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have the income to ensure that the schools will open on time in august and in the absence of significant new funding we will have to begin taking very difficult measures in july impacting the level of services as well as our staff the situation will be particularly critical for emergency operations in the west bank and in gaza what is at risk is food for one million people. in the gaza strip as ever at these sort of pledging conferences it's a little hard to work out exactly what is new money and what has already been committed by countries in the past it appears though there are some new funds coming from the e.u. from mexico from sweden and from belgium and other countries like the u.k. bringing forward some of their funding the a total amounts though are nowhere near the shortfall of two hundred fifty million dollars and the u.n. is still desperately looking for further funding this is the news hour from
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al-jazeera still to come on the program more last minute diplomatic efforts ahead of the e.u. summit on migration plus. a heavy price for a harley davidson moves some production to europe to offset the costs of trumps tariffs. and support for time's the charm for this n.b.a. player but details with sun up a little later in the program. cost us foreign minister is in washington for talks with the u.s. secretary of state mike compared they're expected to discuss the saudi and blockade against cata which is now into its second year in april on player called on the placating countries to end the embargo this can live now to washington our state department correspondent was with jordan is there for us support this into some context for us at roslyn what are we expecting from this meeting. well really what
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we're looking at a train is the u.s. is stated desire to have the blockade of qatar ended before the so-called september summit between the u.s. and a number of gulf countries here in washington that it's not clear how much progress is being made by saudi arabia the united arab emirates egypt and behind towards ending that blockade as the trumpet ministration wants but clearly that's going to be one of the issues which the two men nama hammad have been all day long. the qatari foreign minister and secretary of state mike pompei you are going to be discussing they came out just a couple of moments ago shook hands for the cameras and didn't take any questions so we'll have to find out in a readout exactly what they focused on but clearly trying to end this blockade ahead of this meeting which the trumpet ministration wants to hold is going to be at the top of that we are going to expect any big announcements anytime soon.
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it's not clear that there's going to be any big announcement it does seem that there has been a bit of digging in on all sides there's also the question of another country that the trumpet ministration perhaps might be more interested in and that is iran earlier this year the u.s. pulled out of the iran nuclear deal even though iran and the other countries that were a party to the negotiations said that they would continue to enforce it but the u.s. has also been agitating perhaps for. implementing sanctions against iran because of what it calls its desire to have a nuclear weapons program and so we imagine that will also be a part of the discussion because one of the criticisms aimed at qatar was that it was willing to have diplomatic relations with iran which is something in particular the saudis did not like ok most many thanks indeed out syria's jordan in washington
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. there's been more protests against the u.s. government's action on migration demonstrators are demanding answers over the delays in reuniting migrant children with their parents live out of brownsville near the us mexico border al jazeera gabler's on though is there is there still any confusion about trump's zero tolerance policy gape. yeah there is more confusion than there was yesterday or even the day before you know i think that there was that the administration was trying to probably clarify things with the president trump's executive order last week but all it seems to have done is confuse the situation either more just to recap last week president trump did sign this executive order stating that there would be no more separation of families crossing into the u.s. illegally that was a reversal of his previous policy but the official policy of the white house is still that there's a zero tolerance policy here along the southern border what exactly that means no
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one seems to really give us a great answer on however in the last twenty four hours the head of the immigrations and customs enforcement office here in the united states said that they would no longer be criminally prosecuting parents that cross into the u.s. illegally with children but they would still be criminally prosecuting parents to cross into the u.s. illegally without children so the policy is still very confusing we're still hearing about immigration and custom enforcement releasing parents in asylum seekers in the u.s. wearing an electronic ankle bracelet so they can be monitored closely we're seeing thousands of people released in the us now from detention with those and the bottom line is we're still at the same place we were the last couple weeks more than two thousand children still separated from their parents and here in america there's
