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problem with those those two reports cannot replace well. it's been a struggle to kind of get them up and running the way that data is even you know that american administration sent to cranes to day this port to help in the delivery of aid because that is the one port that is able to kind of carry out aid on that on that level now what's what's terrifying in the process is that the city of i've done and other cities are considered totally free territory and yet they don't witness any stability and the port and i then has failed to substitute the part of had a there and i think if they are able to have a port run like the port of the day that would be a very welcome. change because the people's lives depend on this leave i think it be fair to say that most of our audience is so focused on what happens to the people who are living in yemen right now the humanitarian aspect i just want to show you from about a week ago what civilians in her data was thinking about they were concerned about that the idea that there might be this
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a sort coming on to the port has been listen. i was working on the data poured enough the port close those were why go to work when this comes in this disaster happens where my going to find work the only thing we have is to die you don't have anything other than. the one we don't have gas to cook with my husband has a motorcycle that he used to work with on the port road and now the road is closed and the bikes motor has broken down and we're in the path of the rain and wind which take our houses with them have a young daughter who's exhausted and sick and we can't get her medication or anything only the necessary food if a war happens what are we going to do. hearing reports like that and stories firsthand accounts like that is what leads people online to point fingers so shooting on twitter says like the attack on yemen the battle for her data is misguided and she was a callous disregard for human life their willingness to use starvation and commit
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mass murder may help them win the battle but they shouldn't expect yemeni resistance to saudi and occupation to end so pointing the finger there at reasonably coalition forces on the other side though we some says citizens of yemen continue to lose as warring elites continue to dance on each other's head all sides of the conflict fail to offer the most basic services yet excel in creating a manmade humanitarian catastrophe i give this to you because you recently came out with a report you're going to did saying that both sides of this are to blame for some of what we're seeing today. well there are two elements here we are deeply concerned of course about the protection of civilians and what we've documented in the past is that all parties to the conflict or both sides both warring sides now the saudi arabia led coalition and the local forces it's backing on the ground order who is the armed who have in the past disregarded or disrespected the laws of war and we've seen the impact of that on civilians through civilian casualties
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people being killed civilians being killed or injured as well as damage to the civilian infrastructure which of course is a violation of international humanitarian law so with that in mind we're deeply concerned with that track record of these warring parties and what could what that could mean in this ongoing operation on a larger scale secondly as you mentioned we did indeed just recently published a report in which we documented how both parties have restricted access to essential goods and the saudi arabia led coalition through imposing or severely restricting the entry of aid into yemen and the armed forces in terms of the movement of that aid on the ground on the coalition's side we documented for example unnecessary inspections in addition to the already existing inspection mechanism by the united nations dose that severe delay that we have seen has
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particularly affected the provision of health care because of the lack of fuel or access to fuel for health facilities for example that's a deep concern for us we've also seen on the and of course our concern is that the timing and manner by which these restrictions were imposed by the coalition would indicate that they amount to collective punishment because they came in response to these rockets that were these missiles that were fired by the host these into saudi arabia so the timing and manner would indicate that this may amount to. to the war crime of collective punishment the armed group also has imposed bureaucratic measures has imposed and this is sorry delays on the permit system for distribution of aid on the ground and we've spoken to aid workers who told us that they've essentially enlisted bribes and kickbacks illegal payments in order to approve the distribution and control the distribution of aid so both parties essentially the
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laying or exacerbating an already dire humanitarian situation on the ground some of this is not this is not a shock because this is war this is conflict out of all of the actors involved in this conflict who is genuinely concerned about the people of yemen unfortunately we see in on both sides that there's a touch of the conflict is so internal it's an internal issue it is a crisis that is rooted in political history so. he has a point yes we have seen this issue all delay however we've also seen and documented that who these end up taking a lot of these aids and putting them in black markets where even some civilians can even have access to it or should have been access to it but they have to pay three fold or portholes of this at the end of the day i think i should be respected on
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both sides however we've seen on the ground that through our work with aden in aden everything is going well and very small when we hit the northern province we get stuck with random checkpoints that are not even legal even to give any who's most helpful in your work your work trying to get aid to people who desperately need it where are you getting the most help some. we are getting in terms of finances or in terms of the projects of projects we're getting a lot of our our support with partners here in the united states we've also been in communication with a lot of arab. based organizations as well and i have to admit we have delayed and postponed the fact that we can give to the poor ship everything to the port of port of data for the reason of these being in control of that or we do have access from both sides but it's much more complicated and unfortunately much more
