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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 27, 2018 6:00am-6:33am +03

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and the conflict in syria is like a so hollywood horror movie with very predictable formulas and this kind of ever more violent sequels and what those formulas are like are airstrikes and the movement of syrian backed forces into areas rebel control often followed by siege is often followed by a sustained prolonged denial of aid access and that's where the humanitarian catastrophe really comes in and i think it's really important at this stage of this particular offensive to really emphasize that it is the beginning of that we've seen some forty thousand plus displaced those numbers could escalate could spike a lot further and as your report alluded to this was an area of the syria which did have a sort of diplomatic guarantee made by the russians are doing in the americans and i think it's within their power to find a far more peaceful outcome to the situation there than one that is yet another sequel to homs aleppo institute and yes well the borders are closed and countries in the region regional area have got every right to say they've taken a huge number of people in often a move to the border doesn't necessarily mean that those syrians want to move across it simply looking for a place of greater safety in syria that's
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a rare thing on did i think in syria there's no winning so i think in terms of the conflict there may be an mutation in a sort of a coming to a different point a different chapter if you will moving from the original more civil conflict to a regional conflict to an international conflict and of course as the maps you put up showed this is pushing into an incredibly sensitive area with the israeli occupied golan heights and the fact that israel has taken a far more certain position in syria in terms of strikes on targets that so i would think we should certainly move away from the narrative that the syrian conflict is winding down when we see the novel's of displacement that simply moves it into a different place and ultimately we haven't predicted where it would have gone from from seven years ago we should predict the next the united nations says it's confirmed more than eight hundred cases of children being used in the fighting in yemen a new report accuses both who three rebels and saudi and backed forces of recruiting child soldiers are diplomatic editor james bose has more from un headquarters in new york. this is the un's annual report on children and conflict written by the
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secretary general's office and sent to the un security council what's become politically controversial is the annex in the back the blacklist listing the armed groups and countries that are responsible for wounding and killing children once again the saudi led coalition are on the list for their activities in yemen but there is a kaviak saying that they're also trying to protect children that was the same last year but the question is if they were trying to protect children last year why have they killed three hundred seventy children in the period covered by this report a point i put to the spokesperson for the secretary general what is important for us is for people to and people their first state actors non-state actors to engage with the office of ms garba to put in place whatever mitigation measures they can the point of the report is to improve. is to improve the situation and
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report on it. as honestly as as we can so if you engage with the office you can continue killing children you're making an unfair and unfair assumption the point is that people need to we need to see people engage and engage constructively and show us repeatedly over the repeating period that they have the of making an effort to avoid the death of children algis or is obtained a copy of this report it's not yet public but it will be discussed by the security council next month. you're watching the news hour live from london this much more to come on the program including this protest outside a court in spain as a doctor gives evidence in the first case of the so-called stolen baby scandal. navy divers are called in to help search for twelve boys and their football coach missing for three days now inside a flooded cave in thailand. and in sports france and denmark booked their places in
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the knockout stages of the world cup santa will be here with all the latest from russia coming up. the fate of more than two hundred thirty migrants and refugees stuck onboard a rescue ship in the mediterranean remains unclear the lifeline has been at sea for five days after both italy and wolter refused to let it access their ports on tuesday the italian prime minister said the boat would be allowed to dock in malta but in a tweet to the charities says the maltese government is still refusing it access to its territorial waters the e.u. remains divided on how to deal with the broader migration crisis as dominic came reports. the issue of migration has dominated european debate for many weeks now specifically what to do with those who present themselves seeking asylum in one country and then go on to claim it elsewhere what's happened with the lifeline
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vessel in the mediterranean is a case in point almost a microcosm for the entire crisis crying of america the issue is what to do to placate her domestic allies in bavaria whilst also keeping on board the rest of her coalition and trying to find a european solution but here in bavaria border controls are the real question as i've been finding out. on an early summer's day at hurting looks like a picture postcard the town has been a place of pilgrimage for more than five hundred years it's the c.s. use heartland a formidable conservative election winning party machine for five decades but the recent influx of refugees has changed things the rise of the anti immigrant anti has seen the c.s.u. move further to the right fearful of losing votes in this october's state election a little goodies that are thrown sawdust over all it would be good if there were a european solutions however no european solution was achieved in three years and i