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a growing outcry of people taking to the streets in protest. i'll just add on standing up against injustice that is why they say they're here protesting outside a detention center holding undocumented migrants when a government bus tries to leave they block it demanding answers two thousand migrant children still separated from their detained parents inside the bus are some children a haunting image a reminder they are humans and not numbers and they're the most innocent these are all expressions of our response our human response the image was taken by leo lopez a doctor from texas who joined the protests to say it was a moving experience was really doesn't do justice to to the emotional response of i've seen these kids we we've heard of we've heard their their situation their story we've read about them but to actually see these children pressed up against
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the glass. with these kids was expression of emotion as a crisis on the southern border of the u.s. intensifies and government agencies scramble to undo a family separation policy put into place and then reverse by trump protests grow in america a vigil at the san diego border a protest at a tent city for migrants near el paso is sitting in seattle and protests in new york and some are trying to take their message straight to trump well there have been protests in several cities across america they're particularly potent and small and medium sized cities along the border because here it's an issue that's urgent and it's real i think this is an expression of of compassion and take it taking to the streets in the name of justice in the name of these these children is just a silhouette begging so many questions who are they where are they going will they
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ever see their parents again questions nobody can seem to answer. now the american civil liberties union a major organization here in the united states along with more than six other non-government organizations and human rights groups are going to be coming here to the city of brownsville on thursday where they plan to hold another big protest brownsville is where i'm at now is as you can see from the border fence behind me right at the epicenter of this immigration debate this is one of the main entry points where migrants from all over south and central america try to reach the united states to find a better life these human rights groups that will be here on thursday protesting say their message is to continue to keep the pressure on u.s. government authorities until every last child that has been separated has been reunited with their parents many thanks i was there as gabriel as on to the brownsville texas. germany's chancellor angela merkel says that an e.u.
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wide deal on the migration crisis won't be reached at a summit on thursday merkel's been meeting spain's prime minister and then she's under pressure from her coalition partner to find a solution to stemming the flow of refugees and immigrants into the e.u. but the block is divided over what approach to take germany wants the number of migrants spread more evenly across the e.u. but some countries such as italy are opposed to that but there is still some time needed to solve this and for this reason i spoke about working with countries that are willing on all dimensions of the migration policy the spanish prime minister spoke about the external donation and i spoke about the injury no damage and in this spirit we will have through the talks in the coming days to feel. what i would like to tell the public in the media is that we will be going to this summit at the end of the week with a very constructive attitude and attitude of integration an attitude that we must
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present proposals because we are experiencing it ourselves the only way to respond to immigration is through a common european approach dominic a reports now from lafon which is on the germany austria border. how to resolve the immigration crisis that's the fundamental issue confronting e.u. leaders and so when angle americal met the spanish prime minister high on the agenda is this idea of secondary migration of people registering for asylum in one state and then moving to another the idea of controlling borders is something he too this is the idea of a compromise solution are people going to be able to access borders such as this border here that i'm standing on the austrian german border or will there be some form of control here in bavaria the government very clearly wants to have tighter immigration controls but from the german federal position that's when they resist that and so when anglo-american and mr sanchez talk about secondary migration high on their minds is the fault of the shang and so on the border free area has. can
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they protect that whilst at the same time finding a way of resolving the immigration crisis michael america's perspective the meeting she has today all instrumental in pushing her to war is the solution she's promised her allies and the e.u. summit that's coming up on thursday and friday a senior general in myanmar has been sacked after he was named in new european union sanctions major general among young so has been what was described as purged for poor performance he was a commander in rakhine state where six hundred fifty thousand fled a military crackdown last year the e.u. sanctions are being imposed on security officials accused of revenge or killings and rape the plight of the muslim minority living in thailand is being highlighted in a report called existence tonight the burma human rights network details efforts by myanmar's government to make life difficult for him living abroad large numbers of rangers fled violence and poverty in myanmar to live and work in thailand now the
