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to help strengthen the role of the organization going forward could well judging by what's happened the last couple of hours be a very very long conference lasting possibly several days i was going to ask you and i've a feeling and i know the answer to this after what you've just been saying what are the complications that exist here in getting the o.p.c. w to blame to apportion blame for chemical attacks. well there's a huge major philosophical question i think that's really been touched on by delegates here this morning the a.p.c. w. as you know is a technical body it's avoided wading into grand political diplomatic discussions by having basically chemical weapons inspectors go into the ground say exactly whether or not weapons have been used and possibly even say what kind of chemical weapons have been used but of course it's fallen short of attributing blame if it does attribute blame which is what the u.k. wants in order to strengthen the role of the a.p.c. w.
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at least that's what it hopes will be the role of the body going forward it carries with it of course an awful lot of political baggage in russia while its independence may be forfeited it could end up being misused it's a political weapon for certain nations to push their agendas forth but of course the u.k. is arguing look in the last twenty years we've seen a rapid increase a vast increase in the use of chemical weapons from syria from salisbury and also in malaysia and it's time now to give the o.p.c. w. bore power they have many things out of there as they have back of their live in the hague. it with zero still to come on the program. a stray sheep in the u.s. of a delays and reuniting thousands of migrant children separated from their parents divers such a flooded cave in thailand for missing teenage footballers. and its force
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a long awaited win for andy murray feingold be here with the details in the race. germany's chancellor has discussed europe's migration crisis with spain's prime minister in berlin for the e.u. summit on thursday i go to merkel is under pressure from her coalition partners to find an e.u. wide solution to stem the flow of refugees and immigrants she's due to meet the e.u. council president donald tusk later with european leaders recognize that reform is needed on migration but they're divided over the approach germany spain and france want to joint european solution to integration the german chancellor is pushing for a deal that distributes the number of refugees and migrants more evenly across the continent but it's allee's new populist government is against that idea it's getting tough on migration and is refusing to let migrant ships like this one to
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dock at its ports its only wants african countries particularly libya to help to curb the migration flow by setting up centers to screen asylum applicants the czech republic hungary poland and slovakia also share italy's view of deterring migration at transit countries let's go live now to. the germany austria border al jazeera is dominic cain is there for us so dominic the leaders have met they've both been speaking about their at their meeting at the immigration issues that they both face are they on the same page here do they see eye eye to. yes to a certain extent they do adrian the point here is that the reference to secondary migration something that mr sanchez referred to something that angle americal referred to that idea of people who arrive in the e.u. claim asylum but then move from that arrival country to a second country and claim asylum there that's something that specific issue is
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some of this really energized people in bavaria certainly angela merkel's domestic allies the christian social union that this is their heartland that i'm talking to you from right now behind me the border with austria the sort of border controls that the christian social union want to see brought in here in their state but also across germany and they might well say across other parts of europe too they say that the freedom of movement which the people in these cars going past we now are exercising is something that can be abused and so they want to see some sort of control imposed that's not something that anglo-american really wants to allow to happen and so when she refers to secondary migration she's got clearly in her mind the thought of trying to keep the shang in zone that border free area in place today have meetings frankly merkel she's met with sanchez she's got donald tusk later and this evening she's meeting with her coalition partner what's the likelihood of any real progress on immigration today. well the
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point here is that she doesn't want as it were just spoiled the potential for some sort of accommodation to be arrived at in brussels on thursday and friday the full e.u. summit twenty eight states meeting she had on sunday an informal working group with sixteen e.u. leaders and there wasn't real tangible progress there the question would be whether she would want to go into detail today about what's still to be discussed the meeting with mr tusk alas not so that's a private meeting it's unlikely that they'll be any statement any or any use conference after that but bear in the spare a thought for what will happen this evening that meeting of the full coalition members well that was but called by the c.s.c. the pristine social union the ones who want really happy with angela merkel's immigration policies but this time they've decided to express their exasperate with her because of the and that's when she made alongside president my car last week saying that there would be an independent a separate budget for the eurozone to remind america angela merkel's point of view
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her problems just keep in mind that she feels harried from her by her alliance partners and yet one more hill that she has to climb in her bid to try to find a solution. don't have many thanks indeed i was taught it came there live on the germany austria border. the plight of the hinge of muslims living in thailand has been highlighted in a new report by the burma human rights network the report called existence to night details efforts by myanmar's government to make life difficult for him outside its borders large numbers of ranger have fled violence and poverty in myanmar to live and work in thailand now the thai government has introduced a new system a new registry system meaning that must be verified to stay in the country but because myanmar doesn't recognize them as citizens many now face deportation from thailand but most are too scared to return to their country of birth effectively
