelled an estimated thirteen thousand migrants in this way in the last forty months janet camara whose liberian was pregnant when she was deported last month she suffered a miscarriage while walking in the desert she buried her baby in a shallow grave in the sand. baby was killed when he was lying. because there's no one. starvation cheer when. all of.
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them and another liberian jew dennis filmed his deportation from a detention center in algeria. you can see some of that together with a group of other migrants they were loaded on to trucks and driven across the border tunisia reporting live from the there's a train a cheerier in their fish. can see this is going over there and is a massive massive lead to pull in blocks. when a think happens to get women and children into this into destruction. some migrants are rescued by a team like this one from the un migration agency others die trying to make it across the desert. they come by the thousands i've never seen anything like it
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there are even babies they even expect pregnant women women who give birth one or two weeks later it's a catastrophe. the algerian government denies committing human rights abuses it's ratified international treaties on human rights and this was the algerian red crescent last year helping to transfer migrants to their home countries. the european union has asked north african countries to do. to stop migrants headed north to europe the e.u. says it is aware of the mass deportations and says algeria needs to comply with international law many of these migrants say their experience proves otherwise big turia gayton be algis there are. eight more people have been killed in ongoing violence in central nigeria bringing the number of dead over the past three days to ninety four the fighting in plateau state is between farmers in semi nomadic
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herders and i jerry and president mohamed is called for calm and imposed a twenty four hour curfew in the area a decades old conflict over land has escalated sharply this year even hundreds dead in the center of the country. well now twenty suspects have appeared in court over an explosion jaring a rally for ethiopia's new prime minister on saturday that is promising to press on with reforms despite the current eight attack since taking power two months ago he's ordered the release of thousands of political prisoners and loosen restrictions on the media ramadan reports now from the capital addis ababa. for six and a half years confirm mckillop the best remained in prison for simply calling for an opposition political rally convicted of terrorism came for was serving a twenty five year jail tom when the reformist prime minister ahmed pardoned him and thousands of other political prisoners. i was tortured day and night the beating was constant i was hearing in my right ear the doctors say there is no hope
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of recovery do you know. weeks of the been freed from prison along with other former detainees and activists can fail to support the new prime minister's reform plan tens of thousands filled miscall square in the heart of the capital last saturday the size of the crowd alone underlining the deep desire for change after decades of all the tarion group in this country a one hundred million people. the prime minister had just finished speaking at the political rally in the square one what is thought to have been a grenade was thrown killing three people and injuring more than one hundred others . the prime minister seen a missile from fact he needs to step up a security and also eye for the national and police. abi ahmed came out of the broke so fast in his first few weeks in office that few believed he could maintain the pace if anything the forty two year old former army officer has only stepped it
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up in the two months or so he's been in office he has overseen the release of thousands of political prisoners the lifting of a state of emergency of up was imposed to deal with and to government protests and also announced an economic reform plan that includes the sale of state companies. not everyone is happy with these changes though analysts say the hands of this content within the ruling coalition has one hundred and eighty council members fall from unanimously behind us you have a very young. and this young population is must spitting lights and movie tickets a day in their collective done diffidence and this young people are demanding you know to take part in the political decision making process is it's very difficult to govern this young people with with the same way their parents were government. hopeful that nothing can stop the only changes a position polluted sions us is in the moment by setting up political parties and
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that's what they hope will be free and fair elections in two thousand and two and behind it all just a disappointment. civilians have been killed off the syrian government helicopters drop bombs on the south western city of daraa the air raids apos the government's assault on the region which is one of two major areas still held by the rebels thirty people have been killed since last tuesday helicopters also dropped leaflets warning of an imminent offensive any attack would violate a truce brokered by russia in the united states to try and win choose the violence . ramaj on june reports. the bombs kept falling villages struck from the sky as government forces continued their advance attempting to take over the city known as the cradle of the syrian uprising. in violation of a truce that was brokered by russia and the united states in efforts to bring an
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end to the seven year war for its part the free syrian army remains defiant announcing the establishment of a central operations room in the south of syria. well you know more notes are to let them know that this is the power of decisiveness and the victory of truth of a falsehood the hysterical bombing with all kinds of heavy weapons supported with warplanes is only confirmation of their desperation the world should know that the south today is united under one word and one army carrying our slogan proudly in the sky of truth we will not betray the blood of our brothers and we will not give up an inch of our land the united states has reportedly told syrian rebels not to expect military support in southern syria near jordan and the israeli occupied golan heights a deescalation zone was established there last year which includes parts of the provinces of the and couldn't the rebels there are now facing a syrian government offensive. for years the free syrian army was trained and