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thai government has introduced a new registry system meaning that must be verified in order to stay but because me and doesn't recognize them as citizens many now face deportation from thailand most are too scared to return to their country of birth effectively rendering them stateless joe when is executive director of the group behind the report he says the policy is likely to separate many range of families. i think tired already has is aware of the situation and the we believe that they are trying to find some solution but i think this is the root cause is not highland the lose the root cause is that burma burma is gone who has a policy of discrimination on its minorities and now you can see one point one million stateless become a ruling that people begin to stabilize because of this policy and also there are thousands of thousand people in neighboring countries like thailand in malaysia
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these people have been denied systematically their their solution right in their own country of origin so these peoples are vulnerable if the thai authorities will deport these diversity has already mentioned in the law that after thirty june if those people are not do not have anything identity they will be arrested fine and jailed or they will be deported civilians caught up in last year's siege of what are we in the southern philippines fear of a conflict may not be over president rodrigo to thirty declared victory of isolating military fighters in october last year following a five month battle the siege left much of the city on the island of mindanao in ruins and displaced two hundred thousand people many of them are now concerned that the fighters will regroup and launch another assault more from mount a serious challenge duggan and miller. they're taking their anguish from are we to manila these are civilians who see their voices back in their home city have been
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muted because martial law is imposed all across the mindanao region and this is one of the rare forums where you hear civilian voices to day we've heard from civilians who've lost their homes their livelihoods and loved ones in the five months long war that's started in the last year at the forum today they called on the government to act swiftly we would like a congressional hearing that will look into what really transpired and the see the human rights violations that are continuously being committed against civilians there are hundreds and thousands of civilians remain displaced to this day and the need for humanitarian assistance remain dire and desperate civilians see no amount of sophisticated power point presentation or even an ostentatious declaration of liberation basically of the war against the motor can hide the very sad realisation on the ground that hundreds and thousands of civilians continue to suffer not just
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in malawi but all across the province of land. it's wildfire season again a little bit have a sphere where the stuff school roiled one in particular in california that's where we're seeing them at the moment but actually aging there further north than you might expect usually we expect these fires to be in the south where of course it's hotter but these ones are way to the north of san francisco and three thousand people have had to flee their homes with these fires are getting dangerously close to us now no rain on the cards for california the further east this recent very different weather here this area of cloud has certainly given us some pretty lively downpours we've also seen a lot of wind damage as well each one of these blue dots are reports of some wind damage that means the trees come down or more than one tree or power lines or maybe damage to people's homes and there's been two hundred fifty such reports from the. storm system now fortunately that one is clearing away but it's by no means going to be drawing unsettled forth in the eastern part of the u.s.
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over the next day or so that this weather system here that's gradually edging its way eastwards and i think during the day today is going to be misordered in illinois where there is the greatest risk of seeing some more severe thunderstorms and then gradually that will track its way eastwards as we head through into wednesday so more heavy downpours potentially the tornado was well out of this system as it tracks its way eastwards on wednesday and into thursday but for the south what you'll notice is that it's getting very very hot so dallas up at thirty eight degrees and staying incredibly hot adrian as we head through the next few days stuff cold but thanks to your weather news are not zero still to come on the program activists accuse timber companies of endangering the world's second largest rainforest we'll tell you why. coming up it's for the long awaited winter and the mari santa will be here with the details in around twenty.
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percent of the visually impaired could be cured without access to treatment. where there was a will there was a black. strongly. covering over seventy seven countries. how many of these patients we see today every little pakistan one man's passion provides free treatment for one million patients. revisited which is iraq. al jazeera will be is different because there's a maturity about it's been used in the israeli generally over all says child but the pats take the risk of a story like you'll let go a little and i am only going on what else is there a is setting out to give basically you know the reality on the ground the other reality on the ground. the only becomes the next all the people that's what we do i think that's what we do well.
