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if it's true that misery. people in power investigates the state funded reception centers where the helpless are region just commodities ripe for exploitation. the migrants are after. july on al-jazeera in a new series of head to head maddie hasson tackle the big issues with hard hitting questions mexico is getting ready for a general election of direction will the country take as it struggles with drug violence and economic instability. people in power continues to examine the use and abuse of power around the world as the world cup in russia nears its end we'll bring you stories from on and off the pitch of the world's most viewed sporting event on television and online the stream continues to tap into the extraordinary potential of social media to disseminate news july on al-jazeera.
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getting to the heart of the matter if will stuff i can see that such a supreme leader calls you today and says let's have talks would you accept facing realities what do you think reunification of look like there are two people think the peace for unification is the only option for prosperity of south korea hear their story on talk to al-jazeera plan. our current shortfall remains now in excess of two hundred fifty million u.s. dollars the u.n. body providing assistance for more than five million palestinian refugees faces a funding crisis.
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that all robin be watching out is there a line from our headquarters here in doha also coming up. as fighting rages on in the yemeni port city of her data diplomatic efforts to stop a humanitarian disaster are stepping up. also the escalating battle over land in central nigeria close to one hundred people killed in three days of fighting between farmers and their batek herders also. a general strike against all sturdy brings argentina to a standstill. welcome to the program the u.n. agency for palestinian refugees is warning it's facing an unprecedented funding gap and is weeks away from cutting emergency assistance unroll is asking for more than
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two hundred fifty million dollars at a donor's conference in new york saying its struggle since the u.s. cut contributions earlier this year the top administration slashed funding by more than half in january over political differences with the palestinian leadership more than five million refugees in the middle east rely on the agency for education food and health services. as those crucial resources could be cut as soon as august our diplomatic editor james bays has more from the united nations. the u.n. has been trying for months to fill the massive shortfall after the u.s. pulled out most of its funding from the u.n. secretary general of the start of this plan. conference appealed to nations to come up with more funding and the head of honor of the commissioner general credible it said time was running out our current shortfall remains now in excess of two hundred fifty million us dollars and we still have a very big task ahead at this point we do not i repeat we do not have the income to
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ensure that the schools will open on time in august and in the absence of significant new funding we will have to begin taking very difficult measures in july impacting the level of services as well as our staff the situation will be particularly critical for emergency operations in the west bank and in gaza what is at risk is food for one million people in the gaza strip as ever at these sort of pledging conferences a little hard to work out exactly what is new money and what has already been committed by countries in the past it appears though there are some new fans coming from the e.u. from mexico from sweden and from belgium and other countries like the u.k. bringing forward some of their funding the a total amounts though are nowhere near the shortfall of two hundred fifty million
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dollars and the u.n. is still desperately looking for further funding or former u.s. diplomat hillary mann leverett says the white house is trying to send a message to both the palestinians and western allies by cutting funding to a role. i think the troubling ministration is in a sense deliberately trying to squeeze the palestinians to squeeze them through on russia through the cutting of funding through but also freezing aid directly to the palestinians that that washington gives such the palestinian authority and ramallah so we see these things happening at the same time as politically the troubling ministration is getting ready to roll out its deal of the century or some sort of settlement with israel an arab states the idea is to squeeze the palestinians as hard as possible and really force a settlement where the arab states would have to have to absorb the palestinians and therefore there wouldn't be a refugee issue as the united states pulls out its financial support it makes it harder for other countries to really make up that shortfall because they fear being
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punished by the united states they fear losing access to the u.s. market they fear being punished by u.s. allies particularly in the middle east some of our arab our arab friends may similarly want to go along with the troubling ministration and therefore not look kindly on european countries for example that could increase significantly their financial contribution so the u.s. withdrawal is really meant to not only pull out u.s. funding but have a chilling effect on other countries funding the organization though the trumpet ministrations peace plan for israel and palestine has been on the agenda of the one towse where the president hosted jordan's king abdullah trump's senior adviser and son in law judge cushion who says the plan will be announced soon with or without support from the palestinian leadership president mahmoud abbas has refused to work with the u.s. since december whether to recognize jerusalem as the couple of israel. now the e.u. is calling on all parties in yemen to prevent any further escalation of the
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conflict and to work towards a nationwide cease fire despite this fighting continues the saudi a morality coalition battles with the rebels for control of the strategic or data port rebels there say that the coalition has carried out five airstrikes in the area laura only has more. relief for forty prisoners released by hutu rebels during the battle for her datapoint in exchange saudi u.a.e. coalition forces supporting yemen's army have freed seventy hooty prisoners. but the mcinnis it's our or not to be here and receive them we congratulate ourselves and congratulate them. that's sort of. i was taken prisoner of the west coast from thank god the southern resistance has treated this properly. but there's little risk by it for many others trapped by the two week old battle
