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pointed out many points down disputed by the government but something many said that was very interesting was he talked about peaceful protest so now i have a question from manny could you please explain how the. results of peaceful protests ten police officers to. move a two hundred inch don't you think a little strange doesn't rattle him or let loose or answered that question i'm not saying that there are not elements of criminal organizations that have infiltrated the peaceful protests but overwhelmingly from my experience from my observation the people that are on the ground there are armed with slingshots are armed with rocks and they are or if you want to say that rocks are weapons sure they are armed and they're armed with homemade mortars which may be a less than lethal weapon i think that at the very best they are there are fireworks launchers. and these people are up against automatic weapons live rounds and snipers on mother's day on may thirtieth we were on the ground during one of
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the largest demonstrations that you could i would had seen up until that point half a million people marching on the streets of managua at the very end of that march i actually don't remember how many were killed somewhere around a dozen people were killed when snipers opened fired on a crowd of civilians i want to point to the initial comment by stephen regarding the nature of the group to talk about the religion of all this it is regretful that he could do going on and on and for years and leave everybody who disagrees with you and is extreme right wing. and it's part of an extreme way when conspiracy. if you go out on the streets to talk to people and see who is out there on the barricades in the universities who is a group there we're talking about people who are workers who are students who are. you know people generally. concerned about what is. happening in the country and
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this is the part of a pattern over the years that this government has been in power you know disqualifying people who have a different opinion and this is what is different this is what is led to the situation because there's been a breakdown in the institutional framework that allows people to actually post their opinions in a peaceful you know in a sit in what is their opinion and be heard and so what you have is a protest over a great you know very legitimate issue which was the social security which was which could have gone on and ended without a problem but it didn't happen because those dunes who were on the street were indeed lee attacked and people reacted to that and they reacted to that because this is been going on for many many years and now it has collated to a point where we had these you know coded stars on the street followed by the police going around killing people and this is ben wiley documented this is
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probably the most well documented rebellion in the history of central america not because everybody has phones everybody has phones everybody has one of the contrary but he has you know he's originally hundred twenty so a gang of between has and six hundred people attacked and the municipal office here in a stilly they attacked it with molotov cocktails with firearms and it's completely untrue and only towards government followers it's just been widely proven or every that those people who attacked that place including you know if you talk to the families of people who were killed during that you know have been killed in a telling me i think you know you should go talk to the families i'm among one else students. i knew one of the students that was killed and that individual and who's a great guy unfortunately was duped into taking part into that demonstration which
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involved the participation of or between two and three hundred people from outside the makah who had nothing to do for with estee and they they did this group of between five and six hundred people i was here. and what it is. trying to do you think. people are risking their lives because they believe in liberty because. running over their rights and not. only hearing you there you know i hear what you're saying about people being tired of their rights being. trampled upon i want to bring up a perspective that we don't see a whole lot of online i'll admit it was very difficult to find people who are pro or take at this point at least on twitter during our outreach but we got this question from someone on twitter saying could take a d. there are all these years without people support so we did find one woman her name
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is regina send of all and she since to lead her twitter account after speaking with us on this she says i'm a native of nicaragua and have been visiting my country for the past fifteen years and in the last ten years i've only seen positive improvements of course with much more to accomplish however i've never seen repression of any kind the economy was booming and tourists are flooding nicaragua up or she is now and expert but one sebastian i'm wondering about the support or take what is left of it what are the polls saying what are you hearing from people. well first of all i knew that certain economic sectors like this that they may show were are doing extremely well however because of this crisis get tourist industry simply got a million people came last year to new guy what will be said because of these preparations by the government by the police are. bringing the country to to a halt and i want to mention something that is very important when i missed international
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. was in the country. and saw and lived how snipers where shooting the demonstrations a mother saying this is not something that i report that was written from from outside people from on this international actually saw the. repression so why are so you know it's. i think the explanation of how this provoke across all sectors of the of the society you have to understand that all sectors of society has been protestant force that different recently the environment the violations of human rights violations of the right to protest to assemble it has been this has been a very repressive government that tried to who was in a situation that didn't exist in a in reality. let me just play this year since even i hear i just want to move things on just a little bit i hear you want to come back and we will come back to your money you
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did a whole series of reports you just got back from the coag one of your reports was about families calling for the release of detainees a would i want to be very frank here about what you saw and what you reported on i'm going to play this a little bit of the story here one of the stories that you did for al-jazeera have a listen. to. these desperate mothers crying out to prison guards for the release of their children my d.s.l. danya has been camped outside these gates for more than a week her son wielded was arrested after attending an anti-government demonstration at one point she change her self to the fence begging for her son's release me you want to give me one my thought is innocent his only crime was holding up the flag of my country i believe this is why they're keeping him there. money i hate that back in full force and stephen about who is responsible who's
