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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 27, 2018 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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they pleaded not guilty. the u.n. says forty five thousand people are fleeing the fighting around the city of daraa in southern syria they're heading for the border with jordan but its government says it won't let the men reports. as the battle for debt intensifies pro syrian government forces say they've taken control of the two towns above sort of how dear and. in the eastern that are countryside videos like this one purport to show troops many of whom are believed to be iranian backed militia members entering sort of how do you on tuesday the town has come under heavy bombardment and its capture is the first major government advance in this offensive that will allow the syrian army to advance more southwards thought of. the city of that i take it i think that connecting. with that and occupying the valleys of the which we have full of. groups.
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forget that the group that will allow. me to advance fast fast out of the city of that. by cutting off a key rebel supply line and province more pro-government troops will be able to move in retaking the entire province of that i would give the government control over its border with jordan all the way to the israeli occupied golan heights. and in the extremely complicated terrain of syria's war analysts believe deals have already been made i believe that. the americans that we have a good deal with the russians now they are going to stay out of this of this of this anyhow and the city of beijing will take control of that will be good for everybody what is a need for the russians for jordan because jordan also although the jordanians actually but it concerned about any new influx of refugees inside job done but they
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want very much to open the border crossing with syria because economically this is a bloody a more tenth lifeline for the jordanian economy according to the united nations forty five thousand people have so far fled the violin. it's and headed toward the border of the jordan concerns are growing about the humanitarian situation no matter the regime's recent advances rebels say they will continue to fight even as many wonder if this fight may be coming to an end. still ahead on al-jazeera both sides of the conflict in yemen are accused of using hundreds of child soldiers. up to twenty years of fighting signs of hope of an end of to hostilities between ethiopia and eritrea.
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we've got the rain clouds gathering across the east the side of the u.s. maybe into eastern parts of canada as well the three has been down to the southeast in kona around the carolinas around the panhandle area without a line of cloud another system just sliding across the northern plains for the rockies just making its way further east west towards the appalachians watch the skies come back in behind it we will see some very heavy downpours anywhere from that eastern side of the lakes is coming out of ontario rock the way down into the deep south just towards our console a few showers there into louisiana west of that is just a lousy try we could do with the right in northern california coast where we have the wild fosse fosse still burning to the colorado dry denver getting up to thirty seven celsius we'll see temperatures around nineteen for san francisco twenty six therefore i come a little further north you might just catch wanted to showers into british columbia a few showers into central parts of the u.s.
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but it's east side of the country where it will stay pretty wet and these are big downpours that will be some localized flash floods from time to time some showers to still affecting the great around here this particular across cuba western side of the cab in saying the line of the cloud and indeed the right further east is fine dry and sunny. demain the intersection of reality and comedy and post revolution tennessee our. mission to entertain educate and prevent debate through satire how weapon of choice pizza. and internet look at what inspires one of two news is most popular comedians to make people laugh. my tune is yeah hang on al-jazeera.
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you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour the u.s. supreme court has now really voted to uphold president donald trump's travel ban on people from five muslim majority countries some calls it a tremendous victory for the american people the ban prohibits most people from iran and libya somalia syria and yemen from entering the u.s. . and the standard nationals accusing me of mazar me of carrying out a planned and systematic campaign against that will hinge on its latest reports names of thirteen military personnel it says a responsible for war crimes including murder rape and forced starvation human rights group says they should be tried at
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the international criminal court. and government forces say they've retaken two towns in the strategic province of dead up the u.n. says at least forty five thousand people have fled the intensified fighting in the south they're heading for the georgian border but the government there says it won't let them in. rescuers remain confident they'll find twelve missing footballers and their coach alive four days after getting stuck in a flooded cave in northern thailand believed to be several kilometers from the entrance they've been stranded since saturday when heavy rain blocked their only exit scott hylas got the latest from shanghai. here on the fourth day of searching here in the cave complex rescue workers are continuing but the rain heavy rainfall overnight from tuesday into wednesday is really stymieing their efforts we were just seeing rescue workers teams of rescue workers bringing down very large hoses
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and this is part of the process of them trying to pump out all the water that's been going into this cave complex that's preventing them to get to those stranded footballers and their coats we know that there have been other efforts that have been ongoing you know at the end of day tuesday there were three kilometers in pumping some of the water out and they had electrical lines and strong in there too to run the pump system here because of the heavy rain overnight tuesday wednesday and wednesday morning that they had to retreat a little bit we don't know how far back but they've been stymied they've had to come back and kind of reduce their footprint inside this cave complex we also know that there are two helicopters standing by to go up as soon as the cloud cover clears one is a blackhawk helicopter that seal members will go in and with the idea hopefully there's some openings in this cave complex masses that those eight kilometers in that there could be some openings where they could repel down and try the rescue effort that way the seal team members we know now that there are forty one on site other army troops have been marching through the jungle around this area also
