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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 176  Al Jazeera  June 26, 2018 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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video games would develop mental health disorder but early warning signs can help prevent it and while the makers of fortnight are expected to earn more than four billion dollars this year addiction to gaming the screening gaming addiction treatment programs which may even be more lucrative for insurance companies and health care providers now that gaming addiction is considered a mental health disorder. why does smartphones social media and computer games keep us hoked well they're designed to the tech industry uses human psychology and calls it behavior design or persuasive tech companies don't conceal this apple readily admits its products are addictive it's even designing an app to help you use your phone lest the average person checks their phone one hundred fifty times a day psychologists though are beginning to describe the deliberate engineering of addiction as an unethical practice and some within the tech industry want higher
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standards too but in the meantime for a tech company in the attention economy the more time a user spends online equals more money from ad revenue that revenue hit a record eighty eight billion dollars in two thousand and seventeen well joining me now from london is dr jamie woodcock jamie is a research or at the oxford internet institute good to have you with us so first of all how is human psychology used in digital design. well i think what we've seen is many attempts to introduce ways as you as you mentioned to capture people's attention and i think it's no surprise really that these kind of psychological aspects of being included but i think one of the ones we have to point to as being particularly problematic is the use of gambling or gambling like aspects in in video games for example to get users not only hooked but also it can cost a lot of money to give us some examples of how popular apps and social media
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platforms use psychology than other than the gambling games you've referred to. i mean i think many of these are around feedback loops that are introduced into into these platforms these build on well known affects about you know. communal loops and so on that you you know you get a rush with a particular kind of interaction and i think many you know many software platforms but many games as well try to mobilize this to keep users on the platform and ultimately this becomes not so that you share information or you communicate or you get time to play but to keep people hooked on a platform to make money from it you're in the university are all students people being taught how to use human psychology and some of these techniques that you're talking about. so i'm i'm a sociologist by training so i think one of the things that we try to teach students is a critical approach to these kinds of forms of media that perhaps we can look beyond these kind of psychological aspects but i'm the only time when i was
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a very lame you personally but i mean generally in institutions educational institutions and universities is that where it starts that people are taught these techniques. i mean i think so and i think one of the aspects that we really need to talk about is game if occasion and this is where you know psychological understandings of these feedback loops are being introduced into more and more aspects of our lives it's no longer just on social media or just when you're playing video games you know these are used that work or they're used to keep you exercising and i think we need to ask questions about you know is it right that these things are used to to convince us to do things is it ethical for think this is a this is the big question right now isn't it how i think illicit and i think you know in a way many of these kinds of platforms and kinds of games can be incredibly persuasive . but in a sense for
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a company making these products of course they're going to do this you know it's been a long history of trying to make buying products from a company persuasive i think what we have to do is have conversations about you know how manipulative these things can be and particularly when it involves money and i think part of this as an academic is teaching people to think critically about the way they use these kind of platform rather than teaching people how to think critically i mean now that the w.h.o. is talk about mental health issues should there be regulation so i mean i think that you know there were already is regulation of various kinds in a particular or does there need to be video games sometimes and i mean are you a different level now in many ways. yeah i think in many ways this is kind of it's a new story but it's also an old story so when we have you know new forms of media that are being used by children that perhaps their parents don't understand or didn't use themselves we often get these kind of moral panics you know today it's
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fortnight you know in previous years it was you know staying up watching t.v. or ny or you know watching online videos or reading books with you know trashy content or whatever it is and i think one of the biggest biggest things we could do to move this debate forward is you know rethink the relationship that technology plays between between families so if parents are worried about fortnight perhaps they should you know play it with their children to get an experience of it because it's not that the media itself is inherently problematic it's that there are problematic uses of it so this should be a sort of family level regulation you don't see a role for the industry itself i don't know psychologists getting involved in sort of the programming design stage and that sort of thing i mean i think there's one aspect that does need regulation and that's the use of gambling in video games and the use of loot boxes or other techniques that. involve in gambling being targeted
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at people who are under age who might not understand the risks of gambling but that's something where you know we have the regulation for this it's just a matter of the regulation being applied properly or we're talking about some of these terms like blue boxes and feedback loops and what sort of negative side effects are they producing in human behavior let's explain them and demystify some of these terms of this whole bit. so i think you know with with feedback loops this is something that's not necessarily a problem this is something where somebody's gain some kind of enjoyment and they're able to go through that process so you know it's going on twitter and finding that you will your tweet has been light and retreated a whole number of times or it's you know winning in a in a video game so these things are not that's not necessarily problematic but i think when these things are tied into gambling aspects so look boxes essentially reward in a video game where the contents of it is randomized and some people don't know what