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rendering them stateless joe when is executive director of the berman human burma human rights network he joins us now live from bangkok good to have you with us so why have you released this report now what are you hoping to achieve with it. fossil fuel it is the third june is the deadline for the migrant undocumented migrant workers in thailand among them there are thousands of muslim from burma who . c.i. has been identification has been denied from burma as authorities immigration in thailand so they tie authorities. are offering. and are committed by going to work out in thailand to get to their country of origin to government issues a vote of past two to despicable and the immigration department from burma they are the one who discriminating the people based on their religion and ethnicity and one
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of the syria targeted is the muslim community from burma and that includes including the rohingya people and also common ethnicities there are different different ethnicities among the muslims are now being vulnerable in thailand now because we acknowledge that the tired already is is there trying to help these undocumented people but the problem of burmese discriminate of citizenship law is not creating stateless people it within thailand june thirtieth is the deadline set by the time for a ceasefire migrant myanmar workers to have a difficult of of identity or to be deported four days from now what can be done in such a short space of time. i think this issue has been a long time we have been raising these issues many times since march we have been raising these these issues to media in the publishing of press release i think
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tires all of these has he is aware of the situation and they we believe that they are trying to find some solution but i think this is the root cause is not highland that was the root cause is the burma burma is on who has a policy of discrimination on its minorities and now you can see one point one million stateless become a ruling the people become a state left because of this policy and also there are thousands of thousand people in neighboring countries like thailand and malaysia these people have been denied systematically their their solution price in their own country of origin so these peoples are vulnerable if they are tired saudis will deport these diversity has already mentioned in the law that after thirty june if those people are not do not have anything identity they will be arrested fine and jailed or they will be deported so one of the large one of the. the was vulnerable people is people who have
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a children because the children when they go to school big to receive some kind of identity to to prove and then this will be spared but the parents those who doesn't have any cities any any kind of identity they will be deported so it will be children and family they teach the children will be separated from their family and these people those who are deported will not be able to go back come back two years so that's a very dangerous situation for the people and we don't want them this children to suffer all of this but all this problem goes to goes back to burma but my burmese immigration those who come to thailand are they are the ones who practice in this discriminated system. structure so many facts they could bring with us sure when the executive director of human rights now. the u.n. secretary general antonio is calling on the world not to abandon the united nations agency for palestinian refugees the organization known as. says that it's facing a quarter of a billion dollar shortfall and may soon have to cut emergency assistance the u.s.
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slashed its funding by more than a half in january more than five million refugees in the middle east rely on the agency for education food and health services made his statement at a turn a conference at the u.n. our diplomatic editor james bays reports. the u.n. has been trying for months to fill the massive shortfall after the u.s. pulled out most of its funding from the u.n. secretary general of the start of this pledging conference appealed to nations to come up with more funding and the head of armor commissioner general credit all said time was running out our current shortfall remains now in excess of two hundred fifty million us dollars and we still have a very big task ahead at this point we do not i repeat we do not have the income to ensure that the schools will open on time in august and in the absence of
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significant new funding we will have to begin taking very difficult measures in july impacting the level of services as well as our staff the situation will be particularly critical for emergency operations in the west bank and in gaza what is at risk is food for one million people. in the gaza strip as ever at these sort of pledging conferences is a little hard to work out exactly what is new money and what has already been committed by countries in the past it appears though there are some new funds coming from the e.u. from mexico from sweden and from belgium and other countries like the u.k. bringing forward some of their funding the a total amounts though are nowhere near the shortfall of two hundred fifty million dollars and the u.n. is still desperately looking for further funding the pen more protests against the u.s. government's actions of on migration demonstrators are demanding answers over delays
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in reuniting migrant children with their parents cables on the reports now from a gallon in texas near the u.s. border with mexico. standing up against injustice that is why they say they're here protesting outside a detention center holding undocumented migrants when a government bus tries to leave they block it demanding answers two thousand migrant children still separated from their detained parents inside the bus are some children a haunting image a reminder they are humans and not numbers and they're the most innocent these are all expressions of. our response our human response the image was taken by leo lopez a doctor from texas who joined the protests to say it was a moving experience was really doesn't do justice to to the emotional response of i've seen these kids we we've heard of we've heard their their situation their