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random and. delay and documentation when it comes to having so i want to read two perspectives picking up on what you're saying there from twitter this is summer ahmed two rapes in the biggest concern remains the humanitarian situation as majority of civilians rely on aid coming from the port i hope the airport has a plan in place that will mitigate the suffering of the people who will be directly affected by the battle and data so keeping that in mind a plan in place i want to read out this tweet here because it represented something you mentioned earlier shereen says the newly displaced will now join the three million i.d.p.'s and eight point four million yemenis who will starve to death without humanitarian aid however this aid may never reach them you mentioned earlier that your family and sanaa are see the influx of residents from who did from other parts of yemen what are those circumstances look like what are they telling you. it seems like everybody's been suffering for the past three years
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because there's been a delay and giving people their salaries and that's a problem because people even if they're goods around they can't afford to buy them and only those who are wealthy or have family outside of yemen can send and remittances and help them purchase these goods now you have a situation where a small city is getting flooded the interesting thing about santa is that it's called to be under control but they continue to welcome people from all over yemen as refugees or internally displaced people i think the problem is the who's these continue to hide behind the humanitarian disasters and are pretending to represent yemen in the in the war against the outside influence and at the same time the saudi arabia and u.a.e. arab coalition they're hiding behind the idea that they are trying to rescue yemen and restore the legitimate government but it's becoming clear in the battle of data that both of them don't really care about the people of yemen but they are fighting
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over who's going to win and control yemen politically and through that war they insert a sectarian terms and the people who pay for this are the civilians and therefore are going to talk about really the impact on civilians if i may interrupt story i really it's very important for us to highlight that irrespective of the military developments on the ground it's crucial that the port should remain open and that we ensure that there is the restriction there are no restriction to the aid there or that the flow of aid and goods is not impeded irrespective of who is in control of the situation militarily on the ground safe passage for civilians is also really crucial point for us because we have been seeing how it's been a very difficult journey for people mind you while we're talking about the battle for the day. city and the port at the moment we have been seeing ongoing military
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operations in the governorates since december tens of thousands of people have already fled. practically everybody we spoke to said that they had so they had sold precious belongings wedding bands life stalk put up property in order to be able to afford placement journey so we just want to it's really important for us to be focused conversely. i hear exactly what you're saying to them just introduce you to this headline from the guardian u.n. envoy confident as yemen deal to present data port violence the idea is that the port gets handed over to the united nations rather than to either of the sides involved in the cold slate is that possible could that happen if if martin griffith who is the special u.n. envoy to yemen pulled off americal it is possible so before him we had two u.n. special envoys who failed to bring everybody to the table for negotiations but if
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he manages to do that then we can be surely confident that the thing about martin griffith and this is to be said that he has the weight of the e.u. behind him he has the weight of the british government he has a purpose that is in himself and he has the weight of the u.s. behind him so him being a british citizen could potentially change the game here because he's got super powers backing him up and right now there are secret talks about a plan on the table he's actually set to meet the president of yemen in two days in the city of i've done and he's supposed to present a plan that everybody agrees upon if that happens we can kind of take a deep breath and just be like you we can now feed and deliver aid to these people and we can move forward towards negotiations in the future so you said it has to it will take a miracle it see here might agree he says how could the u.n. talk down the u.s. iran saudi arabia what incentives could the u.n. provide to these powers that would bring the conflict closer to an end but once you
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. i can offer up some of the side i think now more than i thought the chunk of agreeing to relinquish power of so-called. very very likely in a speech around four days ago up america who is the leader of. a more than happy to give support to the one. through another entity for the party and any revenue taken from with it during the time arguing with the people would be transferred directly to the central bank to have a few people salaries. i think people are more pain right now pushing a cease fire most impressive than travelling back and forth between. time to him or . trying to make sides agree to
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a reasonable deal however the fighting still continues because whoever manages to gain as much ground as possible while because she isn't going on. i mean they are the strong power and so it is. it on. a. hill. that is thank you so much for your insight the wisdom that you bring to this conversation. you explained if the superpowers could get together almost feels like you need superpowers in order to end this conflict in yemen has this conversation been working out playing out online i'll end with this from a sandwich kind of wraps up but a lot of people are thinking regardless of how big of a military breakthrough this three data battle might seem for either side what remains to be seen is how this can translate into improving the constantly