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for yemen's main port it's long been an important target for the saudi a morality coalition which is battling to weaken the who these by cutting off their main supply line iran's long been accused by saudi arabia of supporting the hutu rebels who control the court. in relation to the escalating humanitarian crisis in yemen we're deeply concerned about what might happen in the future we've discussed the situation with other countries in the region and other european countries and we've decided to continue our cooperation to try and stop the aggression and to continue sending humanitarian aid through the united nations. the battle for her data has so far claimed dozens of lives and forced thousands of yemenis to escape to the capital sana'a and the saudi capital is come under attack again from hooty missiles two were intercepted obree out on sunday. the hooty said
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they were in retaliation to saudi's strikes including one that killed nine people on monday the u.n. world food program says three ships followed in her data in the last few days with food for six million people for one month despite that food prices are soaring. fast there continues to rise in food prices especially in basic materials it's got worse in the last few days with the beginning of fighting in her data. who the leaders have indicated their be willing to hand over management to the port to the un the saudis number being urged to accept the deal and the un says fighting will exacerbate what's already the world's worst humanitarian crisis and could in millions into starvation. laura manly. now the u.n. secretary general antonio terrace has urged all parties in yemen to work with the
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u.n. on a peace plan yemen is suffering a prolonged and devastating conflict with clear regional there mentions my special envoy martin griffiths has been actively engaged in order to avoid an escalation that could have dramatic humanitarian consequences at the present moment when we could go we presented to the elements of a negotiation framework that he has been discussing with various fields of marketers inside of yemen and in the region i would hope is that this framework with a law for resumption of badly needed political negotiations meanwhile there's been fighting there the capitol as well who the rebels have released images of what they say is a coalition air strike in the city of iran north of sanaa another two things main news agency says twenty four civilians most of them women and children were killed . burials have begun in the central and nigerian central the jury for about one
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hundred people killed in recent days the deaths are a result of an escalation in the conflict between farmers and so i mean the magic herders in plateau state present one hundred two bihari has warned against reprisal attacks and deployed extra forces to the area to contain the violence and address has more from the capital a big. part of state has always been a flashpoint in central baghdad area but the for the last one decade or so the state has been relatively calm compared to neighboring states like. and ben what states this crisis the latest crisis is an escalation which has never seen before in a very very long time and a lot of people believe that this is the crisis may escalate before it gets any better the government is trying to come nerves but the underlying problems are already there and they've been there for a very long time conflict on land between farmers and cattle herders as more and
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more cattle herders move from the aboriginals down south largest it is in central parts of nigeria more than more like the link between the north and the cells where. migratory men move to graze their cattle and get more water now in neighboring states of ben we've seen from the start of this year hundreds of people have been killed in tit for tat clashes or some of these clashes of late have been identified by security forces to be not associated with land issues or farmers and cattle herders crisis it's more like politics being played on a wider scale and a lot of people believe that situation may be maybe a bit messy as nigeria goes into the campaign season a lot of politicians are just in for positions and this has brought president mohammad a bloody who promised to bring most security to the country and
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a lot of pressure. argentinean president is battling the third national strike since he took office in twenty fifteen where three promised to tackle inflation and return argentina to world capital markets but the country is once again gold to the international monetary fund for a lifeline trees a has more from. roadblocks all around when a site is this is how argentina's capital look on monday after the country's largest workers' confederation called for a general strike against the government of. left wing groups blocked major roads leading to the capital protesting against what they say is a government that rules for the rich. there is a social crisis in the political crisis there is discontent is the beginning of the pact between the i.m.f. and the government that brings about austerity measures the economic situation is worse that's why we will be on the streets. since taking office mackie's government
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has been unable to control the double digit inflation rate that has tormented arjun times for years the recent devaluation caused by a strengthening u.s. dollar forced the governmental request and urgency emergency fifty billion loan from the i.m.f. prices have continued to go up since then and that's why on monday argentina was paralyzed by a strike by workers demanding a rise in wages trains buses subways and flies were also spend it on monday because of the struggle this place is on is the largest transport hub in one aside and as you can see it's completely paralyzed a sign of the strength that the labor unions have in argentina growing i right from northern argentina and was not sure how to make it home whether the girl is a winner we knew this was happening but i thought there would be something very small think i understand the need to go on strike but we're all affected by what's
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happening. the i.m.f. loan brings back memories of the two thousand and one economic crisis when argentina defaulted on its sovereign debt because your book rolling stain was part of the negotiating team at the time and says that the situation is different now you know your government responded fast they sought help from the i.m.f. because they knew nobody else would loan them the money the crisis would have been worse if they hadn't. and that's why many on the streets are not as optimistic and fear that another economic crisis may be closer and the government would like to admit it is somewhat i'll just see that when a site is well still ahead here on al-jazeera italy sends a senior minister to libya urging it to keep would be migrants from crossing the mediterranean. and the fears of growing tribalism in american politics is president trump's divisive rhetoric to blame do stay with us here on al-jazeera.
