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going to say she says it's facing a quarter of a billion dollar shortfall and may soon cut emergency assistance the u.s. slashed its funding by more than half in january more than five million refugees in the middle east rely on that agency for education food and health services plenty more still ahead on al-jazeera we are in a ruined city in the southern philippines where it's fear the fight against an old enemy is not over. and gold fever in france players from grew up in some of the most deprived suburbs of paris are inspiring the next generation. hello there we've got a lot of wet weather across the northern parts of asia at the moment here it is on the satellite picture it's given us some heavy downpours over china over the korean peninsula and up into the far eastern parts of russia and it's now sweeping its way
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eastwards and it's japan where we're going to see the wettest of the weather that we had three wednesday wednesday really does a very wet for us particularly in hokkaido and then that system pulls away as we head into thursday but still dragged its feet further south of the honshu still very wet on thursday and his the rain will be very heavy throughout the day towards the west here holt and dry for many of us beijing will see a temperature of thirty eight probably on wednesday by thursday with a bit more of a northerly wind the temperatures won't get as high so probably around thirty six degrees and there will also be slightly clearer air as well as much pollution around down towards the southern parts of china and here you can see the winds are feeding up from the south and that's dragging in some pretty high temperatures so we're looking at thirty seven degrees in shanghai really quite a hot day for us the rain is staying mostly in the southern parts of china for now and across into viet nam the know the pulse of viet-nam have been reporting some landslides recently more wet weather isn't what they need but plenty more showers
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are likely as we head three day further north is just staying hot. it was a war that united egypt and syria and against israel but in the heat of the battle that different agendas soon became apparent i suppose the dream was to avenge to see to my sixty seven one prison so that came to be told us just give me ten centimeters of land in the used the second of a three part series the israeli population were told that their troops were on the west bank of the su is going to expose the second week of the war in october on al-jazeera.
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this is al jazeera let's recap the top stories right now syrian government forces say they have taken control of two towns of purser all harir and. in the eastern terror countryside cuts off a key rebel supply line into a province allowing more pro-government troops to move then as they try to take control of the entire problem it's. chemical weapons watched august holding a special meeting at the hague this was for quested by the u.k. after a nerve agent attack on a former russian spy and his daughter in england acts in syria will also be discussed. the german chancellor has just gusting europe's migration crisis with the spanish prime minister in berlin ahead of an e.u. summit on thursday. under pressure from a coalition partner to find an illusion to stem the flow of refugees and immigrants . the plight ever hands of muslims living in thailand has been highlighted in
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a new report by the burma human rights network the report titled existence denied details efforts by me and more as a government to make life difficult for a hedge outside its borders large numbers of her hand to have fled violence and poverty and me and mark to live and work in thailand now the thai government has introduced in iraq history system meaning where henschel must be verified to stay in the country because myanmar doesn't recognize them as citizens many now face deportation from thailand and most are too scared to return to their country of birth affectively rendering then stateless can win as executive director of the burma human rights network the group that published that report he says the policy is likely to leave many of the henges families separated i think tires all of these is aware of the situation and the we believe that they are trying to find some solution but i think this is the root cause is not thailand to lose dude go is the
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burma burma is gone who has a policy of discrimination on its minorities and now you can see one point one million stateless become a ruling that people become a staple of because of this policy and also there are thousands of thousand people in neighboring countries like thailand and malaysia these people have been denied systematically this issue of rights in their own country of origin so these people are so vulnerable if the thai authorities will do for disdainful he has already mentioned in the law that after thirty june if those people do not have anything identity there will be arrested fined and jailed all the will be deported. navy divers every entered a flooded cave in northern thailand as part of a growing search for a missing football team twelve boys and their coach had gone exploring on saturday when rising water from a heavy rainstorm blocked or only exit scott heiler reports from chiang rai. for a third day hundreds of rescue workers continue their search but still no sign of
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the twelve players from the academy football team and the twenty five year old coach. it's not the first time that an outing at the tom long cave in northern chiang rai province they're not just teammates but good friends to. come lou has been under this tent since saturday her sixteen year old son is missing he's one of the oldest the youngest is eleven maybe at least he's not just my son i feel bad that he's not alone so now i need to be strong so i can see his face again when he walked out of the cave she adopted i don't send on when he arrived from myanmar at the age of two he's now fourteen and missing chin is hopeful the boys will survive and says they work well together we have very strong i want to see if you're a strong yes this is the mouth of the cave complex that runs some eight kilometers deep into these hills right along the border with myanmar the bikes from these twelve boys and their coach are still here just as they were left on saturday