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deteriorating economic and humanitarian conditions of yemenis thank you for your comments keep them coming on twitter you tube and of course dot com forward slash the stream leaker and i will see you always online bye for now. to. my. july on al-jazeera in a new series of head to head maddie hasson tackled the big issues with hard hitting questions mexico is getting ready for a general election what direction will the country take as it struggles with drug violence and economic instability. people in power continues to examine the use and abuse of power around the world as the world cup in russia nears its end we'll bring you stories from on and off the pitch of the world's most viewed sporting
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events on television and online the stream continues to tap into the extraordinary potential of social media to disseminate news. july on al-jazeera. it was a war that united egypt and syria are against israel but in the heat of the battle that different agendas soon became apparent as a told me that his dream was to avenge to see tonight the sixty seven when president sadat came to power he told us just give me ten centimeters of land in the east the second of a three part series the israeli population were told that their troops were on the west bank of the so is going to explore the second week of the war in october on al-jazeera. as it simply takes a tougher line of migrants organized crime is making vast profits from the misery. people in power investigates the state funded reception centers where the helpless
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are region just commodities ripe for exploitation. migrants. another diplomatic showdown looms as russia and western powers face off that a special conference on chemical weapons. john kerry this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. our current shortfall remains no in excess of two hundred fifty million u.s. dollars the agency providing aid for five million palestinian refugees faces
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a funding crisis. a desperate rescue effort as diverse search a flooded cave in thailand for a trapped football team of points. i mean visaged private parts of paris where some of france as world cup stars grew up and a new generation hopes to follow in their footsteps. they were all skeptical weapons watchdog has opened a special conference at the hague the meeting was requested by the u.k. after a nerve agent attack against a former russian spy and his daughter and her western powers want to give the organization greater power but russia and iran are expected to oppose the change so on a day ago reports i'm sure that. young children being treated often the parents nerve agent attack in syria the devastating effects all too obvious as the deadly
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compound was reportedly dropped over the proceeds city of duma and april just one of a number of times that poisonous gases were used in syria as bashar al assad's forces sought to take control of rebel held areas. nearly a year and a half ago there was this attack in kuala lumpur international airport the half brother of north korean leader kim jong un targeted in full view of an unsuspecting public by v.x. nerve agent he later died in hospital over in the u.k. another targeted attack a full russian military officer and a double agent said basically powell and his daughter yulia poisoned the substance in question by investigators to be navi chuck a nerve agent developed by the soviet union while such weapons have been widely banned since the end of the first world war when it was used to devastating effect routine condemnations by international leaders have done little to stop them and
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the attacks in syria have invariably been met with routine denials by bashar assad and his sponsor the russian government and they've been seen as a provocation to the international chemical weapons watchdog eleven member countries of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons called for an emergency meeting at its headquarters in the hague to defend and strengthen the global ban on such nerve agents. currently the organization determines whether such attacks have taken place not who carried them out they want to use the session to set up a new mechanism so the a.p.c. w. is able to assign blame for attacks carried out with banned munitions proposal would need a two thirds majority to pass and would likely face challenges from iran and russia which has previously criticized the o.p.c. w. in light of its findings in syria as well as souls. but there is an urgency to tackle the troubling spate of such dangerous and indiscriminate attacks attacks
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that have already cost the lives of too many civilians so yeah go. they've barker's out the conference in the hague. the special session of the a p c w is now underway this meeting was called of the of the united kingdom with the backing of ten members of the a.p.c. there one hundred ninety three in total one hundred thirty have registered to take part in this meeting we now know that roughly around twenty countries have lent their support to the u.k.'s proposal to extend the mandate of the p.c. w to allow it to apportion attribute blain for chemical weapons attacks at the moment the organization is simply a technical body that can say whether or not a chemical weapon has been used more often than not it can also say what weapon has been used but it falls short of apportioning blame and in light of recent attacks in seoul spree with the poisoning of former russian agent sergei script in his daughter yulia multiple attacks in syria and also in iraq and of course the fatal
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poisoning of the north korean leader kim jong un's heart brother kuala lumpur airport there are now calls to tighten the loopholes tighten the restrictions on the use of chemical weapons by al aoun this body to be able to point the finger and attribute blame but this isn't the only proposal that's being considered here russia has a proposal of its indonesians does too that seems to have much less support the concern from the russian side at least is that if this body is allowed to attribute blame that well carries with it a tremendous amount of baggage that could see the body being politicized in the future thrusting the body right into the middle of a very fierce political and diplomatic debate between western powers in the russia over the usage of chemical weapons this is the first of two days of talks this state the sessions taking place will public on wednesday they'll be mostly private