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trying to find any way in now something that happened on wednesday morning you know this is a football team a youth football team from the local area here some of the other members of that team came here to talk to rescue officials this is a facility that they have used as a team as a training facility but also as recreation in fact when they came here on saturday afternoon it was after a practice met the team members here coming to talk to the rescue workers to give them any information they can but also to sit with other family members who are here still and have been here since saturday afternoon the u.n. says it's counted more than eight hundred cases of children being used in the fighting in yemen the new report accuses both who the rebels and the coalition of recruiting child soldiers some as young as eleven years old. it says up to seventy six were used on the front lines many guarded checkpoints and government buildings took equipment to military positions ibrahim qatari is a political analyst who specializes in the yemen conflict and he says the u.n. has an obligation to hold those who recruit child soldiers to account the
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recruitment of sholden and using them as shields and bringing them to the. you know word zones two to being gay than the conflicts and the wars and the killings is a crime against humanity all parties the saudi led coalition and the whole of these have committed crimes and crimes against humanity and yemen and in particular against shoulder they got them out they will move them out of schools they recruit them they do all kind of violations that actually is a violation to the local and the international laws and i think this is all these people you know militias and the coalition need to be held accountable this is not new and to be honest this is only a fraction of what is being done to the shoulder and the future of yemen these are the future of yemen and to kill the future of yemen killing the sheldon of yemen and without any accountability without any transparency this is a serious problem going into the future and i think the un has an obligation to do
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what's right for yemenis and to hold those who committed these crimes accountable israeli defense forces say a rockets being fired from gaza towards their territory that comes after an israeli jet targeted a vehicle they say was used to launch burning balloons from the northern part of the strip into israel tensions been high in the area since late march when palestinians began protesting at israel's border with gaza israeli forces have shot and killed one hundred thirty two protesters. the united nations aviation agency says it will consider doha's request to have the blockade imposed against qatar declared illegal the international civil aviation organization rejected objections filed by the four countries behind the ban a final decision is expected before the end of the week and a lack reports from montreal. it's been almost a year since catch our first came here to the international civil aviation organization to have the blockade against it declared illegal under international
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law the countries that are blockading qatar egypt bahrain saudi arabia and the u.a.e. filed counter complaints to try to say that i could not hear. concerns but according to catalyze minister of transport the organization has dismissed those complaints and we'll hear them we'll hear what catherine has to say just. the next step is that the council of international civil aviation organization will announce its final decisions on friday meanwhile will submit more documents in order to find solutions but i think the blockading countries will file an objection arguing that the council is not competent to consider kottaras complaints they're requesting the case be transferred to the international court of justice so we're confident justice is on our side. the current session of the governing council of the international civil aviation organization ends on friday so if there is to be a decision on this it's going to have to happen before then because then i k o
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basically takes off the rest of the summer it's also not clear whether this organization which is both publicize shy and not normally involved in disputes between member states without trying to achieve consensus is going to take a quick decision or whether it might stretch it out to september when it meets again it's there's no doubt the blockade has had an effect on cateye are in qatar airways its flagship carrier reporting some hits on its profits but also i k i think is probably never had a situation like this in front of it before so there may be some sense of urgency to get this done sooner rather than later if you oprah says it's time for decades of hostility without a trade to end the two sides are holding talks for the first time since diplomatic ties were severed twenty years ago hammad out of reports from the capital addis ababa. a warm welcome for members of the fost trained in addition to visit the disc in almost two decades they here to discuss peace
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overtures by ethiopia the top raised hopes of a breakthrough in one of most problems but interest on the offs if european prime minister ahmet say dalia this month he was ready to on all the times of a peace deal and of the country's one thousand nine hundred eight to two thousand conflict he suggested if the appeal would be willing to give up its claim to disputed land raising hopes of a settlement toughest getting over their common border with revealing nets. every train and ethiopian people are brothers and sisters relationship goes way beyond the border dispute peace between our two countries will be helpful to the people of the horn of africa and the entire continent at a tray and president assad is a forward a key in a surprise move last week welcome what he called if he appears positive messages and decided to send his first official delegation to addis ababa form a province of ethiopia eritrea bolted for independence in one thousand nine hundred
