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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 177  Al Jazeera  June 27, 2018 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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prominent what are the details of this case while richard shoot up because he was the editor of a local english language daily the rise in kashmir in srinagar the capital of the indian administered part of kashmir but he also become involved in attempts to broker a better relations between india and pakistan and he was shot multiple times by three unidentified assassins while sitting in his car outside his office both of his bodyguards who actually had been assigned in fifteen years ago were also killed and on that point a former security chief has since said that mr bakari had actually requested additional protection from the indian intelligence service just a few days earlier he was clearly fearing for his life now i spoke with anuradha sen executive editor of kashmir times a professional associate and friend of the qarase and i asked her what it was about his journalism that made him a target. professionally who is the.
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who is reporting things that he objectively. in the police situation i mean it's not easy to do because in doing the dishes from all sides the other thing is there. should you know who he was also waiting to hear it wasn't his professional. journalism which was as problematic for some people as it is these activists and as you mentioned this guy had two bodyguards they were killed as well and that must leave kashmiri journalist wondering if anybody there is safe and it's a community of journalists that has suffered decades of threats and intimidation from militants and indian forces alike i talked her myspace and about that and the effect this may have on journalism in kashmir. it's a personal level it's a huge loss professionally and i think it skidded a huge vacuum beyond that i think it is in order for us
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because it is due to the collective belief in. that is and in history of human traits it views that these death signifies it has invoked a sense of fear. and middles of that sense of fear and that is extremely disturbing this past week also saw the u.s. news media consumed by this undocumented migrant story the thousands of children taken from their parents by the border authorities and placed in detention centers despite some access issues the journalists are having on this story the coverage seems to be pretty much nonstop in fact richard all the major u.s. news networks have sent pig names down to texas morning shows nightly news cast they're all being anchored or co-hosted from the border c.n.n. has seven crews in the region but you're right recording inside the detention centers is actually behave but it so news outlets
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a stuck using the photos and videos but the border protection authorities are providing the new york times tweeted that they were going to use the pictures if their own camera and one actually allowed in what did get a lot of play however was a leaked audio recording of children sobbing published by the investigative outlet pro publica and part of that tape was actually played during a white house briefing involving the secretary of homeland security christian nielsen not that it moved nielsen then had her own media moment she was in a restaurant in washington when protesters shamed her over the separation of families and it was all caught on camera and here's the kicker richard the restaurant was mexico. ok thanks lou there was a time when to see was to believe that is no longer the case at least in syria in seven years of fighting there the bombing of civilians tales of torture on both sides millions displaced it's the chemical weapons attacks that have produced some of the most widely broadcast footage and the most heated debates the most recent
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suspected chemical attack occurred two months ago in the city of duma we saw images of frantic rescue efforts the hosing down the victims children included however in a war involving multiple states and actors almost nothing can be taken at face value arguments over the authenticity of the footage the credibility of the analysis the motives and flaws in the reporting have been intense and ongoing to call this an information war is to sell it short it's a news and information store and trying to navigate through it is far from easy listening posts minox ravi now on the seeming him possibility of understanding one of the most contentious aspects of the syrian war the use of chemical weapons. on a story as contentious as the war in syria where in addition to bullets claims and counterclaims fly across battle lines and where numerous chemical attacks have
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thrown up serious questions over what evidence from the war zone can be trusted it is doubly important to consider the source. for this story reinterviewed rani a colleague a journalist reporting on the underclass and she says on her website she's based in beirut. a british blogger who started analyzing videos and documents from the city in war in two thousand and twelve he is now often referred to as a specialist in open source weapons analysis christine benedict a campaign manager for the engineer amnesty international based in length. in his focus for the past few years has been the war in syria max blumenthal a journalist and author of numerous books in an interview he said what motivates his work is a disgust with unfairness and elias growth a d.c. based journalist who covers how conflicts play out in the cyberspace. and consider
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to where you are seeing this story on the listening post airing on al jazeera english an international news channel funded by the state of qatar. who are obviously a range of positions on the use of chemical weapons certainly for a. national were quite clear that chemical weapons have been used by the assad regime there are obviously counter-narrative with charter trying to say no chemical weapons have been used or chemical weapons have been used by the so-called terrorists meanwhile american journalists who have visited the area have found no traces of poisonous substances my position is that we should be skeptical of everything coming out of syria because at the end of the day there's not people on the ground who actually know what's happening reporters cannot get into the town civilians cannot get out the internet videos of the only evidence of the suffering all we're hearing from is biased sources whether it be the syrian government or whether the western governments or insurgents on the ground who have been pushing
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for regime change so we should be skeptical of all allegations coming out of this war. because our american and coalition forces fifteen years ago in two thousand and three the united states under the presidency of george w. bush went to war with iraq. u.s. intelligence agencies claimed iraqi president saddam hussein had been secretly developing weapons of mass destruction in fact they can produce enough dry biological agent in a single month to kill thousands upon thousands of people despite u.n. weapons inspectors saying they could find no evidence. mainstream news media primarily in the u.s. and u.k. rammed with the bush administration's version of the story the intelligence shows in the senators can back this up that their massive amounts of weapons of mass destruction here in the theory on accounted for those claims proved to be false they were lies and the u.s.