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believe it's important to send a clear signal that we too can reach european measures which are everyday practice in other countries that is code for more of this police controls along the border with austria officially removed. more than twenty years ago but temporarily reestablished once the flow of migrants and refugees into germany began growing if the c.s.u. has its way then scenes like these will become commonplace not just in bavaria but also across many of germany's other borders something angle americal and the e.u. institutions strongly oppose because of their commitment to the shang and border free area of the c.s.u. proposals don't stop at just policing borders. asylum seekers would be prevented from working and receiving benefits of violent applicants who'd be jailed alongside criminals then deported such moves go way beyond what chancellor merkel has proposed the price for not toppling her coalition in ad urging many people agree
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with them like your typical merkel invited them all now she can't handle it three the other european countries don't want to play along either they have had enough we are a christian country and we want to stay like that in two hundred fifty years you will barely find a german this is. his right to be humane but at some point we have to protect ourselves it doesn't work anymore it's not about racism or was in a phobia at some point we have reached the point where we have to say may first our country then the others at a state wide level there are some voicing opposition to the c.s. use plans the biography of that shop one million one and one adds the bad varian economy and millions of jobs in our companies depend on a united europe with open borders new border controls turnstiles finances and walls simply question our prosperity they question our strength this is
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a response hole and it also questions that the varian identity privately some in the c.s.u. like to think that theirs is the most influential party in germany and with their deadline to angle americal drawing ever closer perhaps right now they're the most influential party in europe don it came down to zero in bavaria. a spanish woman who says she was stolen as a baby is taking the doctor she says is responsible for a court in s mudra go accuses eighty five year old. of forging her birth certificate in one nine hundred sixty nine to show her adopted mother as her biological parent the case is the first of the so-called stolen babies candle that affected thousands in spain during the franco dictatorship peter shop reports. are. they call themselves the stolen babysit association each of them horribly scarred by the loss of the newborn and each of them could
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tell an all too familiar story. you know my baby was with me for the first day i fed her she was fine then they took her away to wash but they didn't bring her back three days later they told me she was dead they gathered outside the municipal courthouse in madrid but they were denied a confrontation with the gynecologist standing trial you know not wash the mosque thing much eighty five year old eduardo valle m. is accused of abduction and the illegal adoption of an infant off a century ago he's the first person to appear in court charged with involvement in a secret practice that saw hundreds of thousands of baby stolen was sold under the dictatorship of general franks. in spain there was a mafia talk network of baby boy right up to the early ninety's when democracy was already well established and it dates back to the fifteenth some of the franco
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dictatorship it took newborns from their mothers who had just given birth and sold them for the equivalent of three hundred euros in the fifty's to six thousand euros in the ninety nine seats many of the babies were from single mothers and they were placed with families that supported the franco regime and now there's a determination to pursue those responsible despite any statute of limitations yet . they are i'm fifty years old i was stolen and i have not expired here i am look at me i'm fifty years old i want to expire no money is enough for any of us they have stolen our lives. in his matter the guy who brought the case to court says for sixty years spain was the baby supermarket for europe and south america. she's now forty nine has been searching for her real mother all her life. the trial is only due to last two days and magical says it's unlikely to provide her with the answers that she's been looking for but she hasn't given up when it was this was the leg
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that went on it out what it is possible that in some way it will open a road to reduce the great gap between the two thousand planes that have been thrown out and the one that has gone to trial but more importantly she says it offers the potential for similar actions the thousands of cases to be reopened peter shop al-jazeera the. navy divers in thailand reentered the flooded cave system as part of the growing search for a missing boy's football team the twelve players aged between eleven and sixteen and their twenty five year old coats are believed to have been trapped by rising water from a heavy rainstorm on saturday scott hardly is out the mouth of the ten kilometer cave network. for a third day hundreds of rescue workers continue their search but still no sign of the twelve players from the cademy football team and the twenty five year old coach . it's not the first time that an outing at the tom long cave in northern chiang
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rai problems they're not just teammates but good friends to. come to has been under this tent since saturday her sixteen year old son is missing he's one of the oldest the youngest is eleven maybe i mean at least it's not just my son i feel bad that he's not alone so now i need to be strong so i can see his face again when he walks out of the cave she adopted i don't stand on when he arrived from myanmar at the age of two he's now fourteen and missing chin is hopeful the boys will survive and says they work well together we have very strong i want to say they have very strong yes this is the mouth of the cave complex that runs some eight kilometers deep into these hills right along the border with myanmar the bikes from these twelve boys and their coach are still here just as they were left on saturday a small makeshift village has been created for the rescue workers there divers cave climbers soldiers and forestry service workers the man in the morning at the before