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thirty its oppression from ethiopia declared its will landlocked resit broke away with the portal as someone must so what. five years later the two countries went to warm up over the ports over the small undusted village of but on the border and who it belongs to. how the two countries dealt with the aftermath of the wall has had the most intimate impact on their citizens thousands of better term nationals were deported from ethiopia eritrea to send home ethiopians living and working within its territory dividing families and bringing businesses built over a long period you're not a prominent a term by both chose to stay in addis ababa and keep his job at a pro-government work custer when his entire family was deported in two thousand and two at a trailer nothing prepared him for the two decades he spent away from his parents and siblings and i'm getting new to see germany my father died and i couldn't even attend his funeral it was painful not to see my mother for so long i'm so thankful
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that the two countries are finally talking about peace his brother benteke it's also a journalist ended up walking for the state because they know the trail he fled to theo pierre few years ago to escape forced conscription into the army no less violent it was strange to see two brothers on either side of the border us peeling propaganda and trading insults over the airwaves. many thea present at a trance are surprised at the speed at which things are now moving apart and easing of hostilities has raised hopes of a normalization of relations that might boost regional trade and lower tensions mohammed at all just zita a disciple by ethiopia south sudan's foreign minister says president salva kiir and rebel leader very much of have agreed on some points to end the civil war has been attending the latest round of peace talks with his former deputy this time in the sudanese capital khartoum the un has given both sides until the end of the month to
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reach a deal or face sanctions. a judge in the u.k. has said the taxi firm can keep operating in london at least for now the city had stripped the taxi company of its operating license last september or over safety concerns but an appeals court ruled over has fifteen months to prove its problems are over for good paul brown and reports from london. as a business is a global disruptor turning the traditional taxi profession upside down and provoking protests bans and restrictions as it does it the company is now valued at more than seventy billion dollars and after starting with just three hundred u.k. drivers in two thousand and twelve now has sixty thousand u.k. drivers forty five thousand of them in london but it's had a confrontational relationship with the london regulator t.f. out the company boss told elbridge admitted the previous correspondence for example with the regulator had been inaccurate incomplete and in adequate the accepted that
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the reporting of crime for example was not what it should be that said the judge despite acknowledging a gung ho approach by the company in the past was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt and granted a fifteen month probationary license under the strict supervision of t f l hooper insisted that since last year there have been wholesale change in the way it now conducts its business it was now transparent and open because u.k. boss tom eldridge declined to be open with the media afterwards instead issuing just a brief written statement we are pleased with today's decision we will continue to work with t.f. l. to address their concerns and earn their trust while providing the best possible service for our customers with a body representing london's traditional black cabs is not happy at all they've admitted a catalogue of errors in their treatment c.f.l. as a regulator and basically the magistrate has said i will as long as you've apologized
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and everything's going to be good for merrill we can move forward i mean this decision was an absolute destroyed. and one former driver says c.f.l. now needs to prove itself to. at the end of a five year license term boy was not on top of this throughout the license terms it's a question we need to be asking now is that changed as well is it capable of managing it. is on probation will it now play fair or take t f l from right. al-jazeera westminster magistrates'. this is all just zero these are the top stories the u.s. supreme court has voted to uphold president donald trump's travel ban on people from five muslim majority countries trunk calls it a tremendous victory for the american people the ban prohibits most people from iran libya somalia syria and yemen from entering the u.s.
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this is a great victory for our constitution we have to be tough and we have to be safe and we have to be secure at a minimum we have to make sure that we vet people coming into the country we know who's coming in we know where they're coming from. we just have to know who's coming here. meanwhile seventeen u.s. states are suing president donald trump's administration for splitting up migrant families they want to force officials to reunite children with their parents two thousand three hundred children have been separated in recent weeks from signed an executive order this month to end the separations amnesty international is accusing me in mars army of carrying out a planned and systematic campaign against the hinge or its latest reports names thirteen military personnel it says are responsible for war crimes including murder
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rape and forced to starvation the human rights group says they should be tried at the international criminal court. two women accused of killing the a strange half brother of north korean leader kim jong un have appeared in court in malaysia to hear the closing arguments in their trial. and one te qual are accused of attacking kim jong nam with a nerve agent in an airport terminal in color and poor last year. navy divers have reentered a flooded cave in northern thailand to search for a football team missing for three days twelve boys and their coach had gone exploring on saturday when rising water from a heavy rainstorm blocked their only exit rescuers are confident they're still alive. i judge in the u.k. says the house taxi company can keep operating in london for at least the city had stripped the u.s. based firm of its operating license last september over safety concerns but an appeals court ruled ober has fifteen months to prove its problems are over for good
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coming up next it's my chin is every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories joined the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most on al-jazeera. seem.
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