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a small makeshift village has been created for the rescue workers there divers cave climbers soldiers and forestry service workers the mountain in the morning at the museum and he has i think is challenged in a rescue operation trying to pump out the waters have the diving. we need to string electricity in the case to run the pumps we are pumping three kilometers in need more power and more help keeps coming in the race is on to find the boys with rescuers aware time is not on their side it's got harder al-jazeera chiang rai. civilians caught up in last year's siege of merari in the southern philippines where the conflict may not be over president rodriguez the territory to declare victory over i saw a link melty fighters in october last year after a five month battle that siege left much of the city on the island of mindanao in ruins and displaced two hundred thousand people many of them are now concerned the fighters will just regroup and launch another assault tamil alan they're going to
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have more from manila they're taking their anguish from are we to manila these are civilians who see their voices back in their home city have been muted because martial law is imposed all across the mindanao region and this is one of the rare forums where you hear civilian voices today we've heard from civilians who've lost their homes their livelihoods and loved ones in the five months long war that star started in the last year at the forum today they called on the government to act swiftly we would like a congressional hearing that will look into what really transpired and these see the human rights violations that are continuously being committed against civilians there hundreds and thousands of civilians remain displaced to this day and the need for humanitarian assistance remain dire and desperate civilians see no amount of sophisticated power point presentation or even an ostentatious declaration of liberation basically of the war against the moat it can hide the very sad
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realisation on the ground that hundreds and thousands of civilians continue to suffer not just in morocco we but all across the province of land now. talks aimed at settling a longstanding border dispute between eritrea and ethiopia are being held. if the o.p.'s agreed earlier this month to abide by a peace deal signed eighteen years ago which ended fighting with their training troops both countries have remained at odd since the war in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight over disputed area or un backed ruling in two thousand and two granted contested territories to eritrea but if he refused to withdraw troops and recently has more from. it's the fourth harm in almost two decades the two countries will be discussing peace between them there's been a situation of whole peace for the last two decades and what is making people really hopeful that this time around things might be successful is the also by the
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new ethiopian prime minister to accept the old yes i give him until two thousand with a stop the published if you can in a tree and boundary commission who's holding european reject at least of now things he's willing to accept and if you're willing to cede all those disputed areas at a track of course that there will be issues that you feel would. probably have access to the polls or vile stuff which was the for additional all to see if you used the full the wolf i'm going to. now duck might walk in that is to say was well because of the economic problems it's freezing in the way you people here only surprised about the speed with which the exact wording but also hope for the first time they see the real possibility of peace between the two countries south sudan's president says he hopes the latest round of talks with his rival will bring
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an immediate end to the four and a half year old civil war salvage here is meeting his former deputy rate of the sudanese capital khartoum negotiations hosted by ethiopia last week failed and the un has given both sides until the end of the month to reach an agreement or face sanctions demand for what in europe is causing a massive rain forests in africa to shrink at an alarming rate environmental campaigners are accusing the largest timber company in the democratic republic of congo illegally cutting down millions of trees. reports. in the heart of africa the congo basin is home to the world's second largest rain forest but a new investigation accuses timber companies of endangering its existence second in size to the amazon the congolese rain forest to some two million square kilometers it covers six countries including the democratic republic of congo where it's shrinking the fastest and the nonprofit global witness says the d.r. she's biggest timber company north to timber is illegally harvesting trees at
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nearly ninety percent of its sites with impunity north timber which is portuguese owned denies congolese subsidiary sort of force is breaching its contract it says the accusations have no basis it acknowledges some management plans may not be in place but that it's talking with the ministry of environment about them global witness is also accusing importers such as portugal and friends of failing to take action there are some plans on the books being negotiated between france and norway which if approved or triple the area large from one hundred thousand square kilometers to three hundred thousand square kilometers. researchers are trying to learn about the forced unique ecosystem before it's too late. these forests are under pressure from humans so we scientists want to categorize the fauna the birds the only thought of this forest before it is destroyed that scientists say the congo rainforest is a source of food and water for tens of millions of people it's also home to six
