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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 27, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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in the period covered by this report a point i put to the spokesperson for the secretary general what is important for us is for people to and people the first state actors non-state actors to engage with the office of ms garba to put in place whatever mitigation measures they can the point of the report is to improve. is to improve the situation and report on it. as honestly as as we can so if you engage with the office you can continue killing children you're making an unfair and unfair assumption the point is that people need to we need to see people engage and engage constructively and show us repeatedly over the repeating period that they have they have making an effort to avoid the death of children algis or is obtained a copy of this report it's not yet public but it will be discussed by the security council next month. still to come on the program navy divers are called in to help
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search for twelve boys and their football coach missing for three days now inside a flooded cave in taba. and ticket to ride a u.k. court grants suber a temporary license to operate in london but criticizes the company's gungho behave . how we should say things just warming up a touch becoming less culture we sacrificed a possible strike over the next couple days that's because we got a little more clout just showing up on the satellite picture here that will help to hold those overnight temperatures up by day we're getting up to around sixteen celsius in sydney thirteen degrees there in melbourne who are struggling to get in double figures so that's something of an improvement thirteen degrees there in
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adelaide as well just some rain that's just sliding out of victoria into our new south wales and up towards queensland just isn't right so into the southwest just pushing across southern parts of. perth forty back to around sixteen a brighter day as we go on into thursday or twelve degrees there for adelaide and noticed the same for melbourne ship a little dry down towards a southeastern corner of the shower was still in the forecast as shallow as the heading towards new zealand but for the time being a looks fine and dry for a little on the cold side just twelve celsius there in crotched cloud never too far away going into with tasco was still fourteen degrees in the sunshine therefore all claim as i said it will cloud over but a cloud meanwhile for japan over the next cloud and right here it comes on where to stay and it's the thing soaking wet for thursday. it was
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a war that united egypt and syria are against israel but in the heat of the battle that different agendas soon became apparent as the told me that his dream was to avenge to see tonight a sixty seven when president sadat came to be told us just give me ten centimeters of land in the east the second of a three part series the israeli population were told that their troops were on the west bank of the so is going to explore the second week of the war in october on al-jazeera. welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. supreme court has narrowly voted to uphold president donald trump's travel ban on
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people from five muslim majority countries trump says it's a tremendous victory for the american people and the constitution. the u.n. says around forty five thousand people have fled syria's southern problems as government forces battle to retake the rebel stronghold. and a new report says there are more than eight hundred cases of children being used to fight in yemen both rebels and saudi and back forces have been accused of recruiting child soldiers. the fate now of more than two hundred thirty migrants and refugees stuck onboard a rescue ship in the mediterranean remains unclear the lifeline has been at sea for five days after both italy and malta refused to let it access their ports on tuesday the italian prime minister said the boat would be allowed to dock in malta but in a tweet the charity says the maltese government is still refusing it access to its territorial waters the remains divided over how to deal with the broader migration
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crisis as dominic cain reports. the issue of migration has dominated european debate for many weeks now specifically what to do with those who present themselves seeking asylum in one country and then go on to claim it elsewhere what's happened with the lifeline vessel in the mediterranean is a case in point almost a microcosm for the entire crisis crying of america all the issue is what to do to placate her domestic allies in bavaria whilst also keeping on board the rest of her coalition and trying to find a european solution but here in bavaria border controls are the real question as i've been finding out. on an early summer's day at hurting looks like a picture postcard the town has been a place of pilgrimage for more than five hundred years it's the c.s. use heartland a formidable conservative election winning party machine for five decades but the recent influx of refugees has changed things the rise of the anti immigrant anti
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has seen the c.s.u. move further to the right fearful of losing votes in this october's state election a little goodies to go through and sort us over all it would be good if there were european solutions however no european solution was achieved in three years and i believe it's important to send a clear signal that we too can reach european measures which are everyday practice in other countries that is code for more of this police controls along the border with austria officially removed more than twenty years ago but temporarily reestablished once the flow of migrants and refugees into germany began growing if the c.s.u. has its way then scenes like these will become commonplace not just in bavaria but also across many of germany's other borders something angular machall and the e.u. institutions strongly oppose because of their commitment to the shang and border free area of the c.i.s.