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armed by the u.s. europe and gulf countries but rebels have been in retreat in the past few years they now control one neighborhood in the city and a few areas on the border with jordan and while the valley to continue their fight many wonder how much longer that fight can go on mohammed jim groom. well stated a legend has been declared in the syrian city of raka u.s. backed forces have imposed a three day curfew commanders say they have information that i still fighters inside the city are planning a bombing campaign a syrian democratic forces took iraq from i said last october with american support locals have complained about discrimination from the s.d.f. which is dominated by kurdish fighters. the u.n. special envoy to yemen has met with the leaders to discuss ways to strengthen a peace plan against press that there's no military solution to the conflict fighting continues in the east of yemen as the saudi am writing coalition battles
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against to seize for control of the port of data or burden many reports. of relief for forty prisoners released by hooty rebels during the battle for her data port in exchange saudi u.a.e. coalition forces supporting yemen's army have freed seventy hooty prisoners. it's our or not to be here and receive them we congratulate ourselves and congratulate them. as. i was taken prisoner of the west coast from thank god the southern resistance has treated this properly. but there's little response for many others trapped by the two week old battle for yemen's main port it's long been the important target for the saudi a morality coalition which is battling to weaken the who these by cutting off their main supply line. iran's long been accused by saudi arabia of supporting the hutu
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rebels who control the court. in relation to the escalating humanitarian crisis in yemen we're deeply concerned about what might happen in the future we've discussed the situation with other countries in the region and other european countries and we've decided to continue our cooperation to try and stop the aggression and to continue sending humanitarian aid through the united nations. the battle for her data has so far claimed dozens of lives and forced thousands of yemenis to escape to the capital sana'a and the saudi capital is come under attack again from hooty missiles two were intercepted obree out on sunday. the hooty said they were in retaliation to saudi's strikes including one that killed nine people on monday. the u.n. world food program says three ships are loaded in her data in the last few days with food for six million people for one month despite that food prices are soaring
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. there continues to rise in food prices especially in basic materials it's got worse in the last few days with the beginning of fighting in her data who the leaders have indicated they be willing to hand over management of the port to the u.n. the saudis and being urged to accept the deal and the u.n. says fighting will exacerbate what's already the world's worst humanitarian crisis and could tip the millions into starvation. still ahead for you this hour fears of growing tribalism in american politics as president trumps divisive rhetoric to blame. the u.n. warns it may have to cut emergency assistance for palestinian refugees as it faces a funding shortage i did sport find out how the french football team is inspiring
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these young fans. hello there is pretty hot across parts of europe have them i mean for the central belt the still a fair amount of cloud as you can see and that's just drifting its way towards the south but in the west that's where there's not a great deal of cloud showing up at all and the temperatures soaring so london all the way out to thirty maybe even a touch higher as we head through the next few days and paris not far off either towards the south even hotter madrid right up at forty one so that will be a real shock the temperatures here been far below average recently towards the east that's where we've got the showers and they're also stretching down towards parts of greece and beaucaire you have this region here is looking at some very lively thunderstorms over the next few days they could give us some flooding rains and maybe some damaging hail as well across the other side of the mediterranean we've
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also you see plenty of thunderstorms here they've given us a lot of electrical activity but they are pulling away towards the northeast there for choose day so for many of us here it will be a drier and quieter time over the next few days so those other storms are moving their way away and for most of us should be drawing unsettled the temperatures are beginning to rise now we're looking at around twenty eight as a maximum temperature in red bats this central belt of africa is where we've got more unsettled weather so gradually tracking its way towards the west of a some of us in cameroon it's looking pretty wet. we will maintain the finest fighting force the world has ever known united states army was so reliant on a product sucker i would call the dependency mismatch between the way we. work to be and the reality of the twenty first century you know.
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how many of the current good years and the no child children. child soldiers reloaded on al-jazeera. with a big breaking news story it can be chaotic and frantic behind the scenes. people shouting instructions if you will trying to provide the best most accurate up to date information as quickly as you can. it's when you come off air on things to appear to realize you've witnessed history in the making.
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welcome back a quick look at the top stories now turkey's president. has been reelected with sweeping new powers but international want to says of criticize the conditions under which the election was held. and he's deputy prime minister mattel's salvini has met libyan officials to discuss ways to end illegal migration to europe it comes as the libyan coast guard has picked up almost a thousand african refugees in light winds in the mediterranean. and algeria is denying allegations that it left more than thirteen thousand migrants the sahara desert without food or water the u.n. says the group. included pregnant women and children. the u.n. agency for palestinian refugees is warning it's facing an unprecedented funding gap and is weeks away from cutting emergency assistance the agency is asking for more than two hundred fifty million dollars at a donor's conference in new york it says its struggle since the u.s.