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hundred types of trees and ten thousand animal species including endangered ones they say these trees produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide but their ability to reduce greenhouse gases and regulate the climate is decreasing. but example here for example the rainy season normally starts in mid august but now sometimes it begins in july and sometimes in september and when it comes sometimes the water does not rise steadily and then they suddenly recede there's a disorder in the cycles despite existing national international laws designed to protect rain forests global witness says companies like north timber seventy five million hectares of rain forest in the d.r. see global witness demanding all those involved from governments to importers and buyers to stop being complicit in the destruction of d r c's tropical rain forests and the impact it's having on the planet's climate. john al-jazeera the american company that makes some of the best known motorbikes and knowing donald trump he
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doesn't like harley davidsons plans to miss some production lines of prague to avoid european trading in tariffs rob and also more from washington. the growing global trade war is claiming some of its first victims in the u.s. motorcycle maker harley davidson announced it was moving some of its production overseas to avoid steep tariffs imposed by the european union. the e.u. action came after president donald trump slapped tariffs on european steel and aluminum harley davidson says it sold forty thousand motorcycles in europe last year it's not yet clear how many workers will lose their jobs trump tweeted surprised that harley davidson of all companies would be the first to wave the white flag asked about the wisconsin based manufacturers decision white house spokesperson sarah sanders defended trump's trade policies the european union is attempting to punish u.s.
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workers with unfair and discriminatory trade policies and president trump will continue to push for free fair and reciprocal trade and hopes that the e.u. will join us in the meanwhile soybean farmers in the midwest are dreading the prospect of china taxing their product in retaliation for trump's tariffs on chinese goods so if the futures are already at their lowest in nearly a decade to export twenty five percent of your products any time your stock start talking train ago she mentions it's going to be a big impact on your business. tariffs have gone into effect on u.s. cranberries peanut butter orange juice and levi's jeans also in a blow to european liquor aficionados and american distillers bourbon whiskey has become costlier from lisbon to warsaw thanks to retaliate tory terrorists twenty five percent price increase is going to put us really expensive compared to other products that are already available in europe made by either european producers or
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indian or even japanese producers the kentucky distillers association urged trade negotiators to quote sit down over a glass of our signature spirit and resolve their differences rob reynolds al-jazeera washington. friends denmark in the coming hours in the world cup the french of already qualified for the quarter finals and are aiming for a second world cup title have a pretty young tame including a number of players from the most deprived suburbs of paris where there are real hopes that a team can deliver a touch of outlier has more he's one of the stars of france's world cup team nineteen year old striker killing him back pays already schooled in the tournament in russia he's carrying the hopes of a nation but he's also inspiring young people back home. in but they grew up in the paris suburb of bondi and children of his first club are bursting with pride. i'm
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so happy that kian him back becomes from here when people ask me where i play i said. and immediately to know where i come from to train here so when we train here we want to be like him france players plays mattie a new goal a can't say are also from paris is suburbs places where unemployment is high and people often feel marginalized these teenagers from on a suit the footballers are role models who've kicked away stereotypes. by juggler music they came from misery and now they are successful people think everyone in the suburbs are scum but that's not true all the big players come from the suburbs. when france last won the world cup in one thousand nine hundred eighty many people saw the team as a symbol of multiculturalism that would help heal divisions today few expect a french victory to change lives but excitement still running high a paris is all the airport children from all need prepare to fly to russia their
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school raised money for the dream trip. for these teenagers they say it is a trip all for a long time not only are they going to the world cup but they may even get to meet some of their favorite players. rejects. we're really lucky it's not everyone gets to do this it's unique and we want to make the most of it. i still remember the trip so i went to another child but nothing like the world cup final so they'll never forget it. whether or not frogs wins the world cup the players from the suburbs have already won the hearts of these children and encourage them to reach for the dolls natasha al-jazeera paris. i'm richelle carey these are the headlines on al-jazeera pro syrian government forces say they have taken control of two towns first of all harir and. in the
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eastern terror countryside so this cuts off like a rebel supply line into our province following more pro-government troops to move in as they try to take control of the entire province chemical attacks in syria are being discussed at a special meeting of the world's chemical weapons watchdog in the hague a meeting was requested by the u.k. after a nerve agent attack on a former russian spy and his daughter in england. the german chancellor has discussed europe's migration crisis with the spanish prime minister in berlin before the e.u. summit on thursday. under pressure from her coalition partner to find an e.u. wide solution to stem the flow of refugees and immigrants but the block is divided over what approach to take her many wants the number of migrants spread more evenly across the e.u. but some countries such as italy are resistant. says an ideal won't be reached at the summit this week. so there is still some time needed to solve this and for this reason i spoke about working with countries that are willing on all dimensions of