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letting his i think is challenging the rescue operation we are trying to pump out the water so the diving team cannot we need to string more electricity in the case to run the pumps we are pumping three kilometers in need more power and more help keeps coming in the race is on to find the boys with the rescuers aware time is not on their side it's got harder al-jazeera chiang rai the u.k. has proposed giving more power to the world's chemical weapons watched all by allowing it to name and shame those who carry out chemical attacks the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons isn't currently allowed to apportion blame russia syria and iran have all strongly rejected the plan by reports from the hague . the birds and the hands request to give the chemical weapons watchdog more bind the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons can currently only establish where and when an attack happened not who's responsible
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britain's foreign secretary urged member states to back the u.k.'s plan and allow the o.p.c. w. to attribute blame this is an opportunity to restore the global ban on the use of chemical weapons and to strengthen the a.p.c. w.'s ability to respond to any violations and i hope the trees will feel able to support the decision tabled by the u.k. . the pursuit city of duma earlier this year schools of children being treated after exposure to an apparent nerve agent has bashar al assad's forces sought to take control of rebel held areas since two thousand and twelve the o.p.c. recorded four hundred gc's of chemical weapons in syria and a year and a half ago a brazen assassination at kuala lumpur airport the half brother of north korean leader kim jong un attacked with a deadly chemical substance he later died in hospital and in march the attempted
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murder of former russian double agent sergei script and his daughter in the british town of souls. investigators concluded they were poisoned would not be chock a nerve agent developed by the soviet union. russia and its allies syria and iran strongly oppose britain's proposal russia's published a plan of its own only the un it says can apportion blame the international border . all the responsibility. responsibility is currently the united nations security council this isn't the first time that there's been an attempt to point the finger at those responsible for carrying out chemical weapons attacks in two thousand and fifteen the un security council in partnership with the o.p.c. w set up the joint investigate three mechanism to look into allegations of chemical weapons use in syria the body concluded that four tanks had been carried out by
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bashar al assad and his regime and the two are being carried out by but the work of that organization was short lived after russia refused to extend its mandate. the u.k. says russia is trying to protect its ally syria russia says extending the o.p.c. w.'s mandate will undermine its independence member states will vote on whether to accept or reject the u. case proposal on wednesday the result could lead to the biggest shake up in the organizations twenty year history they've barkha al-jazeera the hague and. plenty more ahead on this hour of news from london including. a train officials arrive in ethiopia for the first time in almost two decades bringing with them the hope of sustained. u.k. court grants or a temporary license to operate in london but criticizes the company's gung ho behavior. and in sport defending champions germany prepare for another must win
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world cup i will have the details a little later in the program. oh it's warming up nicely now across much of northern europe where the heat wave affecting those western past clear skies here absolutely gorgeous stands was the southeast is not quite so lucky as to be said lots of clouds just around the southern parts of italy easing over the i mean sea into greece into the balkans and received a rather large piece i was seeing a report of the water spout castiel tornado over the next day or so you can see it looks pretty poor over the coming days twenty four celsius in athens in the cloud and the right some of that is right the way up into ukraine north of that moscow warming up nicely twenty seven celsius twenty four there for stockholm some lovely
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sunshine in way back up into the mid twenty's once again in lovely old london i would toss paris for twenty eight degrees is still a chance of one or two showers there into spain and portugal northern passes by any particular could cast your shower over the next day or so but much of western europe is fine dry warm and sunny and sunny down to the southeast lotsa showers still continuing here they rumble across the but it's right about for northern parts of africa it should stay glossy fine and dry a little bit of a breeze that is filtering is way down to benghazi but still getting up to twenty seven celsius on thursday thirty seven cells is the current it's not quite as warm as of late presently warm there and repacked. the time had come for the p.l.o. to seek a new and peaceful solution. pursuing a path of diplomacy but what was to turn their agreed book to draw from lebanon into one of the most mistakes civilian massacres of modern times women children
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children jews we couldn't believe this chronicling the term story the struggle for a palestinian. history of a revolution on al-jazeera. the nature of news as it breaks although thousands of women have reported frey but other thoughtful atrocities in falsehood and sewer rats are going to vicious a bit bigger is likely much higher with detailed coverage nearly fifty schools took part of the drive each one responsible have collecting at different aida school supplies clothing from around the world several focal is still very new here but these players are very old for them they won't be able to leave gaza maybe you will want a boy of the international study. well
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the back is a quick reminder of our top stories the u.s. supreme court has narrowly voted to uphold president donald trump's travel ban on people from five muslim majority countries trump says it's a tremendous victory for the american people and the constitution. the u.n. says around forty five thousand people have fled syria's southern province of dara as government forces battle to retake the rebel stronghold. the united nations says it's confirmed more than eight hundred cases of children being used to fight in yemen that's according to a report obtained by al-jazeera both hoofy rebels and saudi and emraan to back forces are accused of recruiting child soldiers. sudan's foreign minister says south sudan's president salva kiir and rebel leader rick much of reached