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told. me today the weather sponsored by qatar airways hello there we've seen a huge amount of rain in the southern parts of china recently most of the cloud in the southern parts has given to some very heavy rain particularly out of the you now in province and that's where these pictures are from certainly shows the terrible conditions that we've been seeing there and a lot of disruption that that wet weather has course it's not the only place though where we've seen a lot of heavy rain we've also seen some of the further towards the east as well but a lot of this is gradually going to clear away and so there's a more in the way of dry weather as we head through chews day and wednesday wednesday also looking dry up towards the north as well further west there is a head down towards parts of viet nam it's looking pretty wet and here there have
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been mudslides in the north just over the last day or so. they prefer the tools the south plenty of showers that over the philippines and also some very active rains just to the west and the southern parts of borneo this region again looking very wet as we head through cheese day and you can see from the dark blue colors there we're expecting some of those downpours to be very very heavy some of them might just skirt the coast of borneo there towards the west also want to showers here but generally here they're a little bit more broken up so this should be more in the way of sunshine coming through in between those showers everything was india too hot spots here one in the west and the other one in the northeast and in bangladesh to. the weather sponsored by cattle. examining mandatory sentencing in the us if the state of florida requires the rest of my life in here as a tradeoff for my family's life. if the defendant goes to trial the judge has no option but to give the mandatory minimum they were complying with this judge gives
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you five years and this judge gives you twenty years so the legislature acted to make a difference exploring the dark side of the american justice system with job on al-jazeera . welcome back you're watching algis there i'm still robin a reminder of our top stories the u.n. agency for palestinian refugees is warning it's weeks away from cutting emergency assistance because of critically low funding and says it struggled since the u.s. cut contributions earlier in the year. also who the rebels in yemen say the coalition has carried out five strikes there the strategic data port the coalition
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launched an offensive to retake the city almost two weeks ago the u.n. has urged all warring parties to work with the international community on a peace plan. and the general strike has power lies d'argent tina with unions blocking roads rail and transport workers are protesting that the government's latest deal with the international monetary fund they say they say the i.m.f. for seventy measures unfairly target the poor. world leaders are congratulating turkish president rest of the one for his sweeping victory in sunday's elections the u.s. says it respects the decision made by voters and joined the e.u. in encouraging turkey to strengthen its democracy that's after international monitors said the ones ruling a k party had unfair advantages joining the campaign. has the latest from ankara. there were stark differences in the messages from ratchet taber to on the victor of sunday's election and his closest contender his closest rival muharram in jr to one
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repeatedly said that he planned on being a presidents for all of eternity he said that he would not allow for any person to be discriminated against in this new turkey under this new system regardless of their political views their gender or their ethnic origin obviously this is seen as maybe an attempt by the president to reassure those who are concerned that on the dispute system a lot of the power is concentrated in the presidency in one person contrast and compare that to the statements from her injuries said that this election was unfair as far his he was concerned he thought that it's like it was now going into a dangerous. new phase where all of that power was concentrated under what she called one person rule and said the president must show that he was going to be a presidents for all people obviously had enjoyed himself when he would have shared
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the same power however he had promised that he would reverse what was a popular demand by the people to change the system from a parliamentary one to a presidential one as manifested in the. vote referendum to change the system into a presidential one a few months ago now international observers said that they had some concerns over the sunday's election it wasn't over the outcome press a it was the media coverage in the build up to that they said that the one in the act party had a lot more airtime than their opponents that the coverage was slanted in their favor it's important to note here that the vast majority of turkish media is privately owned the act party and i don't will say it's not their fault that those who own those institutions supports them however the reality is even with state owned. in situations like today there was a clear imbalance in favor of the one party in terms of time that was there albeit