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it is good to have you with us hello hadrian from going to here in doha with the news hour from al-jazeera our top stories this hour pro syrian government forces say they've taken control of two towns in the east and countryside forty five thousand people have been displaced by the offensive jordan's foreign minister has tweeted that they won't be allowed into his country. chemical attacks in syria are being discussed by the world's chemical weapons watchdog the emergency meeting in the netherlands was requested by the british government following the nerve agent attack on a former russian spy and his daughter in england. a navy divers have rented
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a flooded cave in northern thailand searching for a missing football team twelve boys and their coach had gone exploring on saturday when rising water following a heavy rainstorm blocks the only exit rescuers though are confident that they're still alive. sudan's foreign minister says that south sudan's president salva kiir a rebel leader wrecked mattia have reached an agreement on quote some points to end the civil war some of the kid has been attending the latest round of talks with his former deputy rick mashallah this time though in the sudanese capital khartoum the un has given both sides until the end of the month to reach a peace deal or face sanctions normally based in juba our correspondent have a morgan is with me here in the studio in doha what are we what are we to make of this well first of all let's be very. that this is not an agreement it's just a framework on which a future agreement between the two sides the country's president salva kiir and him
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and the opposition leader much are will be based on so they've agreed on a permanent cease fire setting up for sorry three different capitals in different parts of south sudan and to try to have other forces foreign forces inside the country to try to maintain peace but then like i said this is just a framework for an agreement it is not an agreement which means the end of the war it just means that they are going to start setting their peace agreement based on that framework but it sounds like they got further this time than they did in talks in december which which ended with nothing as will yes they did go much further first of all let's remember that after the talks and i disavow the government spokesman south sudan's government spokesman came out and said that they are not ready to work with the opposition leader rick machar this time the president salva kiir came out and said he is ready to work with him opposition leader rick much are also came out and said he's ready to work for peace and so they signed this framework so what's changed it's really was the sudan's impact sudan has a lot of stake in south sudan speace peace deals for salsa dance the ability means
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a lot to sort of sit i mean first of all sudan and south sudan share oil fields that's something that maybe not a lot of people know but sudan gets a lot of its of its g.d.p. from south sudan's oil fields because south sudan pays for it for transportation fees processing fees and using its pipelines now since the civil war started in south sudan in twenty thirteen a lot of the oil fields stopped functioning just because of the fighting in that area for south sudan last south sudan lost a lot of encompass all of the sudan also lost income and part of the deal also includes sudan securing those oil fields so that its economy revives as well people many things to do good to people who've been. libya's u.n. backed government has warned the international companies against dealing with the warlords before hafta his forces recaptured two oil terminals in the east of the country last week and they announced that an oil company linked to a rival interim government would now control the terminal and that angered the government in tripoli. you know
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a killing that was stressed all international partners that the legal in only channel is the national institution of petroleum in tripoli the security council resolution or decisions then any dealings with any other entity except the national petroleum institution in libya but now to tripoli under serious market up the one had is with a so how are libyan institutions in general reacting to have to us decision then to hand over the oil facilities to the eastern administration. well ed re in a wave of criticism has been raised by this move by world khalifa haftar to hand over the oil ports to the. administration be used in the east of libya and now the u n backed national accord government based in tripoli here has issued
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a statement saying that it's planning to address the united nations security council namely the sanctions committee at the security council to stop this move. it also says that have to has no legal standing it also calls have to as and. he's not competing competing to work to hand over this oil installations and solutions to our government it says that have to it is not authorized to hand over the oil honest illusions to drive a ministration in the east of the country also the national accord government has called on the lord to have to retreat from this move and also here in tripoli the national oil corporation that is there and we see which is allied with the national accord government has also issued a statement and also it also said that the only the only institution that is
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authorized to run the oil sector in libya is the tripoli national oil corporation which is allied with the national accord the government also today he is their prime minister. of the national accord government said that. the national accord government is the only institution to deal with the international community they have also put us if they have a condition note to the international partner. as a nod to deal with any rival administration and eased the national accord the government also. has authorized their. base in tripoli. to deal with this issue ok we understand that the national oil corporation in tripoli is the only corporation representing libya at the opec adrian
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mccord very thanks indeed observes michael dropped a warhead in tripoli talks aimed at settling a longstanding border dispute between eritrea and ethiopia being held in at a suburb of ethiopia agreed earlier this month to abide by a peace deal signed eighteen years ago which ended fighting with eritrea and troops both countries have remained at odds since the war in one nine hundred ninety eight over a disputed area a un backed ruling in two thousand and two granted contested territories to eritrea but ethiopia refused to withdraw its troops until recently to serious mohamad other reports now from attis. it's the fourth time in almost two decades the two countries will be discussing peace between them there's been a situation of no peace for the last two decades and what is making people really hopeful that this time around things might be successful is the offered by the new ethiopian prime minister to fully accept the old yes i've given two thousand with