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a framework agreement aimed at ending the civil war the leaders have been attending peace talks in the sudanese capital khartoum south sudan has been grappling with a civil war since twenty thirteen less than two years after it gained independence from sudan the un has given both sides until the end of the month to reach a peace deal or face sanctions morgan has covered the south sudan crisis extensively she gave us more details on what's been agreed. they have agreed on a permanent cease fire setting up for sorry three different capitals in different parts of south sudan and to try to have other forces foreign forces inside the country to try to maintain peace this is just a framework for an agreement it is not an agreement which means the end of the war it just means that they are going to start setting their peace agreement based on that framework first of all let's remember that after the talks and i disavow the government spokesman south sudan's government spokesman came out and said that they are not ready to work with the opposition leader rick machar at this time the
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president salva kiir came out and said he's ready to work with him opposition leader rick much are also came out and said he's ready to work for peace and so this time there's this framework now since the civil war started in south sudan in twenty thirteen a lot of the oil fields stopped functioning just because of the fighting in that area for south sudan lost south sudan lost a lot of encompass a lot of the sudan also lost income and part of the deal also includes sudan securing those oil fields so that its economy revives as well a high level delegation from eritrea because you need the talks to end decades of conflict to grandmother grill ations between the countries after a border war broke out in ninety ninety eight reports from under suburb. a warm welcome for members of the fost trained in addition to visit the disc in almost two decades they hear to discuss peace overtures but if you have here the top raised hopes of a breakthrough in one of because most of them but interest on the office if
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european prime minister ahmet say dahlia this month he was ready to or not all the times of a peace deal and of the country's one thousand nine hundred eight to two thousand conflict he suggested if the appeal would be willing to give up its claim to disputed land raising hopes of a settlement toughest getting over their common border with disability nets. every train and ethiopian people are brothers and sisters relationship goes way beyond the border dispute peace between our two countries will be helpful to the people of the horn of africa and the entire continent at a tray and president decides to forward a key in a surprise move last week welcomed what he called if the o.p.'s positive messages and decided to send his first official delegation to addis ababa former province of ethiopia eritrea water for independence in one thousand nine hundred thirty it's oppression from ethiopia declared it well landlocked resit broke away with the portal as someone must so what. five years later the two countries went to warm up
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over the ports over the small and thus the village of button on the border and who it belongs to. how the two countries dealt with the aftermath of the war hoshide the most intimate impact on their citizens thousands of it turned nationals were deported from ethiopia eritrea to send home ethiopians living and working within its territory dividing families and bringing businesses built over a long period you're not a prominent a term by both chose to stay in addis ababa and keep his job for government work custer when his entire family was deported in two thousand and two at a trailer nothing prepared him for the two decades he spent away from his pardons and siblings. to see germany my father died and i couldn't even attend his funeral it was painful not to see my mother for so long i'm so thankful that the two countries are finally talking about peace his brother benteke it's also a journalist ended up walking for the state because they need
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a trailer he fled to thier p.r. few years ago to escape forced conscription into the army no less violent it was strange to see two brothers on either side of the border us peeling propaganda and trading insults over the airwaves. many theaters and at a trance are surprised at the speed at which things are now moving apart and easing of hostilities has raised hopes of a normalization of relations that might boost regional trade and law tensions mohammed at all just a disciple the ethiopian. several zimbabwean president will candidates have signed a pledge to keep an upcoming election peaceful but neither the current president or the main opposition rival attended the signing sending representatives instead it follows an assassination attempt on president. at a rally over the weekend to die the author of a grenade was thrown towards the leader of the elections on july the thirtieth will be the first since robert mugabe was ousted from power last year. as more from
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harare. some of the barwon say they are disappointed after saturday's explosion they expected to see president and and the main opposition leader nelson chamisa at this peace signing ceremony saying that they are committed to peace come the elections in july but none of them attended some of them i was asking how serious are politicians really about making sure that this election in july is peaceful we saw earlier there was a small opposition parties in the room were attending the signing ceremony they were very unhappy with the electoral process they say they feel that the electoral commission is siding with the greens on the pier party and they are really worried that zanu p.f. could rig this election or one man had to be dragged out of the room by the police because he would not keep writing on and on again that in theory and this election will not be free and credible early on in the day members from the zanu p.f. you me gave their version of what they think happened at the explosion on saturday