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start the opposition bit have a platform to represent themselves but having said that the vast majority of the consensus is that sunday's election was generally a free and fair one with the highest record of turnout you're talking about more than eighty six percent taking part in the ballots on sunday the italy's newly appointed deputy prime minister walls to set up camps in north africa to process people trying to migrate to europe but salvini has been in libya to present his plan to reduce the numbers of asylum seekers reaching its early mahmoud a bill he has ball from the libyan capital tripoli. salvini arrived in libya determined to stop what he calls illegal migration from the efik and continent to italy leaders of the european union are meeting this week to a political crisis is over the way immigrants are treated across the bloc salvini says it's early and libya need help. over the on thursday in brussels we at the
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european council government will uphold the need to protect the frontiers to the south of libya because neither libyan or eataly can be alone in shouldering the burden of illegal immigration. salvini called for the setting up of camps in neighboring countries only be as southern borders such as kneejerk chad and sudan to prevent the influx of migrants libyan leaders into police say they don't want any camps only b.n. sawyer now. we reassured italy and europe that libya is ready in its plan to deal with migration we agree in many areas when it comes to illegal migration however only refuse completely and categorically the creation of an camps inside libya for the. this issue is forbidden under living in law and it does not apply any of. the number of migrants crossing the mediterranean to italy from libya ensures has
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fallen dramatically during the last year thanks partly to italian support for libya's coast guard. but italian navy ships docked at a navy base in tripoli has raised concerns here. eternally in navy vessels have been providing libya's close to god patrols with technical support training and logistics since last august it's part of a memorandum of understanding signed by libya's prime minister face and former italian prime minister power. in february last year. the rival libyan administration in the eastern city of tobruk sarahs the agreement violates libya's sovereignty. the telly and government has around sixteen thousand migrants reach it it's a lead this year compared to about seventy thousand the previous year. the
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fall is attributed to patrols by libya's coast guard back to buy new boats and better equipment funded by the european union and trained by italian experts. despite that people smuggling continues and the temptation remains for desperate people to risk their lives crossing the mediterranean. and more. tripoli. president trump or slammed motorcycle make a harley davidson for planning to move some of its production out of the u.s. the move means it could avoid paying tariffs on american exports imposed by the e.u. as part of an escalating trade dispute calling us companies says the taxes could cost up to one hundred billion dollars a year by the duties were imposed in retaliation for u.s. tariffs on steel and allen million imports from the e.u. . and there's growing concern about political tribalism in the u.s.
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president trying to press secretary was asked to leave a restaurant in virginia because of trump's policies the incident involving sarah saunders comes days after cabin. secretary was forced out of a mexican restaurant by protesters ellen fisher has more from washington d.c. . good afternoon she's the public face of the trumpet ministration the press secretary an almost daily presence on the nation's t.v. screens when souter sanders turned up to eat at this restaurant in virginia she was politely asked to leave eunice said she did it because staff were uncomfortable with trump policies and i believe his briefing she touched on the issue and appealed for greater tolerance and understanding healthy debate on ideas and political philosophy is important but the calls for harassment in place for any trump supporter to avoid the public is unacceptable america is a great country and our ability to find solutions despite those disagreements is what makes us unique. elitist incident comes just days after
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a whole month security secretary kissed the nielson was forced to leave a mexican restaurant in washington d.c. because of protesters angry at the administration's border immigration policy. and a prominent trump supporter of florida attorney general palm bondy had to be given a police escort from a movie theater a day after announcing plans to withdraw health care protections for people with preexisting conditions one prominent democratic congresswoman provoked controller c. saying trump administration officials should continue to be confronted whatever they are but these members of this cabinet who remain and tried to defend him they're not going to be able to go to a restaurant they're not going to be able to stop at a gas station then that going to be able to shop at a department store that people are going to turn on them so we are actually more fearful and more angry and one political expert says the trump era has brought a new tribalism to u.s. politics i don't think there's any way in which the president's rhetoric and his
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behavior isn't a part of what we are seeing in american politics he. really is the one kind of charge with name calling on twitter with labeling his opponents with derogatory nicknames there are those who will tell you there have been times when america has been more divided when the splits have been more angry and more dangerous in a modern age social media has highlighted the divisions and amplified them and that in turn creates even more harsh exchanges and exposes more divisions politically alan fischer al-jazeera washington. while staying in the u.s. the u.s. says the u.s. military is preparing to has illegal migrants on to bases in texas officials have confirmed temporary camps will be built at fort bliss goodfellow air force base is believed one of the camps will house migrant families together while the other will house unaccompanied children it comes after president trump signed an executive