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and british media along with the governments whose allies the propagated have been struggling to regain their credibility ever since it was this really seminal moment in. post nine eleven history in the united states it shattered trust in government charges to media was not enough critical resorting explosions fireballs mushroom clouds of fear some of the spoils of american military might iraq were its exhibit a for why it's so important to critically evaluate these types of statements by the government i cannot think of one pundit on the national scene in cable news or any major newspaper who has questioned the drive for regime change in syria he's got russia and iran behind them and we want him out so we need to tip the balance about and so it's really left to a small group of journalists and online activists to really sift through what we believe is dissin from ation from our own government aimed at stimulating
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a war of regime change the sheer volume of information available online about the city and war has been unprecedented videos images uploaded documents witness testimonies and it has led to the rise of what's called open source investigation which is a malice of material that is available on the web one of the best known websites examining evidence of chemical attacks in syria is billing cat and he taken the founder of the site spoke with us about the process of open source investigations. but spent six years looking at chemical attacks in syria generally you're going to be looking at things like facebook and twitter accounts from we're also reaching out to groups on the ground who called in videos speak to witnesses. kind of idea of what the emerging narrative from the attack is then we cross reference by gets national with your future so for example we hired for you for your show interior of the building but we had to figure out if it was the same building so that they were features that was shared so we pieced all of these together kind of like
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a jigsaw i am not an expert i'm not a military expert i am not an expert in satellite analysis or video analysis but neither is out here pickens the founder of telling us that we wouldn't accept the medical claims of somebody who hasn't been to medical school another problem is that they didn't and it's colleagues that are not on the ground in syria which means they lack contacts they lack direct witnesses they lack impartiality they lack physical evidence and one thing i will say i mean when it comes to the use of open source material. it doesn't some way. a greater ability for the public to understand the evidence if the use of chemical weapons has been documented in a large body of real time evidence is not something that you as a citizen and you can go of march. you can ask yourself what happened. however online investigations i don't we as accurate only as credible as the
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material they are based on a lot of what he gains and others rely on has been provided by the syrian civil defense a group better known as the white helmets they call themselves a neutral humanitarian group of volunteers rescuing people from the rubble of buildings hit by bombs. on. a documentary about their work even won an oscar in two thousand and seventeen. some in. in addition to their rescue missions the white helmets post videos from the war zone their footage of air strikes and chemical weapon attacks have been used widely by the media many call the white helmets heroes in the face of on relenting chalo the heroes they are said millions who risk their life to save others see they are propped up by foreign governments and have strong links with syrian militias considered terrorists the white helmets are not just
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a group of ordinary rescue workers it's the white helmets are an international influence operation and what makes it specially scandalous is that the white helmets have been funded with at least twenty three million dollars from the state department's office of transition initiatives which is the regime change arm of the state department as well as fifty five million dollars from the british foreign office and untold millions from the government of qatar the financial parrot al-jazeera and the white helmets have participated in public executions that's been well documented they have been filmed celebrating alongside members of job it on the us or the syrian al-qaeda affiliates and they have also participated in rescuing people from under the rubble but that's only part of the organization this organization should be immediately defended. the syrian conflict is a story where proper. ganda misinformation fake news and denialism all meet to confuse obstruct and sway often successfully that multiple chemical weapon attacks
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have taken place is a fact confirmed by several international organizations but the who why and how angles all of these stories take time to investigate and clarify details often remain murky for long after the attacks are out of the headlines people generally have less time to read an eighty page report from the united nations they can pick the tweet which say. were responsible for the attack and and they're going to go that because they have a sense that that some information that they can run with it's easily digestible it's like the mcdonnell's of information. in this serial order is one of the most covered military conflicts in history and despite all the information and data available on the eighty cases of chemical attacks documented the movie read about them the more we're told about them the less we feel we actually know the truth goes that truth is the first casualty in war. certainly in the case of syria the