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in pull away and they say they call it an act of terrorism is it has nothing to do with internal party divisions and they say from now on if the security forces contradict the president and they'll have to do it themselves or one thing they plan to do is to have to form a human shield at the next rally where they say very few people to get close to the president. well let's take the opportunity to talk more about zimbabwe and its upcoming elections joining me this studio is nox ciccio he's an associate fellow of the africa program at chatham house thanks so much for joining us thank you so president ma says the elections will go ahead they'll be peaceful they will be free and do the events of the week and lead you in any way to question well certainly you know what what happened and it does cost a shadow people have been concerned about this we've not at this before in in the elections but on the other hand you know there has been a state of emergency declared president has said look let's have
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a peaceful process so they are some possible. have emerged has been that national peace pledge signed by the parties today but certainly the issue of the safety of candidates i think is an issue going forward i mean zimbabwe let's face it over the last four decades or so is not a place where things tend to explode at government rallies but we're given to believe of course this is a new zimbabwe of post mugabe zimbabwe does the shadow of the old man still hang over the process to well you know when you talk among think for most people have moved on where largely now in a post mugabe period but if things do get tricky during the actions or after then you know you may find some residue of the era continue but for most people i think people just want to move forward and get on with the elections and see who will be the next government where the question of security of course is an issue he did who
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was responsible for this blast let's look at the two candidates i mean it's i mean i'm going to i guess is the more controversial of the two he has his enemies either for his role in ousting mcgarvie or of course as mugabe is in force of the crocodile as it was for so many is do you think he brings with him a further security threat. well certainly he will be looking to enhance his security and you know he himself said after this this explosion that no it's normal enemies whoever that may be so issue of security and his security certainly will be there for election and also for the opposition. has also said you know they've been threats against him so that that remains an issue going forward but i think most people just want to get on and vote and have a process so let's talk talk about nelson chamisa thirty years mr man and dog was jr is he looking dealing to harness the younger voter younger generation most looking to break free of the mccarthy era definitely i think he's looking at the
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younger generation as his core voting constituency and many of the generations do want to see you know something different not all because it's not quite young generation for the opposition and the rural older generation for for for for example if it's more complex than that but certainly chamas will be looking to the younger generation a lot of them for support and then they are coming out and attending his rallies next year good to talk to you let's hope for a good peaceful and free and fair election in zimbabwe and parliaments tom thank you so much. qatar's foreign minister has held talks with the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o in washington d.c. the discuss the saudi and u.a.e. led blockade against qatar which is now into its second year called on blockading countries to end the embargo two months ago mohammed bin tunney says qatar is willing to meet with all the feuding parties if a clear plan is made for the talks. just yet we consider the gulf
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cooperation council as an important bloc not a reason we see the problems between saudi arabia and the u.a.e. with qatar are baseless the problem started with electronic piracy and with null and void issues we need an african nation and a clear plan is to sort out these matters the taxi hailing up as one appeal to continue operating in london their license was revoked last september over the company's failure to report serious criminal offenses and conduct background checks on drivers paul brennan has more from westminster magistrate's court. as a business is a global disruptor turning the traditional taxi profession upside down and provoking protests bans and restrictions as it does it the company is now valued at more than seventy billion dollars and after starting with just three hundred u.k. drivers in two thousand and twelve now has sixty thousand u.k.
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drivers forty five thousand of them in london but it's had a confrontational relationship with the london regulator t.f. out the company boss told elbridge admitted that previous correspondence for example with the regulator had been inaccurate incomplete and in adequate the accepted that the reporting of crime for example was not what it should be that said the judge despite acknowledging a gungho approach by the company in the past was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt and granted a fifteen month probationary license under the strict supervision of t f l super insisted that since last year there have been wholesale change in the way it now conducts its business it was now transparent and open because u.k. boss tom eldridge declined to be open with the media afterwards instead issuing just a brief written statement we are pleased with today's decision we will continue to work with t.f. l. to address their concerns and earn their trust while providing the best possible
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service for our customers with a body representing london's traditional black cabs is not happy at all they've admitted a catalogue of errors in their treatment c.f.l. as a regulator and basically the magistrate has said i will as long as you've apologized and everything's going to be good for merrill we can move forward i mean this decision was an absolute disgrace and one former driver says c.f.l. now needs to prove itself to cheer fellow new tackled over at the end of a five year license term why was cheerful not on top of this throughout the license term is the question we need to be asked now is that changed as well is it capable of managing a goober is on probation will it now play fair or take t f l for a ride paul brennan al-jazeera westminster.


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