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the migration policy the spanish prime minister spoke about the external donation and i spoke about the in juneau dimension and in this spirit we will have through the talks in the coming days. terrorises calling on the world not to abandon the united nations agency for palestinian refugees who are going to zation says it's facing a quarter of a billion dollar shortfall and may soon cut emergency assistance the u.s. slashed its funding by more than half in january more than five million refugees in the middle east rely on that agency for education food and health services navy divers say reentered a flooded cave in northern thailand to search for a missing football team live pictures here at were of that operation is underway twelve boys and their coach when exploring on saturday when rising water from a heavy rainstorm blocked their only exit rescuers are confident they're alive prayers are being held for the safe return of those teenagers those are the
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headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera and sad story next keep it or. roger voted one wins reelection with greater power thanks to a change in the constitution he says it's so when for democracy but is it one with an executive presidency for the rest of the world this is inside story.
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hello welcome to the show i'm sam he's a than raja has dominated turkey's political scene for the past sixteen years and he looks set to continue for many more to come his reelection on sunday makes him turkey's first executive president well that means he has new expanded powers because of changes to the constitution approved in last year's referendum his main opposition rival accepts the result but how to enjoy says the election was unfair these warne's are the ones one man rule is a danger to turks so how will the balance of power change we'll talk to our guests in a moment but first of all reports from the capital ankara. yet again rich of tape erdogan is victorious this success however will taste a lot sweeter for the man who's now won more than ten successive national polls
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since his ak party came to power in two thousand and two sunday's vote was a gamble by early one who hold for the early elections at a time when turkey's currency was at the weakest it's been in year. but it seems to have paid off for the man whose name has now become almost synonymous with that of his country addressing his supporters i don't describe sunday as a victory for all of us hark he was assuming golly be the winners of this election are the eighty one million turkish citizens of this country each and every one is a winner in this election everybody exercised their rights by going to the ballot boxes and casting their votes and i want to thank everybody you are writing history going into the vote it seemed that the galvanized opposition could prevent iran from winning in the first round forcing a runoff that could possibly pose a bigger threat to his quest to become the first president under the new constitution the main concern democratic i'm in jail of the c.h.p. had tried to garner support from all sections of society he would the religious
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basis by public you joining prayers in some cities and attempted to reach out to the right wing blocs by promising to expel millions of syrian refugees if elected but as large as injuries crowds were or those of erdogan in the end what mattered were the numbers of ballots cost in their favor turks will have a proud tradition of high voter turnout did not disappoint early indications were that more than eighty six percent of them participated while our two ones our party were points with the presidential victory there will be disappointment over their parliamentary performance with the a.k.p. losing the two thirds supermajority they once held only managing to secure a simple majority with the help of their nationalist m. h.p. allies the big winners in the parliamentary votes were the kurdish h.t.t.p. winning over fifty seats making just new legislative body more diverse than the previous one and it's that who it is i'm that many in turkey will hope can help bridge the political divide that continues to affect turkish society speaking to
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the nation i don't seem to understand those concerns. we're here. no one should be discriminated against in this country because of their belief because of their gender or because of their origins we will not allow this. the opposition will be disappointed that they were unable to at least force a second round of voting they will take heart however from their improved performance in the parliament and the fact that a relatively unknown person like i was able to secure thirty percent in such an important election with. not only one ticket. politician and. i becoming the person for him hard. to believe in the. right. to
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become. rich in history no one. will be telling the current. political or economic. or the new executive powers for the president meaning now appoints the cabinet half of the abolition of the post of prime minister and yet to be determined number of vice presidents will be chosen the president will be able to issue decrees as well as appoint all remove government ministers civil servants even judges all without parliaments approval of the parliamentary business such as drafting the state budget is also in the hands of the president he can dissolve parliament triggering early presidential elections declare a state of emergency for up to six months without cabinet approval and under the new constitution if one can run for another term effectively staying in power until
