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tv   The Winds of Heaven  Al Jazeera  June 27, 2018 1:33am-2:01am +03

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that's all she could recognize it before the operation ok and now she improved to be able to see this something credible we know we know and this guy. i'm doing my best i think she's very you know it's just my friends she's not saying . i. saw him come to the end of my time in zambia and what's been wonderful to witness is this very special relationship between of us and its local partners and the success of this project has been plain to see in the stories of lucy and her sister and the hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have had their site saved and their lives changed they see. the public health care system in pakistan as in many developing countries struggles with a lack of resources the result is that specialist medical treatment such as organ
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transplant is out of reach of many of the poorest and the most and. yet here at the sindh institute of your own agenda transplantation one man's passion means that today more than a million patients here receive top class medical treatment at no cost i'm going to jump out to me when i'm in karate pakistan to meet the doctor who has spent the last fourteen years providing free health care to those who need it most. kidney disease is a huge health issue in pakistan compounded by poor diets and sanitation within the population. in one nine hundred seventy two dr added brisbane set up a small urology unit in karate to deal with this issue. inspired by the national health service of the u.k. his goal from the beginning was to offer this treatment absolutely free to everybody. so there is a way i look nice to meet you here by you well more than. how are you i don't grade
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of exactly like you probably are as are you t has grown from just an eight bed was to now offer six hundred fifty beds in nine separate centers across pakistan and today is the largest health organization in the country. so took seriously yeah how many of these patients will be seen today able to vote i'll go i got here last year for. our patients from all over the country. and have been i think in order to anybody. how can. somebody come to hear of it. and he's coming to light. the people who come in real feeling i could the day you could go to the poor people live quietly disappear . for a few the lumber of the future here. if you will or flowing. again.
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and i know i did it with the president you. have to pay for it with the candidate well. i have to admit i'm actually shocked to see so many parents with children here i want to say to young. at age seventy five dr rizvi still work seven days a week to keep pace with the numbers of people expecting medical attention on a daily basis. but what if the. dads who started here really in this room and which year i started filming tonight but at that time was only treatment in here free of charge means even from the beginning although day one. how did you manage that makes barry steal a car stereo and so you see now receive some government funding but it. the law is
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predominantly on money and equipment donated by individuals and organizations from within the country and some from overseas so if you're coming from france please frank you speaking i had really been trying to become god i mean if i was going to be here my editor there was supposed to be a doctor but i try to be around home for me for the sake of my mother we are treated. badly. by him and often we're going to news mind you have one got him in mind. one patient who is currently on dialysis and in need of a transplant is thirty five year old asif who system has agreed to donate a kidney. asif works as a tailor to support his family in one of the poorest parts of kharaj the city. i asked her about it are you getting hello everybody i got it why did that. how are
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you all you know we're going to hear she's off trees all right so i said what does it mean for you to be able to have this transplant. begin with. the. new fairly. loose but. that is what though that. you scared about to morrow. well no. you know i think the life. of me i didn't. want to tell was. so much. about me that. you didn't know what it was but you need to get back to work that's why. this is very important was not how you feeling about to more than that
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you know that i needed to do it but didn't really like it forgive me maybe making it. among models how do you feel about tomorrow that i would end of last week how do you feel to see any young men going to the ninety minute feeling. and you want i'm not coming out very much i have not. heard it in charlotte so laura will be fired up no problem tomorrow. later in the week and system the sun's out to tend and so are you t. for surgery. i was so that's how you get really how you're feeling. relaxed excellent ok good luck.
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to the store it's going to go into its own office where to harvest the kidney so she's going to have that misty's ear on the table if it's if she's already been washed will go through. the ritchie genes of operating surgeons one team removed and some of that's done a kidney and the other implanted into the recipient as. her kidneys fail to waste products from the blood before converting them into europe in the hope is that after transplant asif will no longer need dialysis to rid his body of waste your good. how are you ok you look nervous. ok. so at one point said trees are going to. talk to reason overseas both teams so back to it's not that it's.
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just exposing the kid. to school photo you know it's just. you know in the socialist school exported to keep in miami is that it's mostly small surgeons continue to work with most of that dr rizvi makes preparations for us if supper ration. it's. got to establish should the patient yes kind of look for threadless kidney and paste but you know if you think the fact that i think. this is true. meeting is that it's also drinking yes but the time. and that's the way. our country of the dawn of good will be going to be hooked up the darkness of the sea and the green of the border linking the debian up but we see that a lot of good that you are to will be going to be the they're going through that.