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truth even the facts are as contested as the battleground journalists are trying to report on. and finally the pittsburgh post gazette was clearly not amused so it fired its editorial cartoonist rob rogers says he was terminated last week for making fun of donald trump according to rogers who spent almost a quarter century in the job the last six cartoons that he submitted for publication including this one showing president trump separating a child from its migrant family were all spiked by the editor the paper said it tried to find what it called a middle way with rodgers but that he had been unwilling to quote collaborate unquote and it's worth noting is the mayor of pittsburgh did that the firing came just one day after trump called the u.s. news media our country's biggest enemy we'll leave you now with some of the cartoons the post because that saw on fit to print and we'll see you next time here
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at the listening but. it was a war that united egypt and syria and against israel but in the heat of the battle that different agendas soon became apparent i suppose that his dream was to have to
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see tonight in sixty seven when president said that came to be told us just give me ten centimeters of land in the east the second i'm a three part series israeli population but told that their troops were on the west bank of the series connect. spawn's the second week of the war in october on al-jazeera. i'm rob matheson in doha the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. supreme court has upheld the donald trump's travel ban on people from five muslim majority countries the judges not only voted to accept that the u.s. president was acting legally when he bought people from iran yemen somalia and libya and syria from entering the united states she have a chance he has more from washington d.c. . the five four ruling was not on expected but protesters were still incensed.
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but the majority of justices how degreed with the trumpet ministration this was not a muslim band this policy was the result of a careful global interagency analysis of vetting procedures for travelers to the u.s. from libya syria somalia yemen and iran. and it was the president's right to impose a ban because national security is his responsibility donald trump was clearly delighted this is a great victory for our constitution we have to be tough and we have to be safe and we have to be secure but in what was described as a furious dissent from the bench of liberal justice sonia sotomayor referred to cannes that trumps open comparison of the travel ban to the decision that mandated the detention of japanese americans during world war two sort of my all said taking all the relevant evidence together a reasonable observer would conclude that the proclamation was driven primarily by
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anti muslim animus rather than by the government's asserted national security justifications. politicians and activists are now expressing concern that the supreme court has affirmed doldrums own opinion that he and he alone is in control of the country's national security and that he can act without oversight in deciding who comes into this country with. we are concerned that donald trump will move. by muslim majority countries that are in the current version. not only target more country but should we even go after u.s. and lawful permanent residents i say who is going to be in. is the president going to issue an executive order yes it's against is he going to have orders against people coming from honduras guatemala what's next and now the supreme court has ruled the tricks on donald trump's powers to set immigration policy himself have been weakened considerably. washington malaysian police say they'll soon call in
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former prime minister najib razak and his wife for questioning over allegations of money laundering and corruption items seized from property linked to the couple were valued at more than two hundred fifty million dollars among the goods were collections of luxury handbags worth twenty three million dollars and twelve thousand pieces of jewelry now being investigated for allegedly stealing billions from the state fund during his nine years in office. two woman accused of killing the estranged hof but out of north korean leader kim jong un have appeared in court in malaysia to hear the closing arguments in their trial. accused of attacking kim jong nam with a nerve agent in an airport terminal in kuala lumpur last year. navy divers have reentered a flooded cave in northern thailand to search for a football team missing for three days twelve boys and their coach had gone exploring on saturday when rising water from
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a heavy rain storm blocks their only exit rescuers are confident they're still alive because the cave is several kilometers long. the united nations aviation agency says it will consider doha's requests to have the blockade imposed against qatar declared illegal the international civil aviation organization has rejected objections filed by the four countries behind the ban saudi arabia u.a.e. egypt and bahrain imposed the book a day a year ago the final decision is expected before the end of the week the office of one of the netherlands leading newspapers has been attacked by a suspect driving a van and tuesday surveillance video provided by dutch newspaper did telegraph shows a white van ramming into the building the driver did that twice before setting the car on fire nobody was injured in the incident but the dutch prime minister has described it as a slap in the face for free press those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after this system mandatory sentencing but for now.