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they're going to get when they open it up and often this can become problematic because people can then buy additional attempts to win what they want and that is a way of mobilizing that feeling of winning something of some positive feedback and tying it into small purchases or keeping people on the game which is what i don't do it what is it doing to people or is it simply that it's keeping people glued to their phones or is it doing something deeper to human psychology so i think you know there are arguments that you know the use of these new kinds of media are changing the way we think or attention span or so on but you know the way technology has always had this kind of face it changes how we think and it changes what we do and what i worry about is you know that we think that the entire media form is a problem you know it's true there are cases where people are becoming addicted to these games and so on but the vast majority of the use is not like that so i think
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we have to be careful in kind of you know over kind of. generalizing the right use of these forms of media and i find a lot about you know the shift towards artificial intelligence is something that you know we're all talking about and i'm wondering whether technology will be even more able to manipulate human psychology in the future because of artificial intelligence for a profit of course. so so then this is a really interesting question you know present you know artificial intelligence has been used in a whole number of new domains you know looking over legal documents in medical uses and so on psychology remains quite a difficult thing to program because people are contradictory and have conflicting emotions and all these manner of things i think really the question we need to be asking is if it's likely that i could be used to manipulate people why
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are we not having a larger conversation about what could be used for that could benefit people because i think it's quite a dystopian future way i is used to trick us and convince us to spend more money and so on when we could be using technology for for much better things interesting thanks so much for your thoughts on that. apple's been fined six and a half million dollars for misinforming a strain in customers about their faulty i phones the tech giant refuses to fix phones and i pads that have been serviced by third parties but it failed to tell a stranger and customers about the policy apple admitted misleading hundreds of them after thomas is in sydney with more. this was an issue that affected five thousand people in australia in twenty fifteen or twenty sixty they have. downloaded the lights of software only to find that immediately generated an era fifty three message which stopped their device from what when those people took their products into an apple shop like this one they were told that they'd go on
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the air at fifty three messages because it revealed that they had taken a device at some point so an unauthorized repair of an apple said that as a result of that they had no obligation to repair it or replace the australians can see the regular said no just because somebody. on the rise a parrot does not invalidate the right it's been seen over text messages like that apple as a result has to apply all the broken phones and nine million australian dollars and that's about six million us dollars well this was an issue that affected people all over the world so australia is unlikely to be the last place by such a fine. and finally recycling firms in thailand are importing more electronic waste than they're allowed to and processing it in illegal factories scott high blow reports from bangkok. police officers gathered at a factory just outside bangkok they sent up a drone to take
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a peek. before scaling the wall and going yes this is the latest in a series of raids on electronic waste factory for the past month the authorities have been cracking down on illegal operations and investigating imported ways. some companies are bringing in more than they're authorized to import and using illegal factories like this one. it's the largest raid of its kind yet police estimate that there are six thousand tons of illegal waste in the sprawling compound all these seven company can you but now we found out that. not directly to factory but to another in the gun factory importers have now had their license is suspended for a year intelligence gained on previous raids led police here to this plastic facility it's not even registered to do this kind of work now this is a stack of old router fronts now there are thousands of stacks like this on this
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facility and it's clear that this particular one came from overseas on the back of them there's a sticker with an american customer service number on it customs officials say that the import of plastic material for recycling including waste totals two hundred thousand tons for just the first five months of this year that's double the amount for all of last year i believe that it resolves the ban from china in that country so. ten to five. countries to send to and thailand. those countries. environmental group greenpeace also thinks the chinese ban has led to an increase they're concerned with the contamination electronic waste causes heavy metal in water and soil and airborne toxins but the more immediate concern there's no
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specific law that deals directly with the waste management. dumping up from other country. and we don't have infrastructure to do that he says there's a nuff domestic ways to keep the current businesses open so there's no economic reason for thailand to take in other countries. show for this way remember you can get in touch with us via twitter news the hash tag a j c t c when you do drop us an email counting the cost of al-jazeera that is our address is more for you on line al-jazeera dot com. that'll take you straight to our page which has individual reports links and entire episode for you to catch up on. for this edition of counting the cost i'm sammy's a then for the whole team here thanks for joining us news and al-jazeera is next.