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order to see migrant families detained together over to the u.k. now where british politicians are voted to approve a third runway at london's heathrow airport after debating the issue in parliament prime minister's reserve may says the eighteen billion dollar project will ease congestion and create one hundred thousand jobs but opponents object to the expansion of environmental grounds noise and financial areas heathrow is europe's biggest airports in terms of passenger numbers. dozens of shop owners in iran have protested against the record low currency and rising cost of living demonstrators took to the streets of tehran forcing shops to close in the ground bazaar they blame the collapse of the ryal for driving up the cost of imports iran's currency has plunged almost fifty percent in value in the past six months. now spain and portugal have both slots in the feet felt world cup knockout stage the final group
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games began on monday with video review known as v.a. are playing an intense role in several of the day's matches earlier euro go to the top spot in group after beating russia and saudi arabia beatty gypped but both had already been ruled out of the final sixteen and the richardson has more from moscow . so spain and portugal have qualified out of group b. but few would have predicted just how close iran and morocco it comes to causing a major upset portugal needed to draw their game against iran to make sure of their place in the knockout rounds they did take the lead through ricardo charisma but iran was equalized in injury time through a penalty and they missed a big chance to win the game and not portugal out as the spain in their game against morocco well they just needed a point to make sure of their place morocco were already out of the competition but seemed determined to leave a lasting impression they were leading to one late into the game your go aspects scored an equaliser for spain it was only given after
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a very or ruled he was on side and spain sneak through and they finished top of the group despite finishing level on points with portugal they'd scored one more goal it means spain will face towards russia in the last sixteen portugal will be taking on europe quite. well let's take a look at the four upcoming matches on choose day first of australia take on peru and denmark play france in group c. the australian denmark are both looking to join friends in the tournament knockout stage while peru hope they won't head home with us later in the day in group d. well that wraps up with iceland weeks in croatia and nigeria taking on argentina croatia lead the group and already through but any of the other three teams could claim the group's other slot in the final sixteen. you're watching al-jazeera i'm so whole robin and these are our top news stories
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the u.n. agency for palestinian refugees is warning it's just weeks away from cutting emergency assistance because of critically low funding the north says it struggled since the u.s. cut contributions earlier this year more than five million refugees in the middle east rely on the agency for education food and health services. our current shortfall remains now in excess of two hundred fifty million us dollars and we still have a very big task ahead at this point we do not i repeat we do not have the income to ensure that the schools will open on time in august and in the absence of significant new funding we will have to begin taking very difficult measures in july impacting the level of services as well as our staff who the rebels in yemen say the saudi m a r t coalition has carried out five air strikes near the strategic a data port the coalition launched an offensive to retake the city from the hoof is almost two weeks ago the un has urged all warring parties to work with the
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international community on a peace plan. mass burials have begun in central nigeria for about one hundred people killed in recent days now the deaths are a result of an escalation in conflict between farmers and said we know about it herders in plateau state president mohammed who bihari has warned against reprisal attacks and deployed extra forces to the area to contain the violence. world leaders are congratulating turkish president rest of one phase sweeping victory in sunday's elections the us joined the e.u. in encouraging turkey to strengthen x. democracy that's after international monitors ruling any party had unfair advantages during the campaign. president motorcycle make a harley davidson planning to move some of its production out of the u.s. the move means it could avoid paying tariffs on american exports imposed by the e.u. as part of an escalating trade dispute the iconic u.s.
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company says the taxes could cost up to one hundred million dollars a year those were the headlines more news in the in half an hour next on al-jazeera it's inside story. when three election with greater power thanks to a change in the constitution he says it's so win for democracy but is it one with an executive presidency for the rest of the world this is inside story.
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welcome to the show i'm sam is a than roger has dominated turkey's political scene for the past sixteen years and he looks set to continue for many more to come his reelection on sunday makes him turkey's first.


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