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what took place that night my oldest daughter runs along here and she gets her father and says young man is attacking sarah my husband he's holding the pistol down at the floor and he says to him you have four seconds to leave this house instead of leaving the house. a young man decides to come forward. if the state of florida requires the rest of my life in here. as a tradeoff for my family's life to bargain i'll do it i firmly believe had i not
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done what i did. my daughter is here would be dead. well for instance he sleeps through the american criminal justice system and forces are laws and keeps watch over a person. but who is watching the system. i'm joe berlinger and i've used my camera for twenty years to knock down doors and pursue the truth in the system now we're going inside the american criminal justice system a comment from the judge from law enforcement through elected officials the court system the corrections to find out if justice is being served. mandatory minimums which are fixed prison sentences that judges are required to impose for certain crimes have been used for decades advocates believe these laws deter crime keep criminals off the street and ensure uniform sentencing but in recent years mandatory minimums have come under fire mandatory minimums have been
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tried for forty years we fill prisons with low level and nonviolent offenders they don't impact the crime rates they're tremendously expensive to taxpayers without offering any benefit in return. in this episode of the system we'll explore the impact of mandatory minimums as they relate to gun crime. some say our first case in polk county florida is an example of the tragic unintended consequences of mandatory minimum laws. in two thousand and nine fifty three year old. was convicted of aggravated assault with a firearm in the state of florida while it claims he was firing a warning shot to scare away his teenage daughter's boyfriend who threatened his family with violence. mr wood and sentenced to twenty years in going to state prison as a mandatory minimum place is going to not get by the way just with all due respect to you. sometimes i protect myself and i
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know i didn't say this in the form of. some from somebody not. refusing a plea deal while he went to trial and was found guilty under florida mandatory minimum law he was sentenced to twenty years without parole it's crazy no matter what happens if you fire a gun twenty years not it doesn't matter why our current system has gone very far a wry. after a failed appeal while he had resigned himself to the twenty years behind bars until a stranger sharon l. molé a medical malpractise lawyer unexpectedly gave him some hope. elmo a is currently paying for waller's post conviction relief thanks to an article that i found two years ago in the new york times i have a side occupation which is that i am dedicating. my free time
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to the effort to get orrible lee waller and out of jail what specifically outraged us because we really felt that there hadn't been any wrongdoing on his part. and because he was a person who acted on principle and rejected a plea deal that was offered by the prosecutors that this ended up biting him in the butt you seem pretty confident going into the trial what happened right well it it seems like everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong i mean the level of preparation was just not there according to l molay wallers the original lawyer did not conduct in person interviews with his witnesses and failed to call additional witnesses who could have helped the case. the break that lee needed was a new trial there's no doubt in my mind that were this case to be
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retried with a really gung ho attorney with a team of experts behind him or her. lee would have gone free. but john how are you i'm doing well i'm just going through these transcripts we finally got them in now we can start going forward with the appeal at ever own pocket elbel they hired florida defense attorney jaya bologna to work on wallers appeal. my crew and i are headed down to orlando to talk with giant learn more about wallers case. the unbelievable case you know i have children i have two daughters and if i felt like children or my wife being threatened i would want to protect myself whenever you have a jury listening to family members usually one time to tell and discredit them versus
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being biased so it came down to a story of believe or says the boyfriend well the boyfriend story you have a saying that someone's pointing a gun in their face and shooting it and there's both a hole that lines up so i think the jury just decided to discredit the self-defense and well it was a friend at the time of the shooting the boyfriend who's name we've agreed to keep it not amisse was dating sara sixteen year old daughter was the jury aware firing a gun could result in a twenty year sentence when you go to a jury as an attorney and you know the judge they're not allowed to tell you what the maximum penalty is or what the sentence is going to be because as to when influential on their jury and on their decision on their deliberations so they didn't know they may have just thought he may get us up on the rest and be like oh i don't believe they actually knew the severity of what was going to be said. defense team is currently waiting for the judge's ruling and his appeal.
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headed to interview while the network color correctional facility just south of tallahassee or so far he has served six of his twenty year sentence from what i can tell well or doesn't fit the. description of your average gun felon he's a middle aged married man with two daughters no prior criminal record worked in business management at sea world and lived in the suburbs of orlando. both i'm joe berlinger that's me just to make you sort. of just curious how it's been. i'm not doing too poorly except my skin seems to be boiling off from something i picked up. here about a year and a half ago but i took some damage early on and it just. i mean i had my teeth when i came in here six years ago and you ever imagined you would end up in a place like this oh my gosh no i mean i've taught college i have a master's degree. this is about the last thing in the world i have.


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