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story we've read about them but to actually see these children pressed up against the glass. with these kids was expression of emotion as a crisis on the southern border of the u.s. intensifies and government agencies scramble to undo a family separation policy put into place and then reverse by trump protests grow in america a digital at the san diego border a protest at a tent city for migrants near el paso is sitting in seattle and protests in new york and some are trying to take their message straight to trump well there have been protests in several cities across america they're particularly potent in small and medium sized cities along the border because here it's an issue that's urgent and it's real i think this is an expression of of compassion and take taking to the streets in the name of justice in the name of these these children is just that a silhouette begging so many questions who are they where are they going will they
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ever see their parents again questions nobody can seem to answer gabriel is on to al-jazeera macallan texas britain's prince william is facing israel's president reagan rivlin in west jerusalem these are the latest pictures of that meeting he's the first member of the british royal family to officially visit the region william will meet to holocaust survivors sheltered by britain's place and he's also set to meet palestinian leaders as well. and i strike by saudi embassy coalition forces has killed at least nine people near yemen's capital sana'a the victims include women and children. and died when their home was destroyed in the city of unrun twenty others were hurt in the attack four other strikes hit a nearby military camp and police station. iran's president says that he won't give in to u.s. pressure over nuclear developments some rouhani says the iranian government is able
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to withstand the economic burden of new sanctions they're planned after donald trump withdrew from nuclear the nuclear deal signed by world powers three years ago rouhani says that trump has hurt america's global reputation by appalling and illegal actions. the navy divers have reacted a flooded cave in northern thailand to search for a missing football team twelve boys and their coach had gone to exploring on saturday when rising water from a heavy rainstorm blocked the only exit rescuers are confident that they're still alive because the cave is several kilometers long and they're able to take refuge it prayer rituals are being held for a safe return al-jazeera scott hi-lo reports now from the cave entrance the chiang rai. a third day of searching for these twelve boys and their football coach in the cave network behind me now goes sixty eight kilometers into this hillside that's just along the border between thailand and me and mar now divers have been in the water in this cave because it's been flooded it's the rainy season right now i'm
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standing a couple inches of mud and that's making things very difficult for the rescue operations in that we know that the divers have been able to go into the cave network about a kilometer or setting up a base there they strung in an electric cable so they can have power to stage there and go further in there been indications that the boys in the coats are still in there they have found handprints and some bags inside this cave network so they're still holding out hope that they're alive in there there are many challenges again yes it's a vast network but parts of it are cavities that will have air most likely in parts of it are going to be flooded so even when they find the boys in their coats they're going to have to bring them back out if the water stays in this cave network bring them back out train them on scuba very basic scuba operations so they can come out through the mouth of the cave here now helicopters have been flying on monday trying to look for another way out and also look for chimneys where they can possibly drop supplies down to the boys and a message saying we're out here we're looking for you right now no definitive proof
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that the boys are still alive there's been a makeshift village set up here just outside the mouth of the cave there's a tent area for family members and friends and villagers and that's growing quite bit quite a bit there about one hundred hundreds of people there and then also the rescue operation minister of interior just walked out of the cave a couple minutes ago the governor of chennai province is still in there talking and working with the rescue workers now there are deaths many different kinds of rescue workers here you've got navy seal divers you've got the national police you've got the army and you also got the national parks people here this is a national park in thailand they're also working all of them working together again this is the third day now trying to find any hope any indication they're holding out hope that those boys and their coach are live in this cave network. if you're enduring a chilly southern hemisphere winter but it's glorious weather stephanie shows me across most of western europe a lovely summer's day steph hit with a forecast of just about and then we're in a ruined city in the southern philippines where it's feared that the fight against
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an old enemy isn't yet over. chopping down the world's second largest rain forest environmental campaigners say that millions of trees are being felled illegally. and world cup fever in france players who grew up in some of the most deprived suburbs of paris are inspiring the next generation of players all the sport for a little later. i. mean the weather sponsored by. hello there it might be warm in the west in parts of europe but in the southeast it's really quite different but this area of time out here that's been working its way across the mediterranean up towards the northeast and that's giving us a very very heavy downpours and there's the risk it could give us some severe weather during the course of the day or maybe into tomorrow as well so here's what
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we're expecting then the strong winds and the heavy rain will gradually work its way towards the northeast and they could be your tornado in with that as well certainly some large hail to look out for and some flooding rains as well the most at risk region is here across the northern parts of turkey in the southern parts of greece i think that's where there's the greatest risk of seeing some severe weather during the course of the day for the north though there's also this little patch here here we're likely to see quite a lot of hail particular on the higher ground and that could give us quite a few problems so that's where all the unsettled weather is them but towards the west not a great deal of cloud here at all and that's where it's certainly been very warm recently london made it to thirty eight point one degree yesterday that was its highest temperature so far this year certainly very warm weather being enjoyed there and it's going to stay very warm over the next few days maybe london won't be quite as hot as further west across the british isles a little bit more of a breeze here. the weather sponsored by qatar airways.