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to the intersection of reality and comedy and post revolution to. mission to entertain educate and provoke debate through such. a weapon of choice. and internet look at what inspires one of the most popular comedians to make people laugh. on al-jazeera. i mean this is different. whether someone is paying for some of his favorites. i think it's how you approach an official nothing it is a certain way of doing it to congress by story and now it's. examining mandatory sentencing in the us if the state of florida requires the rest of my life
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in here as a tradeoff for my family's life the bargain i'll do it if the defendant goes to trial the judge has no option but to give the mandatory minimum they were complying with this judge gives you five years and this judge gives you twenty years so the legislature to make a difference exploring the dark side of the american justice system with job on al-jazeera. cape town's water running out city or storage she said people should use no more than fifty liters of time water per person per day. about a third of the city's residents live in informal settlements like this one and you can see in about four percent of the water with the generations they've already been collecting it through camille taps both of these say the city will reach day zero on the ninth of july that's when they'll turn off the water in the homes to have it and leave the communal council stay on. the city's taps and fed by reservoirs this is one of the largest. gazelles gallup where four years ago they
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would have been on the twenty five meters of water since then the provinces suffered the worst drought on record on water saving measures have already postponed day zero by three months everyone here is hoping the winter will soon bring enough rainfall to make sure the desiderata never come. i wrote matheson in doha the top stories on al-jazeera the u.n. agency for palestinian refugees is warning it's facing an unprecedented funding gap and it's weeks away from cutting emergency assistance agencies known as it's asking for more than two hundred fifty million dollars at a donor's conference in new york saying it's struggled since the u.s. cut contributions and here this year the jump administration slashed funding by
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more than half in january over political differences with the palestinian leadership more than five million refugees in the middle east rely on the agency for education food and health services says those crucial resources could be caught as soon as oldest diplomatic editor james bays has more from the united nations. the un has been trying for months to fill the massive shortfall after the u.s. pulled out most of its funding from the u.n. secretary general of the start of this pledging conference appealed to nations to come up with more funding and the head of the commissioner general pierre credit all said time was running out our current shortfall remains now in excess of two hundred fifty million us dollars and we still have a very big task ahead at this point we do not i repeat we do not have the income to ensure that the schools will open on time in august and in the absence of significant new funding we will have to begin taking very difficult measures in
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july impacting the level of services as well as our staff the situation will be particularly critical for emergency operations in the west bank and in gaza what is at risk is food for one million people in the gaza strip as ever at these sort of pledging conferences a little hard to work out exactly what is new money and what has already been committed by countries in the past it appears though there are some new funds coming from the e.u. from mexico from sweden and from belgium and other countries like the u.k. bringing forward some of their funding the a total amounts though are nowhere near the shortfall of two hundred fifty million dollars and the u.n. is still desperately looking for further funding that are mass burials in central nigeria for about one hundred people killed in fighting between farmers and semi nomadic herders president mohammed over heidi has warned against reprisal attacks
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and deployed troops to contain the violence. a general strike has paralyzed the argentina with the unions blocking the road walen air transport workers are protesting that the government's latest deal with the international monetary fund they say i.m.f. astaire written measures unfairly target the poor over the rebels in yemen say the saudi emma rotty coalition has carried out five air strikes in the strategic or data port the coalition launched an offensive to retake the city from the who these almost two weeks ago the un has urged all warring parties to work with the international community on a peace plan world leaders are congratulating turkish president under one for his sweeping victory in sunday's elections the us joined the e.u. in encouraging turkey to strengthen its democracy international monitors said out of one's party had unfair advantages during the campaign. president trump has
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slammed a motorcycle maker harley davidson for planning to move some of its production out of the u.s. move means it could avoid paying tariffs on american exports imposed by the e.u. as part of an escalating trade dispute the iconic u.s. company says the taxis could cost up to one hundred million dollars a year. navy divers have reentered a flooded cave in northern thailand to search for twelve boys in the football coach they were trapped after a heavy rain storm blocked their only way out of the cave on saturday afternoon one of the world's largest rain forests in democratic republic of congo is under threat because of illegal logging the latest report published by the ngo global witness condemns countries that import illegally harvest the timber the group calls on fronts to cancel a multi-million dollar project that supports companies involved in the trade those are the headlines the news continues after al-jazeera world lebannon single by
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