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use proposals don't stop at just policing borders. asylum seekers would be prevented from working and receiving benefits of violent applicants who'd be jailed alongside criminals then deported such moves go way beyond what chancellor merkel has proposed the price for not toppling her coalition in ad urging many people agree with them your typical merkel invited them all now she can't handle it see the other european countries don't want to play along either they have had enough we are a christian country and we want to stay like that in two hundred fifty years you will barely find a german this is. his right to be humane but at some point we have to protect ourselves it doesn't work any more it's not about racism or xenophobia but at some point we have reached the point where we have to say may first country then the others at a state wide level there are some voicing opposition to the c.s.
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use plans to buy the ship that shot one million and one adds the bad variant economy and millions of jobs in our companies depend on a united europe with open borders new border controls turnstiles finances and walls simply question our prosperity they question our strength this is a responsible and it also questions that the varian identity privately some in the c.s.u. like to think that theirs is the most influential party in germany and with their deadline to angle americal drawing ever closer perhaps right now they're the most influential party in europe don it came down to zero in bavaria. hundreds of police and soldiers have been taking part in what's being called a migrant control exercise on wall street's border with slovenia the new specialized police puma unit and a major role in the drill which for a crowd of people posing as migrants in a staged riot situation at the border is pushing for the european union to have
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tougher migration and asylum policies. navy divers in thailand reentered a flooded cave system as part of the growing search for a missing boy's football team the twelve players aged between eleven and sixteen and their twenty five year old coach are believed to have been trapped by rising water from a heavy rainstorm on saturday school hardly reports now from china rai at the mouth of the ten kilometer cave network. for a third day hundreds of rescue workers continue their search but still no sign of the twelve players from the cademy football team and the twenty five year old coach . it's not the first time that an outing at the tom long cave in northern chiang rai province they're not just teammates but good friends too young come who has been under this tent since saturday her sixteen year old son is missing he's one of the oldest the youngest is eleven big i never knew at least not just my son i feel
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bad that he's not alone so now i need to be strong so i can see his face again when he walks out of the cave she adopted i don't stand on when he arrived from myanmar at the age of two he's now fourteen and missing chin is hopeful the boys will survive and says they work well together we have very strong i would be a very strong this is the mouth of the cave complex that runs some eight kilometers deep into these hills right along the border with myanmar the bikes from these twelve boys and their coats are still here just as they were left on saturday a small makeshift village has been created for the rescue workers there. divers cave climbers soldiers and forestry service workers in the morning at the before the dailies are biggest challenges in the rescue operation we are trying to pump out the water said the dive and. we need to strike more electricity to run the pumps we are pumping three kilometers in need more power and more help keeps coming
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in the race is on to find the boys with rescuers aware time is not on their side it's got harder al-jazeera chiang rai sudan's foreign minister says south sudan's president salva kiir and rebel leader requests have reached a framework agreement to end it ending the civil war the leaders have been attending peace talks in the sudanese capital khartoum and south sudan has been grappling with a civil war since twenty thirteen less than two years after it gained independence from sudan the un has given both sides until the end of the month to reach a peace deal or face sanctions a high level delegation from eritrea is in ethiopia for talks to end decades of conflict and hostility diplomatic relations between the countries were severed after a border war broke out in one thousand nine hundred eight but earlier this month ethiopia's new prime minister vowed to honor a un backed peace deal that gives disputed territories to eritrea. reports from
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other suburbs. a warm welcome for members of the fost trained in addition to visit the disc in almost two decades they hear to discuss peace overtures but if you have here the top raised hopes of a breakthrough in one of africa's most open but interest on the office if european prime minister ahmet said earlier this month he was ready to on all the times of a peace deal and of the country's one thousand nine hundred eight to two thousand conflict he suggested if the appeal would be willing to give up its claim to disputed land raising hopes of a settlement toughest getting over their common border with billing nets. every train and ethiopian people are brothers and sisters relationship goes way beyond the border dispute peace between our two countries will be helpful to the people of the horn of africa and the entire continent at a tram president this size afford to keep in a surprise move last week welcome what he called if he appears positive messages