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cut contributions earlier this year are a force that has more from the refugee camp in the occupied west bank. over the course of sixty nine years the united nations relief and works agency for palestine refugees has become an essential part of life for millions of people palestinians who fled or were forced from their homes in historic palestine and their descendants this year services such as emergency food provision and education have come under intense pressure after the united states delivered only sixty million of its pledged three hundred sixty five million dollars in funding about half the agency's budget protesters were on the streets of gaza on monday to condemn the recent budget cuts before donors make their latest pledges at the un in new york that. we've got so many problems now there are no services no money no work everything depends on annorah. annorah assists five point four million palestine refugees in what it calls five fields of operation lebanon syria jordan the
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occupied west bank including east jerusalem and gaza it spends more than half of its near seven hundred million dollars annual budget on education more than half a million palestinian children attended schools more than three million people use on run health clinics and the agency provides food security for one point seven million people across the region feeding a million refugees in gaza alone. the last donor conference in rome in march managed to raise around one hundred million dollars for the agency but left and major funding gap for the second half of this year is undergoing an unprecedented financial crisis a deficit of two hundred fifty six million dollars and make no mistake that means that our merchant services for some of the most desperate people in the middle east are very much in question and it's certainly a big question mark over our over our schools we don't have enough money in the bank as things currently stand to open schools for half a million kids across the middle east the u.s.
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decision to cut its contribution was accompanied by a demand for what the americans called a fundamental reexamination of the agency's funding and operations critics israel foremost among them accuse it of promoting the refugees right of return and allowing anti israel content to be taught in palestinian schools in new york the donors will be juggling considerations about national aid budgets some may be wary of stepping too readily into the breach left by the u.s. for fear of letting the trumpet ministration too easily off the hook in the meantime the poorest palestinians in places like this will continue to bear the brunt of the political battling their daily hardships getting steadily worse sorry for said al jazeera jalazone refugee camp in the occupied west bank dept and that editor james bays joins us live now from the united nations in new york what's the latest with pledges. well we are getting speeches made from various current countries giving their commitments to. as ever with
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these things it's quite hard to decipher how much of this money is actually new money and how much is things that they've actually already pledged in the past certainly the un is very very keen to get money this meeting was opened by the un secretary general antonio good terrorists and also addressed by the head of the commission of general pierre kron ball and he made it clear that time was running out our current shortfall remains now in excess of two hundred fifty million us dollars and we still have a very big task ahead at this point we do not i repeat we do not have the income to ensure that the schools will open on time in august and in the absence of significant new funding we will have to begin taking very difficult measures in july impacting the level of services as well as our staff at the general assembly
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the international community made a collective commitment to provide assistance to palestine refugees i know too well the pressure you face when the man's out of raids and the resources are scarce but we cannot afford to a lot on recital efforts to falters. well the meeting continues here at the united nations speaking right now a representative of a state that will not be giving money of course that's the state of palestine but obviously it's palestinians that are affected here as i said a moment ago merom it's hard to decipher exactly what is new money but it seems that there have been some who are giving additional funds the e.u. mexico sweden belgium among those and some like the u.k. who are bringing forward funding that they were going to give it a later stage bring it forward to try and deal with the shortfall but the shortfall is still very significant there's no way any of these pledges are going to go
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anywhere to fill all of this two hundred fifty million dollars that is lacking so i think the u.n. will still be expressing after this day of pledging concern for the future of iraq thank you very much james bays at the united nations there in new york the king abdullah of jordan has helped talks with president donald trump at the white house with the pair discussing the u.s. administration's peace plan for israel and palestine trying to senior adviser jared kushner said the plan is nearly complete and will be announced soon but palestinian president mahmoud abbas has refused to talk to the u.s. since they moved their embassy in israel to jerusalem well now the white house has defended u.s. president donald trump for suggesting illegal immigrants should be deported without an opportunity to go before a judge it says that the migrants would still be given due legal process. defense secretary james mattis has confirmed the military is preparing to house illegal immigrants on two bases in texas last week president trump signed an executive
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order reversing his previous policy of separating migrant children from that parent's. rodriguez is the democratic senate of the district twenty nine in el paso texas he joins us via skype from el paso thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us what can you tell us about the situation on the border because as far as we know president trump signed the executive order to stop the for separation of children from their parents but reports suggest that a great deal of chaos and confusion reigns that with officials not knowing how to implement the order well the types of great personal thank you for having me on your program and it's an honor there is not only computer for example right here in the. detention facility in our order entry we have about three hundred sixty kids they are. reunited with their well there's been
12:39 am
a few i think that have been written. by many of those three hundred twenty six sixty seven have been real but have with their families. now today were given to understand but the facility is going to close down on july thirteenth and that the children who are there are going to be transferred to a military base here in a possible port miss i'm what about president trump's recent statements the idea that if you will he essentially wants to end any due process for illegal immigrants he says that well it's a waste of time it's too expensive it's too time consuming. and like everything the president does that oh great just because to push on the poor.


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