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it was a war that united egypt and syria are against israel but in the heat of the battle that different agendas soon became apparent as a told me that his dream was to avenge to see tonight a sixty seven when president sadat came to power he told us just give me ten centimeters of land in the east the second of a three part series the israeli population were told that their troops were on the west bank of the su is going to explore the second week of the war in october on al-jazeera. new possibilities treeless journalists or medical facility if they got that either way he declared a state of emergency several weeks ago gripping documentaries get to discover a wealth of award winning programming from around the globe our debates and discussion on one side of the split screen dignitaries mingling on the other
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conduct see the world from a different perspective only on al-jazeera. it is good to have you with us hello adrian for going to here in doha with the news out for us here our top stories this hour a pro syrian government forces say they've taken control of two towns. korea and. tash in eastern it cuts off a key rebel supply light instead of province allowing more pro-government troops to move in as they try to take control of the entire province. while its chemical weapons watchdog is holding a special meeting at the hague that was requested by the u.k.
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after a nerve agent attack on a former russian spy and his daughter in england chemical weapon. in syria will also be discussed. and germany's chancellor has discussed europe's migration crisis with spain's prime minister in berlin ahead of an e.u. summit on thursday angela merkel's under pressure from a coalition partner to find an e.u. wide solution to stem the flow of refugees and immigrants. the united states and the european union turkey to strengthen its democracy following the re-election of president russia berta one he's describing his victory as a win for democracy but critics say that his greatly expanded powers and one man rule is a danger to international monitors said the ones ruling ak party had unfair advantages during the election campaign so what are the election results mean for kurds in turkey will approve kurdish h t h d p party one almost twelve percent of the six
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hundred seats in parliament but they'll face ultra nationalist rivals who also made gains to zero as mohamed vall reports now from. on one of the h.t. one of the peace biggest strongholds in southeastern turkey. the skyline of the yard across sunday night when the election results were announced. the pro kurdish democratic people's party or h d p celebrated winning sixty seven seats in parliament close to their highest achievement of seats three years ago all of the continual sure we only heard the results are going to be beneficial for our country people have made their choice we should respect it unlawful search and binds are good i'm not happy with the result because we're going to remain under one model rule i think he has to adopt an attitude which are various as all sides should stop marginalizing people and segregating them. the article is the capital of the care dish heartland in southeastern turkey nearly twenty percent of techies
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eighty million population are kids and they have long complained of political and cultural marginalization. a peace process initiated by the government of the ruling party resulted in more rights for the kids but it's been for a lesson for the past three years because of renewed fighting with the quetta stand workers party the turkish government says that the k.k.k. is a televised organization. h d p is the most prominent of care despite its can party is its leader salon. ran for president four years ago and was charged with terrorism in two thousand and sixteen his campaign to become president this time was one from his prison cell kurdish voters say the election results came close to what they had anticipated but their future aims are much higher they also believe the president of the one needs to do much more during his new attempt to form a response to kaddish political aspirations for the sake of a more united and prosperous turkey how to make that happen is
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a major question the ultra nationalist party m h p which most opposes kiddish empowerment and to the not is truly a k party after winning eleven percent. six hundred seats in parliament the m h p counterbalances the care dish and peace the speed discourages any policy of reconciliation with the kids which could further complicate the peace process kurdistan abberations are the election results are a complete by worries about what the future holds in the new parliament and how much fun and does iraq turkey civilians caught up in last year's siege of what are we in the southern philippines fear that the conflict may not be over president bush. declared victory over i saw him out a fighters in october last year after a five month battle the siege left much of the city on the island of mindanao in ruins and displaced two hundred thousand people many of them are now concerned that
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the fighters will regroup and launch another assault are serious general allen duggan reports now from one though. they're taking their anguish from are we to manila these are civilians who see their voices back in their home city have been muted because martial law is imposed all across the mindanao region this is one of the rare forums where you hear civilian voices today we've heard from three villains who lost their homes their livelihoods and loved ones in the five month long war that star started in may last year at the forum today they called on the government to act swiftly he would like a congressional hearing that will look into what really transpired and the see the human rights violations that are continuously being committed against civilians there hundreds and thousands of civilians remain displaced to this day and the need for humanitarian assistance remained dire and desperate civilians say no amount of