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twenty twenty eight. let's bring in our guest now joining us from istanbul is n.-s. biologically is a professor of international relations at the turkish german university from new york fellow at the century foundation focusing on turkey's foreign policy in the middle east and from london by skype is a gay said skin a turkey specialist for i guess marketed data and information company that provides country risk analysis would welcome to all if i could start with egg it didn't go to a second round as expected what does that say about public sentiment and confidence well let me begin by saying this in this election we saw the same or pattern in the voting behavior of turkish voters which we have seen in the past elections and referenda and that is people are voting based on their identities rather than policy preferences. rather than the manifestos and the pledges of the competing
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parties. and our laws advantage in this let's say a political landscape is the fact that his identity group is simply demographically bahman and one in the country but. there was a time when our party had a lot more support in elections it had what two thirds of the parliament seats something must have happened here other than simply people doing exactly what they've done before in elections right very much so and so this is the continuation of the same pattern i'll be it some changes here and there but the fundamentals are the same and the change is for example we saw the seven percent drop and vote. since the last election and that could be interpreted for example as they keep these voters. punishing their party for certain things which they're not happy
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about but those votes did not translate into less support for everyone for example which is crucial. as a presidential candidate he got a very high vote and i think this indicates the continuation of the same or voting behavior and the position of this advantage in this picture is the fact that they are divided. if we were to simplify the picture have the seculars on the one hand and the left this curbs on the other who don't necessarily see eye to eye and let me of course and for size that's a big central simplification all right let me bring n.-s. into the discussion so it was a bit of identity politics as eg do you think for those turks who support the one the election was a bit about their desire not to see conservative turks anatolian turks whatever you want to call them pushed back into the shadows by the you know the secular elite so to speak in some of the cities that used to rule turkey. i think.
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the opposition especially the opposition candidate he was able to consolidate his own party is on electorate but he was not really able to convince the. cons are what it waters in the country because of the also the simply because of the historical baggage of the c.h.b. the republican people party because the republican people's party people supported does not have a really a good reputation among the conservative waters plus the also the candidate for the presidency m r i mean he has also in the past many statements for instance against the headscarf the listing of the headscarf one just threw three years ago and suddenly when he was nominated he start to make promises that he is not he doesn't have any issue with the headscarf. in turkey that picket people might use it whenever they want it but this was not really common thing for people so the
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what they were going to have the difficult things going on we can say that. yes but at the same time at the same time turkish waters are not only walking their behavior is not only based on the identity politics at the same time they are also looking at the real issues so why add on has so much support in the population it's not just about. i don't people six but here is a poll he's a politician who has delivered concreate. policies concret development indeed in the country in the past if you look at his political background starting from one thousand nine hundred four so people has. thought that he has delivered his promises there were there was a huge there was a point in the country starting point to from two thousand and two and that's one of the issues right on the other hand also people are looking at the promises of.
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the opposition and they don't see much concret. promises but more like ok course that are they they are they have an abstract policy promises and that was not really common thing for people but at this clearly does seem to have that seven books very very remarks party prove the results let me if i may bring in saleem and say the economy. has improved over the last more than a decade about party rule but for those opposed to other one do you think they fear that the coming period is going to spell one man rule an erosion of democracy. some before i answer your question i would like to correct the record on a bunch of stuff that's been said by my colleagues first of all i do partly agree with i guess point about identity politics but we should not lose sight of the bigger picture here this is a snap election that was held within six weeks almost this was forced to
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deny metal luck shannara party the right to participate in the elections you should remember how the opposition scrambled to find their way to bring auctioneer into the elections so we need to understand the bigger picture here the opposition is facing a sixteen year incumbent this every resource off the state and a sixteen year incumbency at his disposal at the same time i go. to him with a talk about morals policy about the good polity one that didn't do as well as the little party yes the good that didn't do as well it didn't turn out in the end those selling to be such a threat he didn't even manage to secure. you know second place it's the seven it's a seven percent is not a negligible percentage when you think about it that's several million people you need to think about the larger numbers here this spite the sixteen year incumbency
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and a massive efforts to create a new generation of conservative pro-government voters.


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