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responsible for the violence who's not but the feeling that you were. amongst different communities what was it like it's tension especially in places like cities like most cities that have seen an extraordinary amount of violence over the course of the last two months people must inevitably be having some sort of psychological trauma from all of this there are daily attacks by paramilitary forces that are coming into the that are coming into the town and firing indiscriminately at civilians yes there may be individuals who are armed but overwhelmingly what we're seeing from from anti-government demonstrators most of them being very young teenagers oftentimes is that they're not is that they're not armed and if i can just say something in regards to that snippet of my report on the detainees as a quick update the gentleman that i was reporting on his name was. he has since been released he was held for eight days after he was picked up after a after
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a protest and he was he was released along with another half dozen detainees that were that were picked up during protests dad sadly but still good news was the only bit of good news that i was able to report in my time in the because there are still an unknown number of forced disappearances where people didn't end up in jail they simply disappeared there's no way to know when it would end up happening to a lot of these protesters. well i want to push this for just a little bit more because while we have so many tweets on the protest tactics one of the things that people want to know about is negotiations and is that the way forward this is toyota on twitter who says the president's greatest weakness is the fact that he is no longer nicaragua's worship savior social media has united all nicaraguans even former or taken followers that's why this is working there is no opposing political party this is the people's movement but on the other side of that is someone who thinks that our take is the perfect person for negotiations and
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will lead the country towards peace this is francisco we've subtitled his response to us in spanish have a listen to what he told us. boy you our son the lessons and the like these really nice math that i spoke to both. of the sons that this is really so it's not facile see them. isn't that media and. the silliness that. the us and they. use in ways that are. not. if we're. going to compromise on the facts and. that's made all countries go there said that the president is advancing the solution to the crisis i know that you're interactively involved in the negotiation in the dialogue what do you make
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of that comment. i think that the president will show a willingness to bring peace nikolaus when he orders the paramilitary groups found by the police to leave the street and i hear the one that has the power to disarm these groups and the reason why he's not doing that is because he knows that if these groups give him certain. protection because you know he's the head of the army and the police and you know he's sending these paramilitary groups out there and he and the government says they have nothing to do with them because he doesn't want to take responsibility for what is happening and everybody knows that these groups are being coordinated by mayor by second political secretaries of the of their pursuant party. by ex-military people have been recruited to be part of these groups and you know the congress and the videos all these groups they move into the
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neighborhoods and behind them come the police so you know somebody had to explain to me how groups that have nothing to do with the government move around with the police trying to open up wrote and and you know take people prisoners and. and fire you know indiscriminately against innocent people killing them and they are nothing to do with the government and i want to just bring out something that seaman was saying about the government and what it's done in the last years you know i've been critical of the human rights activist and then as a journalist of all governments and we get our there's always room for improvement there is obviously in it in the in the economic front and you could say the government you know been something in the world that did help the poor but you know you can do that and and get rid of. you know essential rights like the right to elect your leaders the right to express your opinion the right to protest you know
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here you have a come in below. three years of a little media have been concentrated in a few will put out here i've got less a moment left i just want started to be out of us want to just fight briefly stephen galahad president that's what it requires in a city like instances it's like through the looking glass listening once a best in and can be that in the end it's going to resist the truth that money but that'll turn out investigations will turn up the truth. and the political process will happen. in the next elections on next dream to come for the transcendent is to win the next this do you do you think stephen and i'm certain or two do you think the president or to a guy is going to announce whether or not he is in favor of early elections that's going to be a yes no one has to read are not are not the government's exceed. it it's perfectly possible that they will bring forward the elections but when it is they're trying to show that the current
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a sudden it's even once the bank of canada that they're going to sounds like the right conversation for the next episode of the co aca on the stream but for now dropping out of the cap for now the protesters demands are main toyota size take us immediate resignation police forces and government guerrillas to stop are oppressing the people and justice for the murdered among other things has all the time we have thank you for watching look i will see you online always on the strain the next time take. my . the story of a british italian man experiencing life both up in a palestinian refugee camp in beirut. am coming face to face with the daily
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lives of its residents some of whom have lived there for seventy years but there has been all refugio most thought his life is not going on the show seven days in beirut that. on al-jazeera. when the news is restricted and send said the press is not free and is external interference and influence and then is used to exploit not explain. when journalists access to information is prevented. them but i want us press. bring them out of the costs. and just as never sees the light of day no i knew that i bought into. the team of course it out it what the show will have. and the stories that matter go on told and the press is not seen. and neither
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are we. getting to the heart of the matter if the turkish cypriot leader calls you today and says let's have talks would you accept facing realities what do you think reunification would look like there are two people think the peaceful unification is the only option for prosperity you. hear their story on talk to al-jazeera. the u.s. supreme court upholds donald trump's travel ban targeting people from predominantly muslim countries.