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we expect there to be some sort of conclusion at the end of this but for that to be any resolution or any. final deal here two thirds of countries represented need to throw their weight behind it. syrian state media says israeli strikes have hit an errant to math because international airport activists say the target was an arms belonging to the lebanese army has a lot hey fossett is following the story from mr islam well as is usually the case after events like this there's been no official comment from the israeli military on this strike but it is being blamed on israel by syria's state media it says that two israeli missiles struck a target close to the damascus international airport the u.k. based syrian observatory for human rights says that target was a hezbollah arms depo this is been a long term policy by israel to try to strike iranian or iranian links targets
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within syria trying to hamper iranian military activity inside the country if you go back to april there was a strike on the t four syrian military base it was reported that seven iranians were killed in may there was a volley of rocket fire israel said coming from syrian territory towards the occupied golan heights israel blamed that on the iranian revolutionary guard and responded with a huge blitz on targets within syria the biggest for several decades and then just last week there was a strike very close to the iraqi syrian border in which it was reported that twenty two iraqi fighters were killed so again no official comment no official confirmation from israel about responsibility for this latest attack but it would seem to fit in with what has become very much business as usual for israel's military. terrorises calling on the world not to abandon the united nations agency for palestinian refugees organization owners says it's facing a quarter of
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a billion dollar shortfall and may soon cut emergency assistance the u.s. slashed its funding by more than half and worried more than five million refugees in the middle east rely on the agency for education food and health services to terrorism made a statement at the donor conference at the u. where our diplomatic editor james a has more the un has been trying for months to fill the massive short fall off of the us pulled out most of its funding from armor of the u.n. secretary general of the start of this pledging conference appealed to nations to come up with more funding for head of armor the commissioner general of all time was running out our current shortfall remains now in excess of two hundred fifty million us dollars and we still have a very big task ahead at this point we do not i repeat we do not have the income to ensure that the schools will open on time in august and in the absence of
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significant new funding we will have to begin taking very difficult measures in july impacting the level of services as well as our staff the situation will be particularly critical for emergency operations in the west bank and in gaza what is at risk is food for one million people. in the gaza strip i was over at these sort of pledging conferences it's a little hard to work out exactly what is new money and what has already been committed by countries in the past it appears though there are some new funds coming from the e.u. from mexico from sweden and from belgium and other countries like the u.k. bringing forward some of their funding the total amounts though are nowhere near the shortfall of two hundred fifty million dollars and the un is still desperately looking for further funding during this king abdullah has met u.s.
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president donald trump at the white house the two leaders discuss the u.s. administration's peace plan for israel and palestine tranced senior adviser and son in law gerry kushner says the plan will be announced soon with or without support from the palestinian leadership president mahmoud abbas has refused to work with the u.s. sends december a when it recognized him as the capital of israel. the german chancellor is discussing europe's migration crisis with the spanish prime minister before the e.u. summit on thursday. under pressure from a coalition partner to finding a new wide solution to stem the flow of refugees and immigrants european leaders are divided over what to do germany wants the number of migrants spread more evenly throughout the e.u. other countries including italy are against that are called will separately meet the e.u. council president later on tuesday i mean again joins us live from often near the charmine austria border so the spanish prime minister and merkel they have both have immigration issues do they have the same position though i had to deal with it
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ali. moore show perhaps before we get on to that i should just quickly explain where we all the significance of where we offered a lot from this is on the river behind me over the bridge that's all stripped this these the territory of i'm going to merkel's domestic political allies the christian social union they have the ones who've been pushing for this really tough line on immigration wanting to roll back the legislation to make it tougher for refugees to come to germany and to be to get asylum in this country they're the ones who forced wrangle americal into some sort of compromise agreement where she had to get something from the e.u. summit so when she meets mr sanchez this morning i mean expect a news conference imminently well the point there is that she knows that she's got to find something that will pluck eight people here in bavaria but that's also acceptable over the border in austria and cross the e.u. for mr sanchez while he is thawing to get his own domestic immigration issues to
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deal with we know of the ship aquarius where refugees from that ship finally made their way to spain and has missed the centuries has spoken at the mini summit the the working group session that was held in brussels at the weekend spoke about the the the problems of immigration that the e.u. is suffering from so all these meetings meetings today meetings tonight. coalition meeting it what is the likelihood that anything substantive any real progress on immigration will actually come out of all of this. well the point here richelle is that angular machall has met most of the people she's meeting today in brussels on sunday certainly she met mr sanchez and heard from mr sanchez his position from the from mr tusks point of view what he knows he has at least this twenty eight state summit taking place on thursday and friday in brussels and he has the job as it were of presiding over all those disparate opinions that the different countries have you know that the austrian government has a different position to the.


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