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sophisticated power point presentation or even an ostentatious declaration of liberation basically of the war against the motor can hide the very sad realisation on the ground that hundreds and thousands of civilians continue to suffer not just in what are we but all across the province of. political leaders in zimbabwe have failed to turn up to a meeting that was meant to see a peace pledge signed in the run up to july's elections but recent comes after two people died and forty seven others were injured in a suspected grenade explosion on saturday at a campaign rally for president gardner july's elections are the first to be held in almost forty years without robert mugabe's name on the ballot let's go live now to harare. is there so the president but on guard and the main opposition leader neither of them were there at this peace siding service what's been the reaction to that. people are disappointed after saturday's
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explosion people are taking to the president and the opposition leaders getting together trying. the money but none of them attended to some people asking how serious opposition is in making sure that the elections in july peaceful but we did see and hear more opposition parties there in the meeting and they were unhappy with the electoral process one man got out started screaming and shouting the thing you feel that the eventual commission is biased they feel that. he would try to resist the police had to drag him out the room kicking and screaming and some of the pain of a post is not only will be violent it also won't be credible. on the rulings on e.p. if you can he gave a press conference and gave their version of what they think happened on saturday they calling it an act of terrorism and they're saying that if security forces contradict the president then they will do it themselves with one plan they have this to form a human chain at the next rally and they're saying very few people would be allowed
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to get anywhere close to the president for his protection they don't have any sixty . talks aimed at settling a longstanding border dispute between eritrea and ethiopia being held at his ababa ethiopia agreed earlier this month to abide by a peace deal signed eighteen years ago which ended fighting with eritrea and troops both countries have remained at odds since the war in one thousand nine hundred eighty over a disputed area the un backed ruling in two thousand and two granted contested territories to eritrea but ethiopia refused to withdraw troops until recently discussed life not about us i'm about to see us now but is that a mute the mood music head of this these talks been right now but what are the chances of them achieving anything. well that we and many people here i hope because it's the one i've been to dictate the delegation from the two countries with good faith he would tell them talking
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about real possibilities will be unlike his predecessors the new prime minister will be european has already expressed ethiopia's willingness to accept the old years i've given it which. was published the end it's a boundary commission i think that in europe it is ready to see all those disputed areas including the dusty village of butler where the fighting broke out hostile people here really hopeful surprised at the speed with which things are going but really hope. i made many thanks to the observers might have a. life in at this. south sudan's president says he hopes the latest round of talks with his rival will bring an immediate end to the four and a half year civil war saw the kid is missing is former deputy rick masha in the sudanese capital khartoum negotiations hosted by ethiopia last week failed to
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achieve a breakthrough the u.n. has given both sides until the end of the month to reach a peace deal or to face sanctions demand for wood in europe is causing a massive rain forest in africa to shrink at an alarming rate environmental campaigners are accusing the largest to become pany in the democratic republic of congo of illegally cutting down millions of trees. reports. in the heart of africa the congo basin is home to the world's second largest rain forest but a new investigation accuses timber companies of endangering its existence second in size to the amazon the congolese rain forest to some two million square kilometers it covers six countries including the democratic republic of congo where it's shrinking the fastest the nonprofit global witness says the d.r. she's biggest timber company north to timber is illegally harvesting trees at nearly ninety percent of its sites with impunity north through timber which is
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portuguese owned denies congolese subsidy ery sort of force is breaching its contract it says the accusations have no basis it acknowledges some management plans may not be in place but that it's talking with the ministry of environment about them global witness is also accusing importers such as portugal and friends of failing to take action there are some plans on the books being negotiated between france and norway which if approved or triple the area large from one hundred thousand square kilometers to three hundred thousand square kilometers. researchers are trying to learn about the forced unique ecosystem before it's too late. these forests are under pressure from humans so we scientists want to categorize the fauna and the birds the only thought of this forest before it is destroyed and that scientists say the congo rainforest is a source of food and water for tens of millions of people it's also home to six hundred types of trees and ten thousand animal species including endangered ones they say these trees produce.


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