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this is a live from was a coming up. family reunions a federal judge says all families separated at the us mexico border must be reunited within thirty days. and a violation of human rights qatar takes the u.s. to the un's international court of justice at the blockade of doha. and counting on the way after regional elections in indonesia seen as a litmus test of president joke over dodos coalition. the us supreme court has upheld donald trump's travel ban on people from five muslim majority countries the justices narrowly voted to set that the u.s. president was acting legally when people from iran yemen somalia libya and syria from entering the united states democrats have expressed concern after the ruling. from washington d.c.
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. to five four ruling was not on the expected protesters were still incensed. but a majority of justices how did agreed with the troubled ministration this was not a muslim this policy was the result of a careful global interagency analysis of vetting procedures for travelers to the u.s. from libya syria somalia yemen and iran. and it was the president's right to impose a ban because national security is his responsibility donald trump was clearly delighted this is a great victory for our constitution. we have to be tough and we have to be safe and we have to be secure but in what was described as a furious dissent from the bench of liberal justice sonia sotomayor referred to cannes that trumps comparison of the travel ban to the decision that mandated the detention of japanese americans during world war two sort of my all said taking all the relevant evidence together a reasonable observer would conclude that the proclamation was driven primarily by
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anti muslim animus rather than by the government's asserted national security justifications politicians and activists are now expressing concern that the supreme court has a own opinion that he and he alone is in control of the country's national security and that he can act without oversight in deciding who comes into this country with this decision we are concerned that donald trump will move beyond the five muslim majority countries that are in the current version to not only target more countries but even go after us and lawful permanent residents i say who's going to be in. is the president going to executives order mexicans is he going to have orders against people coming from honduras guatemala what's next and now that the supreme court has ruled the tracks on donald trump's powers to set immigration
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policy himself have been weakened considerably. washington. a federal judge in the u.s. has ruled that migrant families should no longer be separated at the mexico border the judge ordered authorities to reunite parents and children within thirty days for children under five years old could be appealed by the white house meanwhile seventeen states assuming the top administration policy of separating families is on the reports oh now they protest in america and texas and across the u.s. people are demanding answers to why the u.s. government is still detaining undocumented migrants and keeping children in shelters it's been one week since president donald trump signed an executive order abruptly in doing the policy of family separation of migrants a policy he put into place that's only added to the confusion on how to implement rapidly changing policies from the administration especially his video emerges from
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inside the detention centers of suffering children. on tuesday senators were reminded that the government is legally limited on how long it can keep migrant families together in detention right now i would gladly put these children back with their parents in the custody of ice or customs and border patrol but i legally can't because a twenty day mark will just have to be sent back we need congress to change this twenty day limit on unification or we need to stop criminally prosecuted. but far from the holes of power more than two thousand children are still separated from their parents some for months with no end in sight to the crisis on the southern border it's easy to start to just think of this is nothing more than a story of policy what's the latest news out of washington what's the latest thing trump has tweeted or think of it as nothing more than numbers how many families
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remain separated but in the end it's not about any of that. it's about the human condition real people fleeing poverty and violence in their home countries to try to come to the united states across this border and when they finally get here many are now discovering it's not what they expected for miriam provide quite a the pain of separation from her four year old son is real. and i couldn't say anything to him because they took him from me when he was asleep he took my son at dong it was friday night going on saturday they meant for me me gratian told me get your son ready because we're going to take him with mike or detention centers a capacity to more are being built on military bases migrant families the lucky few reunited the rest wondering the same as everyone else what comes next. brownsville texas i miss international is accusing man my army of carrying out