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the stuff published if you open in a tray and boundary commission who's ruling if you're being rejected later but now think that he's willing to accept and if you appear willing to cede almost disputed areas at a track of course that there will be issues that you think a few want from eritrea including probably access to the poll forecast which was the traditional poll to see if people used before the wall and then it became flood law now that might walk in at a festival as well because of the economic problems if we think you know what you people here and hopefully surprised about the speed with which things that going. for the first time they the real possibility of peace between the two countries political leaders in zimbabwe have failed to attend a meeting where a pledge for peace during campaigning for next month's election was to speak signed
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a suspect a grenade explosion killed two people and they injured dozens of the campaign rally for president in a sudden win and on saturday elections in a month's time the first to be held in almost forty years without the first president robert mugabe heart attacks are reports now from her already. some zimbabweans say they are disappointed after saturday's explosion they expected to see president and and the main opposition leader nelson chamisa at this peace signing ceremony saying that they are committed to peace come the elections in july but none of them attended to some of them i was asking how serious are politicians really about making sure that this election in july is peaceful we saw earlier there was a small opposition parties in the room were tending the signing ceremony they were very unhappy with the electoral process they say they feel that the electoral commission is siding with the greens on the pier party and they are really worried that zanu p.f. could rig of this election or one man had to be dragged out of the room by the police because he would not keep driving keep shouting on and on again that in fear
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and this election will not be free and credible early on in the day members from the zanu p.f. youth me gave their version of what they think happened at the explosion on saturday in a way they say they call it an act of terrorism is it has nothing to do with internal party divisions and they say from now on if the security forces contradict the president and don't have to do it themselves or one thing they plan to do is to have to form a human shield at the next rally with the same very few people to get close to the president. would in europe is causing a massive rain forest in africa to shrink at an alarming rate environmental campaigners are accusing the largest to become pretty in the democratic republic of congo illegally cutting down millions of trees. reports. in the horn of africa the congo basin is home to the world's second largest rain forest but a new investigation accuses timber companies of endangering its existence second in
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size to the amazon the congolese re forced to some two million square kilometers it covers six countries including the democratic republic of congo where shrinking the fastest the nonprofit global witness says to do your she's biggest timber company nor should timber. is illegally harvesting trees at nearly ninety percent of its sites with impunity north through timber which is portuguese owned denies this congolese subsidy sort of force is breaching its contract it says the accusations have no basis it acknowledges some management plans may not be in place but that it's talking with the ministry of environment about them global witness is also accusing importers such as portugal and friends of failing to take action there are some plans on the books being negotiated between france and norway which if approved or triple the area log from one hundred thousand square kilometers to three hundred thousand square kilometers researchers are trying to learn about the forest unique ecosystem before it's too late six hundred forty so these forests are
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under pressure from humans so we scientists want to categorize the fauna and the birds the only thought of this forest before it is destroyed. scientists say the congo rain forest is a source of food and water for tens of millions of people it's also home to six hundred types of trees and ten thousand animal species including endangered ones they say these trees produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide but their ability to reduce greenhouse gases and regulate the climate is decreasing. here for example the rainy season normally starts in mid august but now sometimes it begins in july and sometimes in september and when it comes sometimes the water does not rise steadily and then they suddenly recede there's a disorder in the cycle despite existing national and international laws designed to protect rain forests global witness says companies like. seventy five million. flu will witness demanding all those involved from governments to importers and
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buyers to stop being complicit in the destruction of tropical rain forests and the impact it's having on the planet's climate. and sports. hopes. with. just a few minutes. july
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on al-jazeera. in a new series of head to head maddie hasson tackled the big issues with hard hitting questions mexico is getting ready for a general election what direction will the country take as it struggles with drug violence and economic instability. people in power continues to examine the use and abuse of power around the world as the world cup in russia nears its end we'll bring you stories from on and off the pitch of the world's most viewed sporting
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events on television and online the stream continues to tap into the extraordinary potential of social media to disseminate news july on al-jazeera. u.s. president donald trump has unleashed an angry tirade at harley davidson on twitter a warning about a side company will fail if it moves overseas the company plans to shift some of its production out of the u.s. .


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