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and decided to send his first official delegation to addis ababa form a province of ethiopia eritrea voted for independence in one thousand nine hundred thirty it's oppression from ethiopia declared it well landlocked present broke away with the portal as someone must so what five years later the two countries went to warm up over the ports over the small one just the village of button on the border and who it belongs to. how the two countries dealt with the aftermath of the war hoshide the most intimate impact on their citizens thousands of it turn left most were deported from ethiopia eritrea to send home ethiopians living and working within its territory dividing families and bringing businesses built over a long period. a brahman at a term by both chose to stay in addis ababa and keep his job for government work custom when his entire family was deported in two thousand to the trail nothing
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prepared him for the two decades he spent away. from his part insensibly next. procedure mother my father died and i couldn't even attend his funeral it was painful not to see my mother for so long i'm so thankful that the two countries are finally talking about peace his brother better kit also a journalist and up walking for the state because they need a trailer he fled to thier p.r. three years ago to escape forced conscription into the army the lead to violence it was strange to see two brothers on either side of the borders peeling propaganda and trading insults over the airwaves. many theaters and eritreans are surprised at the speed at which things are now moving apart and easing of hostilities has raised hopes of a normalization of relations that might boost regional trade and law tensions mohammed at all just a disciple the ethiopia. several zimbabwean presidential candidates of signed a pledge to keep an upcoming election peaceful but neither the current president
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nor the main opposition rival attended the signing sending representatives instead it follows an assassination attempt on president. at a rally over the weekend two died after a grenade was thrown towards the leader of the elections on july thirtieth will be the first since robert mugabe was ousted from power. victims caught in a siege in the southern philippines last year have been speaking about their experience at a conference in manila president roderigo due to declare victory over the isolating to mao to fight as in mara in october last year after a five month battle the siege left much of the city in ruins and displaced two hundred thousand people but many now say they fear fighters will regroup and launch another attack. qatar's foreign minister has held talks with the u.s. secretary of state mike crapo in washington d.c. the pair discussed the saudi and the u.a.e.
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led blockade against qatar which is now into its second year called on blockading countries to end the embargo two months ago shaikh mohammad bin abdul rahman tahnee says qatar is willing to meet with all feuding parties if a clear plan is made for the talks now the taxi hailing app is one an appeal to continue operating in london their license was revoked last september over the company's fail is to report serious criminal offenses and conduct background checks on drivers paul brennan has more from westminster magistrates court. as a business is a global disruptor turning the traditional taxi profession upside down and provoking protests bans and restrictions as it does it the company is now valued at more than seventy billion dollars and after starting with just three hundred u.k. drivers in two thousand and twelve now has sixty thousand u.k. drivers forty five thousand of them in london but it's had
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a confrontational relationship with the london regulator t.f. out the company boss told elbridge admitted the previous correspondence for example with the regulator had been inaccurate incomplete and in adequate the accepted that the reporting of crime for example was not what it should be that said the judge despite acknowledging a gung ho approach by the company in the past was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt and granted a fifteen month probationary license under the strict supervision of t f l hooper insisted that since last year there have been wholesale change in the way it now conducts its business it was now transparent and open but has u.k. boss tom eldridge declined to be open with the media afterwards instead issuing just a brief written statement we are pleased with today's decision we will continue to work with t.f. l. to address their concerns and earn their trust while providing the best possible service for our customers with a body representing london's traditional black cabs is not happy at all they've
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admitted a catalogue of errors in their treatment c.f.l. as a regulator and basically the magistrate has said i will as long as you've apologized and everything's going to be good for merrill we can move forward i mean this decision was an absolute disgrace and one former driver says c.f.l. now needs to prove itself to cheer fellow new tackled over at the end of a five year license term why was cheerful not to on top of this throughout the license terms that's the question we need to be asked now is that changed as well is it capable of managing who. is on probation will it now play fair or take d.f.l. for a ride paul brennan al-jazeera westminster magistrates'. before we go there's just time for a quick look at our top stories again u.s. president donald trump has hailed a supreme court ruling upholding his travel ban on people from five muslim majority