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are you ready or. are you really. extreme they're not. it's free so let's kidney has been successfully removed and is now being prepared facets transported how long is your ischemia time process there's not any more than hoping it will go. cold so this is we. wash all the blood oh yes you can be who you are pretty good so done with a body in mind we were going to use how many cases have you done so. it's already totally. worn off oh that's. number four thousand five hundred twenty five he remembers number five he will forever be pretty good news getting high. for the list oh i see i didn't do that is that ok. dr ritchie and his team carried out
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pakistan's first kidney transplant in one thousand eighty five. damian indeed the facility didn't anybody we were tense because he had lost not when the leg there. will be blood that to you from. the word of the lord you know he wanted to bring on the need to postpone the arraignment the. union started pouring. there's been some changes since then. all of the printed about who died who followed the knowledge and. one fitted with. the team what fausta connection a son that's kidney to asif spain and author of for that in addition to the being. there when which is you're going to get to just go there now this is the kidney reproduce we need. and the longer looks white for the blood is going through is
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that right and if you're it's a good thing you were to look at dives early you're in dripping out for this the kidney was. extremely good would. of course prefer a process of this could be didn't work it didn't have dialysis the survivor hold me today he would have found this treatment anywhere else there would. be for the zine . to get. the following day asif and my son retire. covering in the post operation. so that's how you do it or pioneer the champagne we've got going to remember being a little bit scared to look at
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a veritable. united over i. ever hear is are you feeling as if you're going to my children or so i'm learning a bit about you couldn't look this up a little louder and you would know how. it would be the well being of the. call that i got through the night it's amazing and what about your mother like that the that you never going to succeed go prayer and. keep all around. take care of by. asif and massage will join the list of thousands of transplant recipients and dearness who will receive lifelong support following best surgery. meanwhile dr rizvi and his team continue striving to keep up with the ever increasing demand for the medical treatments that i saw you tee off done so much already well i don't
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remember it so i don't know if that meant we did. it my way but what i'm doing and my being i'm training the surgeon there better than me i still there will never be a break of. every human being. in this thread throughout this cause. he. just got he would be. the go to the right to access help. for he would be. eradicating prissie in cambodia reliance on education on treatment. on. him buddy the no disability yes jail he would be wait until three year old boy he
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will have a disability great isn't it and a no wait the next generation of antibiotics may just be late taking at the bottom of the ocean maybe this into now that it's hope so. revisited on al-jazeera.
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partners. every year in pakistan hundreds of women are victims of so-called honor killings one on one east searches for the truth in a case that exposes the growing clash between old beliefs and modern life on al-jazeera. you know no. protests outside the u.s. supreme court as it up holds donald trump's travel ban he hails the decision as a vindication of his controversial call or see. for them to limit all of this is a live from london also coming up a mass exodus from deborah in syria the u.n. says forty five thousand people have fled
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a government offensive. a good report on the youngest victims of the war in yemen children not only being killed but the curtain to fight and illegal logging on a massive scale allegations that sees rain forest is being exploited by foreign companies with government complicity. in their warm welcome to the program first we had to the u.s. where the supreme court has upheld a president don't travel ban on people from five muslim majority countries they now really voted five to four to accept the drum was acting legally when he signed the executive order early in his presidency it described the ruling as a tremendous victory for the american people and hill that as quote the indication following months of hysterical commentary in the media was the advocacy groups described it as a worrying development. with this decision and we are concerned that donald
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trump will move beyond. the five most alleged already countries that are in the current version can not only target more country but should we even go after u.s. citizens and lawful permanent residence. we call on all americans to join with us in standing up to this egregious policy she had her and say is following events in the capitol washington d.c. hi there she have so what were the arguments then in the supreme court decision. but a majority of justice have agreed with the administration's argument that this isn't traveled number one the cause so much chaos soon after president trump was inaugurated in airports around the u.s. it was in trouble about number two this is trouble about number three in the results of a very careful into agency global investigation into the vetting practices off the
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countries on this list and it was this into agency review that decided that these countries do not have the the the the scrutiny that is needed to keep the u.s. safe what it looks to travel as potential travelers to the united states so that's the first part of the administration's argument the second part it's not a muslim that plenty of muslim countries not on this list and thirdly any tweets donald trump made those were made before he became president now he's acting as a mother and treat he's in charge of national security that's his job and not this will branch the argument against that there are already laws on the books carefully vetting people from these countries to keep us safe and the president overstepping congressional authority about those laws secondly you simply can't have a ban on the entire nationalities that's against the law and thirdly any reasonable person looking at donald trump's tweets would have to conclude that no matter how that's being presented right now the travel ban is simply based on animist towards
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muslims and two of the dissenting judges she had and she had just come out just stuck there we're now getting if they do you will see it she have from. at the white house he's speaking for the first time since the travel ban ruling let's have a listen and. he starts coming out with one in two weeks which is going to be a phenomenal player these are plans it won't cost the country anything and they're fantastic health care plans and i'm glad you got to see that lamar these are really good plans and step by step we got rid of the individual mandate in obamacare but we could have saved a trillion dollars in a title match with one more vote and we didn't get that vote so that's two steve you have something. mr president i was that massive air force base on writing this three forty first missile wing third of our nation's i.c.b.m. let's head back to our correspondent she has returned see as she have it doesn't this i guess quite ready to make a comment on the travel ban looming and what are the implications then.