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a planned and systematic campaign against the regime its latest report names thirteen military personnel it says are responsible for war crimes including murder rape and forced starvation more heavy rain is hamburg rescue efforts for twelve young footballers and a coach missing in a northern thailand cave system rescuers remain confident they'll find the group alive despite being forced to retreat early on wednesday because of a night rain the group has been stranded since saturday are believed to be at least several kilometers from the entrance to the cave. a vote count is underway in indonesia after regional elections people voted for new governors mayors and district chiefs in what is seen as a litmus test for president joke coalition ahead of next year's presidential elections a step us in reports. but the mere offend the is running for reelection after
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campaign dominated by religious issues opponents of the mir a muslim destined against the permit issued to build a church and accused him of not supporting muslims the city of nearly three million that is predominantly muslim but also home to more than three hundred thousand christians. someone has the legal right to build a church people can protest against me. but it won't change anything i told them to just shoot me in the head. only when a judge orders me to. soldiers guarded church which is still under construction because of fears it will be attacked governor elections last year in jakarta were dominated by large protests and the jailing of christian governor. for blasphemy many in indonesia were worried that a similar scenario could be repeated this time around. him because he was vocal hardline groups have helped protest against churches for years
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. we were worried that what happened in jakarta could happen here because many people from because he had joined protests in jakarta and our church is still rejected so we were very worried especially because we hear rumors that masses would come here always made us more alert. but so far the elections have seen little violence and religion has not played a leading role in campaigns nationwide less than one year before presidential elections millions of indonesian are not only electing their local leaders they're also deciding on the country's political future provisional results show that president has a good sense of being reelected next year but a year politics can be long and unpredictable. we don't know is the first indonesian president who did not come from the political elite he has gained popularity mainly because of his infrastructure projects and cheap health care and education but not unbeatable. number one
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economy is going worse it is very easy to be bitten his is going to be very easy to be bitten. especially when there is a candidate who can be an alternative. indonesia's economy has not grown as much as we dawdle had promised and unemployment is still high but mayor of fendi a supporter of the president is optimistic that we dawdle government can continue to work next year and he himself can continue to turn back into a city of tolerance and peace which churches don't need to be protected anymore step fasten al-jazeera because he malaysian police say former prime minister najib razak and his wife are to be questioned over money laundering and corruption allegations it comes after items seized from property linked to the couple were valued at more than two hundred fifty million dollars among the goods were twenty three million dollars worth of luxury handbags and twelve thousand pieces of
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jewelry she was being investigated for allegedly stealing billions from the state fund during his nine years in office because i was taking the united arab emirates to the un's international court of justice for violating human rights has been prompted by the blockade of cattle by four countries which has now entered its second year lawyers from both sides will set out their arguments during hearings at the hague over the next three days to a gate and he has more. saudi arabia the u.a.e. behind in egypt cut diplomatic relations with cattle last june imposed a blockade and expel qatar ease catalogs and eyes its neighbors accusations of supporting terrorism cattles national human rights committee estimates the blockade affected thirteen thousand people more than four thousand cases of human rights violations have been reported in the past year and it's affected all aspects of
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davie life in cattle education health the right to perform religious rituals own property or freedom to travel abroad and perhaps most crucially the right to family reunification in a region where family ties go beyond borders the blockading nations forcibly deported atari's and separated children from their parents rashid mother is qatari and his father is bahraini and gulf countries children take the citizenship of their father he believes if he continues to defy an order by bahrain to leave cattle he'll lose his bahraini passport and be stateless once my passport expires what do i do do i stay here in not pursue my future because i don't have a passport because i did not want to go to the country that i hold the citizenship nothing else but the citizenship and debts and some sort of leverage that they have
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against me the blockade in countries also cracked down on the nationals for expressing sympathy for cattle with jail.


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