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countries there were protests outside the court as it voted five to four to accept the trumps executive order was legal a ban prohibits most people from iran libya somalia syria and yemen from entering the united states. this is a great critically for our constitution we have to be tough and we have to be safe and we have to be secure at a minimum we have to make sure that we vet people coming into the country we know who's coming in we know where they're coming from we just have to know who's coming here the united nations says it's confirmed over eight hundred cases of children being used in the fighting in yemen some as young as eleven years old a new report accuses both huth the rebels and saudi and backed forces of recruiting child soldiers it says as many as seventy six child soldiers were used on the
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frontlines a government offensive to retake one of syria's last opposition strongholds has forced forty five thousand people to flee triggering warnings of another humanitarian crisis government forces backed by russian warplanes have launched airstrikes and ground battles to recaptured there are from rebel fighters most of the displaced syrians are heading to jordan. sudan's foreign minister says south sudan's president salva kiir and rebel leader rick mucha have reached a framework agreement to end the civil war the leaders have been attending peace talks of the sudanese capital khartoum south sudan has been grappling with a civil war since two thousand and thirteen less than two years after it gained independence from. the taxi hailing app as one an appeal to continue operating in london its license was revoked last september over the company's failures to report serious criminal offenses. those were the headlines are all up to date stay with us
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history of the i.m.f. said riyadh's a breakeven oil price of twenty eighteen is likely to be around eighty eight dollars a barrel why is argentina again turning to the i.m.f. for help now we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. a new poll ranks mexico city is the full first in the world for sexual violence many women are attacked while moving in the crowded spaces of the metro buses and even at the hands of taxi drivers the conversation starts with do you have a boyfriend to your very pretty and young you feel unsafe threatened you think about how to react what do i do if this gets way no money on a uses a new service it's called lateral drive it's for women passages only and drawn by women drivers the apple for some extra features like a panic button and twenty four seven monitoring of drivers. in one nine hundred
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forty eight the state of israel was proclaimed. palestine was lost. sixteen years later in one thousand nine hundred sixty four the palestine liberation organization or the p.l.o. was founded. made up of different factions the p.l.o. has been at the heart of the struggle to regain palestine ever since. following the expulsion from jordan p.l.o. leader yasser arafat decided to pursue the path of diplomacy. there were hopeful signs of the early seventy's but the optimism was all to come crashing down.
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to the people at. the last summit. but only. good through last night but only the idea. of those. little small are following id in nov nineteenth seventy four yes an artifact received a standing ovation at the general assembly. he had spoken over peaceful solution for christ in the minds. of the guerrilla leader standing among statesmen it was
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a crown which. journey to the un had begun several years earlier. following their expulsion from jordan some palestinian factions concluded their fiery rhetoric and revolutionary zeal had harmed rather than help their cause are you saying the same time that there will be increase in terrorism. no i am saying there will be an increase in people who hear this but i gather in the evolution of the struggle inside at this time and i refused the word terrorism because we are not that honest a lot of people in palestine if you are following them they are doing demonstrations every day in nablus in ramallah they are accusing there is not only conquered but why do you call this that of as it is at the same time you heard jack international ecker after and hold hostages innocent women and children how do you
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expect the rest of the world to sympathize and respect the palestinian cause first of all it be if he has declared lately that with this type of actions this is number one and number two your in all of these actions which we have done previously we did not do harm to anybody however the f.l.p. operative when he heard that did not agree with publish had descended and was expelled from the group but this did not prevent him from organizing further operations in one nine hundred seventy five he sent a group headed by the venezuelan revolutionary karmas to vienna to storm a meeting of opec and take several ministers hostage but her dad was angry that carlos had not followed the meticulous plans he had drawn up. what dia let me. say that the. what dia may not have realized about carlos
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is narcissism which manifested itself in the opec operation carlos acted against what he is orders and when they met afterwards what the slap him. i think when carlos negotiated and released the oil ministers it gave the impression that he could be bribed which was a main reason for the failure of the operation from that moment what the broke his connection with carlos. a year later a group of her dad's followers hijacked in france carol. to intently you got the israelis mounted a spectacular rescue operation killing all the hijackers and freeing the hostages despite these acts of violence the political track was moving. following the one nine hundred seventy expulsion from jordan the democratic front for the liberation of palestine the d.f.l. be believed a more realistic political program was required. in one thousand nine hundred eighty two it had floated the idea of accepting a two state solution by the summer of one nine hundred seventy four the p.l.o.