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what this trouble about how is in fact been in effect since december the supreme court allowed it to go ahead to fix one hundred fifty million people the wrong way you've programs in place theoretically big the administration says for example if you've worked here before if you have close connections it's in the discretion of immigration officials in new or home country to give you a waiver but there's a very rarely given in the first month of this travel about number three around eight thousand people applied for a waiver just one hundred waivers were given but the other implication is donald trump empowered as we heard from that activist earlier on now he can say to the supreme court's behind me i'm in charge of national security i decide who comes in and out i can expound the list to trouble about countries if i want to because that's my job. to have a chance of their life in washington d.c. she had thank you. a government offensive to retake one of syria's last opposition strongholds has
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forced forty five thousand people to flee to go ring warnings of another. humanitarian crisis government forces backed by russian warplanes have launched airstrikes and ground battles to recapture dehra from rebel fighters as it's one of the last rebel held areas along with it live in the north and this is the situation in dare right now pro-government forces have already seized a chunk of territory cutting off a rebel pocket in the north province is a strategic prize because it borders the israeli occupied golan heights and jordan where most of the civilians are feeling to but jordan says it can't take in any more refugees and says its border would mean closed has more. as the battle for debt intensifies pro syrian government forces say they've taken control of the two towns above sort of how do you know and really how can i push in the eastern that i countryside videos like this one purport to show troops many of
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whom are believed to be iranian backed militia members interest will sort of how do you on tuesday the town has come under heavy bombardment and its capture is the first major government advance in this offensive that would allow the syrian army to advance more southwards thought of the. the city of that i take it i think that connecting so wide with that and occupying the valleys of the which were full of. groups from forget that the group that will allow. the syrian army to advance first the first lot of towards the city of that out. by cutting off a key rebel supply line in our province more pro-government troops would be able to move in retaking the entire province of that i would give the government control over its border with jordan all the way to the israeli occupied golan heights. and
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in the extremely complicated terrain of syria's war analysts believe deals have already been made. i believe that. the americans that we have a good deal with the russians now they are out of this of this of this anyhow and the syrian regime will take control of that will be good for everybody what is a need for the russians for jordan because jordan also although the jordanians are pretty concerned about any new influx of refugees inside jordan but they want very much i've she to open the border crossing with syria because economically this is a lifeline port the jordanian economy according to the united nations forty five thousand people have so far fled the violence and headed toward the border with jordan concerns are growing about the humanitarian situation no matter the regime's recent advances rebels say they will continue to fight even as many wonder if this fight may be coming to an end. the united nations says it's
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confirmed more than eight hundred cases of children in the fighting in yemen and you reported cases both thirty rebels and. back forces of recruiting child soldiers a diplomatic edison james basis the u.n. headquarters in new. this is the report it's from the secretary general of the united nations his staff work on this report and they send it to the security council the security council have received the report overnight i've spoken to several ambassadors quite a few of them can't give us a judgment on it yet because they haven't read it in full it covers situations around the world there is condemnation of lots of different armed groups and of some governments but i think the most notable is the fact that the saudi led coalition is again listed as one of the countries the parties that commit grave violations affecting children in situations of armed conflict one thousand three hundred sixteen children killed and maimed in yemen in twenty seventeen and more
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than half of those by airstrikes and also these allegations of the recruitment of child soldiers some of those a large number by the who thiis but there is also a large number by the yemeni armed forces and by the so-called security belt forces that is a militia that's recruited by the united arab emirates a member of the coalition this is a report and a listing in the report that the saudi led coalition will not like they've managed to get a cab in there for the second year running that they've also put in place measures aimed at improving the protection of children that does beg the question though for two years running they've improved the protection of children why are they still killing them. he taxi hailing out over has won an appeal to continue operating in london their license was revoked last september over the company's failures to report serious criminal offenses and conduct thorough background checks on drivers
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paul brennan cited site westminster magistrates' court so paul this was the decision of or were hoping. well indeed i mean certainly it were a piece with it but the license to come drive us with a blank copies of london are certainly not this is a two day hearing going into an appeal by you but against the decision by the man out of london said he can't to withdraw who grows up or it's a license in london but had grown from three hundred drivers in twenty twelve to some forty eight thousand drivers by this year and the use of those drivers by being questioned by the regulator things like as you mentioned the fact that that the background check sure it was sketchy in the extreme there were also issues about the health checks of those of those drivers and perhaps most worryingly was the fact that serious criminal allegations which were made by passengers were simply not being reported directly to the police it's seen were failing to pass
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those on the c.f.l. which is the licensing body decided to take the license away appealed and today they've been given the license back but it's very very conditional it's not the full five year license they're only getting it for fifteen months until it fell the operator operating licensing body is going to keep a very close eye on how google operate and now the judge told the group but done enough it'll be up to the regulator and the public to decide whether that's the case when in their life that from westminster magistrate's court. it was al-jazeera live from london still to come on the program navy divers are called in to help search for twelve boys and their football coach missing for three days now inside a flooded cave in thailand protests outside the court in spain as adults it gives evidence in the first case of the stolen a scandal.


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