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had unanimously adopted the d.f.l. peace ten point plan. for the first time the palestinians spoke about establishing an independent national authority the word israel was never explicitly mentioned in the plan but after years of armed struggle the palestinians were now implicitly recognizing the state of israel and under but managed out of that work yet i'm not i'm at a loss only about nothingness living it was opposed by the process. of command and called the defeatists as genda but arafat and i will yet west mark the field p. as a bulldozer or minesweeper to clear the way for it when i wanted the. cabinet it took almost a year of discussions and on the eve of the b. and c. session in june of one thousand nine hundred seventy four we came to a consensus with fattah that b f p and the process. and the ten point program that
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was adopted. just weeks prior to his speech at the u.n. artifacts received the mandate he'd long been seeking from arab leaders the arab league summit in rabat to strip jordan over its traditional role in palestinian affairs and named the p.l.o. as the sole legitimate representative of the palestinian people. for the palestinians it was a dream come true their decision making no longer be bound by the yoke of an object at all broke out of state would continue to try and exert influence on palestinian militants the jordanians felt there about some of the decision pointed the finger of blame back. but as. i wonder what would have happened if his majesty had expressed his displeasure by withdrawing from that about summit while leaving his prime minister there jordan was being harassed jordan was made out to be the root of the problem not israel. soon after artifacts triumph at the
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u.n. in november nine hundred seventy four consensus among the different palestinian factions over the two state solution proposal began to falter. after its expulsion from jordan the p.l.o. had moved its headquarters to the lebanese capital beirut. in april one nine hundred seventy five civil war broke out in a. lebanese politics divided into two camps christiane led dried and a muslim dominated left led by the socialist druze politician come out to. four years lebanon's muslims had clamored for a fairer distribution of political power. the palestinians felt a natural affinity for their calls desperate not to repeat the mistakes committed in jordan the p.l.o. leader sought to keep his forces out of the lebanese. i know that arafat tried to keep the palestinians out of the wall at the beginning but that was never going to be possible impossible especially with they. especially with the
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common nationalisms you know the german. push of nationalism on the palestinian version of nationalism but by nine hundred seventy six the palestinians no longer felt able to stay on the sidelines in the. palestinian fighters linked up with the leftist forces and gradually advanced into the christian heart of. syria found the idea of a p.l.o. backed regime and never known a recipe for disaster it feared such areas would provoke israel into military action that would drag syria into war. for their part israel and the united states also took a dim view of the rise of the lebanese left and its palestinian arabs in one of the more bizarre alignments of interest eleven on syria decided to throw its weight behind the christians with a green light from washington and tacit israeli consent syria sent its army into lebanon in june of one nine hundred seventy six to stem the palestinian leftist
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advance. get a polygamist story out of the. and that's what it of syria was asked to intervene to curb the expansion of the palestinian and lebanese leftists. the lebanese left had become troublesome to arab regimes. the leader of the left come out jumblatt was viewed as a threat to lebanese and arab stability. another factor was the mutual dislike between arafat and syrian president assad. syria's military intervention was stepped up following an assault on a damascus hotel by the n.t. out of the abu nidal and palestinian group. the perpetrators were quickly apprehended and hanged in public. faced with the syrian onslaught i felt appealed to the arab world for assistance accusing syria of attempting to liquidate the palestinian resistance the syrian assault force the palestinians onto the defensive . they were no longer able to mount an effective resupply of their besieged refugee camps and the christians. the camps principle among which
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was tell a saturday were overrun and the residents expelled or massacred. two arab summits were quickly convened they established what became known as the out of deterrent forces made up principally of the same syrian forces that had entered lebanon with only token representation from several other arab states syria had prevailed the value at which had not. been president assad's view was that syria and its ability to achieve strategic parity with israel had to be supported by two strong wings a lebanese wing and a palestinian wing that is if syria was to have influence on the political scene it had to become the sole legitimate representative of syria lebanon and the palestinians while lebanon was in the throes of conflict on another front there were moves towards peace. in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven egyptian
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president anwar sadat a longstanding ally of artifacts made a groundbreaking visit to israel to sue for peace in exchange for land arafat was stunned but out of fact had been making his own peace moves his representative in london side hamami had been promoting the palestinian vision of a two state solution a ton of facts behest. or cared for us than the. other fact in the palestinian leadership were convinced that the most important thing was achieving palestinian aspirations not the method employed to achieve them and if the method to achieve them was a civilized and peaceful one then that would be better than a violent one. out of five and the p.l.o. leadership to firmly believe this. chairman arafat's know very well that the one nine hundred seventy three war demonstrated the limits of collective arab action.


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